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Houston Public Library, Houston Metropolitan Research Center

John E.T. Milsaps Collection:

An Inventory of his Records at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library (part 6 of 7)

Descriptive Summary

CreatorMilsaps, John E. T., 1852-1932
TitleJohn E.T. Milsaps Collection
Dates: 1531-1986
Dates (Bulk): 1852-1930
IdentificationMSS 33
Extent131 document boxes, 3 flat boxes, 75 volumes, 9 large volumes, 2 drawers of oversized items, 1 record storage box (approx. 75 linear feet)
RepositoryHouston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Biographical Note

John Ephraim Thomas Milsaps - bibliophile, salvationist, traveler and diarist - was born in Houston, Texas on January 3, 1852. After leaving his home as a young man to seek his fortune in western mining, Milsaps joined the Salvation Army in 1883 and remained in its service until his retirement. Milsaps died in Houston on November 29, 1932. As a professional salvationist, Major Milsaps travelled widely in this country and abroad as a Salvation Army organizer and (San Francisco) WAR CRY editor. He was among the first representatives of the Army in Hawaii in the 1890's and was the army's spokesman in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War and the subsequent Filipino insurrection.

Scope and Contents

Along the way Major Milsaps kept a meticulous seventy-three volume diary which chronicles not only his army activities, but also a host of general observations useful to researchers. In addition, the Milsaps Papers contain extensive scrapbooks of personal and salvationist material, personal correspondence and an extensive photographic collections. Similarly, the papers contain a significant body of Salvation Army literature and ephemera unique in this country. When the only complete "run" of the WAR CRY in existence and Milsaps' personal library in Special Collections were added to the Milsaps collection holdings, it became one of the most significant bodies of Salvation Army materials in the United States.

Finally, the collection includes certain materials that may prove useful to researchers concerned neither with Milsaps personally or the Salvation Army in general. The Milsaps Papers contain, for example, the Major's collection of autographs, many of which bear on nineteenth century American politics, especially in the state of Ohio. Also in the collection is a group of scrapbooks dealing with such diverse topics as the Galveston Storm of 1900 and the San Francisco Earthquake. Of unusual interest too is the body of materials Major Milsaps collected in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War which may aid some scholars interested in that conflict or the subsequent insurrection. There is also an extensive collection of materials relating to the history of Slavery.


The Milsaps papers are arranged in Series (A,B,C, D, etc.) according to either material type or emphasis. Series "A", for example, centers around Milsaps' personal life, while Series "B" and "C" concern the Salvation Army with little regard to Milsaps himself.
Series A - Personal Material
Series B - Salvation Army Pamphlets and Songbooks
Series C - Photos
Series D - Philippines
Series E - Hawaii
Series F - Hawaiian Language
Series G - Missions - Hawaii
Series H - Missions - Asia
Series I - Missions - Africa and Middle East
Series J - Missions - North, Central and South America
Series K - Missions - Chinese Language
Series L - Missions - General
Series M - Religious Pamphlets - General
Series N - Religious Pamphlets - Baptist
Series O - Religious Pamphlets - Catholic
Series P - Religious Pamphlets - Lutheran, Methodist, Quaker, et. al.
Series Q - Religious Pamphlets - Mormon
Series R - Sermons - Author Known
Series S - Sermons - Author Unknown
Series T - Temperance Pamphlets
Series U - Slavery Pamphlets
Series V - Black Pamphlets
Series W - United States - History - 1492 - 1839.
Series X - United States - History - 1840 - 1849.
Series Y - United States - History - 1850 - 1860.
Series Z - United States - History - 1861-1865, Civil War
Series AA - United States - History - Reconstruction Era, 1865-1877.
Series BB - United States - History - 1866 - 1899.
Series CC - United States - History - 1900 - 1932.
Series DD - United States - Economic Policy - Trade, Banking, Revenue.
Series EE - United States - Economic Policy - Money and Currency: Free Silver Debate.
Series FF - United States - Foreign Relations - Spanish America (Canals).
Series GG - Texas - History
Series HH - Texas - Railroad and Land Development Literature
Series II - Houston and Suburbs - Boosterism Literature (1890's - 1920's).
Series JJ - Crockett, Davy, 1786 - 1836 - Pamphlets (Almanacs)
Series KK - Immigration Pamphlets
Series LL - Peace Pamphlets
Series MM - Germany - World War, 1914 - 1918.
Series NN - Travel Pamphlets
Series OO - Indians of North America
Series PP - Japan - Pamphlets
Series QQ - Language & Languages
Series RR - Language & Languages - Arabic
Series SS - Mines and Mineral Resources
Series TT - Museums and Expositions
Series UU - Libraries - Pamphlets
Series VV - Books, Music, Arts & Crafts, Collecting (also Milsaps Cigar Bands)
Series WW - Bookplates
Series XX - Autograph Collection and Autograph Bible
Series YY - Scrapbooks (13 listed, one missing)
Series ZZ - Map Case Items


