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Judge Woodrow Seals:

An Inventory of His Papers at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library [Part 1]

Descriptive Summary

CreatorSeals, Woodrow Bradley
TitleJudge Woodrow Seals Papers
Inclusive Dates1941-1990
Bulk Dates1961-1990
AbstractJudge Woodrow Seals was a United States Attorney, and later a federal judge. He was very active in community organizations, his church, and the Democratic Party.
IdentificationMSS 0414
Extent86 linear feet: 84 record storage boxes, 3 oversized document boxes, 2 photo boxes
RepositoryHouston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Biographical Note

Judge Woodrow Bradley Seals was born on December 24, 1917 in Bogalusa, Louisiana. He married Daisy Newman in 1942 and had one son, Bradley. He served as a pilot in Europe during World War II and retired as Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserve. Judge Seals received his Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Texas School of Law in 1949; that year he moved to Houston and began practicing law. During the 1950's he was Harris County Democratic Chairman, and served as John F. Kennedy's campaign manager in 1960. He was active in the State Bar of Texas, where he was chairman of the Committee on Criminal Law and Procedure, a member of the Grievance Committee, Prosecuting Committee and Committee on Professional Ethics. As United States Attorney he hired the first African-American secretary in a U.S. Attorney's Office in Texas and the first African-American Assistant U.S. Attorney and was known for his courageous rulings, in particular on student's rights and desegregation and the education of alien children.

In 1961 Judge Seals was nominated by Senator Ralph Yarborough and appointed by President Kennedy as United States Attorney for the Southern District of Texas, and in 1966 was appointed to the federal bench as United States District Judge by President Johnson. In 1982, at age 65, he took senior status but remained on the bench with a reduced caseload. He died in Houston on October 27, 1990.

Judge Seals was very active in the local Methodist Church, serving as Chairman of the Official Board, Charge Lay Leader, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, as well as serving on numerous boards and conferences, and acted as lay delegate to the Texas Annual Conference. He taught an adult church school class for more than 30 years.

Judge Seals founded the Society of St. Stephen in the mid-1960's, an organization to help the needy which is now established across the country. He also founded a Peace Advocate program in the United Methodist Church in 1984, and the Community Service Option Program for offenders on probation, and was founder and president of the Court Volunteer Services of Harris County. He was President of Big Brothers & Sisters of Houston, Chairman of the local Boy Scouts Council Division of Scouting for the Handicapped, and served on the boards of civic and charitable organizations, including the United Way, the Community Council, Council of Human Relations, United Nations Association, The Shoulder, Planned Parenthood, Mental Health Association, South Central YMCA, Volunteers in Technical Assistance, Houston Metropolitan Ministries, the Houston Public Library, the Alley Theatre, and the Candidate Advisory Service of the Air Force Academy.

At his death, his civic affiliations included being a Community Associate of Hanszen College at Rice University, Chairman of the Committee to Celebrate the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution for the Southern District of Texas, the Houston Philosophical Society, and the Philosophical Society of Texas.

Judge Seals' awards and honors include the Papal Medal "Benerementi", presented by Pope John Paul II in 1979; an Honorary Doctor of Humanities degree from Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, in 1984; the Medal of Honor from the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1985; the Jefferson Award for community service in 1986; and the World Methodist Council Peace Award, presented in 1987.

Scope and Contents Note

The collection consists mainly of legal documents and papers, legal reference materials, correspondence and clippings on his work on Democratic Party committees, his efforts to further world peace and relating to the many charitable organizations he was associated with, the organizations he founded, and his church work. Some personal papers and artifacts are included.



The arrangement follows the order used by Judge Seals. The papers relating to the Judge's legal work are arranged chronologically within each section, as are the sections on speeches, personal matters, events in Judge Seals' life including vacations, awards, overseas trips, festivities, meetings, and conferences. The sections on correspondence are organized alphabetically by name, organizations and charities that Judge Seals was involved with. The sections on his church-related work are arranged chronologically within each church division, as is the large section on the founding, running, and organization of the local and national Societies of St. Stephen.
United States Attorney Files
Department of Justice
Political Files
Working (Case) Files
Students Rights / Desegregation Cases
Opinions and Orders
Orders Signed by Judge Seals
Jury Charges, Court Books, Bench Books
Legal Information
Publicity Files (Information about Judge Seals)
Clippings on Topics of Interest to Judge Seals
"People" Files
Reading Files
Personal Papers, Correspondence, Family
Ideas, Places, Events, Things
Meetings, Conferences, etc.
Speech Files
Bar and Law Associations Files
Church-related Files
Appointment Diaries
Artifacts and Odd-sized Items


Access Restrictions

Restricted material has been removed and filed separately. Access to it is by authorization of the HMRC Manager. The following items are restricted: Box 1 Folder 7, Box 31 Folder 15, Box 31 Folder 17, and Box 43 Folder 2.

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Index Terms

Seals, Woodrow Bradley, 1917-1990
Adair, Christia, 1893-
Allen, Charles Livingstone, 1913-
Andrews, Mike
Archer, Bill
Ashby, Lynn, 1938-
Baker, James Addison, 1930-
Barnstone, Gertrude Lisette Levy, 1925-
Barnstone, Howard
Bentsen, Lloyd
Biden, Joseph R.
Black, Norman
Bork, R. H. (Robert Heron)
Brooks, Jack, 1922-
Brookshire, Jack
Brown, John Robert, 1909-
Brown, Lee, 1937-
Bue, Carl O., Jr.
Bush, George, 1924-
Cambre, Allison
Carr, Billie
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-
Cashion, Clintine
Castillo, Leonel (Leonel J.)
Cire, George E.
Clark, Tom C. (Tom Campbell), 1899-1977
Clark, Ramsey, 1927-
Colaw, Emerson
Connally, Ben C.
Connally, John, 1917-
Copeland, Kenneth, 1937-
Cox, Owen
Crutchfield, Finis A.
De Anda, James
DeGuerin, Dick
Doyle, Henry
Eckhardt, Bob
Eisenhower, David, 1948-
Farenthold, Sissy
Faulk, John Henry
Fields, Jack
Fiorenza, Joseph A.
Foreman, Percy Eugene, 1902-
Freed, Eleanor
Galloway, Paul V.
Garcia, Hector Perez, 1914-1996
Garza, Reynaldo G.
Garza, Emilio Miller, 1947-
Graham, Billy, 1918-
Gramm, Phil
Hardt, John Wesley
Harmon, Melinda
Haynes, Richard, 1927-
Hinojosa, Ricardo H.
Hobby, William Pettus, 1878-1964
Hobby, Oveta Culp, 1905-
Hoover, J. Edgar (John Edgar), 1895-1972
Harmon, Melinda
Haynes, Richard, 1927-
Hinojosa, Ricardo H.
Hughes, Sarah T. (Sarah Tilghman), 1896-
Hunt, Earl G.
Jones, Jesse H. (Jesse Holman), 1874-1956
Jordan, Barbara, 1936-1996
Justice, William Wayne, 1920-
Katzenbach, Nicholas deB. (Nicholas deBelleville), 1922-
Kennedy, Edward Moore, 1932-
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963
Lee, Sheila Jackson
Leland, Mickey
Lewis, Mark
Maverick, Maury, 1921-
Mitchell, George J. (George John), 1933-
McCarthy, Eugene J., 1916-2005
McCarthy, John E. (John Edward), 1930-
Noel, James L., Jr.
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994
Nunn, Sam
Oliphant, Ben
Osteen, John
Pagels, Elaine H., 1943-
Perot, H. Ross, 1930-
Peterson, Kris
Pigg, Kathy
Pike, James A.
John Paul II, Pope, 1920-2005
Randolph, Frankie Carter, 1894-1972
Rather, Dan
Reagan, Nancy, 1923-
Reagan, Ronald
Rehnquist, William H., 1924-2005
Richards, Ann, 1933-
Richardson, J. Milton
Russell, John
Schactel, Hyman J.
Scott, George, Jr.
Sontag, Susan, 1933-2004
Tower, John G. (John Goodwin), 1925-1991
Underwood, Walter L. (Walter Lee), 1925-
Van Hightower, Nikki
Washington, Craig Anthony, 1941-
Welch, Louie
White, Mark, 1940-
Whitmire, Kathryn J.
Wilson, Charles, 1933-
Wright, Jim, 1922-
Wyatt, Oscar
Yarborough, Ralph Webster, 1903-
Zindler, Marvin
Rothko Chapel
Society of St. Stephen
United Methodist Church

Related Material

Due to the size of the electronic file, the online version of this guide is divided into 2 parts. Part 2 can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Judge Woodrow Seals: An Inventory of His Records at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library [Part 2]

Separated Material

Books, tracts, pamphlets, articles and brochures from various political, religious, and charitable organizations, as well as travel brochures, tourist information, military recruitment matter, and assorted souvenirs and artifacts were returned to the donor.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Judge Woodrow B. Seals Papers, Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Bradley Seals and Daisy Seals, February, 1991.

Processing Information

Processed by Kay Burford and Mary D'Albertson, completed in September 1994.


2 scrapbooks added to collection, donated by Emily Hardt and Alice Dorsey, June 2000.

Detailed Description


United States Attorney Files

11AFL-CIO News - 1965
3Austin Report - Jan. 3, 1965 - Dec. 5, 1965
4Committee for Better Local Government 1963
5Complaints 1950-1969
6Complaints - Justin Smith
7Correspondence: Ira Christoph
(For more information on correspondents, see also "People" files)
8Correspondence: Ben C. Connally (1962-66); Raynaldo G. Garza (1961-66); Allan B. Hannay (1962-63)
9Correspondence: Mrs. W. K. Hoffman Jr. (1965); Joe Ingraham (1963-66); Lynn Jamison (1960-65)
10Correspondence: Lyndon B. Johnson (1960-65)
11Correspondence: Blair Justice (1965-66); Nicholas Katzenbach (1965)
12Correspondence: Robert F. Kennedy (1962-67)
13Correspondence: Margarita Oswald; Frances L. G. Pate; Justin Smith; Dick Stewart; Max S. Vallejo; Elton Wallace
14Correspondence: Newspapers, Radio & TV; Doris Ann Noble; James Noble
15Correspondence: Senator Ralph Yarborough (Dec. 1960-Dec. 1962)
16Correspondence: Senator Ralph Yarborough (Jan.-Jun. 1963)
17Correspondence: Senator Ralph Yarborough (Jul.-Dec. 1963)
18Correspondence: Senator Ralph Yarborough (1964)
19Correspondence: Senator Ralph Yarborough (1965)
20Correspondence: Senator Ralph Yarborough (1966-70)
21Senator Ralph Yarborough - Newspaper Clippings
22Senator Ralph Yarborough - Items of Interest


Department of Justice

123John F. Kennedy (clippings, JFK Library correspondence 1963-65)
24Speeches of Attorney General (Robert F. Kennedy) Dec. 1961
25Speeches of Attorney General (Robert F. Kennedy) Jan.-Feb. 1962
26Speeches of Attorney General (Robert F. Kennedy) Mar.-May 1962
27Speeches of Attorney General (Robert F. Kennedy) Jun.-Nov. 1962
28Speeches of Attorney General (Robert F. Kennedy) Jan.-Apr. 1963
29Speeches of Attorney General (Robert F. Kennedy) May-Jun. 1963
30Speeches of Attorney General (Robert F. Kennedy) Oct. 1963-May. 1964
31Speeches of Attorney General (Robert F. Kennedy) Jul.-Sept. 1964
32General: Correspondence on Various Cases Aug.-Dec. 1961
33General: Correspondence on Various Cases Jan.-May 1962
34General: Correspondence on Various Cases Jun.-Dec. 1962
35General: Correspondence on Various Cases Jan.-May 1963
36General: Memoranda / Notes - 1961-1963
37General: The Texas Law Forum May 1962 & Apr. 1964
38Office of Economic Opportunity, Houston-Harris County. Correspondence; Information. 1964-66
39Newspaper Clippings - 1961-1966
40African Americans: Printed Racial Materials
41African Americans: Newspaper The Informer 1963 & 1964
42African Americans: Clippings & Brochures 1963 & 1965
(Includes Medgar Evers Memorial Service June 1963)


