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Guide to the Harris Masterson I papers,1860-1942, bulk 1880-1920, Part 1: Series I-III MS 468p1

creatorMasterson, Harris, Judge
Title: Judge Harris Masterson I Papers (part 1 of 3)
Dates: 1860-1942, bulk 1880-1920
Abstract:Judge Harris Masterson’s papers relate almost exclusively to his legal practice and real estate dealings after he moved from Brazoria County, Texas, to Houston, dating from 1860-1942, bulk 1880-1920.
Identification: MS 468p1
Quantity: 51 Linear Feet(102 boxes)
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical / Historical

Judge Harris Masterson, the youngest son of Thomas Gilbert and Christina Masterson, was born in Brazoria County on June 30, 1856. His father, a lawyer, judge, and large landowner in Brazoria County, migrated to Texas from Nashville, Tennessee. His mother also studied law and came from Tennessee where her grandfather had been a prominent judge and governor.Harris and all five of his brothers received their legal education from her. Of the six, four entered into active legal practice, and all of the them served as judges at one time during their careers.

Harris Masterson began his legal career in Brazoria County. Although not much is known about Masterson’s early career in Brazoria or his terms as judge, it seems from papers and correspondence in the collection that he became involved in land litigation early in his career. This emphasis began with his interests in his father’s large holdings in Brazoria County. In June 1880, Harris Masterson married Sallie Stewart Turner, by whom he had five children, of whom only three lived beyond infancy. A short time after his wife’s death in January of 1894, the Judge moved his legal practice to Houston.

From the extensive correspondence and numerous deeds in these papers, it seems Masterson dealt largely with land litigation and investments in Harris and surrounding counties, including Brazoria, Firt Bend, Galveston, Hardin, and Jefferson Counties. His land interests extended into several East Texas and Louisiana lumber companies. Since he owned so much coastal land, Spindletop and the discovery of oil opened a new field of business for Masterson. He joined with other prominent landowners in the coastal area to form small oil companies for drilling. He also made a great deal of money by leasing out his land for drilling. He became a member of the Hogg-Swayne syndicate participating in and contributing to their numerous drilling operations, as well as independently drilling with Frank Andrews and Joseph S. Cullinan. Most of the oil drilled on Masterson’s land was sold to the Gulf Oil & Pipeline Company, the Sun Pipeline Company, and other large oil companies.

Masterson set up several land corporations with his brother A.R. Masterson and son Neill. Two of these were the Texas Town Lot & Improvement Company and the Houston Town Lot & Improvement Company. Although these companies on occasion contracted to build houses on the land they sold, their primary function was to buy large tracts of land and break them into smaller lots. Much of this land was sold to what would today be called the middle and lower class people of Houston. These sales then were usually financed by Harris Masterson so that in case of default, the land reverted back to the Mastersons. Through one of these companies Masterson apparently acquired some land which the owners had been unwilling to sell to the newly founded Rice Institute.

Masterson also speculated in land in Cameron County and other parts of the Rio Grande Valley which only needed irrigation to become agriculturally productive. Not coincidentally, he also bought stock in various irrigation companies. Among these were the Harlingen Land & Water Company and the La Feria Land & Water Company. Although these companies were badly mismanaged by the local operators and eventually went bankrupt, they seemed to have opened up the speculation and search for water to make this area productive. Other investments for which there are records in these papers include coal mines in West Texas, local railroads, sugar crops, cattle and ranching.

Judge Harris Masterson was a shrewd businessman who kept his wealth spread across his various investments. His employed the services of a secretary as well as his son Neill and son-in-law Elliott Cage to help him look after and protect his investments. Neill Masterson continued to care for the investments after the death of Judge Masterson in July 1900.

Source: “The Masterson Family Papers”, The Flyleaf, Vol. 24, No. 3, October 1974. Friends of Fondren Library, Rice University, Houston TX. By Beth Wray, Manuscript Curator, Woodson Research Center.

Scope and Contents

Judge Masterson’s papers relate almost exclusively to his legal practice and real estate dealings after he moved from Brazoria County, Texas, to Houston, dating from 1860-1942, bulk 1880-1920. He dealt primarily with land litigation and investments in Harris and surrounding counties, including Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Hardin, and Jefferson Counties. Other investments for which there are records in these papers include coal mines in West Texas, local railroads, sugar crops, cattle and ranching. Business cycles and the style of land and oil deals of the day are presented very well in the correspondence. Family correspondence also reveals Masterson’s willingness to employ his own numerous nephews and generally to help people in his employ. The papers dating from Judge Masterson’s death in July 1900 were created or maintained by Masterson’s son Neill.


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Masterson, Harris, Judge

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Judge Harris Masterson I Papers, MS 468, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Acquisition Information

The Masterson papers were donated to the Fondren Library by the Mastersons in 1957.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Bank Accounts, 1887-1942 (Boxes 1-9)

Scope and Contents note
Bank statements, correspondence, check stubs, receipts, arranged by bank name and then chronologically.
11Adoue Lobit cancelled checks, 1887-1891; Houston National Exchange Bank checks stubs, 1911-1912
2Adoue Lobit bank statements, 11-20-1885—12-1892
3Adoue Lobit bank statements, 1-1893—8-1900
4Adoue Lobit correspondence, 2-15-1886—3-17-1914; Adoue Lobit check registers
21First National Bank of Houston check stubs, 1898-1904, and account books/check registers, 1898-1914
31First National Bank of Houston bank statements, deposits, drafts, 1898-1919
2First National Bank of Houston deposit slips, 1900-1920; correspondence with bank, 8-1904—7-1914; Deposit slips, 1915-1920
41W.O. Ellis Co., Bankers, Houston cancelled checks, 1889-1890
2Alvin Exchange National Bank, Alvin, TX, cancelled checks, bank books, deposits, 1893-1897
3Planters Merchants National Bank, Houston, TX cancelled checks, deposits, 1890-1896
4High Emprise, 1972
51T.W. House, Banker, Houston, TX cancelled checks, bank books, 1897, 1907
2W.O. Ellis Co., Bankers, bank books, 1889-1890
3Smith Bros., Brazoria, TX check stubs, 1884-1886; National Bank of Commerce bank book, 1912; Houston National Exchange Bank bank book, 1911
4Bank of Angleton, Angleton, TX cancelled checks, deposits, 1987-1901
5The Union National Bank cancelled checks, 1917; Velasco National Bank, Velasco, TX check stubs, 1894-1895; unknown banks check stubs, 1892-1896, 1917
61First National Bank of Houston and Commonwealth National Bank check stubs and bank books for HM, Mrs. HM, P. Harvey; checks and bank statements from various banks—Velasco, 1892-1897, Smith Bros.—1884-1885, Planters State Bank—1917-1920, Harlingen State Bank—1916-1918, Seaboard National Bank, NY—1911
71Velasco National Bank correspondence and bank statements, 1894-1897
2Planters Mechanics National Bank statements and correspondence, 1889-1896, 1918
3W.O. Ellis Co., Bankers statements, deposits, correspondence, 1889
4Alvin Exchange Bank statements, correspondence, 1894-1899
5T.W. House, Banker, deposit receipts, statements, 1887-1898
6Bank of Angleton statements, deposits, correspondence, 1897-1901
7Bank statements, cancelled checks: Houston National Exchange Bank, 1910-1919; Gulf National Bank, 1903-1904; South Texas National Bank, 1895-1912; Misc. banks, 1887-1917
8Summary of all bank accounts, 1885
9First National Bank statements for Mrs. H.B. Masterson, 8-6-1924—1-1925
10First National Bank statements, 1920-1928, 1931
11Misc. bills and statements, 1910-1942
12First National Bank check stubs , 1916-1922
81First National Bank cancelled checks for: Mrs. H.B. Masterson, 1924-1925; N.T. Masterson, 1909-1912; H.B. Masterson, 1920-1928/ Gulf National Bank and First National Bank, Beaumont, TX bank books and cancelled checks for H.A. Perry, 1903
91First National Bank of Houston checks stubs and deposits, 1914-1941

Series II: Business Interests, 1884-1920 (Boxes 10- 58)