Access Restrictions

Access to vault materials is by appointment with Archives department.

Use Restrictions


Index Terms

Afro-American Fair and Inter-state Exposition (Houston, Tex.)
African Americans
Anti-slavery movements--United States
Camp Logan Riot (Houston, Tex.), 1917
Campaign literature, 1928
Galveston Hurricane, 1900
Galveston Hurricane, 1915
Houston Fair and Exposition (1921)
Hurricanes--Galveston (Tex.)
Missionary work
Petroleum industry and trade--Texas
Public libraries--Texas--Houston
Real estate development--Texas
Real estate development--Texas--Houston
San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
Slavery--United States
Sugar growing--Texas
Temperance--United States
Gulf Coast Land and Orchard Company
Houston Memorial Building Corporation
Houston Public Library (Tex.)
Salvation Army
Aldine Park (Houston, Tex.)
Alvin (Tex.)
Austin (Tex.)--Description and travel
Burnet Beach (Houston, Tex.)
Central Park (Houston, Tex.)
Corpus, Christi (Tex.)--Description and travel
Dallas (Tex.)--Description and travel
El Paso (Tex.)--Description and travel
Falfurrias (Tex.)--Description and travel
Fort Worth (Tex.)--Description and travel
Galveston (Tex.)--Description and travel
Hawaii--Description and travel--1880-1911
Hawaii--History--To 1893
Houston (Tex.)--Description and travel
Houston (Tex.)--Industries
Houston Heights (Houston, Tex.)
La Porte (Tex.)
Magnolia Park (Houston, Tex.)
Odem (Tex.)--Description and travel
Pearland (Tex.)
Philippines--Description and travel--1880-1918
Philippines--History--Revolution, 1896-1898
San Antonio (Tex.)--Description and travel
San Jose (Tex.)--Description and travel
San Leon (Tex.)--Description and travel
Southampton (Houston, Tex.)
Southland (Houston, Tex.)
Sunnyside Farms (Tex.)
Texas--History--19th century
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States--Race relations
Waco (Tex.)--Description and travel
Westmoreland Farms (Bellaire, Tex.)
Winnie (Tex.)--Description and travel
Other Names
Ideson, Julia, 1880-1945
Milsaps, John E. T., 1852-1932

Related Material

Due to the size of the electronic file, the online version of this guide is divided into 7 parts:

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

John E. T. Milsaps Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Processing Information

The Japanese color prints were formerly shelved with the Milsaps books in the stacks. They were unfolded, repaired by Charles Arbore, and encapsulated.

The religious papers and journals were formerly listed under Series F (Miscellaneous), Box 2, "Evangelical Newspapers, ca. 1900." The Philippine newspapers were in the same box, but do not appear to be religious papers. The other items were formerly listed under Series F (Miscellaneous), Box 1, folders 8 ("Civil War Commission") and 9 (Miscellaneous Documents"). They have been taken out of folders, encapsulated and placed in the Map Case, along with the religious papers, the newspapers, the Japanese prints, the map of Milsap's travels, and the 1897 drawing of Milsaps made by Leon Boiller, and the photo of Milsaps in old age.

