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Creator Wacker, Ben
Title Ben Wacker Collection
Dates: July 1948 to June 1965
Dates (Bulk): 1950’s
Identification MSS 21
Extent 1 lin. ft.: 1 document box
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Scope and Contents

This collection contains numerous letters written to Ben Wacker from Texas political figures. These letters generally contain information on the recipients views concerning anti-communism, international relations and Texas water policy. Little can be determined from this collection about the life of Ben Wacker.


This collection is arranged by document type. The first series contains correspondence from Price Daniel, Lyndon B. Johnson, W.R. Pogue, Allan Shivers, and others. The second series contains newsletters relating the candidacy and appointment of Senator Lyndon B. Johnson.
Series 1: Correspondence
Series 2: Newsletters


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Political parties
Politics & international relations
World affairs
Daniel, Price
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973
Jones, Jesse H. (Jesse Holman), 1874-1956
Pogue, William R.
Shivers, Allan, 1907-

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Ben Wacker Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library.

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Donated by: Ben Wacker, September 13, 1976.

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Processed by: Charles Stephenson, completed June 2, 2006.

Detailed Description

Series 1: Correspondence

Box Folder
1 1 Price Daniel Correspondence, 1952-1963
Letter: Introduction of General Eisenhower; radio broadcast by Price Daniel, 10/21/1952
Letter: Presidential Race, 10/28/1952
Letter: Election, 11/12/1952
Letter: Intention to register as a Democrat, 11/24/1952
Letter: intention to rejoin Daniel Family when Congress adjourns, 7/29/1953
Letter: views on Russian privileges in United States and outlawing Communist Party in the United States, 11/13/1953
Letter: “Common sense” program of our Nation’s financial recovery, 11/3/1953
Letter: The President’s legislative proposals, 1/11/1954
Letter: War in Indo-China, 4/14/1954
Letter: Dispute between Senator McCarthy and Secretary of the Army Stevens; General Chenault and Indo-China situation, 5/4/1954
Letter: Narcotics investigation; encouragement to enter Governor’s race, 1/16/1956
Letter: Presidential veto of Harris-Fulbright Bill; intention to enter Governor’s race, 3/2/1956
Letter: thanks for support in Governor’s race, 3/27/1956
Newsletter to Friends and Supporters in his race for governor, 6/6/1956
Letter of appreciation; 7/7/1956
Letter: Explanation of his position on States’ rights and conservatives remaining in Democratic Party, 10/8/1956
Letter: suggestion for water pipeline and a hand-written note, 3/25/1957
Letter: Tidelands issue, 5/29/1958
Letter: from John Goldman, Administrative Assistant to Governor Daniel on water resources and issuance of State bonds, 7/23/1958
Christmas card: photograph of Daniel Family standing in front of Governor’s Mansion, Austin, Texas
Invitation to Citizens of Austin to attend inaugural festivities, 1/17/1961
Invitation to Governor’s inaugural, 1/20/1959
Letter: best wishes, 2/27/1963
Letter: Resignation from Senate and election of his successor in the Senate, 11/29/1965
Christmas greeting from Price Daniel Family with family photograph, 12/19/1965
Letter: major water problems and need for corrective legislation, 12/31/1965
Box Folder
1 2 Lyndon Johnson Correspondence, 1957-1965
Letter: Thanks for the suggestion to the Editor, The Austin-American, Austin, 6/18/1947
Letter: Thanks for offer of services to Economic Cooperation Administration, 4/29/1948
Letter: Letter from Walter Jenkins, Assistant to Lyndon B. Johnson, and application to Economic Cooperation Administration; Johnson’s campaign in Austin, 5/14/1948
Letter: Houston Post endorsement, 8/11/1948
Letter: Thanks for letter, 9/9/1948
Letter: Thanks for help during Johnson’s campaign, 9/10/1948
Letter: Democratic Nominee; one man should be declared winner in the election, 10/5/1948
Letter: Thanks for campaign assistance, 10/8/1948
Letter: “GI Bill of Rights” and appreciation of suggestions, 10/9/1948
