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J. Reuben Sheeler Collection:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator Sheeler, John Reuben
Title J. Reuben Sheeler Collection
Dates: 1944 to 1986
Dates (Bulk): 1950 to 1970
Identification MSS 268
Extent 15 document boxes : 12 lin. ft.
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Biographical Note

John Reuben Sheeler was born in Riceville, Tennessee on March 23, 1911. His early education was completed in the region schools in Riceville and Cleveland, Tennessee. His undergraduate work was completed at Knoxville College also in Tennessee. He then majored in History and Political Science at Fisk University in 1941 where he where he earned his Master’s degree. In 1954 Dr. Sheeler was the first African American to earn a Doctorate degree at the University of West Virginia.

Following his studies and throughout his life Dr. Sheeler was first and foremost an educator. This he practiced in many different capacities. He taught in schools and universities throughout the United States, eventually settling in Houston to teach at Texas Southern University and University of Houston. In the community he served as pastor at the Houston Metropolitan CME Church and the St. Paul CME Church. As a foreign ambassador, he served the City of Houston by acting as the Honorable Consul between Texas and the Haitian government from 1959 to 1979. He also served as a delegate to other countries as well through his appointment as Cultural Specialist for the U.S. State Department. During his service there, his travels took him to 14 nations including Scandinavia and the Near East sharing information about U.S. history in general and about the circumstances of African Americans in the United States throughout history.

He taught at all levels of education in the schools. Even after years of having been recognized as a Distinguished Professor of History at Texas State University, Dr. Sheeler still found time to deliver addresses at the elementary and middle school levels. Dr. Sheeler pioneered the development of early programs and policies for Afrocentric education. He assisted other faculty heads at universities in establishing and evaluating their program’s objectives and curriculum. Dr. Sheeler also informed both scholars and the public of the discrepancies and inaccuracies in textbooks and other media that misrepresented the majority of African Americans.

Acting as head of the Department of History and Geography at TSU, Dr. Sheeler assessed the abilities of students based on character and merit, recognizing that individuals possessing desirable qualities may have not had the opportunities of their wealthier counterparts. His presence at Texas State University provided temperance during the turbulent years of the 1950s through the 1970s. He served as a role model for students as he endeavored toward peaceful change through the exchange of information.

Over the course of his studies Dr. Sheeler published many definitive works reflecting his scholarly interests; early American leaders – both Black and White, Houston demographics, the contributions of African Americans to U.S. heritage. Overall he published 28 works: chiefly scholarly articles, book reviews and books. He received the Bancroft Award for his research in 1944.

In the church acting as pastor, Dr. Sheeler educated and informed his congregations as he would his students to the conditions of the world and their place in it. He vehemently opposed separation and isolation of races, ethnicities and social classes, yet he was known as the soft-spoken gentleman and humanitarian with a kindly sense of humor.

Dr. Sheeler’s presence as a civic leader was pervasive. His contributions have been a part of such organizations as the Business and Professional Men’s Club of Houston where he served as Board Member, the South Central Branch of the YMCA where he was Acting Chairman of the Public Forum and later on the Board of Management. In 1972 Dr. Sheeler was awarded the W.E.B. Dubois Award on behalf of the Houston N.A.A.C.P. On the national level Dr. Sheeler was first a Member of the Executive Board, then later a Member of the Editorial Board for the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. In 1960 Dr. Sheeler became the Vice-President of the Association.

Dr. Sheeler exhibited an unwavering love for United States history. He was patriotic and held great respect for U.S. leaders; particularly for the 11th president, Abraham Lincoln. His mission to inform others was a priority with his personal needs as secondary. In order to fill his initial teaching position at TSU, he was required to be separated from his wife Winifred for four years. Winifred Sheeler later joined Dr. Sheeler in Houston, where they resided for the rest of their lives. When Winifred Sheeler died in 1971, Dr. Sheeler continued his research, teaching and service in the community. He later married Marie Owens with whom he adopted a daughter; Ms. Eleanor Smith.

Scope and Contents

The J. Reuben Sheeler Collection contains documents, sound recordings, and photographs from 1944 to 1986. The published and unpublished written works of Dr. Sheeler make up the bulk of the collection. There are also a large number of photographs of Dr. Sheeler’s early career. Dr. Sheeler’s meticulous sermon notes were also retained as part of the collection.


The J. Reuben Sheeler collections is comprised of nine series. The first six series are organized by subject and the last three series by format or size. Each of the subject categories emphasizes a different area of Dr. Sheeler’s life (academics and scholarly work, church, community and civic leadership, foreign service and personal life). Frequently the series are subdivided to reflect various aspects of the series or different document typed contained within each series.
Series 1: Academic and Scholarly Endeavors
Series 2: Foreign Service and Relations
Series 3: Houston Metropolitan CME Church
Series 4: Harris County Grand Jury
Series 5: Civic and National Leadership
Series 6: Personal Records
Series 7: Sound Recordings & Sermons
Series 8: Photographs
Series 9: Oversize Items


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African Americans – Civil rights -- History
African Americans – History -- United States
Churches – Houston (Tex.)
Civic leaders – Houston (Tex.)
College teachers – United States
Community leadership
Diplomatic and consular service
Diplomats – United States
History – Study and teaching – United States
United States – Foreign relations
Association for the Study of Negro Life and History
Association for the Study of Negro Life and History
Business and Professional Men’s Club – Houston (Tex.)
Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church – Houston (Tex.)
Houston Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church – Houston (Tex.)
Texas Southern University
United States. Department of State
Young Men’s Christian Association
Houston (Tex.) – History – 20th century
United States -- History

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J. Reuben Sheeler Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library.

Acquisition Information

Donated by: Ms. Eleanor D. Smith (step-daughter of Dr. J. Reuben Sheeler), April 1985.

Processing Information

Processed by Tammy Jordan. Completed July 27, 2006.

