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Guide to the Andrew Forest Muir papers MS 017

creator Muir, Andrew Forest, 1916-1969
Title: Andrew Forest Muir papers
Dates: ca. 1916-1969
Abstract: This material includes correspondence, research and genealogical notes which reflect the interests of historian and Rice University professor Andrew Forest Muir. They relate to 19th century Texas and Houston history; free African Americans in Texas pre-Civil War; the life and death of William Marsh Rice; the growth of the Catholic, Anglican, and Episcopal Churches in the 19th century via missionary work in Texas and Hawaii; and Hawaiian history, specifically clergymen in Hawaii. These research files were created and maintained by Andrew Forest Muir circa 1935-1969, with subjects covering a wide range of dates, circa 1750-1969, bulk 1800s, particularly the republic of Texas era and Civil War era. Other topics include Muir's academic career and personal life.
Identification: MS 017
Identification: 1113
Quantity: 41 Linear Feet82 boxes
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical Sketch

Andrew Forest Muir was born January 8, 1916 in Houston Heights, Texas. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (1938) and a Master of Arts (1942) from Rice Institute, as well as a Ph.D. from the University of Texas (1949). While in Austin he taught at St. Luke's School and tutored English at the University of Texas (1942-44), also serving as acting director of the San Jacinto Museum of History (1943-44). Muir next traveled to Hawaii where, from 1945 to 1949, he worked as a civilian employee for the U.S. Engineers in Honolulu, Hawaii, taught history at the Iolany School, and later was Educational Advisor to the Commanding General at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. He served as an Assistant Professor of History at Daniel Baker College in Brownwood, Texas, from 1951-53, before moving on to teach at the Polytechnic Institute, in San German, Puerto Rico for the 1953-54 academic year. Honored as a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial fellow for 1957-58, he then joined the history department at Rice Institute in 1958.

As a historian, Muir published numerous studies on religion and church leaders in Hawaii during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as several studies on free blacks in the Houston area. He also authored "Early Missionaries in Texas" (1941), "Railroad Enterprise in Texas, 1936-1841" (1944), "The Thirty-Second Parallel Pacific Railroad in Texas 1872" (1949), and "Thomas Jefferson Ewing, Texas Ward: Politician" (1952) as well as Texas in 1837, which he edited in 1958.

Known as an authority on William Marsh Rice, his work "William Marsh Rice and His Institute: A Biographical Study," was edited by Sylvia Stallings Morris and posthumously published in 1972. In addition, Muir contributed to "The Handbook of Texas," "Southwestern Historical Quarterly," the "Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church," and the "Tennessee Historical Quarterly," and served as associate editor of the "Journal of Southern History."

Andrew Forest Muir died on February 3, 1969.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, research and genealogical notes compiled by former Rice professor Andrew Forest Muir. Subjects include early Texas history, early Texans, particularly Houston and Harris county, and the Episcopal Church in Texas, as well as the Anglican Church in Hawaii. Muir made the notes as a student at Rice Institute and at the University of Texas. The largest group of materials is Muir's alphabetical subject research files which relate to 19th century Texas and Houston history; the life and death of William Marsh Rice; the growth of the Catholic, Anglican, and Episcopal Churches in the 19th century via missionary work in Texas and Hawaii; and Hawaiian history, specifically clergymen in Hawaii. These research files were created and maintained by Andrew Forest Muir circa 1935-1969, with subjects covering a wide range dates, circa 1750-1969, bulk 1800s.

Correspondents include fellow Texas historians, librarians and publishers such as Frank Wardlaw, Alfred A. Knopf, A.C. Greene, Angus Cameron (Editor, Alfred A. Knopf), attorney Cooper Ragan, William H. Masterson (regarding Journal of Southern History), Diana and Bill Hobby, J.W. Petty Jr. (Book Mart, Victoria, TX)

Also of interest is Muir's collection of original treasury notes and manuscripts (Series VI) which dates mainly from the Republic of Texas Era and the U.S. Civil War era, reflecting everyday life through local (county, city, state, Confederate) currency from Texas and Southern states, as well as correspondence, receipts, military orders, and more.


Missing Title
Series I: Personal and family, 1872-1969 (Boxes 1-7)
Series II: Muir student records, 1933-1944 (Boxes 8-9)
Series III: Rice Institute papers, 1957-1968 (Boxes 10-14
Series IV: General correspondence, 1931-1969 (Boxes 14-23)
Series V: Alphabetical subject research files (Boxes 24-78)
Series VI: Original treasury notes and manuscripts, 1763-1908 (Boxes 79-80)
Series VII : Microfilm, 1800s (Box 82)
Series VIII: Diaries and ledgers, 1911-1950


Access Restrictions

This material is open for research.

Stored onsite at the Woodson Research Center.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish from the Andrew Forest Muir papers, MS 17, must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Index Terms

Nineteenth century
Money -- Confederate States of America
Free African Americans
clippings (information artifacts)
Texas -- Matagorda
Texas -- Jefferson County
Texas -- Houston
United States
Texas -- Brazoria County
Banks and banking
Texas -- Harris County
Texas -- Galveston
Texas -- Fort Bend County
Texas -- Burleson County
Muir family
Houston, Sam, 1793-1863
Hammeken, George Louis, 1811-1881
Rice, William Marsh, 1816-1900
Rice University. Department of History.
Muir, Andrew Forest, 1916-1969
Austin, Stephen F. (Stephen Fuller), 1793-1836
Autry, James Lockhart, 1830-1862
Anglican Church in North America.
Episcopal Church. Diocese of Texas.
Gray, Peter William, 1787-1841
Catholic Church.
Christ Church Cathedral (Houston, Tex.).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Andrew Forest Muir papers, MS 17, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Acquisition Information

Gift of the estate of Andrew Forest Muir and through Ellis Rudy, 1973 and 2004.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Personal and family, 1872-1969

General note
Dates appearing after a person's name relate to that person's birth and death dates, not to the actual contents of the file.
Box Folder
1 1 Genealogical correspondence, 1934-1950
2 Genealogical research, British vital statistics
3 Alberts, Hattie Merdora (McNew), 1893-
4 Bailey, Alfonzo Miles, 1894-1918
5 Bailey, Alfred Benjamin, 1853-1931
6 Bailey, Alfred James, 1888-1956
7 Bailey, Eleanor Jane, 1866
8 Bailey, Isabella (Royal), 1854-1931
9 Bailey, James, 1773/74 - 1852
10 Bailey, Jane (Miles), 1830-1866
11 Bailey, John, 1822/23-1866
12 Bailey, John James, 1851-1919
13 Bettridge, Effie Hannah (Bailey), 1896-
14 Bettridge, Effie May, 1918-
15 Bettridge, James, 1925-
16 Bettridge, Joseph Orton, 1895-
17 Bettridge, Paul, 1945
18 Bingle, Georgia Hannay
19 Blanke, Charles David, 1912-
20 Blanke, Charles Thomas, 1935-
21 Blanke, Fannie May (Melton), 1913-
22 Bond, Ella Bertha (Meineke) Kittman, 1880-1940
23 Brown, George James Ewing, 1922-
24 Brown, James Steven, 1895-
25 Brown, John Samuel Aaron, 1925-
26 Brown, Myrtle May (Charwane), 1893-
27 Buckingham, Beatrice (Bailey), d.1960
28 Carrick, Nolie Anita (McNew) Ayrand, 1907-
29 Cash, Bernice Mary Elaine (Brown), 1923-
30 Cash, Raymond J., 1919-
31 Charwane, Fannie Emily, 1895-1903
32 Charwane, Martin Joseph, 1839-1916
33 Charwane, Mary Hayes (Ewing) James, 1857-1932
34 Clegg, Jake Barnes, 1892-1958
35 Crenshaw, Frances Eliza (Meriwether), 1812-1898
36-37 Ewing, Thomas Jefferson, 1810/11-1870
38 Ewing, Thomas Jefferson, III, 1878-1942
39 Foster, James W., 1824/25
40 Goodbee, Cynthia Annie (Ewing), 1848-1868
41 Goodbee, Frank, 1837-1878
42 Gray, Samuel C.
43 Hallmark, Elizabeth E. (Love), 1832-1907
44 Hallmark, Jefferson Davis
45 Hallmark, Joseph Love, 1870-
46 Huff, William P., 1811-1886
47 James, George Henry, 1881-1958
48 James, George Henry Hermann, 1881-1958
49 James, Thomas Jefferson, 1885-1954
50 James, William, 1830-1888
51 James, William Ewing, 1880-1926
52 Jones, David Howell
53 Jones, Jane (Williams) James, 1808/09-1868
54 Jones, Margaret (James), 1833-1911
55 Jones, Richard S., 1861-
56 Jones, William R., 1859-1889
Box Folder
2 1 Kittman, Arnold (1918-1919)
2 Kittman, William Plaze (1870-1918)
3 Love, Allen (-1853)
4 McNew, Arthur John (1923-)
5 McNew, Clarence Adolf (1925-1927)
6 McNew, Dorsey Mason (1903-)
7 McNew, George Hermann (1895-)
8 McNew, Hugh (1838/39 - 1868)
9 McNew, John Ewing (1896-)
10 McNew, John Hugh (1868-1942)
11 McNew, Thelma Elizabeth (1905-1918)
12 Meineke, Henrietta Merdora (Ewing) McNew (1850-1915)
13 Meineke, Loretta (Albrecht) (1888-1937)
14 Meineke, Theodore (1850-1936)
15 Meineke, Robert Price (1916-)
16 Meineke, William Henry Anton Thomas
17 Melton, Henry Clay (-1930)
18 Meriwether family of Lowdnes County, Alabama
19 Meriwether, David (1755-1822)
20 Meriwether, James S. (1814/15 -)
21 Meriwether, Jeremiah W. Doctor (1821-1851)
22 Meriwether, John Garland (1784?-1836)
23 Meriwether, Mary (Hays)
24 Meriwether, Samuel W. (1809/10)
25 Miles, Jane (1745/46-1818)
26 Miles, Joseph (1794/95-1861)
27 Miles, Mary (Willis) (-1862)
28 Miles, Reuben (1831-)
29 Miles, Robert
30 Mosbruker, Ellouise (Meineke)
31 Muir family, transcribed letters, 1901-1938
32 Muir, Andrew Forest, photographs, 1916-1969
33 Muir, Andrew Forest, Daniel Baker College, Brownwood, TX, 1950-1964
34 Muir house and family (real estate records)
35 Muir, Annie Jane (James) (1878-1927)
36 Muir, Annie Margarete (1912-1917)
37 Muir, Carol Ruth (1947)
38 Muir, Cynthia Anne (1939-)
38 Muir, James Thomas (1948-)
Box Folder
3 1 Muir, James Bailey (brother of AFM) (1914-1941)
2 Muir, Joseph William (Bailey) (1863-1929)
3 Muir, Joseph William (Bailey) infant daughter of (1908)
4 Muir, Joseph William (Bailey) infant son of (1919)
5 Muir, Juanita Jean (Ohlman) (1911-)
6 Muir, Lawrence Windham Bailey (1921-)
7 Muir, Letsy Jane (1945-)
8 Muir, Marion George Bailey (1906-1958)
9 Muir, Marion George III (1942)
10 Muir, Mattie Ruth (Hill) (1910-)
11 Muir, Samuel Ewing Bailey (1910-)
12 Muir, Sophia Elizabeth (Druitt) (1857-1943)
13 Muir, William (1845-1938) - transcriptions and notes
14 Muir, William (1845-1938) - mss letters dated 1894-1936
Box Folder
4 1 Muir, William Joseph Bailey (1904-)
2 Muir and related families - newsclippings (obituaries, etc.)
3 Scanlan, Flora May (Smith)
4 Smith, Addison Whittaker (1867-1925)
5 Smith, Addison Whittaker, infant son of (1894)
6 Smith, Addison Whittaker II (1900-1914)
7 Thomas, Ann (James)
8 Vetter, Jennie (Bailey) (1876-1948)
9 Wedeking, Annie Mary (Meineke) Walter Samperi (1878-)
10 Wells, Henrietta Merdona (Charwane) Melton Fitzpatrick (1892-1930)
11 Wells, Moritz Madison (1885-1931)
12 Wells, Sarah (Ivy) Light James
13 Genealogical research notecards (alphabetically arranged notecards with names, birth & death dates)
14 Letter register
15 Gifts to libraries and museums (AFM correspondence regarding)
Muir family scrapbooks
Box Folder
5 - Scrapbook featuring ship on front, dated 1860-1934. Includes photographs, correspondence, calling cards, school report cards, event programs, and other ephemera, some belonging to Andrew Forest Muir and some to his ancestors.
- Scrapbook featuring horse and rider on front, dated 1877-1932. Includes family tax records, photographs, social invitations, church events, baptism records, birth certificates, some belonging to Andrew Forest Muir and some to his ancestors.
Box Folder
6 - Scrapbook dated 1872-1934. Includes family obituaries, newsclippings, correspondence related to AFM's parents.
- Panoramic views (2) of members of Order of de Molay, 1928 & 1931
1 Photographs: Friends, A-F, 1930s-1960s
2 Photographs: Friends, G-Z, 1930s-1960s
Box Folder
7 1 Photographs: unidentified persons
2 Photographs: places
3 Personal correspondence, 1958-1967
4 Journal, 1950s
5 Appointment books, 1958-59
6 Appointment books, 1960-63
7 Appointment books, 1964-65