Letter: Request for result of meeting in Temple, Texas, 10/19/1948
Letter: Concerns “matter that needs correcting,” 10/12/1948
Letter: Texas State Network; Mr. Truman’s growth of stature, 10/26/1948
Letter: Opportunity for overwhelming victory in November, 10/26/1948
Letter: Democratic majority, 10/29/1948
Letter: Democratic victory, 11/3/1948
Letter: General election analysis, 11/9/1948
Letter to Lyndon Johnson: Weak top strata governing body, 5/6/1949
Letter: Compilation of statements of interest, 3/5/1953
Excepts from statements before Senate Democratic Conference by Lyndon Johnson, 1/2/1953
Letter: Hope of peace lies in economic and military strength; Soviet plot in regard to Iran; Schedule of radio broadcasts on Texas Radio Stations, 4/27/1953
Letter: Management of States’ Rights, 6/9/1953
Letter: Korean truce negotiations, 6/26/1953
Letter: Texas water problem; pipeline for water, 7/16/1953
Letter from Arthur C. Perry, Assistant to Senator Johnson; forwarding letter, 8/7/1953
Letter: Break between Red China and the Soviet Union to ease world tensions, 8/10/1953
Letter: Texas people’s approval of Senator Johnson, 1/12/1954
Letter: Keeping informed of issues facing people of Texas, 3/16/1954
Letter: Re-election support, 4/22/1954
Letter: Rooting out subversive elements, 5/17/1954
Letter: Charges against Senator McCarthy; Select Committee, 11/9/1954
Note: Thanks for recovery wishes, 1/27/1955
Letter from Arthur C. Perry, Administrative Asst. to Lyndon Johnson: Far East concerns; 2/10/1955
Letter: Letter of thanks 6/14/1955
Letter from Lady Bird Johnson: thanks for message to Lyndon Johnson; 7/9/1955
Letter from Lady Bird Johnson; thanks for letter; 7/25/1955
Letter from Lyndon Johnson: views on political situation; 8/30/1955
Letter: Democratic Party in Texas; 11/28/1955
Letter: Letter of thanks; 1/6/1956
Letter: Foreign spending; 1/17/1956
Holiday greetings from The Johnsons
Letter: Gas bill; State’s Rights; free enterprise; 2/24/1956
Letter: Democratic Nomination ; 3/28/1956
Letter: Letter to State Department; 7/19/1956
Letter: Proposal to send jet planes to Yugoslavia; Letter to Lyndon Johnson from Secretary of State; 7/31/1956
Letter: Suez Canal; 8/13/1956
Letter: Recognition of Ben Wacker’s protest of plane shipment to Yugoslavia; 8/17/1956
Letter: Congress “working at odds with the Administration” 11/13/1956
Letter: Dock strike; 11/26/1956
Letter: Concern over events in Europe and Middle East; 12/4/1956
Letter: Firm United States policy in Middle East; 1/4/1957
Letter: Study of President Eisenhower’s proposals regarding Middle Eastern policy; 1/7/1957
Letter; Congressional vigilance on the President’s budget; 1/22/1957
Holiday greetings from the Johnsons
Letter: Communists in the Middle East; 2/15/1957
Letter: Sir Winston Churchill’s famous “Iron Curtain” speech in Missouri; 2/20/1957
Letter: The President’s Middle East Policy; 3/12/1957
Letter: Bermuda conference and Vice-President’s trip abroad; 3/29/1957
Letter: Heavy governmental spending and high taxes; cutting budget; Statement by Lyndon Johnson; 5/3/1957
Letter Land lease on Belton reservoir to Central Texas Area Girl Scouts, 5/18/1957
Letter: National debt; 5/29/1957
Letter: Foreign aid; 4/10/1957
Letter: Private Girard; Presidential decision as Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces; 6/17/1957
Letter: World problems; 6/18/1957
Letter: Disarmament; San Antonio speech; 7/9/1957
Letter: Assistance to Mr. and Mrs. Wacker on their case with the Department of the Army; 10/28/1957
Letter: Reassignment of Master Sergeant Harry W. Wacker; 12/2/1957
Letter: American troops in Lebanon; 7/22/1958
Letter: Partisanship; 1/8/1958
Letter: World peace; 1/9/1958
Letter: Clipping from “Houston Chronicle” 1/17/1958
Letter: Federal pay raise legislation; 2/18/1958
Letter: Foreign policy; 7/3/1958
Letter: Friendship; 9/20/1958;
Letter: Clipping of honor bestowed upon Lyndon Johnson; 10/23/1958
Letter: Copy of speech given to San Antonio Rotary Club; 11/14/1958
Letter: Communist Party in America; Address to New York State Publishers Association, 2/2/1959
Letter: Policies with Soviet Union; 3/7/1959
Holiday greetings from the Johnsons
Letter Policies with Russia; 3/30/1959
