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Guide to the F. Curtis Michel Scientist-Astronaut Papers, 1951-1981 MS 043

creator Michel, F. Curtis, 1934-
Title: F. Curtis Michel - Scientist-Astronaut Papers
Dates: Bulk, 1963-1974 1951-1981, Bulk Dates 1963-1974
Abstract: Papers related to F. Curtis Michel's participation in NASA's Scientist-Astronaut program (1965-1969); materials (primarily concerned with the Gemini and Apollo Programs) include information on astronaut training, experiments, technical reports, course and seminar notes, handbooks, familiarization materials, training manuals, scientific reports and reprints, photographs, correspondence, and memorabilia; also included are academic papers from his years as a graduate student in physics at California Institute of Technology, and from his academic position at Rice University.
Identification: MS 043
Quantity: 39 Cubic Feet(68 boxes)
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical Note

Frank Curtis Michel was born June 5, 1934, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He attended high school in Sacramento, California, and went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree from California Institute of Technology in 1955, graduating with honors. After working briefly as an engineer, he served in the United States Air Force as a pilot from 1955 to 1958.

Michel then returned to California Institute of Technology, where be received a Ph.D. in physics in 1962. He continued as a Research Fellow in Physics at the Institute until April, 1963 when he accepted a position as assistant professor in the newly established Space Science Department at the Rice Institute (now Rice University) in Houston, Texas.

Michel's entry into the field of space physics proved timely, for a national effort was underway to accelerate scientific research programs needed in the nation's space endeavors. Two years earlier, President John F. Kennedy had enunciated a national goal to place a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Academic programs useful to the projected Apollo spaceflights were thus undergoing intense evaluation by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) together with the National Academy of Sciences and with other interested federal agencies, such as the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense.

A Space Science Summer Study, conducted in 1962 and involving more than one hundred scientists from universities, private research organizations, industry, and the government recognized the potential for scientific investigation which could be carried out on manned missions of NASA's Apollo spacecraft. They proposed establishment of a program for training scientists as astronauts to participate in the Apollo flights and in later space programs.

The following year, specific recommendations for such a program were presented to Congress by the Space Science Board, an arm of the National Academy of Sciences which served as the main liaison between NASA and the American scientific community. The Board's Ad Hoc Committee on Scientific Qualifications of Scientist-Astronauts began work in May, 1964, to establish scientific criteria for applicants.

Michel's qualifications as a scientist who was also an experienced pilot made him a likely candidate for such a program, and he was attracted by the possibility of combining his expertise and special interest in solar winds with his desire to take part in space flight. His interest was shared by Dr. Alexander J. Dessler, director of Rice's Department of Space Science, who was an early supporter of the proposed Scientist-Astronaut program. Furthermore, Rice's Space Science Department had a close relationship with NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center near Houston (MSC, later Johnson Space Center). Departmental research projects, funded in part from NASA grants, were of direct benefit to NASA's programs, and MSC personnel were among those coming to Rice for graduate training.

Michael was thus in a fortunate position to take advantage of these new developments. When NASA officially established the Scientist-Astronaut program and began recruiting in October, 1964 Michel applied and was one of six accepted into the first group in June, 1965.

As a Scientist-Astronaut Michel spent six months in orientation training at MSC (he was already a qualified pilot and thus exempt from basic flight training). His work assignment was primarily to plan for the Apollo Applications Program (AAP, later known as the Skylab program). In September, 1966, Michel was appointed to monitor progress on the Apollo Telescope Mount project (ATM), which involved working with specialists at the Marshall Space Flight Center. At various periods he also served on working groups concerned with Lunar Atmospheres, Manned Space Science Atmospherics, and Planetary Atmospheres. In addition to these duties, Michel participated in ongoing astronaut training and in maintaining his flight proficiency as a potential flight crew member.

In 1967, NASA established a review procedure to ensure that the scientist-astronauts had time for study and research in order to maintain proficiency in their particular areas. Although officially one day a week and one week a month were to be set aside for this purpose, it proved difficult in some cases to achieve this. Over a period of time Michel was among those concerned about being able to meet requirements as an astronaut along with those of a scientist.

When it became apparent in 1967 that budget problems (caused in part by the war in Vietnam) would decrease the number of Apollo flights and thus the possibility for assignment to one of the flight crews, Michel requested and was granted a year's leave of absence to return to Rice in the fall of 1968 to teach and to pursue research. Michel resigned from NASA in August, 1969, when opportunities for space flight continued to appear unlikely and the time commitment for academic interests made remaining in the space program difficult.

Scope and Contents

The F. Curtis Michel Scientist-Astronaut Papers consist of 68 linear feet of material organized into two series, Academic Papers (1951-1979) and NASA Papers (c. 1963-1981). The collection includes correspondence, memos, technical handbooks, training manuals, course and seminar notes, photographs, and a great variety of ephemera, including a flight jacket with NASA emblem. Extensive scientific research material in the collection (seminar notes, scholarly publications, and such) provide a good overview of contributions from the academic community to NASA's various endeavors. The collection has interest not only for the extensive material concerning Michel's work in the Scientist-Astronaut program, but also for glimpses into the administrative workings of NASA and the tensions between various groups involved with the space program. Michel's candid observations and reflections both during his years as an astronaut and after his resignation offer an unusual look at a complex institution and the gifted individuals whose lives were caught up in it.

Series I: Academic Papers contains material from Michel's days as a graduate student in physics at California Institute of Technology and correspondence and research materials pertaining to his academic position at Rice University. Of particular interest is the early correspondence between Michel and officials at NASA concerning his interest in and later application to the Scientist-Astronaut Program. A number of newspaper clippings from 1963 concerning plans for the program and Michel's interest in it are also helpful in documenting the new directions underway in the national space effort toward lunar flight and research.

Of equal interest is material from the period following Michel's resignation in August, 1965. Correspondence and clippings reveal an intense ongoing critique of manned space flight programs, with debate between members of the scientific community and NASA over how to balance the demands of scientific research with those of technical flight proficiency.

Series II: NASA Papers, is divided into seventeen sub-series. The Correspondence sub-series consists of correspondence about the Scientist-Astronaut Program, personal correspondence, letters to and from the public, and administrative and travel material. The sub-series is especially valuable in documenting Michel's experience with NASA, including his application for admission to the Scientist-Astronaut Program, astronaut work assignments and training, pertinent clippings about NASA, early doubts about continuing in the program, and factors leading to his resignation in 1969. The last three folders contain manuscript notes for a book discussing his NASA experiences, and also his response to a Space Program Advisory Council study of the Scientist-Astronaut program, which was conducted in 1974-75, accompanied by a copy of the resulting report.

Astronaut Training and Familiarization gives a good overview of the many technical and scientific areas in which an astronaut was expected to develop proficiency. Areas included geology and astronomy, Gemini Program familiarization, flight training, and the Apollo Program.

