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Guide to the Panhandle Eastern Corp. Historical Records, 1927-1997 part 2 of 2 MS 500, part 2 of 2

Part 2: Series II: Texas Eastern Corporation; 1947-1989 and Series III: Duke Energy Corporation; 1931-2000

creatorPanEnergy Corp..
Title: Panhandle Eastern Corp. Historical Records
Dates: 1927-1997
Abstract:The bulk of this material consists of business records of the PanEnergy Corp., relating in particular to the records of the Panhandle Eastern Corp. and Texas Eastern Corp. from the 1920s to the 1990s. Much of the material is related to two corporate histories: From Texas to the East: A Strategic History of Texas eastern Corporation and Gas Pipelines and the Emergence of America's Regulatory State: A History of Panhandle Eastern Corporation, 1928-1993.
Identification: MS 500, part 2 of 2
Quantity: 120.0 cubic ft.
General Physical Description note120 cubic feet (240 boxes)
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Historical Note

Panhandle Eastern and Texas Eastern were both known as pipeline companies and carriers of natural gas that helped to shape the nations appetite for energy. In 1989, Panhandle bought Texas Eastern for $3.2 billion, which at the time was the highest valued transaction for a natural gas pipeline in U.S. history. The combined companies became PanEnergy Corp. Later, Duke Power Co. absored PanEnergy ending the story of Panhandle as an independent organization.

The history of Panhandle Eastern began in turmoil and conflict. From its inception, Panhandle challenged a conglomerate of energy organizations that sought to nip the upstart energy company like a gardener nipping off an unwanted flower bud, but the upstart persisted and thrived as the growing U.S. economy demanded energy.

In November 1927, a group of entrepreneurs, most notably Frank Parrish, formed a partnership that eventually led to the creation of the Missouri-Kansas Pipe Line Corporation, commonly known as Mo-Kan. In 1929, Mo-Kan created a subsidiary called Interstate Pipe Line Company to construct a pipeline to the Midwest. In 1930, Parish and his partners began working with William G. Maguire, a successful entrepreneur, to promote and build that pipeline. Maguire convinced the partners to change the name of Interstate Pipe Line Company to Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company and to make Indianapolis the destination of their new pipeline. That pipeline would eventually run through and challenge the domains of Cities Service Company, Standard Oil of New Jersey, and the powerful Columbia Gas. Maguire, who later forced Parrish out, become the chairman and guiding force of PEPL until 1965. He transformed the company into an industry leader. The first major pipeline the company constructed was a 24-inch diameter pipeline stretching 860 miles from the Hugoton gas fields of southwest Kansas to the Illinois-Indiana border.

Texas Eastern arose out of World War II when German U-boats were devastating the U.S. merchant fleet and in particular the tanker fleet. The German submarines forced a dramatic decline in the number of barrels of oil the United States shipped to the industrial northeast and to Great Britain. The United States response the submarine threat was to build two oil pipelines to the northeast. The first line was the Big Inch, a 24-inch pipeline stretching from Longview, Texas to Norris City in southern Illinois. The second line was the Little Big Inch, a 20-inch pipeline running from the refineries in the area of Beaumont, Texas to Linden, New Jersey.

In 1947, the United States government needed to sell off the war assets, the largest of which were the Inch lines, and established a bidding process. In a controversial bid Texas Eastern, backed by the powerful Texas brothers of George and Herman Brown, placed the winning bid of $143,127,000. Soon, Texas Eastern converted the Inch lines to transport natural gas, which was rapidly growing sector of the energy industry. Eventually, Texas Eastern expanded into liquefied natural gas or LNG, North Sea oil and Houston real estate.

Panhandle Eastern changed its name to PanEnergy after absorbing Texas Eastern in 1989, but the company did not have a long life in that form. In 1996, Duke Power Company, an investor-owned utility with about 1.8 million customers, made a bid to purchase PanEnergy in a $7.7 billion deal that was consummated in April 1997. The combined companies then became known as Duke Energy Corp. with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Scope and Contents

The bulk of this material consists of business records of the PanEnergy Corp., relating in particular to the records of the Panhandle Eastern Corp. and Texas Eastern Corp. from the 1920s to the 1990s.

The material types in this collection include correspondence, memos, hand-written notes, internal and external publications, including news releases, brochures, pamphlets, quarterly and annual reports, news clippings, legal documents, and federal publications. Also included are visual and audio materials, including maps, charts, postcards, filmstrips, video and audio tape, and roughly 3,000 photographs and negatives.

Subjects covered include Panhandle Eastern Corporation, Texas Eastern Corporation, natural gas pipelines, and government regulation of the energy industry.

The collection includes records about building projects, such as the Big Inch and Little Big Inch pipelines, Arctic-Alaskan pipelines, and downtown Houston development. Other topics include international and joint ventures, such as occurred in Russia, Algeria, Mexico, and the North Sea. Coal slurry and coal slurry pipelines and the lobbying efforts to gain right of ways for those pipelines are covered extensively. The collection also includes internal records involving legal battles for the Detroit market area and regulatory struggles with federal agencies, such as the Federal Power Commission. The early history of natural gas in the United States is also well documented. The collection includes more than 3,000 photographs ranging from pipline construction to employee lifestyles.

See notes in Detailed Description of the Collection for more information.



Materials are organized into three series:
Part I: Series I, Panhandle Eastern Corporation; 1927 to 1993 (75 cubic feet, box 1-150)

Subseries A:

  • Panhandle Energy Company Records


    • Business and Finance
    • Marketing, Sales and Promotions
    • Research, Development, and Technical
    • Employees
    • Subsidiaries
    • PEPL Projects

Subseries B:

  • Panhandle Energy Story


    • Growth, Hurdles, Competion
    • Regulatory, Legal
    • History
    • News Clips
    • Video and Film
    • Reference Books
    • Panhandle Eastern Photos
Part II: Series II, Texas Eastern Corporation; 1947-1989 (45 cubic feet, box 151-240)

Subseries A:

  • Texas Eastern Company Records


    • Business and Finance
    • Executive Records
    • Research and Development
    • Marketing, Sales
    • Alaskan and Arctic Gas

Subseries B:

  • Texas Eastern Story


    • Growth and Regulation
    • Inch Lines
    • History Project
    • Photos
Part II: Series III, Duke Energy Corporation; 1931-2000 (12 folders in box 239)


Access Restrictions

This material is open for research.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to publish material from the Panhandle Eastern Corp. Historical Records must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Brown, George R., 1898-1983
Brown, Herman,1892-1962
Castaneda, Christopher James, 1959-
Maguire, William G.
Parish, Frank P.
Pratt, Joseph A.
Smith, Clarance M.
Subjects (Organizations)
Brown & Root, Inc..
Duke Energy.
Missouri-Kansas Pipe Line Company.
Mo-Kan Corporation.
Panhandle Eastern Corporation.
Texas Eastern Corporation.
Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation.
Trunkline Gas Company.
United States. Federal Power Commission.
War Assets Corporation.
War Emergency Pipelines, Inc. .
Coal slurry
Energy policy
Gas industry--United States
Liquefied natural gas industry
Natural gas pipelines
Offshore gas field equipment industry
Offshore gas industry
Offshore oil industry
Oil well drilling rigs
Petroleum industry and trade

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Castaneda, Christopher J., and Pratt, Joseph A. (1993). From Texas to the East: A Strategic History of Texas Eastern Corporation. College Station, Texas: Texas A&M University Press.

Castaneda, Christopher J., and Smith, Clarance M. (1996). Gas Pipelines and the Emergence of America's Regulatory State: A History of Panhandle Eastern Corporation, 1928-1993. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Panhandle Eastern Corp. Historical Records, 1927 - 1997, MS 500, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Acquisition Information

PanEnergy Corp. presented the bulk of the papers contained in this collection to the Woodson Research Center of Fondren Library on June 18, 1996. The papers come from the corporate records of Panhandle Eastern Corporation and Texas Eastern Corporation.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series II: Texas Eastern Corporation., 1945 to 1989

