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Houston Public Library, Houston Metropolitan Research Center

John E.T. Milsaps Collection:

An Inventory of his Records at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library (part 4 of 7)

Descriptive Summary

CreatorMilsaps, John E. T., 1852-1932
TitleJohn E.T. Milsaps Collection
Dates: 1531-1986
Dates (Bulk): 1852-1930
IdentificationMSS 33
Extent131 document boxes, 3 flat boxes, 75 volumes, 9 large volumes, 2 drawers of oversized items, 1 record storage box (approx. 75 linear feet)
RepositoryHouston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Biographical Note

John Ephraim Thomas Milsaps - bibliophile, salvationist, traveler and diarist - was born in Houston, Texas on January 3, 1852. After leaving his home as a young man to seek his fortune in western mining, Milsaps joined the Salvation Army in 1883 and remained in its service until his retirement. Milsaps died in Houston on November 29, 1932. As a professional salvationist, Major Milsaps travelled widely in this country and abroad as a Salvation Army organizer and (San Francisco) WAR CRY editor. He was among the first representatives of the Army in Hawaii in the 1890's and was the army's spokesman in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War and the subsequent Filipino insurrection.

Scope and Contents

Along the way Major Milsaps kept a meticulous seventy-three volume diary which chronicles not only his army activities, but also a host of general observations useful to researchers. In addition, the Milsaps Papers contain extensive scrapbooks of personal and salvationist material, personal correspondence and an extensive photographic collections. Similarly, the papers contain a significant body of Salvation Army literature and ephemera unique in this country. When the only complete "run" of the WAR CRY in existence and Milsaps' personal library in Special Collections were added to the Milsaps collection holdings, it became one of the most significant bodies of Salvation Army materials in the United States.

Finally, the collection includes certain materials that may prove useful to researchers concerned neither with Milsaps personally or the Salvation Army in general. The Milsaps Papers contain, for example, the Major's collection of autographs, many of which bear on nineteenth century American politics, especially in the state of Ohio. Also in the collection is a group of scrapbooks dealing with such diverse topics as the Galveston Storm of 1900 and the San Francisco Earthquake. Of unusual interest too is the body of materials Major Milsaps collected in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War which may aid some scholars interested in that conflict or the subsequent insurrection. There is also an extensive collection of materials relating to the history of Slavery.


The Milsaps papers are arranged in Series (A,B,C, D, etc.) according to either material type or emphasis. Series "A", for example, centers around Milsaps' personal life, while Series "B" and "C" concern the Salvation Army with little regard to Milsaps himself.
Series A - Personal Material
Series B - Salvation Army Pamphlets and Songbooks
Series C - Photos
Series D - Philippines
Series E - Hawaii
Series F - Hawaiian Language
Series G - Missions - Hawaii
Series H - Missions - Asia
Series I - Missions - Africa and Middle East
Series J - Missions - North, Central and South America
Series K - Missions - Chinese Language
Series L - Missions - General
Series M - Religious Pamphlets - General
Series N - Religious Pamphlets - Baptist
Series O - Religious Pamphlets - Catholic
Series P - Religious Pamphlets - Lutheran, Methodist, Quaker, et. al.
Series Q - Religious Pamphlets - Mormon
Series R - Sermons - Author Known
Series S - Sermons - Author Unknown
Series T - Temperance Pamphlets
Series U - Slavery Pamphlets
Series V - Black Pamphlets
Series W - United States - History - 1492 - 1839.
Series X - United States - History - 1840 - 1849.
Series Y - United States - History - 1850 - 1860.
Series Z - United States - History - 1861-1865, Civil War
Series AA - United States - History - Reconstruction Era, 1865-1877.
Series BB - United States - History - 1866 - 1899.
Series CC - United States - History - 1900 - 1932.
Series DD - United States - Economic Policy - Trade, Banking, Revenue.
Series EE - United States - Economic Policy - Money and Currency: Free Silver Debate.
Series FF - United States - Foreign Relations - Spanish America (Canals).
Series GG - Texas - History
Series HH - Texas - Railroad and Land Development Literature
Series II - Houston and Suburbs - Boosterism Literature (1890's - 1920's).
Series JJ - Crockett, Davy, 1786 - 1836 - Pamphlets (Almanacs)
Series KK - Immigration Pamphlets
Series LL - Peace Pamphlets
Series MM - Germany - World War, 1914 - 1918.
Series NN - Travel Pamphlets
Series OO - Indians of North America
Series PP - Japan - Pamphlets
Series QQ - Language & Languages
Series RR - Language & Languages - Arabic
Series SS - Mines and Mineral Resources
Series TT - Museums and Expositions
Series UU - Libraries - Pamphlets
Series VV - Books, Music, Arts & Crafts, Collecting (also Milsaps Cigar Bands)
Series WW - Bookplates
Series XX - Autograph Collection and Autograph Bible
Series YY - Scrapbooks (13 listed, one missing)
Series ZZ - Map Case Items


