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Guide to the Marguerite Johnston Barnes Research Materials for Houston, The Unknown City, 1836-1946 MS 455

creator Barnes, Marguerite Johnston
Title: Marguerite Johnston Barnes Research Materials for Houston, The Unknown City, 1836-1946
Dates: bulk
Abstract: These papers are comprised of the research materials Johnston gathered to write "Houston, The Unknown City," published 1991 by Texas A & M Press. Included amongst these materials are oral histories, newspaper clippings, photocopies of secondary source materials, brochures, newsletters, and photographs either created, gathered, or maintained by Barnes. Dates range from 1830-1991, bulk 1920-1991.
Identification: MS 455
Quantity: 16.0 linear ft.(32 boxes)
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical Note

Marguerite Johnston Barnes was born and raised in Alabama. She graduated from Birmingham Southern College. After several years as a reporter for the "Birmingham News," she became the Washington bureau chief for the "Birmingham News," the "Birmingham Age-Herald" and the "London Daily Mirror" (1945-46). In 1946 she moved to Houston. Johnston wrote a daily column in the "Houston Post" from 1947 to 1968, then, as assistant editor of the editorial page, wrote foreign affairs commentaries on Europe, Africa and Asia.

Marguerite Johnston Barnes passed away on December 13, 2005, in Houston, Texas.

Scope and Contents

The Marguerite Johnston Barnes Papers are comprised of the research materials Johnston gathered to write "Houston, The Unknown City, " published 1991 by Texas A & M Press. Included amongst these materials are oral histories, newspaper clippings, photocopies of secondary source materials, brochures, newsletters, and photographs either created, gathered, or maintained by Barnes. Dates range from 1830-1991, bulk 1920-1991.


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This material is open for research.

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Stored onsite at the Woodson Research Center.

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Permission to publish material from the Marguerite Johnston Barnes papers must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

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Marguerite Johnston Barnes Research Materials for "Houston, The Unknown City, 1836-1946," MS 455, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Acquisition Information

Marguerite Johnston Barnes donated the papers in January of 1997. The papers came from her office on the Rice campus.

General note

Portions of this collection are available online at https://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/37267.

General Note

Portions of this collection are available online at https://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/37267.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I. Oral Histories 1985-1991

