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Houston Public Library, Houston Metropolitan Research Center

John E.T. Milsaps Collection:

An Inventory of his Records at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library (part 7 of 7)

Descriptive Summary

CreatorMilsaps, John E. T., 1852-1932
TitleJohn E.T. Milsaps Collection
Dates: 1531-1986
Dates (Bulk): 1852-1930
IdentificationMSS 33
Extent131 document boxes, 3 flat boxes, 75 volumes, 9 large volumes, 2 drawers of oversized items, 1 record storage box (approx. 75 linear feet)
RepositoryHouston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Biographical Note

John Ephraim Thomas Milsaps - bibliophile, salvationist, traveler and diarist - was born in Houston, Texas on January 3, 1852. After leaving his home as a young man to seek his fortune in western mining, Milsaps joined the Salvation Army in 1883 and remained in its service until his retirement. Milsaps died in Houston on November 29, 1932. As a professional salvationist, Major Milsaps travelled widely in this country and abroad as a Salvation Army organizer and (San Francisco) WAR CRY editor. He was among the first representatives of the Army in Hawaii in the 1890's and was the army's spokesman in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War and the subsequent Filipino insurrection.

Scope and Contents

Along the way Major Milsaps kept a meticulous seventy-three volume diary which chronicles not only his army activities, but also a host of general observations useful to researchers. In addition, the Milsaps Papers contain extensive scrapbooks of personal and salvationist material, personal correspondence and an extensive photographic collections. Similarly, the papers contain a significant body of Salvation Army literature and ephemera unique in this country. When the only complete "run" of the WAR CRY in existence and Milsaps' personal library in Special Collections were added to the Milsaps collection holdings, it became one of the most significant bodies of Salvation Army materials in the United States.

Finally, the collection includes certain materials that may prove useful to researchers concerned neither with Milsaps personally or the Salvation Army in general. The Milsaps Papers contain, for example, the Major's collection of autographs, many of which bear on nineteenth century American politics, especially in the state of Ohio. Also in the collection is a group of scrapbooks dealing with such diverse topics as the Galveston Storm of 1900 and the San Francisco Earthquake. Of unusual interest too is the body of materials Major Milsaps collected in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War which may aid some scholars interested in that conflict or the subsequent insurrection. There is also an extensive collection of materials relating to the history of Slavery.


The Milsaps papers are arranged in Series (A,B,C, D, etc.) according to either material type or emphasis. Series "A", for example, centers around Milsaps' personal life, while Series "B" and "C" concern the Salvation Army with little regard to Milsaps himself.
Series A - Personal Material
Series B - Salvation Army Pamphlets and Songbooks
Series C - Photos
Series D - Philippines
Series E - Hawaii
Series F - Hawaiian Language
Series G - Missions - Hawaii
Series H - Missions - Asia
Series I - Missions - Africa and Middle East
Series J - Missions - North, Central and South America
Series K - Missions - Chinese Language
Series L - Missions - General
Series M - Religious Pamphlets - General
Series N - Religious Pamphlets - Baptist
Series O - Religious Pamphlets - Catholic
Series P - Religious Pamphlets - Lutheran, Methodist, Quaker, et. al.
Series Q - Religious Pamphlets - Mormon
Series R - Sermons - Author Known
Series S - Sermons - Author Unknown
Series T - Temperance Pamphlets
Series U - Slavery Pamphlets
Series V - Black Pamphlets
Series W - United States - History - 1492 - 1839.
Series X - United States - History - 1840 - 1849.
Series Y - United States - History - 1850 - 1860.
Series Z - United States - History - 1861-1865, Civil War
Series AA - United States - History - Reconstruction Era, 1865-1877.
Series BB - United States - History - 1866 - 1899.
Series CC - United States - History - 1900 - 1932.
Series DD - United States - Economic Policy - Trade, Banking, Revenue.
Series EE - United States - Economic Policy - Money and Currency: Free Silver Debate.
Series FF - United States - Foreign Relations - Spanish America (Canals).
Series GG - Texas - History
Series HH - Texas - Railroad and Land Development Literature
Series II - Houston and Suburbs - Boosterism Literature (1890's - 1920's).
Series JJ - Crockett, Davy, 1786 - 1836 - Pamphlets (Almanacs)
Series KK - Immigration Pamphlets
Series LL - Peace Pamphlets
Series MM - Germany - World War, 1914 - 1918.
Series NN - Travel Pamphlets
Series OO - Indians of North America
Series PP - Japan - Pamphlets
Series QQ - Language & Languages
Series RR - Language & Languages - Arabic
Series SS - Mines and Mineral Resources
Series TT - Museums and Expositions
Series UU - Libraries - Pamphlets
Series VV - Books, Music, Arts & Crafts, Collecting (also Milsaps Cigar Bands)
Series WW - Bookplates
Series XX - Autograph Collection and Autograph Bible
Series YY - Scrapbooks (13 listed, one missing)
Series ZZ - Map Case Items


Access Restrictions

Access to vault materials is by appointment with Archives department.

