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Guide to the Clarence Wharton Papers, 1804-1956 MS 019

creator Wharton, Clarence Ray, 1873-1941
Title: Clarence R. Wharton papers
Dates: 1804-1956
Abstract: The Clarence R. Wharton Papers includes Wharton’s papers, correspondence, research files and manuscripts related to Texas history. The correspondence pertains primarily to the preparation and/or publication of his works, such as "Gail Borden, pioneer," "Wharton's History of Fort Bend County," "Remember Goliad," "L'Archeveque," and others. Also included is manuscript material of other authors.
Identification: MS 019
Quantity: 10 Cubic Feet
Quantity: (20 boxes)
Location: Library Service Center (This off-site storage requires 24 hours' notice for access. Contact woodson@rice.edu)
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Historical Note

Clarence Ray Wharton, son of Frank B. and Ella Ray Wharton, was born in Tarrant County, Texas, on Oct. 5, 1873. He attended county schools, taught from 1888 to 1892, studied law and was admitted to the bar around 1893. He began a law practice in 1885 in Decatur with Charles V. Terrell, moved in 1897 to Richmond and then to Houston to join the law firm of Baker, Botts, Baker, and Lovett in 1901. On Aug. 5, 1902 he married Adele Spoonts, and together they had four children. He was made full partner of the law firm in 1906, and as a corporate attorney represented Houston Lighting and Power, Houston Gas and Fuel, and Houston Electric companies. Wharton was the first chairman of Houston Community Chest, and prominent in the American Red Cross during World War I. He was active in the Harris County Historical Society, reaching vice president in 1923. He was very well known for his many articles and published works on Texas history. He died in Houston on May 1, 1941 and was buried in Glenwood Cemetery.

Excerpted from The New Handbook of Texas, 1996.

Scope and Contents

The Clarence R. Wharton Papers includes Wharton’s papers, correspondence and manuscripts related to Texas history. The correspondence pertains primarily to the preparation and/or publication of his works, such as "Gail Borden, pioneer," "Wharton's History of Fort Bend County," "Remember Goliad," "L'Archeveque," and others. Also included is manuscript material of other authors.


Materials are organized into eight series:
Missing Title
Series I: Correspondence, 1849-1956 (boxes 1-4)
Series II: Legal, 1927-1940 (boxes 4-5)
Series III: Speeches, 1918-1940 (boxes 4-5)
Series IV: Thomas F. Harwood materials, 1923-1925 (box 6)
Series V: Visuals (box 6)
Series VI: News clippings/scrapbooks, 1930s (boxes 6-7)
Series VII: Texas History Research Files (box 8)
Series VIII: Printer matter/manuscript materials, 1804-1939 (boxes 8-20)


Restrictions on Access

This material is open for research.

Conditions Governing Access

Stored off-site at the Library Service Center. Please request this material via woodson@rice.edu or call 713-348-2586.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to publish from the Clarence R. Wharton papers must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Index Terms

Texas -- Goliad
Texas -- San Jacinto
financial records
Texas -- Fort Bend County
Texas -- Brazoria County
Borden, Gail, 1801-1874
Briscoe, Andrew
Dixon, Sam Houston
Fannin, James Walker, 1806?-1836
Harwood, Thomas F.
Hogg, James Stephen, 1851-1906
Rister, Carl Coke, 1889-1955
Santa Anna, Antonio López de, 1794?-1876
Swisher, John Milton, 1819-1891
Bastrop, Baron de, 1759-1827
Bailey, George M.

Related Materials

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Clarence R. Wharton Papers, MS 19, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Acquisition Information

The materials were received in 1970-71 from Carroll and Harris Masterson III as part of the Masterson Texana Collection.