Scope and Contents note
Series II contains the records of the Texas Eastern Corporation. The company came into being in 1947 under the name of Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation, also known at TETCO or simply Texas Eastern, when a group of investors purchased the Big Inch and Little Big Inch pipelines. Those pipelines stretched from the rich oil and gas fields of Texas and surrounding states to the industrial heartland of the United States, then located in the upper Midwest near Detroit and east to the Jersey shores. To the industries in the east those pipelines were vital arteries fueling the post-World War II expansion. With the control of those pipelines, Texas Eastern experienced a meteoric growth.
Subseries A. Texas Eastern Corporation Records
Sub-subseries 1: Business and Finance
Scope and Contents note
This collection contains financial statements, annual reports, organizational charts, ledgers and other financial books, minutes, papers associated with the general running of Texas Eastern. This sub-subseries covers the years 1947 to 1988.
151-Annual Reports, Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation [bound]; 1947-1956
-Annual Reports, Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation [bound]; 1957-1966; copy 1 of 2
-Annual Reports, Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation [bound]; 1957-1966; copy 2 of 2
-Annual Reports, Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation [bound]; 1967-1976
152-Annual Reports, Texas Eastern [bound]; 1976-1981
-Annual Reports, Texas Eastern [bound]; 1982-1986
1Texas Eastern First Annual Reports; 1947
2Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1948
3Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1948
4Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1950
5Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1951
6Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1952
7Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1953
8Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1954
9Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1955
10Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1956
11Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1957
12Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1958
13Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1959
14Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1984
15Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1986
1531Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1987
2Texas Eastern Annual Reports; 1988
3Texas Eastern Annual Reports on microfiche; 1948-1988
4Panhandle Eastern annual report regarding acquisition of Texas Eastern; 1988
5Texas Eastern Five Year Financial and Statistical releases; 1950-1955
6Ten year financial and statistical summaries; 1947-1956
7Ten year financial and statistical summaries; 1949-1962
8Ten year financial and statistical summaries; 1954-1967
9Financial and Statistical summaries; 1963-1984
10Financial and Statistical Summary; 1986
11Financial and Statistical Summary; 1987
12Texas Eastern 1988 Financial and Statistical Summary
1541Dividend history from 1950 to1986
2Certificate of amendment of certificate of incorporation, Texas Eastern Transmission Corp.; 1956
3Certificate of incorporation of Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation as amended; 1955
4Incorporating documents of Texas Eastern Arabian Ltd.; 1974
5Incorporating documents of TETCO (Bermuda) One Ltd.; 1974
6Incorporating documents for Texas Eastern Shipping Ltd.; 1974
7TETCO gross investment, operating income and investment factor; 1947-1966
8TETCO management conference in Galveston, Texas; July 18-20, 1967
9Texas Eastern statistics regarding industry comparisons and related correspondence; ca. 1966-1969
10TETCO organizational chart; ca. 1956-1965
11Organization charts to divisional level; 1959-1963
12Organizational charts; 1987
13Texas Eastern staff directory including subsidiaries; n.d.
14TETCO operating department activity report; 1957
15Texas Eastern list of plaintiffs regarding overtime; n.d.
1551Finance news clips, January 1983-February 1984
2Vinson & Elkins list of files for Texas Eastern; 1988; copy 1 of 2
3Vinson & Elkins list of files for Texas Eastern; 1988; copy 2 of 2
4Pamphlet calling for special stockholder meeting to discuss merger with Panhandle Eastern; 1989
-Gas Sales Statistical Reports issued by Sales Billing and Statistics; 1947-1952
156-Gas Sales Statistical Reports issued by Sales Billing and Statistics; 1947-1952
-Gas Sales Statistical Reports issued by Sales Billing and Statistics; 1953-1955
-Gas Sales Statistical Reports issued by Sales Billing and Statistics; 1956-1958
1Security analysis and related notes, correspondence and presentations; 1962-1968, n.d.
1571Graph plotting average market price of four gas companies; ca. 1950s
2Data regarding annual stockholders' meeting and related correspondence; 1957-1958
3Correspondence with stockholders, 1956 census of shareowners; 1954-1959
4Correspondence with stockholders; 1954
5Securities and Exchange Commission annual reports Form 10-K and related correspondence; 1955-1957
6Security Analyst Seminar; November 1959
7Security Analyst Seminar; June 13-16, 1960
8Security Analyst Seminar; March 1961
1581Security Analysts Seminar; March 1962
2Speech: St. Louis Society of Financial Analysts [George T. Naff]; November 3, 1954
3Speech: San Francisco Security Analysts [George T. Naff]; November 9, 1954
4Speech: Los Angeles Society of Security Analysts [George T. Naff]; November 12, 1954
5Securities and Exchange Commission, Form 10-K annual report for Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation for fiscal year 1949
6Securities and Exchange Commission, form 8 filed by TETCO to amend 1948 annual report; amendments one and two; 1950
7Securities and Exchange Commission, form S-1 and amendment regarding TETCO public offering; ca. 1953
Sub-subseries 2: Executive Records
Scope and Contents note
Executive records contains business papers of some Texas Eastern executives, including correspondence, memos, and reports. Topics include areas of strategic planning, management discussions of corporate divisions, legal matters, financial concerns, personnel matters, and mundane topics such as pipeline coatings and use of company cars. The sub-subseries also contains information about the untimely death of R.H. Hargrove, the first president of TETCO. The years covered are from 1948 to 1968.
1588Photo of Texas Eastern Board; ca. 1949 [with negative]
9Jack Bixby, correspondence and photo; 1955-1962
10Phil A. Staskus correspondence; 1960
11[Orville S.] Carpenter: Tennessee Gas Transmission Company and related correspondence; ca. 1960s
1591[Orville S.] Carpenter: Marshall, J. Howard and related correspondence; 1957
2[Orville S.] Carpenter: Pipeline coatings; 1962-1964
3Pennyslvania Legislature-tax on underground storage; 1955
4Products division, correspondence with FPC [Federal Power Commission] regarding programs; 1958
5Philadelphia Gas Works; 1964
6Pipeline Transportation of Energy; 1959-1960
7Products Division: system maps; ca. 1957
8"Public Utilities Fortnightly" and related correspondence; 1962
9Pubco Petroleum Corporation, annual reports, maps, correspondence, news clips; 1957-1961
10Pure Oil Company and related clips and correspondence; 1963-1964
11Ren-War Petroleum Company and related correspondence and clips; 1950-1960
12Return on gross investment from TETCO's Plans and Economic Research Department; 1957
13Richardson, Sid and related correspondence; 1952-1959
14Rate Case Procedure; April 13, 1959
15Rate Case law briefs, Federal Power Commission audit; 1954-1959
16Motion for approval of rate settlement agreement and exhibits; ca. 1960
17Rate case memo with attached rate settlement agreement; December 12, 1960
18Rate case revenue data, sales comparisons, correspondence; 1959-1960
19Rate case memos, correspondence from TETCO's O.S. Carpenter and Federal Power Commission and rate settlement agreement; 1960-1961
1601Rate Case agreement and correspondence, news clips; 1958
2Rate Case: O.S. Carpenter's testimony including preparation materials, memos, and correspondence; 1954-1958
3Buckeye Pipe Line Company and related correspondence; 1960-1961
4Southern Gas Association and related correspondence and pamphlets concerning annual meeting; 1961-1964
5Security Analysts and related correspondence; 1959-1963
6Nelson Lee Smith, former vice president of American Airlines, and related correspondence; 1957-1961
7TETCO forecast of earnings for Louisiana Block 24; February 20, 1963
8South Louisian Gas: Block 24 and related newsclips, correspondence and memos; 1960-1963
9"Oil and Gas Transportation Facilities," a report of the National Petroleum Council; 1962
1611O.S. Carpenter correspondence regarding company cars, longterm financing, Iranian pipeline, merger of Wilcox and Penn-Jersey with TETCO, and other topics; 1954-1959
2Files of Mr. O.S. Carpenter that were given to Mr. B.D. Goodrich; 1956
3George T. Naff and related correspondence; 1950-1957
4Legal counsel- retainer fees; 1956-1958
5Legal counsel - list of general attorneys for Texas Eastern; 1960-1958
6Federal Power Commission bills, briefs, papers and related newsclips, memos and correspondence; 1968-1963
7Federal Power Commission Advisory Council (3rd meeting), October 31, 1962 meeting, agenda item #1 and related correspondence
8Federal Power Commission Advisory Council: October 31, 1962 meeting, agenda items 2-5; 1962
9Federal Power Commission Gas Advisory Council, 4th meeting; April 19, 1963
10Federal Power Commission gas Advisory Council, 5th meeting; November 8, 1963
11Federal Power Commission Advisory Council, 6th meeting; November 20, 1964
12Federal Power Commission Pipeline Production Meeting; January 10, 1964
13Federal Power Commission: refunds from United Gas; 1963
14Federal Power Commission: South Louisian area price hearing; 1963
15Joe Hargrove: the LeRiche Concession Southwest Africa and related correspondence; 1960
16R.J. Fritzpatrick, director of public relations for TETCO, and related correspondence and memos; 1957-1963
17First National City Bank of New York administrative directory and related correspondence; 1962-1964
1621J.T. Galey, consultant, unauthorized expenses and related correspondence; 1956
2Gas Division correspondence regarding right of way, development and other issues; 1961-1964
3Gas Supply: Future gas supply committee, correspondence and pamphlet; 1964
4C.T. Geren, purchasing agent for TETCO, showing total purchases from suppliers; 1961
5L.A. Glover, representative of a syndicate selling gas reserves; 1959
6Goodbody & Co., members of N.Y. Stock Exchange, regarding First Western Financial and Hornblower & Weeks recommendation to buy TETCO stocks; 1963
7Hardin, Hess & Suarez regarding retainer fee and Pemex negotiations; 1957-1958
8Hargrove, Guyton and Van Hook regarding mineral rights in Louisiana; January 16, 1963
9J.W. Hargrove, financial vice president and secretary of TETCO, and related corrrespondence; 1958-1962
10Mills Cox and related correspondence; 1955-1958
11Humble Oil & Refining Company: Columbia sale and realted correspondence; 1961
12Humble Oil & Refining Co., Gas reserves and related memos and correspondence; 1959
13Humble Oil & Refining Co.: new organizations and related correspondence, memo; 1961-1962
14Insurance: Company's Group Plan and related correspondence and memos
15John S. Ivy, consulting geologist and petroleum engineer, elected to TETCO board and related press release and correspondence; 1957
16Jesuit Preparatory of Houston regarding building program and related correspondence; 1960-1962
17U.S. Congress Joint Committee on Atomic Energy and related correspondence; 1959
18E.A. Koenig: Conflict over moving Cuero [Texas] office to Victoria, Koenig's resignation and related correspondence; 1959
19La Gloria Oil and Gas Company and related correspondence; 1956-1958
20La Gloria Oil and Gas Company: report on reserves by DeGolyer and MacNaughton and related correspondence; 1957-1961
21La Gloria Oil and Gas Co.: Great Southern Chemical Corporation proposed sale of capital stock; 1962
22La Gloria Oil and Gas Co.: Five year projection of operating profits report by Purvin & Gertz, Inc. regarding McMurrey Refinery in Tyler, Texas; 1957
23La Gloria Oil and Gas Company: Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. and related correspondence and memos; 1957
24La Gloria Oil and Gas Company and related correspondence, memos, newsclips and pamphlets; 1957-1960
25La Gloria Oil and Gas Company: Purvin & Gertz, Inc. regarding McMurrey Refinery and related correspondence, TETCO prospectus and letter about offering of debentures and preferred stock; 1957-1977
26La Gloria Oil and Gas Company: U.S. Department of Justice regarding TETCO's acquisition of La Gloria's capital stock; 1957
27Leidy Storage Project: Oakford Storage fields, New York State Natural Gas Corporation and related correspondence including TETCO summary report on sysstem expansion; 1959-1964
1631Little Big Inch Division: depreciation of hte Little Big Inch; 1959
2Little Big Inch Division: selling an interest in Little Big Inch pipeline system and related correspondence; 1962
3Little Big Inch Division: LPG Projects; 1958-1964
4Little Big Inch Division: Mari Gas Field in West Pakistan and proposed pipeline ot India; 1960-1961
5Little Big Inch Division: NATO project and Central European Pipeline System; 1962
6Little Big Inch Division: Grand Design for the Future; 1962
7Little Big Inch Division: Northeast Extension of propane service; 1963
8Little Big Inch Division: Trans-Ohio Extension of Little Big Inch; 1959-1964
9Little Big Inch Division: Transco right-of-way regarding propane pipeline to serve Southern Louisiana; 1960-1961
10Hargrove Oil and Gas Company; 1951-1953
11R.H. Hargrove, president of TETCO, speeches and realted correspondence; 1948-1953
1641R.H. Hargrove and related personal and business-related correspondence regarding R.J. Bartlett; 1951
2Press clippings-plane crash and death of Hargrove; 1954
3Charles I. Thompson, attorney and director of TETCO; 1950-1958
4News clips from oil and gas related publications; 1951-1953
Sub-subseries 3: Research and Development
Scope and Contents note
The research and development sub-subseries contains primarily clippings from technical journals but also correspondence on topics ranging from new welding techniques to using pipelines as an alternative method of public transportation. The years covered are 1950 to 1972.
1645Pat H. Miller's Construction Case Histories; 1950-1963; folder 1 of 4
6Pat H. Miller's Construction Case Histories; 1950-1963; folder 2 of 4
7Pat H. Miller's Construction Case Histories; 1950-1963; folder 3 of 4
8Pat H. Miller's Construction Case Histories; 1950-1963; folder 4 of 4
1651Pipeline Technology: materials; 1952-1970
2Pipeline Technology: general, including pipeline primer, automatic pipe welding, and other pipeline stories; 1961-1970
3Pipeline Technology: automation, including news clips; 1962-1966
4Pipelines: industry statistics including news clips and correspondence; 1959-1971
5Pipelining: unusual stories, including human transport, food, and related correspondence; 1959-1975
6Pipelining: pipelines for people; 1963-1965
7News article on depreciation rules; January 13, 1971
8Pipeline Rules of Thumb Notebook ; ca. 1956-1958
9Oil and gas pipeline stories primarily from industry publications; 1957-1972
Sub-subseries 4: Marketing, Sales
Scope and Contents note
The Marketing, Sales sub-subseries contains news releases, photos, press clippings, documentation of press tours, Texas Eastern publications for internal and external audiences, stockholder surveys and other types of reports. The years covered are 1943 to 1989.
1661Texas Eastern News Releases, January 24, 1984 to December 27, 1984
2Texas Eastern News Releases, January 3, 1985 to December 18, 1985
3Texas Eastern News Releases, January 9, 1986 to December 12, 1986
4Texas Eastern News Releases, January 20, 1987 to December 22, 1987
5Texas Eastern News Releases, January 19, 1988 to December 23, 1988
6Texas Eastern News Releases, January 3, 1989 to June 16, 1989
7Press clippings from Kosciusko Station tour; October 4-5, 1964
8Press Tour TETCO 36-inch gas pipeline construction in Louisiana, including photos, brochures, annual report, details on construction; June 14-16, 1964
9Video script "This is TE," revised 1988 with related executive bios, index to slides, and script; 1985-1988
10"Competition and Growth in American Energy Markets, 1947-1985," a TETCO publication copyrighted in 1968
11"Texas Eastern Corporation 'A Pioneering Spirit'": a speech about the history of TETCO presented by I. David Bufkin; 1982
12TETCO brochure: "Twenty five years in the North Sea;" ca. 1988
13TETCO publication: "SABIC-Celanese-Texas Eastern, 27 Rabi Awal 1401; February 3, 1981
1671"The Story of Texas Eastern;" ca. 1954
2Texas Eastern "Today" magazine; Spring 1988-Spring 1989, n.d.
3Publications titled: "The Story of Texas Eastern: Pipeliners of Energy;" December 1963
4"The Story of Texas Eastern: Pipeliners of Energy," large format; n.d.
5Publication titled "Texas Eastern in Perspective;" ca. 1980
6Camera ready photos, graphics, layouts for financial reports to stockholders; ca. 1976
7Industry awards for writing, editing, and public service; 1952-1970
8History: 20 years for "Inch"; 1947-1967
9Pipeline construction: The "Inch" (steel); 1966-1970, n.d.
10Inch survey of stockholders; 1972
11Stockholders survey, "Inch"; 1972; folder 1 of 2
12Stockholders survey, "Inch"; 1972; folder 2 of 2
168-OV-Master Development Programs and Interim report for Houston Center: three oversize spiral bound publications related to Houston Center master plan [see related material in Box 194; 1969-1971]
-Three oversize photos of Texas Eastern Board members; ca. 1953
-Certificates and awards for marketing, public relations, media relations and similar areas of work; ca. 1950s-1960s.
1691Exploration clips: exploration and production; January 1983 to January 1984
2Exploration clips: Sudan, Mexico, Indonesia, netherlands, China; 1983-1984
3Exploration clips: Australia, California, Alaska; 1983-1984
4Exploration clips: Denmark, Gulf of Mexico, Norway, China; 1983-1984
5Texas Eastern related clips; 1947-1958
6Texas Eastern related clips; 1959-1961
1701Texas Eastern clips; 1962-1964
2Texas Eastern clips; 1965-1969
3Major article on TE or by TE employees; 1970-1979
4General clips about natural gas; 1960s
5General clips; July 1963-September 1965
1711General clips; December 1965 to December 1966
2TETCO Synfuels-general; November 14, 1980-December 31, 1980
3TETCO newspaper clippings; December 1, 1984-December 31, 1984
4TETCO newspaper clippings; October 12, 1984-October 24, 1984
5TETCO newspaper clippings; October 25, 1984-November 15, 1984
1721TETCO newspaper clippings; November 16, 1984-November 30, 1984
2TETCO newspaper clippings; December 14, 1984-December 31, 1984
3Trolley News, Shreveport Railways Company; December 31, 1953
4Clippings: Tax laws, U.S. News and World Report; August 5, 1954
5Synfuels; January 1983-February 1984
6Texas Eastern historical news clippings, ca. 1950s