Scope and Contents note
Financial records, legal documents, and correspondence related to specific companies and businesses which appear in alphabetical order by the name of the business.
101Cameron County, TX Irrigation District #1 bond correspondence, 1916
2Cameron County, TX (Harlingen), Lon C. Hill, Jr. corresp., 1913-1916
3Cameron County, TX (Harlingen), Lon C. Hill, Jr. corresp., 1916
4Cameron County, TX: abstract of property conveyed by Lon C. Hill for deeds of trust and to the Harlingen Land and Water Co., 1913 [1915]
5Cameron County, TX: judgment against and abstracts of land of Harlingen Land and Water Co., 1905
6Cameron County, TX: release from deed of trust and judgment lien by H. Masterson to John H. Brooks, 1917
7Cameron County, TX: option to purchase townsite property extended to Ross L. Clark by H. Masterson, 1914
8Cameron County, TX: release from deed of trust on property to Lon C. Hill by Rio Grande Canal Co., 1914
9Cameron County, TX: partial release from vendor’s lien on property by H. Masterson to J.S. Massie S.M. Massie, 1914
10Cameron County, TX: refusal of trustee to act and appointment of substitute in deed of trust of Lon C. Hill to I.H. Kempner for benefit of H. Masterson, 1914
11Cameron County, TX: Hill Plantation Co., Gordon Hill in account with H. Masterson, 1914, 1917-1918
12Cameron County, TX: papers re: transfer of bonds from Cameron County Irrigation District #1 to Harlingen Land Water Co., 1915
13Cameron County, TX: agreement between Robards and Henson And H. Masterson re: bonds for Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1917
14Cameron County, TX: note with collateral of Harlingen Land Water District to H. Masterson, 1915
15Cameron County, TX: note of Cameron County Irrigation District #1 to H. Masterson, 1915
16District Courts of Harris and Cameron Counties: litigation involving debts of Lon C. Hill, but not H. Masterson, 1913
111Cameron County, TX: certified copies of deed of trust and release of Lon C. Hill to Wm. C. Craig, 1913-1914, 1917
2Correspondence re: deals with E.T. Madden, 1913-1914
3Correspondence re: deals with E.T. Madden, 1915-1916
4District Court of Cameron County, TX: certified copies of releases of liens from court judgments in suits against Lon C. Hill and Hill Sugar Co., 1918-1919
5Callahan Construction Co. re: Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1915-1917
6Correspondence re: Blakeney Maxey suit against Lon C. Hill, Jr. in Muskogee, OK, 1915-1916
7Correspondence re: Mid-Continent Building, Muskogee, OK, 1914-1916, Lon C. Hill
8Cameron County, TX: Rincon Farm matters, 1913-1914
9Correspondence and legal papers re: Minnesota-Texas Land Irrigation Co. v. LaFeria Mutual Canal Co., 1918-1919
10Correspondence and legal papers re: Minnesota-Texas Land Irrigation Co. v. LaFeria Mutual Canal Co., 1917
121Documents and correspondence re: Hill debts to H. Masterson, 1908, 1911-1915
2Documents and correspondence re: Hill debts to H. Masterson, 1916-1918
3Correspondence re: operation of Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1915
4Correspondence re: Harlingen Townsite Co., 1913-1914
5Cameron Co., TX: correspondence re: Palmetal Co. and foreclosures, 1915-1916
6Cameron Co., TX: accounts of Harlingen Land Water Co. with H. Masterson, 1913-1916
7Correspondence re: sale of Harlingen Land Water Co. to Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1915-1916
131Correspondence re: operation of Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1916
2Business correspondence, Lon C. Hill, 1915-1916
3Correspondence re: Harlingen Land Water Co., 1915-1916
4Correspondence, Gordon Hill, Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1915
5Correspondence, Gordon Hill, Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1916
6Correspondence re: Hill Sugar Plantation, 1913-1917
7Cameron County Irrigation District #1, Masterson guarantor, 1918
8Cameron County, TX: deed of trust and note with vendor’s lien for purchase of land by Antonia Maldonado from H. Masterson, 1915
9Cameron County, TX: notes and deed of trust addition of John A. Hill to H. Masterson, 1915
10Cameron County, TX: chattel mortgage on mules of John A. Hill to H. Masterson, 1915
11Cameron County, TX: deeds of trust from John A. Hill to N.T. Masterson for use by H. Masterson, 1915
12Cameron County, TX: chattel mortgage on mules and cattle of Lon C. Hill Gordon Hill to H. Masterson, 1915
13Warranty deed with vendor’s lien of H. Masterson to J.E. Fitch, et al, 1915
14Cameron County, TX: copy of release from vendor’s lien of Tomasa N. Garza, Julian Villareal, Placido Villareal, Guadalupe de Cavazos to H. Masterson, 1915
15Cameron County, TX: contract between John Springer and Cameron County Irrigation District #1 for construction of flumes, April 10, 1915
16Cameron County, TX: agreement between Lon C. Hill and Gordon Hill and H. Masterson re: option to repurchase property foreclosed upon by Masterson, 1916
17Contract between Thomas F. Lee and H. Masterson re: bonds for Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1917
18Cameron County, TX: agreement between Cameron County Irrigation District #1 and W.E. Callahan Construction Co. re: construction canals and laterals, 1917
141Masterson Irrigation Co. [Cameron Co. Irrigation], 1916-1920
151Cameron County, TX dealings with Lon C. Hill and John A. Hill [Hill Sugar Co. and Mississippi Valley Trust Co.], 1911-1919
161General correspondence, Lon C. Hill, 1914
2Correspondence, Lon C. Hill, 1913
3Correspondence, Lon C. Hill, 1911-1912
4Correspondence, Lon C. Hill/Rio Grande Co., 1913-1914
5Cameron Co., TX bond information re: Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1917-1919
6Cameron Co., TX bond information re: Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1910, 1915-1919
7Correspondence re: sale of bonds for Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1916
8Correspondence re: sale of bonds for Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1914-1916
9Lon C. Hill statements, 1915-1916
10Lon C. Hill statements, contracts, 1913-1916
171Harris County Irrigation District #1 returns, accounts, 1918
2Harris County Irrigation District #1 returns, accounts, 1915-1922
3Harris County Irrigation District #1 statements, reviews, 1915-1917
4Cameron County Irrigation District #1 statements, petitions, 1917
5Cameron County Irrigation District #1 statements, returns, 1915-1918
6Harlingen Land Water Co., Hill Hill Sugar Co. statements, drafts, 1913-1915
7Hill matter contracts, documents, 1912-1915
8Accounts dealing with Lon C. Hill, 1914-1917
9Accounts dealing with Lon C. Hill, 1913
181Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1914-1919 (1/2)
191Cameron County Irrigation District #1, 1914-1919 (2/2)
201A.C. Allen business, 1902-1904
2Richard H. Barrow, 1902-1905
3Richard H. Barrow, 1900-1908
4Richard H. Barrow, 1891, 1900-1904, 1913-1914
5Richard H. Barrow, 1902-1905
6Bartlett-Florence Railroad Co. bonds, 1910
7Brazoria County business, 1884-1885, 1894
8Brooks Supply Co., 1919
9Cravens Cage, 1915-1917
10Cravens Cage, 1906-1910
211Correspondence-Monk Palmer re: W.J. Powell Lumber lands, Leesville, La., 1906-1908
2Powell Bros. Sanders Co. Ltd; Bill of Sale of capital stock property and assets of W.H. Powell Lumber Co. to H.H. Everest by H. Masterson in settlement of debt of J.R. Sturgill, 1906—
3Farmers and Bankers Warehouse Building Association, 1906
4Farmers and Bankers Warehouse Building Association, 1906-1907
5Carter Office Bldg. Stock; Chapman Manufacturing Co. shares; Eagle Land Co., 1903, 1909, 1911
6Houstonian Publishing Co., Houston Harbor Development Co., 1906, 1916
7Proposed Houston Hotel Co. subscriptions, 1906-1907
8Interstate Mining Milling Co., CO, 1907
9Logging, 1904-1905
10Houston Transfer Carriage Co., 1909
11Correspondence re: property at Main St./Capital, Houston, 1912
12Correspondence re: property at Main St./Capital, Houston, 1912
13Masterson Sweeney, 1913-1915
14Mid Continent Life Building, Muskogee, OK, 1916-1917
15Correspondence-H. Masterson/M. Miller, 1908-1912
221Correspondence re: property of W.H. Powell and Louisiana Pecan Co., 1915-1916