Political Files

21Local: Correspondence with 20th Century Organization
2Local: "The Case for Human Freedom in Houston, Texas, U.S.A." Inter-Group Committee. 1963 Re: integration
3Local: "Factual Campaign Information" booklet with note signed by Frank Yarborough. Jan. 1964
4Local: Electioneering Materials 1964
5Local: The Houstonian Dec. 12, 1961
6Forward Times Dec. 30, 1961 & May 2, 1964
7Census Tracts, Houston (1960) - annotated; Report of Congressional & Senatorial Districts, Harris County 1964
8Correspondence to/from Judge Seals 1960-65
9Democratic Campaign, Harris Co. Democrats correspondence 1961 and 1964
10Democratic Party - miscellaneous 1961-64
11Clippings 1960-62
12Voters Guides, Houston Chronicle and Post, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1966
(Front pages only)
13Clippings Jan. 1963-Oct. 1965
14The Jewish Herald-Voice, May 5 and June 2, 1966
15Seals' Financial Records for 1958 Campaign for Chairman, Harris County Democratic Executive Committee
16Contributions to Seals' 1960 Campaign for Chairman, Harris County Democratic Executive Committee
17"Dollars for Democrats" to Democratic National Committee 1959
18Advance Plans, Contributions, Financial Records for "Truman Diamond Jubilee" - 1959 (1)
19Advance Plans, Contributions, Financial Records for "Truman Diamond Jubilee" - 1959 (2)
20Closed Circuit Telecast of "Truman Diamond Jubilee" featuring Ralph Yarborough1959
21Letters/Cards supporting 1960 National Democratic Ticket
22Contributions to Democratic Campaign Committee, Harris County for 1960 National Election
23Members of Democratic Campaign Committee, 1960 National Election
24Kennedy/Johnson Political Rally, Houston, Sept. 12, 1960
251960 National Election Books, 1961 Inauguration Program
26P.A.S.O. (Political Association of Spanish-Speaking Organizations) Clippings - Apr.-May 1963
27State: Political Newsletters 1963-1965
28State: John Connally
29State: Democratic Coalition "New Shapes in Texas Politics" Mar. 1963
30State: Newspaper Clippings - 1963 and n.d.
31State: George Bush - 1964 election campaign material
32State: 1964 State & National Election - Clippings
33State: Clipping and Mat - John Connally ad. 1965
34State: Clippings 1965 & 1966
35State: Brochures 1964
36State: State Democratic Committee Memoranda 1960 and miscellaneous items
37State: Clippings concerning 1962 State elections
38State: The Texas Observer 1963
39State: The Texas Observer 1964 & 1965
40State: Capital Punishment Quarterly April 1964
41State: Texas Council of Senior Citizens 1964
2 letters
42Robert Silverstein, Office of Deputy Attorney General 1965 Report on Judge Seals Office: Procedures, Personnel, Responsibilities, etc. 1964 & 1965
43U.S.A. - police Brutality - Texas 1963 - Clippings
44U.S.A. - Judges (Fifth Circuit) - letters
45U.S.A. - President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity 1965-1966
46'White House Fellows' - letters
47'Young Democrats' - miscellaneous papers
48'Young Democrats' - The Young Liberal
49National: General information 1960-66
50National: The Democrat 1961-62
51National: Correspondence 1959-63
52Human Events1964 and Liberty Lobby featuring L. B. Johnson
53National: Clippings 1961-65
54National: Senate Election Run-off (May 27, 1961) - William Blakley vs. John Tower
55National: Victory of John Tower, Run-off May 1961
56National: Texas Statistics of 1960 General Election