John Milsaps Diaries, 1852-1930

The Milsaps diaries were microfilmed as part of a cooperative effort between the Houston Metropolitan Research Center and the Salvation Army Archives in New York. As part of the project, the Salvation Army produced these microfilm copies for use by HMRC patrons.

Roll 1 -- Vols. 1-7, 1852-1899

Roll 2 -- Vols. 8-17, 1899-1902

Roll 3 -- Vols. 18-25, 1903-1905

Roll 4 -- Vols. 26-33, 1905-1909

Roll 5 -- Vols. 34-41, 1909-1912

Roll 6 -- Vols. 42-48, 1912-1915

Roll 7 -- Vols. 49-57, 1915-1921

Roll 8 -- Vols. 58-65, 1921-1927

Roll 9 -- Vols. 66-69, 1927-1930

Detailed Description

Series AA: United States - History - Reconstruction Era Pamphlets

11Amicus. "The Rebel States. The President and Congress. Reconstruction, and the Executive Power of Pardon."1866.
2Atlantic Monthly. "The Usurpation."1866.
3"Bericht der Congress - Committee Uber die Reconstructions-Frage." 1865. (In German)
4Brown, B. Gratz. "The Reform Movement."1972.
5Brownlow, Wm. G. "Report Regarding the Late State Elections at the Regular Sessions, Nov. 1865."1866.
6Busteed, Richard, and White, Alexander. "The Heathen Chinee. `Ways That Are Dark, and Tricks That Are Vain.'"ca. 1874.
7Butler, Benjamin. "Lecture Delivered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music."1866.
8"Call to National Union Convention."1866.
9"Can the Nation Trust the Democratic Party?" Campaign Document, 1876.
10Carey, Henry. "Shall We Have Peace Financial and Peace Political?"1869.
11Carey, Henry. "To Friends of the Union Throughout the Union."1876.
12Chanler, John. "Speech in the House of Representatives on Southern Confiscation Bill."1867.
13Chanler, John. "This is a White Workingman's Government. Suffrage in the District of Columbia. Speech of Hon. John W. Chanler, of New York. Delivered in the House of Representatives, January 12, 1866."
14Coburn, John, "Ku Klux Outrages."1872.
15Cook, Burton C. "Speech on Reconstruction, Delivered in the House of Representatives, February 17, 1866."
16Cox, Samuel S. "Amnesty For All. Speech of Hon. S.S. Cox, House of Representatives, January 10, 1876."
17(Davis, Jefferson). "Debate on Pensioning Jefferson Davis."1879.
18Davis, Joseph J. "Southern Claims. Speech of Hon. Joseph J. Davis of North Carolina. House of Representatives, May 29, 1878."
19"Demokratische Betrugereien."1867. (In German)
20"Facts For the People. No. 2. The Political Issues of the Day."n.d.
21Goodwin, Parke. "The Movement of Political Opinion and Its Relations to Existing Controversy. An Address Delivered Before the Young Man's Democratic Club."1877.
22"The Great Usurpation. The United States Under the Confederate Senate and House of Representatives."ca. 1878-79.
23(Hancock, Winfield S.). "Winfield S. Hancock's Defiance of the Reconstruction Acts. Record From Official Sources of Hancock's Administration of Civil Affairs in 1867-68 in Louisiana and Texas."1868.
24Hare, Judge. "Loyalty and Disloyalty."n.d.
25Hendricks, Thomas. "Reconstruction Speech in U.S. Senate."1868.
26(Howard, O.O.) "The Special Court of Inquiry Upon Charges Against Brigadier General O.O. Howard."1874.
27"Ist der Suden zur Restoration Bereit?"n.d. (In German)
28Morton, O.P. "Rede Uber die Constitutialitat der Reconstruktionsgesetze."1868. (In German)
29Ross, E.G. "Political Leaders of the Reconstruction Period."1924.
30Schofield, John M. "Controversies in the War Department." Century Magazine, August 1897.
31Seward, William H. "The Situation and the Duty. Speech at Auburn, N.Y. October 31, 1868."
32Shellabarger, S. "Reconstruction Speech."1866.
33Stevens, Thaddeus. "Reconstruction. Speech of Hon. Thaddeus Stevens, of Pennsylvania, Delivered in the House of Representatives, March 10, 1866."
34United States Congress. "Report of the Committee on Reconstruction."1866.
35United States. Supreme Court. "The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution Considered. The Right to Pursue Any Lawful Trade or Avocation, Without Other Restraint Than Such As Equally Affects All Persons, Is One Of the Priveleges Of Citizens of the United States Which Can Not Be Abridged By State Legislation. Dissenting Opinions of Mr. Justice Field, Mr. Justice Bradley, and Mr. Justice Swayne, of U.S. Supreme Court, in the New Orleans Slaughter-House Cases". December Term, 1870 Pub. 1873.
36United States. Supreme Court. "The Unconstitutionality of Test Oaths For Past Conduct."1866.
37Williams, Thomas. "The Reconstruction of the Union. Speech of Hon. Thomas Williams, of Pennsylvania, Delivered in the House of Representatives, February 10, 1866."
38Windom, William. "The Union Policy vs. the President's Policy. Speech of Hon. William Windom, of Minnesota, Delivered in the House of Representatives, June 14, 1866."