Series II: Muir student records, 1933-1944

Rice Institute, 1933-37
Box Folder
8 - Diary / appointments, 1933-34
- Diary / appointments, 1935
- Diary / appointments, 1936
- Reading list
Box Folder
9 - Scrapbook, 1934-1937. Includes report cards, athletic game tickets, photographs from published materials, and other ephemera such as a green bow tie worn on Fridays while a freshman at Rice.
1 Transcripts and ephemera
Box Folder
Dr 33 - Diplomas for bachelors and masters degrees
University of Texas at Austin, 1944 and n.d.
Box Folder
9 2-3 Class notes, 1944
4 Class notes, Geology, n.d.
5 Research notes, n.d.
6 Transcripts
Box Folder
Dr 33 - Dipolma for Ph.D., 1949

Series III: Rice Institute papers, 1957-1968

Scope and Contents note
Includes lists of research topics and publications, administrative correspondence regarding salary and grant funding.
Box Folder
10 1 Guggenheim Fellowship at Rice to study William Marsh Rice, 1957-1958
Lectureship at Rice Institute
Box Folder
10 2 1958
3 1959
4 1960
5 1961
6 1962, includes promotion to Associate Professor
Associate Professorship
Box Folder
10 7 1963
8 1964
9 1965, includes promotion to Professor
Box Folder
10 10 1966
11 1967
12 1968
Departmental papers
Box Folder
10 13 1959
14 1960
15 1961
16 1962
17 1963
18 1964
19 1965
20 1966
21 1967
22 1968
Instructional materials
Box Folder
11 1 History 110, Fall 1958
2 History 110, Spring 1959
3 History 110, Fall 1959
4 History 390, Fall 1959
5 History 110, Spring 1960
6 History 390, Spring 1960
7 History 110, Fall 1960
8 History 110, Spring 1961
9 History 110, Spring 1961
9 History 110, Fall 1961
10 History 110, Spring 1962
11 History 404, Spring 1962
12 History 110, Fall 1962
13 History 404, Fall 1962
14 History 110, Spring 1963
15 History 404, Spring 1963
16 History 110, Fall 1963
17 History 110, Spring 1964
Box Folder
12 1 History 390b, Spring 1964
2 History 110, Spring 1965
3 History 590b, Spring 1965
4 History 110, Fall 1965
5 History 110, Spring 1966
6 History 390b, Spring 1966
7 History 535b, Spring 1966
8 History 110, Spring 1967
9 History 110, Fall 1966
10 History 390b / 590b, Spring 1967
11 History 390b / 590b, Spring 1967
12 History 110, Spring 1968
13 History 535b, Spring 1968
14 History 315, Fall 1968
Graduate students - History
Box Folder
12 15 1958
16 1959
17 1960
18 1961
19 1962
20 1963
Box Folder
13 1 1964
2 1965
3 1966
4 1967
5 1968
Graduate Committee
Box Folder
13 6 1963
7 1965
8 1966
9 1967
Fondren Library Committee
Box Folder
13 10 1962
11 1963
12 1964
13 1965
14 1966
15 1967
16 1968
University Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum
Box Folder
13 17 1965
18 1966
19 1967
20 1968
Journal of Southern History
Box Folder
13 21 1958
22 1959
23 1960
24 1961
25 1962
26 1963
27 College Lecture Series, 1959-60
28 Proposed Urban Studies Center, Rice University, 1965-66
29 Rice University Semicentennial Year, 1962-63
Box Folder
14 1 Mary Hayes Ewing Publication Prize in Southern History, 1967
Fondren Library
Box Folder
14 2 Edward Watson Kelley Collection, 1967
3 Peden Memorial Collection, 1964
4 Fondren Manuscript Collections, 1966-67
5 Fondren Manuscript Collections: James Lockhart Autry papers, 1959-1963
6 Fondren Manuscript Collections: James Lockhart Autry papers, 1959-1963
7 Fondren Manuscript Collections: Don Carlos Buell papers, 1961-1962
8 Fondren Manuscript Collections: Mary Pauline Dillingham papers, 1959
9 Fondren Manuscript Collections: Hallie Rienzi (Johnston)Russell Thomas Flint papers, 1959
10 Fondren Manuscript Collections: William Harrison Hamman papers, 1967
11 Fondren Manuscript Collections: Masterson Family papers, 1957
12 Fondren Manuscript Collections: Osterhout Family papers, 1957
13 Accessions to Fondren Library
14 Exhibits in Fondren Library

Series IV: General correspondence, 1931-1969

Box Folder
14 15 Postcards, 1941-1957
16 1958
16 1958
Box Folder
15 1-2 1959
3 1960
Box Folder
16 1-5 1961
Box Folder
17 1-5 1962
Box Folder
18 1-5 1963
Box Folder
19 1-4 1964
5 1965
Box Folder
20 1-3 1965
4-5 1966
Box Folder
21 1 1966
2-4 1967
5 1968-69
Box Folder
22 1 1968-69
2 Undated correspondence
Alphabetical correspondence
Box Folder
22 3 Academic correspondence, 1936-1949
4 Clegg family, 1941-1954
5 Clopper, Edward Nicholas, 1942-1954
6 Connerly, Doris, 1952-1953
7 Coulter, Ellis Merton, 1942-1948
8 Craig, Alta M., 1953
9 Cross, Wilford Oakland, 1951-1955
10 Culpepper, Eva Jean Hyndman, 1931
11 Davidson, Dixie, 1953
12 Deats, Mrs. E.T., 1942
13 DeForest, Lionel Theodore, 1936-1939
14 Denison, Charles C., n.d.
15 Dix, William S., 1951
16 Dobie, J. Frank, 1941-1958
17 Douglas, Joseph B., 1941
18 Druitt, Florence, 1943
19 Dunlop, William Ernest, 1933
20 Dutton, Meirick, 1951-1952
21 Edwards, Benjamin Franklin Jr., 1943
22 Federal, 1941-1949
23 Fletcher, Herbert, 1943-1955
24 Flye, James Harold, 1938-1953
25 Forbis, Dorothy, 1943-1946
26 Ford, Hamilton, 1951-1952
27 Forristall, Margaret S., 1944
Box Folder
23 1-2 Foster, William Thomas, 1940-1943
3 Francesca, SSJD, 1938
4 Frank, Anton J., 1947-1952
5 Freund, Max, 1953-1954
6 Fullerton, Henry Lee, 1940-1952
7 Goode, William Josiah, 1940-1952
8 (regarding) Harris, DeWitt Clinton
9 McGee, William Sears, 1953
10 Religious, 1936-1950
11 State of Texas, 1940-1948
12 Taylor, Sidney, Brother Dominic OHC, 1937
13 Muir, Andrew Forest: Estate correspondence, 1969-1971