Working (Case) Files

3 Judge Court
31Hearn v. Short, CA 70-H-1376
2Socialist Workers 1974 Campaign v. Mark White, et al, CA 74-H-1338
3Mrs. W. M. Palm, et al v. Harris County Judge Bill Elliot, et al, CA 71-H-859
4Socialist Workers Party, et al v. Attorney General Crawford martin, et al, CA 71-H-1181
5James C. Dat v. American National Insurance Co., CA 71-H-1491
6Jimmy Beare v. Preston Smith, et al, CA 70-C-42 (1)
7Jimmy Beare v. Preston Smith, et al, CA 70-C-42 (2)
8Jimmy Beare v. Preston Smith, et al, CA 70-C-42 (3)
9Jimmy Beare v. Preston Smith, et al, CA 70-C-42 (4)
10Jimmy Beare v. Preston Smith, et al, CA 70-C-42 (5)
11Jimmy Beare v. Preston Smith, et al, CA 70-C-42 (6)
12Obie Lee Robinson, et al v. Burton G. Hackney, et al, CA 68-H-294 (1)
13Obie Lee Robinson, et al v. Burton G. Hackney, et al, CA 68-H-294 (2)
14Obie Lee Robinson, et al v. Burton G. Hackney, et al, CA 68-H-294 (3)
15Obie Lee Robinson, et al v. Burton G. Hackney, et al, CA 68-H-294 (4)
16Eugene Locke v. Carol Vance, CA 69-H-430 (1)
17Eugene Locke v. Carol Vance, CA 69-H-430 (2)
18Dixon v. Betts, CA 68-H-430 (1)
19Dixon v. Betts, CA 68-H-430 (2)
20Davis v. Pryzant, CA 71-H-853
21Medrano v. Alled (Texas Ranger Case), CA 67-B-36 (1)
22Medrano v. Alled (Texas Ranger Case), CA 67-B-36 (2)
5th Circuit
323Swofford v. Pathfinder Co., #23,861
24Andrew Nicholson v. C. D. Culbech, #24342
25Southern Stevedore v. Hellenic, #24,278
326U.S.A. v. Sneed, Cr 68-H-108
27U.S.A. v. Pacquet, Cr 71-H-222
28U.S.A. v. McMahon & Hill, Cr 71-H-260 (1)
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33U.S.A. v. Edmonds and James,, Cr 72-H-380
34U.S.A. v. Roberts, Cr 73-H-104 1974
35U.S.A. v. Floyd, Cr 73-H-116
36U.S.A. v. Mayberry and Bautista, Cr 73-H-234
41U.S.A. v. Mann & Bank of SW, Cr 73-H-268 (1) 1973-74
2U.S.A. v. Mann & Bank of SW, Cr 73-H-268 (2) 1973-74
3U.S.A. v. Mann & Bank of SW, Cr 73-H-268 (3) 1973-74
4U.S.A. v. Mann & Bank of SW, Cr 73-H-268 (4) 1973-74
5U.S.A. v. Barkin, Andrews, Stevens and Wells, Cr 73-H-298
6U.S.A. v.Woods, Cr 73-H-369
7U.S.A. v. Ramey, Cr 73-H-389
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16U.S.A. v. Barfield, Cr 74-H-268
17U.S.A. v. Goodie, Cr 74-H-302
18U.S.A. v. Persinger and Adams, Cr 75-H-30
19U.S.A. v. Bain and Reeves, Cr 75-H-84
20U.S.A. v. Minchie, Cr 75-H-125
21U.S.A. v. Torregrosa, Cr 75-H-150
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10U.S.A. v. Ramirez, Cr H-81-101
511Erwin v. A. American Steamship Co., CA 64-H-428
12Taylor v. ARMCO, CA 68-H-129 (1)
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14Taylor v. ARMCO, CA 68-H-129 (3)
15Taylor v. ARMCO, CA 68-H-129 (4)
16Taylor v. ARMCO, CA 68-H-129 (5)
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22Young v. Clear Lake Yacht Basin, CA 68-H-489
22Marketing Assistance Plan v. South Texas Producers, CA-H-930
61Novak v. Beto, CA 68-H-348 (1) 1968-78
Handwritten notes
2Novak v. Beto, CA 68-H-348 (2) 1968-78
Handwritten notes
3Novak v. Beto, CA 68-H-348 (3) 1968-78
Handwritten notes
4Novak v. Beto, CA 68-H-348 (4) 1968-78
Handwritten notes
5Novak v. Beto, CA 68-H-348 (5) 1968-78
Handwritten notes
6Novak v. Beto, CA 68-H-348 (6)
Audio tape
7Walker v. City of Houston, CA 69-H-186 (1)
Handwritten notes
8Walker v. City of Houston, CA 69-H-186 (2)
Handwritten notes
9Walker v. City of Houston, CA 69-H-186 (3)
Handwritten notes
10Walker v. City of Houston, CA 69-H-186 (4)
Handwritten notes
11Culbert v. Beto, CA 69-H-418 1969-72
12Woolsey v. Beto, CA 69-H-1007
13Stephens v. China Mutual, CA 69-H-1070 1969-72
14Shaw v. Woolworth Co., CA 65-C-117
15Polk v. Dow Chemical, CA 65-C-356
16Gulf King v. Gulf Coast Diesel, CA 66-C-17
17Coffing v. Aviation Inst. Co., CA 68-C-108
18In Re T. C. Morow, CA 70-H-191
19Dixie Carriers v. M/V Bintliff, CA 70-H-232
20Little v. Schafer, CA 70-H-453
21U.S.A. v. Von Czeh, CA 70-H-1069
22Sheet Metal Workers v. Labor Dept., CA 70-H-232 (1)
23Sheet Metal Workers v. Labor Dept., CA 70-H-232 (2)
24Refrigeration Contractors v. Local Union No. 211, CA 70-H-1245
25Hendrick Arch. and Engrs. v. Parklawn Joint Venture, CA 71-H-195
26Carney v. Thomas, CA 71-H-239 1971-74
27Alexander v. Estelle, CA 71-H-241
28SW Bell v. Communication Workers of America, CA 71-H-254 (1)
29SW Bell v. Communication Workers of America, CA 71-H-254 (2)
Handwritten notes
30Witcher v. General Motors, CA 71-H-261 1976
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32Smith v. Beto, CA 71-H-483 1971-72
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38MAP, Inc. v. AMPI, CA 71-H-841
71Pettyjohn v. Santa Fe-Pomeroy, Inc., CA 71-H-856 (1)
Handwritten notes
2Pettyjohn v. Santa Fe-Pomeroy, Inc., CA 71-H-856 (2)
3Pettyjohn v. Santa Fe-Pomeroy, Inc., CA 71-H-856 (3)
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12Elliott v. Beto, CA 71-H-1105 1972
13Carlton v. Beto, CA 71-H-1119
14Collins v. Beto, CA 71-H-1191
15Shaffer Works Tool v. Joy Manufacturing, CA 71-H-1278 (1)
Handwritten notes
16Shaffer Works Tool v. Joy Manufacturing, CA 71-H-1278 (2)
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20Jewel v. City of Houston, CA 71-H-1395
21Poole v. Williams, CA 72-H-150 1972-74
22Allen v. Estelle, CA 72-H-183
23PSI Bankruptcy, CA 72-H-239
24Buckner v. Cameron Oil Works, CA 72-H-292
25Stanley v. General Foods, CA 72-H-315
26Campbell v. Beto, CA 72-H-631
27Settles v. EEOC, CA 72-H-716
28Garrison v. Flota Mercante Grancolumbiana, CA 72-H-794 (1)
29Garrison v. Flota Mercante Grancolumbiana, CA 72-H-794 (2)
30Garrison v. Flota Mercante Grancolumbiana, CA 72-H-794 (3)
31Garrison v. Flota Mercante Grancolumbiana, CA 72-H-794 (4)
2 audio tapes
32Garrison v. Flota Mercante Grancolumbiana, CA 72-H-794 (5)
1 audio tape
33Golden Crescent v. Aeoquip, CA 71-H-1329
81Borm v. Cunnard SS, CA 72-H-826 (1)
2Borm v. Cunnard SS, CA 72-H-826 (2)
3Baker Oil Tools v. Delta SS Lines, CA 72-H-834
4Young v. Southwestern Savings, CA 72-H-918
5Lindley v. U.S.A., CA 72-H-995
6Phillips v. Fisher, CA 72-H-1279
7Hill v. Seamans, Secretary of the Air Force, CA 72-H-1403 (1)
8Hill v. Seamans, Secretary of the Air Force, CA 72-H-1403 (2)
9U.S.A. v. T/B CTCO 186-20, CA 72-H-1443
10Goss v. San Jacinto Junior College, CA 72-H-1562
11Georgia Pacific Corp. v. Houston Belt and Terminal Railroad, CA 72-H-1669
12Phillips v. Estelle, CA 72-H-1699
13SEC v. First National Corp., CA 73-H-39 (1)
Handwritten notes
14SEC v. First National Corp., CA 73-H-39 (2)
15SEC v. First National Corp., CA 73-H-39 (3)
Audio tape
16U.S.A v. Dreyer, CA 73-H-139
17Jackson v. National Flood Insurers Association, et al, CA 73-H-175
18Campbell v. Cousins, CA 73-H-320
19Kane v. Texas, CA 73-H-366
20Danhard v. Lorentzen, CA 73-H-430
21Price v. Overseas Marine, CA 73-H-467
22Magids v. Associated Reproduction Arts Inc., CA 73-H-472
23Magnabosco v. Smith, CA 73-H-188
24Ratliff v. U.S.A., CA 73-H-593
25Philadelphia Ship Maintenance v. M/V Shanron, CA 73-H-675
26In Re Local 22, CA 73-H-778
27Foster v. Estelle, CA 73-H-791
28Toliver v. Hellenic, CA 73-H-818
29Garcia v. Keystone, CA 73-H-872
30Riklin v. Clayton, CA 73-H-946
31Bush v. Wood Brothers, CA 73-H-966
32SEC v. Philpont, CA 73-H-978
33Turk v. Halpern's Stores, CA 73-H-995
34Lewis v. Davis, CA 73-H-1000
35Lozano v. Fletcher, CA 73-H-1035
36Kahn v. Miles, CA 73-H-1041
37Hall v. M/V Overseas, CA 73-H-1050
91Texasgulf v. Canada Development Corp., CA 73-H-1056 (1)
2Texasgulf v. Canada Development Corp., CA 73-H-1056 (2)
3Texasgulf v. Canada Development Corp., CA 73-H-1056 (3)
4Cross v. South Pacific Transport Co., CA 73-H-1074
5Aguilar v. Estelle, CA 73-H-1111
6Harvard Interiors v. Dickey, CA 73-H-1285
7Hicks v. Estelle, CA 73-H-1307
8Franklin v. Eastern Airlines, CA 73-H-1379
9Silliran v. Estelle, CA 73-H-1443
10Williams v. Estelle, CA 73-H-1529
11Jackson v. Wilson, CA 73-H-1575
12McCloud v. Nixon, CA 73-H-1636
13Baker v. U.S.A., CA 73-H-1704
14Hummell v. Aerial Gardens Inc., CA 73-H-1711
15Mayfield v. Maxwell House, CA 74-H-46
16Habeas Notes Nov. 1973
17Malone v. Maritime Overseas Corp., CA 74-H-72
18Foster v. Civil Service Commission, CA 74-H-174
19Epperson v. Board of Trustees, Pasadena I.S.D., CA 74-H-394
20Halligan v. Maritime, CA 74-H-596
21Coffey v. Norvell Wilder Co., CA 74-H-758
22Bennett v. Faircape, CA 74-H-768
23Ledbetter v. Chevrolet, CA 74-H-848 (1)
24Ledbetter v. Chevrolet, CA 74-H-848 (2)
25Gallaway v. Ethel Corp., CA 74-H-886
26Long v. Estelle, CA 74-H-1112
27Bellamy v. U.S.A., CA 74-H-1132
28Gray v. U.S.A. v. Eli Lilly, CA 74-H-1392 (1)
29Gray v. U.S.A. v. Eli Lilly, CA 74-H-1392 (2)
30Breux v. Estelle, CA 74-H-1498
31Ulicnik v. Gould, CA 74-H-1556
32Sidoran v. Winograd, CA 74-H-1630
33Parrish v. Schulumberger, CA 75-H-258
34Johnson v. Tenneco, CA 75-H-798
35Andrus v. HyHon, CA 75-H-414
36Westinghouse Electric v. Williams, CA 75-H-594
37Sowells v. Southwestern Pipe, CA 75-H-596
101Pollock v. Houston Grand Opera, CA 75-H-640 (1)
2Pollock v. Houston Grand Opera, CA 75-H-640 (2)
3Martin v. Estelle, CA 75-H-662 (1)
4Martin v. Estelle, CA 75-H-662 (2)
5Darrow v. Southdown, CA 75-H-728
6Spalding v. Southdown, CA 75-H-764 (1)
7Spalding v. Southdown, CA 75-H-764 (2)
8Spalding v. Southdown, CA 75-H-764 (3)
9Spalding v. Southdown, CA 75-H-764 (4)
10Suarez v. Brotherhood Railway Carmen, CA 75-H-792
11U.S.A. ex rel Solomon v. Air Force, CA 75-H-802 (1)
12U.S.A. ex rel Solomon v. Air Force, CA 75-H-802 (2)
13Franks v. Estelle, CA 75-H-814
14Holmes v. Calloway, CA 75-H-822
15Ferrell v. Estelle, CA 75-H-912
16Johnson v. Estelle, CA 75-H-976
17Gasery v. Texberry Container Corp., CA 75-H-1186
18Jones v. Stewart and Stevenson, CA 75-H-1234
19Cook v. American Rice, CA 75-H-1158
20Contran v. Farnham, CA 75-H-1296 (1)
21Contran v. Farnham, CA 75-H-1296 (2)
22Contran v. Farnham, CA 75-H-1296 (3)
23Studer v. Estelle, CA 75-H-1426
24Barbee v. General Supple and Equipment Co., CA 75-H-1612
25Stickman v. Estelle, CA 75-H-1864
26Smith v. Texas, CA 75-H-1868
27Lerma v. Estelle, CA 75-H-2004 (1)
28Lerma v. Estelle, CA 75-H-2004 (2)
29Todd v. Loveland, CA 75-H-2056
30Key Maps v. Pruitt, CA 75-H-2086 (1)
31Key Maps v. Pruitt, CA 75-H-2086 (2)
32Paprskar v. Estelle, CA 75-H-2146
33Story v. Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, CA 75-H-2160
34May v. Colorado Co. Fed. S&L, CA 76-H-135 (1)
35May v. Colorado Co. Fed. S&L, CA 76-H-135 (2)
36May v. Colorado Co. Fed. S&L, CA 76-H-135 (3)
Audio tape
111Bettis v. Sunny's National Stores, CA 76-H-298
2Bilton v. Estelle, CA 76-H-310
3O'Brien v. Ferguson, CA 76-H-406
4Sapp v. Naviera Letasa, SA., CA 76-H-562
5Ebner v. Rice Food Markets, CA 76-H-634
6Burns v. Vowell, CA 76-H-724
7U.S.A. v. One 1972 Ford LD, CA 76-H-790
8Woods v. State Department of Public Welfare, CA 76-H-1120
9Maretl v. U.S.A., CA 76-H-1280
10Warmsley v. Estelle, CA 76-H-1352
11Moorehead v. Estelle, CA 76-H-1450
12Spearman v. LaVonn's Salons, CA 76-H-1938
13U.S.A. v. Indiana Bonding and Surety, CA 76-H-2026
14Littleton v. Estelle, CA H-77-18
15Johnson v. Sevitsky, CA H-77-64
16Baldwin v. NLRB v. Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers, CA H-77-158
17Smotherman v. Estelle, CA H-77-250
18Local 1836 v. President Jimmy Carter, CA H-77-614 (1)
19Local 1836 v. President Jimmy Carter, CA H-77-614 (2)
20Barnett v. Sheet Metal Products, CA H-77-832
21Mutual Federal v. Russell, Kennedy and Hodgkin, CA H-77-1062 (1)
22Mutual Federal v. Russell, Kennedy and Hodgkin, CA H-77-1062 (2)
23Market Insurance Co. v. Empire Security Service, CA H-77-1066
24Williams v. Estelle, CA H-77-1134
25Interhydro v. Ralston Purinam, CA H-77-1440
26Grenz v. Gray Tool, CA H-77-1526
27Satter White v. Union Carbide, CA H-77-1634
28Bryant v. Ciba-Geigy Corp., CA H-77-2054
29Boh Bros. Construction v. M/V Exxon Louisiana, CA H-77-2132
30Sayers v. Raymond Corp., CA H-78-40
31Hayden v. Cameron Iron Works, CA H-78-86
32Griffith v. Middendorf, CA H-78-110 (1)
33Griffith v. Middendorf, CA H-78-110 (2)
34Preston v. Estelle, CA H-78-354
35Williams v. Marshal, CA H-78-528
36Rowan Companies v. CBI Industires, CA H-78-1132
37Dillon, et al v. U.S.A., CA H-78-1206
38Sonnier v. Engineers & Fabricating Co., CA H-78-1375
39U.S.A. v. Lober, CA H-79-18
40Damodar Bulk Carriers v. Det Dansk-Franske, CA H-79-538
41M. Pincoffs Co. v. Bertrand, CA H-79-750
42Sullivan v. H.I.S.D., CA 69-H-266 (1)
43Sullivan v. H.I.S.D., CA 69-H-266 (2)
44Sullivan v. H.I.S.D., CA 69-H-266 (3)
45Seckler v. Estelle, CA 72-H-516
46Brown v. Beto, CA 72-H-724
121Gonzales v. Local 1581, CA 72-H-765 (1)
2Gonzales v. Local 1581, CA 72-H-765 (2)
3Acme Valve v. Gibratar, CA 72-H-1194 (1)
4Acme Valve v. Gibratar, CA 72-H-1194 (2)
5Acme Valve v. Gibratar, CA 72-H-1194 (3)
6Southern Pacific v. M/V Duroc, CA 72-H-1544
7Leggio v. U.S.A., CA 72-H-1652
8NLRB v. Local 1330 & 1331, CA 73-H-280
9American General v. FTC, CA 73-H-282 (1)
10American General v. FTC, CA 73-H-282 (2)
11White v. Froehlke, CA 73-H-332
12Knight v. Maritime, CA 73-H-826
13Prelow v. Estelle, CA 73-H-830
14Barett v. H.I.S.D., CA 74-H-682
15Beer Wholesale v. Southwest Distributing Co., CA 74-H-1002 (1)
16Beer Wholesale v. Southwest Distributing Co., CA 74-H-1002 (2)
17Beer Wholesale v. Southwest Distributing Co., CA 74-H-1002 (3)
18Beer Wholesale v. Southwest Distributing Co., CA 74-H-1002 (4)
19Beer Wholesale v. Southwest Distributing Co., CA 74-H-1002 (5)
20Beer Wholesale v. Southwest Distributing Co., CA 74-H-1002 (6)