No future additions are expected for this material.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Correspondence, 1849-1956 (boxes 1-4)

Box Folder
1 1 W.P. Huff to Jas. Knight, 1849
2 1920s
3-4 Concerning "Pictorial History of Texas," 1926-1927
5 American Historical Society, April 19, 1928-Dec. 30, 1939
6 Mary R. Bolton, 1928-30
7 Concerning San Jacinto book, 1929-31, 1938-39
8 B.O. Baker, 1930s
9 General, Sept. 1930-Jan. 1936
10 Concerning Texas history book, 1930-31, 1938-39
Box Folder
2 1 Houston Independent School District, 1931-32
2 Re: Gail Borden, May 1935-Jan. 1939
3 Re: Mirabeau B. Lamar, Oct. 1935-Dec. 1935
4 General, Feb. 1936-1942
5 Re: Jean L’Archeveque, Nov. 1936-Aug. 1939
6 Re: Wm. Scurlock, Feb. 1937-March 1937
7 Re: Charles S. Taylor, June 1937-Nov. 1937
8 Re: Ft. Bend County, Aug. 1937-Feb. 1939
9 Re: Ft. Bend County, March 1939-Jan. 1940
10 Re: Texas history, 1937-38
Box Folder
3 1 Re: Judge Baird, Sept. 1938-Jan. 1941
2 Re: Texas history, 1939-41
3 Lena Archebech, Aug. 1939
4 Re: History of Ft. Bend County, 1939-40
5 Re: Beauregard Bryan, March 1939-Feb. 1943
6 Jesse H. Jones, 1952
7 Isaac B. DeSha, 1953, 1956
Box Folder
3 8 Bobs-Merrill Co. Publishers, 1934
9 Kingsport Press, 1923, 1929-30, 1933
10 Southern Publishing Co., 1930-42
11 Southwest Press, 1931, 1934-35
12 Turner Co., 1935-39, 1941
Box Folder
4 1 Publishers, general, 1930-31, 1933-35, 1939
2 Miscellaneous, n.d.

Series II: Legal, 1927-1940 (boxes 4-5)

Box Folder
4 3 Southwest Press contract, 1935
4 Publishing agreement with Naylor Co., 1939
5 Royalty contract with Southern Publishing Co., 1933
6 Contract between C. Wharton & Banks Upshaw & Co., 1935
7 Moses Jones v. J.R. Williams
8 Heirs of John Bricker v. Keystone Mills Co., c. 1933
9 Gulf Oil Corp. v. Marathon Oil Co., c. 1936
10 Gulf Oil Corp. v. Marathon Oil Co., c. 1937
11 Gulf Oil Corp. v. Marathon Oil Co. (appendix), c. 1937
12 El Paso Electric Co. v. National Labor Relations Board, c. 1939
13 Jurisdiction of the Alcade Courts in Texas prior to the revolution [c. 1927]
14 List of papers and documents in custody of Dr. Hill, 1940
15-16 Pamphlets (legal and speeches), 1935
Box Folder
5 1-2 Pamphlets (legal and speeches)

Series III: Speeches, 1918-1940 (boxes 4-5)

Box Folder
5 3 Speeches, 1935
4 Address, Harris Co. Taxpayers League, 1931
5 “A Day of Destiny,” Texas Bankers Association, 1918
6 “Industrial Peace in Texas,” Texas State Manufacturers Association, 1939
7 “It May Take a Thousand Years,” Baylor University Commencement, 1938
8 “Labor Laws of Texas,” Executive Committee of Texas Manufacturers Association, 1940
9 C.V. Terrell portrait presentation, State Teachers College, Denton, 1936
10 “Utility Situations in Texas,” Galveston City Attorneys Association, 1929
11 Speeches, general, 1920s-30s

Series IV: Thomas F. Harwood materials, 1923-1925 (box 6)

Box Folder
6 1 Gammel’s Book Store, 1923-25
2 Scribners & Sons, 1924-25
3 Eugene Digges, 1924
4 E.L. Shettles, 1924
5 Receipts

Series V: Visual materials (box 6)

Box Folder
6 6 Goliad, Tex.
7 Andrew Briscoe house
8 Perry house, Peach Point
9 Elizabeth Powels' Place
10 Phelps house, “Orizimbo”
11 Mrs. Edwin Shepherd, others
12 William Summers tombstone
13 C.R. Wharton
14 Mrs. John A. Wharton & daughter
15 Palmetto
16 Old train station in Houston
17-18 Assorted images

Series VI: News clippings/scrapbooks, 1930s (boxes 6-7)