7Texas Easter subsidiary Halcon; November 1982-January 16, 1984
8News clippings: personnel; January 1983- February 15, 1984
9Miscellaneous clips: Pemex/Mexico, SNG, LNG/LPG, Tepac, safety contributions, comm. services, gas-general; December 1983-February 10, 1984
10Articles and reports about natural gas pipelines and Texas Eastern; 1943-1949
1731Articles about Texas Eastern; 1948-1953
2Oil opposition to natural gas- news release; 1950
3Texas Parade - history of oil, related correspondence; 1950-1951
4Articles and reports about Texas Eastern; 1950-1958
5Articles about Texas Eastern and oil transmission; 1951
6Articles about Texas Eastern; 1952
7Public Utility Survey and articles about Texas Eastern; 1955
8Articles about Texas Eastern; 1956
9Time magazine and articles about Texas Eastern; 1957
10Articles about Texas Eastern and related correspondence; 1958
11Articles about Texas Eastern and related correspondence; 1959
12Articles, reports, and correspondence regarding Texas Eastern and oil and gas industry; 1959-1966
13Oil and gas articles and related correspondence; 1960
1741Texas Eastern: "Oil and Gas Journal" articles, energy fund interim report; 1961
2Articles about Texas Eastern and related correspondence; 1962
3Texas oil and gas related articles and correspondence; 1962-1965
4Texas Eastern articles; 1963
5Adverse comments - pipeline safety; 1964-1966
6Texas Eastern reports and articles and related correspondence; 1965
7North Sea news clips; January 1983-August 1983
8North Sea news clips; September 1983-February 1984
9News clips on coal slurry and methanol; February 1981-January 1984
10News clips regarding Skyline Oil, Pyrofax, lag in gas supply, TETCO product pipeline, ETSI (Energy Transportation Systems Inc.); 1982-1983
1751Gas: Transwestern Gas Pipeline; January 1983 - October 1983
2News clips; January 1, 1983 - January 27, 1984
3News clips: decontrol of gas; January 1, 1983 - January 25, 1984
4News clips: TETCO Four Inc., mergers; August 1980 - October 1981
5News clips: Synfuels, Kentucky/News Mexico; August 1980 - January 1981; folder 1 of 2
1761News clips: Synfuels, Kentucky/News Mexico; August 1980 - January 1981; folder 2 of 2
2Synfuels general; January 1, 1981 - May 30, 1981
3News clips: Interstate natural gas pipeline network, A.G.A. Monthly; June 1, 1988
Sub-subseries 5: Alaskan and Arctic Gas
Scope and Contents note
This sub-subseries covers the years 1969 to 1980, when Texas Eastern joined numerous other energy companies in harvesting the rich oil and gas fields in Alaska above the Arctic Circle. Subjects in Alaskan and Arctic Gas include news clippings, photos, technical papers, correspondence, business planning, environmental engineering, pipeline construction in Arctic conditions, and test facilities
1764Arctic pipeline in Alaska and Canada and related newsclips, correspondence, notes, memos and reports: 1971-1972
5Harvard Business School study and magazine story on Alaskan Natural Gas Pipeline and brochure on Arctic Gas consortium authorized to build and operate pipeline; 1972-1981
6Assorted gas company publications covering pipeline impacts, environmental studies, pipeline tests in Arctic conditions and TETCO memos regarding Arctic gas supply, business planning and accountability; 1973-1979, n.d.
7Alaskan Natural Gas Transporation System (ANGTS) and related news clips and correspondence; 1970-1980
8TETCO environmental engineering in field of environmental control, application for awards and related memos and correspondence; 1970-1971, n.d.
1771Arctic pipeline studies, perma frost studies, pipeline design and construction in Arctic; news clips; 1970-1975
2Arctic trip photos from TETCO Engineering Department general office; n.d.
3Publications on the Arctic environment and pipeline effects on wildlife, Arctic test facilities, Alaskan lore, and production and use of pipelines in cold weather; 1969-1971, n.d.
4Maps of Alaska and Arctic region
5Articles, clippings, papers, lectures, maps regarding pipe technology and related correspondence; 1969-1972, n.d.; folder 1 of 2
6Articles, clippings, papers, lectures, maps regarding pipe technology and related correspondence; 1969-1972, n.d.; folder 2 of 2
7Arctic Gas news release, speech by W.P. Wilder on Canadian Energy Challenges, Prudhoe Bay related materials, pipeline metallurgy developments, Alberta Gas Trunkline map; 1970-1975
8Arctic Pipeline Testing study, news release, correspondence; 1971
1781Arctic Gas speeches, design studies; new releases, clips and related correspondence; 1970-1973, n.d.
2Material for TETCO's Inch magazine story on Alaskan oil exploration; June 1969
3Material not used for Inch magazine story on Alaskan oil exploration; 1969-1970, n.d.
Subseries A. Texas Eastern Story
Sub-subseries 6: Growth and Regulation
Scope and Contents note
Growth and Regulation is concerned with Texas Eastern's rapid growth and the regulatory fight that ensued. Some of the topics covered include the battle to gain right-of-ways for coal slurry pipelines, and foreign ventures in areas such as the North Sea, the Soviet Union and Algeria. This sub-subseries also contains records regarding the move of corporate headquarters from Shreveport Louisiana to Houston, Texas, development of the Houston Center and the George R. Brown convention center in downtown Houston. Other topics include court cases and bills before the U.S. legislature. The years covered are 1953 to 1983.
1784Assests buy and sell: Tyler Refinery and related correspondence and memos; 1961-1965
5Assets buy and sell: Project Charity involving Big Inch and Little Big Inch pipelines; 1962-1963
6Bastian Bay gas fields including proposed purchase and related correspondence; 1958-1959, n.d.
7Bastian Bay gas fields and related correspondence and memos; 1959-1960
1791Coal slurry: comparison of Senator Johnston's bill with H.R. 4230, the Udall bill; 1981
2Coal slurry: Policy position of Edison Electric Institute and realted correspondence; 1981-1982
3Coal slurry: Eminent domain; 1981-1983
4Coal slurry: Hazardous Waste Control and Enforcement Act of 1983, H.R. 2867; 1983
5Coal slurry: Coal Distribution and Utilization Act of 1981 and S.1844
6Coal slurry: Coal Distribution and Utilization Act of 1981, S. 1844 and related memos and correspondence; 1981-1982
7Coal slurry: Coal Distribution and Utilization Act of 1982, S. 1844
8Coal slurry: Coal Distribution and Utilization Act of 1983, H.R. 1010; 1983
9Coal slurry: Action plan regarding coal pipeline legislatin; 1982-1983
10Coal slurry: Major provisions of coal pipeline legislation
11Coal slurry: Committee and sub committee information and related notes, correspondence, memos; 1982
12Coal slurry: Common carrier obligations and related notes, memos, and copies; 1981
1801Coal slurry bills and related memos, correspondence and legislation; 1981
2Coal slurry articles and related memos, news releases; 1981-1982
3Coal slurry: Board action in support of the coal pipeline act, H.R. 1010; 1983
4Coal slurry: Cabinet Council recommendations regarding legislation; 1981
5Coal slurry: H.R. 4230 and the coal pipeline act of 1981 and related memos, correspondence, speeches, legislative analysis;
6Coal slurry: amendments coal slurry legislation - S. 1844 and related memos, correspondence and drafts; 1982, n.d.
7Coal slurry: Legislative efforts regarding admendment to H.R. 4230 and related memos, correspondence and drafts; 1981-1982, n.d.
8Coal slurry: Alliance for Coal and Competitive Transportation (ACCT) and related correspondence, news releases, news clipping, promotional packets, and memos; 1982-1983; folder 1 of 2
1811Coal slurry: Alliance for Coal and Competitive Transportation (ACCT) and related correspondence, news releases, news clipping, promotional packets, and memos; 1982-1983; folder 2 of 2
2Coal slurry: grass roots effort and related correspondence, memos and news releases; 1981-1983, n.d.
3Anti-pipeline bill statements and materials
4Coal study and related correspondence; 1981
5Automation: coal pipelines supported as labor savers, news clips and notes; ca. 1962
6AFL-CIO resolution opposing coal pipelines; ca. 1961
7Atlantic City Electric Company opposes eminent domain for coal pipelines; 1962
8Anthracite coal: how affected by pipeline for coal; 1962-1963
9American Mining Congress and coal pipelines and related speech, news clip and research; 1958-1962
10Babcock and Wilcox: Results of Cyclone furnance and slurry burning demo: 1961
11W.W. Barron, governor of West Virginia, back eminent domain for coal pipelines; 1962
12Thomas H. Barton, management consultant for Barrinton and Co. Inc., speaking in defense of coal slurry pipelines; 1962
13Bill to grant coal pipelines right of way, including exact text of bill and transcripts of a letter from President J.F. Kennedy to leaders in U.S. Senate and U.S. House; 1962
14Bill to grant coal pipelines right of way; 1963 version
15Bureau of mines stand on coal pipelines, and news clips; 1962-1966
16Coal pipeline bill introduction to grant eminent domain to common carriers, Congressional Record; 1962, n.d.
1821A.B. Chandler, former Kentucky Governor, testifies before U.S. Sente in opposition to coal slurry pipelines; 1962, n.d.
2Consolidation Coal Company and related notes, speech, memo to U.S. Senate Jucidiary committee, and study regarding coal pipeline and electrical power generation; 1961-1963
3Consolidated Coal Company history; 1963, n.d.
4Defense value, national coal pipelines; 1960-1962, n.d.
5Delaware bill, status; 1963
6Delaware Power and Light, state of coal pipeline, 1962
7Detroit Utility, how railroads cut rates; 1961, n.d.
8Electricity rates, effects of coal pipelines; 1962-1963
9F. Stillman Elfred, Peabody Coal Co. Board Chairman, statement to Senate Commerce Committee; 1962
10Eminent domain, general practice of this power; 1962
11Eminent domain case in 1840: Tuckahoe Canal Co. vs. Tuckahoe and James River Railroad Co.; n.d.
12Energy costs: national average, high cost areas, effect of coal pipeline; 1962, n.d.
13Congressional comment on coal pipelines; ca. 1962
14Coal pipeline hearing handbook (Guideline to master file); ca. 1962
15Coal pipeline causes rail rate cuts, possible brochure and related news clips and speech by James W. Hargrove, financial vice president of TETCO; 1962-1963, n.d.
16Comptroller General of the United States: statement on coal pipeline bill; 1962
17Coal pipeline as common carrier, speech by L. James Huegel on legal and legislative aspects of coal pipelining; 1962
18Commerce Department: statement before Commerce Committee of U.S. Senate; 1962, n.d.
19Comments on coal piepelines in various venues by public and government figures, labor figures, coal operators, individuals and tradesmen in mining areas; 1962-1963
20"Coal Travels in Its Own Juices," testimony of J.M. Kelly, assistant secretary of hte interior before U.S. Senate Commerce Committee; 1962
21Coal pipelines, other companies can build them; 1962, n.d.
22Coal: location and future need; 1961-1964, n.d.
23Coal gasoline news clips; 1963
24Cleveland coal pipeline and related brochure, clips, and press releases; 1954-1963, n.d.
25News stories of closing of the Cleveland coal pipeline; 1963
26Chambers of Commerce statements on coal pipelines; 1962, n.d.
27Cement industry and the benefits of coal pipelnes; 1961-1963
28California coal pipeline project and related clips, news release, speech and coal pipeline proposal; 1962-1963, n.d.
29Federal Power Commission: statement from J.C. Swidler, chairman of Federal Power Commission to U.S. Senate commerce committee favoring coal pipeline; 1962
30Financing of coal pipelines, news clip "no government funding needed;" ca. 1962
31Florida and coal pipelines, Georgia Power Company, magazine draft; 1957-1963
1831Foreign pipelines: France, Poland, Germany, Canada, Russia, and news clips; 1963, n.d.
2General information about coal pipelines and related news clips, news releases, speeches, brochures; 1959-1963, n.d.
3Government controls on coal pipelines and related news article and testimony before U.S. Senate Commerce Committee; 1962
4James L. Huegel, counsel for Consolidated Coal, and related speech and clips; 1962
5James Hyslop, vice president of Consolidated Coal and related remarks; 1962
6Hydrogenation, news clip; September 11, 1963
7Integral trains hauling a single commodity and related news clips and speeches; 1963, n.d.
8Department of Interior study of coal slurry pipelines and related news clips and U.S. Senate testimony; 1962
9Melville Ireland, vice president of Consolidated Coal Co., and related news clips and statements; 1962, n.d.
10Jersey Central Power and Light Co. and related material on coal-slurry firing; 1961-1962, n.d.
11Jobs: new jobs for coal miners from coal pipelines; ca. 1962
12Justice Department statement on bill to grant coal pipelines right of eminent domain; 1962, n.d.
13John W. Kelly, assistant secretary of Interior, testimony before U.S. Senate; 1962
14John F. Kennedy, U.S. president, statements on coal pipelining; 1962
15David S. King, U.S. congressman and Democrat from Utah, speaking on coal pipelines; 1962
16Liquid coal and related news clips, early history and background; 1962
17George H. Love, chairman of Consolidated Coal Co., statements and testimony; 1962
18Mechanical aspects of coal pipeline, news clips; 1963
19Frank E. Moss, U.S. Senator from Utah, statement on coal pipelines; 1962
20Gale W. McGee, U.S. Senator form Wyoming, statements on railroads' change of position, Wyoming's interest in coal pipelines; 1962, n.d.
21United Mine Workers, statements by Thomas Kennedy, R.O. Lewis, and C.J. Urbinak, all officials of the United Mine Workers; 1962
22United Mine Workers and related articles from UMWA Journal; 1962
23National Coal Conference, statements, testimony, coal pipeline pamphlet; 1961-1963
24National Power Conference and related paper on utilization of pipeline coal; 1962, n.d.
25New developments in coal industry, including electric shovels, mechanization, labor-management cooperation; 1962-1963
1841New Jersey Law: present law and status of "repealer" and pipeline law; ca. 1963
2Coal pipeline in New Jersey and related papers; 1962, n.d.
3Jersey Central Power and Light Co.--"Slurry Bruning Demonstration;" 1961
4Statements of government witnesses on coal pipeline bill; 1962
5Coal pipeline: Jack Head, counsel for TETCO, drafts, clips brochures; 1941-1963, n.d.
6New York State Association of Railroads: opposition to coal pipelines; 1962
7Niagra Mohawk Power Corporation: statement on coal pipelines before U.S. Senate Commerce Committee; 1962
8Office of Coal Research: news clips; 1963
9Pennsylvania Pipeline legislation; 1963
10Patens on coal pipelines; ca. 1960-1963
11Press book on coal pipelines including layout mockups, text drafts, background material; 1963, n.d.
12Effect of coap pipelines on railroads, news clips; 1962
13Railroad rate cuts as a result of coal pipelines, news releases, clip, draft; 1962-1963, n.d.
14Railroad reaction to coal pipeline and related drafts; ca. 1963
15Railroads consider building coal, oil pipelines; 1963
16Railroads switch to diesel and effect upon jobs and related news clips; 1961-1962
17Railroad prooaganda against coal pipelines; 1962-1963
18Railroad rates effected by coal pipelines; 1962-1963
19Railroad rates for caol rise and rise: notes and draft; 1962, n.d.
20Eric Reichl, vice president of Consolidated Coal Co., speeches, notes; 1962, n.d.
21Coal research and related news clips; 1963
22Research on coal pipelines; 1962-1963
1851Smog and related news clips and TETCO press release; 1962
2Joseph P. Routh, chairman and CEO of The Pittson Co., on coal's comeback; 1962
3T. Reed Scollon, chief of bituminous coal divisoin of U.S. Bureau of Mines on major technological breakthrough of coal slurry; December 1961
4Report of Nation Fuels and Energy Study Group; September 21, 1962
5U.S. Senate commerce committee hearings on bill affecting coal pipelines; 1962
6G.A. Shoemaker, president Consolidated Coal Co., pipeline statements; 1962-1963
7Small mines and benefit of coal pipelines; 1962
8Soviet Russia: Challenges U.S. to Energy Race; 1962
9Soviet Russia: work on liquifying coal and coal pipelines; 1959-1962
10States: effects of coal pipelines; 1962-1963
11Steel industry: how coal pipeline will benefit; 1962-1963
12Texas Eastern Transmission Corp. statements on coal pipelines, thumbnail history; 1962-1963
13Atherton Thomas, fuel agent for Consolidated Edison, statement on coal pipeline competition; February 1963
14Transport Workers Union: statement, distortions, rebuttal; 1962, n.d.
15Secretary Udall: testimony before U.S. Senate committee, speeches, etc.; 1962
16Unemployment in coal mines in West Virginia, Kentucky and Terre Haute, Indiana; 1961-1963
17Utilities: Coal pipelines are boon to utilities; 1963
18Utilties studying switch to mine head generation stations; 1962-1963
19Water: small amount needed for coal pipeline; 1961
20West Virginia Law; 1963
21Western U.S.: coal pipeline means new jobs, new business; 1963
22Utilities: statements favoring coal pipelines; 1962-1963
23Ted Zamski, an Ohio coal miner, expresses wonderment over coal pipelines; 1962
24Texas Eastern "A Plan for coal pipeline for Eastern Utilities;" 1960s
25Texas Eastern handbook for "Coal Pipelines;" ca. 1960
26Coal pipelines in Kansas: correspondence; 1962
27Coal booklet and related memos and correspondence; 1962
28Supplementary coal booklet; 1962
29California coal pipeline: a proposal by TETCO and clips; 1960, 1964
1861Coal pipeline, general information from TETCO and other sources, including correspondence, news clips, brochures, regarding formative years; 1959-1963
2DeGolyer and MacNaughton: summary of TETCO gas reserves and valuation in the petroleum industry; 1953-1964
3Dllon, Read & Co. Inc. and related correspondence; 1949-1953
4Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and related correspondence, financial papers; 1954-1962; folder 1 of 2
5Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and related correspondence, financial papers; 1954-1962; folder 2 of 2
6Algerian Gas; 1958-1963
7French Gas Industry Mission; 1956
1871Algerian-European pipeline, historical data; 1958-1960; folder 1 of 2
2Algerian-European pipeline, historical data; 1958-1960; folder 2 of 2
3Algerian-European Pipeline: Brochures and related maps; 1959-1964
4Argentine Pipeline #2 and related memos and correspondence; 1961
1881Argentine Pipeline: International Cooperative Administration; 1960-1961
2Argentine Pipeline - Rolf Wilken
3Argentine Gas Pipeline Project "GASODAR" Finance Plan, TETCO and Dresser Industries, Inc.; 1960
4GASODAR, progress report; December 1960
5"Summary of Proposals for Construction and Operation of a Gas Pipeline System and Related Facilities "by TETCO and Dresser Industries; 1960
6Argentine Pipeline Project (GASODAR) project report; September 8, 1960
7Argentine pipeline project, GASODAR, and related correspondence, memos; 1960-1961
8Argentine Pipeline #1
9Argentine Pipeline, Export Import Bank Development Loan Fund; 1960-1962
10Management Committee: North Sea Project; 1963-1964
1891Management Committee: Foreign operations; 1963-1964
2"Impact of Oil Exports from the Soviet Bloc," vol. II; 1962
