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Ray Wood Collection

An Inventory of His Records at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Wood, Ray, 1889-1964
Title The Ray Wood Collection
Dates: 1889-1969
Dates (Bulk): 1950-1969
Identification MSS 8
Extent 20 lin. ft.; 32 document boxes
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Biographical Note

Ray Wood was born in Girard, Kansas on September 20, 1889 and died February 5, 1964 in Houston, Texas. His career included teaching, government employment and journalism. He first worked in Oklahoma and Arkansas but from 1946 until his death he worked for the Houston Chronicle. Wood specialized in folklore and published two books on the subject: "Mother Goose in the Ozarks" and "Mother Goose in Texas."

Scope and Contents

The main focus of the collection is upon Wood's years as a columnist for the Houston Chronicle and is rick in folklore verses. A small segment of the collection deals with the earlier years of his life. The collection should have special appeal for social-cultural historians and students of literature and folklore. A portion of the collection consists of World War II Associated Press photographs. Another portion, consisting of a large but incomplete file of Hit Parader (1949 - 1962) and other popular song magazines is located in the Fine Arts Department of the Houston Public Library.


The information is arranged in alphabetical order by document type. Within each document type, the arrangement is both alphabetical and chronological.
Unpublished Manuscripts
Personal Records
Printed Materials
Research Materials
Resource Data


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Use Restrictions

Permission to publish or reproduce materials from the Ray Wood Collection must be obtained from the Houston Metropolitan Research Center or the appropriate copyright holder.


Index Terms

Folklore--United States
Verse--United States
World War, 1914-1918
Houston Chronicle (Houston, Tex. : 1912)

Photograph Content

World War, 1939-1945 Poland
World War, 1939-1945 England
World War, 1939-1945--Civilian
World War, 1939-1945--Women Social conditions
World War, 1939-1945--Campaigns
World War, 1939-1945--Prisoners and prisons
World War, 1939-1945--Blockades
World War, 1939-1945--Artillery operations
World War, 1939-1945--Aerial operations
World War, 1939-1945--France
World War, 1939-1945--Slovakia
World War, 1939-1945--Humor

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Preferred Citation

The Ray Wood Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library.

Processing Information

Processed by: Patrick J. Gilpin, completed August 4, 1976.

Detailed Description


Box Folder
1 1 Bishop, Curtis
2 Guest, Edgar A.
3 Lewis, Judd Mortimer
4 McElruth, Mrs. G. C.
5 Miscellaneous and/or unidentified
6 Miscellaneous and/or unidentified
7 Miscellaneous Verses
8 Miscellaneous Verses
9 Miscellaneous Verses
10 Miscellaneous Verses
11 Miscellaneous Verses
12 Miscellaneous Verses
13 Miscellaneous Verses
14 Miscellaneous Verses
15 Miscellaneous Verses
16 Miscellaneous Verses


Box Folder
2 1 Envelopes
2 Envelopes
3 Allen, Mrs. Daisy Hulan- to Austin, Mrs. Joseph
4 Ball, Mrs. Isabel-Boyett to Everette, Lucy
5 Burns, Edward -- February 26, 1954 to February 11, 1959
6 Burns, Edward -- January to December (New York)
7 Buckwer, Mrs. Herman to Corwell, Mrs. Virginia
8 Dabney, Charlie to Ezell, Camp
9 Fawcett, N. A. to Fuson, Mrs. Cor.
10 Gibson, Mrs. R. M. to Griffith, Mrs. Hattie
11 Hagarty, James to Howell, V. S.
12 Iwick, Mrs. Frank to Jvengling, Mrs. Loyal H.
13 Kohla, Mrs. Vergie to Kreton, Mrs. W. J.
14 Langbein, Mrs. Georgie to Lynch, Mrs. Earl
15 MaComb, Lyda to Mosters, Mrs. Dorothy
16 Naul, Gladys to Prasek, Mrs. Hermina
17 Randolf, Rolf to Roth, Lulie
18 Schmitx, W. J. to Story, Thomas P.
19 Taylor, Mrs. Mary to Von Wagner, Mrs. M. D.
20 W. A. to Young, Mrs. L. P.
21 Votaw, Mamie Blair