Scope and Contents note
Arranged alphabetically by last name in 2 sub-series - Transcripts and Tapes. These interviews were conducted by Johnston with members of prominent Houston families.
Transcripts sometime include handwritten notes by Johnston as well as clippings. Johnston conducted these interviews in person, and sometimes met with the subject more than once, evidenced by multiple cassette tapes. Occasionally, she also interviewed other family members with the main subject. Not all transcripts have accompanying tapes, but all existing tapes have transcripts.
See also additional tapes in Series VI: Addendum 2 (Oral History audio cassette tapes.
Subseries A: Transcripts
Box Folder
1 1-3 Adams, Dr. Sam
4 Anderson, Ben and Mary Greenwood Anderson
5 Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Leland
6 Anderson, Ralph
7 Anderson, Tom
8 Baker, Mrs. James II and Baker, James III
9 Bintliff, David C.
10 Blattner, Dr. Russell J.
11 Brannon, Dr. Jack
12 Brown, Mr and Mrs. Edwin Rice
13 Bruce, George and Laura
14 Carruth, Alan
15 Carter, Betty and Victor
16-18 Clark, Dr. Lee
19 Crain, Lillo (Mrs. Danny)
20 Crain, Dr. Edward Lillo, Jr.
21 Cravens, Mary
22 Crawford, Dr. Elizabeth Stripling
23 Darby, Charlotte (Mrs. James)
24 Davis, Tom Martin
25 Davis, Dorothy Dunn (Mrs. Tom Martin)
26 DeBakey, Dr. Michael
27 Dillingham, Barbara Kibbler
28 Dillingham, Charlie
Box Folder
2 1 Duncan, Charles, Jr.
2 Elkins, James, Jr.
3 Elkins, Margaret
4 Fay, Mrs. Ernest Bel
5-7 Frazier, Preston
8 Freed, Eleanor
9 Harris, Col. Jack
10 Haynsworth, Elizabeth and McCallon, Virginia Drane
11 Hershey, Terry (Mrs. Jake)
12 Heyck, Frances
13 Heyl, Nancy Spencer
14 Hofheinz, Fred
15 Hunt, Eugenia Howard (Mrs. Wilmer Brady)
16 Hunt, Lennie
17 Hunter, Edwin
18 Johnson, Tom
19 Jones, John T.
20 Justice, Dr. Blair
21 Keeper, Rose
22 Kellway, Dr. Peter
23 Kelley, Sally (Mrs. Edward Watson)
24 Kirkland, Bill
25 Kirkland, William A.
26 Koelsch, Francita Stuart
27 Law, Carolyn (Mrs. Theodore)
28 Leroy, Moses
29 Levine, Max
Box Folder
3 1 Love, Judge Miron
2 Lovett, Malcolm
3 Lovett, Mrs. Malcolm
4 Masterson, Harris
5 Maxwell, Nancy Nelms (Mrs. Jack)
6 Mayo, Edward
7 McAshan, Samuel Maurice
8 McAshan, Samuel Maurice, Jr.
9-10 McAshan, Susan Clayton
11 McKinney, Dr. Mary Ann
12 Merrem, Mrs. William E.
13 Merrem, Mrs. William E.
14 Nealon, Clark
15 Needham, Tom
16 Neuhaus, Hugo
17 Oltorf, Frank "Posh"
18 Owen, Jane Blaffer
19 Parten, Jubal Richard
20 Perlitz, Estelle Brady Garrow (Mrs. Charles, Jr.)
21 Reed, Mary Carroll Kempner (Mrs. Lawrence)
22 Robertson, Wilhemina Cullen
23 Rouse, Mildred Hutcheson
24 Roussel, Dewey Harris (Mrs. Hubert)
25 Russell, Gladys James
26 Safford, Georgia Howard (Mrs. Henry)
27 Sakowitz, Ann Baum
28 Seals, Judge Woodrow
29 Sharp, Dudley
30 Sharp, Tina Cleveland (Mrs. Dudley)
Box Folder
4 1 Smith, A. Frank, Jr.
2-5 Spencer, Dr. William
6 Sprunt, Clare Fleming
7 Stevenson, Louise (Mrs. Louis A.)
8-9 Taub, Henry J. N.
10 Thompson, Chaille Cage (Mrs. J. Lewis Jr.)
11 Trammell, Bryan and Ann
12 Trammell, Camilla Blaffer
13 Trammell, Tex and Camilla Blaffer Trammell
14 Wallace, McClelland
15 Westheimer, Mark
16-17 Wilcox, Mrs. John
18 Wilkerson, Ellen Hamilton (Mrs. Edward "Ted")
19 Wilson, Isabel Brown
Subseries B: Tapes
5 Dr. Samuel C. Adams
S. Adams
Adams, Dr. Sam (tape 2)
Anderson, Ben and Mary
Anderson, Leland
Anderson, Mary Greenwood
Anderson, Ralph
Brannon, Dr. Jack
Carter, Betty and Victor
Clark, Dr. R. Lee
Crain, Lillo, M. D.
Crain, Dr. E. L. Jr.
Davis, Tom Martin
DeBakey, Dr. Michael
Dillingham, Barbara K.
Fay, Mrs. Ernest Bel (Bonnie)
Frazier, Preston
Freed, Eleanor
Haynsworth, Elizabeth and Virginia Drane McCallon
Heyl, Nancy Spencer (Mrs. James T.)
6 Hershey, Terry (Mrs. Jake)
Hunt, Eugenia Howard (Mrs. Wilmer Brady)
Hunter, Edwin
Johnson, Tom
Jones, John T.
Kirkland, Bill
Koelsch, Francita Stuart
Leroy, Moses
Levine, Max
Love, Judge Miron
Mayo, Edward.
McAshan, Mrs. S. M., Jr.
McKinney, Dr. Mary Ann
Merrem, Mrs. William E.
Morris, S.I.
Nealon, Clark
Neuhaus, Hugo
Oltorf, Frank “Posh”
Owen, Jane Blaffer
Parten, Maj. Jubal R.
Parten, J. R.
7 Perlitz, Estelle (Mrs. Charles), and Charlie Dillingham
Safford, Georgia Howard
Sakowitz, Ann Baum
Smith, A. Frank, Jr.
Spencer, Dr. William
(3 tapes)
Sprunt, Clare Fleming
(4 tapes)
Stevenson, Mrs. Louis A.
Taub, Henry
Thompson, Chaille Cage
Trammell, Tex, and Camilla Blaffer Trammell
Trammell, Camilla Blaffer
Westheimer, Mark
Wilcox, Mrs. John
(2 tapes)
Wilson, Isabel Brown

