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Guide to Edward Norbeck Academic papers, 1945-1985 MS 441

creator Norbeck, Edward , 1915-1991
Title: Edward Norbeck academic papers
Dates: 1945-1985
Abstract: The papers of anthropologist Dr. Edward Norbeck, an expert in the cultures of the Pacific Ocean area, consist of correspondence, lecture notes, article drafts dating from his years at Rice University and at the University of California at Berkeley.
Identification: MS 441
Quantity: 1.75 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical / Historical

Edward Norbeck was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1915. He received his B.A. (1948), M.A. (1949) and Ph.D. (1952) in Anthropology from the University of Michigan. Dr. Norbeck was an assistant professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, and at the University of Utah. He became a member of the Rice University faculty in 1960 and was Chairman of the Department of Anthropology and Sociology from 1960-1971. He was a professor of Anthropology from 1962-80. Dr. Norbeck was Director of the Graduate Program in Behavioral Sciences and he served as Dean of Humanities from 1965-67. He retired in 1981 and afterward taught for five additional years at other universities as visiting professor.

He was also active in many professional societies in various capacities such as being president of the American Ethnological Society and Program Director of the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. He also acted as chair for a symposium held at Rice University in 1966 entitled The Study of Personality: An Interdisciplinary Appraisal.

Dr. Norbeck was an expert in the cultures of the Pacific Ocean area and did extensive field work in Japan and Hawaii. In 1958-59, he studied postwar economic and social changes in urban Japan, Tokyo, and in rural northeastern Japan. In 1964 he received a National Science Foundation grant to go to Japan to study the new social institutions which had grown up there since World War II, with particular emphasis on that nation's 168 new religions. In 1972 he was named a Piper Professor, an award given by the Piper Foundation of San Antonio which honors university professors for demonstrated ability in the classroom. He was the recipient of grants from the Ford Foundation and the Wenner-Gren Foundation.

Dr. Norbeck published many books and articles and was an editor of the Rice University Studies (1963-1967). He also edited many other papers and theses.

Dr. Norbeck, then Professor Emeritus at Rice University, passed away in August 1991.

Scope and Contents

The papers of anthropologist Dr. Edward Norbeck consist of correspondence, lecture notes, article drafts. The papers range in date from 1945-1985, and occupy 1.75 cubic feet.


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Norbeck, Edward , 1915-1991

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Edward Norbeck Academic Papers, 1945-1985, MS 441, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Acquisition Information

These papers were received by Woodson Research Center in November 1993.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box Folder
1 1-7 Series I: Correspondence 1980-1988
Scope and Contents note
This series consists of correspondence between Norbeck and persons from various universities regarding setting up a Social Science Research Council (SSRC) conference on the general topic of health, medicine and health policy in Japan. Other correspondence pertains to the publication of papers/articles; some of which he wrote, others for which he acted as editor. Drafts of some of the papers are included. Other correspondence pertains to "Humans at Play." The letters are in good condition.
1 Correspondence 1980-81
2 Correspondence 1982
3 Correspondence 1983
4 Correspondence 1984
5 Correspondence 1985
6 Correspondence and review 1986-1988
7 "Humans at Play" correspondence 1983-1985