Access Restrictions

Access to vault materials is by appointment with Archives department.

Use Restrictions


Index Terms

Afro-American Fair and Inter-state Exposition (Houston, Tex.)
African Americans
Anti-slavery movements--United States
Camp Logan Riot (Houston, Tex.), 1917
Campaign literature, 1928
Galveston Hurricane, 1900
Galveston Hurricane, 1915
Houston Fair and Exposition (1921)
Hurricanes--Galveston (Tex.)
Missionary work
Petroleum industry and trade--Texas
Public libraries--Texas--Houston
Real estate development--Texas
Real estate development--Texas--Houston
San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
Slavery--United States
Sugar growing--Texas
Temperance--United States
Gulf Coast Land and Orchard Company
Houston Memorial Building Corporation
Houston Public Library (Tex.)
Salvation Army
Aldine Park (Houston, Tex.)
Alvin (Tex.)
Austin (Tex.)--Description and travel
Burnet Beach (Houston, Tex.)
Central Park (Houston, Tex.)
Corpus, Christi (Tex.)--Description and travel
Dallas (Tex.)--Description and travel
El Paso (Tex.)--Description and travel
Falfurrias (Tex.)--Description and travel
Fort Worth (Tex.)--Description and travel
Galveston (Tex.)--Description and travel
Hawaii--Description and travel--1880-1911
Hawaii--History--To 1893
Houston (Tex.)--Description and travel
Houston (Tex.)--Industries
Houston Heights (Houston, Tex.)
La Porte (Tex.)
Magnolia Park (Houston, Tex.)
Odem (Tex.)--Description and travel
Pearland (Tex.)
Philippines--Description and travel--1880-1918
Philippines--History--Revolution, 1896-1898
San Antonio (Tex.)--Description and travel
San Jose (Tex.)--Description and travel
San Leon (Tex.)--Description and travel
Southampton (Houston, Tex.)
Southland (Houston, Tex.)
Sunnyside Farms (Tex.)
Texas--History--19th century
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States--Race relations
Waco (Tex.)--Description and travel
Westmoreland Farms (Bellaire, Tex.)
Winnie (Tex.)--Description and travel
Other Names
Ideson, Julia, 1880-1945
Milsaps, John E. T., 1852-1932

Related Material

Due to the size of the electronic file, the online version of this guide is divided into 7 parts:

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

John E. T. Milsaps Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Processing Information

The Japanese color prints were formerly shelved with the Milsaps books in the stacks. They were unfolded, repaired by Charles Arbore, and encapsulated.

The religious papers and journals were formerly listed under Series F (Miscellaneous), Box 2, "Evangelical Newspapers, ca. 1900." The Philippine newspapers were in the same box, but do not appear to be religious papers. The other items were formerly listed under Series F (Miscellaneous), Box 1, folders 8 ("Civil War Commission") and 9 (Miscellaneous Documents"). They have been taken out of folders, encapsulated and placed in the Map Case, along with the religious papers, the newspapers, the Japanese prints, the map of Milsap's travels, and the 1897 drawing of Milsaps made by Leon Boiller, and the photo of Milsaps in old age.