Detailed Description

Series 1: Academic and Scholarly Endeavors

Subseries 1.1: Published and Unpublished Works
Box Folder
1 1 Footnotes: for Chapter 1. Unidentified manuscript
Paper: Sermon to Slaves
Notes: (handwritten): Creativity and the Black Mind
Paper: Nazi Germany. Incl. notes
Manuscript (typed with corrections): Chapter V. Incl. footnotes
Manuscript (typed with corrections): Subjugation, Brutality and Fear. Incl. footnotes and margin notes
Box Folder
1 2 Manuscript (typed): Exploration as slaves throughout Virginia. Pages 40-48
Outline: Chapter Two of unnamed document
Outlines: Three outlines. Chapter One of unnamed document
Manuscript (typed): Conclusion section of unnamed document. “The story of the Negro in western Virginia...”3 pages
Manuscript (typed): Unnamed document. “Any interpretation of the Black experience in America must take into consideration the effects of racism...” 1 page.
Box Folder
1 3 Manuscript (typed): Chapter VII, Political Ascendancy of the Negro
Manuscript (typed): Compensatory Education. Regarding compensatory education of freshman students with academic deficiencies
Manuscript (typed): Compensatory Education. Regarding compensatory education of freshman students with academic deficiencies
Paper: Problems of Houston in the 80s. n.d.
List: Published book reviews by Dr. Sheeler
Paper: History Professor Reveals Startling Facts About Negroes. n.d
Manuscript (typed): Chapter Seven. Freedom of the Negro: An Era of Paradoxes, 1877-1901
Manuscript: Untitled manuscript for book
Box Folder
1 4 Manuscript (typed): Chapter Six. The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1860-1877
Manuscript (typed): Chapter Five. The Years of Mounting Crisis, 1830-1860
Box Folder
1 5 Manuscript (typed with corrections): Chapter Seven. Freedom of the Negro: An Era of Paradoxes, 1877-1901
Manuscript (typed with corrections): Preface and Chapter One. Origins in Africa
Manuscript: Black Churches and Lodges in West Virginia in Their Infancy (1865-1900). Sheeler
Outline: The Black Church: The rise of the Christian Church
Manuscript: The Niagra Movement: Address to the Country. No auth.
Excerpt: Chapter in book, Assuring Freedom. Chapter title, Which Way America? Sheeler
Document: Democracy through School Administration. no auth. n.d.
Document: Education, Our Salvation for War and for Peace. J. Reuben Sheeler. n.d.
Article: The Struggle of the Negro for Integration Into the Political and Cultural Pattern of Ohio Before 1860. John Reuben Sheeler. n.d.
Box Folder
1 6 Articles: authored by J.Reuben Sheeler in The Negro History Bulletin: George Washington Trenholm, October 1945. Servitude and Slavery of Virginia in Seventeenth Century, April 1947. Andrew Johnson Anti- Slavery Spokesman, April 1946. Why I Am a Proud American, February 1958. Hinton Rowan Helper, March 1946. The Nabrit Family, n.d.
7 Manuscript (typed): Which Way America?
Manuscript (typed): pp.20 through pp. 28. Regarding price of child slaves
Manuscript (typed): pp. 29 through 32. African American troops in the Civil War
Manuscript (typed): pp. 9 through 20. History 1815-1820
Manuscript (typed): Chapter IV. Freedom on the Move
Excerpt (typed): Footnotes. Chapter VII
Excerpt (typed): Footnotes. Chapter V
Box Folder
1 8 Booklet: Den Amerikanske Neger. J. Reuben Sheeler (signed) United States Information Service
Manuscript (typed with corrections): Who Will Free Us Now?
Manuscript (handwritten): Who Will Free Us Now?
Excerpt (typed) : regarding slavery in Virginia with Footnotes
Excerpt (typed): Footnotes for Chapter VI
Manuscript (typed): Chapter VI. Stress and Storm
Manuscript (typed): pp. 11 through 19. Regarding slavery in Virginia
Manuscript (typed with corrections): Negro Voices in Song
Paper: Booker T. Washington, Social and Political Advisor
Box Folder
2 1 Paper: Dominance, a Social Philosophy of Early Virginia
Paper: Songs of the South, 1861-1865. J. Reuben Sheeler. West Virginia State College
Manuscript (typed): Chapter VII. The Negro Loses Ground in Pre-World War I Society. n.d.
Booklet: Negeren, i USA. John Reuben Sheeler
Manuscript (typed): Chapter Four. The Negro in the Revolution and American Independence Movement, 1770-1820
Paper: Fear in colonial life and the subjugation of negros
Paper: From Servitude to Slavery, The Negro Comes to Virginia
Box Folder
2 2 Manuscript (typed with corrections): Black Experience and the American Mind
Manuscript (typed): Status of Negroes in a Southern Port City in the Progressive Era, 1896-1920
Paper: Africa’s Political, Economic and Social Problems and U.S. Policy
Manuscript (typed with corrections): Black Americans on the Frontier
Manuscript (typed): Extra Legal Controls
Manuscript (typed): Negro Cowboys
Box Folder
2 3 Manuscript (typed with corrections): Chapter III, From Servitude to Slavery, 1650-1776 (longer version)
Manuscript (typed): II From Africa to America: 1492-1650
Box Folder
2 4 Documents: related to the writing of an article on Roscoe Dunjee. Letter, article, handwritten notes. August 1973
Paper: From the Burden of Sorrow to a Great Society
Paper: Reconstruction
Article: The Struggle of the Negro in Ohio for Freedom. The Journal of Negro History. April 1946
Article: The Struggle of the Negro for Integration Into the Political and Cultural Pattern of Ohio Before 1860. West Virginia University Bulletin. June 1951
Pamphlet: Writing the Record of the Negro into the American Culture. Texas Southern University
Book Review: The Children of the South. from Journal of Southern History. May 1967
Manuscript (typed): Writing the Record of the Negro Into American Culture
Manuscript (typed): Civil Rights for Negroes Then and Now
Box Folder
2 5 Manuscript (typed with corrections): Political Ascendancy of the Negro
Manuscript (typed): Chapter VIII, Seed of Advancement
Box Folder
2 6 Article: The Negro on the Virginia Frontier. The Journal of Negro History. October 1958
Manuscript (typed): Black Churches and Lodges in West Virginia in in [sic] Their Infancy (1865-1900)
Manuscript (typed): On Writing the Record
Manuscript (typed): The Negro Soldier in the Struggle for Freedom
Manuscript (typed): Chapter Seven. Freedom of the Negro, an Era of Paradoxes, 1877-1901
Manuscript (typed): 1789-1860
Manuscript (typed): A Study of the Treatment of Negroes in Textbooks
Box Folder
2 7 Manuscript (typed): The Saga of Coe Ridge
Manuscript (typed): The Negro in Western Virginia During the Decade of Controversy, 1850-1860
Manuscript (typed): The Spirit of Freedom in Western Virginia After 1800
Manuscript (typed): Chapter 1. From Servitude to Slavery, The Negro Comes to Virginia
Manuscript (typed): Dr. Sheeler’s early work on the Fourth Ward
Box Folder
2 8 Manuscript (typed with corrections): Emancipation to Civil Rights
Paper: Reading. Projections. Labor. Recreation. Religion
