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Houston Public Library, Houston Metropolitan Research Center

John E.T. Milsaps Collection:

An Inventory of his Records at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library (part 5 of 7)

Descriptive Summary

CreatorMilsaps, John E. T., 1852-1932
TitleJohn E.T. Milsaps Collection
Dates: 1531-1986
Dates (Bulk): 1852-1930
IdentificationMSS 33
Extent131 document boxes, 3 flat boxes, 75 volumes, 9 large volumes, 2 drawers of oversized items, 1 record storage box (approx. 75 linear feet)
RepositoryHouston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Biographical Note

John Ephraim Thomas Milsaps - bibliophile, salvationist, traveler and diarist - was born in Houston, Texas on January 3, 1852. After leaving his home as a young man to seek his fortune in western mining, Milsaps joined the Salvation Army in 1883 and remained in its service until his retirement. Milsaps died in Houston on November 29, 1932. As a professional salvationist, Major Milsaps travelled widely in this country and abroad as a Salvation Army organizer and (San Francisco) WAR CRY editor. He was among the first representatives of the Army in Hawaii in the 1890's and was the army's spokesman in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War and the subsequent Filipino insurrection.

Scope and Contents

Along the way Major Milsaps kept a meticulous seventy-three volume diary which chronicles not only his army activities, but also a host of general observations useful to researchers. In addition, the Milsaps Papers contain extensive scrapbooks of personal and salvationist material, personal correspondence and an extensive photographic collections. Similarly, the papers contain a significant body of Salvation Army literature and ephemera unique in this country. When the only complete "run" of the WAR CRY in existence and Milsaps' personal library in Special Collections were added to the Milsaps collection holdings, it became one of the most significant bodies of Salvation Army materials in the United States.

Finally, the collection includes certain materials that may prove useful to researchers concerned neither with Milsaps personally or the Salvation Army in general. The Milsaps Papers contain, for example, the Major's collection of autographs, many of which bear on nineteenth century American politics, especially in the state of Ohio. Also in the collection is a group of scrapbooks dealing with such diverse topics as the Galveston Storm of 1900 and the San Francisco Earthquake. Of unusual interest too is the body of materials Major Milsaps collected in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War which may aid some scholars interested in that conflict or the subsequent insurrection. There is also an extensive collection of materials relating to the history of Slavery.


The Milsaps papers are arranged in Series (A,B,C, D, etc.) according to either material type or emphasis. Series "A", for example, centers around Milsaps' personal life, while Series "B" and "C" concern the Salvation Army with little regard to Milsaps himself.
Series A - Personal Material
Series B - Salvation Army Pamphlets and Songbooks
Series C - Photos
Series D - Philippines
Series E - Hawaii
Series F - Hawaiian Language
Series G - Missions - Hawaii
Series H - Missions - Asia
Series I - Missions - Africa and Middle East
Series J - Missions - North, Central and South America
Series K - Missions - Chinese Language
Series L - Missions - General
Series M - Religious Pamphlets - General
Series N - Religious Pamphlets - Baptist
Series O - Religious Pamphlets - Catholic
Series P - Religious Pamphlets - Lutheran, Methodist, Quaker, et. al.
Series Q - Religious Pamphlets - Mormon
Series R - Sermons - Author Known
Series S - Sermons - Author Unknown
Series T - Temperance Pamphlets
Series U - Slavery Pamphlets
Series V - Black Pamphlets
Series W - United States - History - 1492 - 1839.
Series X - United States - History - 1840 - 1849.
Series Y - United States - History - 1850 - 1860.
Series Z - United States - History - 1861-1865, Civil War
Series AA - United States - History - Reconstruction Era, 1865-1877.
Series BB - United States - History - 1866 - 1899.
Series CC - United States - History - 1900 - 1932.
Series DD - United States - Economic Policy - Trade, Banking, Revenue.
Series EE - United States - Economic Policy - Money and Currency: Free Silver Debate.
Series FF - United States - Foreign Relations - Spanish America (Canals).
Series GG - Texas - History
Series HH - Texas - Railroad and Land Development Literature
Series II - Houston and Suburbs - Boosterism Literature (1890's - 1920's).
Series JJ - Crockett, Davy, 1786 - 1836 - Pamphlets (Almanacs)
Series KK - Immigration Pamphlets
Series LL - Peace Pamphlets
Series MM - Germany - World War, 1914 - 1918.
Series NN - Travel Pamphlets
Series OO - Indians of North America
Series PP - Japan - Pamphlets
Series QQ - Language & Languages
Series RR - Language & Languages - Arabic
Series SS - Mines and Mineral Resources
Series TT - Museums and Expositions
Series UU - Libraries - Pamphlets
Series VV - Books, Music, Arts & Crafts, Collecting (also Milsaps Cigar Bands)
Series WW - Bookplates
Series XX - Autograph Collection and Autograph Bible
Series YY - Scrapbooks (13 listed, one missing)
Series ZZ - Map Case Items