Use Restrictions


Index Terms

Afro-American Fair and Inter-state Exposition (Houston, Tex.)
African Americans
Anti-slavery movements--United States
Camp Logan Riot (Houston, Tex.), 1917
Campaign literature, 1928
Galveston Hurricane, 1900
Galveston Hurricane, 1915
Houston Fair and Exposition (1921)
Hurricanes--Galveston (Tex.)
Missionary work
Petroleum industry and trade--Texas
Public libraries--Texas--Houston
Real estate development--Texas
Real estate development--Texas--Houston
San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
Slavery--United States
Sugar growing--Texas
Temperance--United States
Gulf Coast Land and Orchard Company
Houston Memorial Building Corporation
Houston Public Library (Tex.)
Salvation Army
Aldine Park (Houston, Tex.)
Alvin (Tex.)
Austin (Tex.)--Description and travel
Burnet Beach (Houston, Tex.)
Central Park (Houston, Tex.)
Corpus, Christi (Tex.)--Description and travel
Dallas (Tex.)--Description and travel
El Paso (Tex.)--Description and travel
Falfurrias (Tex.)--Description and travel
Fort Worth (Tex.)--Description and travel
Galveston (Tex.)--Description and travel
Hawaii--Description and travel--1880-1911
Hawaii--History--To 1893
Houston (Tex.)--Description and travel
Houston (Tex.)--Industries
Houston Heights (Houston, Tex.)
La Porte (Tex.)
Magnolia Park (Houston, Tex.)
Odem (Tex.)--Description and travel
Pearland (Tex.)
Philippines--Description and travel--1880-1918
Philippines--History--Revolution, 1896-1898
San Antonio (Tex.)--Description and travel
San Jose (Tex.)--Description and travel
San Leon (Tex.)--Description and travel
Southampton (Houston, Tex.)
Southland (Houston, Tex.)
Sunnyside Farms (Tex.)
Texas--History--19th century
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States--Race relations
Waco (Tex.)--Description and travel
Westmoreland Farms (Bellaire, Tex.)
Winnie (Tex.)--Description and travel
Other Names
Ideson, Julia, 1880-1945
Milsaps, John E. T., 1852-1932

Related Material

Due to the size of the electronic file, the online version of this guide is divided into 7 parts:

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

John E. T. Milsaps Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Processing Information

The Japanese color prints were formerly shelved with the Milsaps books in the stacks. They were unfolded, repaired by Charles Arbore, and encapsulated.

The religious papers and journals were formerly listed under Series F (Miscellaneous), Box 2, "Evangelical Newspapers, ca. 1900." The Philippine newspapers were in the same box, but do not appear to be religious papers. The other items were formerly listed under Series F (Miscellaneous), Box 1, folders 8 ("Civil War Commission") and 9 (Miscellaneous Documents"). They have been taken out of folders, encapsulated and placed in the Map Case, along with the religious papers, the newspapers, the Japanese prints, the map of Milsap's travels, and the 1897 drawing of Milsaps made by Leon Boiller, and the photo of Milsaps in old age.

John Milsaps Diaries, 1852-1930

The Milsaps diaries were microfilmed as part of a cooperative effort between the Houston Metropolitan Research Center and the Salvation Army Archives in New York. As part of the project, the Salvation Army produced these microfilm copies for use by HMRC patrons.

Roll 1 -- Vols. 1-7, 1852-1899

Roll 2 -- Vols. 8-17, 1899-1902

Roll 3 -- Vols. 18-25, 1903-1905

Roll 4 -- Vols. 26-33, 1905-1909

Roll 5 -- Vols. 34-41, 1909-1912

Roll 6 -- Vols. 42-48, 1912-1915

Roll 7 -- Vols. 49-57, 1915-1921

Roll 8 -- Vols. 58-65, 1921-1927

Roll 9 -- Vols. 66-69, 1927-1930

Detailed Description

Series II: Houston and Suburbs - Boosterism Literature ( 1890's - 1920's)

11"Aldine Park. Houston District. Gulf Coast."1909.
2Burnet Beach Subdivision. ca. 1913.
(3 pieces)
3Central Park Promotional Literature. 1913.
4"City of Houston Guide Book."n.d.
5The City of Houston World's Columbian Exposition Souvenir. 1893.
6Collingwood, G.C. "The Story of Houston." (Sunset Magazine) n.d.
7Colonel Thomas A. Scott - Real Estate Postcard. n.d.
8"Directory of Manufacturers' and Buyers' Guide Showing Partial List of Articles Made in Houston (the Workshop of Texas)."1911.
9E.M. Parrish Land & Loan Co. 1908.
(2 pieces)
10George W. Harbin Subdivision of the M. Sevey and S.W. Upshaw surveys in Harris County, Texas. 1910.
(2 copies)
11Houston Chronicle Guide Book. 1924.
12"Houston District, the Rain Belt of the Texas Gulf Coast."1912.
(2 copies)
13Houston Fair and Exposition. "Houston Fair Notes."1921.
14Houston Heights Promotion Item. "The Story of a Double Wedding."1913.
15"Houston Illustrated. A Few Facts About the South's Most Prosperous City, by Houston Daily Herald."1893.
16Houston Post Exposition Edition, Tuesday, April 6, 1920.
17"Houston Souvenir Album."ca. 1910.
18"Houston, Texas - the Manchester of America."ca. 1911.
(2 copies)
19"Houston, `The Magnolia City'."n.d.
(2 copies)
20"Houston, the Manchester of America."ca. 1912.
21"Houston Welcomes You."ca. 1919.
22"The Industrial Advantages of Houston, Texas, and Environs, also a Series of Comprehensive Sketches of the City's Representative Business Enterprises."1894.
23Iowa Orchards Promotional Literature. n.d.
(3 pieces)
24"The Key to the City of Houston. Issued in the Interests of the Federation of Women's Clubs in Particular and the City of Houston in General."1908.
25Magnolia Park Promotional Literature. 1909-1912.
(6 pieces)
26Pearland Promotional Literature. "Suburban Gardens."ca. 1910.
27"Port Houston."1908.
28"The Record of a Year."1918.
29Southampton Promotional Literature. n.d.
30Southland Promotional Literature. 1912.
(4 pieces)
31"Souvenir Album of Houston."1891.
32"Souvenir Folder of Houston, Texas."n.d.
33Texas Union Stockyards Co. Live-Stock Market Promotion. ca. 1920.
34"The Week in Houston"July 17-23, 1927.
35Westmoreland Farms Promotional Literature. 1911.
(5 pieces)