The Gemini Program, Apollo Program, Surveyor Program, and Space Station sub-series include material from four NASA programs, with good coverage of experiments conducted and samplings of scientific publications contributing to these programs, while the Technical and Scientific Publications gives an idea of the variety of material produced between 1950 and 1970 relating to space research.

Included in the Oversize Materials is a commemorative album, large photographs, and assorted newspapers and publications. Photographs of the various groups of astronauts are found in the Photograph sub-series, including Group 4, Michel's group of Scientist-Astronauts, and a number of photographs of Michel in his role as an astronaut. Geologic scenes and various technical subjects make up the remainder of the sub-series, along with an astronaut training film.

The final subseries, Memorabilia, contains a wide variety of material collected by Michel during his affiliation with NASA. Boxes 67 and 68 hold commemorative plaques, medallions and insignia, certificates, postal envelopes, launch invitations, calendars, and assorted other items.


Folder titles have been retained where assigned by Dr. Michel; otherwise, material has been organized within similar groupings and placed in chronological or alphabetical order, with appropriate titles assigned to folders.
The F. Curtis Michel Scientist-Astronaut Papers are arranged in two series:
Missing Title
Series I. Academic, 1951-1979
Series II. NASA Papers, c. 1963-1981.


Conditions Governing Access

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Conditions Governing Access

This material is open for research.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish material from F. Curtis Michel - Scientist-Astronaut Papers must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Index Terms

Space flight training
Space environment
Planets -- Atmospheres
Solar wind
Lunar exploration
Atmospheric physics
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Project Apollo (U.S.).
National Academy of Sciences (U.S.).

Related Material

See also MS 475, the F. Curtis Michel Academic Papers.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

F. Curtis Michel - Scientist-Astronaut Papers, 1951-1981, MS 43, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Acquisition Information

The F. Curtis Michel Scientist Astronaut Papers were donated by Dr. Michel to the Woodson Research Center of the Fondren Library at Rice University in October, 1990.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I. Academic, 1951-1979
3 boxes, 21 linear inches.

Scope and Contents note
This series contains Michel's correspondence from the California Institute of Technology and some correspondence from Rice University. Additionally, there is correspondence between Michel and NASA regarding the Scientist-Astronaut Program.
Subseries A: California Institute of Technology
Box Folder
1 1 Physics, 1951-1954
2 Electromagnetic Devices and Circuits, 1953-1954
3 Physical Chemistry Problems, Notes, Tests, 1953-1954
4 Vector Mesons, 1961
Box Folder
2 1 Thermodynamics Notes (Dickinson), n.d.
3 EE 1606 Lab Notes, n.d.
Subseries B: Rice University
Box Folder
2 3 Correspondence, February-September, 1963
4 Correspondence, 1964-1966
5 Correspondence, 1967-1970
6 Correspondence, 1971
7 Correspondence, January-July 1972, 1979, n.d.
8 Space Science Department, Preprints (binder) 1956-1964
Box Folder
3 1 Dept. of Space Science, copies of research papers, 1963-1964
2-3 Space Environment Seminars, 1964

