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Houston Public Library, Houston Metropolitan Research Center

John E.T. Milsaps Collection:

An Inventory of his Records at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library (part 2 of 7)

Descriptive Summary

CreatorMilsaps, John E. T., 1852-1932
TitleJohn E.T. Milsaps Collection
Dates: 1531-1986
Dates (Bulk): 1852-1930
IdentificationMSS 33
Extent131 document boxes, 3 flat boxes, 75 volumes, 9 large volumes, 2 drawers of oversized items, 1 record storage box (approx. 75 linear feet)
RepositoryHouston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Biographical Note

John Ephraim Thomas Milsaps - bibliophile, salvationist, traveler and diarist - was born in Houston, Texas on January 3, 1852. After leaving his home as a young man to seek his fortune in western mining, Milsaps joined the Salvation Army in 1883 and remained in its service until his retirement. Milsaps died in Houston on November 29, 1932. As a professional salvationist, Major Milsaps travelled widely in this country and abroad as a Salvation Army organizer and (San Francisco) WAR CRY editor. He was among the first representatives of the Army in Hawaii in the 1890's and was the army's spokesman in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War and the subsequent Filipino insurrection.

Scope and Contents

Along the way Major Milsaps kept a meticulous seventy-three volume diary which chronicles not only his army activities, but also a host of general observations useful to researchers. In addition, the Milsaps Papers contain extensive scrapbooks of personal and salvationist material, personal correspondence and an extensive photographic collections. Similarly, the papers contain a significant body of Salvation Army literature and ephemera unique in this country. When the only complete "run" of the WAR CRY in existence and Milsaps' personal library in Special Collections were added to the Milsaps collection holdings, it became one of the most significant bodies of Salvation Army materials in the United States.

Finally, the collection includes certain materials that may prove useful to researchers concerned neither with Milsaps personally or the Salvation Army in general. The Milsaps Papers contain, for example, the Major's collection of autographs, many of which bear on nineteenth century American politics, especially in the state of Ohio. Also in the collection is a group of scrapbooks dealing with such diverse topics as the Galveston Storm of 1900 and the San Francisco Earthquake. Of unusual interest too is the body of materials Major Milsaps collected in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War which may aid some scholars interested in that conflict or the subsequent insurrection. There is also an extensive collection of materials relating to the history of Slavery.


The Milsaps papers are arranged in Series (A,B,C, D, etc.) according to either material type or emphasis. Series "A", for example, centers around Milsaps' personal life, while Series "B" and "C" concern the Salvation Army with little regard to Milsaps himself.
Series A - Personal Material
Series B - Salvation Army Pamphlets and Songbooks
Series C - Photos
Series D - Philippines
Series E - Hawaii
Series F - Hawaiian Language
Series G - Missions - Hawaii
Series H - Missions - Asia
Series I - Missions - Africa and Middle East
Series J - Missions - North, Central and South America
Series K - Missions - Chinese Language
Series L - Missions - General
Series M - Religious Pamphlets - General
Series N - Religious Pamphlets - Baptist
Series O - Religious Pamphlets - Catholic
Series P - Religious Pamphlets - Lutheran, Methodist, Quaker, et. al.
Series Q - Religious Pamphlets - Mormon
Series R - Sermons - Author Known
Series S - Sermons - Author Unknown
Series T - Temperance Pamphlets
Series U - Slavery Pamphlets
Series V - Black Pamphlets
Series W - United States - History - 1492 - 1839.
Series X - United States - History - 1840 - 1849.
Series Y - United States - History - 1850 - 1860.
Series Z - United States - History - 1861-1865, Civil War
Series AA - United States - History - Reconstruction Era, 1865-1877.
Series BB - United States - History - 1866 - 1899.
Series CC - United States - History - 1900 - 1932.
Series DD - United States - Economic Policy - Trade, Banking, Revenue.
Series EE - United States - Economic Policy - Money and Currency: Free Silver Debate.
Series FF - United States - Foreign Relations - Spanish America (Canals).
Series GG - Texas - History
Series HH - Texas - Railroad and Land Development Literature
Series II - Houston and Suburbs - Boosterism Literature (1890's - 1920's).
Series JJ - Crockett, Davy, 1786 - 1836 - Pamphlets (Almanacs)
Series KK - Immigration Pamphlets
Series LL - Peace Pamphlets
Series MM - Germany - World War, 1914 - 1918.
Series NN - Travel Pamphlets
Series OO - Indians of North America
Series PP - Japan - Pamphlets
Series QQ - Language & Languages
Series RR - Language & Languages - Arabic
Series SS - Mines and Mineral Resources
Series TT - Museums and Expositions
Series UU - Libraries - Pamphlets
Series VV - Books, Music, Arts & Crafts, Collecting (also Milsaps Cigar Bands)
Series WW - Bookplates
Series XX - Autograph Collection and Autograph Bible
Series YY - Scrapbooks (13 listed, one missing)
Series ZZ - Map Case Items