Series II. Subject Files 1830's-1991

Scope and Contents note
Arranged into two sub-series - alphabetical and chronological.
Johnston collected newspaper articles, chapters from books, original theses, and essays from encyclopedias and other reference works, as background material for the book, "Houston, the Unknown City. "Topics range from famous Houstonians such as Ima Hogg, to social trends and historical events. Most of the files come from secondary sources and are augmented by Johnston's notes and the occasional photograph.
See also additional subject files in Series V: Addendum 1 (Subject Files).
Sub-series A: Alphabetical
Box Folder
8 1 Adams, Dr. Samuel C. Jr.
2 Airport
3 Alcoholism
4 Helen Anderson - The Texas Gate at Mount Vernon
5 Anderson, Monroe D.
6 Andrews, Mark Edwin (Undersecretary of the Navy)
7 Antique Study Group
8 Architecture, Houston
9 Art League/Museum of Fine Arts
10 Art Museum
11 Art Museum (Mies van der Rohe)
12 Arts - Ballet, Opera, Symphony
13 Arts - 1960
14 Astrodome
15 Atomic Attack, Fear of - 1962
16 Autry, John Lockhart
17 Burke Baker, Jr.
18 Baker, James A. III
19 Ballet
20 Barnstone, Howard
21 Bayou Bend, 1960's
22 Bintliff, David
23 Black Vote, Dr. Lonnie Smith 1944 -
24 Blanton Family Resumes
25 Blue Bird Clinic
26 Brannon, Dr. Jack G.
27 Brown, Alice Pratt (Mrs. George R.)
28 Brown, Edwin Rice
29 Brown, George R.
30 Brown, Lee - Police Chief
31 Brown, Margarett Root (Mrs. Herman)
32 Bruce, George and Laura Kirkland
33 Camels
34 Cars
35 Carter, William T.
Box Folder
9 1 Cerracchio, Enrico (Sam Houston Statue in Hermann Park)
2 Churches - Christ Church Cathedral and First Baptist
3 Churches - Shearn Church
4 Churches - First Presbyterian Church
5 Clark, Horace
6 Clayton, William Lockhart
7 Cleveland, William D. Sr.
8 Clothes, 1830 to 1900
9 Confederate War Journal, May 1893
10 Consumer Affairs, 1979
11 Cooley, Dr. Denton A.
12 Cotton and Ship Channel
13 Couper, Mary Frances
14 Cullen, Hugh R.
15 Cullinan, Joseph S.
16 Cullinan, Nina J.
17 Cravens, Mary
18 Cravens, Patsy
19 Davis, Tom Martin
20 DeBakey, Lois and Selma
21 DeBakey, Dr. Michael E.
Box Folder
10 1 DeBakey, Dr. Michael E.
2 deMenil
3 dePelchin, Kezia Payne
4 Dionne, Jack
5 Donoghue, Thomas J.
6 Dowling, Dick
7 Elkins, Sr., James Anderson
8 Ewing, Presley
9 Families, Houston Leading, 1839-1990
10 Fay, Albert Bel and Homoiselle Haden
11 Finnigan, Annette
12 Fleming, Lamar and Clare Evelyn
13 Foley's - 1940's
14 Fondren, Ella F.
15 Foreman, Percy
16 Fox, Stephen, on "Cradle of Culture"
17 Franck, Fance
18 Franzheim, Kenneth, II
19 Garden Club of Houston and River Oaks Garden Club
20 Geographic Mobility through Houston
21 German Families
22 Gray, Edwin Fairfax
Box Folder
11 1 Gray, Dr. E. N.
2 Greenwood, Dr. James Jr.
3 Heritage Society - Noble House, etc.
4 Harris County History