Series II. NASA Papers, c. 1963-1981
65 boxes

Scope and Contents note
Arranged in seventeen sub-series - Correspondence, Personal Correspondence, Administrative Material, Travel, Astronaut Training and Familiarization, Gemini Training, Flight Training, Apollo Training, Gemini Program, D.O.D. Defense Experiments, Program Support Requirements, Apollo Program, Surveyor Program, Space Station Program, Technical and Scientific Publications, Oversized Materials and Photographs, and Memorabilia. This series includes correspondence, notes on experiments, publications, photographs and ephemera relating to NASA and the four major space exploration projects it was involved in between 1963 and 1981.
Subseries A: Correspondence
Box Folder
4 1 Scientist-Astronaut Program, 1963-1965
2 Brooks AFB, April-May, 1965
3 Astronaut Science Research Committee, September, 9-10, 1965
4 Scientist-Astronaut, 1966
5 Letters (General), 1967
6 Correspondence, 1968
7 Scientist-Astronaut, 1969, n.d.
8 Professional Training of Scientist-Astronauts, August 1965-October, 1966
9 Academic Training Program for Group Six Astronauts, September 1, 1968
10 Handwritten Journal, 1965-1969
11 NASA Resignation, 1969
12 Press Clippings, May, 1966 -September, 1969
13 Draft, Book about Scientist-Astronaut Program (Post-resignation)
14 Astrostuff, 1970, n.d.
15 Astronaut Training, 1974-1976
Subseries B: Personal Correspondence
Box Folder
5 1 Correspondence, September 1965-April 1968
2 Astronaut Documents, January 1967-October 1969
3 Contracts, July 1965-September 1969
4 Field and Time, August 1965
5 Newsweek Letter, March 1970-January 1977
6 Talk to Optical Astronomers, March-April 1966
7 November 7 Talk to Exploration Geophysicists, July 1965-November 1966
8 Travel for NASA, February 1966-June 1968
9 America's Salute to the Astronauts, 1979
10 Henbury Reprints, 1965
Box Folder
6 1 F. Curt Michel and Other Funnies, April 1974
2 Letters from the Public, 1965-1967
3 Letters from the Public, 1968-1969
4 Letters from the Public, 1970
5 Letters from the Public, 1971
6 Letters from the Public, 1972
Box Folder
7 1 Letters from the Public, 1973
2 Letters from the Public, 1974, n.d.
3 Invitations and Promotional Material, 1967-1969
Subseries C: Administrative Material
Box Folder
7 4 Astronaut Assignments August 1964-May 1968
5 Astronaut Biographical Data 1968
6 Policies and General Information 1965-1969
7 Manned Spacecraft Center Announcements August 1965-January 1969
8 Manned Spacecraft Center Telephone Directories 1965, 1968, 1969
9 Guides for Advisors and Consultants for Avoiding Conflict of Interest in the Federal Government 1963
10 Insurance and Investment Material 1965-1968
Box Folder
8 1 Management Instructions 1966
2 Organizational Info September 1965-February 1966
3 Personnel Records July 1965-July 1969
4 Press Release Guidelines August-September 1965
5 1967 Appointment Book
6 1968 Appointment Book
7 NASA Water Safety Guide June 1968
8 Manned Spacecraft Center/Clear Lake Information Packet c. 1965
9 City of Houston Information 1960s
Subseries D: Travel
Box Folder
8 10 Travel, Bergen, Norway August 16-September 2, 1965
11 Travel, Miles College - Dedication of Taggart Science Building February 1966
12 Travel, Tallahassee NASA Grants Material; "Farewell to Stead Air Force Base" February 1966
13 Travel, S.E.G. [Society of Exploration Geophysicists] November 1966-November 1967
14 Travel, Talk at University of Miami March June 1967
15 Travel, Confirmations and Authorizations October 1965-February 1967
16 Travel, Invitations July 1965-February 1968
17 Travel, Vouchers April 1965-June 1968
Box Folder
9 1 Travel 1965-1969
Subseries E: Astronaut Training and Familiarization
Box Folder
9 2 Astronaut Training 1966
3 Astronaut Training 1967
4 Astronaut Training 1968-1969
5 Astronaut Training n.d.
Box Folder
10 1 Bendix Student Training Guide for Toxic Propellant Lecture June 1, 1965
2 Cape [Kennedy] August 1966
3 Conference on Science Education in the Next Decades, Dartmouth June 1966
4 Directory of Standard Geodetic and Geophysical Constants for Gemini and Apollo April 6, 1966
5 "Elements of Space and Reentry Mechanics" n.d.
6 Geology Field Trips Schedule August 8, 1966
7 "A Geological Approach to the Meteorites" n.d.
8 Geologic Field Notebook n.d.
9 Geology Field Trips 1965-1966
10 Geology Field Trips January-June 1967
Box Folder
11 1 Geology Field Trips, Iceland July 1967
2 Geology Materials 1953-1968
3 Kennedy Space Center
4 Marshall Space Flight Center
5 Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans 1966
6 Morehead Planetarium, Chapel Hill, N. Carolina June 1966
7 NASA 1967 Summer Conference on Lunar Exploration and Science July 31 - August 13, 1967
8 Simulators October 1964 - September 1965
9 Space Communications Course May 1964
Box Folder
12 1 Summer Institute, University of Miami, on Fundamental Concepts in Environmental and Planetary Sciences July 1967
Subseries F: Gemini Training
Box Folder
12 2 "Preflight Training Plan for Fourth Manned Gemini Flight Crew (GTA-6)" August, 1965
3 "Gemini VI Operations Handbook," Rev. A, October 4, 1965
4 "Gemini VI Mission Rules," Rev. 1, October 1, 1965
5 Gemini Agena Operations Handbook, Vehicle 5003, January 21, 1966
6 Gemini Agena Rocket Engine (Bell Aerosystems Co.)
7 Mission Training Plan for Gemini VIII Flight Crew January 10, 1966
8 Gemini VIII Mission Rules February 4, 1966
Box Folder
13 1 Gemini VIII Operations Handbook (Section 1), Rev. A February 4, 1966
2 Gemini VIII Flight Control Data Acquisition Requirements, Rev. A January 25, 1966
3 Gemini VIII Recovery Requirements January 31, 1966
4 Gemini IX Mission Rules, Rev. B. May 5, 1966
5 Gemini IX Operations Handbook (Section 1) March 4, 1966
Box Folder
14 1 Gemini IX Operations Handbook (Section 1). Rev. A. April 22, 1966
2 Gemini IX Manned Space Flight Experiments Interim Report November 1, 1966
3 Gemini X Operations Handbook (Section 1), Rev. C May 20, 1966
4 Mission Training Plan for Gemini Rendezvous and Extravehicular Missions (Gemini X, XI, XII) May 4, 1966
5 Gemini X Mission Operation Report July 11, 1966
6 Gemini X Operations Handbook (Section 1) April 22, 1966
7 Gemini XI Mission Operation Report, and Mission Highlights September 2, 1966, n.d.
Subseries G: Flight Training
Box Folder
15 1 Pilot Training Material August 1965-August 1969
2 Flight Planning Data and Procedures October 1968-September 1969
3 Flight Operation Policies 1967-1968
4 The Rendezvous (Official Publication of American Fighter Pilots Association) 1968, 1969
5 Helicopter manuals 1960, 1965
6 Advanced Flying, Jet [Manual] February 1, 1969
7 T-33A Flight Manual, Changes 1963, 1964
8 T-33A Flight Manual, April 16, 1968
Box Folder