Series JJ: Crockett, Davy, 1786 - 1836 - Pamphlets

11"Davy Crockett's Almanack, of Wild Sports in the West, Life in the Backwoods, & Sketches of Texas." Vol. I, No. 3. Nashville, 1837.
2"The Crockett Almanac, 1839. Containing Adventures, Exploits, Sprees & Scrapes in the West, & Life and Manners in the Backwoods." Vol. 2, No. 1. Nashville, Tennessee, 1839.
3"The Crockett Almanac, 1840. Containing Adventures, Exploits, Sprees & Scrapes in the West, & Life and Manners in the Backwoods." Vol. 2, No. 2. Nashville, Tennessee, 1840.
4""Crockett Almanac, Improved, 1842, Containing Real Stories."" Boston, 1842.
5Michael D. Heaston Company Catalogue of the Trans-Mississippi West and the Development of the Texas Frontier. Four Crockett Items Offered and Discussed. 1986.
6Wright, G. Allen. "American Frontier Heroes. II. - Davy Crockett."n.d.

Series KK: Immigration Pamphlets

11"Annual Report of the Commission-General of Immigration for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1907."
2Copp, Henry. "The American Settler's Guide. A Popular Exposition of the Public Land System of the United States of America."1895.
3"Fifth Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the American Emigrant's Friend Society, for the Year Ending May 16, 1853."
4"Immigration Laws and Regulations of February, 1906."
5"Immigration Laws and Regulations of July 1, 1907."
6""Immigration Laws and Regulations of July 1, 1907. Tenth Edition, July 12, 1910. Embodying Amendments to Rules 6,20,23,26,27,29,36,48; also new Rule 50.""1910.
7"Naturalization Laws and Regulations, September 23, 1907."
8"Naturalization Laws and Regulations, September 1, 1908."
9"Naturalization Laws and Regulations, January 2, 1909."
10"Naturalization Laws and Regulations, August 17, 1909."
11"Naturalization Laws and Regulations, March 15, 1911."

Series LL: Peace Pamphlets

11Allen, William H. "Tendencies of the Age to Peace. An Address Delivered Before the American Peace Society, at the 26th Anniversary in Boston."May 29, 1854.
2American Peace Society. "A Plea With Ministers For the Cause of Peace."n.d.
3Beaulieu, Paul Leroy. "Contemporary Wars. 1853 - 1866. Statistical Researches Respecting the Loss of Men and Money Involved in Them. Translated and Republished by the London Peace Society".1869.
4Burges, Tristam. "Address Before the Rhode-Island Peace Society."June 29, 1849.
5Carpenter, R. "Considerations Repecting the Lawfulness of War Under the Gospel Dispensation; Addressed to the Teachers and Professor of Christianity in the United States of America."1848.
6Channing, Walter. "Thoughts on Peace and War. An Address Delivered Before the American Peace Society."1844.
7Clark, Rufus. "An Address Delivered Before the American Peace Society, at its Annual Meeting."May 26, 1851.
8De Laveleye, Emile. "On the Causes of War, and the Means of Reducing Their Number."1872.
9Dymond, Jonathan. "An Inquiry into the Accordancy of War With the Principles of Christianity, etc."n.d.
10Gurney, Joseph. "An Essay on War and its Lawfulness Under the Christian Dispensation."1872.
11Jay, William. "Address Delivered Before the American Peace Society."May 26, 1845.
12Jay, William. "The Easter War an Argument for the Cause of Peace. An Address Before the American Peace Society."May 28, 1855.
13May, Samuel. "An Address Delivered Before the American Peace Society, in Park Street Church, Boston."May 28, 1860.
14Peabody, Andrew. "The Nature and Influence of War. An Address Delivered Before the American Peace Society."May 29, 1843.
15Smith, Gerritt. "Peace Better Than War. Address Delivered Before the American Peace Society at its 30th Anniversary, Held in the City of Boston, May 24, 1858."
16Stone, A.L. "Address Before the American Peace Society: Delivered in Park Street Church Boston, May 27, 1850."
17Sumner, Charles. "The War System of the Commonwealth of Nations. An Address Before the American Peace Society, at its Anniversary in Boston, May 28, 1849."
18Wirt, J.W. "Peace Plan for the Whole World. Book No. 8. Christian Government. The End of the World." Post 1915.

Series MM: Germany - World War, 1914 - 1918

11Domergue, Jean Gabriel. "The Crimes of Germany, With Certain of the Illustrations."1918
2"General Von Bissing's Testament: a Study in German Ideals."1917.
3"Germany, Turkey and Armenia: a Selection of Documentary Evidence Relating to the Armenian Atrocities From German and Other Sources."1917.
4Parfit, Canon. "Mesopotamia: the Key to the Future."1917.
5Prothero, G.W. ""German Policy Before the War"."1916.
(for private circulation only)
6Tobias, J.J. "Why Is Germany at War?"1914
7Wilner, Merton M. "A New Atlas of the World, Corrected According to the Peace Terms Together With a Graphic Story of the Great War, 1914-1919."1919.