John Milsaps Diaries, 1852-1930

The Milsaps diaries were microfilmed as part of a cooperative effort between the Houston Metropolitan Research Center and the Salvation Army Archives in New York. As part of the project, the Salvation Army produced these microfilm copies for use by HMRC patrons.

Roll 1 -- Vols. 1-7, 1852-1899

Roll 2 -- Vols. 8-17, 1899-1902

Roll 3 -- Vols. 18-25, 1903-1905

Roll 4 -- Vols. 26-33, 1905-1909

Roll 5 -- Vols. 34-41, 1909-1912

Roll 6 -- Vols. 42-48, 1912-1915

Roll 7 -- Vols. 49-57, 1915-1921

Roll 8 -- Vols. 58-65, 1921-1927

Roll 9 -- Vols. 66-69, 1927-1930

Detailed Description

Series U: Slavery Pamphlets

11Abolition Societies. "Proceedings of the 5th Convention of Delegates."1798.
2Adams, Alice. "The Neglected Period of Anti-Slavery in America (1808-1831)"1908.
3Adams, Charles Francis. "What Makes Slavery a Question of National Concern?"1855.
4Adams, Charles Francis. "What Makes Slavery a Question of National Concern?"1855.
5African Education Society. "Report By the Board of Managers."1830.
6"The Agitation of Slavery: Who Commenced! And Who Can End It!"1856.
7Alexander, Ann. "An Address to the Inhabitants of Charleston, South Carolina."1805.
8Allen, Isaac. "Is Slavery Sanctioned By the Bible?"1860.
9Allen, James C. "On the Slavery Question and the Missouri Compromise."1854.
10Allen, Joseph Henry. "Slavery: A Reign of Terror."1856.
11Allen, J.N. "The Great Controversy of States and People."1851.
12Almanac. "The American Anti-Slavery Almanac."1839.
13Ambrose, Paul. "The Slave Question a Pretext to lead the Masses On To Revolution."1863.
14American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. "Annual Report."1852
15American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. "Annual Report."1853.
16American Anti-Slavery Society. "Declaration of Sentiments."1833.
17American Anti-Slavery Society. "American Slavery As It Is."1839.
18American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 2: White Slavery In the United States."n.d.
19American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 3: Colonization."n.d.
20American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 4: The New `Reign of Terror' in the Slaveholding States."1860.
21American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 5: The Interstate Slave Trade."n.d.
22American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 7: `No Slave-Hunting in the Old Bay State."1860.
23American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 7: Revolution the Only Remedy For Slavery."n.d.
24American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 8: To Mothers In the Free States."n.d.
25American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 10: Slavery and the North."n.d.
26American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 11: Disunion Our Wisdom and Our Duty."
27American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 11, New Series: Speech of John Hossack, Convicted of Violation of the Fugitive Slave Law."1860.
28American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 14: How Can I Help to Abolish Slavery, by Maria Chapman."n.d.
21American Anti-Slavery Society. "Anti-Slavery Tract No. 15: What Have We, As Individuals, To Do With Slavery? by Susan B. Cabot."n.d.
2American Anti-Slavery Society. "The Anti-Slavery Record, Vol. 2, No. 9."1836.
3American Anti-Slavery Society. "The Anti-Slavery Record, Vol. 2, No. 10."1836.
4American Anti-Slavery Society. "The Anti-Slavery Record, Vol. 3, No. 1."1837.
5"The American Churches, Bulwark of Slavery."1840.
6American Colonization Society. "Correspondence Relative to the Emigration to Hayti."1824.
7American Colonization Society. "Colony At Liberia."1830.
8American Colonization Society. "Memorial of the Semi-Centennial Anniversary."1867.
9American Colonization Society. "Fourth Annual Report."1821.