3"Impact of Oil Exports from the Soviet Bloc," supplement to the 1962 report; 1964
4Liquefied Natural Gas: Russia (North Star) research file; 1972-1973; folder 1 of 2
5Liquefied Natural Gas: Russia (North Star) research file; 1972-1973; folder 2 of 2
1901LNG North Star: specifications for field welding of main line; ca. 1972
2North Star Project: File #1; 1972
3North Star Project: File #2; 1972
4Petroleos Mexicanos; 1952-1957; folder 1 of 2
5Petroleos Mexicanos; 1952-1957; folder 2 of 2
6Pemex valve opening ceremony, August 22, 1957; 1957-1958
1911Pemex negotiations; 1958-1962
2TETCO Press Tour of Liquefied Natural Gas Storage Plant Staten Island, N.Y.; September 29-30, 1970
3Dedication of LNG tank Staten Island, N.Y.; 1970
4LNG Staten Island facility; 1960-1974
5Synfuels, general, news clips; 1979-1981
6Synfuels: Wesco, New Mexico and related news clips and publications on coal gasification; 1974-1982
7Coal Test - Tristate; 1981-1982
8Management Committee Review: Tri-State synfuels project; 1981
9Management Committee Meeting Tri-State; March 31, 1982
10Texas Eastern Synfules, file list; 1981, n.d.
11Joint venture agreement, synfuels, Tri-State Synfuels Co.; 1980-1982
1921Sasol agreement; May 7, 1980
2Texas Eastern Corporate name change and restructuring; 1975-1976
3Texas Eastern Corp. name change and related correspondence; 1975-1976
4Corporate identity; 1963-1975
5Name change brochure mockups and related memos; 1976
6Study-cost to change signs, stationary; 1975
7Application of corporate logo; 1976
8Corporate identification program; 1975-1976
9Texas Eastern (engineering) moves to Houston; 1975-1977
10T.E. corporate move support: public relations division; 1977
1931Move from Shreveport to Houston and related notes, memos, correspondence and clips; 1975
2"Texas Builders Journal" with Houston Center cover; June 1974
3Office space in Houston; 1958-1960
4Office space, Humble building in Houston; 1959, n.d.
5TETCO's Inch magazine issue on the city: problems and promise; Summer 1972
6News clips related to toll road, Houston city council, Cadillac-Fairview, Houston real estate; 1983-1984
7Mass transit authority and Houston Center and related news clips; 1983-1984
8Houston Center news clips; 1983-1984
9University of Texas property: future Houston Center; 1961, n.d.
10"A concept for an Urban transit system for Houston, Texas, using existing railroad tracks;" September 15, 1969
11Houston Center clippings from newspapers; 1971-1972
122 Houston Center promotional and concept brochure; late 1960s or early 1970s
13Proposal to Southwestern Bell for a facility in Houston Center; 1971
1941Separation Sheet: Houston Center master development programs
2Presentation to United Gas for facility in Houston Center; 1971
3Investigation of wind loading and stresses in windows and skin of Houston Center by Battelle Columbus Laboratories; 1975
4"Focus on Houston Center" newsletter; 1976-1978
51 Houston Center promotional brochure; ca. 1975
62 Houston Center promotional brochure; ca. 1971
7Four Seasons Hotel in Houston Center marketing brochure; ca. 1980
8Houston Center and related news releases, photos of downtown and photos and bios of B.D. Goodrich and George R. Brown; ca. 1970
9Real estate editors visit; January 18, 1971
10Texas Eastern property; 1961
11Background for "City" speeches; 1971; background for "Houston" speeches; September 1971; G. Jennings
12George R. Brown Convention Center, news clips, promotional material; 1980-1987
13Conventional Center press conference questions; ca. 1980s
14Convention Center celebration party; 1981
15Convention Center luncheon; February 19, 1981
16Cover letter to employees regarding convention center proposal; March 12, 1981
17Letters to employees for convention cneter presentation; 1981
18Letters to Chamber and Greater Houston Convention Group; 1981
19Questions for convention packet; ca. 1981
20Petition addition for Jannette B.; April 1981
21Convention Center articles, dates from Houston Chronicle and Houston Post, 1981
22Thank you letter - Draft #1, convention center; 1981
23Letter [regarding Convention Center] to minority groups from Earl Loggins; 1981
24Convention Center brochure background material; February 19, 1981
25Convention Center data on Memorial Drive site and East Side site and related Texas Eastern audio-visual script; ca. 1981
26East Side Convention Center proposal; ca. 1981
27Market study and financial projections for the proposed expansin of Houston Convention facilities; May 1980
1951Convention Center clips; 1983; folder 1 of 2 [clips are arranged in reverse chronological order]
2Convention Center clips; 1983; folder 2 of 2 [clips are arranged in reverse chronological order]
3Convention Center clips; 1980-1982 [clips are arranged in reverse chronological order]
4Brochure "PCBs: Is the cure worth the cots?;" 1986
5[PCB] Exposure assessement models: on-site worker exposure; September 6, 1988
6PCB risk assessment with Texas Eastern sites; September 7, 1988
7PCB issues and related TE memos and news clips; 1987-1988
8TETCO before Federal Power Commission: testimony of J.W. Hargrove regarding rate of return, docket no. G-12706; ca. 1957
9Rayne Field in Louisiana and related TE history project notes, memos and clips; 1958-1964
1961Rayne Field and related legal docuemtns, memos, correspondence; 1958, n.d.
2The gas industry: regulation, Rayne Field care; 1968-1970
3Largest expansion in TETCO history; 1954-1958
4Harris bill to amend Natural Gas Act; 1955-1975
5Harris bill and veto by Dwight Eisenhower; 1955-1956
6Court cases before U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals; 1973-1974
7Court cases before federal courts; 1974-1975
8Gas supply: Intrastate vs. Interstate area price concept; 1968-1970
9Natural gas regulation: Burleson bill and related material from Independent Natural Gas Association of America; July 16, 1969
1971Rate case work papers; 1958-1959; folder 1 of 2
2Rate case work papers; 1958-1959; folder 2 of 2
3Project Showdown, gas vs. electricity; 1965-1968
4The gas industry competition with electrical industry; 1965-1968
5The natural gas industry list of company in-house publications; n.d.
6Federal Power Commission chairman John N. Nassikas speeches; 1970
7John Nassikas, FPC chairman, speeches; 1971-1972
8TETCO combined financial statements; 1947-1953
9The gas industry: company slogans; ca. 1960
10Rate of return; 1965-1970
1981The gas industry: regulation, depletion allowance; 1969-1972
2The gas industry: regulation Permian Basin; 1964-1971
3Regulation of oil imports;
4Federal Power Commission rate case: 1953
5Algonquin Gas Transmission Company and related correspondence; 1950-1958
6Algonquin Gas Transmission reports; 1962-1964
7Etosha Petroleum Co.; 1960-1964; folder 1 of 2
1991Etosha Petroleum Co.; 1960-1964; folder 2 of 2
2The Halcon SD group; ca. 1982
3La Gloria Oil and Gas Company agreements; 1954
4Petrolane annual reports an dinformation brochures; 1976-1988, n.d.
5Petrolane 1983 directory and speech by R.J. Munzer on Petrolane's history
6Petrolane: search results for news articles; 1984-1987
7Petrolane news clippings; 1984
8Petrolane, Eastern Whipstock; 1984, n.d.
2001Pyrofax; 1965; folder 1 of 2
2Pyrofax; 1965; folder 2 of 2
3Pyrofax and clean air caburetors using liquid propane; 1971-1972
4Pyrofax purchase by TETCO with photo, graphics, memos; 1962-1987, n.d.
5Skyline Oil Company annual reports and stockholder notice; 1959-1977
2011Transwestern news clips; 1966-1967
2Transwestern map of pipeline, notes, news clip; 1962, n.d.
3Transwestern Pipeline Co., Inc.; 1960-1969
4TE acquisition of Wilcox Trend Gathering System, Inc.; 1957-1960
5Closing of bank accounts as result of Wilcox Trends and Texas Eastern Penn-Jersey Transmission acquisition by TETCO; 1959
6Wilcox Trend tax bond extension with Texas; 1951-1953
7Wilcox Trend Progress reports; 1953-1957
8Wilcox Trend annual operations report for 1957
Sub-subseries 7: Inch Lines
Scope and Contents note
The Inch Lines sub-subseries focuses on the early history of the Big Inch and the Little Big Inch, the two pipelines created during WWII and the backbone for Texas Eastern gas-delivery system. This sub-subseries covers the years from the 1943 to 1994.
The first segment of documents contained in the Inch Lines sub-subseries comes from the papers of J. Ross Gamble, a Washington attorney in the firm of Leighton and Gamble. He played a key role in the acquisition of the Inch Lines by the individuals who would later form Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation. His papers were maintained as a distinct group within the Texas Eastern records. The Gamble papers cover the early years of Texas Eastern including the acquisition of the Inch lines and the formative years of TETCO from 1945 to 1949.
The Inch Lines sub-subseries also contains papers associated with the Cultural Resource Group of Louis & Associates, Inc. with offices in East Orange, New Jersey. The Berger group conducted research on the War Emergeny Pipeline (WEP) and completed the project about 2001. The Berger papers contains reports, news articles, journal excerpts, histories, and copies of photographs about the WEP. Most of the materials in the Berger sub-subseries are facsimile copies of originals.
The final section of the Inch Lines sub-subseries consists of correspondence, memos, reports, and photos dealing with federal agencies, such as the WEP, the War Assets Administration and the Federal Power Commission. This group also includes information about the Inch Lines, including major Inch Line events, such as the dedication in the 1940s, Texas Eastern's purchase of the lines, and the reconversion of the Inch Lines.
2019J. R. Gamble papers: Material regarding surplus property act; 1949
10J. R. Gamble papers: War Assets Administration, surplus property, regulation; 1946-1948
11J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO correspondence regarding Justice Department approval for sale of Inch lines; 1946-1947
12J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO, Tennessee Gas and Transmission Co. Reports of Operation and allocation of gas delivered from Inch lines (file #13-A); 1947
2021J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO - Tennessee Gas and Transmission Co. reports of operation and allocations of gas delivered from Inch lines, file no. 13; 1947
2J. R. Gamble papers: certificate of inforporation and by-laws of TETCO, file 14; 1946-1950
3J. R. Gamble papers: Memo from J.R. Gamble to Mr. Hargrove regarding status of Inch lines; December 24, 1946
4J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO - correspondence regarding regulation of Inch lines during WWII by Interstate Commerce Commission; 1943-1948
5J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO general correspondence, file 10, 1946-1948
6J. R. Gamble papers: Plantation Pipe Line extention and Florida Pipe Line and material regarding disposal of the above lines by the War Assets Administration; 1947, n.d.
7J. R. Gamble papers: Big Inch and Little Big Inch Pipelines, press releases, clippings, Federal publications, correspondence, Columbia Pipe Line papers; 1946-1948
8J. R. Gamble papers: Bid forms (second offering) and copies of supplemental report to Congress on the pipe lines, file 8; 1946-1947
9J. R. Gamble papers: Transcript of reading of first pipe line bids by War Assets Administration and related correspondence; 1946; folder 1 of 2
10J. R. Gamble papers: Transcript of reading of first pipe line bids by War Assets Administration and related correspondence; 1946; folder 2 of 2
2031J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence, memos, news release regarding federal disposal of Inch lines; 1946
2J. R. Gamble papers: "Proposal and data supporting proposal by E. Holley Poe for purchase or lease of Big Inch and Little Big Inch Pipe lines" and related correspondence; 1946; folder 1 of 2
3J. R. Gamble papers: "Proposal and data supporting proposal by E. Holley Poe for purchase or lease of Big Inch and Little Big Inch Pipe lines" and related correspondence; 1946; folder 2 of 2
4J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO first bid, supporting data and letter of transmittal, file 1; ca. 1946
5J. R. Gamble papers: TECTO - News clips regarding sale and profit from Inch lines; 1947
6J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO - proposal and lease, Plancors 1226 and 1680; 1947
7J. R. Gamble papers: Incorporation materials regarding Colonial Pipeline Co., file 4; 1946
8J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO - Congressional hearings relating to pipe lines, file 5; 1945-1947
9J. R. Gamble papers: Other proposals, Plancors 1226 and 1680; 1947; folder 1 of 2
10J. R. Gamble papers: Other proposals, Plancors 1226 and 1680; 1947; folder 2 of 2
2041J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO correspondence regarding interim lease, file 15; 1946-1947
2J. R. Gamble papers: FPC orders regarding dispatching by TETCO of 20,000 mcf and 5,000 mcf reserved by commission; file 17; 1948
3J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO - FPC Docket no. G-880, application for temporary certificate, file 19; 1947
4J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO - admendment to temporary certificate G-880, file 19-A; 1947
5J. R. Gamble papers: Amendment to temporary certificate coverin gsix additional compressor statoins (second amendmnet), file 19-B; 1947
6J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO - G-880 application for permanent certificate, file 20; 1947
7J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO application to FPC filed June 30, 1947 for amendment to application for permanent certificate, G-880, file 20-A; 1947
8J. R. Gamble papers: Application FPC filed August 5, 1947 for second amendment for permanent certificate in Docket G-880, file 20-B; 1947
9J. R. Gamble papers: Third amendment to application for permanent certificate G-880 covering 12-inch line connecting California; file 20-c; 1947
10J. R. Gamble papers: FPC opinion no. 157 granting permanent certificate and correspondence there on docket G-880, file 20-D; 1947
11J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence regarding WAA consent sale or lease of transformer from Missouri Utilities Company, file 21; 1948
12J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence regarding annual report to FPC on form no. 2, file 22; 1948
13J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence regarding right-of-way matters, file 23; 1946-1947
14J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence regarding Texas Eastern - Tennessee Transmission agreement and related release from WAA to Tennessee Gas Transmission, file 24; 1947
15J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence regarding first amendment to WAA lease, file 25; 1947
16J. R. Gamble papers: Second amendment to WAA lease, covering 6 additional compressor stations, file 25-A; 1947
2051J. R. Gamble papers: Corresponddence regarding request of Navy Department for loan of certain valves and fittings, file 26; 1947
2J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence regarding WAA letter of entry, file 27; 1947
3J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence relative to trespass of Port Terminal Railway Company of Houston, Texas, file 28; 1947
4J. R. Gamble papers: Outstanding leases and easements, file 29; 1947
5J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence regarding FPC interim allocation Big Inch gas, file 30; 1947
6J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence with WAA regarding provisions in paragraph 18 of lease relating to constructuion of compressor stations involving approval of design, construction and establishment of escrow fund, file 31; 1947
7J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence regarding notice to WAA of intention to construct compressor station, file 31-A; 1947
8J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence regarding WAA approval of second amendment of lease and construction program, file 31-B; 1947
9J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO first annual report, file 32; 1948
10J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO second annual report, file 32-1-A; 1949
11J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO general correspondence regarding sub-leases, file 33; 1945-1947
12J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence regarding Philadelphia airport construction over Inch line right-of-way, file 34; 1947
13J. R. Gamble papers: lease to Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey regarding tanks at Linden, N.J. file 35; 1943-1947
14J. R. Gamble papers: sublease with Standard Oil Purchasing Co. covering Beaumont tank farm, file 35-A; 1947
15Right-of-way and easement to United Gas Pipeline Co. to connect to Inch lines, file 37; 1947
16J. R. Gamble papers: Permanent agreement for sale of gas to United Natural Gas Company, file 38; 1947
17J. R. Gamble papers: Conference regarding War Assests closing agreement 1949
18J. R. Gamble papers: Correspondence regarding procurement, FPC declaratory order relative sales under permanent contract between Texas Eastern and Lone Star Gas Company, file 39; 1947-1948
19J. R. Gamble papers: TETCO - Federal Power Commission service area matters, file 40; 1947
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15J. R. Gamble papers: sub-lease to Shell Pipe Line Corp. of 44,190 feet of Sinclair and Crown Central Baytown feeder and additional feet of Shell Oil Baytown feeder, file 52; 1947
16J. R. Gamble papers: Lease from WAA to Atlantic Refining Co. in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, file 53; 1946-1947
17J. R. Gamble papers: sub-lease with Atlantic Refining Co. covering tanks at Phoenixville, file 53-A; 1947
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21J. R. Gamble papers: sub-lease to Humble Pipe Line Co., file 56; 1947
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Sub-subseries 8: History Project
Scope and Contents note
Texas Eastern sponsored and funded a history project that resulted in the book From Texas to the East: A strategic History of Texas Eastern Corporation, published in 1993 and written by Christopher Castaneda and Joseph Pratt, both historians from the University of Houston.
Included in this sub-subseries are transcripts of interviews with Texas Eastern retirees and current employees. Most of these interviews were conducted in the 1980s and 1990s by the historians. This sub-subseries also contains the historians' notes, rough drafts of the book, galley proofs, graphic elements, some original documents related to Texas Eastern's history, news clips, maps of pipeline systems and other records of signicance.
2204Historical Review of Texas Eastern; 1947-1955
5"The Story of Texas Eastern" and related revisions; ca. 1960s
6Pipelining anecdotes; 1935-1952
7Texas Eastern as a pioneer in gas transmission technology; 1953-1964
8Texas Eastern Operating History; 1947
9Texas Eastern History to 1948
10Texas Eastern History to 1950 for "Oil and Gas Journal" anniversary issue.
11Texas Eastern history compiled for National Iranian Oil Company Questionnaie;1972