Access Restrictions

Access to vault materials is by appointment with Archives department.

Use Restrictions


Index Terms

Afro-American Fair and Inter-state Exposition (Houston, Tex.)
African Americans
Anti-slavery movements--United States
Camp Logan Riot (Houston, Tex.), 1917
Campaign literature, 1928
Galveston Hurricane, 1900
Galveston Hurricane, 1915
Houston Fair and Exposition (1921)
Hurricanes--Galveston (Tex.)
Missionary work
Petroleum industry and trade--Texas
Public libraries--Texas--Houston
Real estate development--Texas
Real estate development--Texas--Houston
San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
Slavery--United States
Sugar growing--Texas
Temperance--United States
Gulf Coast Land and Orchard Company
Houston Memorial Building Corporation
Houston Public Library (Tex.)
Salvation Army
Aldine Park (Houston, Tex.)
Alvin (Tex.)
Austin (Tex.)--Description and travel
Burnet Beach (Houston, Tex.)
Central Park (Houston, Tex.)
Corpus, Christi (Tex.)--Description and travel
Dallas (Tex.)--Description and travel
El Paso (Tex.)--Description and travel
Falfurrias (Tex.)--Description and travel
Fort Worth (Tex.)--Description and travel
Galveston (Tex.)--Description and travel
Hawaii--Description and travel--1880-1911
Hawaii--History--To 1893
Houston (Tex.)--Description and travel
Houston (Tex.)--Industries
Houston Heights (Houston, Tex.)
La Porte (Tex.)
Magnolia Park (Houston, Tex.)
Odem (Tex.)--Description and travel
Pearland (Tex.)
Philippines--Description and travel--1880-1918
Philippines--History--Revolution, 1896-1898
San Antonio (Tex.)--Description and travel
San Jose (Tex.)--Description and travel
San Leon (Tex.)--Description and travel
Southampton (Houston, Tex.)
Southland (Houston, Tex.)
Sunnyside Farms (Tex.)
Texas--History--19th century
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
United States--Race relations
Waco (Tex.)--Description and travel
Westmoreland Farms (Bellaire, Tex.)
Winnie (Tex.)--Description and travel
Other Names
Ideson, Julia, 1880-1945
Milsaps, John E. T., 1852-1932

Related Material

Due to the size of the electronic file, the online version of this guide is divided into 7 parts:

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

John E. T. Milsaps Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Processing Information

The Japanese color prints were formerly shelved with the Milsaps books in the stacks. They were unfolded, repaired by Charles Arbore, and encapsulated.

The religious papers and journals were formerly listed under Series F (Miscellaneous), Box 2, "Evangelical Newspapers, ca. 1900." The Philippine newspapers were in the same box, but do not appear to be religious papers. The other items were formerly listed under Series F (Miscellaneous), Box 1, folders 8 ("Civil War Commission") and 9 (Miscellaneous Documents"). They have been taken out of folders, encapsulated and placed in the Map Case, along with the religious papers, the newspapers, the Japanese prints, the map of Milsap's travels, and the 1897 drawing of Milsaps made by Leon Boiller, and the photo of Milsaps in old age.

John Milsaps Diaries, 1852-1930

The Milsaps diaries were microfilmed as part of a cooperative effort between the Houston Metropolitan Research Center and the Salvation Army Archives in New York. As part of the project, the Salvation Army produced these microfilm copies for use by HMRC patrons.