10American Colonization Society. "Fifth Annual Report."1822.
11American Colonization Society. "Sixth Annual Report."1823.
12American Colonization Society. "Seventh Annual Report."1824.
13American Colonization Society. "Eighth Annual Report."1825.
14American Colonization Society. "Ninth Annual Report."1826.
15American Colonization Society. "Tenth Annual Report."1827.
16American Colonization Society. "Eleventh Annual Report."1828.
31American Colonization Society. "Twelfth Annual Report."1829.
2American Colonization Society. "Fourteenth Annual Report."1831.
3American Colonization Society. "Fifteenth Annual Report."1832.
4American Colonization Society. "Sixteenth Annual Report."1833.
5American Colonization Society. "Twenty-third Annual Report."1840.
6American Colonization Society. "Twenty-fourth Annual Report."1841.
7American Colonization Society. "Twenty-fifth Annual Report."1842.
8American Colonization Society. "Twenty-ninth Annual Report."1846.
9American Colonization Society. "Thirty-first Annual Report."1848.
10American Colonization Society. "Thirty-second Annual Report."1849.
11American Colonization Society. "Thirty-third Annual Report." 1850.
12American Colonization Society. "Thirty-fifth Annual Report."1852.
13American Colonization Society. "Thirty-sixth Annual Report."1853.
14American Colonization Society. "Thirty-Seventh Annual Report."1854.
15American Colonization Society. "Forty-second Annual Report."1859.
16American Colonization Society. "Forty-third Annual Report."1860.
17American Colonization Society. "Fifty-third Annual Report."1870.
18American Colonization Society. "Fifty-fourth Annual Report."1871.
19"The American Home Missionary Society and Slavery."1853.
20American Missionary Association. "Missionary Boards In Relation To Slavery, Caste, and Polygamy."1854.
21American Reform Tract and Book Society. "On Slavery."n.d.
22Anglo-African Magazine. Vol. I, No. 1. January, 1859.
41Anglo-African Magazine. Vol. I. No 2. February, 1859.
2Anglo-African Magazine. Vol. I. No 3. March, 1859.
3Anglo-African Magazine, Vol. 1. No 7. July, 1859.
4Anglo-African Magazine. Vol. I. No 8. August, 1859.
5Anglo-African Magazine. Vol. I. No 9. September, 1859.
6Appleton, Nathan. "Correspondence Between Nathan Appleton and John G. Palfrey."1846.
7Ashmun, "Speech of Mr. Ashmun of Massachusetts, Upon the Slavery Queston."1850.
8Bacon, Leonard. "Discourse at the Funeral of Jehudi Ashmun, Colonial Agent of the American Colony of Liberia."1828.
9Baldwin, Roger S. "Argument Before the Supreme Court of the United States, in the Case of the United States, Appellants, vs. Cinque, and Others, Africans of the Amistad."1841.
10Bassett, George. "Slavery Examined By the Light of Nature." (Sermon) 1858.
11Bassett, John. "Anti-Slavery Leaders of North Carolina."1898.
12Bearse, Austin. "Reminiscences of Fugitive Slave-Law Days in Boston."1880.
13Beecher, Rev. Charles. "Sermon On the Nebraska Bill."1854.
14Beecher, Henry Ward. "Wendell Phillips: a Commemorative Discourse."1884.
15Bennett, Henry. "Speech On the Bill For the Admisstion of Kansas As a Free State."1856.
16Benton, Thomas Hart. "Speech in the Senate Against Tacking Anything To the California State Admission Bill."1850.
17Benton, Thomas Hart. "Speech In the Senate On the Compromise Resolution."1850.
(2 copies)
18Birney, James. "Examination of the Decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, In the Case Of Strader, Gorman and Armstrong vs. Christopher Graham. Delivered At Its December Term, 1850: Concluding With An Address To the Free Colored People, Advising Them To Remove To Liberia."1852.
19Birney, James. "Letter On Colonization, Addressed To the Rev. Thornton J. Mill, Corresponding Secretary of the Kentucky Colonization Society."1834.
20Birney, James. "Sinfulness of Slaveholding In All Circumstances; Tested By Reason and Scripture."1846.
21Bissell, William. "Speech In the House Of Representatives, On the Slave Question."1850.