Series NN: Travel Pamphlets

11(Alaska) Muir, John. "The Alaska Trip." The Century Magazine, August, 1897.
2(Alaska) "A Woman's Experience at Cape Nome, by Eleanor B. Caldwell." Cosmopolitan Magazine, November, 1900.
3(Arizona) "Grand Canyon of Arizona (Santa Fe Route)". 1901.
4(Arizona) "Grand Canyon of the Colorado River."1893.
5(Arizona) "On Bright Angel Trail: the Grand Canyon." McClure's magazine, September 1905.
6(Arizona) "Titan of Chasms. The Grand Canyon of Arizona."1902.
7(Arizona) "Tucson, the Chief Commercial City of Arizona."1907.
8(California) "Death Valley and the Mohave Desert, by Carmen Harcourt." Overland Monthly for June, 1898.
9(California) "Historic Monterey and Surroundings, Illustrated."1899.
10(California) "Overland Route of the California and Oregon Pioneers." (Map & pictures) n.d.
11(California) "Shasta, the Keystone of California Scenery."1887.
12(California) "Southern California."n.d.
13(California) "Views of San Francisco and Vicinity."n.d.
14(California) "West by South."1890.
15(California) "What California Means For You."1910.
16(California) "Yosemite Valley"1894.
17(Canada) "Manitoba."1903.
18(Canada) "Province of Manitoba, part 1."1906.
19(Canada) "Province of Manitoba, part 2."1906.
20(Canada) "Report on Crops."1905.
21(Canada) "Souvenir of Selkirk, Manitoba."n.d.
22(Canada) "Western Canada."n.d.
23(Canada) "Winnipeg, Metropolis of the West."n.d.
24(China) "China in Outline."1900.
25(China) "The Tourists Guide to the West River and Macao."1900.
26(Colorado) "A Day in the Canons of the Rockies."1897.
27(Colorado) "The Pikes Peak Region."n.d.
28(Georgia) "Official Guide to Atlanta."1895.
29(Idaho) "Coeur D'Alene."n.d.
30(Idaho) ""Souvenir of Boise, Idaho.""1901.
31(Illinois) "Rand McNally City Railways & Street Number Guide to Chicago."1902.
21(Illinois) "One Hundred and Twenty-Five Photographic Views of Chicago."1902.
2(Louisiana) "New Orleans."1906.
3(Louisiana) "New Orleans."1895.
4(Louisiana) "New Orleans, an Outline of the Points of Interest in the City and How to Reach Them."1905.
5(Louisiana) "The Winter in New Orleans: Carnival. Racing."ca. 1904-05.
6(Maryland) "Baltimore Street Directory."1907.
7(Massachussetts) "Glimpses of Pilgrim Plymouth."ca. 1896.
8(Massachussetts) "Sweetser - Greater Boston, Illustrated."1898.
9(Massachussetts) "Concord: a Few of the Things to Be Seen There."1902.
10(Mexico) "Fitzgerrell's Guide to Tropical Mexico."1905.
11(Michigan) "Tyler's Sourvenir of the Copper Country - Michigan."1907.
12(Minnesota) "Souvenir of Minneapolis."1892.
13(Minnesota) "Minneapolis: the Official Souvenir of the Fortieth National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic."1906.
14(Minnesota) "Album of Saint Paul."n.d.
15(Minnesota) "Souvenir of Duluth."ca. 1903.
16(Minnesota) "Souvenir of Duluth."1906.
17(Minnesota) "Souvenir of Minneapolis."1900.
18(Minnesota) "Dictionary of Minneapolis & Vicinity."ca. 1900.
19(Montana) "Souvenir of Helena."1892.
20(Nebraska) "Omaha, the Prairie City."1892.
31(New York) "Buffalo Illustrated."1891.
2(New York) "Guide Map of New York City."n.d.
3(New York) "Historical and Legendary Notes of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow."1907.
4(New York) "Liberty Enlightening the World."ca. 1890.
5(New York) "New York, the American Cosmopolis."1893.
6(New York) "Tigby's Illustrated Guide to Niagara Falls."ca. 1890.
7(North Carolina) "The Beautiful Sapphire Country."1905-6.
8(North Dakota) "Bismarck."ca. 1905.
9(North Dakota) "Bismarck, the Commercial Center of Western North Dakota."ca. 1905.
10(North Dakota) "Souvenir of Fargo, North Dakota."n.d.
11(North Dakota) "Souvenir of Grand Forks."1906.
12(North Dakota) "Souvenir of Grand Forks."1901.
13(Northwest and Alaska) "Wonderland."1906.
14(Ocean Travel) "The Tehuantepec Ship Railway."1885.
15(Ocean Travel) "A Hundred Golden Hours at Sea. Southern Pacific Atlantic Steamship Lines."1904.
16(Oregon) "The Great North-Western City. Portland Consolidated."1892.
17(Oregon) "Portland, Oregon."1892.
18(Oregon) "Portland, Oregon, and its Surroundings." (Map) 1889.
19(Pacific Coast) "Pacific Coast Souvenir."1888.
20(Pennsylvania) "The Gettysburg National Military Park - the location of the Monuments, Markers, etc."1898.
21(Railroad Travel) "Chicago Great Western Guide to Guide Books, South, East and West."n.d.
22(Railroad Travel) "The Northern Pacific Tour."1888.
41(Railroad Travel) "A Ramble Through Wonderland."1892.
2(Railroad Travel) "6,000 Miles Through Wonderland."1893.
3(Rhode Island) "Newport: Block Island and Narrangansett Pier."1903.
4(Samoa) "Talofa, Samoa."1896.
5(Tahiti) "Tahiti, the Golden."1902.
6(Tennessee) "Tourists Visit Lookout Mountain, Tennessee."n.d.
7(Utah) "The Great Salt Lake, Present and Past, by Dr. J.E. Talmage."ca. 1900.
8(Utah) "In the Shadow of Moroni."1895.
9(Utah) "The Resources and Attractions of Utah."1894.
10(Utah) "Utah."1905.
11(Utah) "Views of Salt Lake City & Vicinity."n.d.
12(Washington) "The Auditorium (Advertisement for Spokane, Washington)."n.d.
13(Washington) "Beauties of Spokane, Washington."1892.
14(Washington) "Gazzam's Souvenir Album of Seattle, Washington Territory."1888.
15(Washington) "Seattle." Kittinger, ca. 1888.
16(Washington) "Seattle in 1914, Why?" n.d.
17(Wisconsin) "Superior, Wisconsin."1892.
18(Yellowstone) "Yellowstone National Park."1889.