Series BB: United States - History - 1866-1899 Pamphlets

11Adams, Herbert R. "Work Among Working Women in Baltimore. A Social Study."1889.
2Arizona. "Report of the Governor of Arizona."1893.
3Arizona. "Report of the Governor of Arizona."1894.
4Arizona. "Report of the Governor of Arizona."1895.
5Arizona. "Report of the Governor of Arizona."1896.
6Arizona. "Report of the Governor of Arizona."1897.
7"Die Ausgaben der Regierung."1868.
8Bullitt, John C. "Argument on Behalf of Petitioner Fitz John Porter." Before the Advisory Board of Officers at West Point, January 6th, 1879.
9Chanler, John W. "This Is a White Workingman's Government. Suffrage in the District of Columbia. Speech by Hon. John W. Chanler of New York in House of Representatives, January 12, 1866."
10Codman, John. "Free Ships: the Restoration of the American Carrying Trade."1878.
11Davis, Cusaman K. "Plans and Policy of the Republican Party."ca. 1892.
12"Every-Day Law For Every-Day People. (The Oxford Handy Helps)."1892.
13(Garfield, James A.) "A Tribute to James Abram Garfield, by William Pierson."1881.
14(Grant, Ulysses S.) "Lives and Eminent Public Services of Grant and Colfax."1868.
15Gunckel, Lewis. "Speech On Equalization of Soldier's Bounties."1875.
16Harrison, General Benjamin. "Reception Speeches of Gen. Benj. Harrison, Republican Nominee for President, to Committees and Delegations From Various Sections of the United States. Published by the Indiana Republican State Central Committee."1888.
17Hawley, Joseph P. "The Upshot of a Democratic Congress. Speech of Hon. Joseph R. Hawley of Connecticut in House of Representatives, on the Bill Regulating the Pay and Appointment of Deputy Marshalls."1880.
18Haynes, John. "Popular Election of United States Senators."1893.
19(Hendricks, Thomas A.) "Public Life of Thomas A. Hendricks, Democratic Candidate for Vice President. Compiled by an Old Acquaintance."1884.
21Hunt, Clarence M. "Wage Earners, Take Notice! To Members of Sister Organizations and Wage Earners Throughout the State." California. 1897.
2Jenkins Walworth. "Prostitution and Its Management."1873.
3Kellogg, William P. "Steamship Line to Mexico. Speech of Hon. Wm. P. Kellogg of Louisiana in U.S. Senate, February 2, 1871."
4(Li Hung Chang). Newspaper Clippings. 1896.
5Manignault, G. "The Signs of the Times, by G. Manignault, of South Carolina." Post Civil War.
6Michigan. "The Constitution of Michigan as Proposed For Amendment and Submitted to the People in the Form of a Joint Resolution."1874.
7Montana. "Legislative Manual."1895.
8"National Conference on Practical Reform of Primary Elections." 1898.
9Nevada. "Biennial Message of Governor L.R. Bradley."1875.
10New Mexico. "Speech of Hon. Frederick H. Teese of New Jersey in House of Representatives on the Admission of New Mexico."1876.
11Newberry, J.S. "The First Oilwell. The Birthday of a Great Industry." Harper's Magazine, October, 1890.
12"Politics and the School Question. Attitude of the Republican and Democratic Parties."1876.
13San Francisco, Cal. "Annual Report for the Year Ending May 5, 1900, of Old Peoples' Home."1900.
14San Francisco, Cal. "San Francisco Vigilance Committees, by Wm. T. Coleman." Century Magazine, November 1891.
15San Francisco, Cal. "Why the Proposed New Charter Should Not Be Accepted. Municipal Reform League of San Francisco."1896.
16Shellabarger, S. "The Domestic Commerce of the United States. Republished From the International Review, November-December, 1874."
17"The Sorehead War: A Campaign Satire."ca. 1872.
18Southall, James C. "Cheap Transportation. Delivered Before the American Cheap Transportation Association, in Richmond, Virginia."December 2, 1874.
19(Tilden, Samuel J.) "The Cipher Dispatches." New York Tribune Extra No. 44. 1879.
20(Tilden, Samuel J.) "Letter to a Politician, by Horace Greeley."1877.