Unpublished Manuscripts

Box Folder
3 1 "Cut and Shoot"
2 "Fantastic Fables"
4 "Ultar Minur Poet"
5 Unorganized
6 Unorganized
7 Unorganized
8 Unorganized


Box Folder
4 1 Unbound - Ballads
2 Unbound - Teague, Basil J. - Notes
3 Unbound - Teague, Basil J. - Notes
4 Unbound - Teague, Basil J. - Notes
5 Unbound - Unorganized
6 Unbound - Unorganized
7 Unbound - Unorganized
8 Unbound - Unorganized
Box Folder
5 1 Unbound Random Duplicates - May 12, 1952 to November 10, 1957
2 Unbound Random Duplicates - March 24, 1960 to June 15, 1963
3 Unbound Random Duplicates - October 1962 to November 1962
4 Unbound Random Duplicates - December 1962
5 Unbound Random Duplicates - January 1963
6 Unbound Random Duplicates - February 1963
7 Unbound Random Duplicates - March 1963
8 Unbound Random Duplicates - April 1963
9 Unbound Random Duplicates - May 1963
10 Unbound Random Duplicates - June 1963
11 Unbound Random Duplicates - July 1963
12 Unbound Random Duplicates - August 1963
13 Unbound Random Duplicates - September 1963
14 Unbound Random Duplicates - October 1963
15 Unbound Random Duplicates - November 1963
16 Unbound Random Duplicates - December 1963
17 Unbound Random Duplicates - January to December (New York)
Box Folder
6 1 Unbound Random Duplicates - #390 to #1093
2 Unbound Random Duplicates - #1108 to #1190
3 Unbound Random Duplicates - #1202 to #1367
4 Unbound Random Duplicates - #1523 to #1594
5 Unbound Random Duplicates - #1600 to #1683
6 Unbound Random Duplicates - #1700 to #1792
7 Unbound Random Duplicates - #1824 to #2217
8 Unbound Random Duplicates - #3227 to # 3298
9 Unbound Random Duplicates - #3301 to #3385
10 Unbound Random Duplicates - #3426 to #3498
11 Unbound Random Duplicates - #3500 to #3589
12 Unbound Random Duplicates - #3622 to #3630
13 Unbound Random Duplicates - Vol. XI, #4156 to #4300
14 Unbound Random Duplicates - Vol. XI, #4300 to #4418
15 Unbound Random Duplicates - Vol. XI, #4420 to #4514
16 Unbound Random Duplicates - no date

Personal Records

Box Folder
7 1 Biographical Data
2 Clippings - Cleveland, Babe Ruth
3 Comments - Panegyrics and testimonials by readers
4 Correspondence - by Ray Wood
5 Correspondence - Lewis, Hunter M.
6 Correspondence - Lewis, Judd Mortinier
7 Correspondence - Miscellaneous
8 Correspondence - Teague, Basil J.
9 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - Correspondence 1935
10 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - Correspondence 1937
11 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - Correspondence 1938
12 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - CorrespondenceJanuary to May 1939
13 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - Correspondence June to December 1939
14 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - Correspondence1940
15 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - Correspondence no date
16 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - Congressional Record
17 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - Memoranda
18 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - Memoranda
19 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - Memoranda
20 Distinguished Service Medal, Haiti - Synopsis, Bob Casey
Box Folder
8 1 Memorabilia - Calendar "The Forty Niners"
2 Memorabilia - Cartoon Book and Sketches
3 Memorabilia - Map Raywood, Texas
4 Memorabilia - Music - Phonograph Records
5 Memorabilia - Music - Song Lyrics by Ray Wood
6 Memorabilia - Music - Song Lyrics by Ray Wood
7 Memorabilia - Music - Typewriter Keyboard
8 Memorabilia - Music - Winn's How to Play Ragtime
9 Memorabilia - Notebook - "Ol Dan Tucker"
10 Memorabilia - Oversized Materials - Index and Cross Reference
11 Memorabilia - Photographs - Associated Press Photograph Collection - Circa World War II
12 Memorabilia - Photographs - V.I.P.'s - some autographed
13 Memorabilia - Reviews of Ray Wood's books
14 Memorabilia - Sheet Music - Autographed
15 Memorabilia - Sketches
16 Memorabilia - Woodcut