Letter: Congressional labor legislation; Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959; 7/20/1959
Letter: Congressional cut for Mutual Security over four-year period; 7/31/1959
Letter: Strike newsletter; 8/6/1959
Letter: Pecan trees 3” to 60’ in diameter; copy of a letter from Secretary of the Interior to Senator Johnson;10/12/1960
Letter: Lend-lease debt settlement; 2/19/1960
Letter: Message of sympathy from the Vice-President; 2/28/1961
Letter: Official contact; 7/28/1961
Letter Stories about Speaker Sam Rayburn in Houston Press; 11/22/1961
Letter: William S. White column; 12/21/1961
Letter: Letter of thanks for “observations and suggestions; 2/22/1962
Letter: Bashir Ahmed editorial from Houston Chronicle; 3/30/1962
Letter: Sassafras roots; drinking sassafras tea as a spring tonic; 4/30/1962
Letter: Sassafras roots; note from Bill Porterfield; 5/20/1962
Letter: Letter to Houston Chronicle by Miss Dorothy Bristow; 5/28/1962
Letter: Coffee at Rice Hotel; 8/22/1963
Thank you card; Presidential election
Letter of thanks : Johnson’s 30th wedding anniversary; 12/9/1964
Letter: Thanks from Presidential Secretary; 2/2/1965
Letter: Presidential visit to congratulate the Astronauts; 6/19/1965
Letter: Newspaper Article; LBJ in Amazing Lead.; 2/7/1965
Letter: Letter of thanks on complex and vital issues; 9/22/1964
Box Folder
1 3 Ben Wacker Personal Correspondence, 1948-1964
Letter from Drew Pearson; 7/23/1948
Letter to John D. Rockefeller: Rockefeller’s donation to United Nations Organization; Powered Politicians; War; Faded date
Letter from Oscar Holcombe, Mayor: investigation for L. D. Morrison, Chief of Police; 11/28/1952
Letter from Alan Davidson, Private Secretary to British Ambassador: Reception of letter; 12/15/1952
Letter from John Connally: service to people of Texas; 2/18/1953
Letter from Harry J. O’Connell, Executive Secretary to New York Governor Dewey; 2/23/1953
Letter of appreciation from Jesse Jones; 7/21/1953
Letter from Thomas E Stephens, Secretary to the President of the United States; 8/14/1953
Letter from Assistant to the President of the United States: United Nations General Assembly; 12/21/1953
Letter from Roy Hofheinz: Crime; Chief of Police L. D. Morrison; 12/10/1953
Letter from John Connally: World Situation ; France and Indo-China; Failure to ratify the E. D. C. Treaty for defense of Western Europe; 6/14/1954
Letter from R. E. Smith: Thanks for his interest; 11/22/1954
Letter from Jarrard Secrest; Dormant bond fund bill; 2/23/1955
Letter from Hall E. Timanus: State Democratic Executive Committee meeting, Rice Hotel; 3/19/1956
Letter from Sam Rayburn: Lyndon Johnson, Presidential Candidate; 12/18/1956
Letter from W. A. Parish; Insect control; Bird and Bee Life; 9/3/1957
Letter from Alfred Wacker, Gersbach-Wacker Company: local watershed; Orval Faubus; Racial problems; Republicans; 10/8/1957
Letter from Mrs M. C. Collins, Secretary to Mr. Parish: letter to Mr. W. A. Parish; 10/14/1957
Letter from Jane M. Lagler, Clerk to the Speak, House of Representatives: Dedication of Sam Rayburn Library; 10/18/1957
Letter from W. A. Parish: Mr. T. A. Standish, Superintendent of Research Department; 10/22/1957
Letter from Homer Thornberry, House of Representatives: claim of Mr. Method J. Lett; 10/23/1957
Letter from Henry Ford: Walter Reuther letter; 10/28/1957
Letter from Oscar Holcombe: Support for mayor; Window sticker; 11/2/1957
Letter from J. K. Knight, Bartlett, Texas: Billie Stockton, Colorado School of Correction; 11/13/1957
Letter from Cousin Annie: Names of the Koebelins; 12/20/1957
Letter from Billy Stockton, Colorado School of Corrections; 12/31/1957
Letter from Leslie E. Moore: return of closing fee of $1; 1/18/1958
Letter from James G. Donovan: Continuation of Fulton Lewis, Jr., news program; 1/20/1958
Letter from W. V. Houston, President, Rice Institute; 1/21/1958
Letter from Bernard M. Baruch: Restriction of atomic energy for peaceful purposes; 2/15/1958
Letter from W. D. Bedell, Asst. Executive Editor, The Houston Post; 2/22/1958
Letter from Kay Gorman, Isaac Insurance Agency; 3/11/1958
Letter from T. A. Standish, Supt., Rate & Research Dept.; 3/13/1958
Letter from George Fuermann, The Houston Post; 4/4/1958
Letter from H. A. Harrell, Local Federal Savings & Loan Assn: Address of Dr. W. I. Huddle; 4/9/1958