1-2 Series II: Drafts, Publication Offprints, and Lecture Notes
Scope and Contents note
This series includes a 1979 draft of "Work and Play." There is also a folder with course notes and syllabi mostly dealing with human play.
Included in the collection are offprints of articles published in various journals. The topics range from anthropology and religion to issues about Japan.
There are published lecture notes from Anthropology courses he taught at the University of California at Berkeley.
Loose items include his Doctoral Dissertation, a guest register from a reception for him in 1980; a card file of sources and a 16mm film Japan.
Box Folder
1 8 "Work and Play…" draft 1979
9 Course notes and syllabi
10 Program - "The Study of Personality" Symposium 1966
Box Folder
2 1 Offprints 1945-1950's
1 "The Contrary Behavior Pattern in American Indian Ceremonialism" by Verne F. Ray, reprinted from "Southwestern Journal of Anthropology" Spring 1945
1 "Folklore of the Atayal of Formosa and the Mountain Tribes of Luzon" by Edward Norbeck, "Anthropological Papers No. 5," Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan 1950
1 "Westernization as Evident on the Buraku Level" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from"Japanese Journal of Ethnology" 1951
1 "Folk Music of Japan," introduction and notes by Edward Norbeck, "Ethnic Folkways Library" 1952
1 "Pollution and Taboo in Contemporary Japan" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "Southwestern Journal of Anthropology" Autumn 1952
1 "Age-Grading in Japan" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "American Anthropologist" August 1953
1 "American Indians in the Pacific" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "American Antiquity" July 1953
1 "Yakudoshi, A Japanese Complex of Supernatural Beliefs" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "Southwestern Journal of Anthropology" Summer 1953
1 "Trans-Pacific Similarities in Folklore: A Research Lead" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from the "Kroeber Anthropoogical Society Papers" 1955
1 "Informal Fictive Kinship in Japan" by Edward Norbeck and Harumi Befu, reprinted from "American Anthropologist" February 1958
1 "Japanese Usages of Terms of Relationship" by Harumi Befu and Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "Southwestern Journal of Anthropology" Spring 1958
6 Published Lecture Notes 1965-1968
6 Anth 140, The Nature of Culture -- Upper-division Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 1965
6 Anth 158, Primitive Religion -- Comparative Survey of Pre-Christian Religion and Magic 1966
6 Anth 2, Introduction to Archeology -- Prehistory and Cultural Growth 1967
6 Loose Items
6 Doctoral Dissertation "Takashima: A Fishing Community of Japan" 1951:
6 Guest Register, Reception for Edward Norbeck, Washington, D. C. 12-5-80,
6 Card file for sources
6 16 mm film, "Japan"
6 Anth 165a, Language and Culture -- Language and Thought, Classification of Languages; Linguistic Aspects of Culture; Language, Nation and State 1968
2 Offprints 1960's
2 "Japan," chapter 2, by Edward Norbeck and George DeVos, "Psychological Anthropology" 1961
2 "Postwar Cultural Change and Continuity in Northeastern Japan," by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "American Anthropologist" April 1961
2 "Common-Interest Associations in Rural Japan" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "Japanese Culture" 1962
2 "The Interpretation of Data: Puberty Rites" by Edward Norbeck, Donald E. Walker and Mimi Cohen, reprinted from <"American Anthropologist" June 1962
2 "Lewis Henry Morgan and Japanese Terms of Relationship: Profit through Error" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "Southwestern Journal of Anthropology" Summer 1963
2 "African Rituals of Conflict" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "American Anthropologist" December 1963
2 "Cultural Anthropology, Views of Man and Culture" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "Thought" Summer 1964
2 Chapter VI, "Associations and Democracy" in Japan by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "Aspects of Social Change in Modern Japan" 1967
2 "The American Occupation of Japan: Social Retrospect" by Edward Norbeck, from "The American Occupation of Japan: A Retrospective View," by Grant Goodman 1968
2 "Human Play and Its Cultural Expression" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "Humanitas" Spring 1969
3 Offprints 1970's, n.d.
3 "Man at Play" by Edward Norbeck, from "Play, A Natural History Magazine Special Supplement" December 1971
3 "Prophecy Continues to Fail, a Japanese Sect" by Takkaaki Sanada and Edward Norbeck, from "Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology" September 1975
3 "Anthropological Views of Play" by Edward Norbeck, from "American Zool" 1974
3 "A Sanction for Authority: Etiquette" by Edward Norbeck, reprinted from "The Anthropology of Power" 1977
3 "The Biological and Cultural Significance of Human Play: An Anthropological View" by Edward Norbeck, from "Leisure Today" October 1979
3 "The Study of Religion" by Edward Norbeck, from "The Voice of American Forum Lectures, #16" n. d.
3 "Rites of Reversal in Cross-Cultural Perspective" by Edward Norbeck n. d.
4 Published Lecture Notes 1950's
4 Anth XB 124, Primitive Religion 1955
4 Anth XB 2A, Cultural Factors 1956
5 Published Lecture Notes 1960
5 Anth 1, General Anthropology -- Physical and Biological Factors 1960
5 Anth 118, The General Structure and Basic Processes of Cultural Life-A Survey 1960