Access Restrictions

Access to vault materials is by appointment with Archives department.

Use Restrictions


Index Terms

Afro-American Fair and Inter-state Exposition (Houston, Tex.)
African Americans
Anti-slavery movements--United States
Camp Logan Riot (Houston, Tex.), 1917
Campaign literature, 1928
Galveston Hurricane, 1900
Galveston Hurricane, 1915
Houston Fair and Exposition (1921)
Hurricanes--Galveston (Tex.)
Missionary work
Petroleum industry and trade--Texas
Public libraries--Texas--Houston
Real estate development--Texas
Real estate development--Texas--Houston
San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
Slavery--United States
Sugar growing--Texas
Temperance--United States
Gulf Coast Land and Orchard Company
Houston Memorial Building Corporation
Houston Public Library (Tex.)
Salvation Army
Aldine Park (Houston, Tex.)
Alvin (Tex.)
Austin (Tex.)--Description and travel
Burnet Beach (Houston, Tex.)
Central Park (Houston, Tex.)
Corpus, Christi (Tex.)--Description and travel
Dallas (Tex.)--Description and travel
El Paso (Tex.)--Description and travel
Falfurrias (Tex.)--Description and travel
Fort Worth (Tex.)--Description and travel
Galveston (Tex.)--Description and travel
Hawaii--Description and travel--1880-1911
Hawaii--History--To 1893
Houston (Tex.)--Description and travel
Houston (Tex.)--Industries
Houston Heights (Houston, Tex.)
La Porte (Tex.)
Magnolia Park (Houston, Tex.)
Odem (Tex.)--Description and travel
Pearland (Tex.)
Philippines--Description and travel--1880-1918
Philippines--History--Revolution, 1896-1898
San Antonio (Tex.)--Description and travel
San Jose (Tex.)--Description and travel
San Leon (Tex.)--Description and travel
Southampton (Houston, Tex.)
Southland (Houston, Tex.)
Sunnyside Farms (Tex.)
Texas--History--19th century
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States--Race relations
Waco (Tex.)--Description and travel
Westmoreland Farms (Bellaire, Tex.)
Winnie (Tex.)--Description and travel
Other Names
Ideson, Julia, 1880-1945
Milsaps, John E. T., 1852-1932

Related Material

Due to the size of the electronic file, the online version of this guide is divided into 7 parts:

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

John E. T. Milsaps Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Processing Information

The Japanese color prints were formerly shelved with the Milsaps books in the stacks. They were unfolded, repaired by Charles Arbore, and encapsulated.

The religious papers and journals were formerly listed under Series F (Miscellaneous), Box 2, "Evangelical Newspapers, ca. 1900." The Philippine newspapers were in the same box, but do not appear to be religious papers. The other items were formerly listed under Series F (Miscellaneous), Box 1, folders 8 ("Civil War Commission") and 9 (Miscellaneous Documents"). They have been taken out of folders, encapsulated and placed in the Map Case, along with the religious papers, the newspapers, the Japanese prints, the map of Milsap's travels, and the 1897 drawing of Milsaps made by Leon Boiller, and the photo of Milsaps in old age.

John Milsaps Diaries, 1852-1930

The Milsaps diaries were microfilmed as part of a cooperative effort between the Houston Metropolitan Research Center and the Salvation Army Archives in New York. As part of the project, the Salvation Army produced these microfilm copies for use by HMRC patrons.