5 Hermann, George H.
6 Hershey, Terese Tarlton
7 Heyck, Frances
8 Hines, Gerald
9 Hirsch, Maurice
10 Hobby, Oveta Culp - Biographical
11 Hobby, Oveta Culp - Notes and Clippings
12 Hobby, Oveta Culp - Speeches
13 Hobby, William Pettus, Jr.
14 Hofheinz, Roy Mark
15 Hogg, Ima
16 Hogg, James Stephen
17 Hogg, Will
18 Hogg Foundation
19 Hood, Dorothy
20 Horses
21 House, Edward Mandell
22 House, T. W.
23 Houston Grand Opera, 1980's
24 Houston Intercontinental Airport (now known as Bush Intercontinental Airport)
25 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
26 Houston Post
27 Houston Public Library
Box Folder
12 1 The Houston Story
2 Hughes, Howard, Jr.
3 Hutcheson Family
4 Huxley, Julian S.
5 Institute of Religion, Texas Medical Center
6 Ives, Caleb
7 Jamails
8 Jaworski, Leon
9 Jewish Institute, Baylor
10 Jews of Houston
11 Johnston, Marguerite, 1983
12 Jones, Jesse
13 Jones, Nettie
14 Jordan, Barbara
15 Junior League
16 Kirland, William Alexander
17 Ladies Reading Club
18 Latham, Justina
19 Law, Francis Marion
20 Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden - 1986
21 Lloyd, George
22 Lovett, Malcolm
23 Lovett, Robert Abercrombie
24 Masterson, Carroll
25 McCarthy, Glenn
26 Medina Speech, 1963
27 Mischer, Walter Sr.
28 Morningstar, 1839 - 1840
Box Folder
13 1 Morningstar, 1840 - 1845
2 Muir, Andrew Forest
3 Music
5 Neuhaus, Hugo V.
6 Obituaries
7 Obituaries - 1980s
8 Owen, Jane
9 Parker, Edwin B.
10 Parks
11 Perry, Marcella
12 Philanthropes
13-14 Philanthropy in Houston
15 Picton, Martha Nance
16 Planned Parenthood
17 Red Cross
18 Red, David Douglass
Box Folder
14 1 Rice, Hugh, Survey of Buffalo Bayou, San Jacinto River, and Galveston Bay
2 Rice University
3 River Oaks Friendship Club
4 Roussel, Hubert and Dewey Harris
5 Samaroff, Olga
6 Sarofim, Louisa
7 St. John's School
8 Houston High Schools - Episcopal High, The Chinquapin School
9 Scurlock, Eddy
10 Houston International Seaman's Center
11 Sesquicentennial Park, Buffalo Bayou 1987 -
12 Sesquicentennial - 1980's
13 Sharp, Dudley and Tina
14 Shearn, Judge Charles
15 Slaves and F. M. C.
16 Smith, Cab
17 Smith, (R.E.) Bob
18 Superconducting Super Collider
19 Taub, Ben and Family
20 Tennant, Judge Geraldine
21 Texas Medical Center
Box Folder
15 1 University of Houston
2 Volunteers
3 Weems, F. Carrington
4 Welch, Robert A.
5 Westheimer, David Westheimer family
6 Women, 1947 - 1968
7 Wortham, Gus S.
Sub-series B: Chronological
Box Folder
15 8 1830's - 1840's
9 1830's - 1840's
10 1851, 1859
11 1920
12 1930's
13 1940
14 1941-
15 1947
16 1947
17 1947 - 1950's
18 1940's - 1950's
Box Folder
16 1-2 1950's
3 Alley Theater, Market Square Controversy and Arts Committee 1960's -
4 1962
5 Face of Houston 1964 -
6-7 1960's
8 City Planning in Houston 1971 -
9 1970's
10 1982
11 1984
12 1985
13 1980's
Box Folder
17 1-2 1980's
3-4 1990's