16 1 T-33A Pilot Checklists and Supplements, May, 1963-July, 1969
2 T-33A and AT-33A Supplements, 1967-1968
3 T-38 Pilot and Pilot Instructor Training, 1965-1969
4 T-38 Checklists, Procedures, Supplements, 1967-1969
5 T-38A Flight Manual, and Change Notices April 1, 1966,
6 Certificates for Flight Training, 1965-1967
7 T-38A Flight Manual, and change notices March 1, 1967,
8 T-38A Flight Manual, and change notices March 1, 1968,
9 T-38A Checklists, Class Notes, Supplements, 1966-1968
10 T-38A Flight Manual, April 1, 1969
Subseries H: Apollo Training
17 Apollo Spacecraft and Systems Familiarization, April 1, 1966
Crew Systems, March 1, 1965
Crew Systems Study Slide, September 1, 1965
Electrical Power System Study Guide, August 1, 1965
Electrical Power System Study Guide, October 1, 1965
Electrical Power System Study Guide, March 15, 1966
AS-201 Mission Rules, August 1, 1965
AS-201 Mission Rules, Rev. A, November 1, 1965
AS-201 Technical Information Summary, January 17, 1966
AS-202 Technical Information Summary, May 5, 1966
AS-203 Technical Information Summary, June 14, 1966
Apollo 278 Plan and Compatibility Analysis, July 15, 1966
Apollo 5 Technical Information Summary, December 15, 1967
Apollo 6 Technical Information Summary, March 1, 1968
18 Apollo 12 Lunar Surface Operations Plan, October 23, 1969
Apollo 12 Final Flight Plan, Rev. A. October 29, 1969
Apollo 12 Final Flight Plan, Rev. B. November 4, 1969
1 Apollo Command/Service Systems Handbook, AS-202, August 13, 1965
2 Command Service Module Systems Handbook, CSM 101, April 7, 1967
3 Spacecraft Console Drawing; Panels and Systems Drawings, 1966
4 Data Package for AAP Modification Kit T-1 Audio Hardline, August 1967
5 Critical Design Review, Phase 2, December 1965
6 Critical Design Review, Number 3 Phase II Appendix V, December 1965
7 Block II CSM, LEM and EVA Prime Comm. Links, 1966?
Box Folder
19 1 Apollo Operations Handbook, CSM, April 16, 1966
Box Folder
20 1 Apollo Operations Handbook, CSM, September 16, 1966
2 Apollo Operations Handbook, CSM, Vol. I, October 17, 1966
Box Folder
21 1 Apollo Operations Handbook, CSM, Vol. II, October 17, 1966
2 Apollo Operations Handbook, CSM, November 12, 1966
3 Apollo Operations Handbook, CSM, Changes, November 30, 1966
4 Unified S-Band Telecommunications Techniques for Apollo, Vol. 1, March, 1965
Box Folder
22 1 Telecommunication Systems Study Guide, March 3, 1965
2 Telecommunication Systems Study Guide, October 1, 1965
3 Telecommunication Subsystem Study Guide, November 15, 1965
Box Folder
23 1 Apollo Systems Engineering Manual, Communications Subsystem Block II, September 15, 1966
2 Univac 1106/1108 Exec 2 User's Manuals, July 1966
3 Introduction to Computers, n.d.
4 Apollo Guidance and Navigation System, April 9, 1965
5 Apollo Navigation, Guidance, and Control Systems, May 1965, July 1966
6 Apollo Guidance and Navigation System Study Guide, Block II Familiarization, September 1, 1966
Box Folder
24 1 Apollo Guidance and Navigation System Study Guide, June 1, 1966
2 Guidance and Control Division Presentation to President's Scientific Advisory Committee May 7, 1965
3 Block II SCS [Spacecraft Control System] Handout, September 26, 1966
4 Stabilization and Control System Study Guides, March and September 1965
5 Stabilization and Control Subsystem Study Guide, January 18, 1966
Box Folder
25 1 Stabilization and Control System Block II Familiarization Briefing, n.d
2 LEM Environmental Control Subsystem Study Guide, March 10, 1966
3 LEM Structures and Mechanical System Study Guide, April 1, 1966
4 LEM Orientation Lesson Plans and Student Handout, April 12 and 13, 1966
5 LEM Electrical Power Subsystem Study Guide, July 8, 1966
6 LM Control Electronics Section and Abort Guidance Section Study Guide, September 27, 1966
7 Propulsion Systems Student Study Guide, Part I, March 29, 1965
Box Folder
26 1 Propulsion Systems, Student Study Guide, Part I, September 1, 1965
2 SPS [Service Propulsion System] Material, n.d.
3 Rocket Performance and Propellants; Propulsion Systems Material, n.d.
4 Sequential Events Control System (LES, EDS and ELS) Study Guide, April 20, 1965
Box Folder
27 1 Sequential Events Control System Study Guide (LES, EDS, ELS), August 20, 1965
2 Sequential Events Control System Study Guide (LES, EDS, ELS), July 20, 1966
3 Structures and Mechanical Systems, April 1, 1965
4 Structures and Mechanical Subsystems, April 1, 1966
5 S-IVB Airlock, June 17, 1966
6 Saturn IB/V Launch Vehicle Familiarization, May 1966
Box Folder
28 1 Saturn V Flight Manual, April 1, 1968
2 S-IVB Workshop Material and Notes, June-November 1966
3 Orbital Workshop Astronaut Review Outline, April 24, 1967
4 S-IVB Orbital Workshop Advance Data Package for Preliminary Design Review, May 1967
5 MSFC Orbital Workshop Astronaut Review Outline and Review Material, May 1967
Subseries I: Gemini Program
Box Folder
28 6 Gemini Fact Sheets and Educational Material, 1965-1966
7 Gemini Flight Summary Report, Missions 1-7, and Change Sheet, Missions 1-11, July 1966 November 1966
8 Gemini Mission Charts [Orbital Maps], Gemini 6-9 1965-1966
Box Folder
29 1 Gemini Mid-program Conference February 23-25, 1966
2 Waste Management: Project Gemini 1966?
3 Gemini Experiments Correspondence 1964-1965
4 Gemini Experiments Correspondence January-August 1966
5 Gemini Experiments Status Reviews, December 1964-November 1965
Subseries J: D.O.D. [Department of Defense] Experiments Folder
Box Folder
29 6 D-1: Basic Photography, January-August 1965
7 D-2: Photographic Definition of Objects in Near Proximity in Space, November 1964-January 1965
8 D-3: Mass Determination, September 1964-January 1965
9 D-4: Radiometric Observations, March-April 1965
Box Folder
30 1 D-5: Star Occultation Measurements, June 1964-July 1965
2 D-8: Radiation Measurements, March-October 1964
3 D-9: Nuclear Emulsion, November 1964-August 1965
4 D-10: Navigation, March-November 1964
5 D-12: Modular Maneuvering Unit, April 1964-October 1965
6 D-12: Model Specification for Modular Maneuvering Unit Backpack, March 1965
7 D-13: Gemini In Flight Visual Acuity Experiment, July-December 1964
8 D-14: UHF-VHF Polarization, July-September 1965
9 D-15: Low Light Level Television, October 1964-January 1965
10 D-16: Minimum Reaction Power Tool Evaluation, June 1964 - August 1965
11 E-Retired, July 1964?-May 1965
12 T-2: Manual Space Navigation Sightings, August 1964-August 1965
Box Folder
31 1 Gemini-Flown, August-November 1964
2 GTA-6 Experiments, July-September 1965
3 GT-7 Experiments, April 1964-October 1965
4 GTA-8 Experiments, February 1964-October 1965
5 GTA-9 Experiments, September 1963-May 1964
6 GTA-10 Experiments, August 1964
7 GTA-11 Experiments, July-October 1964