Series V: Alphabetical subject research files, 1935-1969

General note
Dates appearing after a person's name often reflect their birth and death dates, not the contents of the file. The files themselves were created and maintained by Andrew Forest Muir circa 1935-1969, with subjects covering a wide range dates, circa 1750-1969, bulk 1800s.
Box Folder
24 1 Abud, Henry (priest)
2 Affleck, Thomas
General note
Notes on slave and real estate records, 1840s-1850s
3 Albert, Charles H.
General note
San Augustine County, Texas, deacon, 1850s. Anglican priest, missionary to San Augustine and Nacogdoches, rector of Christ Church (Matagorda); notes on his life and career.
4 Allen, John K. (1810-1838) and Augustus C. (1806-1864)
General note
Founders of Houston; notes on Baldwin, Rice, and Allen families
5 Allen, Samuel W. (1850s)
General note
of Harris County
6 Andrews, Stephen Pearl (1812-1886)
General note
Notes on life and career of this Houston lawyer and translator, organizer of First Baptist Church (Houston), ardent abolitionist who attempted scheme to free slaves with British money; portion of AFM article on S.P. Andrews; photocopy of brief in Eliza M. Westall & Wm. G. Hill vs. James F. Perry & Wife (Andrews the attorney for plaintiffs in this suit over the S.F. Austin Estate)
7 Army
General note
Notes and references to officers of the U.S. Volunteers from Texas in the war with Mexico (1846-1848); officers of the Regular Army who were killed, wounded or captured in Texas (1846-1872); West Point graduates who died in Texas (1845-1867); brief career sketches of West Point graduates whose activities touched Texas at one time or another (mid-19th century).
8 Audubon, John James (1785-1851)
General note
Notes on references to Texas flora, fauna, and wildlife in Audubon's works and letters; notes on Audubon's trip to Texas (1837); references to works on or by Audubon; John James Jr.'s trip to Texas (1845)
9 Ault, William
General note
Deacon 1897 Honolulu
10-12 Austin, James E. Brown
General note
Brother of Stephen F. Austin. Notes on records of contested administration of estate of James E. Brown Austin (1837); photocopies of documents: 1. deed, S.F. Austin executor of Santiago (James) E.B. Austin to Michael Scanlin via J.W. Collins (1829-1831) 2.) Deed in Spanish: Jas. B. Austin to William C. White (March 31, 1828)
12 deeds to Santiago (James) E.B. (1824-1829) from: John F. Webber, Austin. McFarland, John Rabb, William Harvey, Peter Demoss, John Crownover, A.W.McClain, John Randon, Simon Miller, Elias R. Wightman, Frederick Rankin, William and John Cummings; abstracts of titles in inventories concerning lands sold to James E.B. Austin.
13 Austin, John (1801-1833)
General note
Notes on John Austin, his life and career, his intended duel with William H. Wharton; photocopy of his instrument founding the city of Brazoria; photocopy of inventory of his estate; photocopy of petition of James F. Perry, executor of Stephen F. Austin (1837)
14-15 Austin, Stephen F.
General note
Research concerning titles to lands in Stephen F. Austin estate; litigation concerning the estate; abstracts from deed records, probate case records, inventories, affadavits, petitions; photocopies of executor's accounts; correspondence and articles referring to Austin estate, photocopy of transcription of Austin's will (1833) and a petition for probate (1837).
Box Folder
25 1-3 Austin, Stephen F.
General note
Certified copies of land titles issued to S.F. Austin; references to Austin lands in "The Spanish Archives of the General Land Office of Texas," By Virginia Taylor (1955)
4 Austin, Stephen F.
General note
Photocopies of documents: 16 deeds to S.F. Austin from John Edward Dickerson, Phillip Singleton, Luke Moore, John D. Taylor, Mrs. L.A. White, Horatio Chriesman, Achilles McFarland, William Selkirk, William Parker, Alfred Kennon, Thomas Powell, Augustus Hotchkiss, Freeman Pettus, James W. Jones, and Robert Kuykendall; notes on deeds
5 Austin, Stephen F.
General note
Will and proof : Photocopy of a transcript of the will of S.F. Austin, Deceased (dated April 19, 1833; entered into the probate March 27, 1843); references and notes on entries in the records of Texas counties relating to the will and codicil of Stephen F. Austin
6 Austin, Stephen F., Jr.
General note
Brief notes on death of Stephen F. Austin Jr. (1828/29-1837), son of James E.B. Austin, nephew of Stephen F. Austin
7 Autry family (1794-1950)
General note
James L. Autry, member of colonial family of Texas, county judge, pioneer lawyer in new oil industry, an executive of the Texas Company (Texaco). Autry collection (at WRC) includes papers of James L. Autry (1830-1862), lieutenant colonel in C.S.A. and speaker of the Mississippi House; and Micajah Autry (?-1836) who died at the Alamo. Notes on lives and careers of members of the Autry family.
8 Autry House
9 Bibliography by subject
General note
Muir's lists of sources by subjects
Box Folder
26 - (Checklist of) Bibliographical Guides to the Sources and Literature of United States History, compiled by Barnes F. Lathrop, revised1960, and with revisions by AFM, 1966
Box Folder
27 1 Bailey, James Brit
2 Baker, Brookes Ono, d. 1913
General note
Physician at Kona, Roman Catholic priest
3 Baker, Daniel
General note
Presbyterian evangelist, namesake of Daniel Baker College in Brownwood, Texas
4 Baker, Joe H.
General note
Genealogy materials and notes on related families on central and southeast Texas: Menke, Bettis, von Rosenberg, Baker, Affleck, and Hass (late 18th through 20th centuries)
5 Balls (1837)
General note
Brief notes on balls given in the Republic of Texas, taken from newspapers.
6 Bankrupts
General note
Notes on bankrupts in the Probate Records of Harris County, 1842-44, filed under the law passed Feb. 19, 1841.
7 Banks and Banking
General note
Texas, 19th century. Notes on laws of the Texan Congress and legislature concerning regulation or prohibition of banking activities, references in newspapers, court cases involving companies performing acts of banking, early charters, commercial houses operating as banks, first banks under National Bank Act of 1863.
8 Barnes, William Henry
General note
Church deacon, Hawaii, 1880s
9 Batterson, Isaac, 1792-1838
General note
Texas mail carrier, 1836. Early resident of what is now Clinton, Harris County, Texas. Member of Austin's colony (1834); notes on Batterson and Harrell families.
10 Benchley, Henry Weatherby, 1822-1867
11 Benson, Ellis
General note
San Jacinto veteran. Coroner, Houston, Texas, 1860s
12 Blackburn, Thomas
General note
Curate of Greenhithe, Kent, 1871, at Diocese of Honolulu 1878.
13 Blundun, Thomas, d. 1909
General note
Priest and missionary in Honolulu and Victoria, Vancouver Island.
14 Bradley, Palmer
General note
Houston attorney, 1950s-1960s correspondence with AFM.
15 Bridger, John, d. 1911
General note
Deacon, Hawaii, 1870s-
16 Brownsville, TX
General note
Slave trade 1840s, causes of death in general population 1860s-1870s
17 Bryans & Perrys vs. Hill, 1855
General note
Reproduction of case papers of W.J. Bryan et al vs. W.G. Hill, adminsitrator of Eliza M. Hill, deceased (1855) in Brazoria County District Court over lands inherited by Eliza M. Hill from estate of Stephen F. Austin
18 Burleson County, Texas
General note
Reproduction of case papers of W.J. Bryan et al vs. W.G. Hill, administrator of Eliza M. Hill, deceased (1855) in Brazoria County District Court over lands inherited by Eliza M. Hill from estate of Stephen F. Austin
19 Burnet, David Gouverneur
General note
U.S. Consul, Galveston, 1834. Includes AFM's introduction to "Letters on a Proposed War Criminal Trial, 1836". Notes regarding correspondence with Jefferson Davis.
20 Burr, Aaron
21 Byrde, Louis, d. 1917
General note
Graduate of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Reverend and missionary worker, Archdeacon (1915). Served in Victoria, Hong Kong and Yungchow, Hunan.
22 Cain, J. Isaiah
23 Calder, William, d. 1923
General note
Priest, Honolulu, ordained 1875. Succeeded Frederick Charles Lloyd. Vicar of All Saints, Auckland, New Zealand, 1883, archdeacon 1901.
24 Camels in Texas, 1836-1876
General note
Notes on importation of camels in Texas for Army transportation; Jefferson Davis' plan to use camels during his term as Secretary of War; Robert E. Lee; programs for civilian use of camels for transportation; notes taken from newspapers, published letter collections, government imprints, secondary accounts, journal articles, congressional journals and documents, published memoirs, reference works, theses, acts of legislature, contemporary magazine articles, "The War of the Rebellion."
25 Cattle
General note
Texas newspaper references 1850s-1860s on cattle drives, sales, industry, sheep, livestock and equipment.
Cemeteries, Texas
General note
Transcriptions of text on gravestones, including names, dates, epitaphs, and in some cases physical descriptions of the monuments. Typescript of AFM article "Nineteenth Century Texas Epitaphs".
Box Folder
28 1 Anderson - Hidalgo Counties
2 Harris - Montgomery Counties
3 Navarro - Whartox Counties
4 State Cemetery, Austin
General note
Notes on state laws establishing the state cemetery at Austin.
5 Houston, notecards arranged by deceased's name
Box Folder
29 1 Episcopal Cemetery, Houston
2 Cemeteries, Texas & Hawaii
General note
Notes on specific cemeteries, and AFM's writings on 19th century cemeteries in these locations.
3 Chambers, Thomas Jefferson
General note
Diary typescript, 1837
4 Chapman, Robert Martin, 1810-1883
General note
Anglican priest, missionary to Texas in 1838
5 Charlot, Nathaniel Peck (1850s-1860s)
General note
Anglican priest at Cold Springs (Polk County, Texas) and at Huntsville, former Presbyterian minister; notes on his career.
6 Charwane, Mary Hayes - estate, 1940-1944
7 Chase, D.W. (?-1875)
General note
Anglican deacon, missionary to Grace Church (Independence, Texas); notes on his career.
8 Chilton, Thomas (1798-1854)
General note
Houston minister (1851), author of David Crockett's autobiography.
Box Folder
29 9 Albertina (Sister) (1840-1930)
General note
St. Andrew's Priory, Hawaii. Notes on her career.
10 All Saint's Chapel, Austin, TX, 1940s-1950s
11 Anglican clergy: copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates, vital statistics, 19th century
12 Anglo-Catholicism
General note
Newspaper references, excerpts from clergy diaries, 19th century, on the controversy of ritualism in the Anglican rite; Viscount Halifax (d. 1934); Rev. T. Pelham Dale (1880); references in "Punch" Rev. Arthur Tooth (1839-1930/31), Thomas Thellusson Carter, Tractarianism.
13 "BAA 435"
General note
Bibliography and references regarding the Tractarian or Oxford Movement of nineteenth century Britain.
14 Beatrice, Sister, d. 1921
General note
St. Andrew's Priory, Honolulu, Hawaii. Notes on her career.
Box Folder
30 1 Bertha, Mother, d. 1890
General note
Notes on her career.
2 Bible in Texas, 1816-1871
General note
Notes on the activities of the American Bible Society throughout Texas; notes on various topics: Wharton family, Union Land Co., free Negroes, Logan family of Fort Bend County, bibliographical materials in Fondren Library, Federal census of Texas, Davis family of Fort Bend County, Coushatta tribe and Indians, Jose Antonio Mejia, George Lewis Hammeken, Henry Watkins Allen, McNabb family of Fort Bend and Brazoria Counties, photocopies of manuscripts concerning Galveston Bay & Texas Land Company.
3 Boerne, TX - church in
General note
Notes on religious life in Boerne (Kendall County) taken from state laws, imprints of the Episcopal church, reference works, monographs, deed records, tombstones; article "No Sabbath in West Texas: Missionary Appeals from Boerne, 1867-1868" edited with intro by AFM (published).
4 Christ Church, Houston
General note
Notes 1843-1948 taken from newspapers, church burial register, baptismal records, marriage registers, civil case papers of district court, deed records, unpublished memoirs, abstract of title, monographs, Episcopalian publications, journals of the Texas Congress, unpublished manuscripts, vestry records.
5 Church, correspondence on
General note
AFM correspondence for research on the Anglican Church in Australia, Hawaii, and Texas.
6 Episcopal Church, 19th century, Texas
General note
Transcriptions of manuscripts pertaining to the organization of the first convention of the Episcopal Church in Texas (1843); transcription of the register of St. Peter's Church, Brenham, Texas (1869-1885)
7 Episcopal Church record, 19th century, Texas
8-9 Episcopal Church marriages, 19th century, Texas
Box Folder
31 1 Episcopal Church reformed, 19th century, Texas
General note
Brief notes (1874-1894) on activities of and references to Reformed Episcopal Church in Harris, Travis, and Fort Bend Counties, and states of Colorado and Missouri.
2 FTA 452
General note
Loose-leaf volume of notes on references of Tractarianism (Oxford Movement), Newmanism, Puseyism, Anglo-Catholicism.
3 Ingreja Evangelica Lusitana (Portugese Evangelical Church), 19th century
General note
Brief notes on movements in Portugal and Spain (1870s) to establish congregations with Anglican rites. Materials are in Portugese, Spanish and English.
4 Lay reading
5 Mary Clara, Sister, d. 1884
General note
St. Andrew's Priory, Hawaii. Notes on her career and death.
6 Phoebe, Eldress, d. 1890
General note
St. Andrew's Priory, Hawaii. Notes on her career and death.
7 Roman Catholics in Houston and Fort Bend County, 1840-1872
General note
Notes on marriages and other general topics.
8 St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Houston, TX, 1940s-1950s
General note
Newsclippings, general outgoing correspondence
9 St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Y.P.S.L. committee minutes, Houston, TX, 1930s
General note
Original handwritten meeting minutes.
10 YT 401
General note
Notes on references to Anglo-Catholocism in the works of Agatha Christie; references to comments concerning Anglo-Catholocism in various literary works.
11 Clark, Abel, d. 1885
General note
Deacon, Hawaii
12 Clark, Horace, 1819-1909
General note
Early Texas Baptist preacher, Washington County. Educator, principal/president of Baylor Female College at Independence, Texas (1851-1871), converted to Episcopal Church, rector of the Episcopal Church at Corpus Christi (1880-1897); notes on his life and career, references to Clark.
13 Cline, M.H.
General note
Member of Williams Chapter of Order of DeMolay, San Benito - Harlingen, TX. One outgoing letter, n.d.
14 Clopper, Andrew May, 1791-1853
General note
Son of Nicholas Clopper. Texas revolutionary solider of Harris County. Notes relating to Battle of San Jacinto, real estate.
15 Clopper, Nicholas, Jr.
General note
Notes and correspondence regarding Texas land grants, 1820s and 1830s
16 Coxe, Arthur Cleveland, 1818-1896
General note
Episcopalian, elected Bishop of Texas, 1856, originally from Baltimore. Declined positions as Bishop of Texas and Rector of Christ Church, Houston. Notes and transcriptions of correspondence.
17 Cloud, Adam, 1759-1834
General note