Box Folder
6 19 Various
20 “Let Us Have Industrial Peace”
21 “100 Years Ago Today” column, c. 1936
Box Folder
7 1-2 Photocopies of “100 Years Ago Today”
3 “Signers of Declaration of Independence of Texas”
4 “George M. Bailey”
5 Miscellaneous clippings, pictures, verse
6 “Information (and misinformation) gathered while writing a history of Ft. Bend County, 1935-39”

Series VII: Texas History Research Files (box 8)

Box Folder
8 1 Gutzom Borglum
2 Josephine Wharton Bradley
3 Mrs. J.E. Irvin
4 Invitations
5 Secretary of Commerce statement, 1943
6 Statement by Vice President Wallace, 1943
7 Sam Houston biographical information
8 List of Clarence Wharton’s works
9 “Remember Goliad” brochure
10 Prospectus: "History of Fort Bend County, 1822-1900"
11 Prospectus mailing list
12 Ingroa letters (photocopies)
13 Wharton family genealogy
14 Miscellaneous

Series VIII: Printer matter/manuscript materials, 1804-1939 (boxes 8-20)

Subseries A: Reviews
Box Folder
8 15 Coronado’s Children
16 From Quebec to New Orleans
17 Judge Winston’s Life of Jefferson Davis
18 The Texas Navy
Subseries B: Transcriptions
Box Folder
8 19 Letter re: Harrisburg and the railroad, 1839
20 “Counties in Texas in which San Jacinto Veterans are known to be buried”
21 List of Colonel Fannin’s men, 1836
22 Jas. W. Fannin letters, 1830-32
23 "Six Letters from Texas," 1836
24 “List of people who received Mexican land in Harris County”
25 “More Desperadoes Arrested,” 1876
26 “Letter from Hall’s Command, “ 1878
27 “Letter from State Trooper,” 1877
28 “Arrest of the Stage Robber,” 1877
29 “From One of McNelly’s Boys,” 1876
30 “State Trooper,” 1878
31 “Letter from Lt. Hall’s Command,” 1877
32 “McNelly’s Men and the Desperadoes,” 1876
33 “On Sail Boat,” 1878
34 “From a Soldier’s Reminiscences,” 1850
35 "Texas Telegraph and Register," Oct. 1835-April 1836
Box Folder
9 1 Letters and articles concerning Gail Borden; bound
2 Texas items from LA newspapers, 1804-37; bound
3 Lapham letters; bound
4 Lost Towns; 1830s newspaper notices; bound
5 "Wild Oats Sowing"; ts. carbon transcription of print; bound, 1937
Subseries C: Manuscripts
Box Folder
10 - "Sidelights of the Battle of San Jacinto," Vol. 1&2, (2 c.) R. B. Blake Ts., ts. carbon; bound
- Chapters for San Jacinto book, ts. carbons
- "History of Fort Bend County" Ts., ms. alterations; bound
- "Fort Bend County," Ts., ms., photographs, clippings, notes; bound, 1938-39
- Preface to "Fort Bend County," ts. carbon
- Index to "History of Fort Bend County," ts.
- Bibliography for "Fort Bend County," ts. carbon
Box Folder
11 - Translation of H. Ehrenberg’s "Fahrten und Schicksale Eines Deutschen in Texas," E.W. Bartholomae M.A. thesis, ts., ms. annotations; bound, 1925
- "Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Letters" Ts., photocopy, clippings; bound
- "Life of Governor Hogg," George Bailey Ts. carbons (2 volumes), inserted clippings; bound, 1927
- “The Need for a New Approach to the History of Texas,” R.G. Santos
Box Folder
12 - "One Hundred Years Ago Today, " Vol. 1 & 2 Ts.; bound, 1935-36
- "Colonel John M. Swisher Remembrances of Texas and Texas People," 1879; ts.; bound
Box Folder
13 - "Pictorial History of Texas Photos" with ms. notes; bound Illustrations with notes. 2 copies; bound Illustrations with notes, variations; bound 1937 Illustrations with notes, variations; bound, c. 1939
- "Men Who Fought with Houston at San Jacinto" (2 volumes), Sam Houston Dixon Ts. carbons with alterations, 2 volumes; bound
Box Folder
14 - "Berber Davenport File of Fannin Documents," Ts., ms., photocopies, clippings; bound, 1933 Ts. carbon; bound