Series CC: United States - History - 1900-1932 Pamphlets

11Cunniff, M.G. "What a City Might Be."1905.
2Eckels, James. ""Address of Hon. James H. Eckels to Laboring Men (in) Chicago." Republican Campaign Document." 1900.
3Evans, Lynden. "An Address to the Voters of the 9th Congressional District of Illinois."1912.
4"Fighting Chicago's Crime Trusts."1916.
5Fisher, Sydney C. "The American Revolution and the Boer War."
6Foulke, Didley. "Democratic Platforms; Expansion by Jefferson; The Democratic Ice Trust." Republican Campaign Document. 1900.
7"Lincoln-Douglas Souvenir Edition." (The Charleston Weekly News). 1908.
8McKinley, William. "Letter From McKinley to Henry Cabot Lodge, Accepting Nomination for the Presidency, in the Bohemian Language."1900.
9(McKinley, William) "The Chop House or the Soup House?" Republican Campaign Document. 1900.
10(McKinley, William) "An Era of Progress and Prosperity Under President McKinley's Administration....The German Vote and the `Imperialism' Bugaboo."1900.
11(McKinley, William) "Republican Party Triumphs. Lincoln and McKinley Comparison...Art of Humbuggery." Campaign Document. 1900.
12(McKinley, William) "Speech of Senator Lodge Notifying President McKinley of his Nomination." Republican Campaign Document. 1900.
13(McKinley, William) Newspaper Clippings Re McKinley's Assassination. September, 1901.
14(McKinley, William) Newspaper Clippings Re McKinley's Assassination. September, 1901.
15(McKinley, William) Newspaper Clippings Re McKinley's Assassination. September, 1901.
16Maher, Edward. "Take the Judges Out of Politics by Voting the Non-Partisan Judicial Ticket."1915.
17Minnesota. "The Minnesota State Prison."1908.
18Montana. "Message of Governor Joseph K. Toole to the Seventh Legislative Assembly of the State of Montana."1901.
21Official Program, U.S. Army Tournament, Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois. July 4-14, 1910.
2"A Patriotic Celebration of July 4th for Chicago."1910.
3Presidential Campaign of 1928. Pro-Hoover Literature.
4Presidential Campaign of 1928. Pro-Smith Literature.
5Presidential Campaign of 1928. Anti-Smith Literature.
6The Protestant. "Who's Who in Congress."1924.
7Riis, Jacob A. "Republican Campaign Documents."1900.
8"The Robert E. Lee Memorial School of Engineering: a Great Enterprise."n.d.
9(Robins, Raymond) "The Story of Raymond Robin's Life. Progressive Party Nominee For United States Senator From Illinois."1914.
10(Robins, Raymond) "For the Honor of Illinois. Why Sullivan and Sherman Should Be Defeated and Raymond Robins Elected United States Senator, by George C. Sikes."1914.
11Ronzone, B.A. "Are the Italians a Menace to the United States?"n.d.
12Roosa, D.B. St. John. "The Need of State Endowment For the Advancement of Medical Science."1900.
13Roosevelt, Theodore. "Governor Roosevelt Accepts the Nomination of the Republican Party to the Office of Vice-President."1900.
14Roosevelt, Theodore. "Confession of Faith Before the Progressive National Convention."1912.
15Rural Free Delivery Service. "Development of the Rural Free Delivery System. Reprinted by Authority of Congress."1902.
16(San Francisco). "San Francisco (on the night of April 18, 1906)". ca. 1906.
17Smith, Alfred E. "Reply to Criticism of Campaign Record Made by William Allen White and Others."1928.
18(Thompson, William Hale). "Prosperity Parade (Program flyer from Chicago Examiner)"1915.
19Trustees of the Sanitary District of Chicago. "Memorial Presented to Congress (on) Deep Waterway From Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River."1900.
20(Yates, Richard) "Yate's Great Speech."1900.
21Yearbook of the Playground and Recreation Association of America. 1919.

