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Guide to the Fort Griffin Fandangle Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Fort Griffin Fandangle Association
Title: Fort Griffin Fandangle Collection
Abstract: Publicity, i.e. newsprint articles, magazine articles, unpublished written articles, programs, brochures, broadsides, photographs, sheet music, business records, ephemera, scrapbooks, and assorted material of marginal relevance documenting the 68 year history of the community produced and performed Fort Griffin Fandangle.
Identification: AR.2003.002
Quantity: 10 boxes, 4.5 cubic feet
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Robert E. Nail, Jr. Archives
Old Jail Art Center, 201 S. 2nd St., Albany, TX 76430

Biographical Note

The Fort Griffin Fandangle is a historical pageant written, directed, costumed, sung and danced by Albany citizens. wrote the Fandangle in 1938 while teaching at Albany High School. The historical play was conceived as an outdoor alternative to the traditional senior play. It was originally titled "Dr. Shackelford's Paradise." As the play grew in size, the name was changed as the undertaking incorporated more history than that of the settling of Shackelford County. The Fandangle has been performed fairly consistently for the past 68 years. The Fandangle was retired during World War II because writer-director Robert Nail was serving his country in the armed services, as were many of the other Fandangle personnel. The Fandangle was revived in 1947 and ran through 1957. For a number of reasons, the Fandangle was not performed again until 1964 when the West Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation contracted with Robert Nail to bring the Fandangle to Canyon, Texas, to open the new outdoor amphitheatre in Palo Duro Canyon. The people of Albany who saw and were in the show came home determined to reinstate the Fandangle in Albany. Each year the Fandangle tells a difference story, attempting to portray with each show various phases of pioneer life. Stories in the past have been about Prairie Land, about a pioneer couple, about Fort Griffin, about ranching, the cowboy, early journalists, and the pioneer woman. For more information visit the Fort Griffin Fandangle Web Site.

Scope and Contents

Publicity materials including newspaper articles, magazine articles, brochures, programs, and broadsides make up the bulk of the Fandangle Collection. The Collection also includes photographs, original sheet music, lyric sheets, business records such as Fandangle Association financial statements, one legal document, ephemera, scrapbooks, and assorted material of marginal relevance.


The Collection is divided into six sections: Publicity, Photographs, Music, Business Records, Ephemera, and Assorted.


Restrictions on Access

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Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Robert E. Nail, Jr. (1908-1968)
Graham Crutchfield (1889-1958)
Alice Reynolds
Fort Griffin Fandangle Association
Albany Chamber of Commerce
Albany, Texas
Fort Griffin, Texas
Fort Griffin Fandangle
Fort Griffin
Newspaper Articles
Legal Records
Business Records

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Publicity, 1938-2005

Newspaper Articles, 1938-2005; undated
Box Folder
1 1 undated
2 1938
3 1940s-1950s
4 1961-1966
5 1967
6 1968
7 1969
8 1970
9 1971
10 1972
11 1973
12 1974
13 1975
14 1976
15 1977
16 1978
17 1979
18 1980
19 1981
20 1982
21 1983
22 1984
23 1985
24 1986
25 1987
26 1988
27 1991-1998
28 2000s
Magazine Articles, 1968-2000
Box Folder
3 1 Fort Griffin Fandangle, 2 copies, 1965
1 Connecting Rod, 2 copies, June, 1966
1 Texas Clubwoman, May, 1967
1 Electric Times, West Texas Utilities, 2 copies, June, 1967
1 Lawyers Title News, 2 copies, September, 1967
2 Southern Living, June, 1968
2 Texas Parade, 2 copies, May, 1970
2 A People's Theatre, 2 copies, 1970
3 Texas Highways, 2 copies, June, 1974
3 This is West Texas, May/June, 1986
3 TRAVELHOST, June, 1993
3 Texas County Progress, February, 2000
Programs, 1938-2005
Box Folder
2 1 Programs, 1938; 1948; 1965
9 Newspaper Programs (deacidified) 1940; 1947(2copies); 1949; 1950; 1952; 1953; 1955; 1957; 1963(Sampler(2 copies)); 1964(Sampler(2 editions)); 1965(Sampler); 1965-1968; 1968(Sampler); 1970(Sampler; 1970; 1971(Sampler(2 editions)): 1971; 1972(Sempler); 1973-1992; 1994; 1996; 1998; 2004; 2005
Box Folder
11 Albany News Fandangle Souvenir Section, 1978-1979; 1981-1988; 1990-1996; 1998B; 2001; 2004-2005
Box Folder
2 2 Unpublished Written Works, 1947-1965; undated
Box Folder
4 Fandangle Brochures, 1940-1996; undated
Box Folder
5 Fandangle Broadsides, 1952-1971; undated

Photographs, 1939-1988; undated

Box Folder
6 LBJ Ranch Photographs, 1967
Box Folder
7 Fort Griffin Fandangle Photographs, mostly undated
Box Folder
8 Fort Griffin Fandangle Photographs, 1939-1988; undated

Music, 1966; undated

Box Folder
2 3 Fort Griffin Fandangle Songbook, 1966
4 Lyric Sheets, 1964-1967; undated
5 Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies, Score and Parts, undated
6 Let's Settle in This Country, Score and Parts, undated
7 Love Hovers Over YouScore, undated
8 Prairie Land, Score and Parts, undated
9 Remember When, Score and Parts, undated
10 Think of Me Now and Then, Score and Parts, undated
11 The Town of Fort Griffin, Score and Parts, undated
12 Trail to Mexico, Score and Parts, undated
13 Windmill, Six Bright Flags, Texas Stetson, You Can't Change Them Ways, Ranch on a Branch, Parts, undated

Business Records, 1940-1991; undated

Box Folder
2 14 Business Records, 1961-1991; undated
15 Correspondence, 1940; 1981
16 State of Texas Certification of Operation - Boiler Division, 1985-1986
17 Fandangle Association Land Lease Agreement, 6/25/1966

Scrapbooks, 1938-1957

Box Folder
10 Fandangle Scrapbook, 1938-1952
Fandangle Scrapbook, 1940-1957

Ephemera, 1949; 1967; 1970; undated

Box Folder
3 4 Ephemera, 1949; 1967; 1970; undated

Assorted Material of marginal relevance, 1976-1998

Box Folder
3 5 Assorted Material of marginal relevance, 1976-1998