Students Rights / Desegregation Cases

Corpus Christi Desegregation Case 1969-71
1221Corpus Christi Desegregation Case (Cisneros vs. C.C.I.S.D., CA 68-95) - Working file (1)
22Corpus Christi Desegregation Case (Cisneros vs. C.C.I.S.D., CA 68-95) - Working file (2)
23Corpus Christi Desegregation Case (Cisneros vs. C.C.I.S.D., CA 68-95) - Working file (3)
24Correspondence re: Corpus Christi Desegregation Case May-June 1971
25Correspondence re: Corpus Christi Desegregation Case July-Aug 1971
26Newspaper clippings re: Corpus Christi Desegregation Case
27Newspaper clippings re: Corpus Christi Desegregation Case
28Newspaper clippings re: Corpus Christi Desegregation Case
1229Correspondence re: Miscellaneous Student Rights Cases (Epperson v. Pasadena I.S.D.; Sullivan v. Houston I.S.D.) 1969-71
30Newspaper clippings re: Miscellaneous Student Rights Cases
Alien School Child Litigation
Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings, and Published Decision
1231Correspondence re: Alien School Child Litigation - General1963, 1973-83
131Correspondence re: Alien School Child Litigation - Con 1980
2Correspondence re: Alien School Child Litigation - Con 1980
3Correspondence re: Alien School Child Litigation - Pro 1979-80
4Correspondence re: Alien School Child Litigation - Pro 1980
5Correspondence re: Alien School Child Litigation - Pro 1980
6Correspondence re: Alien School Child Litigation - Pro 1980
7Newspaper Clippings re: Alien School Child Litigation 1980-82
8Newspaper Clippings re: Alien School Child Litigation 1980-82
9Published Decision re: Alien School Child Litigation
Court Documents
Court Documents = Formal filings with the Court, i.e. Memoranda, Complaints, Brief, Motions, etc.
1310Tyler Divisions, Eastern District of Texas
11Tyler Divisions, Eastern District of Texas
12Tyler Divisions, Eastern District of Texas
13Houston Divisions, Southern District of Texas
14Houston Divisions, Southern District of Texas
15Brownsville Divisions, Southern District of Texas
16Fifth Circuit - 78-3311
17Fifth Circuit - 80-1807
18Consolidated Case (MDL 398)
19Consolidated Case (MDL 398)
20Consolidated Case (MDL 398)
21Consolidated Case (MDL 398)
22Consolidated Case (MDL 398)
Working Files
1323Vol. I - Transcript, A. Boe v. Dallas I.S.D.
141Vol. II - Transcript, A. Boe v. Dallas I.S.D.
2Vol. III - Transcript, A. Boe v. Dallas I.S.D.
3Working Draft, Final Opinion
4Judge's Notes / Personal Memoranda
5Judge's Trial Notes - Vol. 1-3
6Judge's Trial Notes - Books I-II
7Secondary Sources used in reaching Decision
8Secondary Sources used in reaching Decision
9Secondary Sources used in reaching Decision
10Secondary Sources used in reaching Decision
11Miscellaneous Correspondence
12Miscellaneous Court Documents
13Miscellaneous Court Documents
14Defendant's Exhibits
15Defendant's Exhibits
151Plaintiff's Exhibits
2Plaintiff's Exhibits
3Plaintiff's Exhibits
4Plaintiff's Exhibits
5Plaintiff's Exhibits
6Miscellaneous Briefs
7Miscellaneous Briefs


Opinions and Orders

158Opinions - Corpus Christi - 1967
9Opinions - Corpus Christi - 1968
10Opinions - Corpus Christi - Jan. - Aug. 1969
11Opinions - Corpus Christi - Oct. - Nov. 1969
12Opinions - Corpus Christi - Dec. 1969
13Opinions - Corpus Christi - Jan. - Mar. 1970
14Opinions - Corpus Christi - Apr. - July 1970
15Opinions - Corpus Christi - Aug. 1970
16Opinions - Corpus Christi - Sept. - Dec. 1970
17Opinions - Corpus Christi - 1971
18Opinions - Corpus Christi - Jose Cisneros et al v. C.C.I.S.D., 68-C-95, June - Aug. 1972
19Opinions - Houston - Dec. 1966 - July 1967
20Opinions - Houston - Aug. - Nov. 1967
21Opinions - Houston - 1968
22Opinions - Houston - July - Sept. 1969
23Opinions - Houston - Oct. - Dec. 1969
24Opinions - Houston - Jan. - June 1970
25Opinions - Houston - Mpiliris v. Hellenic Lines et al, CA 67-H-29, Mar. - Aug. 1970
26Opinions - Houston - July - Sept. 1970
27Opinions - Houston - Oct. 1970
28Opinions - Houston - Nov. - Dec. 1970
29Opinions - Houston - Jan. - Feb. 1971
30Opinions - Houston - Mar. - Apr. 1971
161Opinions - Houston - May - June 1971
2Opinions - Houston - July - Oct. 1971
3Opinions - Houston - Nov. - Dec. 1971
4Ex Collectionibus Opi Mei - Opinions - Houston - Mar. - Dec. 1971
5Opinions - Jan. - Feb. 1972
6Opinions - Mar. - Apr. 1972
7Opinions - May - June 1972
8Opinions - July - Sept. 1972
9Opinions - Oct. - Dec. 1972
10Opinions - Jan. - Apr. 1973
11Opinions - May - Sept. 1973
12Opinions - Dec. 1975
13Copies of Reported Opinions (in Federal Supplement) - 1969-1970
14Copies of Reported Opinions (in Federal Supplement) - 1972-1974
15Fifth Circuit Opinions, Re: Seals' cases
16Supreme Court Review of Seals' cases
17Orders - Admiralty - 1974-1975
18Orders - Bankruptcy - 1972
19Orders - Bankruptcy - 1973
20Orders - Bankruptcy - 1973 - Caravelle Corp. v. Thornton and Bivens-Winchester Corp.
21Orders - Bankruptcy - 1974
22Orders - Bankruptcy - 1975
23Orders - Bankruptcy - 1976
24Orders - Criminal - Income Tax Fraud - 1974
25Orders - Title VII (Civil Rights)
26Orders - Voluntary Dismissal


Orders Signed by Judge Seals

1627Miscellaneous numbers 1980-90's
28Naturalization 1980's
30Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1970's
31Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1980-81
32Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1982
33Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1983
171Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1984 - 180-728
2Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1984 - 1172-4700
3Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1985 - 69-1353
4Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1985 - 1616-6881
5Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1986 - 3-943
6Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1986 - 1018-1929
7Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1986 - 2134-4085
8Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1987 - 160-977
9Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1987 - 1070-3505
10Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1988
11Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1989 - 260-1832
12Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1989 - 2021-2580
13Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1989 - 2605-2995
14Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1989 - 3101-3529
15Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1989 - 3530-3609
16Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1989 - 3610-3749
17Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1989 - 3750-3999
18Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1989 - 4000-4039
19Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1989 - 4040-4289
20Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1990 - 30-298
21Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1990 - 301-409
22Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1990 - 410-668
23Civil Actions - chronological by case number - 1990 - 670-2914


Jury Charges, Court Books, Bench Books

Civil Jury Charges
1724Civil Jury Charges, with notes - 1968
25Civil Jury Charges, with notes - 1969
26Civil Jury Charges, with notes - 1970
27Civil Jury Charges, with notes - 1971-76
28Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-79-1884
29Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-79-1977
30Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-84-728 and Case H-85-3717
31Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-81-1264
32Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-83-2304
33Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-83-6155
34Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-83-6452 and Case CA H-84-2216
35Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-84-4092
36Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-84-600
37Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-82-2674
181Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-84-4661
2Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-84-4700
3Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-85-69
4Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-85-6881
5Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-85-4209
6Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-86-688
7Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-86-943
8Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-86-1018
9Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-86-1385
10Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-86-2134
11Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-86-2784
12Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-86-4085
13Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-87-215
14Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-87-977
15Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-87-244
16Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-87-256
17Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-87-610
18Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-88-319
19Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-87-2677
20Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-87-1769
21Civil Jury Charges - Case CA H-88-2502
Court Books
1822Civil Definitions - (A - M)
23Civil Definitions - (N - Z)
24Fifth Circuit Pattern Jury Charges, Civil - Basic Instructions
25Fifth Circuit Pattern Jury Charges, Civil - Federal Claims
26Fifth Circuit Pattern Jury Charges, Civil - Federal Claims
27Fifth Circuit Pattern Jury Charges, Civil - State Law Claims
28Fifth Circuit Pattern Jury Charges, Civil - Damages
29Fifth Circuit Pattern Jury Charges, Civil - Special Instructions
30Fifth Circuit Pattern Jury Charges, Civil - Sample Charges
31Criminal Matters - 1985
32Criminal Jury Charges - 1975 - 75-H-207
33Criminal Jury Charges - 1975 - 75-H-207
34Criminal Jury Charges - 1981-84 - H-80-105 - U.S.A. v. Moody
35Criminal Jury Charges - 1981-84 - H-81-101 - U.S.A. v. Ramirez
36Criminal Jury Charges - 1981-84 - H-83-109 - U.S.A. v. Turner
37Criminal Jury Charges - 1981-84 - H-84-221 - U.S.A. v. Guzman, et al.
38Closed Criminal Cases - 1967-69
39Closed Criminal Cases - 1970-71
40Closed Criminal Cases - 1972
41Closed Criminal Cases - 1973
42Closed Criminal Cases - Revocations - 1968-73
43Closed Criminal Cases - 1974
44Closed Criminal Cases - 1975
45Closed Criminal Cases - 1976
46Closed Criminal Cases - 1977
47Closed Criminal Cases - 1978
48Closed Criminal Cases - 1979
191Closed Criminal Cases - 1979-80
2Closed Criminal Cases - 1981
3Criminal Docket Book - 1979
4Pending Criminal Cases - Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures
5Pending Criminal Cases - Fugitives
6Pending Criminal Cases - Arraignments
7Pending Criminal Cases - Trials
8Pending Criminal Cases - Sentencing & Revocation Hearings
9Pending Criminal Cases - Closed
10Pending Criminal Cases - Revocations
11Bench Book, Civil - Program for Naturalization Ceremonies
12Bench Book, Civil - Civil
13Bench Book, Criminal - Amended Criminal Justice Act
14Bench Book, Criminal - Memorandum - advice to patient prior to commitment
15Bench Book, Criminal - Law, Forms
16Bench Book, Criminal - Jury - check sheet for qualifying juror questionnaire, impanel grand jury, grand jury
17Bench Book, Criminal - Arraignment, Jail Time
18Bench Book, Criminal - Probation, Sentencing (no papers)
19Bench Book, Federal Judicial Center - cover letter, table of contents
20Bench Book, Federal Judicial Center - criminal procedures, civil procedures, narcotic
21Bench Book, Federal Judicial Center - miscellaneous procedures
22Bench Book, Federal Judicial Center - miscellaneous procedures
23Civil Jury Charges & Special Interrogatories - CA H-78-672
24Civil Jury Charges & Special Interrogatories - CA H-80-2047
25Civil Jury Charges & Special Interrogatories - CA H-80-2289
26Civil Jury Charges - CA H-82-3847
27Civil Jury Charges & Special Interrogatories - CA H-82-654
28Civil Jury Charges & Special Interrogatories to Jury - CA H-82-1652
29Civil Jury Charges & Special Interrogatories - CA H-82-198
30Civil Jury Charges & Special Interrogatories - CA H-84-1988
31Civil Jury Charges - CA H-83-553
Jury Charges
1932Court's charge - 1968
33CR No. 14, 236 - 1962
3462 C 170
36CA No. 2099 - 1963
37CA 64-H-567
38Murder on the High Seas - 1964
39CA 64-B-72
40CA 64-H-425
41CR No. 14, 413 - 1965
42CR 66-94
43CR 67-C-34
44CR 67-H-79
45CA 67-C-107
46CR 67-C-34
47CR 67-C-23
48CA 67-C-21
49CR 67-C-11
50CR 68-C-108
51CA 69-C-29
1952CA 71-H-1197
53CA 71-H-261
54CA 71-H-911
55CR 71-L-926
56CR 71-L-910
57CR 71-H-358
58Court's Instructions to the Jury
201CR 72-H-123
2CR 72-L-496
3CR 72-H-198
4CA 72-H-1220
5Special Interrogatories "Altman v. Stockton"
6CR 73-H-407
7CA 74-H-553
8CR 74-H-105
9CR 74-H-74
10CR 74-H-66
11CR 74-H-167
12CR 74-H-64
13CR 75-H-145
14CR 75-H-208
15CR 75-H-105
16CR 75-H-158
17CR 75-H-987
18"Attempt to Board Aircraft with Concealed Weapon"
19CR 76-H-32
20CR 76-H-84
21CR H-77-5
22CA H 80-1897
23CA H 80-688
24CA H 81-140
25CA H 81-2609
Miscellaneous Jury Charges and Instructions
2026Jury Charges - Judge Ben Connally - CR No. 18, 150 (1961), CR No. 18, 134 (1961), CR No. 14, 447 (1962)
27Jury Charges - Judge Ben Connally - CR No. 63-C-19 (1964), CR No. 63-C-19 (1964), Civil 66-L-94 (1966), CR 5684 (1967)
28Jury Charges - Judge Estes - CA 3-897
29Jury Charges - Judge Singleton - CA 74-H-850, Judge Bue - CR 75-H-142
30Sample Jury Charges - No. 554, 478
31Sample Jury Charges - Instructions in Civil Tax Cases & Civil Antitrust Cases(1970)
32Sample Jury Charges - Longshoremen Jury Charge
33Misc. Jury Instructions - CA No. 69-C-64, H-79-36
34Misc. Jury Instructions - John Attman/Stocktons, Conroe City Police Officer Bryant, Counterfeiting Charge
35Misc. Jury Instructions - Koven & Barbata Raetzer, Bank Robbery, Insurance Coverage-Explosion, Mail Fraud
36Misc. Jury Instructions - General Instructions
37Misc. Jury Instructions - Misc, Information, Court Instructions to the Jury
38Misc. Jury Instructions - CA No. 14, 161 (Seamen charges), Richard Autin vs. Marine Drilling Co. & Fidelity & Casualty Co.
39Jury Instructions by Document Subject, 1985-1989