Series DD: United, States Economic Policy - Trade, Banking, Revenue Pamphlets

11Appleton, Nathan. "Speech of Mr. Appleton of Mass. in House of Representatives, January 23, 1833, on the Bill to Reduce and Otherwise Alter the Duties on Imports."
2Atkinson, Edward. "On the Collection of Revenue."1867.
3Bates, I.C. "Speech of Mr. I.C. Bates of Mass. in U.S. Senate Feb. 21, 1844, in defence of the Protective System." Bradford, S.D. "Letters to the Honorable William M. Meredith Secretary of the Treasury, on...the Advantages of Free Trade."1850.
4Britten, Fred A. "Beefsteak One Dollar a Pound? Speech of Hon. Fred A. Britten of Illinois in the House of Representatives, April 23, 1914."
5Bryan, William. "From Speeches on the Tariff by William J. Bryan and William McKinley."1896.
6Buchanan, J. "Speech of Mr. Buchanan in U.S. Senate, Sept. 29, 1837, on the Bill Imposing Additional Duties as Depositaries in Certain Cases."
7Buchanan, James. "Independent Treasury Speech of Hon. James Buchanan of Pennsylvania in U.S. Senate. January 22, 1840."
8Burke, Edmund. "The Protective System Considered in Connection With the Present Tariff, in a Series of Twelve Essays, Originally Published in the Washington Union Over the Signature of `Bundelcund.'"1846.
9Bynum, W.D. "Tariff. A Revenue vs. Protective Tariff."1884.
10Calhoun, John C. "Mr. Calhoun's Sentiments, Upon the Subject of State Rights, and the Tariff; Together With Copies of the Virginia Resolutions of 1798; of the Kentucky Resolutions of 1799; and of the Decision of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Pronounced in 1799, by Chief Justice M'Kean. (Documents Referred to in the Exposition of Mr. Calhoun)."1831.
11California State Board of Trade. "California."1897.
12Carey, H.C. "Commerce, Christianity and Civilization vs. British Free Trade. Letters in Reply to the London Times."1876.
13Chamberlain, D.H. et al. "The Spanish Treaty Opposed to Tariff Reform." Report of a Committee of Enquiry Appointed by the New York Free-Trade Club. 1885.
14Clapp, Moses E. "Corporation Tax. Speech of Hon. Moses E. Clapp of Minnesota in the Senate of the United States, July 1, 1909."
15Curry, Jabez L.M. "Speech of Jabez L.M. Curry of Alabama on Expenditures and the Tariff, House of Representatives, Feb. 24, 1859."
16Dayton, ____. "Speech of Mr. Dayton of New Jersey on the Tariff, Delivered in the U.S. Senate, April 29, 1844."
17Donnell, E.J. "The True Issue: Industrial Depression and Political Corruption Caused by Tariff Monopolies."1884.
18Dudley, Thomas H. "How Protection Affects the Farmer." Address Delivered Before the New Jersey State Agricultural Socity at Waverly, Sept. 22, 1882.
19Eckels, James. "Effect of Protective and Free Trade Tariffs Upon Manufacturers and Wage-Earner...Why James Eckels Will Not Support Bryan." Republican Party Campaign Documents. 1900.
20Evans, ____. "Discussion on the Tariff. Reply of Mr. Evans, of Maine, to Mr. McDuffie's Second Speech on the Tariff. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 6 and 7, 1844."