Series OO: Indians of North America

See also Series J: Missions Pamphlets - North, Central, and South America.
11Bond, Fred G. "Flatboating on the Yellowstone." (Story of transport of Nez Perce prisoners) 1877.
2Death Valley Magazine. "Natives of Death Valley."1908.
3Dunbar, John B. "The White Man's Foot in Kansas."1908.
4Gibbs, George. "Notes on the Tinneh or Chipewyan Indians of British and Russian America."n.d.
5"Hektography Circular Letter to the Seneca Indians, signed by Quakers."January 6, 1879.
6Hughes, Elizabeth. "The California of the Padres; or, Footprints of Ancient Communism."1875.
7King, Charles. "Custer's Last Battle." (Harper's Magazine, August, 1890)
8McLaughlin, James. "Death of Sitting Bull."1891.
9"Officers of the Philadelphia Indian Association."
10Out West Magazine. "A Reading List on Indians."ca. 1902.
11Pontious, Oliver. "Indian Relics: Their Probable Worths and Other Information."1821.
12Pruden, T. Mitchell. "A Summer Among Cliff Dwellings."n.d.
13Ralph, Julian. "My Indian Plunder." (Scribner's Magazine, November 1896)
14"Rinehart's Indians." (Photos by Official Photographer of the Chicago Exposition) 1899.
15Secretary of the Interior. "Indian War in Oregon and Washington Territories."1858.
16United States. Senate. "Memorial of the Delegates of the Cherokee, Creek and Choctaw Nations of Indians (against passage of S. 679)."1870.

Series PP: Japan - Pamphlets

11"Abbreviated History of the Dai-Butsu at the Ko-Toku-In Monastery at Kamakura." (In English) 1899.
2Chinese-Japanese Grammar. n.d.
3Common People's Gospel. (In Japanese) 1899.
4"The Constitution of the Empire of Japan." (In English) 1889.
5"Helps to the Study of the Bible." (In Japanese) 1894.
6"History of Hase-Dera at Kamakura." (In English) 1899.
7Inouye, Jukichi. "A Concise History of the War Between Japan and China." (In English) 1895.
8Inouye, Jukichi. "Japan-China War: The Fall of Wei-hai-wei." (In English) n.d.
9Japanese Account of the Russo-Japanese War (In Japanese) n.d.
10Japanese Catalog of Treasured Japanese Objects. (In Japanese and English) n.d.
11Japanese Illustrations With English Captions. n.d.
12Makato, Tentearo. "Japanese Notions of European Political Economy." (In English) 1900.
13New Series of Bible Picture Books. "The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ." (In Japanese) n.d.
14Rand, McNally. 1904 War Map of the Far East.
15Shibata, Kuo. "Lectures on Moral Philosophy." (In Japanese, with separate English summary) ca. 1800.
16Topographical Map of Kamakura, Japan, and Nikko, Japan. ca. 1900.

Series QQ: Language and Languages - Pamphlets

11Berendt, Hermann. "Analytical Alphabet of the Mexican & Central American Languages."1869.
2Brinton, Daniel Garrison. "Catalogue of the Berendt Linguistic Collection."1900.
3Bruyas, Rev. James, S.J. "Radical Words of the Mohawk Language, With Their Derivatives."1863.
4Chapin, A.B. "On the Study of the Celtic Languages."1840.
5Dixon, Roland B., and Kroeber, Alfred L. "The Native Languages of California."1903.
6Dixon, Roland B., and Kroeber, Alfred L. "Numberical Systems of the Languages of California."1907.
7Forbes, Duncan. "The Hindustani Manual, a Pocket Companion For All Those Who Visit India in Any Capacity; in Two Parts. Part I - A Compendious Grammar of the Language. Part II - A Vocabulary of Useful Words."1870.
8Forster, C. "A Harmony of Primeval Alphabets."n.d.
9Foster, Rev. Arnold. "Elementary Lesson in Chinese."1887.
10Gayacao, Don Juan. "Manual de Conversaciones en Hispano-Bicol y Vice-Versa." (Philippine) 1895.
11Gayacao, Don Juan. "Nuevo Vocabulario Hispano-Ilocano." (Philippine) 1897.
12Gayacao, Don Juan. "Nuevo Vocabulario Espanol-Panayana." (Philippine) 1879.
13Gilbert Island Language. "Te Boki N Reirei Te Ware-Boki." ( "Primer and Reading Book") 1881.
14Gilbert Island Language. "Te Boki N Rei Te Ware-Bai." ( "Arithmetic Book") 1884.
15Haupt, Paul. "The Assyrian E-Vowel. A Contribution to the Comparative Phonology of the Assyro-Babylonian Language."1887.
21"How to Read, Write and Speek Chinese Without Being in China."n.d.
2"Japanese Script Explained With Mandarin Chinese Characters."ca. 1700
3Macaraeg, Don A. "Vocabulario Castellano-Pangasinan." (Philippine) 1898.
4Miles, Julius. "Metodo Teorico-Practico y Compendiado Para Aprender en Brevisimo Tiempo el Lenguaje Tagalog." (Philippine) 1888.
5Safford, William Edwin. "The Chamorro Language of Guam."1904.
6Sang, Kwok Tsan. "Select Phrases in the Canton Dialect."n.d.
7Starr, Frederick. "Recent Mexican Study of the Native Languages of Mexico."1900.
8Starr, Frederick. "The Tagal Alphabet."1901.
9Stuart, Moses. "A Hebrew Grammar Without the Points."1813.
10Surault, Francois M.J. "Grammatical Dissertation on the Italian Language."1835.
11"Syrian Primer." Beirut, 1854.
12Wells, Roger, and Kelly, John. "English-Eskimo and Eskimo-English Vocabularies." Govt. Ptg. Office, 1890.