Legal Information

211Abortion, Administrative Law
2Admiralty - Cargo, Damage
3Admiralty - Cases
4Admiralty - Collision - Object, Ship
5Admiralty - Damages - Measure, General
6Admiralty - Insurance, Jurisdiction
7Admiralty - Laches
8Admiralty - Longshoreman - Cases (1)
9Admiralty - Longshoreman - Cases (2)
10Admiralty - Longshoreman - Cases (3)
11Admiralty - Longshoreman - Cases (4)
12Admiralty - Longshoreman - Cases (5)
13Admiralty - Longshoreman - General (1)
14Admiralty - Longshoreman - General (2)
15Admiralty - Longshoreman - General (3)
16Admiralty - Longshoreman - Jurisdiction, Jury Charge, Legislations, Measure of Damage
17Admiralty - Longshoreman - Personal Injury
18Admiralty - Longshoreman - Sierak, Ryan, Unseaworthiness
19Admiralty - Mortgages - Ship, Motion to Move a Vessel
20Admiralty - Negligence - Seaman, Release, Salvage
21Admiralty - Seafarers Pension Fund
22Admiralty - Seaman - Abandonment of Ship, Damages, Deceased or Deserted, General
23Admiralty - Seaman - Maintenance & Cure, Personal Injuries, Jones Act, Test, Unseaworthy
24Admiralty - Transfer (28 U.S.C. Sec. 1404a)
25Anti-Trust - Cases
26Anti-Trust - Jury Charge
27Anti-Trust - Miscellaneous, (Sherman) In General, (Sherman) Price Fixing
28Appeals - Partial Appeal, Rule 54(b), Arbitration
29Armed Forces - Habeas Corpus - Military (Active Duty), Conscientious Objector, Jurisdiction, Review of Courts Martial
30Armed Forces - Habeas Corpus - Military (Reserve), Jurisdiction
31Armed Forces - Selective Service (Draft Evasion) - General, Medical Classification
32Armed Forces - Selective Service (Draft Evasion) - Conscientious Objector
33Armed Forces - Selective Service (Draft Evasion) - Jurisdiction
34Attorney/Client Privilege, Attorney's Fees
2Charge - Civil, Change of Venue, Civil Contempt
3Civil Rights - Age Discrimination - Generally, Housing
4Civil Rights - Mental Health Facilities, Private Parties, Public Service, Religious Discrimination, Surety as Defendant, Quotas
5Civil Rights - Non-Prisoner
6Civil Rights - Section 1983 Generally
7Civil Rights - Sex
8Civil Rights - Teachers
9Civil Rights - Title VII
10Civil Rights - Title VII - Attorney's Fees
11Civil Rights - Voting & Elections
12Civil Service, Civil Service (Federal)
13Class Action
14Class Action
15Class Action
16Class Action
17Class Action - Environmental Cases, Collateral Estoppel, Complaint - Amendment, Conflicts of Law, Conflicts of Law - International
18Constitutional Law - Self-Incrimination, Constitutional Rights - Marriage a Fundamental Right which Can't be Denied Prisoners, Consumer Credit, Corporations
19Damages, Default Judgements
20Demurrage, Discovery, Diversity
21Environmental Law, Evidence - Expert Opinion Testimony
22Federal Employers Liability Act (1)
23Federal Employers Liability Act (2)
24Federal Procedure - Complaint - Amendment, Appealable Order - Time to Appeal, Courts - Abstention
25Federal Procedure - Directed Verdict Standard, Dismissal for Lack of Prosecution, Impleader - Rule 14, Injunctions - State Court Civil Proceedings
26Federal Procedure - Interlocutory Appeal, Judgements
27Federal Procedure - Jurisdiction - Amount, Claims, Diversity
28Federal Procedure - Jurisdiction - Persons (Long Arm Statute)
29Federal Procedure - Jury, Parties, Parties - EEOC Cases, Protective Orders, Recusal
30Federal Procedure - Removal & Remand - Diversity, Venue, Voluntary Dismissal
31Federal Procedure - Three Judge Court
32Federal Tort Claims Act, First Amendment Freedoms, Floor Insurance (Federal Act), Foreign Corporations, Freedom of Information Act
33Grand Jury - Witness - Refusal to Testify, Hair Length - Schools
231Immunity from Suit - Civil Rights Act, Inflation, Injunction - Preliminary, Insurance
2IRS, IRS - Summons, Interstate Land Sales Act, Intervention
3Joinder of Parties, Judicial Immunity, Jurisdiction - Texas Long Arm Statute, Jurisdictional Amount
4Jury - Note Taking by Jurors during Trial, Proposals, Adm., etc.
6Labor - Arbitration & No-Strike Clauses, Fair Representation, injunction - Boys' Market, Removal & Remand in Picketing Injunction Case
7Labor - General
8Labor & Labor Relations - Collective Bargaining, Duty to Arbitrate, Generally
9Landlord & Tenant Generally, Libel-Slander - First Amendment, Long Arm Statues - Substantial Minimum Contracts, Torts
10Magistrates, Medicaid
11Miller Act - Jury Charge, Motions to Dismiss, Multi-District Litigation, Multi-District Litigation - Panel & Rules
12Natural Resources & Environment, Newly Discovered Evidence, Nunc Pro Tunc Order
14Patents - General - PT Forms, Pensions & Retirement Funds, Products Liability
15Railroad Crossing Accident (1)
16Railroad Crossing Accident (2)
17Railroad Crossing Accident (3)
18Recusal of Judge, Remittitur, Removal, Res Judicata
20Schools - Desegregation (1)
21Schools - Desegregation (2)
22Schools - Desegregation (3)
23Schools - Desegregation - Faculty, Discipline & Grooming
24Schools - Haircut, Speech - Students, Tenure
25Securities (1)
26Securities (2)
27Securities & Exchange Act of 1934 - Williams Act - Tender Offers (1)
28Securities & Exchange Act of 1934 - Williams Act - Tender Offers (2)
29Securities & Exchange Act of 1934 - Williams Act - Tender Offers (3)
30Settlement of Cases, Service of Process
241Social Security
2Social Security - Generally (1)
3Social Security - Generally (2)
4Social Security - Remand to Appeals Council - New Evidence, Substantial Gainful Activity
5Social Security - Standards of Review
6State Action - Section 1983, Statistics for Trial Judges
7Tax - Marchetti Problem, Texas Long Arm Statute
8Temporary Emergency Court of Appeals of the United States (1)
9Temporary Emergency Court of Appeals of the United States (2)
10Torts, Torts - Liber - Civil
11Torts - Malpractice - Physicians - Generally, Negligence - Duty Owing, - Products Liability - Charge, Interrogatories to Jury, Strict Liability Generally
12Trademarks, Trademarks & Tradenames, Trial De Novo, Truth in Lending Act
13Unfair Competition, Unfair Trade Practices & Consumer Protection, Veterans, Workmen's Compensation, Workmen's Compensation - Generally, Wrongful Death
14Younger Problem (1)
15Younger Problem (2)
17Appeal - Magistrate to District Court, Arrests - Generally, Arrests - Probable Cause, Arrests - Warrants
19Charge - Cases
20Charge - Narcotic Conspiracy, Samples
21Co-Defendant Testimony - DeLuna, Confession, Conspiracy, Confrontation of Witness, Contempt of Court
22Counsel - Leave to Withdraw, Right to
23Credibility of Witness, Cruel & Unusual Punishment
24Death - Abatement of Prosecution, Discovery, Double Jeopardy, Drugs & Controlled Substances
26Evidence - Admissibility, Circumstantial, Confession, Expert Testimony, Generally, Hearsay
27Evidence - Prior Offense, Relevancy, Reputation, Sufficiency, Witness
28Forfeiture & Seizure, Guilty Plea, Guns
29Grand Jury - Generally, Written Contempt
251Habeas Corpus - Cases (1)
2Habeas Corpus - Cases (2)
3Habeas Corpus - Civil Rights (Sec. 1983) - Attorney Appointment, Information Package, 1974 Recision
4Habeas Corpus - Death Penalty, Failure to State a Claim, False Imprisonment, Frivolous
5Habeas Corpus - Generally - 2 Articles on Prisoner Sec. 1983 Litigation (1)
6Habeas Corpus - Generally - 2 Articles on Prisoner Sec. 1983 Litigation (2)
7Habeas Corpus - Good Time Denial, Haircuts, Hearing Required, Jurisdiction, Legal Aid by Prisoner to Other Prisoners
8Habeas Corpus - Life Imprisonment, Mail, Medical Treatment, Mootness
9Habeas Corpus - Parole, Parole Board, Prison Procedure - Due Process Violation, Religion, Right to a Typewriter
10Habeas Corpus - Segregation - Administrative, Punitive, Sexual, Visitation
11Habeas Corpus - When Sec. 1983 Action should be Sec. 2254 of Sec. 2255 instead
12Habeas Corpus - Federal - Administrative Remedies, Cases, Credit on Federal Sentence for State Time, Extradition
13Habeas Corpus - Federal - Grounds for Relief, Illegal Sentence, In Forma Pauperis, Marijuana Tax Act - Self-Incrimination
14Habeas Corpus - Federal - Order Denying Relief, Order to Vacate & Resentence, Transcript, Waiver
15Habeas Corpus - Federal - Servicemen
16Habeas Corpus - State - Sec. 2254 - Abuse of Writ, Adequacy of State Hearing, Appeal Bypass
17Habeas Corpus - State - Appeal Denial, Bail from State Custody, Burden of Proof, Cert. of Probable Cause
18Habeas Corpus - State - Collateral Estoppel, Corroboration
19Habeas Corpus - State - Confessions
20Habeas Corpus - State - Counsel - Effective Assistance of (1)
21Habeas Corpus - State - Counsel - Effective Assistance of (2)
22Habeas Corpus - State - Counsel - Generally
23Habeas Corpus - State - Counsel - On Appeal
24Habeas Corpus - State - Courtroom Disturbance as denial of due process, Credit on Sentence, Detainers
25Habeas Corpus - State - Death Penalty
26Habeas Corpus - State - Difference between Sec. 2241 and Sec. 2254 Actions
261Habeas Corpus - State - Exhaustion (1)
2Habeas Corpus - State - Exhaustion (2)
3Habeas Corpus - State - Exhaustion (3)
4Habeas Corpus - State - Failure to State a Claim
5Habeas Corpus - State - Frivolous Petition, Generally
6Habeas Corpus - State - Guilty Plea - Generally, Mental Competency
7Habeas Corpus - State - Guilty Plea - Voluntary
8Habeas Corpus - State - Guilty Plea - Waiver of Jurisdiction
9Habeas Corpus - State - Harmless Error, Hearing Required, In Forma Pauperis
10Habeas Corpus - State - Jurisdiction
11Habeas Corpus - State - Jury Misconduct, Lack of Petitioner Oath, Line-Up, Magistrate Hearing
12Habeas Corpus - State - Mental Competency
13Habeas Corpus - State - Mootness, Office Procedure, Perjury, Plea Bargaining, Preparation Sheets
14Habeas Corpus - State - Prior Determination, Prior Invalid Conviction - Generally
15Habeas Corpus - State - Prior Invalid Conviction - Enhancement Statute
16Habeas Corpus - State - Probable Cause to Arrest, Retroactivity, Search Incident to Arrest
17Habeas Corpus - State - Search of Moving Vehicle, Search Warrants, Severance, Speedy Trial, Suppression of Evidence
18Habeas Corpus - State - Search & Seizure Generally
19Habeas Corpus - State - Three-Judge Panel, Transfer to Another District, Transcripts, Trial in Jail Clothes, Waiver
20Habeas Corpus - State - Identification - Line-Up, Photo - Pretrial, Standard
21Habeas Corpus - State - Immunity, Indictments, Informant Identity
22Habeas Corpus - State - Informer, Insanity, Internal Revenue
23Habeas Corpus - State - Jeopardy, Judge Disqualification, Jury
24Habeas Corpus - State - Jury Composition
271Mental Competency, Miranda Warning
4Perjury, Possession, Pretrial Publicity, Probation
5Removal of Criminal Cases - Civil Rights, Retrial, Reversible Error Standard
6Search & Seizure
7Search & Seizure - Airport, Consent, Emergency Search Doctrine, Evidence Obtained by State Search used in Federal Prosecution
8Search & Seizure - Border
9Search & Seizure - Fingerprints, Indictment to Arrest, Investigative Detention, Probable Cause, Standing to Challenge
10Search & Seizure - Stop & Frisk, Warrant - Standard for Issuance
11Search & Seizure - Vehicle
12Search & Seizure - Warrantless
13Security - Falsely Made & Forged, Sentence - Bank Robbery, Federal Youth Corrections Act
14Sentence - Generally, Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act, Prior Conviction, Reduction
15Severance, Speedy Trial Act, Subpoena
16Spears Forms
17Transcript, Trial in Jail Clothes, Trial Publicity
18Wiretap & Electronic Surveillance
191973 Texas Attorney General Conference on Prisoner Litigation, Lakeway Inn, Austin, TX, March 23-24, 1973