2Correspondence re: property of W.H. Powell and Louisiana Pecan Co., 1916
3Correspondence re: Louisiana lumber mills and land formerly owned by Powell Lumber Co., 1909-1913
4Correspondence re: Louisiana lumber mills and land formerly owned by Powell Lumber Co., 1914-1917
5W.C. Munn Co. stock; Orient Hotel, OK, 1914-1919
6Palmetal Co., 1916-1918
7Palmetal Co., 1916-1918
231Palmetal Co., 1916-1918
2Palmetal Co., 1915-1918
3Palmetal Co., 1915, 1918
4Perry family block, 1912-1918
5Perry family block, 1909-1912
6Perry family block, 1908-1912
241Perry family block, 1911-1912
2Perry family block, 1909, 1912, 1914-1915
3W.H. Powell Lumber Co., 1906—
4W.H. Powell Lumber Co., 1910-1911
5W.H. Powell Lumber Co., 1910-1915
6W.H. Powell Lumber Co., 1910
251W.H. Powell Lumber Co., 1890s, 1900s
2W.H. Powell Lumber Co., 1910-1911, 1913
3W.H. Powell Lumber Co., 1909-1910
4Powell-Stanley matter, 1916-1919
5Powell Bros. Sanders Co., Ltd., 1906-1907
6Powell Bros. Sanders Co., Ltd., 1906-1909
261McMullen Co. deed of trust of W.A. Lowe to W.T. Masterson
2Correspondence re: possible property tracks for Prince Ranch, 1908-1919
3Correspondence re: possible property tracks for Prince Ranch, 1908-1919
4McMullen Co. correspondence and papers, Prince Ranch, 1914- 1916
5McMullen Co. correspondence and papers, Prince Ranch, 1911- 1914
6McMullen Co. correspondence and papers, Prince Ranch, 1911- 1914
7McMullen Co. correspondence and papers, Prince Ranch, 1906- 1910
8Atascosa, Frio, LaSalle, McMullen, re: Prince Ranch, c. 1919
9Sabine Timber lands, Vernon Parish, LA, 1911, 1914, 1916-1917
271Rockhill Country Club Co. shares, 1914
2Correspondence and legal papers re: Rockhill Country Club, 1916
3Correspondence and legal papers re: Rockhill Country Club, case of Nix v Withers, 1915
4Correspondence and legal papers re: Rockhill Country Club, case of Nix v Withers, 1914 (June-Dec.)
5Correspondence and legal papers re: Rockhill Country Club, case of Nix v Withers, 1914 (Jan-May)
6Correspondence and legal papers re: Rockhill Country Club and J.P. Withers, 1913
7Correspondence and legal papers re: Rockhill Country Club and J.P. Withers, 1911-1912
281Rowan Townsite Co.
291Sabine Produce Irrigation Co., 1906-1907
2South Texas Development Co., 1905-1909
3Correspondence, San Antonio, Fredericksburg Northern Railway, 1916-1917
4Correspondence and legal papers re: San Antonio, Fredericksburg and Northern Railway, 1911-1915
5Capitalization and incorporation of San Stone Mountain, 1910
6Southwestern Surety Co.
7Texas Company stock, 1905-1906
301Texas-Oklahoma Investment Co. correspondence, 1915-1916
2Stock certificates of the Texas-Oklahoma Investment Co., (1-100), 1911-1914
3Stock certificates of the Texas-Oklahoma Investment Co., (101- 200), 1911-1914
4Stock certificates of the Texas-Oklahoma Investment Co., (201- 300), 1911-1914
5Texas Rubber Supply Co., 1911-1912
6Texas Rubber Supply Co.
7Texas Rubber Supply Co.
8Texas Tie Lumber Co.
311Texas Tie Lumber Co.
321Texas Tie Lumber Co.
2Texas Tie Lumber Co.
3Texas Tie Lumber Co.
4Texas Town Lot Improvement Co. vouchers
5Texas Town Lot Improvement Co. vouchers
6Texas Town Lot Improvement Co. vouchers
7Texas Town Lot Improvement Co. vouchers
8Texas Town Lot Improvement Co. vouchers
331Texas Town Lot Improvement Co. vouchers
341Texas Town Lot Improvement Co.
351Thompson Lumber co.
2Correspondence re: Turner lands in NC, 1915-1916
3Correspondence re: Turner lands in NC, 1904-1914
4North Carolina Harnett Co. suits and accounts with Turner East NC properties
5Winfield Roller Mills Co., 1880s
361Correspondence, A, 1917
2Correspondence, B, 1917
3Correspondence, C, 1917
4Correspondence, D, 1917
5Correspondence, F, 1917
6Correspondence, G, 1917
7Correspondence, H, 1917
8Correspondence, J, 1917
9Correspondence, M, 1917
10Correspondence, N, 1917
11Correspondence, P, 1917
12Correspondence, R, 1917
13Correspondence, S, 1917
14Correspondence, Masterson Smith, 1917
15Correspondence, T, 1917
16Correspondence, U, 1917
17Correspondence, W, 1917
18Correspondence, J.E. Winfree, 1917
19Correspondence, E.E.Windsor, 1917
20Correspondence, X, Y, Z, 1917
21Correspondence, G, 1918
22Correspondence, H. Masterson, 1918
23Correspondence, S, 1918
24Correspondence, T, 1918
25Correspondence, U, V, 1918
26Correspondence, W, 1918
27Correspondence, Y, 1918
28Correspondence, B, 1919
29Correspondence, L, 1919
30Correspondence, S, 1919
31Correspondence, T, 1919
32Correspondence, Unchanged, 1919
33Correspondence, U, V, 1919
34Correspondence, W, 1919
35Correspondence, Y, Z, 1919
36Correspondence, Q, 1920
37Correspondence, Misc.
38Correspondence, n.d.
39Correspondence, Bills and receipts of Travis S. Masterson, 1920-1921
371Property account books, check stubs, property survey books, employee time records, telegram copy book, level books, case notebook, receipt books, notes, 1924 calendar pad
381“Cancelled by foreclosure” books, Houston Town Lot and Improvement Co. promissory notes, payment due stubs, account books, S. Dakota-Texas Oil Co. Corp. record, land day and sales book, Community Canteen ledger
391Note pads, account books, title abstracts, bills receivable, Texas Town Lot and Improvement Co. cashbook, expense book
401Account books, cashbook, letter book, Rowan Townsite lot sales
411Estate records, Houston Town Lot Improvement Co. notes and bills, promissory notes, check stubs, Rowan Townsite corp. record, Huffman town lots sale record
421Cotton, molasses, household sales book, Texas Town Lot Improvement Co. cashbook, inventory book, expense account book, account journal
431Receipt stub books
441Aetna Life Insurance Co. policy for W.H. Sharp, 1880s-1890s
2American Loom and Mortgage Co. assets and liabilities, c. 1913
3American National Insurance Co. premium for W.H. Powell, 1911
4Austin Fire Insurance Co., 1903-1918
5Equitable Life Assurance Society, 1880s-1890s
6Fidelity Casualty Co. of New York, 1912, 1915
7Great International Life Insurance Co. policy for E.C. Blake, 1904
8Great Southern Life Insurance Co., 1918-1919
9Gulf States Surety Casualty Co., 1909-1910
10Knights of Honor
11Knights and Ladies of Honor
12Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Kentucky, 1898-1899
13Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 1890s
14Mutual Self-Endowment and Benevolent Assoc. of America, 1880s
15New York Life Insurance Co., 1890s
16Provident Savings Life Assurance Society, 1896
17Rippe, Chris; insurance from Mutual Life of NY, 1890s
18Shapard, Joshua H.; insurance, 1898, 1911-1912
19Shapard, Joshua H.; insurance, 1890s, early 1900s
20Southland Life Insurance Co., 1908, 1914
451Texas Town Lot Improvement Co. promissory notes, check stub books, foreclosure cancellations
461Allen, R.S.; note, 1909, 1911-1912
2Andrews, A.K.; note, 1897-1898, 1908
3Andrews, W.M.; note, 1914, 1916
4Anglin, E.W.; note, 1917
5Armstrong, W.E.; note, 1914
6Ashe, S.S.; note, 1914
7Atwood, T.J.; note, 1913-1915
8Bailey, C.W.; note, 1917
9Baptist Temple note, 1913
10Barnett, L.C.; note, 1916
11Barnett, P.T. J.C.; note, 1918s
12Barr, A.C.; note, 1894
13Beamer, Ross; note, 1916-1918
14Belding estate note, 1911
15Bishop, F.Z.; note, 1920
16Block, A.; note, 1912
17Bleoo, J.B.; note, 1912
18Blythe, J.B.; note, 1907
19Bockell, Jno.; note, 1908
20Bolton, Nolie; note, 1915
21Borden, M.U.; note, 1902, 1904
22Boyles, D.F.; note, 1911
23Branch, E.T.; note, 1909
24Brasfield, S.G.; note, 1908
25Bray, J.W.; note, 1910
26Brix, Frank; note, 1908
27Bryan Co., note, 1911
28Bryant, T.B.; note, 1917
29Burroughs, J.F.; note, 1907-1909
30Bute, James; note, 1911, 1915
31Cameron, John; note, 1902
32Carson, C.H.; note, 1908, 1910
33Caufel, Josef; note
34Cawthon, K.H.; note, 1911
35Cheek Heyman Lumber Co. note, 1917
36Christianson, E.A.; note, 1897, 1908
37Cochran, Owen; note, 1893
38Cohen, David; note, 1908
39Connor, W.S.; note, 1916
40Converse, T.P.; note, 1913
41Conwell, Sarah; note, 1914
42Cox, C.R.; note, 1914
43Craig, J.W.; note, 1910
44Crammond, W.R.; note, 1911, 1913
45Crane, C.J.; note, 1916
46Cravens Cage note, 1914-1915
47Curtis, J.R. Enderlin, F.B.; note, 1910
48Davis, Abe; note, 1899-1900
49Davis, Abe Katie; note, 1898
50Davis, J.O.; note, 1920