Letter from Cecil Harris, The Gersbach-Wacker Company: 4/16/1958
Letter from J. Edgar Hoover, United States Department of Justice: Hoover’s book, “Masters of Deceit”; 5/19/1958
Letter from Max E. Peck, Rice Hotel: stationery and discourteous employee; 5/28/1958
Letter from Preston: Newspaper article on Lyndon Johnson by Drew Pearson; discovery of oil in La Salle County; 8/23/1958
Letter from Billy Stockton: letter of thanks and a request for a loan; 9/4/1958
Letter from George Carmack, The Houston Press: Letter from Paul Boesch; 11/20/1958
Letter from Senator John F. Kennedy: Thanks for support; 1/17/1961
Invitation to the inaugural of John F. Kennedy, President of the United States and Lyndon Baines Johnson, Vice President of the United States; 1/20/1961
Letter from J. F. Schafly, Jr.: Attachment: Report of the American Bar Association Special Committee on Communist Strategy, Tactics and Objectives; 3/23/1960
Letter from Leonard Baca: Land values; 10/20/1960
Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Baca: Land values; 10/18/1960
Letter to Dave Shanks: Dam on the Colorado River; 10/10/1960
Letter from Rep. Albert Thomas: Columbus Bend Dam Project; Congressional control of spending; 6/30/1961
Letter from Alfred Wacker, Vice-President, The Gersbach-Wacker Company: Dam on Colorado River; watershed and floods; R. E. A.; 7/8/1961
Letter from Selma: personal note; 7/9/1961
Letter from Ann Landers: Letter of thanks; (date missing)
Letter from Mildred and Leonard Baca: Efforts to stop dam at Langforth; 1/13/1962
Letter from Joe Weingarten: Institute for World Peace; 1/1962
Note from Rep. Albert Thomas: Armed strength; Space Laboratory and Harris County; 1/3/1962
Letter from Senator John G. Tower, 2/22/1962 : John Birch Society; Entry in Congressional Record on Robert Welch, 2/6/1962
Letter from Governor John Connally: Columbus Bend Dam; 1/28/1963
Personal letter from Selma; 7/10/1963
Letter from George Carmack, The Houston Post; President Johnson’s barbecue for German Chancelor; 1/7/1964
Letter from George Carmack, The Houston Press; Note of thanks;4/8/1964
Note of appreciation from George Fuermann, The Houston Post; 12/30/1964
Note of appreciation from family of General of the Army Douglas Mac Arthur; 4/21/1964
Box Folder
1 4 W. R. Pogue Correspondence, 1959
Letter: Washington problems; 1/31/1959
Letter: Thanks for views; 2/11/1959
Letter: Movement to elect Lyndon Johnson President of the United States; 2/20/1957
Letter: Welcoming suggestions; 2/21/1959
Letter: Governmental problems; Foreign aid program; Government spending; 2/24/1959
Letter: Houston Chronicle editorial on governmental control; 3/4/1959
Letter: Article by Fulton Lewis, Jr. on wheat allotment; farmers balancing production; 3/5/1959
Letter: Fair exchange; 3/13/1959
Box Type
1 5 Allan Shivers Correspondence, 1952
Letter: Letter of appreciation for support; 9/20/1952
Letter: Presidential campaign; 11/28/1952
Letter: Conservation and irrigation; 4/24/1953
Letter: Water conservation; 7/2/1953
Letter: Water Resources Committee; Senator Dorsey Hardeman; 10/14/1953
Letter: Duval County; 2/11/1954
Letter: Board of Water Engineers; 3/8/1954
Letter: Judge Woodrow Laughlin’s removal and his successor; 3/23/1954
Letter: Duval County; Judge A. S. Broadfoot citizens’ rights; 4/12/1954
Letter: Board of Water Engineers; 3/8/1954
Letter: Land Commissioner: Earl Rudder; 1/12/1955
Letter: Segregation in public schools; State Legislature; Texas Education Agency; 6/8/1954
Letter: Campaign for Governor; 7/14/1954
Letter: Letter of thanks; Campaign for Governor; 8/8/1954
Letter: Governor of Texas; 6/29/1955
Letter: Political situation; 12/13/1955
Letter: Democratic Party in middle-of-the-road; Tidelands Issue; State Democratic Executive Committee; 3/16/1956
Letter: Constitutional Government and states’ rights; 5/2/1956
Letter: Centralized government; 2/29/1956
Letter: Precinct conventions; 5/23/1956
Letter: Southern Governors Conference; 9/11/1956
Letter: Letter of thanks; Country’s welfare; 11/19/1956
Memo from Fred W. Shield, Hugh Prather, Jr. and Weldon Hart: Dallas banquet; 11/26/1956
Letter: Tenure in public office; water problem; 12/20/1956
Letter: Senate vacancy; 1/7/1957