8 GTA-12 Experiments, December 1964
9 Medical Experiments, April 1964-October 1965
10 M-1: Cardiovascular Reflex Conditioning, October 1963-February 1965
11 M-2: Cardiovascular Effects of Space Flight, February 1964
12 M-3: In-Flight Exercise (Work) Tolerance, February 1964-February 1965
13 M-4: In-Flight Phonocardiogram, February 1964-February 1965
14 M-5: Biochemical Analysis of Body Fluids (Plasma and Urine) and M-5A: Adaptation to Circadian Disrhythmia, December 1964-October 1965
Box Folder
32 1 M-6(A): Bone Demineralization During Weightlessness, February 1964-December 1965
2 M-7: Gemini Calcium Balance Study, February 1964-March 1965
3 M-8: In-Flight Electroencephalogram (EEG), February-September 1965
4 M-9: Gemini Vestibular Function Experiment, February 1964-July 1965
5 M-11: Cytogenetic and Immunological Studies of Blood, 1965
6 M-13: Measurement of Limb and Digit Volume and Pulse, n.d.
7 M-14: Arterial Oxygen Saturation, Ear Pulse and Blood Content During Launch and Re-entry by Miniature Ear Oximeter, April 1964
8 M-15: Higher Mental Functions in Orbital Flight, May 1964
9 M-17: In-Flight Thoracic Bloodflow Determination, December 1965
10 M-18: In-Flight Vector Cardiogram, February 1965
11 M-20: In-Flight Pulmonary Function Studies, February 1965
12 MSC-2: Proton/Electron Spectrometer, August 1964-July 1965
13 MSC-3: Tri-Axis Flux Gate Magnetometer, August 1964
14 MSC-4: Optical Communication, October 1964-October 1965
15 MSC-5: UV Spectral Reflectance of the Lunar Surface, June 1964
16 MSC-6: Beta Spectrometer, May 1964-July 1965
17 MSC-7: A Gemini Bremestrahlung Spectrometer, May 1964-July 1965
18 MSC-8(A): Color Patch Photography, May-September 1965
19 MSC-11: Manual Space Navigation Sightings, 1964?
20 MSC-12: Landmark Contrast Measurement, October 1964-September 1965
21 MSFC-2: Thermal Control Coatings, July 1965
22 S-1: Zodiacal Light Photography, April 1964-June 1965
23 S-3: Frog Egg Growth, August 1964-September 1965
24 S-5: Synoptic Terrain Photography, January-September 1964
25 S-6: Synoptic Weather Photography, April 1964
26 S-7: Cloud-Top Altitutde Spectrograph, March 1963-April 1964
27 S-8 (D-13): Gemini In-Flight Visual Acuity, July 1964-November 1965
Box Folder
33 1 S-9: Nuclear Emulsion, 1958-1968
2 S-10: Agena Micrometeorite Collector, August-October 1965
3 S-11: Airglow Horizon Photography, June 1964-April 1967
4 S-12: Collection of Micrometeorites, November 1963-July 1965
5 S-13: Astronomical Observation with a Small Ultraviolet Camera, March 1964-June 1965
6 S-14: Orbital Otolith Experiment, December 1965
7 S-Retired, July 1963-March 1964
Subseries K: Program Support Requirements Document
Box Folder
34 1 Book I, January 1966
2 Book II, January 1966
3 Book III, January 1966
4 Book IIIA, Orbital - ATDA, January 29, 1966
Subseries L: Apollo Program
Sub-subseries 1: Memoranda and Correspondence
Box Folder
34 5 Apollo Memoranda, 1965-1966
6 Apollo Memoranda, January-February 1967
Box Folder
35 1 Apollo Memoranda, March-May 1967
2 Apollo Memoranda, June-December 1967
3 Apollo Memoranda, 1968-1969
4 Apollo Airlock, 1965
5 Apollo 12 Press Kits, November 5, 1969 and n.d.
6 On the Moon with Apollo 15, June 1971
7 On the Moon with Apollo 16, April 1972
8 CCB [Configuration Control Board], June-September 1965
9 Contributions of Manned Spacecraft Center Personnel to the Manned Lunar Exploration Symposium, June 15-16, 1964
Box Folder
36 1 Flight Crew Memoranda, July 1964-May 1966
2 Infrared Astronomy Program for Airplanes, September 1966
3 Lunar Receiving Laboratory Facility Description, September 1968
4 Lunar Surface Activities July -October 1966
5 Manned Photographic Telescope of the Goddard Space Astronomy Program, April 12, 1966
6 Major NASA Launches, March, June 1965
7 The Meteoroid Environment of Project Apollo, January 31, 1963
8 Planetology Subcommittee, 1966
9 Preliminary Mission Definition for Post-Apollo Manned Exploration of Space: Manned Earth Orbital Missions, November 1965
10 Radiation Sources Associated with Apollo Spacecraft Operations, April 15, 1966
11 SA-503 Flight Operations Plan Meeting, December 9, 1966
12 The SPOC Story: Spacecraft Oceanography Project, June 1966
Sub-subseries 2: ALSEP [Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package]
Box Folder
36 13 ALSEP, January 1965-May 1966
14 Apollo Lunar Science Program Report of Planning Teams December 1964
15 Manned Lunar Orbital Missions (Vol. L) April 1965
16 Manned Lunar Orbital Missions (Vol. IA) April 1965
Box Folder
37 1 A Study of Scientific Mission Support of a Lunar Exploration System for Apollo; Final Report (Vol.III) June 16, 1965
2 Scientific Mission Support Study: Apollo Extension System July 1965
3 Definition of Telemetry Equipment for Apollo Passive Lunar Scientific Experiments (TAPLE) Vol. I, Technical August 1965
4 Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package: Monthly Status Report September 1965
Box Folder
38 1 Space Tool Kit Survey, Development and Evaluation Program, Final Report October 1965
2 Minutes of Customer Review Meeting NASA/Manned Spacecraft Center and Space-General Corporation, ALSEP, December 15, 1965
3 ALSEP Phase I Program Progress Report No. 4 December 16, 1965
4 Investigation of Lunar Surface Chemical Contamination by LEM Descent Engine and Associated Equipment, January 1966
5 Apollo Telescope Mount Correspondence, 1965-1966
6 Apollo Telescope Mount Correspondence, 1967
7 Apollo Telescope Mount Correspondence, 1968 and n.d.
8 Apollo Telescope Mount EDT's [Experiment Development Plan], 1966
Box Folder
39 1 PI's/Experiments [Principal Investigators]
2 ATM Preliminary Project Development Plan, July 25, 1966
3 ATM Study Program Final Report, April 1, 1966
4 ATM: Ball Brothers Research Corporation Material, 1964-1965
5 Drawings, ATM Experiment Package Sub-Assembly, November 1966
Box Folder
40 1 Preliminary Astronaut Operations Requirements Document for ATM Experiment S054, February 28, 1967
2 ATM Quarterly Technical Review, March 8, 1967
3 Apollo Telescope Mount Subsystems-Black Box Preliminary Design, Review, October 30, 1967
4 Drawings: Layout - Top Mounted TV Camera, December 1967
5 ATM-WLCE [White Light Coronograph Experiment] Man-Machine Interface Review, December 12-13, 1967
6 Preliminary Astronaut Operations Requirements Document for Coronal XUV Spectroheliograph, Experiment S082A, December 21, 1967
7 Harvard College Observatory ATM [Apollo Telescope Mount] Course Notes, Operational Material, June 1967
Box Folder
41 1 Astronaut Operation Requirements Document for ATM Power System, January 2, 1968
2 Apollo Telescope Mount Mission Phase Material, n.d.
3 ATM Pointing and Control Subsystem [MSFC Internal Note], n.d.