Episcopalian priest in Mississippi, Georgia, and Texas. Member of Austin's colony, 1830/31.
18 Cloud, John Wurts
General note
Anglican priest, resident of Washington-on-the-Brazos, revolutionary soldier, founder of a school at Brazoria. Typescript of autobiography, notes regarding real estate, career, Johnston family of Brazoria, Asa Brigham; AFM typescript article on J.W. Cloud.
Box Folder
32 1 Congress, Texan, 1836-1838
General note
List of members of the Senate and House of the First and Second Congresses (1836-1838), surveys of journals and proceedings of the House and Senate of the First Congress, 1st and 2nd Sessions, and of journal of the House for Called Session (Sept. 1837) and Regular Session (Second Congress, First Session).
2 Connelly, Pierce, 1804-1883
General note
Anglican priest of the old South, convert to CatholCatholicismcism; Anglicanism in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama.
3 Consulate, United States, 1827-1837
General note
Transcripts of correspondence from Mexico (including parts of what is now Texas) to local offices of the US Consulate. Also includes lists of consuls' names and locations of offices.
4 Crockett, David
General note
Transcripts of correspondence from Mexico (including parts of what is now Texas) to local offices of the US Consulate. Also includes lists of consuls' names and locations of offices.
5 Cross, Joseph
General note
Episcopalian priest, elected 1867; brief notes on career in Houston.
6 Cullen, Ezekiel Wimberley
General note
Texas real estate notes, 1870s
7 Curtis, Judson
General note
Episcopalian priest, rector of Christ Church, Houston 1864-1866.
8 DaGama, Elizabeth Bell (Bates) Volck Hearn, 187?-1937
General note
Widow of the Brazilian ambassador to U.S. (1911-1918), possibly related to the Bates family of Brazoria County, divorce case handled by Albert T. Patrick (1890)
9 Dahlgren's Furniture Studio, Houston, TX, 1940s
10 Dalzell, William Tucker Dickinson, 1826/27-19??
General note
Anglican priest, born in St. Vincent, West Indies, educated in medicine and theology at London, rector of Christ Church, Houston 1857-1861.
Box Folder
33 1 Davis Guards, 1861-1865
General note
Notes on military record of every member of the Davis Guards, arranged in alphabetical order; Dick Dowling and Sabine Pass.
2 Davis, Sam. L. [HY]
3 Delhi-Taylor Oil Corporation
General note
Brochures, annual reports, 1959-1961
4 Denison, Samuel Dexter
General note
Episcopalian priest, rector of Christ Church, Matagorda, 1850
5 Desha, John Rollins Langherne, 1819-1871
General note
Druggist, of Hawaii, originally from Kentucky
6 Dewees, William B.
General note
Early settler of Texas
7 Dickinson, Susanna (1815-1883) and her "Babe of the Alamo" Angelina Elizabeth Dickinson (1835-1869)
General note
Notes on the fall of the Alamo, life of Angelina E. Dickinson; certified copies of legal briefs of Peter Bellows vs. Susannah Bellows (1857) and Susan Williams v. John Williams (1838).
8 Dictionary of Texan English on Historical Principles
General note
Terms used in the Texas during the period of the Republic, taken from Joseph E. Field "Three Years in Texas" (1836): typed definitions of terms such as "elm bottoms", "pecan", "yellowskin".
9 Divorces, Texas, 19th century
General note
Handwritten lists of divorces in various Texas counties, notes on divorces issued by the Congress of the Republic or by the district courts of Orange, Jefferson, Travis, Montgomery, and Harris Counties, 1839-1861.
10 Dobie family, 1838-1910
General note
Notes on land deeds in Harris County.
11 Dobie, James Frank (J. Frank)
General note
Notes and original correspondence, 1959-1960
12-14 Dowling, Richard William, 1838-1867
General note
U.S. Civil War veteran of Texas, fought in Battle of Sabine Pass. Notes on Davis Guards, and Dowling's relatives including Odlum and Shearn families.
Box Folder
34 1 Dowling, Richard William, 1838-1867
General note
U.S. Civil War veteran of Texas, fought in Battle of Sabine Pass. Notes on Davis Guards, and Dowling's relatives including Odlum and Shearn families.
2 Downing, Elijah H.
General note
Episcopalian priest at Brenham and Chapell Hill (1855-1857), missionary and rector of Christ Church at San Augustine and Christ Church at Nacogdoches (1851-1854). Notes on his career.
3 Dueling, 19th century
General note
Notes on duelists roughly in the Republic of Texas (1826-1856); AFM article "Dueling in Frontier Houston" (unpublished); notes taken from newspapers, printed sources, journals of the Texas Congress, acts of the Texas Congress, letter collections, district court records, published diaries, monographs, probate records, state records, journal articles, material of Dr. Chauncey Goodrich, Marcus Cicero Stanley, David G. Burnet, Gen. Hugh McLeod, John A. Wharton, William T. Austin, ____ Lynch, Ben McCulloch, Albert Sidney Johnston, Felix Huston, Mirabeau B. Lamar, W.S. Fisher, William Tinsley, Edward Burleson.
4 Duncan, Alexander
5 Duncan, John Holt, 1820-1896
General note
Resident of San Antonio 1856-1868 and Houston 1874-1895. Texas lawyer, Chief Justice of Bexar County (1850s), Confederate officer, district judge, recorder of City of Houston, Harris County Clerk.
6 Dunn, Joseph Wood, Rev.
General note
Episcopalian priest, missionary at Lockhart, Gonzales, Seguin and Bastrop, 1856-1857.
7 Dunn, Robert, d. 1902
General note
Clergyman in Hawaii 1874-1876
8 Eaton, Benjamin, Rev., 1806/7-1871
General note
Episcopalian priest, rector of Trinity Church in Galveston (1842-1871), missionary to Galveston (1841); notes on early organization of Episcopal Church in Texas (1840s), notes on history of Trinity Church (1840s-1850s).
9 Edwards, Monroe
General note
Slave owner, Brazoria County, 1840s
10 Elkington, Joseph James, d. 1908
General note
Catholic clergyman, Warden of the House of Charity
11 Empresario lawsuits, 1837-1840
General note
Notes on the suits brought by S.C. Robertson, McMullin &McGlone, executor of Stephen F. Austin, R.M. Williamson, executor of James F. Perry and Samuel M. Williams, Jose Manuel Bangs and Haden Edwards against the presidents of the Republic to settle the rights and claims of empresarios after the Revolution (1837-1840).
12 Express companies, 1850s-1860s
General note
Notes on company names, locations, Texas and Virginia, taken from newspapers.
13 Ewing, Alexander, 1809-1853
General note
Surgeon General at Battle of San Jacinto
14 Eykyn, Thomas
General note
Diocese of Honolulu, 19th century
15 Fish, John Fletcher
General note
Episcopalian priest, U.S. Army chaplain at posts of San Antonio and Fort McKavett, TX, (1849-1850?)
16 Fish, John Fletcher
General note
U.S. Army chaplain, 19th century
Box Folder
35 1-2 Fisher, George, 1795-1873
General note
Attorney and political adventurer in colonial Texas, businessman and office holder.
3 Fitch, Carrie
General note
Original correspondence with AFM regarding an essay on Carrie Nation.
4 Fite, Frank
General note
St. Andrew's Cathedral, Honolulu, deacon 1901
5 Foster, W.T.
General note
School materials, 1940s, University of Texas
6 Fourier, Francois
7 Free Negroes
General note
Notes related to Texas and Alabama individuals and families, 1830s-1860s
8 Free Negroes in Texas 1827-1865
9 Free Negroes in Angelina County, Texas 1860-1861
10 Free Negroes in Bexar County, Texas 1851
General note
Notes on Thomas Cevallos; official view of free Negroes in Bexar County (1851) taken from newspaper and laws of Texas legislature.
11 Free Negroes in Brazoria County, Texas 1822-1860
General note
Notes on Greenbury Logan of Fort Bend County, Samuel H. Hardin, and others, James Richardson of Brazoria County; typescript with corrections of AFM article on Samuel H. Hardin; typescript with corrections of AFM article on Greenbury Logan (unpublished); notes taken from deed records, newspapers, probate records, civil district court records, land certificates, tombstones, criminal dockets, marriage records, journal articles, state records, laws of Texas, journals of the Texas Congress, manuscript collections, published letter collections, published primary sources, reference works; correspondence on research; material on George L. Hammeken; chronology of events in Texas 1861-1865; survey and abstracts of the "Telegraph & Texas Register" and "Morning Star" (Houston) on activities of the city council of Houston (1837-1845); materials of the city of Houston (late 1830s, early 1840s); letters with information on early Houston and the Port of Houston; notes on Henry Thuerwaechter; notes on George Lewis Hammeken from deed records of Limestone County (1833-1922); notes on Texas Supreme Court cases 1847; transcriptions of Sam Houston letters (1848, 1856); chronological lists of battles and actions in Texas in which troops of the regular U.S. army participated and troops engaged (1846-1854); notes on Enrique Mexia; AFM article "Lewis A. levy, Initiator of Organized Jewry in Texas" (unpublished)
12 Free Negroes in Fort Bend County, Texas 1838-1865
General note
Notes on Peter Martin, Peter Nelson, Norman Davis, Nathan Burnett, and Oliver Brown, free Negroes of Fort Bend County (1838-1856); notes on Wyly martin, first chief justice of Fort Bend County; portion of AFM article on free Negroes in Fort Bend County.
13 Free Negroes in Galveston County, Texas, 1822-1859
General note
Notes on free and emancipated Negroes in Galveston (1822-1859) taken from letter collections, printed sources, monographs, acts of the legislature, journals of the Texas Congress, newspapers, U.S. government records, deed records, Federal censuses, records of the district court, tombstones, will books.
14 Free Negroes in Grimes County, Texas 1839-1860
Box Folder
36 1 Free Negroes in Harris County, Texas 1839-1860
General note
Notes on 1847 suit of Emeline ____, memorials and petitions of free Negroes throughout Texas, Frank Burnes, Sulkey _____, Martha Moore, Delphina _____, Richard Robertson (drummer at Battle of San Jacinto), Eli Williams, Horace and Fanny ____, Thomas Savoy, Peter ____, Bob ____, Sally Vince, Maria Hamilton, Charlotte Dunn, Fannie M. McFarland, Ann Tucker, Dick Ellet, Diana Leonard, Zela (Zylpha) Husk, Nelly Norris, George William, Lucille ____, Maria ____, Tom Jefferson, Keziah ____, Sylvia Routh, Emily D. West, Amelia Raymond, Becky ____, Anderson ____, Richard Green, William White, Tamer ____ and Abby _____, Dick _____, Rhoda ____, George ____, Margaret _____, Matilda ____, Lyle ____, June _____, Bob Allen; notes from minutes of the county court, newspapers, army orders, correspondence, city records, legislative acts on free Negroes in general; correspondence on research.
2 Free Negroes in Jackson County, Texas 1835-1842
General note
Samuel McCullock, Sr. and Jr. of Jackson County and their petitions to free black relatives in Alabama and Texas
3 Free Negroes in Jefferson and Orange Counties, Texas
General note
Notes (1830s-1860) on members of the Ashworth family of Jefferson County, Hiram Bunch, Robert Wilson, J. M. Carter, William Nelson, T.K. Alexander of Orange County, residents of Panola, Polk, Red River and Refugio Counties; several copies of AFM article "The Free Negro in Jefferson and Orange Counties, Texas" (published); notes taken from Federal censuses, newspapers, pension papers, printed contemporary sources, laws of the Texas Congress, congressional journals, commissioner's court minutes, published diaries, Texas reports, district court records, probate records, deed records, comptroller's military service records, land grant applications.
4 Free Negroes in Matagorda, Texas, 1841-1855
General note
Peggy Johnston, a free Negro in Matagorda County.
5 Free Negroes in Montgomery County, Texas
General note
Notes on Maxlin Smith, Liney ____, and Adam Gautier, free Negroes of Montgomery County (1839-1841, 1859), taken from wills, pension papers, journals of the Texas Congress, newspaper, and district court records.
6 Free Negroes in Nacogdoches County, Texas, 1834-1857
General note
Includes register of all free Negroes in Texas taken from 1850 Census.
7 Free Negroes in Travis County, Texas, 1839-1858
General note
Slaves manumitted by William O'Connell (1858) and David Connor (1847) of Travis County; Henry Lynch, free Negro; John F. Webber, U.S. pensioner.
8 Flower, David Dubois
General note
Episcopalian priest, rector of Christ Church (Matagorda) in the early 1850s.
9 Fontaine, Edward, 1814-1884
General note
Episcopalian priest, former Methodist minister at Houston and Galveston (1840), private secretary to President Mirabeau B. Lamar (1841), rector at Austin (1851), army officer during the U.S. Civil War; Lamar Fontaine (son) author of "All Quiet Along the Potomoc" (?)
10 Freeman, George Washington, 1789-1858
General note
Episcopalian priest, Missionary Bishop of the Southwest (Arkansas and Texas) in the 1840s, provisional Bishop of Texas (ante 1854-1857).
11 Gairdner, Meredith, M.D., 1809-1837
12 Gallagher, Peyton, d. 1903
13 Galveston ship registrations
General note
Transcription of officials registrations, 1838-1840
14 Garrett, Alexander Charles, Rev., 1832-1924
General note
Anglican priest, missionary to British Columbia (1860), educator, to San Francisco (1869), Bishop of Texas (1874); notes on Indians in British Columbia (1860s); two photographs of Garrett.
15 Geology, Texas, 19th century
General note
Notes on a proposed geological survey of Texas conducted in 1858; records on the survey while in progress (1859); correspondence concerning the survey, progress reports, newspaper accounts and reference to survey and natural resources of Texas, legislative reports, legislative acts on the survey, early considerations by Congress for study of geology (1839-1840), William P. Huff and Texas fossils, artesian wells, office of state geologist, payroll of state survey (1859-1861), inventory of the state Geological Bureau (1861); part of AFM article on selection of State Geologist (1858); notes on State Geologist after the Civil War, Francis Moore, B.F. Shumard
16 Getchell, George Hermann, 1884-1922
General note
Relative (?) and heir to George Hermann: 800 acre farm in Fort Bend County and building next to Rice Hotel, Houston. Murdered by his wife; property reverted to Hermann Hospital. Notes on his life and family.
17 Gilette, Charles, 1813-1869
General note
Anglican priest, rector of Christ Church, Houston, 1843-1851. Survey of marriage bonds of Gonzales County (1829-1830); marriage records of Montgomery County (1838-1840).
Box Folder
37 1 Globe Chemical Company
2 Gloyd, McNabb
3 Godfrey, G.W.
General note
Episcopalian deacon at Trinity Church, Nacogdoches, 1850s.
4 Goliad (Walt Whitman on)
General note
Quotations from Whitman's Leaves of Grass concerning the Alamo, excerpts on the Alamo from "Song of Myself", criticisms of Whitman, other works of Whitman; correspondence on research.
5 Gonzales County, marriage bonds of, 1829-1838
6 Goodwin, Hannibal
General note
Diocese of California, rector of Grace Church, San Francisco
7 Goodwin, Henry Bradford, Rev., 1802-1859
General note
Episcopalian priest of Maryland, missionary to Texas (1840), briefly rector of Christ Church, Houston in 1840; correspondence on research.