22"The Black Law Illustrated: Address Of Abolition Congressmen To Their Constituents."1850.
23Blair, Frank. ""An Address On Colonization and Commerce, Before the Young Men's Mercantile Library Association of Cincinnati, Ohio, November 29, 1859.""
24Blair, Frank. "Speech In the House of Representatives On the Acquisition of Territory In Central and South America, To Be Colonized With Free Blacks, and Held As a Dependency By the United States; With An Appendix."1858.
25Blair, S.S. "Speech of Hon. S.S. Blair, of Pennsylvania, In the House of Representatives, On House Bills Nos. 471 and 472, For the Confiscation of the Property and the Emancipation of the Slaves of Rebels."1862
26"Les Blancs et les Noirs en Amerique et le Coton Dans les Deux Mondes, par l'Auteur de `La Paix en Europe Par l'Alliance Anglo-Francasie'."1862.
51Boardman, H.S. "What Christianity Demands of Us at the Present Crisis."1860.
2"The Border Ruffian Code in Kansas."1856.
3"The Boston Slave Riot and Trial of Anthony Burns."1854.
4Breckinridge, John. "Substance of a Speech in the House of Representatives at Frankfort, Kentucky."1860.
5Brigbee, Lester. "Slavery in Early Texas, Part I."1896.
6Brigbee, Lester. "Slavery in Early Texas, Part II."1898.
7Brimblecomb, Nicholas. "Uncle Tom's Cabin in Ruins!"1852.
8British Anti-Slavery Society. "Account of the Receipts and Disbursements For Years 1823-1831."n.d.
9Brougham, Lord. "A Concise Statement of the Question Regarding the Abolition of the Slave-trade."1804.
10Brown, A.G. "Speech in the Senate on the Slavery Question."1856.
11(Brown, John). "The Fanatic."1884.
12(Brown, John). "One of John Brown's Men, by John W. Wayland."1909.
13(Brown, John). "Trial of John Brown, by Marcus Wright."1899.
14(Buchanan, James). "His Doctrines and Policy As Exhibited By Himself and Friends."1856.
15(Buchanan, James). "Official Proceedings of the National Democratic Convention Held in Cincinnatti, June 2-6, 1856." (Slavery position of the party, pp. 25-26) 1856.
16(Buchanan, James). "Short Answers to Reckless Fabrications Against the Democratic Candidate For President."1856.
17(Buchanan, James). "The Truth Concerning Kansas." (Pro-Buchanan Campaign Flyer) 1856.
18Burmeister, Hermann. "The Black Man: The Comparative Anatomy and Psychology of African Negro."1853.
19Bushnell, Horace. "A Discourse on the Slavery Question."1839.
20Cairnes, John. "The American Revolution (Civil War Origin in Slavery)."1862.
21Calhoun, John C. "Address in the Senate On the Subject of Slavery."1850.
22Calhoun, John C. "Remarks on the Right of Petition, in the Senate of the United States."1840.
23Calhoun, John C. "Speech on the Slavery Question, Delivered in the Senate of the United States."1850.
24Calhoun, John C., and Webster, Daniel. "Speeches in the Senate on the Subject of Slavery."1850.
25Campbell, L.D. "Speech in the House of Representatives on Southern Aggression - The Purpose of the Union - and the Comparative Effects of Slavery and Freedom."1850.
26Capen, Nahum. "Letter to Rev. Nathaniel Hall, Concerning Politics and the Pulpit."1855.
27Catholic Publication Society. "Life of Peter Claver: a Sketch of his Life and Labors in Behalf of the African Slave."1867.
28"A Caution, etc." (On Slavery in the British Dominions). n.d.
29Channing, William Ellery. "A Letter to the Hon. Henry Clay, on the Annexation of Texas to the United States."1837.
61Chastain, F.W. "Speech in the House of Representatives on the Position of the Union Party of Georgia."1852.
2Cheever, George. "The Fire and Hammer of God's Word Against the Sin of Slavery."1858.
3Christy, David. "African Colonization By the Free Colored People of the United States."1854.
4Christy, David. "Lectures on American Colonization."1853.
5Christy, David. "A Lecture on African Civilization."1850.
6Cincinnati Colonization Society. "Proceedings at the Annual Meeting, January, 1833."1833.