4 Preliminary Copy, ATM Pointing Control System, AORD [Astronaut Operational Requirements Document], n.d.
5 Experiments Correspondence, January-October, 1965
6 Experiments Correspondence, November-December 1965
7 Experiments Correspondence, January 1-7, 1966
8 Experiments Correspondence, January 17-30, 1966
Box Folder
42 1 Experiments Correspondence, February-March 1966
2 Experiments Correspondence, April 1966
3 Experiments Correspondence, October 1966 and n.d.
4 Experiments Correspondence, January-May 1967
5 Experiments Correspondence, June 1967-June 1968
Sub-subseries 3: Apollo Subject Files
Box Folder
42 6 Biomed [Biomedical] Recorder, December 1965
7 Engineering Experiments, September 1964-April 1965
8 Experiments, [Handwritten notes, from binder-notebook] 1964
Box Folder
43 1 ECO [Experiments Coordination Office], July 1964-February 1965
2 Experiments Group, 1966 and n.d.
3 EPO [Experiments Program Office], July-October 1965
4 Experiment Proposals, 1964
5 Experiment Proposals for Feasibility Review - SA 205, 1964-1965
6 Experiments Review Panel, May 1964-March 1965
7 Experiments Status Review, October 4, 1967
Box Folder
44 1 Experiment Summaries, March 1967 and n.d.
2 Film: Analysis of Radiation Damage, Space and Material on Storage and Protection October 20, 1967, n.d.
3 Illustrative Guide to Solar Activity October 20, 1967
4 Inflight Experiments Meetings, July 1964-August 1967
5 ICD [Interface Control Document], October-November 1965
6 MSFEB [Manned Space Flight Experiment Board], September 1964-July 1966
Box Folder
45 1 MSFEB [Manned Space Flight Experiment Board], September 1966-August 1963
2 Medical Experiments Panel, June-December 1964
3 Medical Experiments Panel, 1965
4 Opportunities for Participation in Space Flight Investigations June 1964
5 Radiation (S/C) October-November 1965
6 Schedules, May 1964-May 1965
7 Scientific Experiments, 1964-1965
Sub-subseries 4: Apollo Telescope Mount Experiments
Box Folder
46 1 ATM Experiment Proposals, 1965-1966
2 ATM Preliminary Experiment Material and Correspondence, 1967
3 ATM Experiment Material and Correspondence, 1968
4-5 ATM Experiments and Task Team Material, 1966-1967
Sub-subseries 5: Experiments by Number
Box Folder
46 6 AS-204 Experiments, November 1964-July 1965
7 AS-205 Experiments, March 1965-January 1967
8 AS-207 Experiments, April-November 1965
9 D-17: Solid Electrolyte Carbon Dioxide Reduction System, December 1964
10 M-12: Ergometry Experiment, February-December 1965
Box Folder
47 1 M-16: Atmosphere Turbidity Monitor for Spacecraft, June 1964-February 1965
2 M-19: Measurement of Metabolic Rate in Apollo Astronauts, February 1965
3 M-21: Effects of Long-Term Weightlessness on Vestibular Function, n.d.
4 M-509: Astronaut Maneuvering Equipment; Experiment Implementation Plan, June 1967
5 M-509: Preliminary Requirements Reviews, May and July 1968
6 M-509: Experiment Briefing, June 1968
7 M-509: Preliminary Requirements Review, August 1968
8 S-052: ATM Whitelight Coronograph, December 4, 1967
9 S-055-C: Modified Scanning Spectrometer. August 16, 1967
10 S-055-Extreme UV and X-Ray Telescope, June-September 1967
11 S-14 (Frog Otolith) and S-17 (X-Ray Astronomy) on AS-205; Operational Requirements, December 6, 1965
12 S-15: Zero-G - Single Human Cells, n.d.
Box Folder
48 1 S-16: Trapped Particle Asymmetry, June-December 1965
2 S-17: X-Ray Astronomy, December 1963-December 1965
3 S-18: Micrometeorite Collection, July 1965
4 S-19: UV Stellar Astronomy. March 1965
5 S-20: X-Ray Solar Photography, October 1965
6 S-21: Airglow Horizon Photography, June 1965
7 S-22: Low Z Cosmic Ray, April-June 1965
8 S-23: High Z Cosmic Ray, June 1965
9 S-25: Infra-red IR Temperature Sounding of Earth's Atmosphere, July 1965
10 S-26: Ion Wake Measurement, September 1965
11 Description of Experiments for Apollo Flights SA-204, SA-205 and SA-207, December 1, 1965
12 507 (211) Flight Mission Description, with list of experiments, September 13, 1965
13 X-Experiments: X-15: Physiological Effects of Low Magnetic Fields During Space Flight, n.d.
14 Report of the Ad Hoc Work Group on Apollo Experiments and Training on the Scientific Aspects of Apollo Program, December 15, 1963
15 AES [Apollo Extension System] Experiment Program Discussions Presentation Charts, May 12, 1965
16 Experiments and Instrumentation for Scientific Investigation of the Moon (ALSS), June 28, 1965
Box Folder
49 1 Apollo Service Module Experiments Assembly (ASMEA) Request for Proposal, July 20, 1965
2 Study of Manned Space Investigations in X and Gamma Ray Astronomy January 1, 1966
3 Briefing Charts, Lunar Orbital Survey Missions (LOSM), January 11, 1966
4 Northrop Review, Apollo Experiments Pallet Program January 20, 1966
5 Manned Experiment Program: Opportunities for International Participation February 6, 1966
6 Program Review Material, Experiment Integration Working Group Progress Review, AEP Program, March 15, 1966
7 Overall Mission Operations Plan for Apollo Experiments Pallet (handout for monthly review) March 16, 1966
8 Handbook for the Goddard Experiment Package September 1, 1967
Sub-subseries 6: Apollo Applications Program [AAP]
Box Folder
50 1 Apollo Applications Program Correspondence, 1965-1966
2 Apollo Applications Program Correspondence, September 1966-April 1967
3 Apollo Applications Program Correspondence, April 1966-April 1967
4 Apollo Applications Program Correspondence, May 1967
5 Apollo Applications Program Correspondence, June-December, 1967
6 Apollo Applications Program Correspondence, 1968
7 Apollo Applications Program and Science, February-April 1966, n.d.
8 Apollo Applications Program Experiment General Requirements, March 15, 1968
9 Apollo Applications Program Experiments, June-October 1966
10 Apollo Applications Program Mission Planning Task Force, November 1965-January 1966
Apollo Applications Program Flight Operations Plan Meetings
Box Folder
51 1 January-March 1967
2 April-May 1967
3 June-July 1967
4 September-November 1967
5 March-May 1968
6 June-September 1968
Sub-subseries 7: Apollo Applications Program - General Files
Box Folder
51 7 Apollo Applications Program Study of Utilization of LM [Lunar Module], Grumman Progress Reports for January-April 1967
Box Folder
52 1 Flight Mission Directive for AAP-3/AAP-4, March 27, 1967
2 Reference Flight Plan, AAP-1/AAP-2, June 1, 1967, April 5, 1968
3 Preliminary Data Specification Document for Missions AAP 1a, 1/2, and 3/4, June 1967
4 GAEC [Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation] Biweekly Reports, July-October 1967
5 AAP-3/AAP-4 Flight Crew Experiments Guide, March 11, 1968
6 Radiation Characteristics of Photographic Film for Use in Apollo Application Experiments, June 30, 1967