Publicity Files (Information about Judge Seals)

2720Correspondence - Seals' nomination and swearing in as federal judge - 1966
21Personal data - Seals' nomination and swearing in as federal judge - 1966
22Miscellaneous items - Seals' appointment as federal judge - 1966
23Newspaper clippings - Seals' appointment as federal judge - 1966
24Congratulatory letters to Seals on appointment as federal judge - June 1966 and undated
25Congratulatory letters to Seals on appointment as federal judge - July 1966
26Congratulatory letters to Seals on appointment as federal judge - August through December 1966
27Induction Ceremonies of Judges Singleton and Seals - transcript and invitation, September 7, 1966
28Human Enrichment Award Dinner honoring Judge Seals, HoustonMarch 25, 1982
29Judge Seals taking Senior Status - correspondence, clippings, cards - 1982-83
281Programs - Church - Seals' participation,1963-1989
2Programs - Church,1958-1975
3Programs - Seals' participation,1965-1976
4Programs - General
5Houston Bar Association/Texas Bar Association - letters, articles, programs, 1958-1961
6Miscellaneous items - invitations, reception notices, bulletins, cartoon, poll tax receipts, Christmas prayer, etc. - 1963-1976
7Seals' appointment as United States District Attorney - congratulatory letters - 1961
8Correspondence relating to Seals' appointment as United States District Attorney - 1960-61
9Seals' election as Chairman of Harris County Democratic Executive Committee - 1958
10Harris County Democratic Organization - letters information, advisory board, etc. - 1958-60
11Harris County Democratic Party - newspaper clippings - 1958-71
12John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign - clippings - 1960
13John F. Kennedy/Lyndon B. Johnson Inauguration items - 1961
14Letters, Itinerary of Robert Kennedy's visit to Houston - 1963
15Robert Kennedy's visit to Houston - clippings - March 15, 1963
16Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Inauguration items - 1965
171964 - Federal Grand Jury Investigation into Gambling: Publicity, privacy of witnesses, correspondence, clips (see also 1964 clippings)
18Congressional Record - September 13, 1965
19"The Houston Lawyer" magazines - 1966/1975
20Texas Bar Journals1953 & 1958
21Texas Bar Journals1965 & 1966
Seals' Legal Decisions (mainly newspaper clippings)
2822List of published opinions1970-83, List of Citations to Decisions
23Cassius Clay draft lawsuit - 1967
24Texas Rangers Case - 1973-83 (including two letters)
25Creationism lawsuit - 1972-82
261979 Nazi War Crime Extension
27Texas Self-Identification Law Unconstitutional - 1981
28Miscellaneous Articles about Decisions - n.d.
29Miscellaneous Articles about Decisions - 1967-69
30Miscellaneous Articles about Decisions - 1970-71
31Miscellaneous Articles about Decisions - 1973
32Miscellaneous Articles about Decisions - 1975-76
33Miscellaneous Articles about Decisions - 1977
34Miscellaneous Articles about Decisions - 1978
35Miscellaneous Articles about Decisions - 1979
36Miscellaneous Articles about Decisions - 1980
37Miscellaneous Articles about Decisions - 1981
38Miscellaneous Articles about Decisions - 1981 & 1988
39The Houston Review 1986, Leaflet: The Texas Bill of Rights Foundation
40"Sail a Ship of Wheat to Vietnam", Rothko Chapel, March 4, 1978
41Article about Judge Seals in Russian magazine America by Robert Cochran (in Russian with English translation) - January 8, 1974
42Clippings - n.d.
43Clippings - 1950's
44Clippings - 1960
45Clippings - 1961
46Clippings - 1962-63
47Clippings - 1964
48Clippings on Judge Seals - 1965
49Clippings on Judge Seals - 1966-67
50Clippings on Judge Seals - 1968-69
51Clippings on Judge Seals - 1970-73
52Clippings on Judge Seals - 1974-76
53Clippings on Judge Seals - 1977-79
54Clippings on Judge Seals - 1980-81
55Clippings on Judge Seals - 1982
56Clippings on Judge Seals - 1983-90


Clippings on Topics of Interest to Judge Seals

291Houston Post reprint of "Texas Presidents and Governors" 1958
2Clippings: President John F. Kennedy visit to Texas - November 22, 1963
3Clippings: President John F. Kennedy Assassination - November 22, 1963
4Clippings: President John F. Kennedy Assassination - November 23, 1963 (1)
5Clippings: President John F. Kennedy Assassination - November 23, 1963 (2)
6Clippings: President John F. Kennedy Assassination - November 24, 1963
7Clippings: President John F. Kennedy Assassination - November 25, 1963 (1)
8Clippings: President John F. Kennedy Assassination - November 25, 1963 (2)
9President John F. Kennedy Assassination - Extra, Houston PressDecember 9, 1963
10Articles of Interest to Judge Seals (1)n.d., 1963-73
11Articles of Interest to Judge Seals (2)1974
12Articles of Interest to Judge Seals (3)1978
13Articles of Interest to Judge Seals (4)1979
14Articles of Interest to Judge Seals (5)1980
15Articles of Interest to Judge Seals (6)1981-87
16Clippings - Church Related - n.d., 1970's
17Clippings - Church Related - 1980's
18Publicity - Church - printed material
19Telephone Call Log Books (1)
20Telephone Call Log Books (2)
21Telephone Logs Oct. 21, 1983 - Oct. 4, 1984
22Telephone Logs Oct. 5, 1984 - July 11, 1985
23Telephone Logs July 12, 1985 - June 18, 1986
24Telephone Logs June 19, 1986 - Sept. 19, 1986
25Telephone Logs Dec. 5, 1986 - Sept. 9, 1987
26Telephone Logs Sept. 8, 1987 - June 10, 1988
27Telephone Logs June 13, 1988 - Feb. 24, 1989
28Telephone Logs Feb. 27, 1989 - May 11, 1989
29Wedding Ceremonies conducted by Judge Seals (1)
30Wedding Ceremonies conducted by Judge Seals (2)
31Wedding Ceremonies conducted by Judge Seals (3)
32Wedding Ceremonies - samples
33Correspondence written by Seals to unknown recipients, dated
34Correspondence, no date, no full name
35Correspondence, dated, no full name1958-1969
36Correspondence, dated, no full name1970-79
37Correspondence, dated, no full name1980-89