Roll 1 -- Vols. 1-7, 1852-1899

Roll 2 -- Vols. 8-17, 1899-1902

Roll 3 -- Vols. 18-25, 1903-1905

Roll 4 -- Vols. 26-33, 1905-1909

Roll 5 -- Vols. 34-41, 1909-1912

Roll 6 -- Vols. 42-48, 1912-1915

Roll 7 -- Vols. 49-57, 1915-1921

Roll 8 -- Vols. 58-65, 1921-1927

Roll 9 -- Vols. 66-69, 1927-1930

Detailed Description

Series V: Black Pamphlets

11"Albion Academy." "Barber Memorial Seminary." "Mary Allen Seminary." "Paine Hall, Boys' Dormitory, Albion Academy."n.d.
2Alexander, Will. "The Racial Situation in America."n.d.
3"Annual Report of the Director of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History."1924-25.
4"An Appeal to the Christian People of the South."1920.
5Ashburst, John. "The Equality of All Men Before the Law."1865.
6Auntie Rose's "Version of Cast Thy Burden on the Lord."n.d.
7Baker, C.J. "A Constructive Program For Just Inter-Racial Relations."n.d.
8Barr, Roberta. "The Africo-American. A Menace or an Asset - Which?"1917.
9Binder, Carroll. "`The South Turning Corner in Racial Understanding.' A Newspaperman's View of Interracial Cooperation."n.d.
10Blakely, Elizabeth Sea. "Unto the Fourth Generation: One Solution of the Negro Problem."1894.
11"Box List."n.d.
12Bradford, Charles. "A Devoted Life and Its Results."1861.
13Brooks, William. "What a Black Man Saw in a White Man's Country."1899.
14Cable, George Washington. "The Negro Question."188?
15Cable, George Washington. "The Southern Struggle For Pure Government."1890.
16Chanler, John. "Freedman's Bureau Speech of Hon. John W. Chanler."1866.
17Chester, Morris. "Horrible Massacre in Grant Parish, Louisiana. Two Hundred Men Killed..."1873
18"Dispatches of Spanish Officials Hearing on the Free Negro Settlement of Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose Flora."1924.
19Du Bois, W.E.B. "The Negro Church. A Social Study."1903.
20"Economic Co-Operation Among the Negroes of Georgia."1917.
21Eleazer, Robert. "An Adventure in Good Will. The Interracial Commission, Its Origin and Work."n.d.
22Eleazer, R.B. "Negro Progress and Achievement. Random Paragraphs From a Stirring Story of Struggle and Success."n.d.
23Eleazer, R.B. "Southern Opinion and Race Relations."n.d.
24"First Annual Report of the National Freedman's Relief Association of the District of Columbia."1863.
25Fisher, S.J. "Representative American Negroes."n.d.
Copy 1.
26Fisher, S.J. "Representative American Negroes."n.d.
Copy 2.
27Fisher, S.J. "The Story of Negro Music."n.d.
28Fortune, Mae V. "Ruth of the Red Hills."n.d.
29Franklin, W.H. "The Early History of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Among the Negroes."n.d.
30Gardiner, Charles. "A Constitutional and Educational Solution of the Negro Problem."1903.
31Gaston, John. "Constructive Forces in Negro Life."n.d.
32"Hampton Negro Conference." Number II. 1898.
33"The History and Adventures of Jack Mansong, the Famous Negro Robber, and Terror of Jamaica."n.d.
34Holsey, Alborn. "Principal's Annual Report Edition of the Tuskegee Institute Bulletin."1922.
35Hubbard. Elbert. "A Little Journey to Tuskegee."1916.
36Hurlbut, S.A. "Report of the Board of Education For Freedman, Department of the Gulf...". 1865.
37Johnson, Harry. "Liberia."1907.
38Jones, Asbie M. "Founder's Day Address." (Tuskegee Institute) 1921.
21Kelley, William D. "The Equality of All Men Before the Law Claimed and Defended."1865.
2Kelsey, Carl. "The Negro Farmer."1903.
3Kittrell, Norman. "Old `Miss' and `Mammy'". Address Delivered on Memorial Day, April 26 1924, in First Presbyterian Church, Houston, Tex.
4Larimer, W.T. "Will You?"1922.
5Long, Thomas A. "The Negro as Poet, Artist and Musician."n.d.
6Lynch, John R. "Colored Americans. John R. Lynch's Appeal to Them. The New Nullification: Forty Electoral Votes Will Be Given to Brylan From a Disfranchised Class." Republican Campaign Document. 1890.
7"Miscegenation: the Theory of the Blending of the Races Applied to the American White Man and Negro."1864.
8"Morality Among Negroes in Cities."1903.
9Moton, Robert Russa. "The Negro's Debt to Lincoln."1922.
10Moton, Robert Russa. "The Negro of Today."1912.
11Neely, Alvin J. "Tuskegee's New Principal."1922.