12Maps of pipeline system, incomplete; 1961, 1964
13Index to exhibits, no context, ca. 1950s
14Transcripts: Paul M. Anderson
15Transcripts: Jayne Andrews
16Transcripts: August Belmont
17Transcripts: John Edmund Bixby; folder 1 of 2
18Transcripts: John Edmund Bixby; folder 2 of 2
19Transcripts: Herbert Brownell
20Transcripts: David I. Bufkin
2211Transcripts: Warren J. Butler
2Transcripts: Oscar L. Chapman
3Transcripts: Donald C. Cook
4Transcripts: Naurice Cummings
5Transcripts: George H. Ewing
6Transcripts: Charles I Francis
7Transcripts: Dennis R Greer
8Transcripts: James Ward Hargrove
9Transcripts: Reginald Hargrove
10Transcripts: Jack D. Head; folder 1 of 2
11Transcripts: Jack D. Head; folder 2 of 2
12Transcripts: Dennis R. Hendrix
13Transcripts: Wayne Hodge
14Transcripts: Melvin Hopkins
2221Transcripts: Robert D. Hunsucker
2Transcripts: Harold L. Ickes, secretary of Interior and Petroleum Coordinator during WWII, article; 1941-1942
3Transcripts: John C. Jacobs
4Transcripts: Gordon Jennings and George R. Bolin
5Transcripts: Doris Johnson
6Alton W. Jones, bio; n.d.
7Jesse H. Jones, article; 1951
8Transcripts: William T. Kendall
9Transcripts: Henry H. King
10George F. Kirby (speech)
11Transcripts: Jess Larson
12Transcripts: J.G. Lawhon
13Transcripts: John Lynch
14Transcripts: J. Howard Marshall, II
15Transcripts: W.H. McCollough
16Transcripts: Dan McCravey
17Transcripts: Norris Cochran McGowan
18Transcripts: Jerome McGrath
19Transcripts: Norbert Augustin McKenna
20Transcripts: John Murrell
21Transcripts: George T. Naff
22Transcripts: Millard Neptune
2231Transcripts: Jubal R. Parten
2E. Holley Poe and related research notes
3Transcripts: Robert Poe
4Transcripts: E.T. Robinson
5Transcripts: Harold Townsend Robinson
6J.B. Saunders
7Transcripts: S.E. "Gene" Sentell
8Transcripts: Andrew J. "Andy" Shoup
9Transcripts: A. Frank Smith, Jr.
10Transcripts: William A. Smith
11Transcripts: Charlie Staffa
12Transcripts: W.T. Thagard
13Transcripts: Lera Thomas
14Notes related to History Project interviews; ca. 1987
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16El Paso Natural Gas Company from Moody's Manual of Investment; n.d.
17Mississippi River Fuel Corp. from Moody's Manual of Investment; n.d.
18Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America from Moody's Manual of Investment; n.d.
19Northern Natural Gas Company from Moody's Manual of Investment; n.d.
20Southern Natural Gas Company from Moody's Manual of Investment; n.d.
21Gulf Warranty Contract and related news clips and hand-written research notes; 1963-1988
22Panhandle acquisition of Texas Eastern and related memos, internal publications and news clips; 1989
2241General regulation of gas industry; ca. 1960s
2The gas industry and regulation; 1970, n.d.
3The gas industry: regulation and Federal Power Commission; 1960s
4George Ewing and related notes and paper on pipeline stresses; n.d.
5Assorted materials related to the book "From Txas to the East" including outline, legal agreement; ca. 1988
6Texas Eastern memos and letters, including timetable, historian vitae, and budget for history project; 1987
7News clips for reseach for hte T.E. book; 1989
8Photos, tables, charts and related correspondence for the book "From Texas to the East;" ca. 1993
9News clips used to research "From Texas to the East;" 1960s to 1980s
10Move to Houston; n.d.
11Mexican Gas: negotiations with Pemex; n.d.
12Houston Center and related notes; 1989
2251Draft of Pratt's and Castaneda's Texas Eastern history; 1990
2Draft of Pratt's and Castaneda's Texas Eastern history; 1991; folder 1 of 2
3Draft of Pratt's and Castaneda's Texas Eastern history; 1991; folder 2 of 2
4Galley proofs for Castaneda and Pratt book "From Texas to the East;" April 26, 1993
5Promotional material for "From Texas to the East"
6Chris Castaneda's news clips and notes and Texas Eastern in Pennsylvania
7Articles on pipelining and gas and note to J.W. Hargrove and historian list of topics and people to interview; 1957-1986
2261Graphic elements used in "From Texas to the East;" ca. 1992
2Historian's nots and Texas Eastern timeline; ca. 1990-1993
3Galveston Mardi Gras, Hou-Dah parade; 1985-1987
4News clips on divestiture; 1978-1979
5News clips and TE publications, invoice to train staff in oral history techniques and related notes; 1988-1951
6Castaneda's questions for R. Dugger of "Texas Observer" and queries regarding E. Holley Poe, sources, History Project monthly reports and related correspondence; 1987-1988
7Draft of 1953 annual report, related correspondence and 1954 annual report
8Grand opening of 4 Seasons Hotel Inn in the Park in Houston, 1982-1988
9Articles on corporate art; 1965-1967, n.d.
10Invoice from Joe Pratt to T.E. for History Project services in November 1987 and list of interviewees
11Federal Power Commission and related news articles and correspondence; 1963
12Retired files for executives, old files, 1962 White House press release supporting coal pipelines; 1962, n.d.
13Editing notes on early draft of "From Texas to the East" and news clips; 1970-1990s
14Coal gasification, synthetic fuel in Kentucky; 1980-1983
-"Proposal for Coal Pipeline Feasibility Study for The Ministry of Mines and Fuel, Government of India" by Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation
Sub-subseries: 9 Photos
Scope and Contents note
The Texas Eastern photo collection documents the corporate life of Texas Eastern and the lives of its workers.This photo collection offers images of pipeline construction, routine operations, mug shots of staff, portraits of executives and board members, and photos of workers featured in the Texas Eastern internal publications. The collection images ranges from industrial or corporate shots, including images such as welders working in deep mud or secretaries typing letters, to employees working on hobbies, playing sports or attending company picnics. The bulk of the photos are from the 1950s to the 1960s with the entire collection spanning the years from 1947 to the 1980s.
The photos are organized in the same manner in which they were originally stored. Original file numbering has been incorporated into the folder titles. The collection processor preserved segments of the original envelopes containing useful information or containing handwriting that was not legible. Most of the photographs have been inventoried on an item level.
2271Texas Eastern and Algonquin conference, 006.1; n.d.
2Leidy, Pennsylvania, construction (supplemental file), Stan Began-Bel-Air, 322.00; 1960
3Personnel: Eagle, Pennsylvania, Division 3 headquarters dispatching office VHS transmitter, 334.1; n.d.
4Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania, a compressor station, black and white prints from color transparancies, 377.0; 1960
5Division IV office and personnel, Baytown, Texas; 401; 1951-1953
6Shermans Dale (340 SF) and Bernville (336 SF) stations and related correspondence; 1960
7New York State Natural Gas Corp. offices and facilities (340.1 SF) and gas wells and crews at Renova, Pennsylvania (350.1 SF); ca. 1955
8Foremans and supervisor meeting (351); n.d.
9Station A, Baytown, Texas (402) maintenance; ca. 1952
10Hankamer, Texas (403), maintenance, family picnics, snow geese flocks and pipelines; ca. 1952
11Newton, Texas, Station C (404) compressor station, company housing; ca. 1952
12Station D, Many, Louisiana
2281Station E - Castor, Louisian (406); ca. 1951
2Vidor, Texas (407); ca. 1950s
3Gillis, Louisiana, compressor station (408), Clell Baker [photographer]; June 1959
4Opelousa, Louisiana, compressor station, Clell Baker (409); June 1959
5Union Church, Mississippi, compressor station, Clell Baker (410); June 1959
6St. Francesville, Louisiana (411 SF); 1959
7St. Francesville, Louisiana, turbine overhaul (411 SF); ca. 1962
8Maintenance, depicting men at work, coffee shop, family dinner; ca. 1950-1960
9Snapshots of Dubach Line construction (414.1) and assorted water crossings; 1948-1960s
10Deer Park, Texas - Texas Eastern to United Gas tie-in with overflow (416.1); February 23, 1950
11Neches River crossing, photos by Elwood M. Payne (417 SF); 1951-1952
12Provident City - Castor Line, construction (418); ca. 1950s
2291Construction near Melrose, Texas of 24-inch Provident City-Castor line (418); 1953
2Provident City - Castor construction, Texas welding crew (418.14); ca. 1952
3Colorado River [Texas] crossing (419.1 SF) black and white; n.d.
4McAllen, Texas - construction (425.6); n.d.
5McAllen, Texas - construction (425.1); ca. 1957
6Rio Grande River crossing construction (427.1-427.21); 1957
7St. Francesville, Louisiana, men at work, photos by Jim Thomas (429); 1957
8Elevator etiquette with text and photos by Clell Baker; ca. 1950s
9Pipeline construction between Kosciusko, Mississippi and Pennsylvania; 1951-1953
10Barton, Alabama compressor station with company housing (503); 1953-1954; n.d.
2301Mont Belvieu [Texas] compressor station construction; n.d.
2Air Tour: McAllen, Texas, construction; January 1957
3Air Tour: Mexico City dinner given by Senator [Birmudez] at Continental Hilton; January 1957
4Air Tour: Mexico City and Brownsville airport customs; January 1957
5Air Tour: Mexico City refinery; 1957
6Air Tour: Mexico City reception at airport; 1957
7Air Tour: Mexico City, buses from airport to Continental Hilton; 1957
8Air Tour: Barbecue, McAllen, Texas; 1957
9Air Tour: Reynosa; January 1957
10Air Tour: Mexico City, cocktail party at Continental Hilton; January 1957
11Air Tour: McAllen Rio Grande River crossing; January 1957
12Air Tour: Reynosa Refinery, PEMEX including mariachi band; January 1957
13Air Tour: Shreveport; January 1957
14Air Tour: Mexico City visit to pyramids; January 1957
15Air Tour: Aboard TWA Constellation from New York City to Pittsburgh; January 1957
16Loading at La Guardia airport in New York City; January 1957
2311Air Tour: Mexico City, visit to University City and ancient ruins; January 1957
2Air Tour: Houston including photo of Herman Brown; January 1957
3Air Tour: [Owingsville Compressor Station] and Bus; January 1957
4Air Tour: Mexico City - Registering at Continental Hilton; January 1957
5Air Tour: [Oakford] Storage; January 1957
6American Gas Association meeting; May 7, 1951
7National cotton picking contest, photo by Arkansas Department of Publicity & Information; n.d.
8Airplane maintenance; n.d.
9Alaska, oil and gas alternative, frozen Christmas tree; n.d.
10Baytown, Texas area including school, Battleship Texas, church, Lee College, stores, catfish, beach erosion and Ark-Mo; ca. 1952
11General office basement [Shreveport?]; March 1955
12Texas Eastern birthday; 1955
13Brown & Root board meeting with George and Herman Brown; 1961
14George R. Brown, black and white; February 7, 1953
15Construction: trenching, [H.L. Price bio?]; n.d.
16Texas Eastern building at 306 Milam, Shreveport and Lewis Transfer Co. hauling furniture; n.d.
17Houston Center design, planning construction and Houston downtown; ca. 1970s
18Mills Cox portrait shot; n.d.
19Credit Union; 1950s
20E.R. Cunningham, Texas Eastern; n.d.
21Texas Eastern Division IV Lebanon, Tennessee, constructuion and office staff; ca. 1950s
22Division V, Lebanon, Tennessee - Office personnel, secretaries, switchboard operators and leading citizens of Lebanon (501); ca. 1952
23Division V, Lebanon, Tennessee; n.d.
2321Leslie A. "Curley" Davis; n.d.
2Waynesburg, Pennsylvania Dispatching Office; 1950
3Division managers, assistant division managers and division accountant meeting; 1958
4Division managers luncheon; ca. winter 1951-1952
5Division I office photos; 1953-1960
6Division II office; ca. 1950s
7Division IV office, painter; ca. 1950s
8Division III office, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Station 21-A; ca. 1952
9Filter Center [Civil Defense for Air Traffic]; ca. 1950s
10R.J. Fitzpatrick, director of public relations for Texas Eastern; n.d.
11Flags, cover for Inch magazine, Dwight Eisenhower speaking at Shreveport Airport; ca. 1950s
12Foreman's meeting in Bowling Green, Kentucky; n.d.
13Freedoms Foundation medal awarded to Texas Eastern; 1954
14Bud Griffithy; n.d.
15Golf, Texas Eastern Golf Tourney; 1951 and 1953
16Justin Griffin images for Inch magazine inside front cover; spring 1957
17Paul [Haas]; n.d.
18J.W. Hargrove, man of year, Shreveport Chamber of Commerce; ca. 1955
19R.H. Hargrove, president Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation, Shreveport, Louisiana; n.d.
20Jack Head; n.d.
21Inside cover [Shreveport, T.E. basement] and other locations; ca. 1950s
22International gas exploration, Mobil Beryl A platform, Moscow signing, other off-shore platforms, and TE's Singapore office building; 1973, n.d.
23Jaycees, Texas Eastern; n.d.
24George Kertis of Bayonne, New Jersey and his pigeons; ca. 1950s.
25Kosciuskoline; 1951-1964
26La Gloria: Tyler, Texas, Texas Eastern refineries; 1960
27Kosciusko, Mississippi, Inch magazine photos and captions for "Around the Clock;" 1953
28George [S.] Lakas; n.d.
29Leading individuals of Texas Eastern; 1947-1995
30Mailroom graduates; November 28, 1952
31Texas Eastern maintenance; ca. 1950s
32Surveyor on site, no location; n.d.
33Maps and graphics of TE operations; n.d.
34National Methanol Company in Middle East or Persian Gulf region with flamingos; n.d.
35Panhandle's Eastern's Maguire opening pipeline; n.d.
36Walter E. Caine, v.p. Texas Eastern Transmission Corp. Houston, Texas; n.d.
37Denver S. Patton, division 5 and 3 superintendent at Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and photo by Patton of what may be Big Inch dedication; ca. 1943
38Promotional: boy dressed as pipeliner and lemonade stand; ca. 1959
39Service Award photos, historical montage; 1987
40Texas Eastern's Shreveport headquarters, including first location in Ward building; 1952
2331Texas Eastern's First Tickertape listing on NY Stock Exchange with G.R. Brown; n.d.
2Southrim Grand Canyon; Brinkerhoff-Signal Rig no. 78, Directional Drilling Project, and Skyline Oil's Utah oil shale property; n.d.
3Texas Eastern operations and industrial shots; ca. 1940s to 1980s
4Texas Eastern Pipeline Construction photo; 1940s to 1980s
5Texas Eastern ribbon cutting photo; n.d.
6Bert E. Hull and Walton Jones, president of War Emergency Piplines; ca. 1941-1945
7Crews on Big Inch or Little Big Inch [probably district 5 or 3]; 1942-1943
8Lists of Inch magazine covers, negatives, transparencies, proposed covers; 1953-1968
9Meetings in conference room and auditorium; n.d.
10Inch magazine, photo by Clell Baker for inside front cover; Spring 1957
11Texas Eastern office staff, holiday season; ca. 1950s
12Station 22-A Black and white negatives; n.d.
-1. Inch magazine, inside front cover [Ray]; 1955
-2. Inch mag., inside front cover; Spring 1955
-3. Inch mag., Inside front cover possibility, Reproduction Depart.; Summer 1955
-4. Paul Hughes, Foreman's meeting, Bowling Green, Kentucky
-5. Carlise Pennsylvania, Inch mag., Winter 1958-1959, hometown story
-6. Christmas, Lambert Gardens, Xmas decorations; ca. 1950s
-7. Paul Haas, Taken for TEN - Fall 1958, "Good negative has corner cut"
-8. Proposed inside cover negatives for stations 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
-9. Proposed inside cover negatives for stations 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
-10. Joaquin, Texas, TE Station
-11. "Around the Clock", Inch story, at Kosciusko prints; March 1953
-12. 8 x 10s, Kosciusko, 1953
-13. Around the clock at Kosciusko prints; 1953
-14. Kosciusko; March 1953
-15. Keeping cool; 1955
-16. George [Kistir?], holding fish and fishing pole; ca. 1950s
-17. Kosciusko, gardeners, grapevines, girl w/ spaniel; ca. 1950s
-18. Law Office
-19. Polly Lavander's baby chewing, Inch magazine
-20. Lebanon, Tennessee, prints of edited draft, B & W negatives of men and women; ca. 1950s
-21. Sally Lindsay wearing large hat [sombrero?]; ca. 1950s
-22. Lawnmowers; homemade riding lawnmower using a child's wagon, a stool, and a mower; ca. 1950s
-25. Lou McKinney, Desk and Derrick [club]; ca. 1950s
-26. Pat Miller; ca. 1950s
-27. Measurement Dept.; ca. 1950s
-28. Contours map with pipelines, color positives, B & W Prints; ca. 1950s
-29. 4 Bit Club with families Outing, October 1954, B & W prints; October 1954
-30. Gene Martin, "Welcome Home Grandpa", B & W Negatives, July, 1955
-31. Jana Nebbett, ca. 1950s
-32. Don Newport, fly fishing and lure; ca. 1950s
-33. Newport Rhode Island, The Breakers; ca. 1950s
-34. Parade, rear view of women looking out window; Fall 1951
-35. Pat Osborn, Son of S. P. Osborne playing baseball for St. Johns; ca. 1950s
-36. Mink story, Helen Patterson wearing mink; ca. 1950s
-37. Helen Patterson, Stenographer, Mink story; ca. 1950s
-38. Division II Office, "Eugene Perrigo built our home.", Exterior and interior of modern home in 1950s, ranch style, photo made December 1953; December 1953
-39. Photo tours, needlepoint, stuffed bird, and bird dog; ca. 1950s
-40. Rinchuso and [Harion?], Keeping cool - cool cloths in refridgerator, July 16, 1955
-41. Picnics, all divisions, skeet shooting, kids at play, horseshoes; 1953
-42. Pipeline photo tours, B & W negatives, Employees' family life and hobbies; ca. 1950s
-43. Pipeline photo tours, B & W negatives, Employees' family life and hobbies; ca. 1950s
-44. Photo tour of pipelines, Sipes June, 1954, Alabama, Man with dogs; June 1954
-45. Photo tours, Black & white prints
234-46. Sipes Pipeline tour photos, B & W negatives; ca. 1950s
-48. Fordyce, Arkansas, Priddy Children and Dog; ca. 1950s
-49. Jay Reich and home, Marietta, Pennsylvania
-50. Rights of Way Department, B & W negatives; November 1953
-51. E. E. Edmundson and Algonquin Safety [Engin Vasser]; ca. 1950s
-52. Home Safe Home (Mrs. A. W. Padgett); ca. 1950s
-53. Award of Excellence, Sale Award, Leon M. Sipes, editor of The "Inch"; 1952
-54. Julia Seidel with fan and gown; ca. 1953
-55. Seymour, Indiana, Hometown Story; ca. 1950s
-56. Seymour, Indiana, Hometown Story, Prints and negatives; ca. 1950s
-57. Seymour, Indiana, Hometown story, prints; ca. 1950
-58. Shell Oil, P. Coty and Sheridan Plants; ca. 1950s
-59. City of S'port, negatives; ca. 1950s
-60. S'port Film Center; ca. 1950s
-61. T. E. Softball photos, prints; ca. 1950s
-62. T. E. Softball; ca. 1950s
-63. T. E. Softball negatives
-64. Safety Engineering; May 20, 1954
-65. Earl Evans, safety photos; ca. 1950s
-66. Safety success, Safety Dept.; ca. 1950s
-67. Div. V, Safety training pays off, January issue of Texas Eastern news; ca. 1950s
-68. Softball teams, July 15, 1954; 1954
-69. TE Softball Teams, August 1, 1954; 1954
-70. Receptionists [Jerrie Dickerson]; ca. 1950s
-71. Transportation Department; ca. 1950s
-72. TE Softball photos and children; 1954
-73. Softball negatives; August 1, 1954
-74. Softball, July 16, 1954, negatives
-75. Softball prints and negatives; Spring 1954
-76. Softball, T. E., Prints and negatives; July 16, 1954
-77. Southwest Gas Producing Co. officials; ca. 1954
-78. Stanolind Oil and Gas Plant, L. E. Connealy, W. L. Childress, Abe Patillo; May 1955
-79. Howard Stroup, Chaffee Golden Jubilee, Chaffee, Missouri; ca. 1950s
-80. Styles, Silhouettes, Man with propeller beanie, women modeling clothes; ca. 1954