21Fillmore, Millard. "Speech of Mr. Fillmore of New York on the Revenue Bill in the House of Representatives, July 24, 1841."
22Fisher, William Clarke. "American Trade Regulations Before 1789."n.d.
21Harris, Isham G. "Message of Governor Isham G. Harris of Tennessee to the General Assembly of the State."1859.
2Henderson, John B. "Speech of Hon. John B. Henderson of Missouri on the Tax on Unmanufactured Cotton."1866.
3Hill, Thomas. "Money Found."1896.
4Hudson, Charles. "The Wheat Trade of the Country. Speech of Mr. Charles Hudson of Massachussetts, Delivered in the House of Representatives, Feb. 26, 1846."
5Kelley, William D. "A Protest Against the Re-Imposition of War Taxes. Speech by Hon, William D. Kelley of Pennsylvania, in the House of Representatives, February 12, 1875. `It Is Labor and Not Coin That Supports the Public Credit and the Frame-Work of Society.'"
6"Letters From the Commercial Correspondent of an Association of Cotton Manufacturers (Reprints From `The Nation')."1865.
7"The Loco-Foco Party...The Credit of the State...The New Constitution."1848.
8"The Mechanic and the Tariff."1896.
9Miller, Jay D. "Finance and Transportation."1898.
10"Observations on the Late Presidential Veto."1842.
11Owen, Robert Dale. "Fact For the People Illustrating the Effect of High Duties in Producing Low Prices of Flour, Tobacco and Cotton."1844.
12Planters Bank of Tennessee. "Report."1859.
13Poindexter, ____. "Speech of Mr. Poindexter, of Mississippi, On the Subject of Prolonging the Payment of Revenue Bonds, Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 7, 1834."
14"Report of a Committee of the Citizens of Boston and Vicinity Opposed to a Further Increase of Duties on Importations." 1827.
15"Report of the Minority Committee on the Negotiation and Sale of State Bonds, Made to the Legislature, 1864."1865
16"A Review of the Tariff of 1846, in Its Effect Upon the Business and Industry of the Country, in a Series of Articles Contributed to to the Evening Transcipt, over the signature of `Profit and Loss', With a Table Showing the Annual Amount of Our Foreign Imports and Exports For the Last Ten Years."1855.
17Tod, ____"Mrs. Tod's Speech, on the Bill For the More Effectual Protection and Encouragement of Domestic Manufactures." House of Representatives, February 10th, 1823.
18Walker, J.H. "The Moral Aspect of a Protective Tariff; How It Helps the Wage Worker and Farmer. An Address Delivered Before the Massachusetts Club by J.H. Walker."1888.
19Wall, ____. "Speech of Mr. Wall of New Jersey in the U.S. Senate, March 23, 1838, on the Bill to Separate the Government From the Banks."
20Wells, David. "Our Burden and Our Strength, or, A Comprehensive and Popular Examination of the Debt and Resources of our Country, Present and Prospective." Loyal Publication Society, No. 54. 1864.
21Wilkeson, S. "How Our National Debt May Be a National Blessing. The Debt is Public Wealth, Political Union, Protection of Industry, Secure Basis for National Currency, the Orphans' and Widows' Savings Fund. By Samuel Wilkeson. Issued by Jay Cooke, General Subscription Agent of the Government Loans."1865.