12"Negro Digest. A Magazine of Negro Comment, Dec., 1944."
13"Negroes and Religion."n.d.
14Neil, J.S. "A Christian Heroine's Life Work."1862.
15New England Educational Commission For Freedmen. "Extracts From Letters of Teachers and Superintendents of New England Educational Commission For Freedmen."1864.
16"Notes on Negro Crime Particularly in Georgia." 1904.
17"The opinion of Those Who Ought to Know: What Representatives Negroes Say of the Interracial Movement."n.d.
18"The Original Christy's Minstrels Complete Repertoire of Plantation Melodies."n.d.
19"Our Colored Citizens. How They Have Been Officially Recognized Both in War and Peace by the Republican Party."1856.
20Page, Thomas Nelson. "The Great American Question, the Special Plea of a Southerner."1907.
21Pierson, H.W. "Emancipation Day in Andersonville, Ga."1869.
22Pierson, H.W. "A Letter to Hon. Charles Sumner, With `Statements' of Outrages Upon Freedmen in Georgia, and an Account of My Expulsion From Andersonville, Ga., by the Ku-Klux-Klan." By Rev. H.W. Pierson, Formerly President of Cumberland College, Kentucky. 1870.
23Richardson, Clement. "Extension Work: Tuskegee Institute, Alabama."1914.
24Riley, J.P. "Reached the Reached Negro."1903.
25Royall, William. "History of the Virginia Debt Controversy."1897.
26Savage, John A. "Our Young People at Work For the American Negro."1923.
27"Scattering the Darkness."n.d.
28"Select Bibliography of the Negro American."1905.
29"Selected Discussions of Race Problems."1916.
30Shufeldt, R.W. "The American Navy and Liberia."1876.
31Slater, John E. "The Common School and the Negro American."1911.
31Slater, John F. "The College-Bred Negro American."1910.
2Slater, John F. "Morals and Manners Among Negro Americans."1914.
3Slater, John F. "The Negro American Artisan."1912.
4Slater, John F. "The Negro American Family."1908.
5Smith, Henry. "A Collection of Songs, Descriptive Scenes and Negro Melodies."n.d.
6"Social and Physical Conditions of Negroes in Cities."1897.
7"Some Efforts of American Negroes For Their Own Social Betterment."1898.
8"Southern White Women on Lynching and Mob Violence."n.d.
9Storrs, R.S. "Our Nation's Work for the Colored People."1890.
10Storrs, R.S. "Our Nation's Work for the Colored People."1890.
11Strange. Robert. "Church Work Among the Negroes in the South."1907.
12Sumner, Charles. "In the Courts of the United States."1864.
13Tanner, Henry Ossawa. "The Negro History Bulletin."1938.
14Taylor, Lauretta Brownson. "A Playlet. From `Chains' to `Christian Citizenship'."n.d.
15Taylor, R.R. "Tuskegee's Mechanical Department."1921.
16"Thirty-ninth Annual Report of the Women's Department of the Board of Missions for Freedmen."1923.
17"The Three Rs: Responsibilites, Results, Resources."1864.
18Tureblood, Nellie. "The Belated Scholarship."n.d.
19Trumbull, Lyman. "Speech in the Senate on the Freedmen's Bureau Veto Message."1866.
20Tuttle, Charles E. "Old and Rare Books."1941.
21"Two Prayers."n.d.
22"Valuable Information About the Board of Missions for Freedmen."n.d.
23(Washington, Booker T.) "Memorial Exercises."1915.
24Washington, Booker T. "Team Work. Dr. Booker T. Washington's Last Sunday Evening Talk to the Teachers and Students."1915.
25Washingtom, Margaret Murry. "Progress in Race Relations."1924-25.
26"What Lincoln Did For the Negro."1918.
27White, Andrew D. "Two Addresses at Cleveland Ohio. I. On the Plan of Western Reserve University. II. On the Education of the Freedmen."1882.
28Whiting, Joseph L. "The Tuskegee Movable School."n.d.
29"Why Colored People In Philadelphia Are Excluded From the Street Cars."1866.
30"Why Should the Church Provide Schools For Negroes in the South."n.d.
31Woodson, Carter G. "Fifty Years of Negro Citizenship As Qualified by the United States Supreme Court."1921.
32Woodson, Carter G. "Free Negro Owners of Slaves in the United States in 1830."1924.
33"The Work Being Done By the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Among 11,000,000 Colored People in America."1921.
34Young, Robert, "The Negro: a Reply to Ariel. The Negro Belongs to the Genus Homo.- He Is a Descendant of Adam and Eve.- etc."1867.