- "Some Critical Reflections on the Christian Religion," W.H. Wilson Ts., with letter; bound, 1929
- "The Nueces-Rio Grande Border," Paul S. Taylor Ts., annotations, additions; bound
- "Jack Tolman," Ts., ms., printed articles, memoirs, photo, holograph letters; bound
Box Folder
15 - History of Texas “Notes prepared by R.D. Holt…;” bound Ms. ts., maps, illustrations; bound Ts. carbon; bound
- "L’Archeveque and other Sketches," Ts., ms., photographs; bound
Box Folder
16 - "Thirty Presidents," Ts, illustrations, alterations; bound, 1931
- "The Whartons of Old Brazoria," Ts., ms., photographs, letters, clippings; bound
- "The Whartons of Old Brazoria," Bob Boyce Ts., ms.; bound, 1923
- "Baron de Bastrop," with R.W. Moore’s M.A. thesis Ts., ms., photocopy, maps, photographs; bound, c. 1932
- "The Vindication of Don Carlos Barrett, Horne," Ts, ms. alterations; bound, 1930
- "A Report of Hurricanes, and Conditions Indicating a Hurricane in the Vicinity of Galveston, Texas, from 1867 to 1916," Rex D. Frazier Ts.; bound, 1921
Box Folder
17 - "Remember Goliad," ts.; bound
- "The Goliad Campaign," Ts., added printed pages, clipping; bound, 1933
- "El Presidente: Life of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna" Ts.; bound Ts. carbon; bound
- "Santanta, the Great Chief of the Kiowas, and His People" (3 vol.) Ts. carbons (2) with added illustrations; bound Printed, ms. and ts. notes, illustrations; bound
- "Charitable Trusts," Ts. carbon; bound
- "Alphabetical List of Soldiers in the Goliad Campaigns," Aterbury
Box Folder
18 1 “Sterling, the Thirteenth Governor of Texas,” ts.
2 “The Phantom State of West Texas,” ts. carbon
3 “Lysander Wells’ Letter,” ts. carbon
4 "Heroes of the Revolution," ts. carbon
5 “The Governors of Texas,” ts. carbon
6 “A Day in Old Brazoria,” ts. carbon
7 “What is the Farmer’s Future?,” ts.
8 Introduction to "Garden Club of America," ts. carbon
9 “Charges of Judge Evermont Ward,” ts.
10 "A Short History of Texas," ts. carbon, Josephine Wharton Bradley
11 "A Short History of Texas," Josephine Wharton Bradley Ts, ms., ts. alterations; bound
12 "Gail Borden" (first draft), ts. annotations
13 Chapter 11: “Gail Borden Goes to London,” ts. carbon, annotations
14 Bibliography for Gail Borden, ts. carbon
15 Gail Borden, Jr., Pioneer Ts. carbon with ms. alterations; bound, 1939
16 “America, Knight Errant of the Ages,” ts. carbon
17 “A Renegade Son,” ts. carbon
18 “Boundary Settlement,” ts. carbon
19 “East of the Rio Grande” (play), ts. carbon
20 “Houston—A Seat of Government of Texas,” ts. carbon
21 Unnamed manuscript, ts. carbon
22 Manuscript annotations for The Life of Philip, Late Duke of Wharton
Subseries D: Proofs
Box Folder
19 - "Pictorial History of Texas," Illustrations, ms. alterations; bound, 1930; Illustrations, ms. alterations; bound, 1930 (pages cut to trade size); Illustrations, ms. alterations; bound, 1935; Without illustrations, with ms. corrections and additions for Vol. 2; bound First edition proofs with few corrections (2 volumes); bound
Box Folder
20 - "History of Fort Bend County," Ms. alterations/additions, inserted clippings/illustrations; bound, 1939 Title, table of contents, illustrations, 1939 Newsprint off-print, Chapter XII Ts. And ms. additions and alterations, inserted clippings, Annotated; bound
- "The Heroes of San Jacinto," Dixon & Kemp Ms. and ts. additions and insertions; bound
- "San Jacinto: The Sixteenth Decisive Battle," Ms. alterations; bound First proof
- "Remember Goliad," Inserted clippings, illustrations, ms. alterations, photocopies, c. 1931; bound