Printed Materials

Box Folder
9 1 "Arizona Highways" - January 1954
2 "Arizona Highways" - February 1954
3 "Arizona Highways" - October 1954
4 "Arizona Highways" - February 1958
5 "Arizona Highways" - December 1958
6 "Histore de la Sainte Russie"
7 Miscellaneous
8 Miscellaneous
9 Miscellaneous
10 Miscellaneous
11 Miscellaneous
12 Miscellaneous
13 Miscellaneous
14 Miscellaneous
15 Miscellaneous


Box Folder
10 1 Mother Goose in the Ozarks
2 Mother Goose in Texas - Announcement
3 Mother Goose in Texas - Announcement
4 Mother Goose in Texas - Announcement
5 Mother Goose in Texas - Announcement
6 Mother Goose in Texas - Miscellaneous
7 Mother Goose in Texas - No. 14
8 Mother Goose in Texas - No. 14
9 Mother Goose in Texas - No. 14
10 Mother Goose in Texas - No. 26
11 Mother Goose in Texas - No. 26
12 Mother Goose in Texas - Reprints
13 Mother Goose in Texas - Reprints
Box Folder
11 1 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " 1948
2 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "1955
3 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " 1956
4 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " 1957
5 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " March through June 1958
6 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "July through November 1958
7 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "January through March 1958
8 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " April through June 1959
9 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " July through September 1959
10 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " October 1959
11 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " January through March 1960
12 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " April through June 1960
13 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "July through December 1960
14 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " January through March 1961
15 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "April through June 1961
Box Folder
12 1 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "July through September 1961
2 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "October through December 1962
3 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "January through March 1962
4 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "April through June 1962
5 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "July through September 1962
6 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "October through December 1962
7 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "January through March 1963
8 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "April through June 1963
9 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "July through September 1963
10 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "October through December 1964
11 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It "January through February 1964
12 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " - Clippings
13 "That Ain't the Way I Heard It " - Reprints

Research Materials

Box Folder
13 1 Research Documents
2 Research Documents
3 Research Documents
4 "Dr. Eisenbart" - Literal translation and original German

Resource Data

Box Folder
13 5 Miscellaneous
6 Music to songs
7 Music to songs
8 "100 Years of Popular Song"
9 Scrapbook of Verses