Series III. Photographs 1890-1991
3 linear inches (0.5 document boxes).

Scope and Contents note
Arranged alphabetically into four sub-series - People, Places, Objects, and Images from Chapters of the Book [i.e. Houston, The Unknown City]. Subjects include people and places in Houston.
The Photographs were culled by Johnston to illustrate her book. Images come from a variety of repositories as well as some original material Johnston had photographed.
Subseries A: People
Box Folder
17 5 Barnstone, Howard
6 Blaffer, R. Lee and Sadie
7 Bourden, George Strake, Allen Barclay, Bob Smith
8 Brown, George and Herman
9 Clayton, William Lockhart and Susan
10 Cronkite, Walter 1984
11 deMenil, John - Family
12 Fleming Family
13 Fondren, Walter and Family
14 Gable, Clark and Ria
15 Groups
16 Hobby, Lt. Governor William Pettus (Bill) Jr. and Diana Hobby, 1983
17 Hobby, Oveta Culp
18 Hobby, William Pettus Sr.
19 House, Colonel E. M., Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks
20 Hughes, Howard
21 Huxley, Julian
22 Men
23 Reed, Mary Carroll Kempner, and Mary Cullinan Cravens
24 Sharp, Dudley
25 Strake, George, V. P. Barclay, Bob Smith
26 Unidentified Contact prints
27 Vance, Nina - Little Theater
28 Wiess Family, Stables and House
29 Women
Sub-series B: Places
Box Folder
17 31 Houston 19th Century
32 Houston, late 1890's early 1900's
33 Houston, 20th century
34 Natatorium
35 Prosso School
Sub-series C: Objects
Box Folder
17 36 American Advertising Club of the World
37 Cars
38 Houses
39 Max Ernst Painting
40 Postcards
41 Ship and Boats in Channel
42 The Texas Gate at Mount Vernon
43 Photocopies of photographs
Sub-series D: Images from the Book
Box Folder
17 44 Chapter 34
45 Chapter 41

Series IV. Manuscript 1991

Scope and Contents note
This series is composed of the typed manuscript, a photocopy of the manuscript, the page proof, and the final galley.
18 First half of Manuscript, not used for setting copy
19 Second half of Manuscript, not used for setting copy
30-31 Photocopy of manuscript
20 First half of page-proof Manuscript
21 Second half of page-proof Manuscript
19 Partial page-proof of manuscript
22 Contract and final copy of book
23 Oversize Photos
24 Notes from Interviews

Series V: Addendum 1 (Subject Files)