7Clark, Frederick G. "Gold in the Fire: Our National Position." (Sermon) 1862.
8Clark, Rufus W. "A Review of the Rev. Moses Stuart's Pamphlet on Slavery."1850.
9Clarke, Bayard. "Speech in the House of Representatives on the Senate Kansas Bill."1856.
10Clarkson, Thomas. "An Essay on the Impolicy of the African Slave Trade."1788.
11Clarkson, Thomas. "A Letter to the Clergy in the Slave States of America."1841.
12Clay, Henry. ""An Address Delivered to the Colonization Society of Kentucky, December 17, 1829.""
13Clay, Henry. "Speech in the U.S. Senate in Support of His Propositions to Compromise on the Slavery Question."1850.
14Clingman, Thomas. "Speech Against the Revolutionary Movement of the Anti-Slavery Party."1860.
15Cobb, W.R.W. "Speech in the House of Representatives on the Slavery Question."1860.
16Colfax, Schuyler. "The `Laws' of Kansas: Speech in the House of Representatives."1856.
17The Colonization Herald and General Register, Vol. 1, No. 5. 1839
18The Colonization Herald and General Register, Vol. 1, No. 6. 1839.
19The Colonizationist and Journal of Freedom, No. 6. 1833.
20The Colonizationist and Journal of Freedom, No. 8. 1833.
21The Colonizationist and Journal of Freedom, No. 9. 1834.
22The Colonizationist and Journal of Freedom, No. 10. 1834.
71Committee of Congregational Ministers. "Report of the Committee on Slavery."1849.
2Committee of West India Planters. "Substance of the Speech of His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence, in the House of Lords, on the Motion For the Recommitment of the Slave Trade Limitation Bill."1799.
3Conway, Martin. "The War: a Slave Union or a Free?"1862.
4"Correspondence Between Nathan Appleton and John G. Palfrey (supplement to Palfrey's pamphlet on the slave power)."1846.
5Crandall, Reuben. "The Trial of Reuben Crandall, M.D., Charged With Circulating Publications of the Anti-Slavery Society."1836.
6Crittenden, John J. "Speech On the Admission of the State of Kansas."1858.
7Crittenden, John J. "The Fugitive Slave Law, Its Character Fairly Stated - Its Constituionality and Reasonableness Vindicated - And the Duty of Maintaining and Enforcing It Established Against the Misrepresentations..of Demagogues and Abolitionists."n.d.
8Crothers, Samuel, and Fullerton, Hugh S. "A Review of the Action of the O.S. Presbyterian Church, On the Subject of Slavery; Also Some Extracts From the Minutes of Chillicothe Presbytery, With Remarks By a Presbyterian."1854.
9Curd, William. "A Reason and an Apology For American Slavery."1879.
10Curtis, George Ticknor. "The Just Supremacy Of Congress Over the Territories; Intended As an Answer To the Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, On Popular Sovereignty."1859.
11Dana, James. "Doctor Dana's Sermon On the African Slave Trade."1790.
12D'Andrada E Silva, Jose Bonifacio. "Memoir Addressed to the General, Constituent and Legislative Assembly of the Empire of Brazil, On Slavery!" (translated from the Portuguese by William Walton). 1826.
13Davis, Jefferson. "Speech of the Hon. Jefferson Davis of Mississippi On the Oregon Question, Delivered in the House of Representatives, Friday February 6, 1846."
14Davis, Jefferson. "Relations of States. Speech of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, Delivered in the Senate of the United States, May 7th, 1860, On the Resolutions Submitted By Him On 1st of March, 1860."1860.
15Day, Timothy. "The Humbug, and the Reality. An Address of the Hon. Timothy C. Day, of Ohio, to His Constituents."1856.
16DeCharms, Richard. "A Discourse On the True Nature of Freedom and Slavery, Delivered Before the Washington Society Of The New Jerusalem, In View of the One Hundred and Eighteenth Anniversary Of Washington's Birth."1850.
17De Felice, G. "Emancipation Immediate et Complete des Escalves. Appel aux Abolitionistes."1846.