Series RR: Language Pamphlets - Arabic

11Cherbonneau, ____. "Fables De Lokman Avec Un Dictionnaire Analytic", 1846.
2Cherbonneau, ____. "Histoire De Chems-Eddine Et De Nour-Eddine", 1853.
3Arabic Literature (12 pamphlets), n.d.
4Arabic Literature (9 pamphlets), n.d.
5Arabic Literature (9 pamphlets), n.d.
6Arabic Literature (1 book), n.d.

Series SS: Mines and Mineral Resources

11Adams, George. "Where the Klondike Gold is Valued."February, 1900.
2"Amalgamation at the Ontario Mill Compared With the Russell Process at the Marsac Mill." Park City, Utah, March 18, 1891.
3Carstarphen, J.E. "My Trip to California in '49."1914.
4"The Cheyenne Consolidated Mining Company, of the Black Hills, D.T. Incorporated Under the Laws of the State of New York."1881.
5Death Valley Prospector. 2 issues: November and December, 1907.
6"The Emerald Book: a Few Facts Briefly Told." Shreve & Company, San Francisco, 1904.
7"Mining Laws of Spain and Mexico, and Statutes of California, Relating to Joint Stock Companies: Compiled and Translated by Ralph Emerson."1864.
8"Gold and Silver Mining and Railroad Building in the West From 1865 to 1893. Sparks From an Old Rail, by the Montana Rambler From Butte."1898.
9"Graduates of the Michigan College of Mines, Up To and Including the Class of 1905."1906.
10"The Gold Fields of the Klondike: Fortune Seekers Guide to the Yukon Regions of Alaska and British America."August, 1897.
11Maris, Omer. "Sketches From Alaska." Reprinted From the Chicago Record, 1897.
12New York Mineralogical Club. Programs, Excursions, Clippings, etc. 1889-1896.
28 items.
13Ogilvie, Wm. "The Klondike Official Guide. Canada's Great Gold Field, the Yukon District. With Numerous Maps and Illustrations and Regulations Governing Placer Mining. Published by authority of the Department of the Interior of the Dominion of Canada."1898.
14Ogilvie, Wm. "Lecture on the Klondike Mining District. Delivered at Victoria, British Columbia, November 5th, 1897."
15"Put's Original California Songster (The Hopes, Trials, and Joys of a Miner's Life)"1868.
16Sauveur, Albert. "Industrial Importance of Metallography Platinum Extraction in the Ural Region."1903.
17"Views at the Michigan College of Mines, Houghton, Michigan."n.d.
18Wetherbee, John. "A Letter on the Subject of Mining and and the Reduction of Refractory Ores. With a Co-Operative Suggestion For a Special Enterprise."1875.
19"Yukon Territory, Canada. Visit of American Mining Engineers, July, 1905."

Series TT: Museums and Expositions Pamphlets

11(Art Institute). "The Art Institute of Chicago."ca. 1900.
2(California Midwinter Fair). "Water Color Sketches of The White City and The Sunset City." Part 1. n.d.
3(California Midwinter Fair). "Water Color Sketches of The White City and The Sunset City." Part 2. n.d.
4(Centennial of 1876). ""The Centennial Celebration and International Exhibition of 1876, by Joseph Hawley.""May 7, 1874.
5(Charleston Exposition). "British America and the Charleston Exposition."1901.
6(Chicago Academy of Sciences). "The Chicago Academy of Sciences: Its Past History and Present Collections, by Frank Collins Baker."May, 1908.
7(Chicago Historical Society). "Chicago Historical Society."1911.
8(Columbian Exposition). Official Daily Musical Programme. 1893.
9(Columbian Exposition). "Portfolio - World's Columbian Exposition."1893.
10(Corcoran Gallery of Art). "The Corcoran Gallery of Art, by S.G.W. Benjamin."October, 1882.
11Farman, E.E. "Negotiations for the Obelisk."October, 1882.
12(Field Columbian Museum). Guide. 1900.
13(National Museum, Washington, D.C.). "Trophies of American Wars in the National Museum, Washington, D.C., by Allen H. Albert."1904.
14(Panama Exposition). "Advance Information as to the Panama-Pacific Universal Exposition, San Francisco, 1915."1913.
15(Panama Exposition). "The Exposition Fact Book, Panama-Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco."1915.
16(Panama Exposition). "Panama Exposition San Diego, California, Official Daily Program for Wednesday, November 17."1915.
17(Panama Exposition). "Universal Exposition Celebrating the Opening of the Panama Canal Rules and Regulations."1915.
18(Panama Exposition). "Universal Exposition, 1915, Celebrating the Opening of the Panama Canal."
19(Paris Exposition). Supplement - Paris Exposition, Universelle de 1900, from "Le Petit Journal."1900.
20(Plantin-Moretus Museum). "Plantin-Moretus (Printer's Museum), by Octavia Hensel."August, 1890.
21Poinsett, Joel. "Discourse on the Objects and Importance of the National Insitution for the Promotion of Science."1841. (Valuable)
22(Smithsonian Institution). "The Museums of the Future."1891
23(Tennessee Centennial) "Tennessee Centennial Exposition."1897.
24(Tennessee Centennial). "The Tennessee Centennial."1897
25(Tennessee Centennial). "Tennessee Invites the World."1898
26"A Tentative List of Italian Pictures Worth Seeing."1909