Series W: United States - History - 1492-1839

11Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain,1819.
2Adams, John Quincy. "Correspondence between John Quincy Adams, Esquire, and Several Citizens of Massachusetts Concerning the Charge of a Design to Dissolve the Union Alleged to Have Existed in that State."1829.
3Adams, John Quincy. "An Address Delivered at the Anniversary of Independence, City of Washington."1821.
4Barney, Mary. "Mrs. Barney's Letter to President Jackson."1829.
5Benedict, Erastus C. "The Beginning of America: A Discourse Delivered Before the New-York Historical Society."1864.
6Blanchard, Rufus. "Documentary History of the Cession of Louisiana to the United States."1903.
7Buckingham, S. "A Memorial of the Pilgrim Fathers."1867.
8Cheever, George. "The Pilgrims and the Puritans."1851.
9Chittenden, ____. "Mr. Chittenden's Motion for A Repeal of the Embargo Laws."November 10, 1808.
10Civil Service Reform Association. "The Beginning of the 'Spoils' System in the National Government, 1829-30."1881.
11Clay, Henry. "Motion in U.S. Senate (Public Reading of Papers Offered in Confidence to the Senate by the President Violated the Rules of that Body)"December 31st, 1810.
12Clinton, DeWitt. "Message From the Governor (of New York) to the State Legislature."Jan. 3, 1826.
13Columbus, Christopher. "Letter to Rafael Danchez." Originally published May, 1493.
14Common Sense Addresses to the Citizens of the Southern States.1829.
15Giles, ____. "Mr. Giles' Speech, Delivered in the Senate of the United States, on Thursday, 24th November, 1808, On the Resolution of Mr. Hillhouse, to Repeal the Embargo Laws."
16Hillhouse, ____. "Propositions For Amending the Constitution of the United States."April 12th, 1808.
17Jackson, Andrew. "Proclamation of General Andrew Jackson, President of the United States, Against Nullification."Dec. 10th, 1832.
18(Jefferson, Thomas) "The Pretensions of Thomas Jefferson to the Presidency Examined and the Charges Against John Adams Refuted."1796.
19Leigh, ____. "The Expunging Resolution."1836.
20Lincoln, Levi. "Message to the Legislature (Massachusetts)."1826.
21Miller, Morris, S. "Speech of the Hon. Morris S. Miller of New York on the Army Bills (On His Motion to Strike Out the First Section of the Bill From the Senate to Raise 80,000 Militia)."1814.
2(Monroe, James). "Notice of Mr. Adams Eulogium of the Life and Character of James Monroe."1832.
3Olmsted, Denison. "Observations on the Meteoric Shower of November 1837."
4Otis, Oran G. "Oration Delivered on the Centennial Anniversary of the Birthday of Washington."1832.
5(Paine, Thomas). Six Pamphlets on Thomas Paine. ca. 1910.
6Perea, Fray Estevan. "Verdura Relacion de la Grandiosa Conversion. 1632 Reprint."n.d.
7Pickering, ____. "Mr. Pickering's Speech in U.S. Senate on the Resolution Offered by Mr. Millhouse to Repeal the Several Acts Laying an Embargo."1808.
8(Randolph, John) "A Letter to the Honorable John Randolph, by Numa." (Attack on Randolph) 1810.
9Shea, John G. "The First Epic of Our Country by the Poet Conquistador of New Mexico."n.d.
10"South Carolina and Nullification. Prospects Beyond the Rubicon."1833.
11Standefer, James. "Circular to His Constituents of the Third Congressional District of Tennessee, Composed of the Counties of Campbell, etc."1831.
12State Street Trust Company. "Old Shipping Days in Boston, 1631-1870."1918.
13State Street Trust Company. "Some Merchants and Sea Captains of Old Boston (early half of 19th century)".1918.
14State Street Trust Company. "Other Merchants and Sea Captains of Old Boston."1919.
15Washington's Farewell Address: The Proclamation of Jackson Against Nullification; and The Declaration of Independence. 1863.