Manuscript (typed): Chapter III. To the West With Slavery and Independence. Incl. footnotes
Manuscript (typed): Chapter IV. Freedom on the Move
Paper: Black Americans in Houston
Paper: Roscoe Dunjee, 1883-1965
Box Folder
2 9 Paper: Education of Black Americans in Houston
Manuscript (typed): From Freedom to Civil Rights, Phase IV
Paper: Inequality and slavery in America
Paper: America in the 20th century looking back
Paper: The Revolutionary spirit...
Paper: Reshaping the University: A Plea for Relevancy
Box Folder
2 10 Paper: Watchmen on the Wall
Article: Houston’s Fourth Ward
Paper: Who Will Free Us Now? Poverty and the Black Family. With notes
Paper: Expanding Horizons in the Social Sciences
Manuscript (typed): African Americans and Virginia. With footnotes
Manuscript (typed): Booker T. Washington
Record: Class Grade Book. History. Fall 1974-Spring 1975
Paper: regarding Charles Harris Wesley, 1891.
Paper: regarding James Walker Hood, 1831-1918. Incl. references
Box Folder
2 11 Manuscript (typed with corrections): Chapter V
Manuscript (typed with corrections): pp. 12 through 20. Gholson’s Police Bills
Manuscript (typed with corrections): pp. 21 through pp.27. Slave drives
Manuscript (typed): pp. 49 through pp. 61. Slaves as clearing land for settlement and fighting native Americans
Subseries 1.2: Texas Southern University, Teaching and Advising
Box Folder
3 1
Assignment: [The] Reaction to Blacks By Some Houstonians Under Thirty Years of Age, 1973
Course Outline: The Negro American: A History of the Negro In the United States
Examination: History 1950. Hour Examination, Winter 1979
Class Notes: The Free Negro In America, History 447 Afro-American History, Texas Southern University
Test: Afro-American History
Notes: The United Nations in a World of Tensions, an “introductory lecture to workshop on world affairs,” J. Reuben Sheeler, “Director of Workshop,” Texas Southern University, July 18, 1955
Student advising: Correspondence, evaluations, recommendations, assistance
Box Folder
3 2 Student papers, 1961-1979
3 Report: Regarding student paper authored by student, Mr. Ural Ware. June 17, 1972
Letter: from G. M. Sawyer, President, Texas Southern University. Regarding Dr. Sheeler’s promotion to Distinguished Professor of History. July 1, 1971
Syllabi: History courses
Box Folder
3 4 Syllabi: History courses
5 Syllabi: History courses. Includes lecture notes
6 Grade Book: History 633. 1976
Record: Class Grade Book. History. Fall 1974-Spring 1975
Subseries 1.3: Texas Southern University, Administrative
Box Folder
3 7 Letters: to Dr. H. Hadley Hartshorn, Dean. College of Arts and Sciences. Texas Southern University. April 11, 1957
Requests: Regarding travel expenses, Equipment expenses Department of History and Geography, Texas Southern University, April 11, 1957
Document: Task Force on Teaching Evaluation and Development, March 7, 1980
By-Laws: Constitution and By-Laws of Faculty Assembly and Faculty Council
Tentative Program: Institute on Africa in World Affairs, University Auditorium, Texas Southern University. July 18, 1957
Budget/Program Proposal: Institute on Africa in World Affairs, Texas Southern University
Document: Texas Southern University, Personnel Office. Fair Labor Standards Act, Amendments of 1966. January 4, 1967
Letter: of appreciation for hosting foreign faculty member
Documents: Related to recruitment and recommendations for faculty positions at Texas Southern University. 1956-1967
Box Folder
3 8 Letter: Regarding changes to History Department
Document: Program description, African American Studies Program. Texas State University.
Box Folder
3 9 Identification Card: Texas Southern University
Proposal: The Houston Regional Black Archives Project
List: Texas Southern University Salary Scale. 1969-1970
Budget: Department of History and Geology. Texas Southern University. 1969-1970
Subseries 1.4: Teaching and Administration, Other
Box Folder
3 10 Class Grading Book: History 1969 Sam Houston State College
11 Correspondence
Document: Notice of Appointment. West Virginia State College. June 1, 1950 Syllabi
Examination Book: University of Houston
Newspaper clipping: Dr. Sheeler Serves as Afro Consultant. n.d.
Newspaper clipping: Stritch Has Noted Author Head Afro-American Culture Workshop. Milwaukee Journal. June 1969
Box Folder
3 12 Document: Evaluation and assessment of the Afro-American studies department of the University of Minnesota.
Documents: related to Black Archives Project in the Houston Area with progress report
Program: Commencement. Texas College. Tyler, Texas. May 18, 1981
Excerpt: from the Calendar of Negro History. The dedication of the third Carter G. Woodson High School in Texas. Dr. Sheeler photographed
Subseries 1.5: Other Academic, Research Materials
Box Folder
4 1 Receipt: Handwritten. February 1843. Regarding sale of 12-year old boy slave (duplicate for viewing) Original in donor file
Emancipation note: Handwritten. Release of William Edwards from slavery, 1849 (duplicate for viewing) Original in donor file
Receipt: Handwritten. Taylor County, Sept. 11, 1854. Regarding the sale of a slave man named Bordeleiu (duplicate for viewing) Original in donor file
Pamphlet: National Independent: Colored Political Union, n.d. “Address to the Colored Voters”
Certification of Freedom: Fredricksburg, Virginia. “Henry Hollinger a dark mulatto aged about thirty one years, five feet and 3 ½ inches high (duplicate for viewing) Original in donor file
Inquiry of Sale: Regarding a “kitchen wench.” Arnetteesville, Monongalia County, Virginia. July 11, 1855 (duplicate for viewing) Original in donor file
Certificate of Freedom/Receipt: for Lemon Holmes. Kanawha County. 1834 (duplicate for viewing) Original in donor file
Receipt: Regarding a “girl” sold. Stationary of “Auditor’s Office, Richmond” (duplicate for viewing) Original in donor file Duplicated copy of the Emanicipation Proclamation. January 1, 1863
Program: “United Nations Day Program and World Problems Seminar” October 25, 1953
Curriculum Vitae: Personal Data, Reuben Sheeler
Booklet: Frederick Douglass, John Brown and West Virginia
Box Folder
4 2 Autobiography (handwritten), William McFarland, 1926
Editorial: A Negro Mother Tells Why She Is For Segregation, Galena Park Reporter, Galena Park, Texas, February 3, 1956
Article: The Free Negro In Fort Bend County, Texas. The Journal of Negro History, Vol. 33, No. 1. January 1948
Article: The Free Negro in Jefferson and Orange Counties, Texas. The Journal of Negro History, Vol. 35, No. 2. April 1950
Documents: Conference on National Resources, 1955-1956
Document: Forerunners of the School. No auth. n.d.
Autobiographical statement: Authored by William H. Davis. First instructor of Booker T. Washington. April 1938.Photograph separated and placed in Portraits photographs folder