Box Folder
14 1 "Adam and Eve" through "Across the Purpling Hilltops"
2 "After the Ball" through "Ain't We Crazy"
3 "Alabama Bound" through "Alice Blue Gown"
4 "All-Alone"
5 "All By My Self" through "Always Take a Girl Named Daisy"
6 "America, the Beautiful" through "The American Flag"
7 "Anchored" through "Annie and Willies Prayers"
8 "Annie Vardeen" through "Around the Corner"
9 "As Goes America" through "At Sundown"
10 "Auld Lang Syne" through "Await in the Chair"
11 "Babes" through "The Baldheaded End of the Broom"
12 "Ballad of the Brook" through "The Barnyard Song"
13 "A Banjo Song" through "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
14 "Baubles, Bangles, and Beads" through "Because You're You from the Red Mill"
Box Folder
15 1 "Bedouin Love Song" through "The Belle of Mohawk Vale"
2 "The Bethlehem Babe" through "Beyond the Sunset"
3 "The Bible Cake" through "Bingen on the Rhine"
4 "The Bird with the Broken Wing" through "Birthdays"
5 "Black is the Color of My Truelove's Hair" through "The Blind Boy"
6 "The Blind Child"
7 "The Blind Men and the Elephant" through "blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind"
8 "Blue Again" through "Blue Moon"
9 "Bob White" through "A Boy to His Stomach"
10 "De Bratmen's Dance" through "Brennan on the Mold"
11 "Brian O'Lin" through "Bring Your Roses to Your Mother"
12 "The Broken Hearted Man" through "Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue?"
13 "Budwiser's a Friend of Mine" through "The Burial of Moses"
14 "Bury Me on the Prairie" through "Bye Bye Blackbird"
Box Folder
16 1 "Cabin in the Cotton" through "Calling the Prodigal"
2 "Camille" through "Casey at Bat"
3 "Cast Aside" through "The Child in the Garden"
4 "The Child of the Railroad Engineer" through "Clouds Hide the Gloom"
5 "Cod Liver Ile" through "Come on Board"
6 "Come Right In, Sit Right Down, Make Yourself at Home" through "Conscience"
7 "Contentment" through "Courtin These Texas Boys"
8 "The Cow and the Pig and the Hen" through "Crazy People"
9 "The Cremation of Sam McGee"
10 "The Cross was His Own" through "Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight"
11 "Daddy's Gone Away" through "Darwin's Theory Exploded"
12 "Dasies Won't Tell" through "The Death of Jimmie Rogers"
13 "Debt" through "Diamond Joe"
14 "Diamonds in the Rough"
15 "Dirty Hands, Dirty Face" through "The Donkey Serenade"
16 "Don't Bite the Hand That's Feeding You" through "Don't Go Tommy"
Box Folder
17 1 "Don't Judge Too Harshly" through "don't Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve"
2 "Douglas" through "Down Where the cotton Blossoms Grow"
3 "A Dream" through "The Duel"
4 "Duncan and Brady" through "The Dying Cowboy"
5 "Earth to Air" through "Entertaining Her Big Sister's Beau"
6 "Ephriam" through "Express Office"
7 "The Face Upon the Floor" through "The Fairies of the Caldon Law"
8 "Fairy Bell" through "The Fata Wedding"
9 "Father and Mother too" through "The Foggy Dew"
10 "Folks that Put on Airs" through "Forsake Love"
11 "Forty Years Ago" through "From Love Too Young"
12 "Gambler's Blues" through "Get Out and Get Under"
13 "The Girl I Left Behind" through "The Glowworm"
14 "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" through "God is Calling Prodigal"
15 "God Keep and Guide Our Men" through "Goodnight Irene"
16 "Goodnight Little Girl Good Night" through "The Great Judgement Morning"
Box Folder