Series X: United States - History - 1840-1849

11Almanac. "Rosser's Western Dutch-English Almanac for 1846."
2Bidness, John. "Life in California Before the Gold Discovery."1890.
3Brier, John Wells. "The Death Valley Party of 1849."1903.
4Clay, Henry. "Henry Clay Against the Frontier Settlers."1841.
5"Congressional Proceedings, 1837-1846."
6Douglas, Stephen A. "Speech of Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, on the Bill to Refund the Fine Imposed on General Andrew Jackson, by Judge Hall, of New Orleans, Delivered in the House of Representatives, at Washington, on the 6th January, 1844."1851.
7Ellsworth, William W. "Speech of William W. Ellsworth in the Case of Samuel Houston, Charged With a Contempt and Breach of the Privileges of the House, by Assaulting the Hon. William Stanbery, a Member From the State of Ohio, for Words Used in Debate. Delivered in the House of Representatives, May 9, 1832."
8Evans, Estwick. "Essay on State Rights. The Object of Which is to Define and Illustrate the Spirit of Our Institutions and of Liberty, and to Renovate Our Political Elements. By Estwick Evans, of the North."1844.
9"Observations On the Late Presidential Veto. A plan for a Change of the Constitution Relative to Its Power."1842.
10Ogle, ____. "Speech of Mr. Ogle, of Pennsylvania, on the Regal Splendor of the President's Palace. Delivered in the House of Representatives."1840.
11Peoria Register. "The Oregon Expedition of Obadiah Oakley, (ca. 1842-45)." Reprint. 1914.
12Pearce, ____. "General Jackson's Fine. Report From the Committee on the Judiciary, January 31, 1843."
13Pierce, John. "Requisites to Our Country's Glory. A Discourse Before His Excellency George Briggs, Governor, His Honor John Reed, Lieutenant Governor, the Honorable Council, and the Legislature of Massachusetts, at the Annual Election. Wednesday, 3 January, 1849."
14"Proceedings of the House of Representatives of the United States on the Presentation of the Sword of Washington and the Staff of Franklin, February 7, 1843."
15"Proceedings of the Celebration of the Anniversary of the Glorious Battle of New Orleans."1846.
16United States. Supreme Court. "Will of Stephen Girard, Opinion of the United States Supreme Court." Delivered February 27, 1844, by Mr. Justice Story.

Series Y: United States - History - 1850-1860.