8 Goshorn, John Marshall, d. 1864
General note
Episcopalian priest, missionary at Church of the Messiah (Gonzales, Texas) in 1859; rector of Trinity Church at time of his death. Died of yellow fever in Galveston, TX.
9 Gowen, Herbert Henry
General note
10 Gray, Edwin Fairfax
General note
Graduated from the U.S. Naval academy 1852.
11 Gray, Peter William, 1819-1874
General note
Member, Holland Lodge, 1844-1874. Lawyer of Harris County, state legislator, district court judge, Confederate congressman, associate justice of the Texas Supreme Court; notes on life and career; Milam Guards (1841-1842).
12 Gray, William Fairfax, 1787-1841
General note
Diarist of revolutionary Texas, attorney, Founder of Christ Church, Houston; first clerk of Texas Supreme Court; district attorney under the Republic of texas; diary of Mrs. Milly R. Gray (1838-1840); Gray family; early Episcopal church in Texas; judicial system of the Republic.
13 Grayson, Peter William, Col.
14 Gregg, Alexander, 1819-1893
General note
Episcopal priest, selected Bishop of Texas in 1859.
15 Groser, Charles Eaton, Rev.
16 Gulf Coast geography
General note
Brief notes.
17 Haiti
18 Hammeken, George Louis, 1811-1881 (1 of 2)
General note
Notes on his life, career, activities, family; the Union Land Company at Anahuac; photocopies of primary documents relating to the period of the Republic of Texas and Hammeken; notes on life and activities of Enrique Antonio Guillermo Mexia, his family; Hammeken as entrepreneur in Mexico, Texas colonist, agent of the Republic of Texas in Mexico, commission merchant (1840s), developer of transportation, President of the Brazos and Galveston Railroad Company; typescript copy of "Recollections of Stephen F. Austin" by Hammeken (1844); correspondence on research.
Box Folder
38 1 Hammeken, George Louis, 1811-1881 (2 of 2)
2 Handbook of Texas
General note
Typescripts of AFM's contributions to the Handbook, edited by Walter Prescott Webb, 1952.
3 Hanna, Benjamin Franklin
4 Hardesty, Mollie Arline Bailey, 1835/36-1918
General note
Confederate nurse and spy, circus owner; brief notes on life, career and family.
5 Hardin family
6-7 Harris County, TX, 1822-1838
General note
Notes taken from published letter collections, unpublished manuscripts, Spanish colonial records, journal articles, published primary sources, district court records, state records, deed records, probate records, records of the General Council, newspapers, United States territorial papers, records of the General Convention; pieces of AFM manuscripts; correspondence on research.
8 Harris County, TX, to 1837
General note
Materials on the topic taken from Andrew Briscoe papers and papers of other Chief Justices of Harris(burg) County.
Box Folder
39 1 Harris County, TX, 1822-1866
General note
Early Harris County general notes, research built around families and individuals.
2 Harris County, TX, 1822-1868
General note
Surveys and transcripts of early records, correspondence, land surveys, etc. taken from deed records, minutes of criminal district court, minutes of county commissioners court, newspapers, census schedules, probate records, legislative statutes, letter collections, historical journals, marriage records, election records, proceedings of the board of land commissioners, published memoirs.
3 Harris County, TX, 1835-1839
General note
Notes from government records on early settlers, place names, and government of Harris County taken from manuscript collections, election records, diaries, journals of the Texas Congress, state records, correspondence, congressional papers, published letters, deed records, journals of the Consultation, records of the general Council, newspapers, acts of the Congress, probate case papers, monographs, journal articles.
4 Harris County, TX, Commissioner's Court, 1837-1860
General note
Survey and abstracts of minutes of Commissioners Court of Harris County, March 28, 1837 through May 28, 1860 (incomplete)
5 Harris County, TX, Deed records of, 1837-1846, 1857-1868
General note
Transcriptions and reference notes, volumes A-K and S-Z.
6 Harris County, TX, District Court of, 1837-1867
General note
Survey of minutes of 11th District Court, volumes A-H.
7 Harris County, TX, general
Box Folder
40 1 Harris County, TX, index to probate cases of
General note
Manuscript copy of the county index to Probate Cases, (probably) the earliest volumes.
2 Harris County, TX, Naturalizations in, 1837-1867
General note
Survey of persons naturalized by county court of Harris County
3 Harris County, TX, Officials, 1836-1885
General note
Lists of election results and officers for various county level offices.
4 Harris County, TX, Probate records of, 1836-1847, 1857-1872
General note
Survey (incomplete) of Probate minutes of Harris County (Dec. 1838-June 1846) and survey (incomplete) of Probate Records of Harris County, volumes A-G (1837-1844) and L-T (circa 1857-1872)
5 Harris County, TX, Wills in, 1836-1858
6 Harris County, TX, W.P.A. History
General note
Typescript drafts of chapters by AFM
7 Harris, John Birdsall
8 Harris, Lewis Birdsall, 1816-1893
9 Harris, Samuel M., d. 1876
10 Harris, Thomas, d.1907
General note
Missionary, Honolulu
General note
Research on Anglican Church in Hawaii, often transcripts of newsclippings and letters.
Box Folder
41 1-2 1779-1857
3 1858-1859
4 1860
5-6 1861
7 1862
8 1863
Box Folder
42 1 1864
2 1865
3 1866
4 1867
5 1868
6 1869
7 1870
Box Folder
43 1 1871
2 1872
3 1873
4 1874
5 1875
6 1876
7 1877
8 1878
9 1879
10 1880
11 1881
12 1882
13 1883
14 1884
15 1885
16 1886
17 1887
18 1888
19 1889
20 1820
21 1821
22 1822
23 1823
Box Folder
44 1 1893
2 1894
3 1895
4 1896
5 1897
6 1898
7 1899
8 1900
9 1901
10 1902
11 Archives of the Society / Propagation of the Gospel (transcripts)
12 Brittanica (encyclopedia) on Hawaii
13 Church Chronicle, 1967-69
14-15 Church in Hawaii (notes)
16 Cutts, Edward Lewes
17 Eastern Orthodox Church in Hawaii
18 "Five Years' Church Work in the Kingdom of Hawaii", 1868, by Bishop of Honolulu, transcript
19 Government records
Box Folder
45 1 Government records
2 Holiday Annual (undated publication? 1960s)
3 Honolulu Cathedral (plan and interior)
4 Iolani School, Honolulu, 1946-47 (includes photographs)
5 Lewis, Eric
6 Newsclippings, 1867-1868
7 Newsclippings and portions of publications, 1800s
8 Notebooks, undated (1 of 2)
Box Folder
46 1 Notebooks, undated (2 of 2)
2 Notebooks, 1945: Honolulu
Box Folder
47 1 Notebooks, 1946-47: Honolulu
2 Notebooks, 1945-49: Honolulu
3 Notebooks, 1947-54: Honolulu
Box Folder
48 1 Notebooks, 1962-63: Honolulu
2 Notebooks, 1964: England (1 of 2)
Box Folder
49 1 Notebooks, 1964: England (2 of 2)
2 Notebooks, 1965: Honolulu
Box Folder
50 1 Patents, Hawaiian
2 Photographs
3-8 Queen Emma, Kaleleonalani (1836-1885)
Box Folder
51 1-2 Research correspondence, AFM, 1947-1951
3 Research, general
4 St. Andrew's Priory and Cathedral
5 Schofield Junior College, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, 1947-48
General note
AFM, instructor of American history and English
6 Searle, Cooper
Box Folder
52 1 Sisterhood of the Holy Trinity
2 Sisters Beatrice and Albertina
3 Mark Twain and Bishop Staley
4 Wills
5 Hawkinses, 1835-1837
General note
Note on Edmund St. John Hawkins, d. 1837 and George N. Hawkins, d. 1837, of Brazoria County.
6 Hayes, Rutherford B.: typescript of notes on Chapter 8, "The Trip to Texas"
7 Heath, Ebenezer S.
8 Hemphill, John, 1803-1862
General note
Chief Justice of Texas Supreme Court, US Senator from Texas, Confederate States Senator from Texas.
9 Hemphill Family
General note
Typescript with corrections of AFM article "John Hemphill, Miscegenist" (unpublished).
10 Henderson, Frances Cox
General note
Wife of James Pinckney Henderson of texas, linguist, author. Notes on James Henderson and early Anglican church in San Augustine and Nacogdoches.
11 Henderson, James Pickney
12 Hermann family: John (notes), Louis and George (images of)
13 Hervery, C.A. (Charles Amaleus)
14 Hill, William G. & Eliza M. Phillips Hill
General note
References to the Hills in deed records, marriage records, probate records of Brazoria, Wharton, Colorado, and Galveston Counties, 1836-1879.
15 Hobby family
General note
Genealogical research on Hobby and Pettus families of Harris County and Fort Bend County, respectively; family of former Governor William Pettus Hobby (1878-1964) and his father Judge Edwin Hobby (1842-1899).
16 Hogg-Swayne Syndicate, 1902
General note
Incorporating papers.
17 Holland Lodge
18 Holley, Mary Ann (Austin), 1784-1846
General note
Notes on Holley in deed records of Galveston County, 1831, 1841.
19 Holman, James Sanders, 1804-1867
General note
Texas colonist, revolutionary soldier, first mayor of the city of Houston, officeholder under the Republic of Texas, President of Southern pacific Railroad Company; notes on his life and career; typescript carbon of AFM article "Who Was the First Mayor of Houston?" (unpublished); correspondence on research.
20 Horsfall, William
Box Folder
53 1-3 Houston, TX, 1836-1869 notes
General note
Notes taken from printed and manuscript maps, census records, church records, city council minutes, commissioners court minutes (Galveston County), newspapers, monographs, survey collections, deed records, transcript of manuscript account book of Doswell & Adams, commission merchants of Houston (Jan. 25 - May 30, 1838)
4-5 Houston, TX, topics in, 1830s-1840s
General note
Notes on Houston arranged by subject in alphabetical order: Folder 4: Abolitionism, Alamo monument, annexation, ants, apprentices, arachnids, architects, arsenal, astronomy, auctioneers, bakeries, balls, bankruptcies, banks and banking, barbecues, barbers, bars, bathing, Beauchamp Spring, bells, billiards, blacksmithing, boarding , books, brawling, bricks, bridges, buffalo, building, business (state of), butchering, cabinet makers, Capitol, carpenters, cat, cattle, Chamber of Commerce, children, Christmas, church, circus, The Citizen newspaper, City Exchange, City Market, City Riflemen, civil engineers, Civilian newspaper, coal, coffee houses, Colt's revolver, commission merchants, confectioneries, cooks, corn, cotton, counterfeits, county jail, credit, currency, Cushatta (town), customs house. Folder 5: daguerreotypes, dancing, debating, dentists, dinners, distilleries, district court, divorces, dogs, Doswell & Adams merchants, drainage, draying, dry goods, education, electioneering, equipages, estrays, Exchange Bank, exchequer bills, excursions, expresss companies, Fannin Artillery, Fayetteville, females, ferries, fireworks, fishing, flags, fornication, foundries, 4th of July, free Negroes, Freemasons, funerals, furniture, Galveston Island, gambling, game, gardening, German immigrants, German Union, goats, graveyards, grist mills, gullies, guns, gunsmiths
Box Folder
54 1-3 Houston, TX, topics in, 1830s-1840s
General note
Notes on Houston arranged by subject in alphabetical order. Folder 1: hangings, hardware, Harrisburg (town), Harrisburg County, Harris County, Harris County before Revolution, Harrisburg municipality, health, Hibernia Society, hides & peltries, history, horse racing, horses, hospitals, hotels, household supplies, Houston Dragoons, Houston (beginnings of), Houston (founding of), Houston (growth of), Houston (seat of government), Houston (temporary seat of government 1842), Houston Town Company), H.R. Allen & Co., hunting, ice, ice cream, illumination, Indians, insurance, jewelry, John Carlos & Co., John Huffman & Co., Kelley (Cornelius), Kesler's Arcade, land agencies, land laws, lard oil and stearine factories, lawyers, lethal weapons, Liberty Pole, libraries, liquors, livery stables, loafers, long Row, lotteries, Louisville (once Point Pleasant), lumber, Lynchburg. FOLDER 2: matches, mechanics and workingmen, medicine, merchants' supplies, Mexicans, Mexican Invasions (1842), Milan Guards, militia, milk, milliners, money lending, Morning Star newspaper, Morrell & Tyler, mosquitoes, moss, mud, music, musquito, National Banner, Banner of the Lone Star (newspaper), National Intelligencer (newspaper), national politics, natural history, navigation of Buffalo Bayou and Port of Houston, New Washington, New year's Day, newspapers, nurses, Odd Fellows, oranges, Order of Equal Fellows, oxen, painting, patents, pecans, pedlars, perfumery, Philosophical Society of Texas, phrenology, pictures, Piney Point, Pitkin Guards, planters' supplies, plats, population, post office, poultry, powder magazine, President's house, printing, privies, promissory notes, provisions, Protection Fire Company No.1. FOLDER 3: railroads, rats, religion, rental property, restaurants, roaches, roads, Rockey Well (town), room rentals, Sabbath, saddlery, salesmen, San Jacinto Day, San Jacinto (precinct of), San Jacinto (town of), San Saba Company, sawmill, scavengers, scenery, seafood, seamstresses, 2nd of March, sheep, shinplasters, shoemakers, shorthand, sidewalks, silversmiths, slaves, snakes, soda fountains, spectacles, Spilman's Island, Spring Creek, Spring Creek County, stage lines, steam engines, stoves, streets, subdivisions, Sunday school, swine, tailors, tanyards, Telegraph and Texas Register (newspaper), ten pin alleys, tents, Texas Typographical Association, Texian Democrat (newspaper), theater, Times (newspaper), title, tobacco, tombstones, town lots, translation, treasury notes, trees turtle oil, unemployed, ventriloquists, veterans, visitors, wages, washerwomen, watchmakers, water, wax tallow and honey, W.D. & R.M. Lee, wearing apparel, weather, weeds, Weekly Houstonian (newspaper), Weekly Times (newspaper), whipping and branding, whitesmiths, whittling, whores.
4 Houston, TX, notes
5 Houston, TX, intellectual climate of
6 Houston, TX, : "Who was the first mayor of Houston?" typescript by AFM
7 Houston, Matilda C. (Jesse) Fraser, 1820-1892
General note
Member of British peerage, traveller and author, visitor to the Republic of texas, 1840s.
8 Houston, Sam, 1793-1863
General note
President of the Republic of Texas, governor and senator of the state; notes on his life, career, and business; anecdotes, letters, his views on the secession of Texas and the Civil War; notes on relatives of Sam Houston; correspondence on AFM's research.
9 Houston vs. Perry and Williams, 1846-1849
General note
Case in district court of Travis County (1846-48) concerning settlement of empresario contract of Austin and Williams (1831) under the Republic of Texas; notes on decisions of Texas Supreme Court on the appeal (1848) and new trial (1849).
10 Huston, Felix
Box Folder
55 1 Ibbotson, Caroline Mary
2 Ibbotson, Edmund
3-5 Ives, Caleb Smith, 1789-1849
General note
Anglican priest, founder of Christ Church, Matagorda (1839), rector at Matagorda until his death in 1849, founder of the Matagorda Academy (ca. 1840); much material on early Episcopal Church in Texas, especially in Matagorda; extensive notes on life and career of Ives and family; correspondence on research; typescripts of Matagorda Parish records; 2 typescript copies with corrections of footnotes for AFM edition of portion of Caleb S. Ives' diary (1842-1843).
6 Jackson, Humphrey, 1790-1834