18 1 "The Great Speckled Bird" through "Griggsby's Station"
2 "Gripes" through "The Gypsy's Warning"
3 "H-a-double R-I-G-A-N Spells Harrigan" through "He Came to this World as a Baby"
4 "He is so Precious to Me" through "He Worried About It"
5 "Head Long Granny" through "Hell in Texas"
6 "Hello Central" through "He Me Pal"
7 "Hey Rube or A Day at the Circus" through "The High Cost of Loving "
8 "High Flight" through "Hobo Bill's Last Ride"
9 "Hohenlinden" through "Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide"
10 "Holy Train" through "Home, Sweet Home"
11 "Honey, Don't I Love So Well" through "How Long Has It Been"
12 "How Old Are You?" through "Hunting the Wren"
13 "I Ain't Seen No Messinger Boy" through "I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard"
14 "I Don't Want to Walk With You" through "I Get the Blues When It Rains"
15 "I Guess I'm Just a Little Old Fashion" through "I Remember You"
16 "I Shall Not Pass This Way Again" through "I Wish I Was a Mile in the Ground"
17 "I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again" through "If"
Box Folder
19 1 "If a Star Should Wed a Flower" through "If the Wind Had Only Blown the Other Way"
2 "If You Had Retreated from God" through "I'll Be With You When the Roses Bloom Again"
3 "I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again"
4 "I'm Fine" through "I'm Walking Behind You"
5 "In the Baggage Coach Ahead" through "In the Paths of Righteousness"
6 "In School Days" through "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree"
7 "In the Shadow of the Pines"
8 "Invictus" through "It Came Upon the Midnight"
9 "It Couldn't Be Done" through "I've Go a Feeling For You"
10 "I've a Longing in my Heart For You, Louise" through "Ivory Places"
11 "Jack and Joe" through "Jennie Jenkins"
12 "Jenny Kissed Me" through "Jesus Took My Burden"
13 "Jimmy Butler and the Owl" through "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas"
14 "The Jolly Wagoner Lad" through "Just Break the News to Mother"
15 "Just a Cottage Small" through "Just Tell Them That You Saw Me"
Box Folder
20 1 "Kate Ketchem" through "Keep Your Head Down"
2 "The King of Love" through "The King's Breakfast"
3 "The King of Love" through "The King's Business""Kingdom Come the Knoxville Girl"
5 "Kingdom Come " through "The Knoxville Girl""Labor" through "Land of Promise"
6 "Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers" through "Lasca"
7 "The Lass of Rock Royal" through "Laugh Clown Laugh"
8 "The Law of the Jungle" through "The Legend of Gethsemane"
9 "Leisure" through "Let Us Pass Over the River"
10 "A Letter" through "A Letter Edged in Black"
11 "A Letter to Santa" through "A Life on the Ocean Wave"
12 "Life's Railway to Heaven" through "The Lightning Express"
13 "Lillibullero" through "A Little Bit of Heaven: Shure They Call It Ireland"
14 "Little Black Me" through "The Little Half Worn Shoe"
15 "Little Hindu Girl" through "The Little Mohee"
16 "Little Moses" through "Little Orphan Annie"
17 "Little Pearl Honey Dew" through "Little Scotch-ee"
Box Folder
21 1 "Little Sir Echo" through "Louisville Lou"
2 "Love" through "Love Walked In"
3 "Lovely Willie" through "The Lover's Litany"
4 "Loves Old Sweet Song" through "Lullaby"
5 "M-m-m Maimie" through "Aren't You Ashamey"
6 "Marguerette" through "Mehitable's Prayer"
7 "Meet Me in St. Louis" through "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
