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Dr. George Ebey Collection MSS.0070

Descriptive Summary

Creator Ebey, George, 1907-
Title: Dr. George Ebey Collection
Dates: 1936-1971, 1951-1955
Dates (Bulk): Bulk, 1951-1955
Identification: MSS.0070
Quantity: 3.0 Linear feet, 4 document boxes, 1 photograph box, 1 medium flat box; approximately 1038 items.
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Historical Note

This collection covers post-World War II issues including McCarthyism, the "Red Scare," and "Un-American activities." It also includes extensive information on the Minute Women, an organization of women against communism in politics and for the teaching of American heritage in schools. The Minute Women's organization spread throughout the U.S. and acquired a large membership in Texas.

Biographical Note

Marie Christensen Ebey (with her husband, R. M. Ebey) gave birth to George Ebey in San Jose, California, on June 1, 1907. George graduated valedictorian from San Jose High School in 1924. He continued his education at San Jose State College, where he received a Junior College Certificate in 1927. Between 1922 and 1929, George Ebey worked for several businesses: Southern Pacific Railroad, Richmond Chemical Company, Aetna Life Insurance Company, and Standard Oil Company of California. After 1927, Ebey attended Stanford University. He earned his BA Degree in 1929. He continued his advanced education in 1931 when he enrolled at Stanford University a second time and earned his Master's Degree in 1932.

Ebey taught English and Dramatics, and was the Football coach at the Kamehameha School, Honolulu, Hawaii from September 1932 until June 1937. Dr. George Ebey married Leonor Campo at Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 12, 1933. Afterward he attended Columbia University, Stanford University, and finally earned his Doctorate in Education from the Teacher's College, Columbia University, New York City in 1940.

Dr. George Ebey was commissioned to serve as a Lieutenant in the US Army Air Force on July 25, 1942. He was granted the Award of the Legion of Merit on June 8, 1946, for his service as a member of Staff Planning Officers.

After his discharge, Dr. Ebey lectured for Stanford University during the Spring and Summer Term of 1946. In September 1946, he worked as a Professor of Secondary Education at Chico State College, Chico, California, until 1948. He eventually gained a position as Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Portland, Oregon, from 1948 to 1952. Thereafter he was employed as Deputy Superintendent of Schools for the Houston Independent School District (HISD), Houston, Texas.

Shortly after his arrival in Houston, accusations of Un-American activities were lobbed at Dr. Ebey. The HISD School Board conducted a hearing and decided to fire him in 1953.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of Dr. George Ebey's personal and professional correspondence, research, publications, speeches, news articles, and other items. These documents span the time before his employment at HISD, his struggle with HISD for his job, and the after-effects of the hearing and decision. This collection also includes the investigation of Roger O'Leary into the secretive underground organization of women against Un-American Activities, the Minute Women.


Series 1 Pre-HISD employment and accusations
Series 2 Communist Accusations
Series 3 General Research Company Report
Series 4 Correspondence regarding accusations during and after the investigation
Series 5 Newspaper articles
Series 6 Board proceedings and decision
Series 7 Correspondence after decision
Series 8 Newspaper articles after decision
Series 9 Materials authored by Ebey
Series 10 Minute Women
Series 11 Roger O'Leary
Series 12 Citizens Advisory Conference on Education
Series 13 Communist attacks and issues
Series 14 HISD School Board
Series 15 The AVC Bulletin
Series 16 Photographs


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Ebey, George, 1907-
Houston Independent School District
Minute Women of the U.S.A., Inc. Houston Chapter
O'Leary, Roger
Anti-communist movements--Texas--Houston
Houston Independant School District (HISD)
School elections--Texas--Houston
School superintendents--Texas--Houston

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Dr. George Ebey Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

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Donated by Texas Gulf Coast Historical Association, 1977

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Processed by Martha Grace Cromeens, May 2002

Detailed Description of the Collection

1. Pre-HISD employment and accusations

Scope and Contents note
This series includes a recommendation to award the Legion of Merit and information regarding the American Veterans Committee. It consists of the HISD job offer and subsequent correspondence as well as speeches given by Ebey.
Box Folder
1 1 Miscellaneous, 1946-1952.
3 items
2 Houston job offer (HISD) and correspondence, 1952-1953.
28 items
3 Speeches, 1946-1952.
9 items

2. Communist Accusations

Scope and Contents note
The second series consists of accusatory letters as well as general correspondence. The correspondence ranges from business directly related to the accusations to letters of recommendation and support.
Box Folder
1 4 Communist accusations, 1952-1953.
3 items
5 Correspondence, 1952-1953.
53 items
6 Letters of recommendation, 1952-1953.
53 items
7 General correspondence on attack, 1952-1953.
48 items
8 Correspondence with Paul A. Rehmus, Superintendent of Portland Schools, 1952-1953.
14 items
9 Correspondence with Columbia University, 1952-1953.
10 items