Agenda/Lecture: Special Training Institute on Problems of School Segregation. University of St. Thomas. Houston, Texas. April 29, 1967 Including lecture on Socio-Economic Factors and Their Relation to the Segregation-Desegregation Process. J. L. Brown. April 22, 1967
Document: Teaching Desegregated History
Document: A Tentative Restatement of Goals for Texas Southern University. ca. 1970
Box Folder
4 3 Yearbook: The Report for 1944. The Laboratory High School of Alabama State Teachers College. Montgomery, Alabama
Brochures: National Resources Conference. Industrial College of the Armed Forces. Houston, Texas. 1955-1956
Flyer: Three Men That Must Go. Texas Southern University
Document: Appendix A, Black Code
Document: John Reuben Sheeler, Distinguished Professor of History
Bibliography: The Negro in the United States as the collective topic. Compiled by The New York Public Library, 1965
Subseries 1.6: Academic Awards
Box Folder
4 4 Doctorate degree: John Reuben Sheeler. West Virginia University. May 31, 1954
Accolade: Sigma Ro Sigma appointment, Texas Southern University
Announcement: W.E.B Dubois Award Recipient. Dr. Sheeler 1972 recipient
Box Folder
4 5 Teaching Certificate: State of Tennessee, Department of Education. August 16, 1934
Certificate of Completion: Industrial College of the Armed Forces. National Resources conference. 1955-1956
Subseries 1.7: Speeches and Presentations
Box Folder
4 6 Program: Fidelity Manor High School, Negro History Week, February 17, 1956
Program: Houston City Association of Womens’ Club. Lecturer Dr. J. Reuben Sheeler
Program: Black Heritage Week, Langston University. Address, Dr. J. Reuben Sheeler, February 12, 1976
Speech: Writing the Record Of the Negro Into the American Culture by J. Reuben Sheeler, June 13, 1954
Tentative Program: Institute on Africa in World Affairs, University Auditorium, Texas Southern University. July 18, 1957
Program: Black History Program. Crispus Attucks Junior High School. Houston, Texas. February 11, 1975
Program: Negro History Week, Texas Southern University. February 16, 1956
Program: The Fourteenth Annual Negro History Week, in Los Angeles. Dr. Sheeler featured. February 11-18, 1962
Speech: notes. Founders Day, TSU
Speech: From Emancipation to Enfranchisement. From Freedom to Civil Rights. Phase IV. Delivered to the Annual Banquet of the Southeast Texas Conference, CME Church. Houston, Texas. July 25, 1973
Box Folder
4 7 Program: Convocation. Jarvis Christian College. Hawkins, Texas. Dr. Sheeler featured guest speaker. December 12, 1978
Newspaper clippings: Lecture announcements. Informer. November 14, 1961, November 18, 1961
Newspaper clippings: announcements of Dr. Sheeler’s lectures
Speech: The Black Experience and American Independence Reactions from the Dark.. Delivered at Rice University, June 1976
Speech: Commencement address, Port Gibson High School. May 24, 1976
Speech: to Southern Historical Association. Washington, D. C. November 1969
News Release: Mankato State University. Mankato Minnesota. Sheeler Says Americans Must Study the Negro to Understand Him[self] sic. January 23, 1969
Speech: given by J. Reuben Sheeler at faculty banquet, W. Virginia State College. May 12, 1953
Subseries 1.8: Notes
Box Folder
4 8 Notes (handwritten)
Economic relationships...; For curfew laws see....; Booker T. Washington
The Road to War
The Soviet Union
American Race Relations
Conditions by 1830
Formation of West Virginia
Civil War
Beck Center
Box Folder
4 9
Notes (handwritten)
Montgomery Boycott
Copon Springs
Black Colleges
Substandard pay
Silver Threads Among the Gold
Roscoe Dunjee
Biracial society; American life and history; Nationalism
The treatment of minorities in textbooks.
Subseries 1.9: Correspondence
Box Folder
4 10 Letter: Fullbright Scholarship Committee: Faculty Committees listing, West Virginia State College, 1949-1950, correspondence
Letters: to Dr. H. Hadley Hartshorn, Dean. College of Arts and Sciences. Texas Southern University. April 11, 1957
Letter: from Detroit Public Schools to Dr. Sheeler. Regarding The Struggle For Freedom and Rights
Letter: from Len Perkins, Dean of Students. Purdue University
Letter: to Dr. J. Reuben Sheeler from student, Gladys-Marie Fry. May 14, 1966
Letter: to Dr. J. Reuben Sheeler from student, George E. Cunningham. June 21, 1974
Letter: To Dr. Joel L. Colton, Director of the Division of Humanities, Rockefeller Foundation. Regarding Cobb’s research on history of Black graduate study. April 29, 1977
Letter: from John Reuben Sheeler to Dr. Harrison H. Ferrell, Dean West Virginia State College. West Virginia State College. August 4, 1950 Letter: congratulatory letter on appointment as U.S. representative abroad from F. P. Summers, West Virginia University. January 12, 1959
Letter: Request for assistance with Black history project. American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Texas. Austin, Texas. March 21, 1974
Letter: thank you for lecture from Roy G. Lillard. Cleveland State Community College. June 1, 1979
Letter: Regarding Roscoe Dunjee presentation. April 26, 1977
Letter: from A. Neal Mangham, Jr. , Ph.D. Houston Metropolitan Archives and Research Center. Regarding request for consultation services. October 25, 1974
Letter: from Rayford W. Logan, Dictionary of American Negro Biography. Thank you letter to Dr. Sheeler for providing a biography of Roscoe Dunjee. December 11, 1973
Box Folder
4 11 Papers/correspondence: The Heartman Collection, Texas Southern University
Editorial: Letter to the Editor, Great Historian [Dr. Reuben J. Sheeler] The Daily Cougar. October 5, 1977
Invitation: to participate in Humanities conference at Knoxville College, Knoxville, Tennessee. March 8, 1979.
Box Folder
4 12 Letter: Request for book titles. Oxford University Press. February 5, 1974
Letter: from L. H. Glover of Douglass High School, Huntington, West Virginia. Regarding Mr. Sheeler’s research. February 23, 1953
Letter: from Ernest E. Neal commending Dr. Sheeler’s paper. March 14, 1961
Documents: Regarding publication of book, The Negro American: A History of The Negro in the United States. Co-authors, John R. Sheeler, Lewis H. Fenderson, Richard W. Smith. Contract and letters. June- December 1964
Letter: from Lewis H. Fenderson regarding reviews of book coauthored with Dr. Sheeler and Richard W. Smith. February 14, 1967
Letters: to faculty of Langston University, 1968; Virginia State College 1961
Letter: from Jose Bustamante, United Farm Workers. Regarding excusing absence of student protesting for UFW. n.d.
Letters: of appreciation. Ivan Hinderaker, Chancellor. University of California, Riverside. October 25, 1968; Mrs. C.I. Shackles, Carter G. Woodson Historical Society. Austin, Texas. January 27, 1960; Arthur L. Huckaby, Principal. Booker T. Washington High School. Houston, Texas
Letter: from the Department of State regarding recommendation for job applicant. May 27, 1966