7 CSM Requirements and Configuration for AAP Flights 1 through 4, July 21, 1967
Box Folder
53 1 AAP/LM-A Alternate Study Reports (2 volumes, 1-18, 19-21), September and November 1967
2 AAP/LM-A ATM Controls and Display Console Configuration Review, November 15, 1967
3 AAP/LM-A Configuration Freeze, Reports (2 volumes), November 16, 1967
Subseries M: Surveyor Program
Box Folder
53 4 Surveyor Project: Lunar Scientific Model, August 3, 1965
5 Surveyor III Preliminary Science Results, May 15, 1967
Box Folder
54 1 Surveyor III: A Preliminary Report, June 1967
2 Surveyor III Mission Report, Part II: Scientific Results Addendum, September 1, 1967
3 Surveyor III Mission Report, Part III: Television Data, November 10, 1967
4 Surveyor V: A Preliminary Report, December 1967
5 Surveyor V Mission Report, Part I: Mission Description and Performance, March 15, 1968
6 Surveyor VII Mission Report, Part II: Science Results, March 15, 1968
7 Surveyor VI: A Preliminary Report, March 1968
8 Surveyor VII: A Preliminary Report, May 1968
Box Folder
55 1 Index of Surveyor Scientific Publication and Presentations, Jet Propulsion Laboratory June 1, 1968
2 Report on Surveyor Project (Reprint, Journal of Geophysical Research) June 15, 1968)
3 Surveyor Project Final report, Part II: Science Results, June 15, 1968
4 Lunar, Surface Thermal Characteristics During Eclipse from Surveyors III, V and after Sunset from Surveyor V (AIAA Paper, presented at conference June 24-26, 1968)
5 Surveyor V Mission Report, Part III: Television Data, July 15, 1968
6 Surveyor VI Mission Report, Part I: Mission Description and Performance, September 15, 1968
7 Report on Surveyor 5 Project (Reprint, Journal of Geophysical Research) November 15, 1968)
8 Surveyor VII Mission Report, Part I. Mission Description and Performance, February 15, 1969
Subseries N: Space Station Program
Box Folder
55 9 Space Stations - Correspondence, 1965-66
10 Modular Multipurpose Space Station Study, Condensed Study, Lockheed, July 30, 1965
Box Folder
56 1 Modular Multipurpose Space Station Study, Sections 1 & 2: Introduction, Technical Summary, Lockheed, July 30, 1965
2 Modular Multipurpose Space Station Study, Section 3: Modular Space Station Design Part I, Lockheed, July 30, 1965
3 Modular Multipurpose Space Station Study, Section 3: Modular Space Station Design Part II, Lockheed, July 30, 1965
4 Modular Multipurpose Space Station Study, Section 4: Preliminary Specifications, Lockheed, July 30, 1965
5 Modular Multipurpose Space Station Study, Sections 5 & 6: Applications & Development Plan, Lockheed, July 30, 1965
6 Modular Multipurpose Space Station Study, Appendix, Expermiental Application Summary, Lockheed, July 30, 1965
Box Folder
57 1 ORL [Orbital Research Laboratory] Experiment Program, Volume A, Framework fro Synthesis, February 21, 1966 Condensed Summary
2 Beyond AAP, March-April 1966
3 November 9-10 AMMP/OSSA Meeting [Advanced Manned Mission Program] [Office of Space Science and Applications], October-November 1966
4 Advanced Missions, September 1965-June 1967
Study of Multipurpose Mission Module, October, 1965
Box Folder
57 5 Baseline Design, Volume 1
6 Baseline Design, Volume 2
7 Costs
Box Folder
58 1 Design Data Book
2 Electrical Power and Environmental Control Subsystems
3 Mockup
4 Phase C Work Statement
5 Program Plan
6 Summary (Earth Orbit)
7 Summary (Lunar Orbit)
8 Utilization of the Multipurpose Mission Module
Subseries O: Technical and Scientific Publications
59 On the Generalized Theory, Scientific American April 1950
Chemical Analysis by Infrared, Scientific American October 1953
Scanning Techniques in Biology and Medicine, Scientific American June 5, 1962
Studies of Micrometeorites Obtained from a Recoverable Sounding Rocket, Scientific American 1962
Flying Spot Television Microscopy 1963
Models for Space Environmental Hazards: Radiation January 31, 1963
Lectures in Aerospace Medicine February 1964
Reprints, Tellus 1964
Calcium Filmindicator of Moisture (incomplete)
Simulation of Ring Patterns Observed with Noctilucent Cloud Particles
A Review of Space Research 1964
A Chronology on Science, Technology, and Policy (Index) January-April, June 1965)
A Chronology on Science, Technology and Policy August 1965
Mission Requirements of Lifting Systems, Operational Aspects, Volumes 1-2, August 1965
60 Mission Requirements of Lifting Systems, Operational Aspects, Volumes 3-4, August 1965
Preprint: Solar X-Ray Images Obtained Using Grazing Incidence Optics October 1965
American Science and Engineering, Inc., Publications:
60 Program of X-Ray Astronomy to be Performed During Apollo Earth Orbital Flights, Phase II, May 26, 1965
A Study of X-Ray Sources Outside the Solar System, June 28 and August 11, 1965
Program of X-Ray Astronomy to be Performed During Apollo Earth Orbital Flight, Second Flight, August 25, 1965
American Science and Engineering, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts (Descriptive Pamphlet September 1, 1965]
Proposal to Investigate Rapid Variations of the X-Ray, Flux from Solar Flares... November 19, 1965
Rapid Recording of X-Ray Spectra and Images of Solar Flares using a Spectrographic X-Ray Telescope... December 9, 1965
Simulation Design Objective for Experiment S-17 on Mission AS-205 March 10, 1966
U.S. Geological Survey: Surveyor Television Investigations: An Appreciation of the Luna 9 Pictures March 1966
61 Research on Gravitational Mass Sensors October 1964-April 1966
Biotechnology at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company April 1966
Princeton Advanced Satellite Study March 1965-May 1966
Research on Gravitational Mass Sensors, Final Report October 1964-April 1966
First Panoramas of the Lunar Surface According to the Material from the Automatic Station Luna-9 (Translated from report of USSR Academy of Sciences June 29, 1966)
Surveyor 1 Preliminary Results: NASA Five-Day Science Report June 30, 1966
A Glancing Incidence Solar Telescope for the Soft X-Ray Region September 1966
The Inter-Relationship of Cosmic Ray Anisotropies and the Interplanetary Magnetic Field< November 1967
Potential Orbital Facilities for Soft X-Ray and Long Wave Radio Astronomy December 1967
Review of Lunar Landing Mission, Part 3 October 6-8, 1967
Technical Library Materials:
62 Calcium Metabolism Under Conditions of Weightlessness June 7, 1963
Bioastronautics-Slogans, Semantics and Science June-July, 1964
Cardiovascular Deconditioning: Role of Blood Volume and Sympathetic Neurohormones n.d.
Relationship Between the Radioemission Flux form Local Source... October 9, 1967
Soviet Bloc Research in Geophysics, Astronomy, and Space April 17, 1968