"People" Files

People Individually - A
301Abarco, Tony
2Abboud, A. Fran
3Abraham, Frank T.
4Adair, Christia
5Adams, Ann; Adelman, Nancy Buquoi; Aguiar, Vincente; Albright, John
6Ainley, Bill
7Alexander, Doris; Alksne, Edward H.; Allard, Bernadette Marie; Allbritton, Vann
8Allen, Charles L.
9Allen, David D.; Allen, Roy; Alloway, Ann; Alloway, Jean
10Anderson, Betty
11Anderson, Dan (Rev.); Anderson, Gail J.; Andrews, Mike (U.S. Rep.) 1985-89
12Applewhite, Gerald
13Archer, Bill (U.S. Rep.); Armstrong, Carol; Armstrong, Dr. A. James
14Arnold, Paula; Ashby, Lynn - correspondence (1979-80); Austin, Bill; Ayish, Sami N.
People Generally - A
3015 1961-70
16 1971-75
17 1976-77
18 1978-80
19 1981-85
20 1986-90
People Individually - B
3021Badeau, Lelia F.; Bahhage, Ferengese; Bailey, Dearon J. & Audrey; Baird, Victoria ("Vicky") Lynn
22Baker, David H.; Baker, David Jansing; Baker, James A. III; Baker, Joyce
23Baldwin, Robert ("Bob"); Baldwin, Florence; Baldwin, Scotty G.; Ball, Albert & Ellana
24Ballew, William V. "Bill" Jr., including sermons and speeches (1) 1966-85
25Ballew, William V. "Bill" Jr., including sermons and speeches (2) 1966-85
26Barnstone, Gertrude; Barnstone, Howard
27Baron, Frederick Martin; Bartz, Carol; Barun, Ken & Marie; Base, Darlene
28Batchelder, Wayne C. (Rev.) Correspondence (1970)
29Bass, Laurel; Beal, A.W. (Dr.); Beam, Cecile Ann; Beard, Gladys; Beard, Jack; Beck, Roy Howard
30Beene, Betty Stanley - correspondence (1985-89)
31Beeson, Betsey; Bell, Griffin
32Bell, Betty
33Bennett, Karen; Bentley, Kathy McGraw; Benton, Elsie
34Bentson, Lloyd (Senator) Correspondence (1966-89)
35Bentzinger, Rosalie (Dr.) Correspondence (1981-90)
36Berg, David; Barg, Robert; Berndt, Karen Ann; Berry, Jane
37Beto, Dan Richard(1977-88) Correspondence
38Beto, George (Dr.) (1) Correspondence (1972-90)
39Beto, George (Dr.) (2) Clippings
40Biden, Joseph R. (Senator); Biggs, Mouzon; Billiris, Ioannis; Binion, Jack
41Birnberg, E.R.; Birnberg, Gerald M.; Bishop, Dee; Bishop, Meredith
42Bissell, Bert (1987-90) Correspondence
43Black, Joyce; Black, Norman (Judge); Blask, Ronald J.
44Boatner, Yardell, Jr. ("Scotty") Correspondence(1981-90)
45Boelson, Nancy L.; Bonner, Dan E., Jr. (Dr.); Bork, Robert (Judge); Botley, Calvin
46Botley, Nicole; Boutwell, Frank; Bowers, Blackie; Bowman, David
47Bowman, Louise; Boyd, Larry G.; Bradley, Jim; Bradshaw, Wm. Thomas
48Bragg, Melanie
311Braham, Dennis Clive; Bray, Janey
2Breckbill, Frank D. (1985-90) Correspondence
3Bridges, David; Bridges, Jim; Bridges, Suzon
4Bright, Ann; Bright, L.B.; Brinkley, David Owen; Briscoe, Frank
5Brittain, Theron & Katie; Broach, Cindi; Brockway, Allan R.; Brooks, Jack (Representative)
6Brookshite, Jack (Judge); Broussard, Marilyn Marie; Broussard, Tim
7Browder, William (1971)
8Brown, John R. (Judge) (1961-91) Correspondence
9Brown, John R. (M.D.) (1985) Correspondence
10Brown, Irwin; Brown, Lee (Chief, Houston Police Department); Bruce, B.B.; Bruce, Marie (Mrs. O.H.)
11Bruggemann, Walter (Dr.) (1988-90) Correspondence
12Brumfield, Wm. Thoman; Budetti, Joseph B.; Bullard, Linda McKeever; Bumpers, Betty
13Bue, Carl O., Jr. (Judge) (1970-88) Correspondence
14Bull, William F. (Rev.) (1964-80) Correspondence
15Bull, Effygene (Mrs. Bill) and son, Randy
16Bull, Robert J. (Dr.) (1966-88) Correspondence
17Bull, Robert Marcus
18Burger, Warren; Burnham, Melva; Burke, Ward
19Burks, Margaret S. (1973-82)
20Burns, Carla (1976-89) Correspondence
21Burns, Nancy Ann; Bush, George (Vice President, President); Buttimer, James W.
22Byrd, Marge (1976-82) Correspondence
People Generally - B
3123 1958-65
24 1966-67
25 1968-70
26 1971-73
27 1974-75
28 1976-77
29 1978-79
30 1980 and n.d.
31 1981-82
32 1983-84
33 1985
34 1986-87
35 1988
36 1989-90
People Individually - C
321Cadwaller, Harold Earl; Cahana, Rina; Caldera, Greg; Caldwell, Yolanda; Caldwall, Harry
2Cambre, Allison (Rev.) (1974-90) Correspondence
3Canfield, Maria; Canulla, June; Carcano, Minerva (Rev.); Carey, Ann
4Carl, Beverly May; Carp, Robert A.
5Carr, Billie (1966-85) Correspondence, letter to John T. Turner, Article Houston Post May 26, 1985
6Carr, Jimmy; Carr, Susan; Carrigan, Mark C.; Carsey, Bob & Gwen
7Carter, Albert H. (Inmate - lawsuit); Carter, James (Inmate)
8Carter, Jimmy (President) (1)
9Carter, Jimmy (President) (2)
10Carter, Joy; Carter, Julius; Carver, John B. (Dr.); Casad, Mary Brooke Oliphint
11Cashion, Clintine
12Cassidy, Helen; Cassidy, Charles
13Castillo, John E.; Castillo, Leonel; Cave, Les; Chadderdon, James R.; Chapman, James Allen; Chapman, Mrs. Michael L.
14Chatman, Earl; Cheek, Robert; Childers, Robert; Cire, George E. (Judge)
15Clark, Lamar & Lenora; Clark, Phil; Clark, Tom C.; Clark, Doris (Secretary); Clark, Ramsey
16Cochran, Alice; Cochran, Bob & Gloria
17Coffman, Herbert L.; Cogburn, Roselyn; Coghlan, Mildred
18Colaw, Emerson (Bishop) Correspondence 1980-89; brief biography; Bible Study Lessons Spring 1989
19Cole, Charles E.; Collins, Derryl; Collins, Fred; Collins, Ted
20Colorado, Maytte; Compton, Mary; Conerly, Bill; Coney, T.R.
21Connally, Ben C. (Judge) (1) 1964-67
22Connally, Ben C. (Judge) (2) 1968-69
23Connally, Ben C. (Judge) (3) 1970-71
24Connally, Ben C. (Judge) (4) 1972
25Connally, Ben C. (Judge) (5) 1973-75
26Connally, John (Governor)(1964-77) Correspondence & clippings
27Connor, Robert "Bob" James(1976-86) Correspondence
28Conwell, Allyn B.; Cook, Jerry; Cooper, Diana (See also Gregory); Copeland, Catherine
29Copeland, Kenneth W. (Bishop) (1) Correspondence and clippings (1966-73)
30Copeland, Kenneth W. (Bishop) (2) Correspondence and clippings (1966-73)
31Copitka, Helen (1975-85) Correspondence
32Coorder, Gladys; Corum, Jessie; Coulter, J.E.; Covington, Sheron; Cox, Owen D. (Judge)
33Craig, John (1967-80) Correspondence
34Craig, Mary (1986-88) Correspondence
35Crider, Larry (Rev.); Cruff, Manuela
36Crutchfield, Finis A. (Bishop) (1) Correspondence (1976-87)
37Crutchfield, Finis A. (Bishop) (2) Correspondence (1976-87)
38Crutchfield, Finis A. (Bishop) (3) Correspondence (1976-87)
39Cruz, Elsie; Currie, Marvin; Curry, John; Curtis, Marvin; Curtis, Patricia; Cutrer, Louis
People Generally - C
331 1960-65
2 1966-67
3 1968-70
4 1971-74
5 1975-78
6 1979-80
7 1981-82
8 1983-85
9 1986-87
10 1988-90
People Individually - D
3311d'Asserteau, Davida; Darden, Bob (AUSA); Davis, Harry T.; Davis, Ray
12Davis, Ross & Judy; Day, Barbara; Day, Wayne (Rev.)
13De Anda, James (U.S. District Judge); Dearing, Charles
14Decker, Gene; Decker, Hazel M.; Decker, Moore; Deckert, Pat
15Dee, E.P. ("Manny") (1) (1966-85) Correspondence and poems
16Dee, E.P. ("Manny") (2) (1966-85) Correspondence and poems
17Dee, E.P. ("Manny") (3) (1966-85) Correspondence and poems
18DeGuerin, Dick; DeGuerin, Mike; DeLorenzo, Joseph D.; Dempsey, Marsha (Rev.)
19Denison, Carole (1984-90) Correspondence
20Denkler, Joan; Denman, Harry; Dever, John
21De Vries, Ray Parsons ("Robbie") (1987-90) Correspondence
22DeWalt, Wm. Thomas; Dickie, Alex, Jr.; Dietrich, Sandra; Dillingham, Charles
23Dimmitt, Mac; Dinkins, Carol; Dixon, Earnest T., Jr.; Doar, John
24Doener, Mrs. Karl, Jr.; Doughtery, Ruth; Dow, Melvin
25Dow, Steven Howard; Downs, Hugh; Doyle, Henry (Justice)
26Dugger, Ronnie (1971-89) Correspondence
27Duin, Julia; Duley, Kay; Dunlap, Dale; Dunnam, Spurgeon
28 1960-65
29 1966-70
30 1971-75
31 1976-80
32 1981-83
33 1984-85
34 1986-90
People Individually - E
341East, P.D.; Eastham, Effie; Easton, Robert; Eckert, Jerry (Rev.)
2Eckhardt, Bob (1)
3Eckhardt, Bob (2)
4Eisenhower, David; Elder, Jack; Elias, Kay; Elliott, Patricia Ann
5Ellis, Dale; Ellis, Timothy W.; Enfield, Lee
6Enfield Sarah (1) (1969-73) Correspondence
7Enfield Sarah (2) (1969-73) Correspondence
8Eppersonn, Florence; Erekson, O. Homer (Dean); Estelle, W.J.; Estes Otto
9Escamilla, Roberto (1972-83) Correspondence
10Evergreen - town of, clipping
11Evans, Gail Susanne; Evjen, Victor H.; Ewing, Walter
People Generally - E
3412 1961-75
13 1976-90
People Individually - F
3414Fain, Tyrus G.; Falkner, Lamar; Fannan, Julie; Farenthold, Sissy; Farge Emil J. (Father)
15Farmer, William
16Fath, Adele & Creekmore; Faubion, Mike
17Faulk, John Henry (1)
18Faulk, John Henry (2)
19Favre, Sam L., Jr.; Feder, Milton; Fields, Jack (U.S. Congressman)
20Fiorenza, Joseph A. (Bishop)
21Fisher, Bo; Fisher, Joe; Fisher, Mary Ann; Fitzgerald, Edwin
22Fitzpatrick, John J. (Bishop); Fitzwater, Sidney; Fleishman, Norman; Flores, Benjamin
23Foote, Betty; Foote, Tom; Ford, Allene
24Fore, Sam L. (Dr.); Foreman, Percy; Franks, Zarco; Fred, Ruth (Mrs.); Freed, Eleanor
25Freedman, Leonard (1) (1969-79) Correspondence
26Freedman, Leonard (2) (1969-79) Correspondence
27Freedman, Theodore; Friloux, C. Anthony
People Generally - F
3428 1963-70
29 1971-75
30 1976-79
31 1981-85
32 1986-90
People Individually - G
3433Galloway, Paul V. (Bishop) (1973-86)
34Garcia, Hector (1968-89) Correspondence, newspaper articles
35Gamble, J.W.; Garcia Sylvia (Judge); Garcia, Sylvia, II; Garner, Carl E.
36Garza, Reynaldo G. (Judge) (1) (1964-79) Correspondence
37Garza, Reynaldo G. (Judge) (2) (1964-79) Correspondence
38Garza, Reynaldo G. (Judge) (3) (1964-79) Correspondence
39Garrison, J.E. (Mrs.); Garza, Emilio (Judge); Gengelbach, Jim; Gentil, Donna Maureen; George, Wendell F.
40German Counsel
41Gillespie, Trey; Gilpin, Rich
42Glickman, Julius; Goodwin, Susan; Goldman, Leonard (Dr.)
43Gomez, Lynne; Gonzales, Mary Jane; Goodale, Ronald
44Goodwin, Donald L. (1965-86) Correspondence
45Goodman, Ellen; Goodman, Mary Ellen; Goolsby, Carl; Gorski, Rusty (Rev.)
351Graham, Billy; Graham, James J.; Graham, Paula; Gramm, Phil (Senator)
2Gramstorff, John C. & Jeanne (1) (1976-88) Correspondence
3Gramstorff, John C. & Jeanne (2) (1976-88) Correspondence
4Gramstorff, John C. & Jeanne (3) (1976-88) Correspondence
5Grana, Janice T.; Graves, Curtis; Gray, Vivienne & Ulyses; Greenberg, Roger & Susan Steinfink
6Greene, Charles; Greer, Art; Gregory, Diane Cooper; Gregory, Margaret
7Griffin, Betsey; Griffin, Riga; Grissom, Fred & Juanita; Griswold, Jan M.
8Guillory, Curtis John (Bishop)
9Groppe, Henry; Gunasekera, Saumya; Guthrie, George C.
People Generally - G
3510 1961-71
11 1972-75
12 1976-80
13 1981-85
14 1986-90
People Individually - H
3515Haase, Janet H.; Hahn, James; Hale, Joe (Rev.); Haltom, Barbara