General note
Irish immigrant to Louisiana, member of Austin's Colony (1823), settler in or around Harrisburg; notes on life and family.
7 Jails
General note
Brief notes on problems of Harrisburg County jail (1838-1840) taken from minutes of county commissioners, newspapers, published letters.
8 Jefferson County, TX - wills in
General note
Includes index, v. A-I: 15 names.
9 Jews
General note
Notes on Jews in Texas (1830s-1870s) taken from contemporary printed sources, newspapers, Federal census, records of land grants, tombstones, state laws, district court records, marriage records, interment records, deed records, congregation minute books and account books, monographs, journal articles, probate records, assessors records, reference works; AFM articles "Lewis A. Levy, the Initiator of Organized Jewry in Texas" and "Lewis A. levy, Pioneer Merchant of Houston" (both unpublished); AFM (?) typescript "Jews and Negroes in the Texas Revolution"; typescript carbon of "The Jews in Houston and Galveston, Texas During the Civil War" by Gary Alan Ratkin (May 1963); correspondence on research.
10 Johnston, Rienzi Melville - notes on papers at Fondren Library
11 Jones, Anson
12 Jones, Lucius H.
General note
Episcopalian priest, missionary in Texas (Seguin) in 1850s, chaplain in the Confederate army.
Box Folder
56 1 Kaauwai, William Hoapili
General note
Notes and typescript of article by AFM on Kaauwai.
2 Kay, Stephen
General note
English Presbyterian minister, visitor to Texas (Galveston) 1860s, converted to Episcopalianism, returned to England late 1865.
3 Kellersberger, Getulius Joseph (Julius), 1821-1900
General note
German immigrant, Confederate engineer at Galveston.
4 Kinney, Henry Lawrence, 1862
General note
Resident of Nueces County, held property in Texas, Illinois, on island of Ruaton, in British Honduras, and Central America.
5 Kirby, J.E.
General note
Brief notes.
6 Kitcat, Vincent Howard
General note
Diocese of Honolulu
7 Knights of the Golden Circle
General note
Notes on and references to the Knights, 1856-1867, and to George C. Bickley, 1814/15-1867.
8 Kong Yin Tet
General note
Diocese of Honolulu
9 Kokernot, David Levi
General note
Dutch immigrant, settled in Texas 1830, participant in activities at Anahuac, 1832; revolutionary soldier, schooner captain; notes on Texas navy; correspondence on research; activities of Texas army after San Jacinto; photocopy of typescript of "Reminiscences of David Levi Kokernot" edited by Kent Gardien; photocopy of typescript of a speech "Captain Kokernot" by Kent Gardien (?).
10 Kristenstad
General note
Socialistic settlement in Hood County, TX (ca. 1929-1934) established by Martin Christiansen and others; notes on the settlement taken primarily from deed records.
11 Lamar, Mirabeau Buonaparte
General note
Brief notes
12 Land Commissioners
General note
Survey and abstracts from the Proceedings of Board of Land Commissioners of Harris County, Volume A (January 4, 1838-January 7, 1848).
13 Lane, John Frederic
General note
Brief notes
14 Langworthy, Asahel
General note
Brief notes
15 Law -- Louisiana
General note
Brief notes
16 Laws of Texas, Gammel
General note
AN incomplete survey of various special laws (relief acts and company charters) in volumes 4 and 5 (1853-1866) of H.P.N. Gammel (comp.), The Laws of Texas, 1822-1897; incomplete survey of special and general acts in Gammel, vol. 5; incomplete survey of special laws in Gammel vols. 1 and 2; survey of charters of incorporation in Gammel, vols. 1 and 2 (1835-1846).
17 Law -- Texas
General note
Notes on laws pertaining to wills, probate, inventories, colonial records, inheritance, primogeniture under laws of Spain, Mexico, Republic of Texas; correspondence on research.
18 Law -- Texas, 1913-1914 bills from House of Representatives
19 Law -- Texas, 1913-1914 bills from House of Representatives
20 Lee, Davis J., M.D.
General note
Includes photocopies of letters from American Missionary Association collection at Fisk University.
21 Lewis, Eric, Rev., 1902
General note
Died 1941 in Ontario Province, Canada; correspondence on research.
22 Lewis, Samuel Seymour
General note
Brief notes, 1840s. Rector of Christ Church, Mobile, Alabama. Brother-in-law of Caleb S. Ives of Matagorda, TX.
23 Liberia (Church in)
24 Libraries
General note
Notes on titles available in various places, 19th century.
Box Folder
57 1 Looscan, Adele Lubbock (Briscoe) papers, 1820s-1870s
General note
Transcripts and abstracts of documents in the Adele Lubbock (Briscoe) Looscan papers; 2 copies of a genealogy of the Harris family (John Richardson Harris of Harrisburg Co., Texas); notes on papers and letters of the Briscoe family (1820s-1840s); Harrisburg Railroad & Trading Co. (1838); transcripts of deeds of Harris County; life of Andrew Briscoe (1810-1849); life of William P. Harris; shipping notices, letters (1830s-1870s) of the Harris, Birdsall, and Richardson families of Harrisburg County; transcripts of travel tickets by steamers, receipts for Briscoe family.
2 Lubbock, Francis Richard, 1850s, Texas Veterans Association
3 Lubbock, Thomas S.
4 McCormick, Margaret
5 McCulloch, Ben
6 McKinstry, George B., 1804-1837
General note
Brief genealogy of the McKinstry family of Brazoria and Galveston Counties. McKinstry, a judge of Brazoria County, presided over the probate will of Stephen F. Austin.
7 Mackintosh, Alexander
8 McNeel Family, 1850-1880
General note
Census returns of members of McNeel family of Brazoria County (1850, 1860, 1870, 1880) and will of John G. McNeel, Sr. (1801/2-1867)
9 Macomb, David Betton,1793-1837
10 Magruder, John Bankhead
11 Mahan, Phineas Jenks, 1814-1875
12 Mann, Pamela, 1830s
General note
Records of land ownership and residence in TX
Box Folder
58 1 Mark, Yim Sang
2 Marriages
General note
Notes on various marriages performed in the Houston-Galveston area, 1827-1851, taken from county marriage records. Harris County vols. A, B, C (1837-1854); Jefferson County vols. A, B (1937-1849); Brazoria County, vol. 0 (1829-1846); Galveston County, vol. A (1838-1840); criminal court records of Harris County district court under the Republic of Texas: entries concerning Pamela Mann (1837-1857); entires in Deed Records of Harris County concerning Pamela Mann (1839-1840); district court records of Harris County (criminal) volumes A and B (1837-1839); district court records of Travis County (criminal), volumes A,B,C (1840-1853); immigration records (Brazoria County ?), 1835-1844.
3 Marriages index
4 Marriages, officiants of
General note
Alphabetical index of officiants of marriages covering Galveston, Travis, Brazoria, Jefferson, Austin, Bastrop, Washington, Fort Bend, and Harris Counties (antebellum period).
5-6 Mason, George, 1829-1893
7 Masterson family, 1813-1949
General note
Notes on Masterson family of Brazoria and Harris Counties (1813-1949); notes taken from deed records, survey map of Brazoria County, transcripts of letters, veterans papers, journal articles, Harris Masterson papers in Fondren Library, newspapers, cemeteries, monographs, census records, marriage records, probate records, will books, district court minutes.
8 Matawanpkeag
9 Menard, Peter J., 1808-1861
General note
Colonist and Texas rebel, resident of Galveston, postmaster and alderman, relative of the founder of Galveston.
10 Menken, Adah Isaacs, 1835-1868
General note
Ada B. (Theodore) Menken, American actress and dancer; bibliography of works on Adah Isaacs Menken; notes on marriage and divorce; correspondence on research.
11 Merrill, Frank Wesley
12 Mexico
13 Milam, Benjamin Rush
Box Folder
59 1-2 Milam County, TX
3 Miscegenation
4 Montgomery County, TX Marriage Records, 1838-1840
5 Moore, Edwin Ward
6 Moore, Lyttleton Wilde
7 Moore family
General note
Brief notes on the family of George Moore of Grayson County, Texas, 1860s, taken from census and deed records. George and Mary Moore, parents of Carrie A. (Moore) Nation.
8 Morgan, James, 1787/8-1866
General note
Settled in Texas in 1830, colonial businessman at New Washington (Morgan's Point).
9 Moyers, G. J., 1861-1865 (published diary of)
10 Muir, Annie Jane (James)
11 Muir autobiography note (AFM)
12 Muir home: 946 Cortlandt, Houston Heights
13 Muir, James Thomas, estate of
14 Muldoon, Michael
15 Municipalities, Texas, 1835-1840
General note
Notes on municipal corporations in Texas taken from the plan of the Provisional Government of the Republic of texas; records of the General Council; the selection of officials by the General Council; the sale of lots in Washington, Houston, Hamilton, Fayetteville, Buffalo; fate of Harrisburg; references in newspapers; proposed towns of San Louis (San Luis), Austinia, Beaumont, Bolivar, Houston (Houston County), Liverpool, Monticello, Washington; lists of texas towns in the 1840s and references for descriptions.
16 Murray, Amelia Matilda, 1795-1884
General note
British author, botanist, artist, abolitionist, wrote book on Southern botany, toured Texas and the South in the 1850s.
Box Folder
60 1-2 Nation, Carry Amelia, 1846-1911
General note
Prohibitionist of 1900-1911; notes on her life and activities, her friends and relatives; correspondence on research.
Box Folder
61 1 Newspaper abstracts
General note
Survey of news items in Texas newspapers, late 1820s-1870s.
2 Nicholson, Joseph John
3 Niles, 1821-1905
4 Ochiltree, Tom P.
5 Odlum, Benjamin, 1807-1861
6 Oil in Brown County, TX
General note
Notes on early oil well in Brown Co. (ca. 1871-1891) found by Martin Meinsinger of Brownwood, TX, taken from deed records, monographs, and district court records; notes on Meinsinger family of Brown County.
7 "Old Three Hundred", 1823-1836
General note
Notes on "Old Three Hundred" applications for land and grants given within Stephen F. Austin's colonies (1823-1836), particularly in Harris County; Stephen F. Austin's power of attorney; notes on Spanish testmentary law.
8 Order of St. Francis
9 Owen, John
General note
Episcopalian priest, missionary to Texas in 1857, San Augustine and Nacogdoches, died in Galveston.
10 Parmalee, Richard
11 Passmore, William (1850s, Chaplain, TX)
General note
Episcopalian priest, missionary at St. Paul's Church (Brownsville, TX) 1851-1854, chaplain at post of Fort Brown (1853-1859), rector of St. Paul's Church (1854-post 1856).
12 Patents in Texas and the Southern U.S., 1817-1861
General note
Taken from reports of the U.S. Commissioner of Patents, newspapers, published diaries, state records, correspondence, journals of the Texas Congress, acts of the Texas Congress, published letter collections.
13 Perry, James Franklin, executor, titles from
General note
Photocopy of deed assigned to J.F. Perry as executor of Stephen F. Austin's colonies in Bastrop County (1838); reproductions of case papers in Houston vs Perry, executor of Austin and Williams (1849) before the Texas Supreme Court.
14 Perry, James Franklin, executor, titles to (copies from Texas General Land Office)
General note
Photocopies of deed records pertaining to actions of James Franklin Perry as executor of Stephen F. Austin (1838-1840) in Bastrop and Brazoria Counties; photocopies of deed records pertaining to actions of J.F. Perry as executor of S.F. Austin in Brazoria County (1837-1844).
15 Perry, executor vs. Coles
General note
Transcriptions of case papers of James Franklin Perry as executor of Stephen F. Austin, deceased, vs. Mary E. Coles, administrator, William W. Hill, administrator of John P. Coles, deceased, and Thomas L. Scott and wife et al., hiers at law of John P. Coles (1845-1853) over lands claimed by Austin Estate.
16 Perry vs. Hill and Hill vs. Perry, 1838-1842
General note
Case in district court of Brazoria County (1838) concerning the will of Stephen F. Austin, his heirs, and his executors; decision of the Texas Supreme Court (1842) on the appeal; photocopies and transcriptions of district court and Supreme Court records.
17 Petroleum
General note
Notes on and references to petroleum in Texas newspapers, 1865-1866, 1872.
18 Phillips vs. Hill, William G. and wife, 1848
General note
Photocopy of Phillips et al., vs. William G. Hill and Wife (1848) -- see 3 Tex. 397 (1848); participant Eliza M. Hill was a former sister-in-law of Stephen F. Austin and was involved in litigation concerning the Austin estate.
Box Folder
62 1 Phillips, John W.
General note
Methodist minister at Houston, 1840s, at St. Andrew's Church in Bryan, St. Paul's Church in Navasota, at Columbus and Seguin, later ordained as Episcopalian priest, 1870.
2 Phillips, Zeno, d.1835
General note
Husband (1831-1835) of Eliza M. Hill (sister-in-law of Stephen F. Austin); notes on records of administration of his estate (1837-1848)
3 Pierce, Henry Niles
General note
Episcopalian priest, former Baptist, missionary to Texas, rector at Brenham (1848- ?), rector at Christ Church at Matagorda (ca. 1852-1854), later Bishop of Arkansas (1870 - ?); correspondence on research.
4 Pierpoint, Elizabeth Ellet (Lippincott), Markel Austin Parrott, 1806/7-1857
General note
Wife of ____ Markel, John Austin, Thomas F.L. Parrott, William Pierpoint. material covers her life and her part in litigation in district court (1834-1847) concerning lower half of eastern league of John Austin two leagues (site of city of Houston on Buffalo Bayou).
5 Polk, Leonidas
General note
Episcopalian priest, Bishop of the Southwestern Diocese of the United States (1838), Missionary Bishop of Arkansas; Bishop of Louisiana, Confederate General; notes on his tours to Texas churches (1839, 1842, 1844) and religious career; correspondence on research.
6 Portises vs. Hills, 1848, 1855, 1858, 1868
General note
Photocopy of Portis and Wife et a., vs. William G. Hill et al. (1858); participant Eliza M. Hill was a former sister-in-law of Stephen F. Austin; this case involved the S.F. Austin and J.E.B. Austin Estates; abstract of Portis and Wife and Others v. Hill and Wife and Others, 14 Tex. 69 (1855); abstract of David Y. Portis et ux v. William G. Hill et al., 30 Texas 529 (1868); note on David Y. Portis and Wife v. William G. Hill, Administrator of Eliza M. Hill, Deceased, 3 Tex. 273-274 (1848).
7 Post, Richard Bayley
8 Pratt, Hannibal (Rev., Texas)
General note
Episcopalian priest, nephew of Caleb B. Ives, missionary to Anderson, TX in 1854, rector at St. Paul's College (Anderson) in 1855, at St. John's in Columbus and St. James' in LaGrange and at Seguin, 1855-1857.
9 Purdy, Lucius Maro
General note
Episcopalian priest, accompanied Bishop Freeman in Texas, 1846.
Box Folder
62 10 Air Line Railroad Co., 1860s
11 Columbus, San Antonio & Mexican Gulf Railroad
12 Columbus, San Antonio & Rio Grande Railroad, 1850s-1860s
13-15 Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado Railroad, 1840s-1880s (folders 1-3)
Box Folder
63 1-3 Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado Railroad, 1840s-1880s (folders 3-6)
4 Galveston, Houston & Henderson Railroad, 1850s-1860s
5 Galveston & Houston Junction Railroad, 1860s
Box Folder
64 1 Houston Tap & Brazoria Railroad, 1850s-1870s
2-3 Houston and Texas Central Railroad, 1850s-1870s
4 Red River and Aransas Railroad
5 Texas & New Orleans Railroad, 1850s-1870s