11Banks, N.O. "Speech of N.O. Banks, Jr. of Mass., on the Employment of Army Officers in National Armories. Delivered in the in the House of Representatives, Jun 17, 1854."
2Boardman, H.A. "The Low Value Set Upon Human Life in the United States: a Discourse Delivered on Thanksgiving-Day, November 24, 1853, by H.A. Boardman, D.D."
3Bradlee, Francis. "The Dreadnought of Newburyport, Massachusetts and Some Account of the Old Transatlantic Packet-Ships."1920.
4(Buchanan, James). "Short Answers to Reckless Fabrications, Against the Democratic Candidate for President, James Buchanan."1856.
5Burlingame, Anson. "Speech of Hon. Anson Burlingame (Candidate for Congress) to the Electors of the Fifth Congressional District, at the Free Democratic Meeting in Faneuil, October 13, 1852."
6Clapp, Otis. "A Letter to the Hon. Abbott Lawrence and Hon. Robert G. Shaw on the Present Condition and Future Growth of Boston."1853.
7Clayton, John M. "Speeches of Hon. John M. Clayton, of Delaware, in the Senate, March 31, and April 1, 1856, in Reply to Senator Houston, of Texas, and Others, and in Defense of the Naval Board."
8Committee For Relief of Hungarian Exiles. "A Brief Explanatory Report as to the Termination of the Hungarian Struggle; the Capitulation of the Fortress of Comorn; and the Objects Probable Extent, and Other Circumstances of the Hungarian Emigration."1850.
9Curtis, George Ticknor. "Mr. Curtis's Discourse at the Lowell Institute, on the Strength of the Constitution, as the Conclusion of a Course of Twelve Lectures on the History of the Constitution of the United States."1850.
10Davis, George Lynn-Lachlan. "A Paper Upon the Origin of the Japan Expedition. Read the 7th of May, 1857, Before the Maryland Historical Society".1860.
11Democratic National Committee. "The Senate Bill For the Admission of Kansas as a State."1856.
12Dodge, Augustus C. "Speech of Augustus C. Dodge, of Iowa, in the Senate of the United States, March 3 and 4, 1852, on the Iowa Land Bill."
13(Fremont, John C.). "Colonel Fremont Not a Roman Catholic." Campaign Document. 1856.
14"The Galphin Case! The Dangers of Electing an Incompetent Man President. Facts For the People of All Parties."1850.
15Grow, G.A. "Land For the Landless. Speech of Hon. G.A. Grow, of Pennsylvania, in the House of Representatives, February 29, 1860." Tribune Tracts - No. 5.
16Haldeman, R.J. "To the National Democracy of Pennsylvania. Call For a Special Meeting at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania...Re the Nominating of Douglas and Johnson For President."1860.
17Hallett, Benjamin. "In Favor of the Adoption of the New Constitution. Speech in Faneuil Hall, October 21, 1853."
(2 copies)
18Lunt, William P. "The Union of the Human Race. A Lecture Delivered Before the Quincy Lyceum, in Quincy, Mass. February 7, 1850."
19Michelson, Charles. "The Vigilantes of the West."n.d.
20Miles, William. "Journal of the Sufferings and Hardships of Capt. Parker H. French's Overland Expedition to California, Which Left New York City, May 13, 1850."1851.
21O'Meara, James. "Early Politics in California."1881.
22"River and Harbor Improvements. Whig Pretensions Exposed."1852.
23Tappan, Henry. "The Growth of Cities: a Discourse Delivered Before the New York Geographical Society."1855.
24Walker, ____. "Speech of Mr. Walker, of Wisconsin, on the Bill to Cede the Public Lands. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, August 13, 1850."
(2 copies)

Series Z: United States - History - 1861-1865, Civil War - Pamphlets

11"About the War. Plain Words to Plain People by a Plain Man."1863.
2"Address of the Union Members of the Legislature." (Indianapolis, Indiana). 1863.
3"An Address to the Republicans of Massachusetts."1862.
4Agnew, Daniel. "Our National Constitution: Its Adaptation to a State of War or Insurrection."1863.
5Agnew, Daniel. "Our National Constitution: Its Adaptation to a State of War or Insurrection."1863.
Copy 2.
6Ambrose, Paul. "The Slave Question a Pretext to Lead the Masses on to Revolution."1863.
7American International Relief Committee, For the Suffering Operatives of Great Britain. "Report, 1862-63."1864.
8(Beall, John Y.) "Trial of John Y. Beall, as a Spy and Guerrillero, by Military Commission."1865.
9Bellows, Rev. Dr. "Speech Made at Academy of Music, Philadelphia, by Rev. Dr. Bellows, President, U.S. Sanitary Commission."1863.
10Bishop, Joel P. "Thoughts For the Times."1863.
11Bishop, W.C. "Report of the Special Committee on Claims For Supplies to Volunteers, With the Evidence Taken and Schedule of Accounts Audited."1861.
12Blackman, Rev. E.L. "Our Relations With America. A Reply to the Arguments of Mr. Cobden, in the House of Commons, as to the Supply of Ammunition of War to the Belligerents; and of `Historicus' in the `Times', as to the Interest in Maintaining the Federal Pretensions of International Polity, by the Rev. E.L. Blackman, Incumbent of Blythburgh and Walberswick, Suffolk. Author of `Shall We Recognize the Confederate States?'."1863.
13Bond for $100 of the Confederate States of America. 1864.
14Bond for $1000 of the Confederate States of America. 1863.
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