Roll 1 -- Vols. 1-7, 1852-1899

Roll 2 -- Vols. 8-17, 1899-1902

Roll 3 -- Vols. 18-25, 1903-1905

Roll 4 -- Vols. 26-33, 1905-1909

Roll 5 -- Vols. 34-41, 1909-1912

Roll 6 -- Vols. 42-48, 1912-1915

Roll 7 -- Vols. 49-57, 1915-1921

Roll 8 -- Vols. 58-65, 1921-1927

Roll 9 -- Vols. 66-69, 1927-1930

Detailed Description

Series G: Missions Hawaii

11"Annual Report of Chinese Mission Work on the Hawaiian Islands."1887.
2Bartlett, S.C. "Historical Sketch of the Hawaiian Mission."1893.
3Bingham, Hiram. "A Copy of a Letter to the Corresponding Secretaries of the American and Hawaiian Boards of Missions, and of the American Bible Society."1890.
4Ellis, W. "The American Mission in the Sandwich Islands."1866.
5Fensham, Florence A. "The Old and the New in Micronesia."1907.
6Goodell, Rev. William. "Instructions to the Missionaries."1823.
7Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "21st Annual Report."1884.
8Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "22nd Annual Report."1885.
9Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "23rd Annual Report."1886.
10Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "24th Annual Report."1887.
(2 copies)
11Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "25th Annual Report."1888.
(2 copies)
12Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "26th Annual Report."1889.
(2 copies)
13Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "29th Annual Report."1892.
14Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "30th Annual Report."1893.
(2 copies)
15Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "31st Annual Report."1894.
(4 copies)
21Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "36th Annual Report."1899.
2Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "37th Annual Report."1900.
3Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "38th Annual Report."1901.
4Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "39th Annual Report."1902.
5Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "40th Annual Report."1903.
6Hawaiian Evangelical Association. "82nd Annual Report." (according to revised numeration) 1904.
7Hawaiian Mission Children's Society. "33rd Annual Report, With the Constitution and By-laws."1885.
8Hawaiian Mission Children's Society. "41st Annual Report, With the Constitution and By-laws."1893.
9Hawaiian Mission Children's Society. "42nd Annual Report, With the Constitution and By-laws."1894.
10Hawaiian Mission Children's Society. "Jubilee and Celebration of the Arrival of the Missionary Reinforcement of 1837."1887.
(2 copies)
11Hawaiian Mission Children's Society. "Jubilee and Celebration of the Arrival of the Missionary Reinforcement of 1837."1887.
12Hyde, C.M. "Father Damien and His Work for the Hawaiian Lepers."1890.
13"Refutation of the Charges Brought by the Roman Catholics Against the American Missionaries."1843.
14Supplement to The Sandwich Island Mirror: "History of the Catholic Religion in the Sandwich Islands, 1829 to 1840." (1897 reprint) 1840.