51Dickerson, E.M.; note, 1909-1910
52Dickson, R.F.; note, 1919
53Dockal, John; note
54Dolly, G.C.; note, 1902
55Donalson, A.W.; note, 1896, 1914
56Dupre, Ed.; note, 1907, 1911
57Eagle, J.H.; note, 1914-1915
58Earl, F.H.; note, 1911
59Edwards, T.C.; note, 1910, 1912
60Ezell, E.; note, 1908-1909
61Fanniel, Martha Isaac; note, 1893
62Figg, H.E.; note, 1909
63Follett, J.B.; note, 1919
64Foster, J.H.; note, 1913, 1915
65Foster, M.E.; note, 1918
66Furr, O.M.; note, 1911-1912
471Goggan, J.F.; note, 1912
2Gombert, M.T. J.T.; note, c. 1910
3Gray, John; note, 1916, 1918
4Green, C.H.; note, 1914
5Groves Dickson note, 1911
6Guese, J.H.; note, 1914
7Hamlett, W.J.; note, 1910
8Hardin, B.W.; note, 1916
9Harrington, L.; note, 1919
10Hitch, A.V.; note, 1909
11Holman, J.C.; note, 1919
12Hogg, J.S.; note, 1902, 1907
13Horn, C.J.; note, 1913
14Hood, Clara; note, 1914
15Hoover, J.S.; note, 1916, 1918-1919
16House, J.L.; note, 1910
17Huey, F.J.; note, 1904, 1907
18Hughes, B.F.; note, 1909
19Hughes, Isabella; note, 1918
20Hunt, Lenoir; note, 1905
21Jackson, Addie; note, 1914
22Johnson, E.R. Tod, J.C.; note, 1910
23James H. Masterson note exchange, 1912
24Jamison, J.B.; note, 1916
25Jones, R.C.; note, 1917
26Jemes, Susan; note, 1890s, 1910
27Jones, J.P.; note, 1913, 1916
28Johnson, C.A. to Rowan Townsite Co. note, 1911
29Link, J.W.; note, 1914
30Kennedy, G. Boone, W.; note, 1908
31Lipper, Lawrence; note, 1916
32Lockett, H.E.; note, 1916
33Louisiana Land Trust Co. note, 1911
34Lowry, S.D.; note, 1919
35Masterson, A.T.; note, 1916
36Masterson, H.; note, 1905-1908
37Masterson, William; note, 1916
38Mayes, V.C.; note cancelled 1909
39McBride, T.E.; note, 1916
40McCreary, J.W.; note, 1917
41McCullough, A. Thompson, S.F.; note, 1909
42McKinnon, W.M.; note, 1919
43Mercer, A.F.; note, 1909
44Myrick, J.C.; note, 1919
45Nichols, T.P.; note, 1912
46Nickelson, W.H., note
47O’Neal, C.M.; note, 1916
48O’Neil, T.S.; note, 1918
49Owens, Joe; note, 1916
50Pack, G.C.; note, 1917
51Paul, Allen; note, 1912
52Perry, M.R.; note, 1911
53Peterson, C.J. t Rowan Townsite Co., notes, 1909
54Peterson, N.P.C.; notes, 1919
55Philpot, Roscoe; note, 1907-1908
56Pierson, E.D.; note, 1917
57Poole, T.J.; note, 1905-1907
58Porterfield, M.W. W.C. and Jackson, R.C.; note, 1911
59Prescott, A.B. to F.E. Pye; note, 1909-1910
60Price, J.E.; note, 1909
61Putnam, I.M.; note, 1911-1914
62Pye, F.E.; note, 1909-1911
63Pye, F.E. Wiess, M.; 1910-1911, 1917
481Ralston, W.W. Foster, J.H.; note, 1917
2Rankin, W.; note, 1918
3Rathman, Lewis; note, 1919
4Raunik, Martin; note, 1917
5Read, J.A.; note, 1913-1914
6Rich, F.D.; note, 1917
7Richards, C.H.; note, 1914, 1916
8Richards, John; note, 1914, 1919, 1921
9Rogers, C.J.; note, early 1900s
10Ross, J.O.; note, 1913-1914
11Rowan, D.N.; note, 1908-1909
12Rowe, D.F.; note, 1917
13Rucks, A.R.; note, 1910
14Rudisill Jackson note, 1908-1909
15Rudnick, H.; note, 1909
16Saiz, Martin; note, 1912
17Sanders, Dee; note, 1916
18Sayles, F.D.; note, 1914
19Security Trust Co. note, 1913, 1916-1917
20Shaw, Carey; note, 1892, 1908-1909
21Shibley, Frank; note, 1909-1910
22Sigler, Grey; note, 1912
23Simpson Labor Co. note, 1912
24Smith, C.H.; note, 1912
25Smith, E.C.; note, 1907, 1911
26Smith, Haywood; note, 1911
27Smith, T.L.; note, 1903, 1907
28Southern Realty Co. note, 1907-1908, 1912
29Spieler, L.D.; note, 1909-1910
30Stadtler, Jno.; note, 1910
31Stokes, S.G.; note, 1910
32Sturgill, J.R.; note, 1914
33Sullivan, A.P.; note, 1907-1909
34Swearingin, L.W.; note, 1913
35Sweeney, G.; note, 1910
36Sweeney, G. Nash, W.K.; note, 1910
37Sweeney, J.J.; note, 1909-1910
38Sweeney, J.J. Giles, W.; note, 1912
39Taylor, B.F.; note, 1910
40Teffs, C.H.; note, 1911
41Thomas, Monroe; note, 1916
42Thede, G.; note, 1910
43Tuffy, L. to Skinner, Dollie; note, 1912
44Tumlinson, Jim; note, 1918
45Tyler Co. Land Labor Co. note, 1905
46Van Velzer, A.C.; note, 1914
47Vogel, L.P.; note, 1910
48Waldron, A.B.; note, 1910
49Ward, W.A.; note, 1909-1910
50Ward, R.H.; note, 1910
51Weaver, J.A.; note, 1896
52Wells, J.B.; note, c. 1919
53Williams, I.K.; note, 1912
54Williamson, Isaac; note, 1908
55Williamson, John; note, 1897
56Wilson, L.W.; note, 1913
57Wolf, Pauline G.A.; note, 1912
58Wood, M.E.; note, 1912
59Wright, J.E.; note, 1916-1917
60Wright, Nelson; note, 1903, 1918
61Zimmerman, Frank; note, 1911
491LaJarza Oil Co.
501LaJarza Oil Co.
2LaJarza Oil Co.
3LaJarza Oil Co.
4LaJarza Oil Co.
5Brazoria Co. correspondence re: lease and sale of Huntington proper ty; Cameron Co. oil and gas drilling lease (J.C. Lind W.C. Craig; Brazoria Co. oil and gas lease agreement (Underwood, Masterson, Smith, Brooks, Gordon, Wilson)
6Harris/Brazoria Co. oil leases
7Jefferson Co. oil leases; oil and gas lease by H. Masterson to R.L. Young
8Oil production statements, voucher examples
9Oil pipeline agreements between H. Masterson and various co.
10Montgomery Co. oil leases
511Oil Companies: Vincent, Texas Oil Transit, Producers, Becky Sharp, Security, Trinity Oil Prospecting, Oil Well Strip #9
2Mound Oil Co.
3Humble: Moonshine #24, Shamrock #1, Shamrock #2
4Maskemp Oil Gas Co.
5Landslide Oil Co., Keith-Ward Oil Co.
6Hardin Co. oil leases
7Harris Co. oil leases
521H. Masterson/Rice Institute loan, 1914
2S.A. Robertson contractor bid on drainage work, Harris Co., 1914
3First National Bank securities, 1912
4Sallie Gostic estate, 1907-1908
5H.N. Atkinson settlement of claims, 1920
6Lease and bond, Westland Hotel, Wichita, 1912
7Contract for land in Los Angeles between H. Masterson John Stewart/James Masterson, 1900
8Estate of H. Masterson, deeds, 1920s
9L.E. Cordier, creditor of H. Masterson, 1915
10H.P. Drought Co. loan to Mrs. M.A. Anderson, 1913
11P.K. Erving, creditor, 1910
12Houston National Exchange Bank loan to H. Masterson, 1916
13New Hampshire Fire Insurance on LA land and pecan co. property, 1918
14Port Houston Land Townsite Co., 1914
15Kansas City, MO Vanderbilt Apts., 1918
16Brazoria Co. convict labor / leasing, 1890
17Young Men’s Beneficial Club, 1870s
18Brazoria Co. debt settlement, 1890s
19Brazoria Co. Road District #3 bonds, 1915
20Cattle, 1903
21H. Kempner cotton receipts, 1894
22Kennedy, O.S.; memos
23Receipt for map received from Elliot Cage, 1924
24U.S. War Savings certificate, 1918
515Landslide Oil Co., Keith-Ward Oil Co.
6Hardin Co. oil leases
7Harris Co. oil leases
531All Right Oil Co., 1905
2Butt In Oil Co., 1905
3Chaille-Margaret Oil Co., 1905
4Charter Interational Oil Co., 1916
5Chicago-Texas Oil Syndicate, 1902
6Colony Oil Co., 1906-
7Even Up Oil Co., 1913
8Eckols Oil Co. to B.E. Byrne, 1908
9Gold Standard Oil Co., 1901-
10J.M. Guffey Oil Co., 1905-
11Hardy Oil Co., 1912-
12HLM Oil Co., 1904
13Hogg-Swayne Syndicate Oil holding correspondence, documents
14Hogg-Swayne Syndicate Oil holding correspondence, documents
541Hogg-Swayne Syndicate Oil
2Hogg-Swayne Syndicate Oil
3Houston Oil Co., 1913
4National Oil Pipeline Co., 1902-
5Sun Pipeline Co., 1908-
6Texas Co., 1904-1913
7Triple Sand Oil Co., 1912-1916
8Unity Oil Co., Winfree Biggs Contracting Co., 1906-1907, 1921
551Accounts of Mrs. Bettie Bryan with H. Masterson
2Articles of Incorporation of Gulf and Pacific Railway Co.; mortgage on cattle of Bassett Blakely to W.R. Nash; Bartlett Florence Railway Co. correspondence, 1904, 1909-1910
3Harris Co.: Bill of sale of cattle from Bassett Blakely to W.R. Nash; Fort Bend Co.: Agreement between Masterson Irrigation Co. and Blakely, Settegast, Martin Cattle Co. re: lease of grazing lands; Brazoria Co. Road District #3
4Correspondence and legal papers re: Velasco Terminal Railway and Velasco Brazos Northern Railway Co.
5Correspondence: F.A. Williams re: Allen bankruptcy
6Papers and correspondence re: Pineland Club, Charleston, SC
7Webb Co. ranch property
561Account statements
2Account statements
3Account statements
4Cash and bank statements
5Statements of disbursement
571Invoices, receipts, disbursements, etc.
2Invoices, receipts, disbursements, etc.
3Invoices, receipts, disbursements, etc.
4Invoices, receipts, disbursements, etc.
581Invoices, receipts, disbursements, etc.
2Invoices, receipts, disbursements, etc.
3Invoices, receipts, disbursements, etc.