6-7 Washington County Railroad, 1850s-1870s
Box Folder
65 - Various railroad related published materials such as charters and other documents, copied from the Texas General Land Office
Box Folder
66 1 Ranney, Roderick H.
General note
Episcopalian priest, missionary at Seguin 1855-1866, at New Braunfels 1867-1868, at Trinity Church in Galveston 1869-1872.
2 Reily, James, -1863
General note
Colonel in Confederate Army, involved in development of Houston and in Federal and Confederate diplomacy (wife was a niece of Henry Clay).
3 La Reunion
General note
French "communistic" colony (1854-1855) settled in Dallas County on Trinity River by Victor Prosper Considerant (La Societe de Colonisation Europeo-americaine au Texas or La Reunion); notes on the colony, correspondence on the colony, writings of V.P. Considerant; correspondence on research.
4 Rice, Elizabeth Baldwin (d. 1896) -- Orren Holt– will litigation (Rice vs. Holt)
5 Rice, William M. – Rice Institute Charter 1891
6 Rice, William M. – Rice Institute land documents
7 Rice, William M. – Rice Institute founding, first trustees
8 Rice, William M. – Albert T. Patrick, 1866-1940
9 Rice, William M. – Patrick's will of W.M. Rice (forged)
10 Rice, William M. – "A Man Morbidly Virtuous – Albert T. Patrick", an essay by AFM
11 Rice, William M. – "Murder on Madison Avenue", an essay by AFM
Box Folder
67 1 Rice, William M. – settling of estate with heirs
2 Rice, William M. – valet, Charles Freeman Jones
3-4 Rice, William M. – murder trial
5 Rice, William M. – wills, 1964 Rice Institute charter trial
6 Rice University vs. Waggoner Carr, Atty. General, State of Texas, 1963-64, re charter trial
7 Rice University vs. John B. Coffee, appeal of charter trial decisions, 1966
8 'William Marsh Rice – Houstonian" by AFM
Box Folder
68 1 'William Marsh Rice, His Life and Death, The History of a Fortune" by AFM
2-4 "William Marsh Rice and His Institute" by AFM
5 Rice family members research & notes
Box Folder
69 1 Correspondence regarding AFM's Rice research, 1950s
2 Correspondence and notes regarding AFM's Rice research, 1950s
3 Correspondence and notes regarding AFM's Rice research, 1950s, including transcripts of Rice's 1890s-1900 correspondence
4-6 Correspondence and notes regarding AFM's Rice research, legal, financial (incl. Merchant Oil and Cotton Co.), family
Box Folder
70 1 Richardson, Alfred Stephen
2 Richardson, Walter Raleigh (Deputy County Clerk, 1850s, Grimes County)
General note
Episcopalian priest, former deputy county clerk in Grimes County, priest in Harris County, 1866-1869.
3-4 Ricord, John, 1812-1861
General note
Lawyer of New York State, Texan immigrant 1835, private secretary to David G. Burnet, chief clerk of Department of State under Austin, a district attorney under the Republic of Texas, settler in Florida Territory, settler in Oregon, Attorney general of the Kingdom of Hawaii (1840s), attorney in California 1847, traveller in Central and South America, the Pacific, Asia, Africa, and Europe; notes on Ricord and Stryker families, era of the Republic of Texas. See also Microfilm, box 81.
5 Ricord, John, correspondence regarding Ricord
6 Ricord, John, typescript copies of correspondence of Ricord
7-8 Rising, Franklin Samuel
9 River navigation notes
Box Folder
71 1 Robinson, James W.
2 Rogers, Benjamin A.
General note
Episcopalian priest, to Texas 1850s, rector of St. Stephen's Mission Episcopal Church (Houston) and the Episcopal Church at Hempstead (late 19th century).
3 Rolls / military, Texas, 1850s-1860s
4 Rottenstein, George
General note
Episcopalian priest, missionary at Corsicana, Waco, and San Antonio (1855), former minister of Methodist Episcopal Church South (ca. 1849-1852), founder and first rector of St. Matthew's at Dallas, 1857. Died 1868.
5 Rucker, Lindsay Powell, 1815-1890
General note
Anglican priest who organized Anglican parishes in Texas.
6 Rum, Romanism and Rebellion
General note
Notes on Dowling and family, Civil War military techniques.
7 Ruthven, Archibald St. Clair, 1818-1865
General note
British cotton merchant, resident of Galveston in 1840s and 1850s, father of James Ruthven (also a visitor to Galveston).
8 Saladee, Cyrus W.
9 Salmon, Richard, 1797-1849
General note
Anglican priest, missionary to Texas, Houston educator, 1837-1840.
10-11 Sansom, Henry
General note
Episcopalian priest, at Christ Church (San Augustine) and Christ Church (Nacogdoches) 1848-1851, at Trinity Church (Marshall) and at Jefferson (1851), rector at Christ Church (Houston) in 1852, rector at Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1860s-1890s.
12 Santa Anna
13 Science
General note
Notes on references to scientific topics (mainly astronomy, geology, and meteorology) in newspapers of Texas, 1849-1865.
14 Scott, William Richard, 1824-1894
15 Seelye, Sara Emma E.E. (alias Franklin Thompson), 1841-1898
General note
Canadian-born woman who disguised herself as a man and joined the Union army during the Civil War.
16 Seely, Richard S., 1812/13-1871
17 Shaver, Daniel
General note
Episcopalian priest, at Bellville, TX, early 1860s; at Jefferson City, 1865.
Box Folder
72 1-2 Sheldon, H.L.
3 Shepherd, William Miller
4 Silk culture
General note
Brief notes on infant silk culture of 1830s in the Old South and Texas; notes from newspapers.
5 Silver, J. M. [Weir]
6 Slater, G., Rev., Galveston, TX
General note
Anglican priest from University of Oxford (?), proposed school at Galveston (1841), at Houston (1841); correspondence on research.
7 Slavery
General note
Notes on slavery in Texas (1839-1870) taken from newspapers, correspondence, papers of the Texas navy, city ordinances, coroner's records, criminal district court records, probate records, deed records, monographs, published letters, laws of the Territory of Orleans, marriage registers, baptismal registers, county commissioners court minutes, contemporary published sources, laws of texas Congress and legislature, Texas reports, church records, journals of the Texas legislature; bibliography.
8 Slaves
9 Smith, Ambrose, Rev.
General note
Anglican priest from Ireland (1849), to Austin and San Antonio (1859), at Christ Church (Covington, Louisiana) in 1850.
10 Smith, J.B.T.
General note
Episcopalian priest, missionary at Anderson, TX in 1855.
11 Snell, Martin K.
General note
Merchant and soldier, Texas, 1850s
12 Sparks, Milton Howard
13 Spring Creek County, Texas
General note
Typescript of AFM article "Spring Creek County, Texas" for the Handbook of Texas, notes on residents of and on the county itself, taken from deed records, newspapers, acts of Congress of Texas, congressional journals, election registers, state records, probate records, district court records; correspondence on research.
14-15 Staley, Thomas Nettleship, Bishop of Honolulu
16 Stanley, John H. Smythe, Harris County, 1850s
17 Steamship Mariposa, schedules and ephemera, 1940s
18 Steele, William, 1781-1857
General note
Episcopalian priest, former Methodist minister, became Episcopalian priest in 1817, from Virginia to Tennessee, to Texas in 1839 (Harrison County, TX), at Border Episcopal Mission (on Texas-Louisiana Line) in 1840s, in Harrison County and Louisiana 1840-1857; correspondence on research.
19 Stevenson, Vernon King (photograph, n.d.)
20 Stewart, Mary: land deeds to Shermans, Erath County, 1882 and 1898
21 Supreme Court, Texas, 1836-1845. Rules and cases.
22 Supreme Court, United States, 1847-1875
General note
Texas cases before the U.S. Supreme Court; Texas attorneys admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.
23 Swan, William Alexander, Diocese of Honolulu, 1880s
Box Folder
73 1 Telegraph in Texas, 1838-1867
2 Terry, Benjamin F., 1821-1861
General note
Notes on his life and family. Colonel of Terry's Texas rangers, planter of Brazoria County, and members of the Rangers: Andrew Jackson, Thomas Lubbock, William J. Kyle, Alexander Sessums, Thomas Washington Masterson, William Masterson (?), John A. Wharton.
3 Terry, David Smith
4 Texas Company
5 Texas Institute of Letters (membership information)
6-7 Texas in 1837 (research, correspondence and galleys for this volume edited by AFM)
8-9 Texas Republic
Box Folder
74 1 Texas Republic and later
2 Texas research notes, 1944
3 Texas research notes, 1944-46
4 Texas research notes, 1944-49
5 Texas research notes, 1958
6 Texas research notes, n.d. - 1950s?
Box Folder
75 1 Texas research notes, 1960
2 Texas research notes, 1967
3 Texas research notes, 1968
4 Texas research notes, Texas Telegraph and Texas Register
5 Texas revolution, news of in Hawaiian press
General note
Typescript copies of articles in the "Sandwich Island Gazette and Journal of Commerce" which refer to the movement for Texan independence, July 30-1836-April 22, 1837, and Feb. 23 1839.
6 Texas [State] Historical Association
7 Texas Trading Association
General note
Business papers of this Harrisburg firm (founded 1827) operated by the Clopper family.
8 Texas assorted photostatic maps, plans
Box Folder
76 1 Theron, Benjamin, 1805/6-1864
General note
French and Spanish Consul, Inspector and Weigher at Galveston in 1850s and 1860s, expelled from Confederacy by President Jefferson Davis on suspicion of intrigue (1862).
2 Thomas, Effie
3 Thompson, Algernon P.
4 Thompson, Henry, d.1840
General note
Judge at Houston, poet, member of Christ Church, Houston.
5 Thompson-Nash Company building, Houston
6 Thompson-Nash Company building, Houston, contracts
7 Thurwachter, Heinrich, 1795/6-1859
General note
German immigrant to Austin's Second Colony, soldier at San Jacinto, resident of Houston. (includes typescripts of AFM's essay "Heinrich Thurwachter, Soldier at San Jacinto")
8 Tomkins, Cecil Henry, Rev. 1930s
9 Tompkins, Augustus M. (includes typescripts of AFM's essay "Augustus M. Tompkins, Frontier Prosecutor")
10 Trader, Thomas Richard Bailey (Diocese of Louisiana)
General note
Episcopalian priest, rector of St. John's (Thibodaux, Louisiana) in early 1860s, rector of Christ Church, Houston, ca. 1869-1873.
11 Transportation (Texas, 19th century, including Galveston and Brazos Navigation Company correspondence)
12 Turner, Charles William (Diocese of California, 1870s)
13 Turton, Zouch Horace
14 Union Land Company in Anahuac, 1831-1833
General note
Immigration and mercantile company (1831-1833) which attempted to settle colonists on lands secured through Galveston Bay and Texas land Company; notes on the Union Land Company, James Prentiss, Henry Bowdoin Prentiss, Gen. E.A. Mexia, George Lewis Hammeken; list of colonial marriage bonds of Austin County (1824-1835); AFM article "The Union Company in Anahuac, 1831-1833, edited with an introduction by Andrew Forest Muir" (published).
15 Usborne, John (founder and rector of St. Clement's parish, Honolulu, died 1926)
16 Van Deerlin, Erasmus Jurian Hopman, b. 1846
Box Folder
77 1 Wagiver, Edwin A., Christ Church Cathedral, Houston, 1860s
2 Wainwright, Richard, Rev., Hawaii, 1880s
3 Wallace, George, Rev., Hawaii, 1880s
4 Ward, Jeremiah, 1845-1935
General note
Episcopalian priest, member of First Virginia Irregular Cavalry (Moseby's Guerillas) 1861, captured 1863, released 1865, to Texas with Bishop Gregg of Texas, served at St. Stephen's Church, Huntsville from 1873, Rector at Christ Church (Laredo, Rector Emeritus at Christ Church (Laredo), ca. 1910-1935.
5 Warren, Edward, Rev., Hawaii, 1860s
6 Washington County, TX, 1850s-1860s
7 Watts, S.C. - research by
General note
Notes concerning Eduardo Garay, subsecretary of Exterior Relations for Mexico (late 19th century), references on Mexico in the late 19th century, Elizabeth Bell Da Gama, Jorge Hammeken y Mexia, Masterson family, Enrique A. Mejia, James Frank Dobie, Sen. Rienzi Johnston, bibliographies on Britain, Carrie A. nation, August Santleben, Gouvernior family of New England, John Southerland, M.D. of Bexar County.
8 Wavell, Arthur Goodall, 1785-1860 (British military)
9 Webb, Walter Prescott
10 Webber, John Ferdinand, 1793-1882 (Army of the Republic of Texas)
General note
Member of Austin's Colony, miscegenist, farmer, Unionist who fled to Mexico, pensioner of the United States; notes on his life and activities; typescript of AFM article for the Handbook of Texas supplement; correspondence on research.
11 Weymouth, Albert Blodgett, 1839-1913
12 Whalley, Herbert Francis Edward, Diocese of Honolulu, 1880s
13 Wharton family - Austin family, Brazoria County, TX, 1774-1879
General note
Notes on these families and others of Brazoria County; notes on C.R. Wharton papers in Fondren Library.
14 Whipple, George Brayton, Diocese of Honolulu, 1860s
15 White, Evelyn Hayward, typescripts of manuscripts, 1806-1864
16 White, James Taylor, Texas property and land, 1850
17 White, Joseph M., 1781-1839
General note
Congressman from Territory of Florida, expert on British, Spanish, French, Mexican and Texan civil law on land titles, partisan of Texas Republic, delegate, Texas House of Representatives, 1825-1837.
18 Whiting, Henry, 1793/4-1853
General note
Physician and resident of Harris County, living in vicinity of battle of San Jacinto, accused of being a "tory" during the Texas Revolution.
19 Wigfall, Louis Trezevant
20 Wilbur, Sidney
21 Williams, Thomas Jay
22 Williamson, Charles George
23-24 Willis, Alfred A., Rev., Anglican Episcopal Bishop of Honolulu, 1870s
Box Folder
78 1 Willis, Alfred, Bishop of Honolulu (printed materials only)
2 Wills of various Texans (typescript copies)
General note
Transcripts of wills and related papers (1823-1863) of: James Bowie (1833), H.L. Arick (1852), John Birdsall (1839), William Boyd (1838), Patrick Braidy (1839), Andrew Briscoe (1848), Andrew M. Clopper (1852), Merrit M. Coats (1823), John DeBrot (1830), Charles L. Dell (1853), Daniel Dolan (1838), George Elder 91853), Edward E. Este (1842), Spencer Glasscock, James Grant (1835), Robert Griffith (1837), Thomas Hand (1837), Alexander Hodge (1836), George Ireland (1838), Gabirel Long (1837), Nathaniel Lynch (1837), Marshall Mann 91838), Jacob Maybee (1838), Laban Medifee (ante 1845), John W. Moore (1845), S.B. Raymond 91855), William H. Rogers (1836), James Routh (1837), Elizabeth Rundell (1852), Hal G. Runnels (1857), John Schnell (1859), William Smallwood (1844), James H. Stevenson (1856), Melinda G. Stockbridge (1858), John Taylor (1846), John Thornton (1863), George Williams (1842), John W. Moore (1845), Chauncey Goodrich, M.D. (1836), Felix Huston (1856); incomplete index of wills in Harris County (volumes A-Z, 1-11, for years 1836-1858)
3 Woo, Yee Boo, Rev., Honolulu, 1890s
4 Wright, Stephen Richardson, 1812-1857
General note
Episcopalian priest, Rector, Christ Church, Matagorda, 1855-1857
5 Wynns, Archibald, 1850s
6 Yates, Andrew Janeway, 1810s-1820s
7 Young, John Freeman, 1820-1885
General note
Episcopalian priest, Missionary to Brazoria County 1848, St. John's Church, Brazoria County, 1849; Bishop 1867.
8 Young, Matilda Jane (Fuller), 1826-1882
General note
Botanist, authoress, correspondent, expert on Texas flora, superintendant of Houston public schools, selections from her works.
9 Duplicate copies of articles and essays by AFM (originally represented in corresponding research files)