8 "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" through "Miss Jimmy A. Jones"
9 "Mister Dooley" through "The Moth and the Flame"
10 "Mother" through "Mother Shipton's Prophecy"
11 "Mother's Old Red Shawl" through "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"
12 "My Cabin of Dreams" through "My Faith Looks Up to Thee"
13 "My Gal Irene" through "My Lady Low"
14 "My Last Cigar" through "My Mother's Bible"
15 "My Mother's Hand" through "My Sweetheart Went Down With the Maine"
Box Folder
22 1 "A Name in the Sand" through "The New Yankee Doodle"
2 "The Night Before Christmas" through "No Sects in Heaven"
3 "No Sir" through "A Nurse's Prayer"
4 "O Lord, I Will Praise Thee" through "O Love That Will Not Let Me Go"
5 "Oala" through "Oh Mary, Don't You Weep No More"
6 "Oh Never Alone" through "Old Black Mt. Trail"
7 "Old Dan Tucker"
8 "The Old Familiar Faces" through "Old Joe Clark"
9 "The Old Kitchen Kettle" through "Old Paint"
10 "Old Rosin In the Bow" through "On a Sunday Afternoon"
11 "One Has My Name" through "Opportunity"
12 "The Orphan Girl" through "Our Good Man"
13 "Our Guide Man" through "The Owl and the Pussy Cat"
Box Folder
23 1 "Package of Seeds" through "Pat Malone"
2 "Peace In the Valley" through "Peggy O'Weill"
3 "The Penny Candy Store" through "The Pert Chicken"
4 "The Pessimist" through "A Plea For the Prodigal Girl"
5 "Please Let Me Sleep" through "The Poppyland Express"
6 "Pour Prendre Conge" through "A Prayer for Everyday"
7 "The Preacher and the Bear"
8 "Precious Book" through "Pretty Polly"
9 "The Prime of Life" through "Progress"
10 "A Psalm of Life" through "The Puzzled Dutchman"
11 "Rabbi Ben Ezra" through "The Raven"
12 "The Reaper and the Flower" through "Red River Valley"
13 "Red Wing" through "Retribution"
14 "The Revel" through "Robert of Lincoln"
15 "Rock of Ages" through "Rock Me to Sleep"
16 "The Romish Lady" through "Rover Goes to Church"
17 "Ruaiyat of Omar Khayyam" through "Running Around in Circles"
Box Folder
24 1 "The Sad Lover" through "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
2 "Saviour of the World" through "Sea Fever"
3 "Second Best" through "Shall I Pray On?"
4 "Shanty Town" through "She Was Bred in Old Kentucky"
5 "She Was Happy Until She Met You" through "The Ship That Never Returned"
6 "Shows On Your Face" through "Shuffle Off to Buffalo"
7 "Side By Side" through "Sinking of the Titanic"
8 "Sinner Kneel and Pray" through "The Soldier Boy"
9 "A Soldier Explains the Wonders of a Pack of Cards" through "Someone Said"
10 "Something Got a Hold of Me"
11 "Sometimes I'm Happy" through "Sonnet to a Bluebonnet"
12 "The Southern Cross" through "The Spider and the Fly"
13 "The Spite Fence" through "Stay in Your Own Backyard"
14 "Steamboat Bill" through "A Story For a Child"
15 "Story of Raindrops" through "The Strength of the Bring"
16 "Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone" through "Suppose"
17 "Sweet Adeline" through "Sweet Bunch of Daisies"
18 "Sweet By and By" through "Sweet Fern"
19 "Sweet and Low" through "Sweeter Than the Flowers"
Box Folder
25 1 "Taffy" through "Tell Mother I'll Be There"
2 "Te Wearie Waffarer" through "Texas Rangers"
3 "Texas Our Texas" through "Thanatopsis"
4 "Thanksgiving Day" through "Then You'll Remember Me"
5 "There Are Only Two Things to Worry About" through "There's a Girl in the Heart of Maryland (With a Heart That Belongs to Me)"
6 "There's a Little Spark of Love Still Burning" through "There's a Song in the Air"