Series III: Correspondence, 1882- 1919 (Boxes 59-102)

Scope and Contents note
Correspondence with various businesses and colleagues, including son Neill and son-in-law Elliott Cage.
14A, 1898
15B, 1898
16C, 1898
17D, 1898
18E, 1898
19F, 1898
20G, 1898
21H, 1898
22J, 1898
23K, 1898
24L, 1898
25M, 1898
26Branch T. Masterson, 1898
27N, 1898
28P, 1898
29R, 1898
30S, 1898
31T, 1898
32W, 1898
33A, 1899
34B, 1899
35C, 1899
36D, 1899
37E, 1899
38F, 1899
39G, 1899
40H, 1899
41J, 1899
42K, 1899
43L, 1899
44M, 1899
45Branch T. Masterson, 1899
46N, 1899
47P, 1899
48R, 1899
49S, 1899
50T, 1899
51V, 1899
52W, 1899
3B, 1902
4E, 1902
5F, 1902
6H, 1902
7R.R. Hazelwood, 1901-1902
8K, 1902
9R, 1902
10A, 1903
11B, 1903
12C, 1903
13D, 1903
14E, 1903
15F, 1903
16G, 1903
17H, 1903
18Hogg-Swayne Syndicate, 1903
19J, 1903
20K, 1903
21L, 1903
22M, 1903
23N, 1903
24O, 1903
25P, 1903
26R, 1903
27S, 1903
28T, 1903
29V, 1903
30W, 1903
31Y, 1903
611A, 1904
2B, 1904
3C, 1904
4D, 1904
5E, 1904
6F, 1904
7G, 1904
8H, 1904
9R.R. Hazelwood, 1904
10I, 1904
11J, 1904
12K, 1904
13L, 1904
14M, 1904
15O, 1904
16P, 1904
17R, 1904
18S, 1904
19T, 1904
20Travis L. Smith, 1904
21U-V, 1904
22W, 1904
23A, 1905
24B, 1905
25Banks, 1905
26Big Bend Cinnabar Mine, 1905
27C, 1905
28D, 1905
29L.E.L. Duvall, 1905
30E, 1905
31F, 1905
32G, 1905
33R.C. Gaines, 1905
34Judge J.M. Gallagher, 1905
35John Giboney, 1905
621H, 1905
2John Hamman, 1905
3W.M. Hanson, 1905
4R.R. Hazelwood, 1905
5Hogg, Watkins Jones, 1905
6J.L. Hudson, 1905
7I, 1905
8J, 1905
9Jesse H. Jones, 1905
10K, 1905
11O.H. Kirkland, 1905
12E.N. Krause, 1905
13L, 1905
14C.C. Lastinger, 1905
15M, 1905
16N, 1905
17Newspaper adverstisement and responses, 1905
18Publishers, 1905
19Pujo Moss, 1905
20R, 1905
21J.H. Ratcliff, 1905
22J.O. Ross, 1905
23Willis J. Roussel, 1905
631S, 1905
2Secretary of State [Texas], 1905
3James B. Chas. J. Stubbs, 1905
4Travis L. Smith, 1905
5T.L. Smith, Jr., 1905
6T, 1905
7U, 1905
8V, 1905
9Jas. U. Vincent re: Sour Lake drilling, 1905
10H.C. Voss, 1905
11W, 1905
12Lewis J. Wilson, 1905
13A.P. Wooldridge re: City National Bank of Austin, 1905
14Y, 1905
15A, 1906
16Association Financiera Internacional, 1906
17B, 1906
18Banks, 1906
19C, 1906
20D, 1906
21Annie P. Doyle, 1906
22L.E.L. Duvall, 1906
23Willis J. Roussel, 1905
24F, 1906
641G, 1906
2John W. Gaines, 1906
3Judge J.N. Gallagher, 1906
4Claude Gignoux, 1906
5H, 1906
6J.R. Ham, 1906
7C.P. Hampton, 1906
8F.C. Hanford re: Sabine Produce Irrigation Co. stock, 1906
9R.E. Hannay, 1906
10Will C. Hogg, 1906
11J.L. Hudson, 1906
12I, 1906
13J, 1906
14Jesse H. Jones, 1906
15K, 1906
16S.T. Kerr, 1906
17John H. Kirby, 1906
18Obed. H. Kirkland, 1906
19Knights and Ladies of Honor, 1906
20E.N. Krause, 1906
21L, 1906
22C.C. Lastinger, 1906
23M, 1906
24Newspaper advertisement responses, 1906
25P, 1906
26Publishers, 1906
27Pujo Moss, 1906
28Charles D. Pullen, 1906
29Joseph R. Putnam, 1906
651R, 1906
2J.O. Ross, 1906
3Willis J. Roussel, 1906
4S, 1906
5Salliway McAskill, 1906
6Secretary of State [Texas], 1906
7Sallie Singleton estate, 1906
8Travis L. Smith, 1906
9Travis L. Smith, Jr., 1906
10Dan Sullivan Co., 1906
11John Cotter Sullivan, 1906
12T, 1906
13Texas Louisiana Lumber Co., 1906
14V, 1906
15H.C. Voss, 1906
16W, 1906
17Waggoner Title Co., 1906
18Y, 1906
19Z, 1906
661A, 1907
2B, 1907
3Banks, 1907
4C, 1907
5D, 1907
6Annie P. Doyle, 1907
7L.E.L. Duvall, 1907
8E, 1907
9F, 1907
10G, 1907
11Charles S. Gainer, 1907
12R.C. Gaines, 1907
13W.P. Gaines, 1907
14Judge J.N. Gallagher, 1907
15Claude Gignoux, 1907
16H, 1907
17C.P. Hampton, 1907
18F.C. Hanford re: Sabine Produce Irrigation Co. stock, 1907
19Hicks Hicks, 1907
20J.L. Hudson, 1907
21Joseph Huffaker, 1907
22J.C. Hutcheson, 1907
671I, 1907
2J, 1907
3Jesse H. Jones, 1907
4K, 1907
5H. Kempner Co., 1907
6S.G. Kerr, 1907
7John H. Kirby, 1907
8Obed. H. Kirkland, 1907
9L, 1907
10Jonathan Lane, 1907
11M, 1907
12Newspaper advertisement responses, 1907
13P, 1907
14Publishers, 1907
15Pujo Moss, 1907
16Charles D. Pullen, 1907
17P.G. Pye Co., 1907
18R, 1907
19W.G. Ragley, 1907
20Raquet Gregg, 1907
21Rice Davis, 1907
22W.M. Rice Institute, 1907
23Judge R.C. Roper, 1907
24J.O. Ross, 1907
25Willis J. Roussel, 1907
681S (Jan-June), 1907
2S (July-Dec), 1907
3Salliway McAskill, 1907
4Secretary of State [Texas], 1907
5Sallie Singleton estate, 1907
6John G. Smith, 1907
7Travis L. Smith, 1907
8Mrs. Cora B. Stewart, 1907
9John Cutter Sullivan, 1907
10T, 1907
11Texas Louisiana Lumber Co., 1907
12V, 1907
13James U. Vincent re: Sour Lake drilling, 1907
14H.C. Voss, 1907
15W, 1907
16Y, 1907
17Z, 1907
691A, 1908
2B, 1908
3Banks, 1908
4C, 1908
5D, 1908
6Annie P. Doyle, 1908
7L.E.L. Duvall, 1908
8E, 1908
9F, 1908
10G, 1908
11Charles S. Gainer, 1908
12John W. Gaines, 1908-1909
13R.C. Gaines, 1908
14W.P. Gaines, 1908
15Judge J.N. Gallagher, 1908
16Claude Gignoux, 1908
17H, 1908
18W.J. Hamlett, 1908
19R.E. Hannay, 1908
20R.R. Hazelwood, 1908
21R.D. Heatley, 1908
22Hicks Hicks, 1908
23Hoff, Gill Jones, 1908
24J.L. Hudson, 1908
25I, 1908
26J, 1908
27Jesse H. Jones, 1908
28K, 1908
29Obed H. Kirkland, 1908