Series VI: Original treasury notes and manuscripts, 1763-1908

Scope and Contents note
This material was collected by Andrew Forest Muir and dates mainly from the Republic of Texas Era and the U.S. Civil War era, reflecting everyday life through local (county, city, state, Confederate) currency, correspondence, receipts, military orders, and more.
Subseries A: Treasury notes, 1832-1872
Box Folder
79 1 Album #1: 43 items of Texas Civil War currency from 25 cents to $5. Also includes one railroad ticket from Shreveport, LA to Vicksburg, Miss., 12 Feb 1872.
2 Album #2: 43 items of Texas Civil War era currency from 25 cents to $5.
3 Album #3: 29 items of Texas and Confederate currency, 1838 to 1862, 25 cents to $100, and T & R R T, $40.
3 Album #3: 33 items of Texas and Confederate currency, 1838 to 1862, 25 cents to $100. Also one certificate each for Galveston and Brazos Navigation Co. ($100) and T & R R T ($40).
4 Album #4: 55 items of Civil War currency, southern states, but not Confederate or Texas currency, 10 cents to $20.
5 Album #5: 31 items of Texas Treasury Warrants, Civil War period, $3 to $100. Includes C.S.A. $1500 bond, Houston, 22 June 1864.
6 Album #6: 55 items of Texas Treasury Warrants, Civil War period, $1 to $20. Includes C.S.A. exchange certificate $1200 "old issue", 17 November 1864.
7 Album #7: 58 items of Texas Treasury Warrants, Civil War period, $1 to $100. Includes C.S.A. exchange certificate $80 "old issue", 31 March 1865.
8 Album #8: 37 items, "shinplasters", Texas and Louisiana, Civil War period, 25 cents to $10.
9 Album #9: 30 items, "shinplasters", Texas, mainly Houston, Civil War period, 12.5 cents to $5. Also includes CSA blank exchange certificate; Amnesty oath, J.D. Andrews, Houston, TX, 13 July 1865; Republic of Texas naturalization certificate for J.D. Andrews, 1 May 1837.
Box Folder
80 1 Album #10: 10 items, State of Texas proclamations and executive orders, 1848 to 1861.
2 Treasury notes, various, Texas, City of Houston, Georgia, Confederate States
Subseries B: Manuscripts, 1763-1908
Box Folder
80 3 Military vouchers to feed Delaware Indians, 1795
4 Order: Lt. Col. Franks, will have the short / 6 pdr in readiness to fire on the Church / (without delay) in order to support an / attack on Etournes House this night / at 8 o'clock -- / 10 Dec'r 1835 / Quarters in Bexar -- / by order of Col. Johnson / Com'd in Chief / Robert Morris / Major / N.B. / The order for /firing will be duly / communicated --/
5 Certification of John Coleman sworn in as soldier, City of Austin, 1840
6 Mss circular of 1st New Jersey brigade, Nov. 5, 1861
7 Military telegraphs, 1862 (United States Army)
8 Receipt for Confederate quarter payment, 18[6]3
9 Headquarters, 5th Brigade, Indiana Infantry Volunteers, Hebron, Mississippi, Pass, 19 Jan. 1864
10 Military hospital requisition 1865 and cavalry pass 1864
11 Order: No. 639 / Galveston Texas June 30th 1865 / William James of B Company Cooks / Regiment / Hvy Arty C.S.A. residing in / Galveston Texas having been, with the approval of / the proper authorities paroled, is permitted to return to his home, not to be dis- / turbed by the United States authorities, so long as he observes his parole and / the laws in force where he may reside. / By order / Major general USA Gordon Garnger / HB / illegible / Capt & Pro Mar /
12 Military career notes on Marcellus M. Crocker, d. August 26, 1865
13 Military General orders No. 5, Headquarters 5th Military District, (State of Texas), 11 Jan. 1870
14 Military General orders No. 6, Headquarters 5th Military District, (State of Texas), 13 Jan. 1870
15 Oath of Office, blank, n.d.
16 Legal docket, C.B. Sabin, Justice of the Peace, Harris County, Texas, 1850-1857 (unbound)
Box Folder
80 17 Massachusetts export permit for Ichabod Nichols, 22 July 1780
18 Invoice [City of] New Orleans to pay Felix Arnaud, 1816
19 Constitution of Portland City Co., Matagorda, Republic of Texas
20 Schmidt & Ziegler grocer's receipt, New Orleans, 1872
21 Shipping receipt, Philadelphia & Southern Mail Steamship Co., 1872
22 Shipping receipt, Port of New York, 1872
23 Shipping receipt, Morgan Lines U.S. Mail Steamers – New Orleans and Texas, 1872
24 Lumber receipt, H.J. Huck & Co., Cuero, TX, 1895
25 Promise to pay $114 from W.J. Gorman, Goliad, TX, 1864
26 Lumber yard advertisement, Pearl River, NY, ca. 1860
27 Washington County Canal lottery ticket #3180, n.d.
Box Folder
80 28 Land in City of Austin, agreement between William Penney and J.L. Ward, May 23, 1840
29 Land survey inquiry to San Antonio de Bexar, 1851
30 Railroad: Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad Co., correspondence from Office #49 in New York City, 1857
31 Railroad: Southern Trans-Continental Railroad / Memphis, El Paso and Pacific Railroad Company bond, 1868
32 Railroad: Houston and Texas Central Railroad Company, correspondence from Superintendent's Office, Corsicana, TX, 1877
Box Folder
80 33 Correspondence and affidavits: John F. Seymour to Horatio S.D. ___, March 28, 1853; R. Haldam to Ruth ---, Sept. 25, 1898; R. King Cutler, US Senator-elect of Louisiana to Hon. H.B. Anthony, US Senator, March 6, 1865; C.R. Wade to Nellie ___, Jan. 18, 1862; T. Pearce to ___, written in Latin, Oct. 2, 1739; affidavit of Jacob Jacobs of London, May 4, 1790
34 Lydia Foster to "Dear Uncle", Jan. 21, 1853
35 From S.W. Preston, aboard U.S. steamship frigate "Wabash", Nov. 15, 1861
36 H.S. Bennett to "son Emmett Bennett, from Paris, TX, Dec. 28, 1871
37 M.C. Hamilton, from Senate Chamber, Washington DC., March 1, 1871
38 Elizabeth Hallmark to Thomas Ewing, Feb. 11, 1876
39 Robert Woodward Barnwell Elliott to "My dear lady", Philadelphia, Nov. 28, 1881
40 W.H. Hare to Robert Woodward Barnwell Elliott, Springfield Dakota, May 1, 1882
41 Aunt Emma to Mary, Sept. 4, 1980
42 To "My dear Emma", Nov. 9, 1890
43 From John B. Phillips, Matagorda, TX, 1892 and 1893
44 R. Mills to Rev. Richard Kaines, Corsicana, TX, Nov. 7, 1895
45 George H. Kinsolving to "My Dear Sir", Austin, TX, March 3, 1908
46 Ballad "The Overland Rangers" written for Thomas J. Ewing, 1865
47 Warrant for the arrest of William Douglas, Loudon County (Virginia?), June 11, 1763
48 Fanny Ewing calling cards, n.d.
49 Funeral notices: Ewing & Hermann families, Houston, 1860s-1870s
50 Death certificate of child of W.H. Schwartz, Houston, May 19, 1894
51 Signature of Alex Gregg, Bishop of Texas, Sewanne, TN, Sept. 26, 1887
52 Autographs and seals (Samuel _allows, Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church, Chicago 1879; Seal of Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St. Asaph, 1802; Seal of John Moore, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1783; autographs of Zane Grey, Helen Keller, Dan Moody, Will Rogers, Franklin D. Roosevelt)
53 Photographs and other images: Gen. Benj. McCullough, C.S.A., n.d.; Interior of St. Paul's Church, Oakland, CA, Easter 1874, with Chas. M. Turner, Rector, at altar; Stereoview of Grace Cathedral, San Fransisco, Easter Sunday, n.d.; Robert Burton Hall, n.d.; Alexander Charles Garrett, n.d.; DeWitt Clinton Harris, n.d.; Dr. Newman, Cape Town, n.d.
54 Judiciary (1868) & Executive Committee (n.d.) reports (published) Texas
55 Booklet: A Practical Inquiry into New Testament Doctrine…", by Eld. J.B. Link, published by Office of Texas Baptist Herald, Houston, 1878
56 Booklet: "The Human Nature of Jesus" by J.D. Shaw, published in Waco, TX, 1890
57 Booklet: "The Bible: What is it?", published Waco, TX, 1891
58 Engraving of Ricord's Seminary at Geneva, Ontario County, NY, n.d.
59 Broadsides and imprints: Broadside of The Children's American Church Missionary Society (New York), undated; title page and preface of Sermons on Important Subjects by the Late Reverend and Pious Samuel Davies, A.M., Sometime President of the College in New Jersey, Vol. 1, 1794, with birth records of the Bradley family (1806-1825); Title page to Short Studies on Great Subjects, by James Anthony Fronde.
drawer Folder
33 - Pencil and ink sketch of AFM as a young man, 12"x18", n.d.
- Reproduction of original oil painting by Tom Lea entitled "Ranger Escort West of the Pecos", 15"x18", n.d.
- Reproductions (3) of pen and ink study of J. Frank Dobie by Tom Lea, 15"x18", n.d.
- Photograph of Walter Prescott Webb by Dan Hardy, printed above quote from Houston Post, and inscribed to AFM: "To Andrew Forest Muir, historian extraoridnaire, Walter Prescott Webb", n.d.
- Chalk sketch of Alex James Borge by Kurt Hans Winkler in Honolulu, 1962
- Photograph of William Joseph Muir, elder brother of AFM, 16"X18", n.d.
- Photographs of Walter Prescott Webb by Dan Hardy (1 8"x10") and J. Frank Dobie on his 70th birthday (1 8"x10")
- "Revised map of Jefferson County, TX showing land surveys, railroads and water ways, up to date 1898"
- Color rendering of The Alamo, by C.A. Walker, June 6, 1888

Series VII : Microfilm, 1800s

National Archives:
Box Folder
81 - Union Land Company (1 reel)
30 Hoyt vs. Hammeken (1 reel)
- Hammeken vs. Mexico (1 reel)
- Elizabeth Stryker Ricord & Frederick William Ricord papers, original mss in possession of family, Newark, NJ as of 1969 (1 reel)
- Macomb Family letters 1807-1834, 1896; Thomas Worthington mss collection. Likely copy from Ohio Historical Society. (1 reel)
- Clopper family papers, original mss in possession of Dr. Edward Nicholas Clopper, Cincinatti, OH as of 1969. (1 reel)
- Spanish documents: Informe Que el Socio Gerente Da a Los Senores Accionistas de la Compania del Camino del Fierro de Tacubaya. Jorge Luis Hammeken, Mexico, 1860 (unreeled film)

Series VIII: Muir diaries and ledgers, 1911-1950

Box Folder
82 1 Record of Social Security Savings, 1937
2 Personal diary 1934
3 Personal diary 1937
4 Personal diary 1938
5 Ledger with Houston national Bank checking account information, 1936-1941
6 Cash book recording expenses, 1942-1943
7 Postcards from H.H. Kellogg to Muir, 1949-1950
8 War ration book, 1942-1944 (3)
9 Postcard from Harris County War & Price Rationing Board, 1944
10 Letter from Muir regarding application for auto parts, Aug. 25, 1943
11 War Price & Ration Board certificates for auto parts, Sept. 20, 1943 (2)
12 Sunday School Secretary's Record, Clemen's Memorial Church of Houston, 1911, ownership listed as Joseph Bailey Muir, Superintendant