Series 2: Newsletters

Box Folder
1 6 Newsletters Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, 1953-1959
Newsletter: Leadership, President Eisenhower on Appropriation Committee’s foreign policy amendment; Cotton Exports; Oil Imports; Texas Barbecue; Galveston Weather Station; 6/9/1953
Newsletter: Peace Program: Flood Control; Postmaster exams; Texas State Society; 5/1/1953
Newsletter: Accounting of his stewardship to Texans; Problems; Depression; Farm Program; Holiday Greetings; 12/9/1953
Newsletter: New session; Issues; Basic concerns; Poll Tax; Birthday party; Program for America; 1/11/1954
Newsletter: Agriculture and small business; Farm income; Recession; Social Security; News Briefs; 1/26/1954
Newsletter: Rain cycle; small dams; Development of water resources; Farm Prices; and support; Subsidies; 4/16/1954
Newsletter: Indo-China; French Foreign Legion; Battle of San Jacinto; Texas water problem 4/24/1954
Newsletter: Texas Water; Upstream dams; Indo-China; Old-Age Assistance; Housing; 5/1/1954
Newsletter: Free, representative government; Strong America; Atomic secrets; Armed Forces Day; Prayer; Wind Erosion; Better Highways; 5/8/1954
Newsletter: Indo-China; Prayer; Water; Use of sea-water; Aid for needy; New Federal Buildings; 5/15/1954
Newsletter: Rain in Texas; Reservoir Projects; Dams; Other projects; Canadian River; Upstream Water Control; 5/22/1954
Newsletter: Defense Bill; Air Power; Ships; Men; Training; Munitions cost; Security; Interior Bill; Reciprocal Trade; New construction; 6/19/1954
Newsletter: American foreign policy; Guatemalan situation; Communist plans for Western Hemisphere; Organization of American States; 6/26/1954
Letter: Request for advice on Long-range water development; 2/18/1957
Letter and questionnaire requesting personal opinion; 4/10/1957
Newsletter: Appropriations; Agriculture Department work-load; 5/8/1957
Newsletter: Dams in Texas; flood control; Dams; 5/22/1957
Newsletter: Foreign Aid Bill; World War II loans; Random notes; 6/5/1957
Newsletter: Flood control; REA Co-ops; 6/19/1957
Newsletter: Cost of living; Recurrent floods; Congressional News Notes; 7/3/1957
Newsletter: Civil rights; Texas water projects; Federal expenditure for flood control; Weekly Radio Report over Texas radio stations; 7/17/1957
Newsletter: Domestic economy; Space control; Ballistic missiles; 1/8/1958
Newsletter: Agreement between United States and Russia; 1/29/1958
Newsletter: Spirit of America; Russian Sputnik; Outbreaks of Anti-Americanism; Rekindling fires of liberty; 5/21/1958
Newsletter: Water Development of State of Texas; Conservation; Flood control in Texas; 7/9/1958
Newsletter: Labor bill designed to drive racketeers and crooked officials our of the union; Analysis: secret ballot; rigged elections; union operations; union treasuries; financial records; 6/11/1958
Newsletter: American forces sent to Lebanon; Cold War; Reciprocal Trade Agreement Program; Jobs in Texas; 7/16/1958
Newsletter: Soviets; Berlin; ; 3/3/1959
Broadcast over Texas Radio Stations: International affairs; Policies for Survival; 3/8/1959
Newsletter: Berlin crisis; Texas flood control; Livestock losses; Unemployment Study Commission; 4/14/1959
Newsletter: Juvenile delinquency: 5/12/1959
Newsletter: Communist attack; Education; 6/3/1959
Newsletter: Industrial markets; Remarks of Hon. George A. Smathers; 9/17/1959
Newsletter: Texas Delegation; Newspaper articles: New York Journal American; The Washington Daily News; and The Evening Star; 9/16/1959