18Democratic National Committee. "The Issue Fairly Presented. The Senate Bill For the Admission of Kansas As a State. Democracy, Law, Order, and the Will of the Majority of the Whole People of the Territory, Against Black Republicanism, Usurpation, Revolution, Anarchy, and the Will of a Meagre Minority."1856.
(2 copies)
19Democratic National Convention. "Official Proceeding of the Democratic National Convention, Held in 1860, at Charleston and Baltimore. Proceedings at Charleston, April 23 - May 3."1860.
20Democratic National Executive Committee. "To the Democracy of the United States. The Question of Slavery in the Territories. Excuses For Altering the Cincinnati Platform. Charleston Convention. Excuses For the Secession At Charleston What Occurred At Charleston After the Secession, Adjournment To Baltimore. Convention of the Seceders At Charleston. Action At Baltimore. Secession At Baltimore. Nomination of Douglas, Who Nominated Bredkenridge and Lane."1860.
21"Democratic Opinions On Slavery!"ca. 1863.
22Dew, Thomas, "An Essay On Slavery, by Thomas R. Dew, Late President of William and Mary College, Williamsburg, VA."1849.
23Dickinson, D.S. "Sectional Agitation. Remarks Of Hon. D.S. Dickinson, Of New York, in the Senate of the United States."1850.
24Dix, John A. "Speech In Senate On the Bill To Establish Governments In the Territories."1848.
25Dixon, A. "Speech On the Petition For the Repeal Of the Fugitive Slave Law; and On the Whig Party, In the Senate of the United States, by Hon. A. Dixon, of Kentucky."1854.
81"A Document For the Congress, Containing - The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850. Resolutions of the Baltimore Democratic Convention, Held June 1, 1852. Resolutions of the Baltimore Whig Convention, Held June 8, 1852. The Independent Democratic Platform, Adopted at Pittsburgh, Aug. 12, 1852. Mr. Pierce's Letter of Acceptance, Gen. Scott's Letter of Acceptance. Record of the Votes of Franklin Pierce, While in Congress, on the Slavery Question."n.d.
2Dodge, ____. "Nebraska and Kansas. Speech of Mr. Dodge, of Iowa, in the Senate of the United States."1854.
3Dorr, James A. "Objections to the Act of Congress, Commonly Called The Fugitive Slave Law, Answered in a Letter to Hon. Washington Hunt, Governor Elect of the State of New York, by James A. Dorr, a Member of the New York Bar."1850.
4Douglas, Stephen. "Letter in Reply to the Editor of the State Capitol Reporter, Concord, N.H."1854.
5Douglas, Stephen. "Remarks Upon the Resolution Declaring the Compromise Measures to be a Definitive Adjustment of all Questions Growing Out of Domestic Slavery. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, December 23, 1851."
6Douglas, Stephen. "Speech of Hon. Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois, Delivered in Richmond, Virginia on July 9th, 1852."
7Douglas, Stephen. "Speech On the Measures of Adjustment, Delivered in the City Hall, Chicago, October 23, 1850."1851.
8Douglas, Stephen. "Speech in the Senate on January 30, 1854, on the Nebraska Territory."
9(Douglas, Stephen). "American Progress - Judge Douglas - The Presidency. Speech of Mr. Marshall, of California, in the House of Representatives, March 11, 1853, in Reply to the Speech of Mr. Breckinridge, of Kentucky."
10Douglass, Frederick. "Oration Delivered at Corinthian Hall, Rochester, July 5, 1852."
11Drayton, Daniel. "Personal Memoir of Daniel Drayton, For Four Years and Four Months a Prisoner (For Charity's Sake) in Washington Jail. Including a Narrative of the Voyage and Capture of the Schooner Pearl."1855.
12Durkee, Charles. "Speech in the House of Representatives by Charles Durkee, of Wisconsin, on the Fugitive Slave Law as as a `Finality', and The Present Position of Parties."1852.
13Durkee, Charles. "Speech Made in the House of Representatives by Charles Durkee, of Wisconsin, on the California Question."1850.
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