30Judge Norman G. Kittrell, 1908
31Knights of Honor, 1908
701L, 1908
2Lane, Jackson, Kelley Wolters, 1908
3M, 1908
4Newspaper advertisement responses, 1908
5P, 1908
6Publishers, 1908
7Charles Pullen, 1908
8R, 1908
9W.G. Ragley, 1908
10O.J. Ramdohr, 1908
11J.H. Rhodes, 1908
12J.S. Rice, 1908
13John Richards, 1908
14J.O. Ross, 1908
15L.H. Rowan, 1908
16S, 1908
17Salliway McAskill, 1908
18Secretary of State [Texas], 1908
19Sallie Singleton estate, 1908
20Travis L. Smith, Jr., 1908
21T, 1908
22Texas Louisiana Lumber Co., 1908
23V, 1908
24W, 1908
25Y, 1908
26Z, 1908
711A, 1909
2Andrews, Ball Streemon, 1909
3B, 1909
4Banks, 1909
5C, 1909
6D, 1909
7Annie P. Doyle, 1909
8E, 1909
9F, 1909
10Albert B. Fall, 1909
11G, 1909
12John W. Gaines, 1909
13R.C. Gaines, 1909
14H, 1909
15R.E. Hannay, 1909
16R.R. Hazelwood, 1909
17R.D. Heatley, 1909
18Will C. Hogg, 1909
19J.L. Hudson, 1909
20I, 1909
21J, 1909
22Jesse H. Jones, 1909
23K, 1909
24John H. Kirby, 1909
25Obed H. Kirkland, 1909
26Norman G. Kittrell, Jr., 1909
27Knights of Honor, 1909
28L, 1909
29Jonathan Lane, 1909
30M, 1909
31P, 1909
32Publishers, 1909
721R, 1909
2W.G. Ragley, 1909
3Wm. M. Rice Institute, 1909
4John Richards, 1909
5J.O. Ross, 1909
6S, 1909
7Salliway McAskill, 1909
8Secretary of State [Texas], 1909
9Sallie Singleton estate, 1909
10Hampden Storey, 1909
11George H. Sweeney, 1909
12T, 1909
13V, 1909
14Velasco Farm Land Co., 1909
15James U. Vincent re: Sour Lake drilling, 1909
16W, 1909
17H.S.H. Wilson Co., 1909
18Louis J. Wilson, 1909
19Y, 1909
20Z, 1909
731A, 1910
2W.M. Andrus, 1910
3B, 1910
4Banks, 1910
5C, 1910
6D, 1910
7E, 1910
8F, 1910
9G, 1910
10R.C. Gaines, 1910
11H, 1910
12R.E. Hannay, 1910
13Judge J.D. Harvey, 1910
14Will C. Hogg, 1910
15J.L. Hudson, 1910
16I, 1910
17J, 1910
18Jesse H. Jones, 1910
19K, 1910
20Norman G. Kittrell, Jr., 1910
21Knights of Honor, 1910
22L, 1910
23H.M. Lewy, 1910
24M, 1910
25Thomas W. Masterson, 1910
26N, 1910
27P, 1910
28Publishers, 1910
29Pujo Moss, 1910
30P.G. Pye Co., 1910
741R, 1910
2W.G. Ragley, 1910
3John Richards, 1910
4J.O. Ross, 1910
5S, 1910
6Salliway McAskill, 1910
7Secretary of State [Texas], 1910
8Maco Minor Stewart, 1910
9T, 1910
10Vaughan Hart, 1910
11James U. Vincent re: Sour Lake drilling, 1910
12W, 1910
13H.S.H. Wilson Co., 1910
14Louis J. Wilson, 1910
15Y, 1910
751A, 1911
2Andrews, Ball Streetman, 1911
3W.M. Andrus, 1911
4B, 1911
5Banks, 1911
6C, 1911
7D, 1911
8E, 1911
9F, 1911
10G, 1911
11R.C. Gaines, 1911
12Egbert J. Gates, 1911
13Gill Jones, 1911
14H, 1911
15R.E. Hannay, 1911
16I, 1911
17J, 1911
18Jesse H. Jones, 1911
19K, 1911
20Norman G. Kittrell, Jr., 1911
21Knights of Honor, 1911
761L, 1911
2Jonathan Lane, 1911
3Lea, Bradford Lloyd, 1911
4M, 1911
5N, 1911
6P, 1911
7Publishers, 1911
8Pujo, Moss Miller, 1911
9P.G. Pye, 1911
10R, 1911
11W.G. Ragley, 1911
12John Richards,1911
13J.O. Ross, 1911
14S, 1911
15Secretary of State [Texas], 1911
16Travis L. Smith, Jr., 1911
17T, 1911
18Unidentified tenants of Texas Town Lot Improvement Co., 1911
19V, 1911
20W, 1911
21Louis J. Wilson, 1911
22Y, 1911
23YWCA YMCA, 1911
24Z, 1911
771A, 1912
2Judge A.C. Allen, 1912
3Andrews, Ball Streetman, 1912
4W.M. Andrus, 1912
5B, 1912
6Banks, 1912
7C, 1912
8D, 1912
9E, 1912
10F, 1912
11G, 1912
12Gill Jones, 1912
13H, 1912
14J.L. Hudson, 1912
15I, 1912
16J, 1912
17Jesse H. Jones, 1912
18K, 1912
19John H. Kirby, 1912
20Judge Norman G. Kittrell, 1912
21Norman G. Kittrell, Jr., 1912
22Knights of Honor, 1912
23L, 1912
24Lea, Radford Lloyd, 1912
781M, 1912
2N, 1912
3P, 1912
4Publishers, 1912
5R, 1912
6W.G. Ragley, 1912
7O.J. Ramdohr, 1912
8John Richards, 1912
9J.B. Ross, 1912
10J.O. Ross, 1912
11S, 1912
12Maco Minor Stewart, 1912
13James B. Charles J. Stubbs, 1912
14J.J. Sweeney, 1912
15T, 1912
16Unidentified tenants of Texas Town Lot Improvement Co., 1912
17V, 1912
18W, 1912
19Louis J. Wilson, 1912
20Y, 1912
21YMCA YWCA, 1912
791A, 1913
2Andrews, Ball Streetman, 1913
3W.M. Andrus, 1913
4H.N. Atkinson, 1913
5B, 1913
6Banks, 1913
7C, 1913
8D, 1913
9Davis Goggan, 1913
10John L. Dyer, 1913
11E, 1913
12H.H. Everest, 1913
13F, 1913
14G, 1913
15R.C. Gaines, 1913
16H, 1913
17R.E. Hannay, 1913
18J.M. Hansbro, 1913
19John J. Harden, 1913
20F.E. Hunter, 1913
21J.C. Hutcheson, Jr., 1913
22I, 1913
23J, 1913
24Jesse H. Jones, 1913
25K, 1913
26Ben Kiam, 1913
27Judge Norman G. Kittrell, 1913
28Norman G. Kittrell, Jr., 1913
29Knights of Honor, 1913
30L, 1913
31Lea, Radford Lloyd, 1913
801M, 1913
2Frank G. Morris, 1913
3Publishers, 1913
4I.M. Putnam, 1913
5R, 1913
6W.G. Ragley, 1913
7R.J. Ramdohr, 1913
8Wm. M. Rice Institute, 1913
9C.J. Rogers, 1913
10J. Burnett Ross, 1913
11J.O. Ross, 1913
12S, 1913
13Secretary of State [Texas], 1913
14J.G. Smith, 1913
15Maco Minor Stewart, 1913
16James B. Charles J. Stubbs, 1913
17Judge Samuel J. Styles, 1913
18J.J. Sweeney, 1913
19T, 1913
20Unidentified tenants of Texas Town Lot Improvement Co., 1913
21V, 1913
22W, 1913
23Louis J. Wilson, 1913
24Wilson, Dabney King , 1913
25Y, 1913
26YMCA YWCA, 1913
27Z, 1913
811A, 1914
2Andrews, Streetman, Burns Logue, 1914
3H.N. Atkinson, 1914
4B, 1914
5Banks, 1914