Series 2: Foreign Service and Relations

Subseries 2.1: U. S. State Department
Box Folder
5 1 Document: Congressional Briefing Book, Pakistan. Handwritten in red “Confidential.” December 12, 1958 Grant Authorization: International Education Exchange Program. to Karachi, Pakistan; Copenhagen. Denmark; Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden. 1959
Document: Introduction. Seminar in American Studies. United States Education Foundation in Denmark.
Agenda: Seminar in American Studies. United States Education Foundation in Denmark. March 16, 1959
Application: Seminar in American Studies. March 14-16, 1959
Document: List of Participants. Seminar in American Studies
Box Folder
5 2 Report: Lecture and Consultation Tour of Pakistan/Denmark/Norway/Sweden. January-April 1959
3 Report: Twenty Years of the U.N. J. Reuben Sheeler. n.d.
Notes (handwritten): Montgomery boycott; History of schools
Box Folder
5 4 Letter: Patricia van Delden, Cultural Affairs Officer, United States Information Agency. April 2, 1959
Notes (handwritten): Dr. Sheeler’s personal notes on index cards. Incl. references
Letter: Foreign Service of the United States of America. Welcome to Oslo. March 9, 1959
Letter: from Frederick A. Colwell, Chief, American Specialists Branch. July 2, 1959
Letter: Sheldon W. Cole, Special Assistant Bureau for Africa. Department Agency for International Development. April 13, 1970
Correspondence: United States Information Agency. Regarding Dr. Sheeler writing racial relations pamphlet. April 20, 1959; May 4, 1959; June 17, 1959; August 24, 1959; November 20, 1959; November 30, 1959
Card: (Typed) “Two Shall Be Born the Whole, Wide World Apart Yet Read Life’s Meaning in Each Other’s Eyes...” on verso. On recto... (handwritten) Province of Stockholm. Gov. Erik Alfred Westerlind. 4-3-59 had me and Mr. Odhe join him for coffee at Gustavsburg.
Letter: from Registrar, University of Sind, West Pakistan. 1960
Letter: of congratulations on appointment to State Department. Howard E. Sims. January 13, 1959
Letter: of congratulations on appointment. Ford Hall. January 12, 1959
Box Folder
5 5 Newspaper Clipping: Dollaren er hverken hvit eller svart: Negrene har ful legal likestilling om ti År hevder negerprofessor pÅ BergensbesØk. Bergen Tidende. Bergen, Norway. March 17, 1959
Newspaper Clipping: Translation of newspaper article. The American Dollar is Neither White Nor Black. Begens Tidende. Bergen, Norway. March 17, 1959
Newspaper Clipping: Reisende i gjensidig forstaelse: Dr. John Reuben Sheeler. Adressedvisen.With translation. Trondheim, Norway. March 20, 1959
Program: Abraham Lincoln, Sesquicentannial. United States Information Center. February 1959
Newspaper Clipping: Vettiga lagar bereder väg för rashatets utrotning i USA. With translation. Stockholms-Tidningen. Stockholm, Sweden April 2, 1959
Newspaper Clipping: Lagar mot segregation gÖr SÖderns liberaler modigare. With translation. Svenski Dagbladgat. Stockholm, Sweden. April 5, 1959
Invitation: to lecture, The American Negro Today. Speaker Dr. John R. Sheeler, Professor of History at Texas Southern University. The American Library, Norrmalmstorg, 1V. April 7, 1959
Document: Questions raised during Dr. Sheeler’s lecture in Karachi, Pakistan
Newspaper clipping: Jag hammade igör kråll... With translation. Stockholms-Tidningen. April 2, 1959
Box Folder
5 6 Notes (typed): questions from audience during lectures in Dacca, Bangladesh and Karachi, Pakistan
Program: United Nations Observance. Grambling College. October 26 – 27, 1961. Speaker, Dr. Sheeler
Newspaper clippings: Lecture announcements. Informer. November 14, 1961,November 18, 1961
Newspaper clippings: Agitators Can’t Solve Problem. Dr. Sheeler interviewed. Houston Chronicle. October 9, 1959; Negro History Week. Dr. Sheeler Photographed. Houston Informer. February 19, 1957 Negro History Class Set. Galveston Daily News. February 13, 1969
Newspaper Clipping: Lagar mot segregation gÖr SÖderns liberaler modigare. With translation. Svenski Dagbladgat. Stockholm, Sweden. April 5, 1959
Document: The Salzburg Circle. No. 4. 1959
Bibliography: The Negro In America.
Newspaper Clipping: Vil laere mennasker at forstaa hverandre: Amerikansk negerprofessor paa rejse rundt i verden for at laere andre lande at forstaa Amerika. With translation. Berlingske Tidende. Copenhagen, Denmark. September 3, 1959
Document: USIS Speakers Bureau, Lecture Report. March 9, 1959 Newspaper Clipping: A Challenge and a Warning. Dawn. February 25, 1959
Report: Racial Discrimination in the U.S.: American Professor Explains Situation in Dacca. n.d.
Notes: (Handwritten) Questions in Denmark asked John R. Sheeler
Box Folder
5 7 List: invitees to AA’s tea for Dr. John R. Sheeler. February 13, 1959 Booklet: Travel Memo, Department of State. January 26, 1959-April 28, 1959
Notes: chronicle of ‘last spring in Norway....’ n.d. Receipts: Pakistan Handicrafts, $22.00. Pakistan Cottage Industries, $28.00
Aarhus, Denmark and Norway tour envelope: Hotel Coasters
Brochures: Travel brochures from: Karachi, West Pakistan; Manchhar Lake, Pakistan; Thatta, Pakistan; Pakistan (general)
Separated from scrapbook
Itineraries: Dacca, Calcutta. January 31-February 11, 1959; Lahore, Pakistan. February 14, 1959; Copenhagen. March 6, 1959
Personal narrative: Activities and visit in East Pakistan. February 9, 1959
Newspaper clippings: Dr. Sheelers lectures outside of Houston, Texas – national and international
Box Folder
5 8 Booklet: Puerto Rico and the U. S. Their Future Together. July 1954
Newsletters: Foreign Training Letter: Foreign Agricultural Contacts at Land-Grant Colleges. June 29, 1954; July 26, 1954; September 21, 1954; October 15, 1954; November 4, 1954; November 29, 1954; December 15, 1954; January 4, 1955; January 25, 1955; April 7, 1955; April 29, 1955; March 7, 1955
Newsletter: FPA Reporter. Foreign Policy Association. For Community Leaders in World Affairs. April 1955; May 1955; June-July 1955; October 1954
Speech: Liston F. Hills, Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) to World Affairs Council. February 15, 1974
Bibliography: Labor in U.S.A.
List: Life Span of Presidents
Box Folder
5 9 Notes: (Handwritten) names and Dr. Sheeler’s contact with them.
10 Speeches: Africa Week
11 Speeches: Africa Week
Subseries 2.2: Consular Corps. of Houston
Box Folder
5 12 Letter: Republic of Haiti, Department of Foreign Affairs to J. Reuben Sheeler, Consul of Haiti. October 5, 1965
Newspaper clipping: Sheeler Serves As Haiti Consular. The TSU Herald
Newspaper clipping: The Chronicle Salutes the Consular Corps. Houston Chronicle. November 5, 1967
Document: Liste Des Agents Consulaires De La Republique D’Haiti. January 1977
Box Folder
5 13 Speech: Address to the Consular Corps.: Chamber of Commerce Annual Briefing. Willard E. Walbridge, Chairman. Houston Chamber of Commerce. October 1, 1976
14 Letter: Invitation to Mayor Welchs’ home for Consular Corps reception. December 16, 1965
Invitation: The Consular Ball. Houston Oaks Hotel. Houston, Texas. November 18, 1977
Invitations: from other Consul Generals
Invitation: Jim McConn Inaugural Ceremonies. January 3, 1978 Correspondence: to Dr. Sheeler acting as Consul General to Haiti. February 1959-May 1978
Letter/Pamphlet: Savoy Hotel. Houston, Texas. 1973
Box Folder
5 15 Book: Hyppolite, M. P. (1954). A study of Haitian folklore. Port-Au- Prince, Haiti: Iprimerie de L’etat.
Letter/Report: 1961 Annual Report. Port of Houston
Print: depiction of future Allen’s Landing Park. Houston, Texas
Photograph: President Kennedy’s Assasination and Memorial Site
Document: Houston 2001: A Livable City? The Future of Education in Houston. ca. 1970s
Booklet: Haiti, Much to know, much to see, much to do
Pamphlet: Economic Statistics of the Houston Metropolitan Area. Houston National Bank. 1976
Booklet: Haiti: La Merveille des Antilles
Booklet: Republique d’Haiti, La Revue des Affaires Etrangeres. Presses Nationales D’Haiti