Series H: Missions - Asia

11Barton, James L. "The Japan Mission and Its Problems."1896.
2Beattie, Andrew. "Un Ho - the Blind Leper of Canton Exchanged for the Good."n.d.
3Brown, Arthur. "Report of a Visitation of the China Missions."1901.
4"The Call of the Great Physician."n.d.
5Chinese Religious Tract Society. "Fifteenth Annual Report."1894.
6Coan, F.G. "Kurdistan."n.d.
7"Consecration and Blessing in a Chinese City."n.d.
8"Correspondence Relative to the Prospects of Christianity, and the Means of Promoting its Reception in India."1824.
9"Dawn in India."n.d.
10"A Directory of Protestant Missionaries in China."1899.
11Dunlap, Eugene P. "A Tour in the `Kalamazoo'."n.d.
12Entwistle, Mary. "Taro, a Little Boy of Japan."n.d.
13"Famine for Man and Beast in India."n.d.
14Fenn, Courtenay. "The Marvelous Providence of God in the Siege in Peking."n.d.
15Gale, James. "Happy Ye."n.d.
16Guinness, Lucy E. "`If - ' A Missionary Study of the Unevangelized Regions of India."1897.
17Halsey, A.W. "Wong Tsi Shang, the White Cloud Mountain Boy."n.d.
18Harris, J.E. "History of the Shwegyin Karen Mission."1907.
19Jaffray, R.A. "A Plea for the Perishing of South China and Annam."n.d.
20Jones, George Heber. "The Korean Revival. An Account of the Revival in the Korean Churches in 1907."
21Mattox, E.L. "A Forenoon on the Ganges."n.d.
22"The Mission Crisis in China, Leaflet No. 1."n.d.
23"The Mission Crisis in China, Leaflet No. 2: The Missionary Under Fire."n.d.
24"The Mission Crisis in China; Leaflet No. 3: The Persecuted Chinese Christian."n.d.
25"The Mission Crisis in China, Leaflet No. 4: A Day of Testing. What Shall it Bring Out in Us?"1900.
26"The Mission Crisis in China, Leaflet No. 5: The Time to Act."n.d.
27"The Mission Crisis in China, Leaflet No. 6: The Tragedy at Paotingfu."n.d.
28"The Mission Crisis in China, Leaflet No. 7: Signs of the Dawn."n.d.
29"Native Melodies, For Use in Missionary Meetings and Expositions. Chinese."1911.
30"Native Melodies, For Use in Missionary Meetings and Expositions. Japanese."1911.
31"Native Melodies, For Use in Missionary Meetings and Expositions. Telugu."1911.
32Orbison, J.H. "Six Weeks of Famine Relief Work in India."1901.
33Parsons, Ellen C. "Fifteen Years in the Korea Mission."n.d.
34"The Schools of the West Japan Mission of the Presbyterian Church."1901.
35Speer, Robert E. "The Inquiry of Christian Missions in China."n.d.
36Wanless, W.J. "Medical Mission Work in India."n.d.
37"Wide Awake Japanese Christians."n.d.

Series I: Missions - African & Middle East

11The African. June 1894.
2Bacon, E. "Abstract of a Journal of E. Bacon, Assistant Agent of the United States. Africa: With an Appendix Containing Interesting Accounts of the Effects of the Gospel Among the Native Africans."1822.
3"Christian Religion: About the Lord Jesus" (Printed in an African Language). 1847.
4Dwight, Henry O. "Treaty Rights of American Missionaries in Turkey."n.d.
5Haig, F.T. "Modern Christian Missions in Arabia."ca. 1895.
6Halsey, A.W. "The Bush-Negro Boy."1895.
7"The Healing Art in Arabia."1911.
8Hoskins, Franklin E. "The New Land of Promise."n.d.
9"Islam and Christian Missions."1889.
10Laurie, Thomas. "Historical Sketch of the Syria Mission."1862.
11Mackenzie, Jean Kenyon. "African Adventurers."1917.
12"Our Battle in Arabia. The Story of the Year."1912.
13Peabody, Emily. "Corinna Shattuck, Missionary Heroine."1913.
14Pierson, Arthur T. "Sketch of the Life of the Hon. Ion Keith-Falconer, Pioneer Missionary to Arabia."1897.
15Smith, Judson. "The Crisis in Turkey."1896.
16"Sunday-School Leaflet of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. `The Story of the Dwarfs'."n.d.
17Willcox, Helen L. "Kanjundu, or From Fear of the Enemy (A Play)."1913.
18Yoosuf, A.K. "The Religion of Mohammad and Christian Sufferings."1905.
19Zwemer, Rev. Samual M. "The Mohammedan World of To-day," by Rev. Samuel M. Zwemer, Missionary of the Reformed (Dutch) Church in America. 1899.

