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Joseph Stephen Cullinan Family Collection MSS.1297

Descriptive Summary

Creator Cullinan, Joseph Stephen
Title: Joseph Stephen Cullinan Family Collection
Dates: 1880's-1950
Identification: MSS.1297
Quantity: 25.0 Linear feet, 15 boxes and 10 oversized items
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Historical Note

Joseph S. Cullinan was one of the major figures in the history of Houston and the early oil industry. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1860 and after his arrival in Corsicana, Texas, as a young man, he became involved in the exploration and production of the Corsicana oil fields. After 1902, Cullinan moved his prosperous oil firm to Houston, where he soon became president of the newly formed Texas Oil Company. By the 1920's, Cullinan had organized the American Republics Corporation, which became one of the major petroleum-producing companies of the Southwest. He also contributed to the development of Houston through his many civic activities until his death in 1937. His son, Craig F. Cullinan, became president of American Republics Corporation in 1936 and he remained in that position untili his death in 1950.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of Craig F. Cullinan's business and personal correspondence, dating approximately from 1920 to 1950, and Joseph S. Cullinan's financial correspondence, statements, journals, and ledgers, dating from the 1880's to 1937.


The collection is divided into 15 storage boxes and 10 oversized items. The first five boxes are the business and personal correspondence of Craig F. Cullinan, sorted alphabetically. The last ten boxes are Joseph S. Cullinan's financial correspondence, statements, journals, and ledgers, sorted by year. The ten oversized items are Joseph S. Cullinan's financial journals, ledgers, and loose spreadsheets.


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Permission to publish or reproduce materials from the Joseph Stephen Cullinan Family Collection must be obtained from the Houston Metropolitan Research Center or the appropriate copyright holder.

Index Terms

Cullinan, Craig F.
Cullinan, Joseph Stephen
Petroleum industry and trade--Texas

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Joseph Stephen Cullinan Family Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Lucie Wray Todd, 1998.

Processing Information

Processed by Mark Carley, 1999.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Craig F. Cullinan Business Correspondence

Box Folder
1 1 A
2 Averill, W. Mac, and W.C., Jr.
3-4 Ba-Be
5 Bell, Young
6 Bernays, Edward L.
7-8 Bi-Bo
9-10 Black, C.R., Jr.
11-12 Br-By
13 Buchanan, D. Grayson
14 Buchanan, T.E.
15-16 Ca-Ch
17 Chesnutt, Jerry
18 Cl
19 Clark, J.J., Real Admiral
20 Close, Upton
21 Co-Cr
22 Connaly, Senator Tom
23 Connelly, J.A.
24-27 Cu-Du
28 Durbin, James H.
Box Folder
2 1-4 E-Gu
5 Guba, P.M.
6 Ha-He
7 Harding, Earle
8-9 Hi-Ho
10 Hoover, Herbert
11 Hu
12 Hul, B.E.
13-14 I-Ju
15 Jones, Jesse H.
16-18 K-Ly
19 Loudon, John H.
20 Ma
21 Marshall, Douglas V.
22-23 Mc-Mi
24 Miglietta, J.R.
25 Miller, Roy
26 Mo-My
27 Moore, Hon. E.H.
Box Folder
3 1 N-O
2 Nolan, E.J.
3 North, Earle M.
4 O'Daniel, Senator W. Lee
5-6 Pa-Py
7 Pogue, Joseph E.
8-13 Ra-Sw
14 Strauss, Lewis L.
15 Stude, Henry W.
16 T-V
17 Thomas, Albert
18-19 Wa-Wy
20 Wolcott, Robert W.

Craig F. Cullinan Personal Correspondence

Box Folder
3 21 Absentee voting
22 Animals - Dogs
23 Animals - Horses
24 Applications and recommendations
25 Dr. Archer, Palmer M.
26 Automobiles
Box Folder
4 1-4 Barometer and hurricane charts
5 Binoculars, wallets, golf, tennis
6-8 Boats and yachts
9 Civil Service Commission
10 Clothes: tailors, catalogs
11 Core Laboratories, Inc.
12 Mrs. Craig Cullinan
13 Miss Nina Cullinan
14 Doctors
15 Football tickets
16 Furniture
17 Glasses
18-19 Glenwood Cemetery
20-21 Guns, rifles, and supplies
Box Folder
5 1 Houston zoning ordinance
2 Hunting and sports catalogs
3 Insurance
4 Ireland, family relations
5 Jury service
6 Materials and supplies - purchased
7 Members of family
8 Mt. Rushmore National Memorial Society
9 Navy
10 Oil firms
11 Pecans, peaches, grapefruit
12 Personal correspondence
13 Properties and propositions
14 Reunion
15 Shadyside residence: fireplace, gas, landscaping, tile
16 Shadyside residence: proposed plans
17 Shadyside residence: refrigeration
18 Shadyside residence: telephone, typewriters
19 Schools and camps information
20 Smoking supplies
21 Thermometers and thermostats
22 Transportation
23 Watches