Series UU: Libraries - Pamphlets

11"Annual Reports of the Syracuse Central Library For the Years Ending June 30, 1894 and June 30, 1895."1895.
2"Annual Report - Omaha Public Library, 1889."
3"Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Public (Free) Library, 1894-95."
4"Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Public (Free) Library, for the year ending April 30, 1903." 1904.
Accompanied by 29 pieces of St. Louis library materials.
5Birrell, Augustine. "The Bodleian Library: 1602-1902."1903.
6Bishop, William Henry. "The Great Libraries of the United States."1882.
7Clippings Re Libraries.
8DeLisle, Leopold. "The Manuscripts of the Earl of Ashburnham."1884.
9Eastman, William R. "A New Aid to Popular Education: Free Travelling Libraries."n.d.
10"Eleventh Annual Report of the Minneapolis Public Library for the Year Ending Dec. 31, 1900."1901.
11"First Annual Report of the Minneapolis Public Library for the Year Ending December 31, 1890."1891.
12"Fisk Free and Public Library of New Orleans. Historical Sketch."1896.
13"Fourth Annual Report of the Minneapolis Public Library for the Year Ending December 31, 1893."1894.
14Good, Jessie. "The Travelling Library as a Civilizing Force."1902.
15"Handbook For Readers in the Boston Public Library, by G.W. Baldwin."1870.
16"Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery: The Art Collections Preliminary Handbook."1931.
17"Houston Lyceum and Carnegie Library."n.d.
18Koch, Theodore. "Carnegie Libraries: illustrated lecture."July 7, 1905.
19"Lenox Library. Twenty-fifth Annual Report of the Trustees."1895.
20"Libraries of California."1904.
21Maury, Nannie Belle. "The New Congressional Library."1897.
22"Minneapolis Public Library."1899.
23Paine, Nathaniel. "Early American Broadsides, 1680-1800, Belonging to the Library of the American Antiquarian Society."1897.
24"A Practical Guide. Library of Congress."1897.
25Putnam, Herbert. "Libraries for Everybody."1905.
26"St. Louis Public Library Monthly Bulletin."1904.
27"St. Louis Public Library Monthly Bulletin."1904.
28"Second Annual Report of the Minneapolis Public Library for the Year Ending December 31, 1891."1892.
29"The Seventeenth Annual Report of the Manager of the Apprentices Library Company of Philadelphia."1890.
30"Seventh Annual Report of the Minneapolis Public Library for the Year Ending December 31, 1846."1846.
31"Sixty-ninth Annual Report of the Manager of the Apprentice Library Co. of Philadelphia."1889.
32Smith, Clifford. "New York's Great New Library."1906.
33Sullivan, T.R. "The New Building of the Boston Public Library."1896.
34"Tenth Annual Report of the Minneapolis Public Library for the Year Ending December 31, 1899."1900.
35"Third Annual Report and Eighth Annual Reports of the Minneapolis Public Library, For the Year Ending December 31, 1892, and December 31, 1897." 1893 & 1898.
36"Thirty-Seventh Annual Report of the Trustees of the Public Library. City of Boston."1888.
37Williams, John H. "Treasures of the Bancroft Library."1905.

Series VV: Books, Music, Arts & Crafts, Collecting

11Alexandre, Arsene. "French Posters and Book Covers."1896.
2Beard, J. Carter. "A New Art (Taxidermy)."July 1896.
3Bergen, Fanny. "The Tapesty of the New World."1894.
4Bolton, Charles. "The Reign of the Poster."1895.
5Bok, Edward W. "The Modern Literary King."n.d.
6Bradley, Cornelius B. "Reference List to the Published Writings of John Muir."1897.
7Canfield, James H. "The Average Young Man and His Library."1901.
8Coffin, William. "Souvenirs of a Veteran Collector."December, 1896.
9"Confessions of a Literary Hack."
10Crawford, F. Marion. "St. Peter's Cathedral, Rome."July, 1896.
11Earle, Alice. "A China Hunter in New England."1891.
12Ferree, Barr. "The Cathedrals of France."n.d.
13"The Field of Art."n.d.
14"The Field of Art: Loan Exhibitions."May, 1896.
15Goffrie, Charles. "The Violin: A Condensed History of the Violin."1876.
16"Illustrations of Postage Stamps."n.d.
17Lang, Andrews. "Adventures Among Books."1891.
18Meyer, Annie Nathan. "Collecting American Paintings (World's Work Magazine, July)."1905.
19O'Hagan, Anna. "The World's Rarest Books."n.d. (Rare old Bibles. Munsey's Magazine).
20Platt, W.J. "Mexico's Antique Pottery."1904.
21Prideaux, S.T. "Design in Book Binding."1896 (Scribner's Magazine)
22Prideaux, S.T. "French Binders of Today." (Scribner's Magazine, March 1896)
23Spielmann, M.H. "The Rennaissance of Lithography."n.d.
24Uzanne, Octave. "The End of Books." (Scribner's Magazine. August 1894)
25Valentini, Phillip. "Humboldt's Aztec Paintings."July, 1895.
26Woolsey, Theodore. "Old Silver."September, 1896. (Harper's Magazine)
27"Writing Materials of the World."
28Yates, Lorenzo. "Pipes and Smoking."January 1899.) (Overland Monthly. San Francisco,
29Mr. Milsap's Collection of Cigar Bands. Valuable "M".