Series J: Missions - North, Central & South America

11American Missionary Association. "Forty Years of Missionary Labor."1886.
2Board of Domestic Missions. "59th Annual Report."1861
3"A Brief Sketch of the Mission of San Xavier Del Bac, with a Description of its Church."1880.
4Committee for Civilization and Improvement of the Indians. "Account of the Dying Expressions of Some Indians Lately Deceased: On or Near the Allegheny Reservation, N.Y."1885.
5Committee for Civilization and Improvement of the Indians. "An Account of the Lives and Happy Deaths of Some Indians Deceased on the Allegheny, Cattaraugus and Corn Planter Reservations."1899.
6Dwight, William T. "The Work; and the Workmen. A Discourse in Behalf of the American Home Missionary Society..."1859.
7Ellis, M. "Hymns in the Chinook Jargon Language."1889.
8Executive Committee of the American Home Missionary Society. "Our Country; Its Capabilities, Its Perils, and Its Hope."1842.
9Irving, C.H. "The Work of the Michigan Baptist State Missions Board."n.d.
10Johnson, George. "A Mexico Mission Station."n.d.
11Ladies City Missionary Association of Cincinnati. "Eleventh Annual Report, October, 1853."1854.
12Ludlow, James. "Our Indian Mission."1888.
13Ludlow, James. "Our Indian Mission. Second Report. A.D. 1888."1889.
14Martin, Abraham. "Sketches of the Mission and Other Sabbath Schools, Established Under the Auspices of the Philadelphia Sabbath School Association."1860.
15Missionary Jurisdiction of Colorado. "Bishop Spalding's Commemorative Address."1884.
16"Missions: Miscellaneous Pamphlets Concerning South America." n.d.
(2 items)
17Morris, William C. "Annual Report of the Escuelas Evangelicas Argentinas."1902.
18Morse, Jedidiah. "Signs of the Times."1810.
19"Native Melodies for Use in Missionary Meetings and Expositions. North American Indian."1911.
20Newman, John R. "Journal and Reports of the Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the Arizona Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church."1897.
21Peters, []. "Mr. Peter's Reply to the Rev. Dr. J.L. Wilson's Four Propositions Sustained Against the Claims of the American Home Missionary Society."1831.
22Pilot, Canon. "A Visit to Labrador."1899.
23Presbyterian Board of Publication. "Experiences of a Sky Pilot in Idaho."n.d.
24Rand, S.T. "The Lord's Work Among the Micmac Indians."1873.
25Smith, Herbert H. "A Home Mission Factory and Its Products."n.d.
26Smith, Rev. Wm. "Across the Plains With the Red Men."1910.
27Smith, Rev. Wm. "Indian Neighbors In Our Eastern States."1910.
28Smith, Rev. Wm. "The Indians of the Rockies and the Pacific."1910.
29Sturgis, Lucy C. "Soldier and Servant Series: Pickaninnies Progress."1910.
30(Surinam). "Bethesda, Home For the Lepers."1910.
31"Then and Now: Social Results of the Church's Work."n.d.
32"Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society." Series II. Parts 4 and 5, for 1881 and 1882.
33Welsh, Herbert. "Early Moravian Indian Work."1897.
34Willcox, Helen L. "Two Thousand Miles For a Book, or The White Man's Book."1912.
35Wilson, J.L. "Four Propositions Sustained Against the Claims of the American Home Missionary Society."1831.
36Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church. "Historical Sketch of the Missions to Mexico - Guatemala."1897.

Series K: Missions Pamphlets - Chinese Language

11Baptist Hymn Book. ( "Tsan chu shi chang." Hymns of Praise) 1875.
2Bunyan, John. Pilgrim's Progress, Vol. I. ( "T'ien lu li ch'eng t'u hua") 1870-71.
3Bunyan, John. Pilgrim's Progress, Vol. 11. ( "T'ien lu li ch'eng t'u hua") 1870-71.
4The Chinese Illustrated News. ( "Hua t'u hsin pao") 1899.
5Correctly Distinguishing the Correct Teaching. ( "Cheng chiao yi pieh") n.d.
6Dialogue On the True Doctrine. ( "Chen tao wen ta") 1863.
7The Doctrine of Eternal Happiness. ( "Yung fu chih tao") 1893.
8The Globe Magazine. ( "Wan kuo kung pao") 1899.
9The Gospel of Matthew in Mandarin, written in a numeric character set designed by China missionary W.H. Murray. 1899.
10Jesus the Redeemer. ( "Yeh-su shu tsui") 1867.
11Milner, Robert. The Discussion of the Two Friends Chang and Yuan. ( "Chang Yuan liang yu hsiang lun") 1883.
12On Renouncing Falsehood and Returning to the Truth. ( "P'i hsieh kuei cheng lun") 1898.
13An excerpt from the Tso Chuan, an ancient commentary on the Confucian classic, Spring and Autumn Annals (does not concern China missions).