-81. Earl Sutton, wedding photo-cake cutting (not used); May 21, 1955
-82. Jo Nell Swiney, Holiday Theme, ca. 1950s
-83. Texas Gas Interchange (meter station), Station 16, Lebanon, Tennessee, No larger transparencies; ca. 1954
-84. Texas Gas Transmission Co.; Oct. 6, 1953
-85. T. E. Hanger, Airport; October 1953
-86. TE Airport; January 1954
-87. Tiemeier children in boat, Lebanon, Ohio, negatives; ca. 1954
-88. Office staff, Triangle negative, not used; ca. 1954
-89. Office staff, negatives; ca. 1954
-90. station 14, chief operator Roy Tropp, Tool rack; ca. 1954
-91. Turkey, Andy Port looks at turkeys
-92. United Fund, B & W Negatives; ca. 1950s
-93. United Fund Award; 1954
-94. United Fund Drive; ca. 1950s
-95. Van [Veckhoven], Reproduction Department; ca. 1950s
-96. Wallace Walker, prints and negatives; ca. 1950s
-97. T. E. Hangar Facilities underconstruction; ca. 1950s
-98. T. E. Hanger constuction; ca. 1950s
-99. Transportation Dept. Storeroom, B & W negative; ca. 1950s
-100. Transportation Department [Doxi] Campbell; ca. 1950s
-101. Transportation Dept., Crushed Ford vehicle; ca. 1050s
-102. Transportation Dept. Trucks; ca. 1950s
-103. Wallace Walker, Furniture, homemade metal, negatives and prints; ca. 1950s
-104. Wallace Walker, Furniture by Walker; ca. 1950s
-105. Division I Warehouse, print; ca. 1950s
-106. Water [cask?], River Crossing; ca. 1950s
-107. Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, negatives; ca. 1950s
-108. West Chester, Pennsylvania, West Chester elementary, classroom with teacher before students, negative; ca. 1950s
-109. Warehouse, Tomkinsville, Kentucky, Man Tilling garden; ca. 1950s
-110. West Chester, Pennsylvania, Division III, Hometown story; ca. 1950s
-111. West Chester, Pennsylvania, Chads' Ford Barbershop, "where Washington & Lafayette had a very close shave"
-West Chester, Pennsylvania, Hometown story, negatives
-113. West Chester, Pennsylvania, Hometown story, negatives, ca. 1950s
-114. Mrs. A. H. Weyland, S'port beautification, negatives
-115. Portsmouth, Wheelersburg; ca. 1950s
-116. J. B. White Jr., Birthday cake; October 25, 1955
-117. Wilcox Trends, Station tour, hand fed fawn, picnics; ca. 1950s
-118. Wilcox Trends, Dallas Office; ca. 1950s
-119. Wilcox trends, Office story; ca. 1950s
-120. Wilcox Trend, N. 6, negatives; ca. 1950s
-121. Wilcox Trend, Personnel, negatives; ca. 1950s
-122. Bill Wise and father; ca. 1950s
-123. Glen Wise, son; ca. 123
-124. Welder photos; ca. 1950s
-125. Welders on pipeline, Division II; ca. 1950s
-126. Welders, Division III, ca. 1950s
-127. Welders, Division 4, negatives; ca. 1950s
-128. Welder Division II, Boyd; ca. 1950s
-129. Division I welder, Lans Down; ca. 1950
-130. Welder, Elma Mansa, Divisions; ca. 1950s
-131. Welder, Dennis Pool
-132. Welder, Pat Smith, Many, Louisiana; ca. 1950s
-133. Welder, Division IV, Stanford, Kentucky; ca. 1950s
-134. Welder Division IV, James R. Strait, ca. 1950s
-135. Division V Welder Strait, Tuscumbia, ca. 1950s
-136. Fordyce, Arkansas; ca. 1950s
-137. Division I office, Fall, 1953; 1953
-138. Fordyce Picnic, movie, diners, horseshoes, collie dog; ca. 1950s
-139. North Little Rock story, Fall-Inch magazine, 1953, 1953
-140. Division I, Fall 1953; Fall 1953
-141. Division II, Norma J. Fettig; ca. 1950s
-142. Division II, Station 16, 10 kids in a boat, print (see 87 Tiermeier children in boat, Lebanon, Ohio), ca. 1950s
-143. Division II, office, Personnel; December 3, 1953
-144. Division II, office, Personnel; December 2, 1953
-145. Division II office, personnel; December 3, 1953
-146. Division II, Office personnel; December 3, 1953
-147. Division III, Eugene Pessigo at home; ca. 1950s
-148. Div. 3, Station 20, Dari-Delight ice cream store; ca. 1950s
-149. Division 3, man at work; ca. 1950s
-150. Division III, West Chester, Pennsylvania; ca. 1950s
-151. Division III story, Carl R. Sisson, division manager, West Chester, Pennsylvania; ca. 1950s
-152. Division III and station 26, negatives; ca. 1950s
-153. Division III office, West Chester, Pennsylvania, personnel and suburban ranch-style housing; ca. 1950s
-154. Lambertville, New Jersey, Station 26 in fog, new housing; ca. 1950
-155. Division III, Mrs. Margaret A. Sharp, Senior Clerk, expecting; ca. 1950s
-156. Division III story, West Chester, Pennsylvania, negatives; ca. 1950s
-157. Division III, West Chester, Pennsylvania, negatives; ca. 1950s
-158. Newport picnics, September, October, 1953; 1953
-159. Division IV; Baytown, Oct. 18, negatives; ca. 1950s
-160. Baytown story, Oct 28, negatives; ca. 1950
-161. Baytown negatives; ca. 1950s
-162. Division IV office, negatives; June 1953
-163. Division IV office, June 1953; June 1953
-164. Division IV office, Duplicates, negatives
-165. Kosciusko, negatives; ca. 1950s
-166. Kosciusko, T. E. not printed; ca. 1950s
-167. Kosciusko, Mississippi, prints; ca. 1950s
-168. Kosciusko, Mississippi, Station and personnel; March 1953
235-Accounting Department, IBM room, Mainframe, negatives; January 1958
-Accounting Students, visit to G.O. [general office?], negatives; n.d.
-Advertising Award, Freedoms Foundation medal, negatives; 1954
-Aerial pipeline Patrols, Inc., C. B. McMahan, Monroe, Louisiana, Prints and negatives; Spring, 1961
-Airport [Shreveport]; ca.1950s
-Air Tour, negatives; January 7-12, 1957
-Air Tour Negatives, Texas Eastern Air Tour; January 7-12, 1957
-Air Tour, negatives; Jan. 7-12, 1957
-Air Tour, negatives; Jan. 7-12, 1957
-Air Tour, B & W negative, negatives; Jan. 7-12, 1957
-Air Tour, McAllen construction, B & W negatives; 1957
-Air Tour, Texas Eastern (Shreveport portion), B & W negatives; Jan. 7-12, 1957
-Air Tour in Mexico, negative; Jan 7-12
-Air Tour, Barbecue at McAllen used in TE News, negatives; n.d.
-Air Tour negatives; Jan 7-12
-Air Tour, Houston negatives; Jan. 7-12
-Algonquin Tour negatives; December 1958
-Air Tour, B & W negatives, Jan. 7-12, 1957
-Algonquin Board of Directors, Meeting in Shreveport, T E News, The Inch Magazine, negatives; November 21, 1958
-Algonquin negative; 1958
-American Gas Association awards, T. B. Kelley, D. H. Miller, E. R. Cunningham, print and negatives; November 1958
-Anonymous, man at desk, negative; August 1956
-Archer, Furniture, Hobby, Children on swing and teeter-tooter, man in woodshop, negatives; April, 16, 1956
-Arkansas City, Texas Eastern, negatives; n.d.
-Auxilary policemen, Gen. Office, negatives; February 1958
-Atlas pro [propane?] plant, S'port, 1 negative; n.d.
-Baby File, David Butler, Age 9 months, November 2, 1956, negatives; Aug. 1957
-Baby File, George Papageorge, Jan. TEN, negative; November 1957
-Baby File, TEN photofile, Jan. TEN, George Papageorge, print; November 1957
-Baby photo, George Papageorge, negatives, November 1957
-Baby photos, TEN, negatives; October 1957
-Baby photo, TEN, Benny Fertitta, negatives; ca. 1950s
-Baby photo, Earl Evans baby, TEN [Texas Eastern News], negatives; November 1957
-Baby photo, Readus Gentry's daughter, Joaquin Station; February 1958
-Baby photo TEN, used March issue, daughter of Readus Gentry, Joaquin Station, negative; February 1958
-Baby photo, son of Chas. Riley, negatives; ca. 1957-1958
-Baby photo, Used in dept. TEN, Lane Morgan Stephenson, son of senior clerk, Jerry Stephenson, negatives; ca. 1957-1958
-Baby photo, March TEN, published March 1959, negatives; March 1959
-Baby photos, TEN, Guy Owen, Jr., negatives; December 1957
-Baby photos, TENews, September, negative; September, ca. 1950s
-Baby photos, Guy Ownes, Jr. DEL TEN, negative; 1957
-Baby photo, used October 1958, TEN, negative; October 1958
-Baby photos, Oct. TEN, George Sorrells, negatives, ca. 1958
-Baby photos, Benny Fertitta son, negative; April 1958
-Barbecue, negatives, Not used in Inch; ca. 1950s
-Baytown, Britt son with shotgun and duck, prints and negatives; 1956
-B-E Day Division V, Lebanon, negatives; December 1956
-Belt, 1085, Walter E. Belt, III, shot putter, negative
-Bowling winners, Comanich, negatives; May 1956
-Baby Scout Photos, scout leader, Boy scout and cub scout, negatives; 1956
-Boy Scout photo, Eagle scout, 2 negatives; February 1956
-Boy Scout, Eagle Scout with airplane, negatives; February 1957
-Boy Scout Day, Cunninghamd, Hargrove, Buick convertible; February 1957
-C. M. Bolton, Fardyce, July 1956; July 1956
-Boy Scout Photos, negatives, February issue - 1956; 1956
-Birthday, Drafting department; July 1956
-Bixby, Jack Bixby, negatives; n.d.
-Boswell, J. Boswell, Secretary, Career Day - Byrd High School, negatives; April 1958
-Cecile Bowker
-Bowling, G. O. office Girl Bowlers; Feb 1958
-Bowling League opener, 1 print; 1955-1956
-Bowling Banquet, negatives; April 1956
-Bowling Banquet, General office, negatives; May 1957
-Bowling League, negatives; 1955-1956
-Bowling party - general office, negatives; February 1957
-Bowling, Shreveport mid-season, bowling party; ca. 1950s
-Bowling, Houston's women's Bowling League officers, Doris Jonas, Nancy [Schinsfer?]
-Bowling - G. O., Texas Eastern; March 1956
-Bowling General Office; March 15, 1956
-Bowling G. O. Girl Bowlers; November 1957
-Bowling General Office Party; August 1956
-Bowling, Men's and Women's Bowling Banquet; May 1958
-Bowling General Office Girl's Bowling; ca. 1958
-Bowling, General Office Shreveport, Bowling Banquet; 1959
-Bowling, TEN, negative files, Bowling officers, Houston office; May 1960
-Bowling, Shreveport office, Bowling League, April 1959 issue; April 1959
-Bowling, General Office, Women Bowlers (6 lines - 25 picas, p3), negatives; ca. 1959
-Bowling, Bowling Party, negatives; May 1958
-Bowling, Houston Bowling League, negatives; ca. 1950s
-Bowling, Bowling party, negatives; 1956
-Boys Camp, YMCA Boys Camp, Bristinean, Sipes, negatives; July 1956
-450. Boy Scout Jamboree, Norwela Council, Northwest Louisiana, "Where Cotton Grows and Oil Flows"; ca. 1950s
-503. Boy Scout visit to Grantville, negatives; ca. 1960s
-Boy scouts, Clell Baker - photographer, negatives; August 1956
-Patsy Sue Brannon, African violets, negatives; April 1957
-31. Sally Brockschmidt
-Brown & Root, Italian, negatives; August 1956
-Dave Bufkin and E. T. Robinson, Jr., n.d.
-Building, personnel Christmas luncheon, negatives; ca. 1950s
-Warren [Bultes?], Texas Eastern News, negatives; June 1956
-Bulletin Board, Garage, Minimum wage 75 cents, print; August 1956
-Bulletin Boards, New Bulletin Boards; August 1956
-Credit Union meeting, Division III; n.d.
-Check-Inch purchase, Check from Texas Eastern to United States for purchase of Big Inch and Little Big Inch lines. Check dated November 14, 1947, prints and negatives
-Carson, James Robert Carson, Division V; n.d.
-Centenary College of Louisiana, Gateway to the College, S'port; ca. 1950s
-Corrspondents, Division IV, Correspondents meeting, negatives; June 1956
-Correspondents, Correspondents meeting, Division V, negatives; September 1956
-Correspondents Luncheons, Division V, negatives; September 1956
-Caine, Stephen Caine, Corrosion invention; April 1957
-Caine, Stephen Caine, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Education Award; October 3, 1957
-Caine, Walter Caine, Birth notice, negative, Texas Eastern; August 1956
-Cunningham, Division managers, negative; August 1956
-Carter and [Lindirmank], Dogs and oil derrick planter, negatives; 1956
-Carter, Dortha Carter son, javelin, track and field; April 11, 1956
-Carr, Warren Carr, negatives; August 1956
-Carr, Warren Carr; ca. 1956
-Carter, Dortha Carter, Suspense file for December Texas Eastern News, holiday crafts; ca. 1950s
-Cunningham, E.R. Cunningham; August 1956
-Credit Union, personnel, William H. Moore; n.d.
-Credit Union, officers in Shreveport; n.d.
-Credit Union, officers - general office; February 1957
-Credit Union, negatives; August 1956
-Credit Union, officers; August 1956
-Credit Union, board of directors; August 1956
-Credit Union, forms and storeroom, negatives; August 1956
-Credit Union, officers, negatives; August 1956
-Credit Union, [TEECA?]; August 1956
-Credit Union, general office TEECA, credit union; February 1958
-Credit Union and pipeline negatives; August 1956
-Credit Union, General Office, Credit Union officers; August 1956
-Credit Union meeting, Shreveport; January 1956
-Credit Union, Harry Harpole daughter, TEECA, story - February 1957; February 1957
-Crouder, Clyde C. Crouder, chief operator, Gillis Station - Division V; ca. 1950s
-Division managers meeting; 1956
-Chambersberg, Pennsylvania, visitor from two foreign countries visit compressor station at Chambersberg, Pennsylvania; ca. late 1950s
-Carpenter, O.S. Carpenter, John Lynch, negatives; September 1957
-[Comanich], #499, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Comanich in their new home, prints and negatives; ca. 1950s
-Christmas, lobby Christmas decorations, negatives; December 1956
-Cain; W.E. Caine, negatives; n.d.
-Carr; Warren Carr; September 1956
-Carr; Warren Carr son; TE News; May [ca. 1956]
-Credit Union; TEECA Credit Union, officers; January 1958
-Carter; Dortha Carter's son; November 1956
-Credit Union; 1000th Credit Union Loan; August 1956
-Credit Union annual meeting; January 1957
-Credit Union officers; ca. 1950s
-Credit Union officers; 1955
-Credit Union; 5th annual credit union meeting, general office; ca. 1950s
-Coffee bar, new coffee bar; ca. 1950s
-Cuero; photos - hometown; deer drinking from toilet, parade; winter issue of Inch magazine; winter 1956-1957
-Cuero [Texas], Wilcox Trends Story, winter issue of Inch magazine; winter 1956-1957
-Cuero, Texas; Texas Eastern; winter 1956-1957
-Cuero, Texas; Texas Eastern, horsemen with Texas flag on parade; winter 1956-1957
-Cuero, Texas, annual Turkey Trot, turkey's on parade; winter 1956-1957
-[Colgrew?], Gail Colgrew; ca. 1950s
-Caine; Stephen Caine, corrosion control; July 1958
-Cunningham; E.R. Cunningham, The Inch; n.d.
-Crowder; Lloyd Crowder and his strawberries; Search, Arkansas, District I; ca. 1961
-Cuero, Texas; Wilcox Trends [hometown story], churches, old mission, station, refinery, The Inch; October 1956
-Cunningham; E.R. Cunningham of Louisiana; Texas College of Arts and Industries certificate of appreciation, June 1, 1955; negatives; August 1956
-A.J. [Cracker?], TE News; August 1956
-Cornelius and Barefoot; Oscar Cornelius and Claire Barefoot with stringer of fish, TE News (TEN); 1956
-Camera for Correspondents, Kodak Brownie Bull's Eye; August 1956
-City Gas of Flemington, N.J.; suburban homes, laying gas line to home; 1956
-Crump; Jennie Crump painting at easel; July 1958
-Court House with Confederate monument; n.d.
-Construction engineers meeting, general office; April 1958
-Credit Union meeting, Division III; April 1959
236-Dads Club, North Highlands Dads Club; December 1957
-Data Processing Equipment, IBM; ca. late 1950s
-Dalton Dean, negative; ca. 1950s
-Deffendall, TENews, Accordian player; May 1957
-DeLoach, O. [C.] DeLoach, Tyler; n.d.
-Desk and Derrick, New Members, negatives; 1956
-Desk and Derrick, TE Employees, officers of Desk and Derrick; November 1956
-Desk and Derrick members; 1956
-Desk and Derrick, negative; March 21, 1956
-Desk and Derrick meeting, El Dorado, "The Inch"; ca. 1950s
-Desk and Derrick [?] Trip; August 1956
-Dinner TENews, Photos; May issue 1957
-District I, Station personnel - Texas Easter, Mrs. Marmion, negative file; May 1961
-District II Negative, Tour of Station; ca 1950s
-District IV, personnel at Wharton, Texas, neg file; ca. 1950s
-[Divine] Bill Divine, District III, 1. Congressman J. Buell Snyder and pipeline workers near Rockwood, Pennsylvania, 2. Rockwood Flag raising; November 1943
-District Managers, Asst. Div. Managers; January 1958
-Division managers; 1956
-Division Accounts Meeting in Shreveport; September 1958
-Division I & Triangle, Correspondents Meeting; May 20, 1956
-Division I, office story, ca. 1950s
-Division I, Station 9, Copy negatives, Meskerpark, Swamp babies; February 1957
-Division II, Correspondents meetings, August 1956
-Division II, Correspondents Meetings; February 15, 1956
-Division III Education meeting, Dispatching and Com #493; n.d.
-Division III, Education Meeting, No. 494, Education series: transportation; ca. 1950s
-Division III, Grantville Station [Alando Sala] Compressor station; n.d.
-Division III, Grantville Compressor Station, 495B [Orlanda] Sala; n.d.
-Division III, Correspondents meeting, West Chester and Uniontown; 1956
-Division IV, First Aid School, print and negative; ca. 1950s
-Division IV, Barbecue Party #403, potato sack races; ca. 1950s
-Division V, Joaquin Station personnel; February 1958
-Division Managers meeting, TEN; August 51
-Division Manager Meeting in General Office, Mgrs. Div. Accts., etc; January 1958
-Division Mgrs. Meeting, General Office; January 1958
-Division Managers Meeting, January issue TEN [Note to Clell Baker photographer], "Pls. see if you can lighten this photo up over on the left.", negative; 1956
-Dogwood Trail, Rita Wallace, posing by convertible; May 1958
-Duran, Warren Duran portrait; n.d.
-Eagle Scouts from Bossier City, Louisiana to G.O. Engineering Dept.; February 1958
-Edmonds, Edmonds, Gene, Texas Eastern; n.d.
-Edmondson Wedding; n.d.
-Edmondson negatives; n.d.
-Educational series, General Office, negatives; n.d.
-Educational meetings, Operations Dept., Negatives; February 1958
-Educational meetings, John Day, Meas Dept. Inch Magazine, Winter 1957-58, negative; Winter 1957-58
-Educational meetings, G.O. Dispatching Department; n.d.
-Emerson, Emerson, Jan, Easter baskets, negatives; April - 1958
-Employee relations, Edmondson, Padgett [Jordon]; n.d.
-Engineering, Visiting students, Texas Eastern News; March 1956
-Engineering, Corrosion Engineers, P.H. Miller Department; February 1958
-Engineering, Corrosion engineers; March 1958
-Engineering Library, Exum Estrada, Visit of Librarians; March 1958
-Engineering Department, Promotions, Jennings, [Ball] Marvin, [Erving], on reverse Harry (underlined); June 1958
-Engineering Department, Nozzles, Fletcher; June 1958
-Engineering Department, Inch Magazine, negatives; June 1958
-Evans, Evans, Earl F., Birthday; August 1958
-Evans, Evans, Earl, Texas Eastern News; August 1958
-FalFurrias correspondents; ca. 1950s
-Falfurrias Story, The Inch, Falfurrias, Texas, downtown; ca. 1950s
-Family at carnival, Ferris wheel, Carousel [originally filed as miscellaneous]; ca. 1950s
-Fashion Show, Texas Eastern, negatives; ca. 1950s
-Fertitta and Nicholas, Benn Fertitta, George Nicholas; June 1956
-First Aid Class, Barton, Alabama, negative, Clell Baker, No. 96; 1956
-Fishing party, Harry O. Marmion #2010, [Gulf fishing?]; ca. 1950s
-Fitzpatrick, R.J.Fitzpatrick home, House interiors and exteriors; 1956
-Foreman's meeting, Bowling Green, May 1956
-Foreman's Meeting, Division III, April 21, 1959
-Foreman's Meeting, West Chester, Pennsylvania; June 28, 1956
-Foreman's meeting, Division III, 1958; June 26, 1958
-Foreman's meeting, West Chester, Pennsylvania; April 24, 1958
-Foreman's meeting, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, No. 741, Division III; ca. 1950s
-Foreman's Meeting, Division III, June-July 1956
-Gas Reserves Story; June 1956
-Gas Reserve Story, Drilling rig and field analysis; June 1956