Joseph S. Cullinan Financial Correspondence and Records

Box Folder
6 1 Joseph S. Cullinan and early Texas oil companies, 1880's-1890's
2-11 Joseph S. Cullinan and early Texas oil companies, 1900-1905
Box Folder
7 1-11 Joseph S. Cullinan and early Texas oil companies, 1905-1911
Box Folder
8 1-2 Corsicana Petroleum Company summary statements, 1901-1913
3 Port Arthur Railroad correspondence, 1904
4 Sharp-Masterson stock correspondence, 1906-1909
5 Trust Company of America correspondence, 1907
6 Collateral outstanding, 1907-1908
7 Harris, Winthrop & Company shares and collateral, 1907-1909
8 Check register, 1907-1912
9 Petroleum Iron Works Company statements, 1913-1914
10 Pressed Steel Products Company statements, 1914
11-12 Pennsylvania Tank Car Company statements, 1916-1918
13 Bank balances, 1918-1919
Box Folder
9 1-6 Personal trial balances, 1906-1913
7-12 Trial balance statements, 1914-1916
Box Folder
10 1-5 Trial balance statements, 1917-1920
6-17 Monthly account reports, 1914-1935
Box Folder
11 1-10 Audit reports - personal accounts, 1922-1937
11-15 Payroll correspondence, 1920-1931

Joseph S. Cullinan Account Ledgers and Journals

Box Folder
12 1 Joseph S. Cullinan Expense Ledger: Personal and business accounts, 1901-1907
2 Joseph S. Cullinan Cash Ledger, August 1903-October 1905
3 Joseph S. Cullinan Accounts Payable/Receivable Journal, January 1906-December 1910
4 Joseph S. Cullinan Family Expense Ledger: Accounts Receivable/Payable, Profit and Loss, January 1914-December 1919
5 Joseph S. Cullinan Accounts Ledger A-Z, 1914-1929
Box Folder
13 1 Joseph S. Cullinan Accounts Ledger: Banks, Stocks, Bonds, Personal, Accounts Payable/Receivable, 1914-1937
2 Eureka Paving Company, San Antonio Paving Certificate Ledger, 1914-1920
3 Eureka Paving Company, Contract for Street Paving, City of Port Arthur, Texas, November 1916
4 Eureka Paving Company, Check register, Various banks, October 1917-January 1919
Box Folder
14 1 Eureka Paving Company, Check register, (From/To), January 1918-January 1919
2 The American Exchange National Bank, Check Register #1003-1025, November 1912-February 1917
3 American Republics Corporation, Employees Stock Purchase Plan Installment Certificates stubs: #301-400, October 31, 1919
4 Equitable Trust Company of New York, Check Register #101-158, January 1912-May 1914
5 Fidelity Trust Company of Houston "Memorandum of Securities Held for Safekeeping" Securities Held Binder, June-October 1930
Box Folder
15 1 The First National Bank of Houston, Check Register #601-835, April 1919-September 1924
2 Landslide Oil Company, Cash Ledger, January 1927-January 1931
3 Mexico Fuel Oil Company, Stock Certificate Register, #101-198, 1909-1910
4 Santa Anna Farm, Union National Bank Account Ledger, January 1921-December 1926

Joseph S. Cullinan Oversize Account Ledgers and Journals

1 Joseph S. Cullinan, Condensed and Trial Balance Account Ledger, January 1914-December 1915
2 Joseph S. Cullinan, Cash Book, 1918-1919
3 Locke Transportation and Fuel Oil Company Cash Expense Journal, September 1906-May 1911
4 Panuca Transportation Company, Voucher Ledger, October 1912-April 1913
5 Joseph S. Cullinan, Trial Balance Ledger, January 1916-December 1918
6 Joseph S. Cullinan, Check Register and Account Spreadsheets, 1929-1932
Loose pages
7 Galveston, Harrisburg & Houston Transportation Company, Voucher Register, January 1912-July 1914
8 Joseph S. Cullinan, Bank Ledger (Check Register), January 1933-March 1937
9 Eureka Paving Company, Registers of Vouchers for Month Ending December 31, 1916-January 31, 1919
10 Joseph S. Cullinan, Bank Ledger (Check Register), January 1920-December 1928