Series L: Missions Pamphlets - General

11Bingham, Hiram Jr. "Story of the Morning Stars. The Children's Missionary Vessels."1886.
(2 copies)
2Bishop, Isabella Bird. "Heathen Claims and Christian Duty."1893.
3"Bureau of Missions."n.d.
4"A Chat About Missionary Books."n.d.
5Dennis, James S. "Native Agents and Their Training."1892.
6Diffendorfer, Ralph E. "Child Life in Mission Lands."1904.
7Dunlap, Eugene P. "A Patient's Opinion of Medical Missions."1902.
8"An Earnest Plea of Laymen of the New School Presbyterian and Congregational Churches of New York and Brooklyn..."1856.
9"Eighth Annual Report of the American Missionary Society."1866-1867.
10"Eighty-eighth Annual Report of the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church."1906.
11Fenn, Courtenay N. "How a Denominational Board is Run."n.d.
12Finney, C.G. "How to Win Souls."n.d.
13Finney, C.G. "Power From on High."n.d.
14Fitzgerald, W.G. "Sowing the Bible."1904.
15"Foreign Missions Library. Where Is It? What Is It? Who Can Make Use of It?"n.d.
16Fuller, Dennie. "The Ideal Missionary."n.d.
17Griffin, Edward. "The Kingdom of Christ."1821.
18Halsey, A.W. "The Monthly Concert of Prayer for Missions."n.d.
19Harris, H.H. "Three Lectures on Missions."1895.
20Hobart, Margaret Jefferys. "Then and Now."1914.
21Horsburgh, J. Heywood. "`Do Not Say' or, The Church's Escuses For Neglecting the Heathen."1892.
22Huckel, Oliver. "Four Epochs of World Conquest."1913.
21"The Inquiry-Room: or, How to Labor Successfully With Anxious Souls."n.d.
2The International Union of Women's Foreign Missionary Societies of the Presbyterian and Reformed Churches. Third Conference. "The Girdle Round the Earth."1899.
3Jefferson, Charles E. "Soldiers of the Prince."1916.
4Jessup, Henry Harris. "The Greek Church and Protestant Missions: or, Missions to the Oriental Churches."
5Keeler, S.H. "The Apostolic Method of Church Extension."1853.
6Lafon, Thomas. "The Great Obstruction to the Conversion of Souls at Home and Abroad."1843.
7Lyman, Albert J. "The Gaining of Men: or, The Law of Adaptation to Environment in Missionary Enterprises."1893.
8Magie, David. "Our True Encouragement."1847.
9Magie, David. "Our True Encouragement."1847.
10"A Manual of Missions For Sunday Schools."n.d.
11Mason, John M. "Hope for the Heathen."1797.
12Merriam, Edmund F. "The Debt of Civilization to American Baptist Missions."1896.
13Miller, Samuel. "A Sermon Delivered in the Middle Church, New Haven, Conn., Sept. 12, 1822, at the Ordination of the Rev. Messrs. William Goodell, William Richards, and Artemus Bishop."1822.
14"Minutes of the Proceedings of the General Christian Missionary Convention at Its Forty-Fourth Annual Meeting."1893.
15"Missionary Studies for Use in the Monthly Missionary Meetings of the Young People's Society of the Presbyterian Church."n.d.
16Montgomery, Carrie Judd. "Faith's Reckonings."n.d.
17Montgomery, Helen Barrett. "The Bible and Missions."1920.
18Morris, Edward D. "Henry Kendall. A Memorial Discourse..."1893.
19"Native Melodies For Use in Missionary Meetings and Expositions. Bulgarian."1911.
20Niles, Samuel. "A Sermon Delivered Before the Massachusetts Missionary Society at Their Annual Meeting in Boston."1801.
21Oxenham, John. "The Pageant of Darkness and Light (Musical)"1908.
22Oxenham, John. "The Pageant of Darkness and Light."1911.
23Packard, Edward N. "Missions and the Pentecostal Church."1896.
24Patterson, Robert W. "Elements of Christianity That Tend to Secure its Diffusion and Universal Prevalence."1859.
25Peabody, Andrew P. "The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions."1862.
26Potter, Alonzo. "An Appeal in Behalf of Missions: Addressed to Episcopalians."1829.