7 "These Modern Days" through "They go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me"
8 "They Lie in France Where Lilies Bloom" through "Three O' Clock in the Morning"
9 "The Three Scotch Robbers" through "Till We Meet Again"
10 "Ti-Pi-Tin" through "Tolerance"
11 "Tom Big-Bee River" through "The Touch of the Master's Hand"
12 "Touch Not, Taste Not" through "Trees"
13 "True Friends" through "The Twelve Days of Christmas"
14 "Twelve Months Ago Tonight" through "Tying the Leaves"
Box Folder
26 1 "Ukulele Lady" through "Vilikinas and His Dinah"
2 "Wabash Moon" through "Was that the Human Thing To Do?"
3 "The Watch on the Rhine" through "We Must Believe"
4 "We Sat Beneath the Maple on the Hill" through "We're Marching to Zion"
5 "West of the Rio Grande" through "When the Bees Are in the Hive"
6 "When the Evening Breeze is Sighing Home" through "When I Met the Master"
7 "When I Was One-and Twenty" through "When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves Alabama"
8 "When the Red Red Robin Come's a Bob-Bob-Bobbin'" through "When the Sunset Turns the Ocean Blue to Gold"
9 "When the Swallows" through "Where Did You Get That Girl?"
10 "Where Did You Get That Hat?" through "Where the Silvery Colorado Winds Its Way"
11 "When Wilt Thou Save Thy People" through "Whispering Hope"
12 "The White Magnolia Tree" through "The Wife of Usher's Well"
13 "Wife Up a Tree" through "William Tremble Toe"
14 "Willy Reilly" through "Without a Song"
15 "The Wolf Girl of Devil's River" through "A Women's Question"
16 "The Wonderful 'One-Hoss Shay'" through "Would god I Were the Tender Apple Blossom"
17 "The Wreck of the Hersperus"
18 "The Wreck of Number-Nine" through "Writin' Back to the Home Folks"
19 "Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula" through "You Can't Be True Dear"
20 "You'd Better Ask Me" through "Young Charolottie"
21 "Young Hunting" through "Yuazwiay"
Box Folder
27 1 "Adam Was the First Man Was Invented"; "At Three, or Four, or 5 O'Clock"
2 "Be Kind To Your Web Footed Friends"; "By the Mill Wheel Set the Miller's Pretty Daughter"
3 "Come All You Texas Rangers"; "The Drunken Sailor"
4 "Eenie-Meenie-Mynnie-Mo"; "Hush Little Baby"
5 "I Bargained With Life For a Penny"; "I Strolled Into a Courthouse"
6 "I Thank Thee Lord"; "I've Taken My Beaux as I've Met Them"
7 "January Brings Sugar"; The King of My Love"
8 "Last Night After"; "Lyin in the Gutter Covered With Beer"
9 "Madam"; "My Family Tree"
10 "My Father Gave Me a Rooter"; "My Fortune is Small"
11 "My Horses Ain't Hungry"; "Now Ladies if YouWill Listen, A Story I Will Relate"
12 "O'come, My Love and Go With Me"; "Oh Lot of Young Fellows Last Night At a Club Were Telling of Sweethearts They'd Had"
13 "Oh Mamma How Pretty the Moon Looks Tonight"; "Our Dream of Love is Over"
14 "The Pal That I Love"; "Quoth a Woodpecker"
15 "Take Back Your Gold"; Two Loves Have I"
16 "Way down South"; "A Wise Old Bird Is the Pelican"
17 "With My Knapsack On My Back"; "You Will Never Know the Pain You Brought Me"
Box Folder
28 1 Miscellaneous verses on cards.
2 Miscellaneous verses arranged in alphabetical order
"B" 29 verses
"C" 18 verses; "D" 14 verses
"E" 5 verses; "G" 7 verses; "H" 5 verses
"I" 38 verses
"J" 1 verse; "L" 18 verses
"M" 6 verses; "N" 5 verses; "O" 7 verses
"P" 2 verses; "R" 2 verses; "S" 7 verses; "T" 8 verses
"V" 1 verse; "W" 8 verses; "Y" 1 verse