ATM HCO [Harvard College Observatory] Man/Machine Interface Review January 16-17, 1968
Theoretical Study of the Magnetic Field in the Lunar Wake January 1968
Simultaneous Measurements on Three Satellites and the Observation of the Geomagnetic Tail at 1000 R(e) April 1968
Lunar Explorer 35 May 1968
Intrinsic Properties of the Lunar Body May 1968
Measurements of the Perturbed Interplanetary Magnetic Field in the Lunar Wake May 1968
Reprints of Technical Publications:
62 Time Variation of Sunspot Magnetic Fields Sept. 1964
The Solar Wind Velocity and Its Correlation with Geomagnetic, Solar, and Cosmic Ray Activity August 1965
Acceleration of Trapped Particles during a Magnetic Storm on 18 April, 1965 July 12, 1967
Measurements of Gamma-Radiation of the Lunar Surface on the Space Station August 31, 1967
Plasma Resonances of the Magnetosphere September 2, 1967
Estimates of the Upper Limit of Ion Temperature... December 29, 1967
Biological Self Replicating Systems 1967
Photoelectron Heating Efficiency in the Ionosphere February 1, 1968
Temporal Variations in Geocoronal Balmer Alpha February 1968
A Directional, Low-Energy Electron Detector Employing Channel Electron Multipliers February 28-March 1, 1968
Theoretical Spectral Scattering of Ice Clouds in the Near-Infrared August 1968
Electromagnetic Exploration of the Moon September 14, 1968
63 Proceedings of Winter Study on Uses of Manned Space Flight December 6-9, 1968
Live from the Moon, SDC Magazine July 1969)
The Optical Environment of Manned Spacecraft undated
Comparison of Solar Radiation at 34mm and H-Alpha February 1967
Translations, two Russian papers:The Solar Wind and Polar Aurorae, And Establishment of a Lunar Unipolar Generator... 1966, April 1967
Solar Interplanetary Study Final Report August 30, 1967
Papers, Southwest Center for Advanced Studies, Dallas, Texas 1967-1969:
63 The Structure of the Thermosphere November 1967
The Escape of Atmospheric Helium by Non-Thermal Processes March 25, 1968
The Calculation of Multidimensional Repeated Integrals May 16, 1968
Calculation of the Dependence of Emitted Light on Charge Density... May 1968
Radiative Transfer in an Atmosphere-Ocean System July 1968
21 Radiative-Vibrational Relaxation in Carbon Dioxide July 1968
63 Collisional-Radiative Recombination of Ions and Electrons in High Pressure Plasmas... August 1968
Hydrogen and Helium in the Upper Atmosphere September 1968
Reinterpretation of Geocoronal Observations with Increased High/Low Altitude Hydrogen Ratio October 1968
On Anisotropic Galactic Emissions at Lyman... October 1968
Time Dependent Behavior of the A Line in a Low Pressure Helium Afterglow October 1968
Thermal Structure of an Alouette II Topside Profile... January 1969
Interpretation of Balmer (alpha) Observations of M.F. Ingham January 1969
Influence of Electromagnetic Drifts and Neutral Air Winds on Some Features of the F2-Region March 1969
Variations of Balmer (alpha) Emission and Related Hydrogen Distributions May 1969
The Equivalent Excited State Temperature of a High-Pressure Plasma... May 1969
Ion Mass Spectrometer on Explorer XXXI Satellite n.d.
Deduction of Ionospheric Parameters from Retarding Potential Analyzers n.d.
Environment for Manned Planetary Missions n.d.
The Automatic Numerical Evaluation of Definite Integrals n.d.
Manned Spacecraft Center Technical Information Program, Computer Searches August, November 1968
Subseries P: Oversize Materials
64 Apollo 8 Commemorative 6-cent U.S. Postage Stamp Album May 5, 1969
First-day Issues, sent by correspondent:
General note
64 President Johnson and dogs, card, April 9, 1966
Honoring U.S. Space Achievements, September 29, 1967
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty August and October 1963
Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, 1967
2 copies
Letter from Albert Einstein to President F.D. Roosevelt, Concerning Potential for Nuclear Chain Reactions from Uranium dated August 2, 1939,
Invitation, Program, and Menu for State of Texas Tribute Dinner Honoring the United States Astronauts, December 14, 1969
10 photographs from Geology Material [box 10]
2 unidentified photographs, apparently of lunar terrain
Miscellaneous newspapers and publications:
64 Manned Flight Awareness Newsletter, 1968-1969
CALTECH-Independent Star-News, October 23, 1966
Foreign newspapers;
64 Alpydubladid (Iceland?) June, July 1967
Timinn (Iceland?) July 1967
Morgunbladid (Iceland?) July 1967
Space Roundup 1965-1970
65 Astronaut Training Film n.d.
Sub-subseries 1: Photographs
Box Folder
65 1 Photographs of Michel [removed from box 4]
2 Unidentified Color Slide
3 Michel, Manned Spacecraft Center Official Photographs
Manned Spacecraft Center Official Group Photographs, Astronauts:
Box Folder
65 4 Group 1 and 2
4 Group 3
4 Group 4 (Scientist-Astronauts)
4 Group 5
5 Michel, Various Activities as Scientist-Astronaut
6 MSFC Michound Assembly Facility, New Orleans
7 Miscellaneous NASA Photographs
8 AAP Photographs, Equipment Mockups
Subseries Q: Memorabilia
Box Folder
65 9 NASA ID's and Tags
10 Commemorative Medallions: Lunar Science Conference, Morehead Planetarium, American Fighter Pilots Association
11 Insignia, Tags, and Decals
12 Certificates, 1969
13 Invitations to Launches, 1968, 1973, 1981
14 First-Day Issues, Apollo 8, 10, 11
15 Commemorative Apollo 11 Medallions
16 Miscellaneous Publications and Mementos 1966-1968
17 Miscellaneous Publications and Mementos, 1963-1973
18 Miscellaneous Memorabilia, n.d.
66 Plaque, Check-Out T-38 Talon
Membership Cards, Interstellar Association of Turtles
Desk sign "F. Curtis Michel"
Two handbooks: Space Data (TRW Systems) and Apollo Block II ECS Components
Parker lecturer's pointer and pocket tape measure
Mixed items: ash tray, box of "carnival make-up", pencils
Monthly Pocket Calendars:
67 with telephone index and Aeronautical Vest-Pocket Handbook 1965,
Calnedar 1966
Calendars 1967 and January 1968
68 Flight Jacket with NASA Emblem

Addendum Summer 2015

Subseries A: Photographs
Box Folder
69 1 Photographs File 1966
2 Color Photographs (NASA) 1996
3 Black and White Photographs circa 1966
4 Black and White Photographs and Negatives circa 1966
5 NASA Manned Spacecraft Center Official Photographs 2/1967
6 NASA Concept Art: Space Colony 1975
Subseries B: Records and Correspondence
Box Folder
69 7 Contracts: Field Enterprises Educational Corporation, Astronaut-Scientist Agreements 1965
8 NASA Employment Records 1965-1966
9 Correspondence 1965-1967
10 Invitations to Shuttle Launches 1983-1991
World Book Encyclopedia
Box Folder
69 11 Copyrights, Science News and Photographs 1966
Periodical Clippings
Box Folder
69 12 1963-1964
13 1965
14 1966
15 1967-1968
16 1969
17 1970-1989
18 undated