-Gas Reserves Story, Texas Eastern Drilling Rig; ca.1950s
-Gas Reserve Story, Texas Eastern Drilling rig; ca. 1950s
-Gas Reserves Story, Office staff, ca. 1950s
-General office, Tennis League; ca. 1950s
-General Office, Tennis League; July 1958
-Gibson, Martha Gibson, Right-of-Way Department [modeling photos]; March 23, 1956
-Gilcrease, John Gilcrease, Measuring department; November 1957
-Giles, Bill Giles with Boston Bull [Terriers], prints; 1956
-Golf Tournament, Committee; October 1956
-Golf, G.O. Golf Tournament; October 1957
-Golf, G. O. Golf Tournament winners; October 1957
-Golf tournament, winners; October 1956
-Golf, Golfing; August 1956
-Golf, G.O. Golf tournament, Texas Eastern; October 1957
-Golf, G.O. Golf Tournament, Committee; October 1957
-Golf, Texas Eastern, The Inch, 9 #120 rolls, Golf tournament; October 1956
-Golf, G.O. Golf Tournament; 1958
-Golf, Golf Tournament; July 1956
-Golf, Golf Tournament, G.O.; October 1957
-Golf-General Office, Golf Tournament, winners; 1958
-Golf, Tournament, October TEN; 1958
-Golf, G.O Golf Tours; 1957
-Golf, Golf Tournament, General Office; October 1956
-Golf, Golf Tournament, July 1956
-Graves, Beverly Graves, Nurse, First aid room; 1956
-Greek visitor, Vinton Long; May 1956
-Greensmith, Roy Greensmith, negatives; February 1957
-Griffith, Andy Griffith, Station 8, Gatewood and movie star; August 1956
-Grist Mill, Many, Louisiana; 1956
-Haskom Field, Pro. Dept. Safety, dinner, No.500; n.d.
-Haggard, Claire Haggard [office baby shower]; ca. 1950s
-Hanger, Transportation Dept. Hanger photos, inside cover short [mechanic working on DC-3]; ca.1950s
-Hargrove, J.W.Hargrove; 1956
-[Hervey?] Scholarship #1098; ca. 1950s
-Houses, ranch-style and mansion; ca.1950s
-Hicks, Russell Hick, Jaycees; June 1956
-Hildebrand, Mrs. France Hildebrand, Div. V, Christmas Recipe [pie]; ca. 1950s
-Hodges, C.R. Hodges; May 1957
-Holiday in Dixie Parade, Melody Brown; May 1958
-Hope Natural Gas Co., Inch; Fall 1958
-Hornsby, Wayne C. Hornsby, Falfurrias Plant, La Gloria, March issue of TEN [man with small boat]; ca. 1950s
-IBM, Texas Eastern; ca. 1957
-Inn, TENews; ca. 1950s
-Inch cover format, Inch magazine, "Keep in Leon Sipes office"
-Inch, certificate of merit, award for The Inch; 1957
-Industrial management club, T.E. Pixs; ca 1950s
-Junior Chamber of Commerce, members; August 1956
-Johnson; Bobby Johnson, football referee; October 1956
-Jaycee Award; Lambert; photo by Clell Baker; 1956
-Johnson; Bobby Johnson, stock purchase plan; June 1956
-Judo; June 1956
-Johnson; Bobby Johnson, birthday cake; February 1958
-Jordan; N.M. Jordan, son and prize heifer; March 1958
-Jordan; N.M. Jordan's son Tom; ca. 1950s
-Jordan; N.M. Jordan, insurance progam; January 1958
-Junior Achievement program, TEN, Millard Neptune et al.; October 1959
-Jones O'Brien Co.; fall Inch [summer issue]; ca. 1950s
-Kyler; Percy Kyler birthday; ca. 1950s
-Kernz; Karen Sue Kernz, daughter of Simon I. Kernz, No. 374; photo contest entry; ca. 1950s
-Keller, Bob; January TENews, American Kennel Club, Best of Breed-Longview [Texas]; 1957
-Kister, George, 10-year award dinner for no lost time due to an accident; ca. 1950s
-Kilgore; Shorty Kilgore and football bet; Dec. TENews, shoe shine; 1956
-Kelley, T.B., C. Hedrick; May 1957
-Kilgore, Shorty; Football bet; December 1957
-Ketner, Jim; February 1957
-Kelly, Tom; T.E. birthday cake, The Inch, by Clell Baker, Shreveport, Louisian; April 1957
-Kelley, Tom; St. Patrick's tie; March 1958
-Kelley, Tom; general office; 11th birthday in the company; April 1958
-Lilly Station; club tours - Cresson Rotary, #786; ca. 1950s
-La Cuno [as in La Cuno Oil Company] [may be in Jefferson, Texas area] [a Texas Eastern station?], office, tanks, measurement crew, drilling rig; ca. 1956
-La Cuno; railroad care, Jay Gould; ca. 1950s
-La Cuno Oil Corp. officers, company plane, corporate building; ca. 1956
-La Cuno, hotel [?]; ca. 1956
-La Cuno - Dan Lester; Lester Ranch [with cattle]; Dan Lester [views map of unknown city or subdivision]; Lester home, Jefferson, Texas; ca. 1956
-Landman story, spring Inch; 1959
-Little Big Inch Division, move to Houston; August 1958
-Lebanon Ohio; fire warden school, District III; December 1961
237-Lackey, D.L., son and science demonstration, May issue TE News; ca. 1950s
-Lafayette, Louisiana, Miss Bryant; The Inch; winter 1959
-Lafayette - St. Martinville, The Inch, Texas Eastern, H.O. Marmion, [statue of Evangeline]; winter 1959-1960
-Lafayette, Louisiana; The Inch, H.O. Marmion; winter 1959-1960
-La Gloria meeting in Shreveport; n.d.
-La Gloria, Lynch and corporate [Orville S. Carpenter, president of Texas Eastern]; ca. 1950s
-La Gloria dinner parter; ca. 1950s
-La Gloria party, Shreveport; September 1957
-Lambert gardens, outdoor Christmas decorations, Clell Baker photo, Shreveport, Louisiana; ca. 1950s
-La Gloria, Binford Arney; n.d.
-La Gloria general office; ca. 1950s
-La Gloria, McMurrey, refinery employees; August 1957
-La Gloria, safety award dinner, Waskom; ca. 1950s
-La Gloria Corporation; 1950s
-La Gloria visit to general office; September 1957
-La Gloria general office; August 1957
-La Gloria; J.W. Mattasolio, IMC; ca. 1950s
-La Gloria, Waskom Field; August 1957
-La Gloria Corp.; ca. 1950s
-La Gloria Oil and Gas Co., general office; September 1957
-Laying pipeline at river crosssing; ca. 1950s
-Lebanon Dedication, facilities, Clell Baker photo; ca. 1950s
-Library [unidentified, possibly Shreveport]
-Little Big Inch move to Houston; August 1958
-Little Big Inch: [note on] negatives on Todhunter & Lebanon, Ohio; ca. 1962
-Little Big Inch: [note on] negatives on Princeton & Todhunter; December 7, 1962
-Little Big Inch, executive personnel; February 1958
-Little Big Inch, management meeting; 1958
-Little Big Inch, TE News; ca. 1950s
-Little Big Inch; Tod Hunter or [Todhunter], terminal negative; ca. 1950s
-Little Big Inch, G.O.; January 1958
-"Little Theatre" [in Shreveport?]; ca. 1959
-Long, Evelyn; birthday party; March 1957
-Longview, Texas; home town story; 1956
-Lost County Bank happy birthday cake from Texas Eastern to bank - 21 years; October 25, 1955
-Lynch, John; La Gloria; ca. 1950s
-Magic Suit Case, Julie Wheeler; #1361 [negatives]; ca. 1950s
-Man and boy with calf near barn [originally filed a miscellaneous]
-Mason, Nancy; No. 1091; n.d.
-Matthews, Neill; Jaycees; June 1956
-MCright, Herb; boat trip; June 1956
-McDonald, H.M. and Shoup, A.J.; ca. 1950s
-McDonald, H.M.; birthday party; November 1956
-McKinney, May Lynn Humphrey and members of the steno [stenographers] pool.; ca. 1950s
-McLunes, Lamar; outstanding cadet trophy; STU-BAFB, Texas; August 1958
-Measurement; ca. 1950s
-Measurement at general office meeting; ca. 1950s
-Measurement meeting; ca. 1950s
-Mexican students visiting general office; September 1958
-Mexican students visiting Division V; September 1958
-Microwave; prints and negatives [Egypt, Mississippi]; ca. 1950s
-Merit Award for 1955, annual report, negatives; June 27, 1956
-Microwave section; ca. 1950s
-Miller, Bob; deer hunting [holding deer by antlers]; 1956
-Miller, Clay; no. 754; n.d.
-Miller, P.H.; measurement meeting; November 1956
-Miller, Phil; measurement meeting; ca. 1950s
-Moon, John; Treasury Dept., Houston; used in TEN [Texas Eastern News]; October 1959
-Moore, Bill; TEECA credit union; October 1957
-Moore, Bill; TEECA [Texas Eastern Employees Credit Association]; April 1958
-Morrell, Anthony and Curtis Kern, no. 177; no identification; Uniontown, Pennsylvania; TEN neg. file; Division III; ca. 1959
-Mosbacher, Bob and family; printed negs have corner cut; ca. 1950s
-Murphy, David; July 1956 issue of TEN; baseball Little Leaguers and Dr. Pepper Little League team [negatives]; July 1956
-Meeting, black and white negatives; 1955
-Nash, Larry; ca. 1950s
-Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. K.W. of Tyler Refinery visit Houston; for the [TE] News; Houston Colts; August 1962
-Nurse - first aid story; Beverly [Graves], prints and negatives; 1956
-National Resources conference [March 23, 1956]; August 1956
-Natural Gas Building; 1956
-Negro baseball team of Texas Eastern; October TE News; 1958
-Nash, L.E., request photos; 1956
-Nash, L.E.; May 1957
-Nash, L.E.; National Association of Cost Accounting [NACA] exhibit; May 1958
-NACA offices; National Association of Cost Accountants; 1956
-Neptune - [Emerg], professional budget accounting group; January 1962
-Operations Department, student visitors; February 1958
-Operations Department; T.B. Kelley; November 1957
-Oil well and derrick; ca. 1950s
-Picnic, Division III; West Chester, Pennsylvania; bumper cars, bingo, carousel, swings, roller coaster; August 1958
-Picnics, company picnics Division I, El Dorado and products; [negatives]; 1957
-Pyle, David Wayne, with puppy; 15-months old son of Howard W. Pyle of Mont Belvieu, Texas [Note on original sleeve: "Miss B-This neg. from transparency sent by corres{pondent}."] [Note on negative: "David & Corners, April 1957. Just learned to walk."]; April 1957
-Picnics Division III; June 1958
-Picnics Division V; 1959
-Planning and [...] department; March 1957
-Purchasing Agents picnic day [Greens ...]; May 1958
-[Piall?], Eugene C., instructor, educational series; Uniontown, Pennsylvania; n.d.
-Pipe Stress, test instrument, engineering; ca. 1950s
-Picnic - Vidor; Vidor, Texas; June 1958
-Products Division, general office, personnel; Home, Johnson; August 1957
-Picnics, Division V; Danville, Kentucky; 1958
-Purchasing Agents picnic Roy [name unclear]; May 1958
-Petroleos Mexicanos; ca. 1950s
-Polio shots, general office; 1957
-Pipeline Department; 1956
-Palmer, book addict; May 1956
-Perryman, Triangle, TEN; July 1956
-Picnic - Cuero, Wilcox Trend; June 1958
-Picnic, Division V, Union Church, Kosciusko; 1957
-Picnic, Division V; June 1958
-Prater, Moselle; April and May, 1957
-Don Quinn, snake handler; May 1958
-Reich, Jay; Marietta, Pa., Division III; August 1957
-Robinson, Miller and Pemex visitor; operations; April 1956
-Rogers, H.M., TEN August issue; 1958
-Reproduction Depart.; February 1958
-"Red" Rivers, July issue TEN; ca. 1950s
-Rayne, Louisiana Gas Processing Plant [removal note]; August 28, 1962
-Roy, Chas., twin sons, baby file; August 1957
-Rogers, Eleanor; sons of Eleanor; July 1956
-Right of Way & Triangle; 1956
-Reproduction Dept., Feb-TENews; Janauary 1958
-Radio Engineers; Logn, [Banis] etc.; January 1957
-Rayne, Louisiana; City of Rayne, Texas Eastern; ca. 1950s
-Robertson, Sylvaneous, Will Cain; 1956
-Rush, Hank; 1956
238-Red Cross Campaign El Dorado Station No. 346 n.d.
-E.C. Riall Centenary 1956
-Gene Riall 1956
-Ross & Family Division V; ten May 1957
-Fatleaf Safety Awards July 1956
-Safety AWard Dinners Division I The Inch 1957
-Safety Awards Dinners Division I The Inch
-Safety Award Plaque, National Business Aircraft Association June 30, 1965
-Safety Department eye test
-Safety Department Fire Prevention Week n.d.
-Safety Department
-Safety Department Mary Ann Wagner Nurse ca. 1950s
-Safety Department neg. file Department of Interior Bureau of Mines ca. 1950s
-Safety Department Story man wearing goggles and mask Winter Inch 1956
-Safety Department Training of POlice Officers 1956
-Safety Department Nurse Beverly [Graves] 1956
-Safety Department First Aid Nurse Beverly Graves eye testing 1956
-Safety Department Eye Machine April 11, 1956
-Safety Department June 1956
-Safety Department Nurse November 1956
-Safety Department June 1958
-Safety Engineers 2 negatives photo taken by Clell Baker ca. 1950s
-Safety Engineer Bob Scott June 1956
-Safety Engineers Meeting September to May 1957
-Safety Engineers Radio Presentation to Cunningham August 1958
-Safety Meeting Triangle-Bossier City March 15, 1956
-Safety Meeting S'port Police Department May 1956
-Safety Meeting Hanger July 1956
-Safety Poster Edmundson June 1956
-Safety Story Winter Inch 1956
-Safe Driving Award Curly Davis receiving award from H. M. Rogers ca. 1950s
-Safe Driver award Five eYear Harry Williams ca. 1950s
-Safedriving Award general office 1956
-Safedriver awards G.O. 1958
-Helen Sauter [Flower Arrangement] ca 1950s
-Helen Sauter ca. 1959
-Patricia Sawhorn negatives [woman working on blueprints] ca. 1950s
-School Arthur Circle ca. 1950s
-School [B...]
-School B Yad
-School Fair Park
-School Jewella Rd.
-School Leany St.
-School Union St.
-School B.T. Washington
-School Visitors to Accounting Dept January 1958
-Scouts Eagle Scout tour of Shreveport Office
-Secretarial Meeting Shreveport Office Fashion Show ca. 1950s
-Safety Character Award May 1956 Mary Selvidge
-Mary Selvidge Contest Winner May 28, 1956
-Seymour Indiana negatives 1 of 2
-Seymour Indiana negatives 2 of 2
-SGA Buck Rogers Personnel Meet September 1957
-SGA Convention Dallas MAy 1956
-SGA Meet Dallas May 1956
-Llyod Sheffield Basketball Prizes March 1958
-Clarence A. Shipp n.d.
-Shreveport Bowlers Clell Baker August 1962
-Shreveport Story H. [Marks?] ca. 1950s
-Shreveport Story Jewish Congregation ca. 1950s
-Shreveport Story Libby Owens Ford Glass Shreveport Plant 2 ca. 1950s
-Shreveport Story Masonic Temple ca. 1950s
-Shreveport Story Golf ca. 1950s
-Shreveport Story Chruch ca. 1950s
-Shreveport Story Holy Trinity Catholic Texas Eastern
-Shreveport Story Sailboats [Grasslake?]; ca. 1950s
-Shreveport Assn. of Blind General Office aid to the Shreveport Assn. of Blind; ca 1950s
-Slaton Radio Room # 2; ca. 1950s
-Joyce Smelser at office desk May TENews; ca. 1950s
-Softball Team, G.O. [general office]; August 1958
-Softball team, Texas Eastern Blacks, G.O.; August 1957
-Softball team, G.O.; September 1957
-Softball Team, Texas Eastern; June 1956
-Softball team, colored, Texas Eastern; June 1956
-Sputnik [oscilloscope], Tom Whalen, The Inch; October 1957
-Square dancing, general office personnel; February 1958
-Square dancing lessons, Texas Easterns; March 1958
-Station 21-A, Division III; ca. 1950s
-Station 12 Award dinner; 1956
-Steno, Byrd High School, teachers tour, steno pool; ca. 1950s
-Steno pool, "This is a group shot of the steno pool to be filed -- the pix was used in Dec. TEN."; ca. 1950s
-Sterling Steves; April 11, 1956
-Steward, Shreveport office; June 19,1964
-Stock certificate, Texas Eastern, July issue TEN, Lamar [?]; 1958
-Stock Purchase Plan; n.d.
-Stock Purchase Plan; April 1957
-Stockholder Records; summer 1959
-Stockholder records [binding]; summer 1959
-Stockholder records #9; summer 1959
-Stockholder records #15, summer 1959
-Stockholder records #16, summer 1959
-Stockholder records, no. 18; summer 1959
-Stockholder records#20; summer 1959
-Stockholder records #23; summer 1959
-Stockholder records #29 (2), Graphotype machine with operator; summer 1959
-Stockholder records #33; summer 1959
-St. Marks; ca. 1950s
-Style Show; Texas Eastern, fall employees; ca. 1950s
-Tyler, Texas; October 1957
-Texas Eastern; Libby Owens Ford Glass Co. factory; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern; U.S. Post Office; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern Building [Shreveport?]; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern, Shreveport skyline, east; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: School of Nursing, Northwestern State College (con. men. c.); ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: First Church Christ Scientist; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: Centenary College of Louisiana, entrance way; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: VA [Veterans Administration] Hospital; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: Parkview Baptist Church; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: [Broadmoor] Baptist Church; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: Commerce St. [Shreveport]; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: Texas Avenue [Shreveport]; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: skyline, Shreveport; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: Historical market, Commerce St. [Shreveport?]; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: Shriners Hospital [Shreveport]; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: Confederate Memorial Hospital [Shreveport]; ca. 1950s
-Tyler, Texas, 19A; October 1957
-Texas Eastern Building; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern Bldg. entrance, Shreveport; ca. 1950s
-Trilobite negatives; n.d.
-Annie Mae Taylor; ca.1950s
-Tennis League, tournament winners, general office; ca. 1950s
-Texas Eastern: Ernie Graham, H.M. McDonald; August 1961
-Texas A&M officers: Weyland and Higgins; 1956
-Triangle Pipeline, office employee; 1956
-Trunkline Pipeline; January 14, 1955
-Transportation Department, mechanics; August 1956
-Tyler: picture of La Gloria refinery at Tyler on phone book; ca. 1962
-Texas Eastern: Christmas street scene with tree and lights at night; ca. 1950s
-Transportation, plane [Douglas Commercial 3 (DC3)], truck; January 1960s
-Texas Eastern: man wearing advertising paraphenalia; ca. 1950s
-Thagard; 1956
-Tyler, Texas story "The Inch;" ca. 1950s
-Triangle Pipeline office employees; 1956
-Transportation Department: plane, crew, cockpit, DC 3; September 1957
-Transportation Department: truck and crew; ca. 1956
-Transportatoin Department: welding truck to be used on McAllen line; Clell Baker photo; March 1957
-Thibodeaux, Longview station; 1956
-Triangle Pipeline, negatives; 1956
-Texas Eastern News: Texas Eastern volunteer workers; ca. 1950s
-United Fund co-chairmen; September 1958
-United Fund; October 1956
-Upchurch, Haden J.
-United Fund drive; November 1956
-Upholstering hobby, Wheelersburg, Ohio; March 22, 1956
-United Gas research lab exterior; 1956
-United Gas Building; 1953
239-Vidor compressor station; 1956
-Waller, Fred; June 1956
-Webb, Jack, ROTC; November 1956
-Whalen, Tom, radio equipment; November 1957
-White, J.B., birthday; November 1957
-Wilcox Trend, deer at Charco Station; ca. 1950s
-Wilcox Trend, correspondent Ruth McArdle; June 1958
-Wilcox Trend, file TEN [Texas Eastern News], picnic Cuero; June 1958
-Wilcox Trend, Cuero Turkey Trot, Inch story winter issue; 1956
-Williams, Harry; safety department, CPR course; October 1956
-Williams, Harry; old newspaper; March 23, 1956
-[Wimbish], George; airplane, TEN [Texas Eastern News] plus two women playing tennis; August 1958
-Wright, Bill; Jeep-minature; April 1957
-Xmas [Christmas] recipe; L.H. McClure, phone 385; ca. 1950s
-Xmas [Christmas] recipe, #301; Mr. and Mrs. R.O. Gassett; ca. 1950s
1Compressor stations, machinery, Texas Eastern building; ca. 1950s-1970s
2Texas Eastern men at work; n.d.
3Information packet titled "The Next Generation of Energy;" ca. 1996
4Correspndence regarding War Emergency Pipeline Annual Inventory Update; 2001-2002
5War Emergency Pipeline, Annual Inventory Update of Big Inch and Little Inch for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; 2003
6Correspondence between James Hart and Tom Moore regarding corporate communications studies; 1997
7Texas Eastern and Securities and Exchange Commission, correspondence, memos, legal documents; 1947-1978
8Tony Turbeville files: history of Panhandle Eastern; photos of Goerge Brown, William Maguire; Mo-Kan annual report 1931; 1931-1991