3. General Research Company Report

Scope and Contents note
This series contains a two-volume report amassed for the hearing regarding accusations against Dr. Ebey involving Communist activities. The report was a collection of background information.
Box Folder
1 10 General Research Company Report, Volume 1, 1953.
1 item
11 General Research Company Report, Volume 2, 1953.
1 item

4. Correspondence regarding accusations during and after the investigation

Scope and Contents note
Series 4 is comprised of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and press releases. The bulk of this series occurred during and after the investigation reported above.
Box Folder
2 1 Correspondence regarding report, 1953.
11 items
2 General correspondence, 1952-1953.
6 items
3 Newspaper clippings and correspondence, 1952-1953.
50 items
4 Publications, "Letters to the Editor," editorials, and correspondence regarding clippings, 1936, 1953.
14 items
5 Press release and correspondence, 1953.
13 items

5. Newspaper articles

Scope and Contents note
These newspaper articles report directly on the Ebey controversy before the hearing and decision.
Box Folder
2 6 Newspaper clippings, May 12, 1953-July 25, 1953.
127 items
7 Newspaper clippings and corresponding correspondence, July 26, 1953-August 1953.
36 items

6. Board proceedings and decision

Scope and Contents note
This series includes Dr. Ebey's statement to the HISD Board of Education, others' statements to the board in support of Dr. Ebey, and the board's final decision.
Box Folder
2 8 Board proceedings and decision, 1953.
6 items

7. Correspondence after decision

Scope and Contents note
Series 7 contains telegraphs and personal responses regarding the HISD Board of Education's decision.
Box Folder
2 9 Telegraphs after board action, July 1953.
12 items
10 Correspondence (supportive) after board action, 1953.
81 items
11 Correspondence (general) after decision, 1953-1954.
16 items

8. Newspaper articles after decision

Box Folder
2 12 Newspaper clippings, 1954.
4 items
13 Newspaper clippings, 1955.
2 items

9. Materials authored by Ebey

Scope and Contents note
The materials included in this series are magazine and journal articles, speeches given, letters, and responses.
Box Folder
3 1 Materials authored by Ebey, 1945-1953.
27 items

10. Minute Women

Scope and Contents note
This series involves all information published and gathered about the "Minute Women" - a secretive organization of women against "un-American activities." These documents include work by Roger O'Leary, correspondence and the Minute Women newsletters and pamphlets.
Box Folder
3 2 Minute Women - articles and miscellaneous, 1944-1953.
61 items
3 Minute Women (from O'Leary's papers), 1951-1953.
32 items
4 Minute Women of the USA, Inc. Newsletters, 1951-1954.
13 items

11. Roger O'Leary

Scope and Contents note
These folders contain Mr. O'Leary's correspondence, works, and personal information.
Box Folder
3 5 O'Leary Correspondence, 1953-1954.
19 items
6 Material on O'Leary, 1953-1954.
14 items
7 Brown Award Committee Letter (rough drafts) by O'Leary, 1954.
27 items
8 The Nation magazine, January 9, 1954, featuring article by O'Leary.
1 item

12. Citizens Advisory Conference on Education

Box Folder
3 9 Citizens Advisory Conference on Education, 1952.
1 item

13. Communist attacks and issues

Box Folder
3 10 Doctors for Freedom, 1952-1953.
2 items
11 Attack on Dr. Clement, 1952.
2 items
12 Speeches and papers, 1953-1954.
3 items
13 Miscellaneous, 1953.
4 items
14 "A Study of Factors Related to Educational Unrest in a large School System," 1954.
1 item
15 Hearing - Committee on Un-American Activities, 1953.
1 item
16 Right Wing Literature/McCarthyism, 1951-1954.
40 items

14. HISD School Board

Box Folder
4 1 HISD School Board (general), 1948-1971.
30 items
2 HISD School Board election, 1951-1952.
28 items
3 HISD meeting, December 12, 1949.
1 item
4 "A Handbook of Facts about the Houston Independent School District, " 1951.
1 item
5 HISD School Board articles, 1951-1954.
46 items
6 School election - miscellaneous, 1951-1953.
40 items
7 "Land Population Growth" report, 1951.
1 item

15. The AVC Bulletin

Scope and Contents note
This series is held in a flat box, and contains 38 issues of The AVC Bulletin, published by the American Veterans Committee, of which Ebey was a member. 1946-1947. 38 items

16. Photographs

6 Photographs MSS 0070.1-4
MSS 0070.1
Box 1, Folder 1
MSS 0070.2-3
Box 1, Folder 2
MSS 0070.4
Box 2, Folder 8