Series 3: Houston Metropolitan CME Church

Separated from Series 3. The following items (up to Subseries 3.1) are now housed in Texas Room vertical files H-Churches-Christian Methodist. Please contact the Texas Room at 832-393-1659.
Program: Annual Conference Programs of the 8th Episcopal Church for the Conference Year, 1966-1967
Program: The Holsey Temple Christian Methodist Church, 1968-1969
Periodical: The Christian Index, July 26, 1973; June 7, 1973; December 4, 1969
Flyer: A History of Trinity United Methodist Church.
Press Release: National Conference of Christians and Jews President Calls on UN Secretary General to Censure Syria for its Actions in Lebanon
Subseries 3.1: Office, Operations Records
Box Folder
6 1 Letter: from V.Ray Davis, Counselor at Law. Regarding air conditioning repair bill unpaid by CME Church. December 22, 1975
Subseries 3.2: Houston Metropolitan Ministries
Box Folder
6 2 Religious Education: Curriculum outline for Young Adults. n.d. 1980-1981
Report: Nominating Committee. Houston Metropolitan Ministries. 1980-1981
Document: Award for Ecumenical Achievement. May 22, 1980. Listing of recipient churches.
Notes: Board of Social Concern
Subseries 3.3: Research Materials
Box Folder
6 3 Outline: The Black Church: The rise of the Christian Church
Press Release: National Conference of Christians and Jews President Calls on UN Secretary General to Censure Syria for its Actions in Lebanon
Subseries 3.4: Sermons
Box Folder
6 4 Sermon notes
Booklets (3): Bible Study books—Seven Laws of Achievement, The Value of Friendship, The Whole Duty of Man
Box Folder
6 5 Sermon notes
Subseries 3.5: Programs
Box Folder
6 6
Program: Enchantment ’78. Concerned Women for Saint Paul C.M.E. Church of Houston. June 11, 1978
Newspaper clipping: Dannie Garrett. Forward Times. June 28, 1980 Programs: Enchantment ’79. Friends of Saint Paul CME Church. June 24, 1979
Programs: Enchantment ’81. Friends of Saint Paul. June 28, 1981
Flyer: Race Relations and Negro History Week Observance Service. February 9, 1975
Flyer: “Spring Bazaar” St. Paul CME Church, June 26, 1982
Program: Fourth Annual Observance of Holy Week. Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. April 3, 1980
Order of Service: Men’s Day Celebration. Porter Institutional CME Church. February 26, 1956
Subseries 3.6: Correspondence
Box Folder
6 7 Correspondence, 1972 to 1979
Subseries 3.7: General
Box Folder
6 8 Document: A History of Trinity United Methodist Church
Booklet: 24th Anniversary, Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. July 11-16, 1967
Booklet: Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Membership Directory, n.d.
Booklet: Metropolitan CME Church, 31st Anniversary. November 17, 1974
Leaflet: About Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church’s “social and religious position”
Postcard: Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Newspaper: Bishop Sheeler photographed. Texas Steer. Texas College. Tyler, Texas. August 1975
Pamphlet: Houston Metropolitan Ministries. Meals on Wheels.
Paper: The C.M.E. Church and Social Concern. 1979
Newspaper clipping: Black Historian Outlines Religious, Political Goals. Dallas Morning News. July 29, 1972
Newspaper clipping: People in Religion. Houston Post. February 8, 1975
Course certificate: Practical Aspects of the Discipline. General Board of Christian Education. July 29-August 31, 1979
Booklet: National Radio Pulpit. National Broadcasting Company. March 11-18, 1956
Certificate of Appointment: to Reverend Dr. John Reuben Sheeler as Consultant in Social Action. Texas Conference of the A. M. E. Church, South Houston District. November 1, 1980
Subseries 3.8: Other Churches
Box Folder
6 9 Document: Highlights from Antioch’s History
Booklet: The Evangelist Chapel A.M.E. Church, Dedication Service. June 8, 1980
Book: 1974 Quadrennial and Annual Reports of the General Departments: Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Program: Houston Negro Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Antioch Baptist Church. October 7, 1957
Program: Negro History Week. Dr. J. Rubin [sic] Sheeler speaking. February 10, 1980
Newsletter article: St. Paul CME Church Worships in Newly Built Edifice. February 21-28, 1981
Document: A History of Trinity United Methodist Church
Booklet: Historic Highlights, The Antioch Baptist Church
Subseries 3.9: Conferences
Box Folder
6 10 Document: Provisional Platform of the First National Pie Conference: A Black Church Action Agenda for Candidates for President of the the United States and All Federal Offices Document: Listing of administrative committees. The Ninety Fourth Session, Southeast Texas Conference. Metropolitan C.M.E. Church. July 18-22, 1977
Document: The Preacher and Christian Responsibility. Southeast Texas Conference of the C.M.E. Church. July 17, 1978
Report: The Ninety Seventh Session, Southeast Texas Annual Conference. Dr. Sheeler, Chairman. 1980
Blank Form: Eighth Episcopal District, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Pastor’s Annual Conference Report
Program: Fifty-Sixth Annual Session Louisiana Annual Conference. St. James M.E. Church, Monroe, Louisiana. October 28-November 1, 1925
Booklet: Annual Reports of the C.M.E. Church Departments, May 1-2, 1968
Subseries 3.10: Orders of Service
Box Folder
6 11
Order of Service: Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, October 1, 1978
Order of Service: Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, May 28, 1978
Order of Service: Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, September 19, 1976
Order of Service: Greater New Hope Baptist Church. February 22, 1981
Order of Service: Annual Homecoming Services. Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. October 29, 1978
Order of Service: Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Pastor—John Reuben Sheeler. October 31, 1976
Subseries 3.11: Funeral Services
Box Folder
6 12
Funeral services, 1968 – 1979