27"Prayer and Missions."
28"Presbyterian Church - Maps of Foreign Mission Fields."1895.
29"Proceedings of the Second Convention for Bible Missions Held in Albany."1846.
30"Report and Statement of Accounts in Connection With Gospel and School Work. Barcelona, Spain."1897-98.
31""Report of the American Board of Commissioners For Foreign Missions.""1828.
2"Report of the Deputation From the Federation of Women's Boards of Foreign Missions and of the Conference Held at Shanghai."1920.
3Sailer, T.H.O. "The Mission Study Class."n.d.
4"The Seventh Annual Report of the American Missionary Association Presented at Worcester, Mass...and the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting."1853.
5"Seventy Years of Foreign Missions."1901.
6"The Sixth Annual Report of the American Missionary Association Presented at Bangor, Maine...and the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, Together With a List of Life Members."1852.
7Smith, Henry. "The Truly Christian Pulpit Our Strongest National Defense: a Discourse on Behalf of the American Home Missionary Society."1854.
8"The Smoke of a Thousand Villages."1912.
9Speer, Robert E. "The Pertinent Questions Answered."n.d.
10"Stand to the Covenant!"1880.
11Storrs, Richard S. "Christianity: Its Destined Supremacy on the Earth."1851.
12Storrs, Richard S. ""The Things Which Are Not: God's Instrument For Advancing His Kingdom""1861.
13Thomas, Josiah. "An Address to a Meeting Holden at the Town-Hall, in the City of Bath...For the Purpose of Forming a Church Missionary Society."1817.
14"A Thrilling Record."1880.
15Wadsworth, Charles. "American Mission."1855.
16Whelpeley, Phillip M. "A Sermon Delivered in the Murray Street Church New York in Behalf of the United Foreign Missionary Society."1823.
17"Why Have a `Dull' Missionary Meeting?"n.d.
18Wilder, Robert P. "The Bible and Foreign Missions."1903.
19Williams, William R. "Christ, a Home Missionary."n.d.
20Wilson, Daniel. "A Defense of the Church Missionary Society Against the Objections of the Rev. Josiah Thomas."1812.
21Wilson, James. "The Subjection of Kings and Nations to Messiah."1820.
22"The World in Chicago an Exposition and Pageant May 3 - June 7."1913.
23"The World in Chicago: Daily Events and Program of the Pageant, May 7, 1913."
24"The World in Chicago: Daily Events and Program of the Pageant, May 10, 1913."
25"The World in Chicago: Daily Events and Program of the Pageant, May 17, 1913."
26"The World in Chicago: Daily Events and Program of the Pageant, May 24, 1913."
27"The World in Chicago: Daily Event and Program of the Pageant, May 27, 1913."
28"The World in Chicago: Daily Events and Program of the Pageant, May 31, 1913."
29"The World in Chicago: Daily Events and Program of the Pageant, June 5, 1913."
30"The World in Chicago: Daily Events and Program of the Pageant, June 7, 1913."
31 "The World in Chicago Herald. November 1912."
32"The World in Chicago Herald Exposition - Coliseum Pageant."1913.
33"The World in Chicago Herald, May 3 to June 7, 1913."
34""The World in Chicago Herald, April 1913.""

Series M: Religious Pamphlets - General

11"An Account of Memorials Presented to Congress...Praying that the Mails May Not be Transported Nor the Post Offices Kept Open on the Sabbath", 1829.
2Adams, William, "Life and Services of Rev. John C. Brigham, D.D., Late Corresponding Secretary of the American Bible Society", 1863.
3"Address of the Board of Managers of the American Protestant Association", 1843.
4"All About the Naval and Military League", 1894.
5Amana, "The Catholic Question at Boston...More Remarks on `American Unitarianism'", 1815.
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