6Brown Terry, 1914
7C, 1914
8D, 1914
9John L. Dyer, 1914
10E, 1914
11H.H. Everest, 1914
12F, 1914
13G, 1914
14John W. Gaines, 1914
15R.C. Gaines, 1914
16Gill, Jones Tyler, 1914
17H, 1914
18John J. Harden, 1914
821I, 1914
2J, 1914
3T.N. Jones re: Allen bankruptcy, 1914
4K, 1914
5H. Kempner, 1914
6R.H. Keyworth, 1914
7Judge Norman G. Kittrell, 1914
8Norman G. Kittrell, Jr., 1914
9Knights of Honor, 1914
10S.H. Kress Co., 1914
11L, 1914
12Lea, Radford Lloyd, 1914
13M, 1914
14Frank G. Morris, 1914
15N, 1914
16W.R. Nash, 1914
17O, 1914
831E.B. O’Quinn, 1914
2P, 1914
3Publishers, 1914
4I.M. Putnam, 1914
5Putnam property in OK, 1914
6Q, 1914
7R, 1914
8W.G. Ragley, 1914
9Rice Bell, 1914
10Wm. M. Rice Institute, 1914
11John Richards, 1914
12C.J. Rogers, 1914
13J.O. Ross, 1914
14S, 1914
15Secretary of State [Texas], 1914
16Maco Minor Stewart, 1914
17James B. Charles J. Stubbs, 1914
18Dan Sullivan Co., 1914
19J.J. Sweeney, 1914
20T, 1914
21V, 1914
22W, 1914
23S.H. Wilson, 1914
24Y, 1914
841A, 1915
2B, 1915
3Baker, Botts, Parker Garwood, 1915
4C, 1915
5L.A. Carlton, 1915
6Cavin Daniels matter, 1915
7D.C. Cleveland, 1915
8Emil Cleveland, 1915
9Cravens Cage, 1915
851D, 1915
2E, 1915
3F, 1915
4G, 1915
5T.H. Gilliland, 1915
6H, 1915
7I, 1915
8J, 1915
9K, 1915
861H. Kempner, 1915
2M.F. Kirkpatrick re: Cameron Co. property, 1915
3Judge Norman G. Kittrell, 1915
4Knights and Ladies of Honor membership, 1915
5L, 1915
6J.T. Loggins, 1915
7R.B. Loggins, 1915
8John Lovejoy, 1915
9J.L. Lubbock, 1915
10M, 1915
11McCall, Crawford McCall, 1915
12T.H. McGregor, 1915
13John L. McMeans, 1915
14A.E. Masterson, 1915
15Neill T. Masterson, 1915
16L. Meggett estate, 1915
17N, 1915
18W.A. Nickelson, 1915
19O, 1915
20P, 1915
21Everett Petry re: OK property, 1915
22R.A. Pleasants, 1915
23L.E.B. Pickett, Jr., 1915
24Publishers, 1915
25I.M. Putnam, 1915
871R, 1915
2Rice Institute, 1915
3J.O. Ross, 1915
4A.R. Rucks, 1915
5S, 1915
6H.M. Skelton, 1915
7Mrs. Dolly Skinner, 1915
8Southern Trust Co., 1915
9Stevens Stevens, 1915
10John S. Stewart, 1915
11Maco Minor Stewart, 1915
12Miss Sallie Stewart, 1915
13Swearingen Ward, 1915
14T, 1915
15U, 1915
16V, 1915
17W, 1915
18F.A. Williams re: Allen bankruptcy, 1915
19W.T. Williams, 1915
20Y, 1915
881A, 1916
2B, 1916
3Baker, Botts, Parker Garwood, 1916
4C.W. Booth, 1916
5Isaac Boyd re: Leesville, LA property, 1916
6C, 1916
7L.A. Carlton, 1916
8Cassidy Southwestern Commission Co., 1916
9Cravens Cage, 1916
10D, 1916
11E, 1916
12F, 1916
13G, 1916
14T.H. Gilliland Co., 1916
891H, 1916
2I, 1916
3J, 1916
4K, 1916
5H. Kempner, 1916
6Kinder Williams, 1916
7M.F. Kirkpatrick re: Cameron Co. property, 1916
8Knights Ladies of Honor, 1916
9L, 1916
10Land Commissioner [Texas], 1916
11Land trade, 1916
12Lea, Radford Robinson Insurance Co., 1916
13R.B. Loggins, 1916
14John Lovejoy, 1916
901M, 1916
2Maco Minor Stewart, 1916
3A.E. Masterson, 1916
4Neill T. Masterson, 1916
5W.E. McKay, 1916
6L. Meggett estate, 1916
7Munson, Williams Munson, 1916
8N, 1916
9W.A. Nickelson, 1916
10O, 1916
11P, 1916
12E.B. Pickett, 1916
13Putnam property in OK, 1916
14R, 1916
15Rice Institute, 1916
16J.O. Ross, 1916
17A.R. Rucks, 1916
18R.A. Pleasants, 1916
911S, 1916
2H.M. Skelton, 1916
3C.O. Smith, 1916
4Robert T. Smith, 1916
5Southern Trust Co., 1916
6Stevens Stevens, 1916
7John S. Stewart, 1916
8E.P. Stockwell , 1916
9Sunset Central Lines; Southern Pacific Railroad, 1916
10Swearingen Ward, 1916
11J.J. Sweeney, 1916
12T, 1916
13U, 1916
14V, 1916
15W, 1916
16F.A. Williams re: Allen bankruptcy, 1916
17W.T. Williams, 1916
18John Williamson re: Allen bankruptcy, 1916
19Louis J. Wilson, 1916
20J.E. Winfree, 1916
21E.E. Winsor, 1916
22Y, 1916
921J.E. Winfree,1919 (Jan.-Mar.)
2J.E. Winfree, 1919 (Apr.-June)
3J.E. Winfree, 1919 (July-Oct.)
4J.E. Winfree receipts, 1917-1919
5Winfree-Briggs Contracting Co. checkbook stubs, July 1919-May 1920
931J.E. Winfree, 1917 (Jan.-Aug.)
2J.E. Winfree, 1917 (Sept.-Dec.)
3J.E. Winfree, 1918 (Jan.-Mar.)
4J.E. Winfree, 1918 (Apr.-June)
5J.E. Winfree, 1918 (July-Sept.)
6J.E. Winfree, 1918 (Oct.-Dec.)
941N.T. Masterson, 1906
2N.T. Masterson accounts, 1912
3Thomas G. Masterson, 1844-1881
4Thomas W. Masterson, 1871-1877
5A.R. Masterson, 1867-1913
6Archibald R. Masterson, 1912-1913
7Branch T. Masterson, 1883-1916
8Deed of trust and note, Albrecht to N.T. Masterson, 1915
9A.E. Masterson accounts, 1896-1911
10A.E. Masterson/Elliott Cage, 1916
11F.W. Martin/Elliott Cage, 1914-1916
12George T. Loving/Elliott Cage, 1916
13Levand Auto Supply Co./Neill T. Masterson, 1915-1916
14Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co./Neill T. Masterson, 1915-1917
15A.E. Masterson/Neill T. Masterson, 1914-1916
16Partnership agreement between Sam M. Allen Neill T. Masterson; power of attorney of Allen to Masterson, 1916
17Leave of grazing lands of Rosa C. Allen to Allen Masterson, 1916
18Agreement for sale of cattle by H.C. Robertson to Allen Masterson, 1916
19Incomplete carbons of deed of trust on cattle of S.M. Allen N.T. Masterson to First National Bank of Houston, 1916