Series 4: Harris County Grand Jury

Box Folder
6 13
Letter: Notification of appointment as Grand Juror. C. V. Buster Kern, Sheriff. July 26, 1966
List: Misdemeanor Penalties. December 6, 1961
List: Felony Penalities. May 4, 1965
Letters: in appreciation for Dr. Sheeler’s services as a Grand Juror. November 4, 1966, November 7, 1968

Series 5: Civic and National Leadership

Box Folder
7 1
Minutes: Meals On Wheels Advisory Committee. September 24, 1980
Minutes: January 8, 1958, January 15, 1958, January 22, 1958, February 5, 1958, February 12, 1958, April 9, 1958, April 30, 1958 meeting of the Business and Professional Men’s Club
Booklet: Thirty-Third Annual Report: The Child Guidance Center of Houston. 1962
Box Folder
7 2 Letters: Young Men’s Christian Association. May 6, 1959; May 8, 1959
Report: Houston Council on Human Relations. October 27, 1968
List: Officers of the Houston Negro Community Council
Paper: Negro Facilities are Worse, Path of the Neglected Child Not Easy
List: List of Child Caring Institutions
Proposal: for Welcome Acres and the Eliza Johnson Home for neglected, dependent and indigent negroes
Booklet: Negro Community Council, Inc. of Houston and Harris County. March 1959
Box Folder
7 3 Minutes: Executive Council. Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. July 20, 1968, October 15, 1967
Correspondence: outgoing, July 1967 - November 1973
Correspondence: incoming, January 1959 – August 1976

Series 6: Personal Records

Subseries 6.1: Correspondence
Box Folder
7 4
Personal Correspondence, 1945 – 1969
Box Folder
7 5 Personal Correspondence, 1971 – 1977
6 Personal Correspondence, 1978 – 1981, n.d.
Subseries 6.2: Winifred Sheeler
Box Folder
7 7
Degree: Oberlin College. Bachelor of Arts, Music conferred upon Winifred June Roberts. June 11, 1940
Obituaries: Winifred Sheeler
Diploma: Certificate of Foreign Language (French for foreigners). Institut d’Etudes Francaises pour Etrangers.1965
Certificate: to Winifred Sheeler. Summer Institute for Secondary School Teachers of French. Texas Southern University. July 22, 1964
Certificate: naming Winifred June Sheeler as an honorary member of Pi Delta Pi French Honor Society (in French language). May 7, 1965
Certificate: Institute on Problems of School Desegregation recognizing the attendance of Winifred Sheeler. May 20, 1967
Short Leave Request/Letter: approved request for Winifred Sheeler (teacher - music, French) to attend the Association for Study of Negro Life and History
Subseries 6.3: Extended Family
Box Folder
7 8
Newspaper clipping: Regarding Theopolis Worthington
Program: Memorial Services for Mrs. Emma Lee Berry Sheeler. Charleston, Tennessee. June 3, 1976
Subseries 6.4: Vital Records
Box Folder
7 9 Court order: Order Determining Heirship for the deceased Winifred Sheeler. April 4, 1972
Petition: for guardianship of Guy Baunduy of Porte-Au-Prince, Haiti. Harris County, Texas. n.d.
Marriage Certificate: John Reuben Sheeler and Winifred June Roberts. July 27, 1946
Subseries 6.5: Personal Documents
Box Folder
7 10 Drawing: Heart with inscription “Marie and J. Reuben at” Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church “February 16, 1980”
Hand outs: Thirty-two Ways To Help Your Child Learn; Speech Hygiene Suggestions For Parents and Classroom Teachers; Monuments Erected By the State of Texas to Commemorate the Centenary of Texas Independents Alumni Newsletter: Fisk University, January 1950
Box Folder
7 11 Booklet (signed: Harris County Council of Organizations. Profile of the Houston Negro Community with Special Tribute to Barbara Jordan Course Text: National Resources Conference. Industrial College of the Armed Forces. Washington, D. C. 1955-1956
Booklet: Negro American Studies. Houston Independent School District
Box Folder
7 12 Program: Texas Southern vs. Grambling homecoming football game. Texas State University. 1968
Newsletter: Texas Southern University. Court Orders, Immediate Hearings for TSU Staff and Faculty. April 1977
Notes (handwritten): Where spirits are crushed...
Newsletter: Shrewd. The Organization of Black Student Unity. October 2, 1969
Program (signed): An Evening with Langton Hughes. February 9, 1964
Booklet: Hi Neighbor, Voices From the Power Structure. TSU Model Cities Training Center. May 1971
Program: The Dramatic Club of Colored Junior College presents Junior Jollies. Pilgrim Auditorium. March 15, 1929
Newspaper: The Herald. Houston College For Negros, A Unit of The University of Houston. March 1935
Periodical: Shell News. Houston: Metropolis on the Move. January/February 1965
Box Folder
7 13 Booklet: Who’s Who in Colored America, Supplement. 1950 Newspaper clipping: Shoved Back. The Daily Oklahoman. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. March 30, 1967
Booklet: Economic Mobilization Studies an Introduction to Economic Mobilization. Industrial College of the Armed Forces. Washington, D.C. 1953
Article: Houston’s Shackled Press. Bagdikian. 1966
Program: Fifth Annual NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner. Rice Hotel. Houston. November 17, 1972
Periodical: The Negro History Bulletin, February 1957; January 1957
Box Folder
8 1 Booklet: The Case For a Black Party. Socialist Worker’s Party. November 1968
Booklet: I Have a Dream: the Story of Martin Luther King in Text and Pictures. Time-Life. 1968
Booklet: The Afro-American Texans. The University of Texas, San Antonio. 1975
Brochure: this is....Texas Southern University. Houston, Texas
Box Folder
8 2 Booklet: Craftsmanship a Tradition in Black America. Signed by Broadus Butler
Letter (typed): from Booker T. Washington (then Prinicpal of Tuskegee Institute, Alabama) to Butler Duncan. Fundraising ***item separated to donor file. Copy available for viewing in folder
Box Folder
8 3 Member’s Pass: House of Representatives. November 28, 1952. For session duration.
Admittance Pass: United States Senate Chamber. 82nd Congress. November 28, 1951
Political Placard: “Negro Citizenship in Harris County, 1956: be a Solid Citizen! Vote Everytime.” Harris County Council of Organizations
Booklet: St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Benefit Silver Tea for Pediatric Equipment Fund. ca. 1959
Booklet: Inauguration of Broadus Butler, President of Dillard University. March 15, 1970. New Orleans
Article: Morality or Legality: This is the Question. Broadus N. Butler, Ph.D. Journal of the National Medical Association, Vol. 67, No. 3. May 1975. Signed
Article: Leadership Development in Higher Education. Broadus N. Butler, Ph.D. Educational Record, Vol. 56, No. 1. 1975. Signed
Book: History of Negros of Limestone County from 1860 to 1930. January 1939. Incl. margin notes. Signed by J. A. Chatman, July 10, 1964
Document: Clauses stricken from the Declaration of Independence
Box Folder
8 4 Notes: Last Will and Testament of Max
Periodical: The Cresent. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Spring 1983
Box Folder
8 5 Newspaper Clipping: Dr. Sheeler Photographed. Houston Informer. February 19, 1957
Booklet (signed): Black Leadership in America, A Learning Package. Hunter O. Brooks
Poem (handwritten): Wanted by J. S. Holland
Newsletter: Uses and Misuses of Black History incl. excerpts from talk given by Dr. J. Reuben Sheeler
Box Folder
8 6 Book: The Kennedy Years and the Negro. 1964
7 Booklet: Invisible in Houston. City! Our Urban Past and Present. Houston Public Library
Booklet: Some Terms From Liberian Speech
Report: Houston Council on Human Relations. October 27, 1968
Report: U.S. Civil Rights Commission on School Desegregation
Box Folder
8 8 Yearbook: Knoxville College (Tennessee) 1934
9 Book: Waitman Thomas Willey. Charles H. Ambler (signed)
Box Folder
9 1 Article: Archaeology in Nigeria. Thurston Shaw. Signed. 1969
Calendar with text: 1922 Negro Historical Calendar
Document: Statement to the Houston Independent School District Board of Education from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People of Houston. Regarding integration of the school system. September 9, 1968
Program: Pride and Preservation, West Virginia State College. Seminar devoted to promotion of the college’s new African-American archives unit. Guest speaker Alex Haley. October 1979
Box Folder
9 2 Government Document: Segregation in the Public Schools: Opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States in the Cases of... Doc. No. 126
Government Document: Supreme Court of the United States. Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. October term 1954
Report: Power Structure and Bases in Houston and Harris County. TSU Model Cities Training Center. Unit X, No. 1. March 1, 1971
Report: Power Structure and Bases in Houston and Harris County. TSU Model Cities Training Center. Unit X, No. 1. March 1, 1971
Periodical (copy): Annual catalog of Houston Academy. Houston, Texas. For the Annual Session 1903-1904
Program: Eighth Annual Meeting of the Business and Professional Men’s Club. February 5, 1959
Booklet: Negroes: What “Liberal” Racists Never Mention. Gary Allen. March 1968
Manuscript (typed): Socialism and the Negro in the Southwest.
Periodical: The Black Experience. Houston, Texas. 1978
Program: Barbara Jordan, Governor of Texas. Inauguration schedule. June 10, 1972
Subseries 6.6: Childhood and Early Adulthood
Box Folder
9 3 Reports: Dr. Sheeler’s high school and college grade reports.1926-1951
Yearbook: The Clarion. College Hill High School, 1930
Subseries 6.7: Biographical Documents
Box Folder
9 4 Fraternities: Program, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity’s 1st Annual Founders Day Banquet.
Paper: introduction for Dr. Sheeler as speaker. University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee. n.d.
Personal Data, Curriculum Vitae
Obituary: Houston Post. September 26, 1981
Subseries 6.8: Published and Unpublished works
Box Folder
9 5 Newspaper article: authored by Dr. Sheeler. Blacks: a distinct city created within a city. Houston Chronicle.May 28, 1978
Subseries 6.9: Real Estate
Box Folder
9 6 Documents: related to purchase of Riverside Terrace home, Disbursement Schedule, Deed of Sale, Deed of Trust Note, Collateral Receipt, Record of mortgage payments, Property closing paperwork
10 Abstract of Title. Harris County Abstract Company. Houston, Texas. All of Riverside Terrace, First Section