Series EE: United States-Economic Policy - Money and Currency, Free Silver Debate Pamphlets

11Babcock, J.W. "History of Money and Financial Legislation in the United States. Speech of Hon. J.W. Babcock, of Wisconsin, in the House of Representatives, 1896."
2 copies.
2Babcock, J.W. "A Talk of Four Neighbors About Money and Silver. From the Remarks of Hon. Jos. W. Babcock, of Wisconsin, in the House of Representatives, June 8, 1896."
3Bailey, J.W. "Bailey on Bryan. Extracts From a Speech by Congressman W.W. Bailey, of Texas, Delivered at His Home, Gainesville, Texas, Just After the Nomination of Mr. Bryan."July 18, 1896.
4Beifeld, Joseph. "Address of Joseph Beifeld, Manufacturer and Merchant, Delivered at the Central Music Hall, Chicago, October 17, 1900. Subject: `The Present Campaign From the Standpoint of a Business Man.'"
5Blaine, James G. "Speech of Hon. James G. Blaine, of Maine, in the Senate of the United States, February 7th, 1878. Blaine Against Free Coinage at 16-1."1896.
6Bryan, William Jennings. "Speech in the House of Representatives on Gold and Silver Coinage, by Hon. Wm. J. Bryan, of Nebraska."August 16, 1893.
7Caffery, Donelson. "Aldredge on Free Coinage of Silver; From Remarks of Hon. Donelson Caffery of Louisiana, in the Senate of the United States."January 30, 1896.
8Carey, Henry. "Money: a Lecture Delivered Before the New York Geographical and Statistical Society."February, 1857.
9Carlisle, John. "Speech Before Workingmen of Chicago on the Ratio of 16 to 1." Printed as Senate Document No. 256 on the Motion of Senator Vilas, of Wisconsin, May 14, 1896.
10Chittenden, S.B. "Funding the Legal Tender Debt. Speech of Mr. S.B. Chittenden of New York, House of Representatives, Feb. 19, 1876."
11Chittenden, L.E. "New Money's of Lincoln's Administration. Their Origin, Growth and Value." Harper's Magazine, October 1890.
12Cooper, Peter. "A Letter on the Currency."1875.
13Cowperthwait, J.H. "Money, Silver and Finance."1896.
14Cunningham, Thomas. "Postal and Fractional Currency." Reprinted From `American Journal of Numismatics.' n.d.
15Dell, Sidney. "Free Silver. 4,000 Gold Bondholders Are Robbing 400 Million Property Holders. `Free Silver is God; Gold is Mammon.'"1894.
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2 copies.
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2 copies.
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(Milsaps notation in pencil on first page: "This pamphlet was Picked up at Chinese Camp, Cal., Garrett's Saloon, Aug. 27th, 1896. The spirit of desolation rests upon this place.")

Series FF: United States - Foreign Relations - Spanish America

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Series GG: Texas - History

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(Copy 2)
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(Copy 3)
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[Vol. 2, pt. 2 (numbered 3)]
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(Watrous was involved in Texas land grant disputes.)
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Series HH: Texas - Railroad and Land Development Literature.

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4Corpus Christi. ca. 1910.
(2 items)
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(6 items from the Dallas Chamber of Commerce)
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(8 items)
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(2 copies)
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(2 copies)
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28La Porte Orchards. ca. 1910.
(5 items)
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(5 items)
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(7 items)
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(4 items)
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(2 copies)
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(2 copies)
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(2 items)
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