Series WW: Bookplates

11Bookplates. (60 items)
2Bookplates. (25 items)
3Bookplates. (16 items)
4Bookplates. (29 items)
5Bookplates. (64 items)
6Bookplates. (62 items)
7Bookplates. (14 items)
8Bookplates. (18 items)
9Bookplates. (18 items)
10Bookplates. (12 items)
11Bookplates. (45 items)

Series XX: Autographs

11-15Autograph Collection
2Autograph Bible "(Student's Bible)"

Series YY: Scrapbooks

1Galveston Storm, 1900.
2Galveston Storm, 1906.
(Missing 4-9-1987)
3Galveston (Tex.) - Storm, 1915. (Miscellaneous newspaper clippings on the Galveston hurricane, 1915).
Clip-olog Scrap Book.
4San Francisco Earthquake, 1907.
5San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, 1906. (22 pieces on the San Francisco disaster in scrapbook. 1906-1909)
6American Civil War Miscellany. Confederate and Federal.
7Ledger book with newspaper clippings of Civil War Era pasted in.
8Negroes - United States. (Negroes and the Negro problem in the United States.)
Clip-olog Scrap Book.
9Scrap Book Respecting Slavery, Negro Problems. Title page of bound volume reads: ""Slavery and Kindred Subjects. This Scrap Book commenced probably in 1879 - was completed in 1905.""
10Negro Riot in Houston, 1917.
Clip-olog Scrap Book.
Item 10 has been photocopied and placed in a flat Hollinger box marked "Series YY", Box 3.
11Houston (including items on proposed Memorial to World War I servicemen)
Clip-olog Scrap Book.
12Petroleum Industry and Trade - Texas. (Miscellaneous advertising material on oil lands. 1911-1913 44 pieces in scrapbook.)
Clip-olog Scrap Book.
13Campaign literature, 1928. (1 scrapbook containing 47 pieces of publicity on presidential campaign in the United States) Clip-olog Scrap Book.
All of the above except for Items 1, 4, and 6, are in Hollinger record storage box marked "Series YY", Box 1. Item 6 is boxed separately in a flat Hollinger box marked "Series YY", Box 2. Items 1 and 4 are shelved upright.

Series ZZ: Map Case Items

1Civil War Commission.
2Inspector's Certificate, State of Missouri, for Steamer "Champion".
3Letters Patent to H.P. Straub, of Cincinnati, Ohio, for improved millstone pick.
4Letters Patent to H.P. Straub, of Cincinnati, Ohio, for improved grinding mill.
5Cincinnati High School Diploma, issued to Blanche Corinne Klein, June, 1906.
6Citizenship paper issued to John Davies by the State of Colorado, on April 5th, 1893.
7Certificate of Membership to the Fireman's Pension Fund of Philadelphia, issued to Louella Forepaugh on May 24, 1899.
8Medical Diploma issued by the University of Chicago to Albert Clarence Shaw, on December 17, 1908.
9Japanese color print of Russo-Japanese War. "The night attack of Japanese navey vessels at Port of Arthur."
10Japanese color print of Russo-Japanese War. "The Pipples forpedochaser osoldier Foofing enemy-colours and hurt enemy-capfain."
11Japanese color print of Russo-Japanese War. "Jopanese-scouts occupation Teichu, and flight an enemy."
12Japanese color print of Russo-Japanese War. "The sea-fight."
13Japanese color print of Russo-Japanese War. "The navy war of Japan and Russia at Port of Arthur."
14Counterpart lease, Thomas Mather Esq. to Mr. Edward Newell. Dated 13th October 1823.
15Indenture, W.A. Lindsay Esq. to Canon Sanderson. Dated 10th April 1900. Assignment of certain ecclesiastical goods, dated 22nd November 1911.
16Indenture, Charles, Duke of......etc. Dated September 13, 1735.
17William Day of London. Dated 11 May 1664.
18Map of Milsaps travels.
19Drawing of Milsaps made in 1897 by Leon Boillor.
20Religious paper. Gospel Arrow. San Francisco, June 12, 1897.
21Religious paper. Young People's Weekly. Chicago, Jan. 23, 1898.
22Religious journal. Missionary Extension Record. San Francisco, July, 1897.
23Religious paper. Church Army Gazette (Episcopal Church of England) London, April 25, 1894.
24Religious paper. The Herald of the Kingdom. Zion City, Illinois, April 21, 1911.
25Religious paper. The Zion Banner. Zion City, Illinois, March 8, 1904
26Religious Journal. Homeward Bound Missions Herald. July, 1902 & September, 1902.
(2 items)
27Religious journal. The Regular. Sacremento, California, May 11, 1895 (2 copies); May 26, 1895; December 18, 1897. (4 items)
28Religious journal. The Herald of Salvation. Worcester, Mass, April 18, 1896; April 25, 1896; May 9, 1896; May 16, 1896; October 17, 1896; June 12, 1897; July 17, 1897. (7 items)
29Philippine newspaper. Ang Kapatid Ng Bayan. Manila, 16 Nov. 1899. (Tagalog language?)
30Philippine newspapers. Four issues of Spanish language newspapers. Manila, 1898 and 1899.
31Photo of Milsaps in old age (Houston)

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