Box Folder
25 1 Ad Club
2 Adair, Red
3 Antioch Missionary Baptist Church
4 Assistance Center
5 Barnston, Harry, Dr.
6 Barthleme, Donald
7 Bayou Preservation Association
8 Baylor College of Medicene
9 Bentsen, Lloyd
10 [Susan] Blackburn Award
11 Blacks
12 Catto, Henry Jessica Hobby
13 Denney, Ruth
14 Doty, Eddie Corinne
15 Dowling, Dick
16 Dunn Research Foundation
17 Episcopal Church in Texas
18 Epsom Downs
19 Garden Club of America
20 Gray, Peter
21 Holcombe, Oscar
22 Hospitals
23 Houston
24 Houston early history
25 Houston Light Guard
32 "Houston Publications" reel-to-reel audio tape
Box Folder
25 26 Houstonians
27 Houstonians [info from TCB]
28 Houston Symphony
Box Folder
26 1 Institute for the Arts
2 Institute for International Education
3 Lee, Lucie Campbell diary
4 Leland, Mickey
5 Link, J.W.
6 Marzio, Peter
7 Masterson, Harris and Carroll
8 McVey, William
9 Menil Collection
11 Morris, S.I.
12 Mosbacher, Robert Sr.
13 Museum of Fine Arts
14 Museum of Natural Science
15 Philosophical Society of Texas
16 Rothko Chapel
17 St. Anthony Center
18 Schools
19 Television - Channel 8
20 Texas
21 Texas Children's Hospital
22 Texas Institute for Rehabilitation and Research
23 Tinsley, Eleanor
24 Tuesday Musical Club
25 Tune, Tommy
26 University of Houston
27 University of Texas Medical School
28 Vance, Nina and Alley Theater
29 Wallace, Winnie
30 Walsh, Sally
31 Warren, David B.
32 Wells, Herbert
33 Wiess, Harry
34 Wortham Theater
35 Wren, Clark C.

Series VI: Addendum 2 (Oral History audio cassettes)

27 Adams, Sam, Dr. (2 tapes)
Anderson, Tommy
Andrews, Mark E. (2 tapes)
Baker, James II, Mrs.
Baker, James III
Bintliff, David C.
Blattner, Russell (2 tapes)
Bourdon, Edward
Boyd, Martha Wren
Breedlow, Lou
Brown, Edwin Rice
Brown, Edwin Rice, Mr. Mrs.
Bruce, George
Burke, Tom, Mrs.
Carruth, Alan
Clark, Lee (2 tapes)
Cook, Steve
Crain, Edward Lillo, Jr.
Cravens, Mary
Crawford, Elisabeth, Dr.
Crooker, John H., Jr.
Darby, Charlotte
DeBakey, Michael
Duncan, Charles, Jr.
Elkins, James Jr. (2 tapes)
Franzheim, Kenneth, Jr.
Frazier, Preston (2 tapes)
Freeman, John H., Jr.
Henington, David
Heyck, Frances
Hofheinz, Fred
Hogg, Ima
Hood, Dorothy
Houghton, Dorothy Knox
Hunt, Lennie
Hutcheson, Mildred Henrietta
Itz, Juliana
Jaworski, Leon, Mrs.
Justice, Blair
Keeper, Rose
Kelley, Sally Autry
28 Kirkland, Bill (4 tapes)
Law, Carolyn
Lovett, Malcolm Martha
Lovett, Malcolm ( 3 tapes)
Lummis, Fred, Jr.
Maffitt, Peter
Masterson, Carroll
Masterson, Harris III
Maxwell, Nancy Helms
Mayo, Edward
McAshan, S. M., Jr. (2 tapes)
McAshan, Susan
Nealon, Clark
Needham, Tom
Oltorf, Frank
Owen, Jane Blaffer
Parton, Jubal Richard
Prowell, Russell
Reed, Mary Kempner
Robertson, Wilhelmina Cullen
Roussel, Hubert
Sanders, Betsy
Sarofim, Louisa Stude
Seals, Woodrow
Sharp, Dudley (3 tapes)
Sharp, Tina Cleveland (2 tapes)
Smith, Cabanne
Spencer, William, Dr.
Taub, Henry J.N.
Tennant, Judge G.
Trammell, Bryan Ann
Wallace, McClelland
Williams, George