20Deeds of trust of cattle from Allen Masterson to Houston Land Trust Co. for use of First National Bank of Houston, 1916-1917
21Contract re: purchase of cattle by Allen Masterson from E.N. Druitt, Harris Co., 1917
22Contract re: purchase of cattle by Allen Masterson from H.G. Helms, Harris Co., 1917
23Release from vendors lien on property to Bassett, Blakely G.D. Scott by Masterson Irrigation Co., and information relating to cattle sales, Fort Bend Co., 1914
24Allen Masterson Co. accounts, 1914-1921
25Texas Mexican Investment Co. and claims for damages against Mexico
26James P. Burford and purchase of Talavera Mining property, 1906-1910
951Letterpress copybooks: James R. Masterson, n.d.; Harris Masterson, c. 1904
961N.T. Masterson, 1915-1916, A
2N.T. Masterson ,1914-1916, B
3N.T. Masterson, 1913-1916, C
4N.T. Masterson, 1914-1916, D
5N.T. Masterson, 1914-1916, E
6N.T. Masterson, 1914-1916, F
7N.T. Masterson, 1914-1916, G
8N.T. Masterson, 1913-1916, H
9N.T. Masterson, 1915, I
10N.T. Masterson, 1914-1916, J
11N.T. Masterson, 1914-1916, K
12N. T. Masterson, 1914-1916, L
13N.T. Masterson, 1913-1916, M
14N.T. Masterson, 1915-1916, N
15N.T. Masterson, 1915, O
16N.T. Masterson, 1915-1916, R
17N.T. Masterson, 1915-1916, S
18N.T. Masterson, 1916, U
19N.T. Masterson, 1913-1916, W
20Elliott Cage, 1916, A
21Elliott Cage, 1914-1916, B
22Elliott Cage, 1916, C
23Elliott Cage, 1914-1916, D
24Elliott Cage, 1915-1916, E
25Elliott Cage, 1914-1917, F
26Elliott Cage, 1914-1916, G
27Elliott Cage, 1915-1916, H
28Elliott Cage, 1915-1916, J
29Elliott Cage, 1914-1916, K
30Elliott Cage, 1916, L
31Elliott Cage, 1913-1916, M
32Elliott Cage, 1915-1916, N
33Elliott Cage, 1914-1916, P
34Elliott Cage, 1914-1916, R
35Elliott Cage, 1916, S
36Elliott Cage, 1916, W
971Colonial Trust Savings Bank, 1913-1914
2Constables and sheriffs by county, A-B, 1915-1916
3Constables and sheriffs by county, C-E, 1915-1916
4Constables and sheriffs by county, F-H, 1915-1916
5Constables and sheriffs by county, I-P, 1915-1916
6Constables and sheriffs by county, Q-Z, 1915-1916
7Constables and sheriffs, non-Texas, 1916
8Court of Civil Appeals, Austin, TX, 1916
9Court of Civil Appeals, Dallas, TX, 1916
10Court of Civil Appeals, El Paso, TX, 1915
11Court of Civil Appeals, Galveston, TX, 1915-1916
12Supreme Court, Austin, TX, 1915
13US District Court, Brownsville, TX, 1915
14Crook, Lord, Lawhon Ney, 1915
15Cunningham McMahon, 1915
981D, 1914-1916
2R.E. Dodson, 1915-1916
3John Dowell, 1916
4Joe H. Eagle, 1914-1916
5Equitable Life Assurance Society, 1915-1916
6F, 1905-1912
7T.H. Flood Co.
8A.W. Fly, 1905-1914
9Foleys Bros. Store
10J.S. Ford
11W.B. J.S. Fordtran, 1905-1913
12H. Forres, 1909-1910
13M.E. Foster, 1910-1914
14Fowler Bros. Land Co., 1912-1914
15Henry S. Fox, 1911-1914
16H.H. Everest, 1914-1916
17J, 1905-1913
18Jones, 1905-1911
19Judges (county), 1907-1915
20Judges (district), 1905-1914
21Jury of View, 1910
22Justices of the Peace, 1906-1913
23Justice of the Peace, Brazoria Co., 1878
24K, 1906-1914
25Kahn, Wiliams King, 1908-1914
26Kansas City Life Insurance Co., 1906-1913
991La-Ln, 1905-1914
2W.G. Liggett, 1913-1914
3Robert Lindsey, 1905-1906
4A.D. Lipscomb, 1905-1911
5A.G, C.F, F. Lipscomb, 1907-1908
6J.L., March, Merchant Little, 1908-1911
7Llewellyn Foster, Llewellyn Kayser, 1905-1914
8Lloyd, 1901-1913
9Lo-, 1905-1915
10Juan V. Lobaton, 1905-1906
11George Lock, 1906
12J.T. Loggins, 1905-1914
13R.B. Loggins, 1906-1914
14Lone Star Realty Co., 1913
15Looney Clark, 1905-1906
16Carrie Loper (et al), 1907-1914
17Mrs. S.M. Lopez, 1907-1908
18Loughridge-Webb Co., 1911
19B.F. Louis (Louis Masterson), 1906-1914
20W.A. Lowe, 1912
21Ly-, 1906-1913
22M, 1905-1913
23H.P. S.A. Mabry, 1905-1906
24Macatee Sons, 1910-1914
25M.L. Malevinsky, 1907-1912
26S, 1905-1914
27Snodgrass Dibrell, 1906-1911
28Mrs. W.M. Snyder, 1906-1908
29William Sorley (Trinity Church, NY), 1900
30South Dakota Texas Oil Co., 1908-1914
31South Texas Development Co.,1907-1914
32Southern Tea Coffee Co., 1913
33Southwestern Telegraph Telephone Co., 1905-1914
34Southland Life Insurance Co., 1909-1914
35Sparkman Manufacturing Co., 1912-1913
36H.M. Spears, 1905-1906
37J.R. Spencer, 1908-1911
1001Stevens Pickett, 1905-1911
2Frank W. Stevens, 1897-1907
3Frank W. Stevens, II, 1908-1914
4Tax papers by county, A
5Tax papers by county, B (Beaumont-Bosque)
6Tax papers by county, B (Bowie-Brazos)
7Tax papers by county, C
8Tax papers by county, D-E
9Tax papers by county, F
10Tax papers by county, G
11Tax papers by county, H (Hansford-Hardin)
12Tax papers by county, Harris Co. (Houston)
13Tax papers by county, H (Hays-Hidalgo)
14Tax papers by county, J-N
15Tax papers by county, O
16Tax papers by county, R-Z
17Tax papers by county, non-Texas
2Thomas, 1904-1914
3Thompson Ford Lumber Co., 1911-1914
4Thompson, 1907-1911
6J. Toland, 1904-1908
7Townes, 1908-1914
8M. Townsend, 1905-1909
10Trinity Church, Houston, 1911-1914
11Triple Sand Oil Co., 1913-1914
13Tucker, 1905-1908
14Turner, 1905-1913
16John C. Underwood, 1905-1914
1021Real estate agents, 1901-1911
2Map of Gothland, Brazoria Co., TX, n.d.

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