Series 7: Sound Recordings & Sermons

11 Sound Recordings
Cassette tape: (from label) Inspirations for Sunday Morning [television program] Metropolitan CME Church. J. R. Sheeler. July 11, 1976
Cassette tape: (from label) J. R. Sheeler and Metropolitan [CME Church] Choir. District Conference. March 28, 1974
Cassette tape: (from label) “Blessings of Thanksgiving” Dr. J. R. Sheeler. Metropolitan [CME] Church. November 24, 1974
Cassette tape: (from label) Dr. J. R. Sheeler. February 9, 1974
Cassette tape: (from label) Dr. Sheeler. “In Christ” Communion. March 3, 1974
Reel tape: KPRC with Dr. Sheeler
various topics

Series 8: Photographs

12 to14
Portraits MSS 268.1- MSS 268.31
Church Activities MSS 268.32 – MSS 268.45
Speeches and presentations MSS 268.46 – MSS 268.74
Winifred Sheeler MSS 268.75 – MSS 268.82
Harris County Grand Jury MSS 268.83, MSS 268.83A
Local Advocacy/Leadership MSS 268.84 – MSS 268.98
** includes appointment as Consul General of Haiti for City of Houston
Family MSS 268.99 – MSS 268.142
Foreign service MSS 268.143 – MSS 268.179
**includes appointment with U. S. State Department as Cultural Specialist
Early career MSS 268.180 – MSS
Social scenes MSS 268.184 – MSS 268.189
Miscellaneous MSS 268.190 – MSS 268.201

Series 9: Oversize Items

Senate Resolution: In Memory of John Reuben Sheeler, d. Sept. 23, 1981
Mayor’s Proclamation: Sheeler Memorial Scholarship Fund Day. June 3, 1982
Harris County Grand Jury
Separated from frame.
Grand Jury group portrait, Dr. Sheeler photographed
Separated from scrapbook
Childhood and family MSS 268.202 – MSS 268.206
Houston Junior College MSS 268.207 – MSS 268.211
Scholarly research and academic recognition materials
Separated from scrapbook
Newspaper clipping: West Virginia Professors. Courier. November 22, 1952
Record: Notice of Oral Examination. April 12, 1954
Newspaper clipping: State Scholar Traces History of Race. Charleston Gazette. February 15, 1953
Newspaper clippings (various, glued to scrapbook pages)
Letter: letter of recommendation from Board of Education. Athens, Tennessee
Letter: commendation of Dr. Sheeler’s published article from George W. Gore, Jr.
Telegram: notification of award for journal article. October 25, 1944
Letter: commendation on having won history prize for journal article submission from Charles A. Brown. Brighton Negro High School
Program: Debate. Knoxville College vs. Shaw University