Series III: Duke Energy Corporation., 1930 to 2002

Scope and Contents note
The Duke Energy Corporation Series consists of twelve folders. The items were in folders labled with Duke Energy or were contributed to the collection following Duke Energy's acquisition of PanEnergy. This series contains a Mo-Kan newsletter from the 1930s, as well as recent materials including a history of the Big and the Little Big Inch, histories and corporate timelines of Panhandle Energy, news clips, correspondence and photographs of George R. Brown, one of the founders of Brown and Root and Texas Eastern Transmission Corp., and William Maguire, the guiding force behind Panhandle Energy Pipe Line Corporation. The dates of the materials range from 1930 to 2002 with the bulk of the material from the 1990s to 2002.
2399Big Inch Pipeline Anniversary, video news release; ca. late 1990s
10"Big Inch and Little Big Inch Pipelines" history booklet and related news release and correspondence; August 2000
11PanEnergy Corp. 1995 annual report
12Corporate timelines of Panhandle Eastern, Mo-Kan Bulletin, news release, news clips; 1930-1997


Series IV: Over size images.

Scope and Contents note
This series consists of two boxes containing over size items, mainly photographs.
241 - OV-Photos of Texas Eastern facilities, including drilling rigs in daylight and at night, pump station, and mining operation or excavation; n.d.
241-OV-George R. Brown
-Cooper Bessemer Compressor Name Plate
-Brass Clock Summerfield Station
-48 Inch Brass Wrench N. Little Rock Area
-War Emergency Pipeline Book; April 1943
-Electric Motor Driven Delaval Compressor W.E.P. Pipeline Longview
-500 # Gauge from W.E.P. Uniontown
-3 Inch Meter Run Wilcox Trend Cuero Area
-Brass Clock Lebanon, Ohio Area
-Double Circle- Tetco Logo from original W.E.P.
-Brass Scoop with Wooden Handle Holbrook
-Board of Directors Charles I. Francis
-Board of Directors Ralph S. O'Connor
-Gus Wortham
-George R. Brown
-Mr. Carpenter?
-Board Pictures Carpenter
-Board Pictures William Marsh Cooper
-Board Pictures Neff
-Board Pictures R. H. Hargrove
-Board Pictures William A. Smith
-Board Pictures Melvin R. Kurth or B.D. Goodrich
-Board Pictures John F. Lynch or H. I. Frensley
-Board Pictures John F. Lynch or H.I. Frensley
-Board of Directors W T. Thagard or John R. Beckett
-Board Pictures Thompson
-Unlabeled Photo of man at Texas Eastern podium
-Board of Directors Butler or Ivy
-Board of Directors Butler or Ivy
-Mr. Butler?
-8x10 Board of Directors W.T. Thagard or John R. Beckett
-10x14 matted Board of Directors W.T. Thgard or John R. Beckett 2 copies
-Charles I. Francis
-Unlabeled photo, two men with one leaning on a drafting table
-Board Pictures, George F. Kirby
-tall 10x14 George Kirby matted
-wide 10x14 George Kirby matted 2 copies
-George Kirby profile 10x14 matted
-George Kirby seated at book looking to right tall
-George Kirby seated looking to right wide
-Unlabled man in gray suit with two-tone blue stripe tie
-Board Pictures Melvin R. Kurth or B.D. Goodrich
-Wide angle photo of men and front end loader in cave
-tall photo of workmen in cave with front end loader (2 copies)
-Bedford Station October, 1967 Taken by L.M. Rudy
-Unlabeled photo of processing plant
-Men working on pipeline
-Man moving pipes color
-Man moving pipes Black and White
-Black and White Sepia tone of Excavating Machines for pipeline
-Southern Helicopters and Pilot

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