World War II Photographs

Box Number
29 MSS 8.1 to MSS 8.6 Denmark
MSS 8.7 to MSS 8.16 Canada
MSS 8.17 to MSS 8.115 England
Box Number
30 MSS 8.116 to MSS 8.120 England
MSS 8.121 to MSS 8.130 United States
MSS 8.131 to MSS 8.142a France
MSS 8.142b to MSS 8.167 China
MSS 8.168 to MSS 8.207 England
MSS 8.208 to MSS 8.215 Finland
Box Number
31 MSS 8.216 to MSS 8.249 Finland
MSS 8.250 to MSS 8.315 France
Box Number
32 MSS 8.316 to MSS 8.333 France
MSS 8.334 to MSS 8.335 Germany
MSS 8.336 Czechoslovakia
MSS 8.337 Germany
MSS 8.338 Poland
MSS 8.339 to MSS 8.342 Germany
MSS 8.343 United States
MSS 8.344 Poland
MSS 8.345 Russia
MSS 8.346 to MSS 8.347 Germany
MSS 8.348 to MSS 8.350 Poland
MSS 8.351 Germany
MSS 8.352 Sri Lanka
MSS 8.353
MSS 8.354 Poland
MSS 8.355 Germany
MSS 8.356 to MSS 8.358 Poland
MSS 8.359 to MSS 8.372 Germany
MSS 8.373 Russia
MSS 8.374 Italy
MSS 8.375 to MSS 8.376 Germany
MSS 8.377 to MSS 8.382 Poland
MSS 383 France
MSS 8.384 Belarus
MSS 8.385 to MSS 8.392 Poland
MSS 8.393 to MSS 8.394 Germany
MSS 8.395 France
MSS 8.396 to MSS 8.397 Poland
MSS 8.398 to MSS 8.411 Russia
MSS 8.412 to MSS 8.413 England
MSS 8.414 to MSS 8.415 United States
Box Number
33 MSS 8.416 Russia
MSS 8.417 Poland
MSS 8.418 to MSS 8.419 Russia
MSS 8.420 to MSS 8.423 Poland
MSS 8.424 Russia
MSS 8.425 to MSS 8.426 United States
MSS 8.427 Germany
MSS 8.428 to MSS 8.475 Poland
MSS 8.476 Germany
MSS 8.477 to MSS 8.478 Norway
MSS 8.479 to MSS 8.480 Luxenbourg
MSS 8.481 Holland
MSS 8.482 United States
MSS 8.483 Greece
MSS 8.484 Sweden
MSS 8.485 Greece
MSS 8.486 Canada
MSS 8.487 to MSS 8.489 Urugray
MSS 8.490 England
MSS 8.491 Poland
MSS 8.492 to MSS 8.502 Germany
MSS 8.503 Poland
MSS 8.504 Italy
MSS 8.505 to MSS 8.507 Russia
MSS 8.508 to MSS 8.515 Germany
Box Number
34 MSS 8.516 to MSS 8.523 Germany
MSS 8.524 to MSS 8.525 Japan
MSS 8.526 to MSS 8.615 Maps
Box Number
35 MSS 8.616 to MSS 8.662 Maps
MSS 8.663 to MSS 8.666 Peru
MSS 8.667 to MSS 8.671 Bolivia
MSS 8.672 Japan
MSS 8.673 to MSS 8.675 Australia
MSS 8.676 Africa
MSS 8.677 to MSS 8.715 United States
Box Number
36 MSS 8.716 to MSS 8.815 United States
Box Number
37 MSS 8.816 to MSS 8.902 United States
MSS 8.903 to MSS 8.915 Czechoslovakia
Box Number
38 MSS 8.916 to MSS 8.934 Czechoslovakia
MSS 8.935 to MSS 8.951 Russia
MSS 8.952 to MSS 8.1011 Ships, Britain
MSS 8.1012 to MSS 8.1015 Belgium
Box Number
39 MSS 8.1016 to MSS 8.1038 Belgium
MSS 8.1039 to MSS 8.1090 England
MSS 8.1091 to MSS 8.1094 Greece
MSS 8.1095 to MSS 8.1098 Iceland
MSS 8.1099 Vietnam
MSS 8.1100 to MSS 8.1105 Martinique
MSS 8.1106 to MSS 8.1115 Portugal
Box Number
40 MSS 8.1117 to MSS 8.1137 Romania
MSS 8.1138 to MSS 8.1141 Brazil
MSS 8.1142 to MSS 8.1149 Sweden
MSS 8.1150 to MSS 8.1151 Switzerland
MSS 8.1152 to MSS 8.1153 Turkey
MSS 8.1154 to MSS 8.1215 England
Box Number
41 MSS 8.1216 to MSS 8.1281 England
MSS 8.1282 to MSS 8.1283 Vatican City
MSS 8.1284 to MSS 8.1285 Burma
MSS 8.1286 to MSS 8.1287 Bulgaria
MSS 8.1288 to MSS 8.1318 United States
Box Number
42 MSS 8.1319 to MSS 8.1321 Canada
MSS 8.1322 to MSS 8.1329 Maps
MSS 8.1330 to MSS 8.1354 Holland
MSS 8.1355 to MSS 8.1367 Italy