16Hafer Family (Claire, Fred, Randall F.)
17Handler, Ban; Handy, Jim; Hannan, Fred (Rev.); Hannay, Allen B. (Judge)
18Hansur, Kathleen; Hardt, Brenda & Bill
19Hardt, John Wesley
20Hardulak, Joan (1981-90) Correspondence
21Harrell, Bill (1981-90) Correspondence, religious tracts - various religious orgrnizations
22Hardy, Jay; Harmon, Melinda (Judge); Harper, Jack R.; Harris, Bill; Harris, Jack; Harte, Chris
23Harte, Ed & Janet (1968-89) Correspondence
24Hartfords; Hartwell, Irma L.; Hartzell, Jonathan (music by); Haskell, Charles N.
25Haskins, Betty; Hasten, Ralph
26Havens, Helen; Hay, Judy; Hayes, Robert E., Sr.; Hayes, Wm. Arthur
27Haygood, Hooper; Haymes, Frances DeLaura
28Haynes, Richard; Hays, Ray (Dr.); Hazelip, Linda
361Head, Hayden W., Jur. (Judge); Heard, Helen; Hearn, J. Woodrow; Heatherly, Joyce Landorf
2Hedgepeth, E.E., Jr.; Hedges, Dan; Hefner, Wm. R.; Heyck, Frances M.; Hill, Cora Lee; Hill, Mary E.
3Himsl, Sharon; Hines, Dorothy S. (Dot); Hinnichsen, Lynn; Hinojosa, Ricardo H. (Judge); Hittner, David (Judge)
4Hinson, William H. (Rev.) (1984-89) Correspondence, biography
5Hobby, William P. & Diane(1963-90)
6Hobby, Oveta Culp(1961-86)
7Hodapp, Leroy C.; Hodge, Sandy
8Hollins, Robert R.(1958-75)
9Holloway, Leonard L.; Holmes, Barbara; Holmes, John S.; Holt, Fred; Honnert, Quentin; House, Pam
10Hoover, J. Edgar(1959-65)
11Houston, Haviland C.; Howell, Sharon; Hoyt, Kenneth M.; Huddleston, Gail
12Hugg, Louisa (1)(1971-90) Correspondence and clippings
13Hugg, Louisa (2)(1971-90) Correspondence and clippings
14Hugg, Louisa (3)(1971-90) Correspondence and clippings
15Hugg, Louisa (4)(1971-90) Correspondence and clippings
16Hugg, Louisa (5)(1971-90) Correspondence and clippings
17Hugg, Louisa (6)(1971-90) Correspondence and clippings
18Hugg, Louisa (7)(1971-90) Correspondence and clippings
19Hugg, Louisa (8)(1971-90) Correspondence and clippings
20Hugg, Louisa (9)(1971-90) Correspondence and clippings
21Hughes, Lynn N. (Judge); Hughes, Sarah T. (Judge); Huie, Janice
22Hunt, Earl (Bishop); Huntley, Dreena
People Generally - H
3623 1961-66
24 1967-70
25 1971-74
26 1975-76
27 1977-78
28 1979-80
29 1981-83
30 1984-85
31 1986-90
People Individually - I
371Icenhour, David Edwin; Ireson, Roger (Dr.)
2Ingraham, Joe McDonald (Judge) (1964-90) Correspondence & clippings
People Generally - I
373 1961-78
People Individually - J
374Jacks, Terry L. (Judge); Jackson, Henry
5Jackson, Charles; Jackson, Homer H.; Jackson, Stuart A.; Jackson, Wm. A.
6Jamail, Joe; James, Betty Knowlin; James, Margaret M. (Rev.); Jaworski, Leon; Jefferson, Andrew L., Jr.
7Johnson, Gerald; Johnson, Opal; Johnson, (Ricky) Eric D.; Johnston, Paula Kay
8Jones, L. Annette (1987-89) Correspondence & speeches
9Jones, Camille; Jones, Charles (Dr.) & Kenneth F.; Jones, Edith Hollan (Judge)
10Jones, Edith Irhy (Dr.)(1965-85) Correspondence & biography
11Jones, Ezra Earl; Jones, Franklin, Sr.
12Jones, Gordon W.; Jones, Jesse H.; Jones, Sally; Jordan, Barbara; Jordan, Jessia O. Kaase (Mrs.)
13Judice, C. Raymond; Just, Carolyun Royall; Justice, Ellen
14Justince, Wm. Wayne (Judge)(1968-87) Correspondence, Opinions/Orders
People Generally - J
3715 1961-70
16 1971-75
17 1976-80
18 1981-85
19 1986-90
People Individually - K
3720Kamin, Dan; Kaminski, Pam; Kanak, Marvin R.; Karff, Damuel E. (Rabbi); Karpan, Marta; Katzenbach, Nicholas deB. (1964-70) Correspondence
21Visit to Houston by Attorney General Katzenbach, Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 1965
22Kazan, George P. (USDJ); Keegan, Mary; Keever, Tom; Kelber, Werner H.; Kelly, Bonnie; Kelly, Charles
23Kelly, Floy (Mrs. Charles); Kelly, Frank K.; Kelly, Harriet; Kelly, Joe E. (Judge); Kelsey, Thomas Randolph; Kemerer, Frank R.
24Kennedy, Edward M. (Sen.); Kennedy, Frank R.; Kennedy, John F.; Key, Jack
25Kidd, Bobbie (Mrs.) (1978-87); Kidd, Robert C. (1976-80)
26Kimberlin, Brett C. (USA vs.)
27Kinder, Charles E. (Rev.) (1979-80 Foundation for Evangelism)
28Kincaid, J. LaVon, Sr. (Dr.); King, Carolyn Randall (Judge); Kirkland, Rebecca (M.D.); Klinger, Sister Frances; Knapp, Arthur; Knapp, Julia; Knotts, David
29Kolenda, Konstantin (Prof.); Krause, Bruce (Rev.); Krause, Walter (Prof.)
People Generally - K
3730 1961-66
31 1967-73
32 1975-79
33 1980-84
34 1985-90
People Individually - L
381LaGrange, Vicki Miles (1) (1976-87) Correspondence & clippings
2LaGrange, Vicki Miles (2) (1976-87) Correspondence & clippings
3LaGrange, Vicki Miles (3) (1976-87) Correspondence & clippings
4Lacktman, Eric; Lake, Sim (Judge); Lambert, Kenneth H. (Rev.); Lane, Carol H.
5Larick, Don; Lauhoff, Herman; Lawson, David; LeCompte, Rodney; Leal, Manuel O. (Judge); Lee, Billy (Assistant City Attorney)
6Law, Janice (1980-85)
7Lee, Sheila Jackson; Leech, Dean
8Leenhouts, Keith J. (Judge) (1)(1964-85) Correspondence & clippings
9Leenhouts, Keith J. (Judge) (2)(1964-85) Correspondence & clippings
10Leenhouts, Keith J. (Judge) (3)(1964-85) Correspondence & clippings
11Leland, Mickey (U.S. Rep.); Leland, Rosa Marie
12Lence, Ross (Prof.); Lenox, Asbury (Rev.)
13Letzig, Betty J.; Lewis, Anthony; Lewis, Jennifer
14Lewis, Mark (Rev.) (1974-88) Correspondence & sermons
15Littell, Franklin (Dr.); Little, Don B. (Rev.); Little, Donna
16Lokey, Dorothy; Long, Charles A.; Lopez, Mary; Louis, Vincent de Paul; Lowerre, William G.
17Lord, Tom Forrester (1977-79) Dissertation on Woodrow Wilson
18Ludmilla, Blumova; Lufburrow, William A.; Lydick, Howard
People Generally - L
3819 1961-73
20 1974-75
21 1976-80
22 1981-85
23 1986-90
People Individually - M
3824Mahoney, Margaret A. (Judge); Maines, John D. (Rev.)
25Manchester, Norma; Manchester, Vicki
26Maness, Michael Anthony (1973-74) Correspondence, petition for Writ of Certiorari, Bell Co., Texas
27Manne, Beverly M.; Manne, Richard S.; Manuila, Dan; Markos, Laszlo; Martin, Crawford; Martin, James C.
28Martinez, Rebeca J.; Marx, Mrs. Paul (Betty); Mason, David; Massey, W.C.
29Matheny, Robert D; Matheny, Tom; Mathis, Betty; Mathison, Ed. M.
391Maverick, Maury Jr. (1963-82) Correspondence, articles
2May, Linda; May, Robert J.; Mayo, Jeanne; Meadows, Dave
3Medellin, Linda(1986-89) Correspondence (greeting cards)
4Mendel, Miriam
5Mendiola, Josa G. (Rev.); Meneffe, Hawkins; Merrill, Trish and Charles; Meza, Herbert
6Miggins, Larry; Miller, John R.; Miller, Richard High; Mills, Edith
7Mills, Stephanie; Mills, Van Ray; Mims, Carnegie H., Jr.; Mitcham, David; Mitchell, George J. (Sen); Mize, Katherine
8Mizell, Kizer; Mohler, Robert; Molai, Baptist; Montenegro, Marilyn; Montgomery, Leonora
9Montz, M.M.; Mooney, Donald; Moore, Francine; Moore, James W. (Rev.)
10Moore, John Paul; Moore, Mary Elizabeth; Morgan, Robert C.; Morkovsky, Bishop
11Morris, Carlos; Morris, John; Morris, Jim; Morris, Mell
12Moseley, Carrie; Mosley, Lawrence; Moss, Jane
13Moynihan, J.P.; Muckelroy, Charlotte M.; Murray, John; Murray, Louis; Murto, Thomas Viggers
People Generally - M
3914 1961-65
15 1966-67
16 1968-70
17 1971-74
18 1975-77
19 1978-82
20 1983-86
21 1987-90
People Individually - Mc
3922McAdams, Nancy; McAlpine, Fraser; McAvoy, Frank J.; McCarthy, Eugene (Sen.); McClellan, Bill
23McCarthy, John E. (Bishop) (1965-80) Correspondence, Master of Law Thesis
24McClellan, Thomas C (1968-83) Correspondence
25McCloud, Aline Beatrice (vs. E.S. Branch) CA 72-H-537 (1) (1972-94)
26McCloud, Aline Beatrice (vs. E.S. Branch) CA 72-H-537 (2) (1972-94)
27McCloud, Aline Beatrice (vs. E.S. Branch and vs. Richard M. Nixon, et al.) CA 72-H-537 (3) (1972-94)
28McClure, Cecilia Ann; McDaniel, Buddy; McDonald, Ben; McDonald, Gabrielle K. (Judge); McDonough, Edward B.
29McGary, Betty (Rev.); McGraw, Vernon Howard; McGrew, Mary; McHaney, Mrs. Tom; McQuary, Ray
30McKissick, James Robert, and Woolsey, Robert W.
31McSteen, Martha (1964-89) Correspondence & clippings
People Generally - Mc
401 1963-79
2 1980-88
People Individually - N
403Neale, Terrylin G.; Negrin, Robert L.; Nelson, George T.; Nelson, James L.; Neubert, Luise Baker; Newsome, Fred; Ngandu, Shaku; Nguyen, Nhu Mai; Nickerson Kathy
4Nixon, Walter L., Jr. (Judge) (1985-89) 1 letter, 1 clipping; & "The Trapping of a Federal Judge" by James Blake Holsted 1986
5Noel, James L., Jr. (Judge) (1) Correspondence & clippings
6Noel, James L., Jr. (Judge) (2) Correspondence & clippings
7Nixon, Richard M.; Norris, Ernis; Norris, Robert W.; Northcutt, Poppy; Nunn, Sam (Senator)
People Generally - N
408 1961-74
9 1975-80
10 1981-90
People Individually - O
4011O'Conor, Robert, Jr.; Odam, Guy
12Oliphant, Ben (Bishop) (1) (1984-90) Correspondence & clippings
13Oliphant, Ben (Bishop) (2) (1984-90) Correspondence & clippings
14Odam, Tal; Olds, Esther B.; Olshan, Immanuel; Olson, Carolyn; Ooley, James; Ortiz, Archibaldo
15Osteen, John (Rev.) & Dodie; Ouisies's (1); Outler, Albert C.
16Ouisies's (2) Clippings
People Generally - O
4017 1963-75
18 1976-85
People Individually - P
4019Pabst, William R.
20Pagels, Elaine; Palmer, Ruth; Parker, Tim; Parks, Annette; Patrick, Richard Glenn
21Pansini, J. Jude (1981-84) Correspondence, speeches
22Parten, Jubal Richard (1971-89)
23Paust, Jordon J. (1980) Correspondence, articles
24Peacock, Howard; Pecht, Nancy (U.S. Magistrate); Peddie, Collyn A.
25Peebles, Ewell; Pendergraft, Robert L.; Pepper, Morris; Percikow, Florence; Perot, H. Ross; Peterson, Henry M.
26Peterson, Kris (Rev.) (1986-89) Correspondence & clippings
27Peterson, Richard W.; Phariss, Chris; Phillips, Richard N.; Phillips, Tom
28Pigg, Kathy (Rev.); Pigg, Kelly; Pike, James A. (Bishop); Pinkett, Carole
29Pisano, Nocolleta; Pinsof, Lawrence (M.D.); Pinson, Ted (Wedding); Pollan, Thomas M.
30Pope John Paul II; Posey, Helen; Potts, Rada; Powell, Barbara; Prater, Wendy Lea
31Prather, Robert Charles; Pressler, Paul (Judge); Pressley, James D.; Preston, Carl Thomas; Pruett, J.R.
People Generally - P
4032 1962-72
33 1973-79
34 1980-85
35 1986-90
People Individually - Q
411Quartel, Donald R. "Rob"; Quayle, Thomas V.; Quillian, Joseph D., Jr.
People Generally - Q
412 1965-76
People Individually - R
413Railey, Walker; Rainey, John D. (Judge); Ramby, Rhonda; Ramsey, Red (1)
4Ramsey, Red (2) - clippings
5Randall, Carolyn D. (Judge); Randolph, Frankie (Mrs. R.D.) (1)
6Randolph, Frankie (Mrs. R.D.) (2) - clippings
7Rankin, Zoe; Ranzau, Cheryl; Rapp, Robert D.; Raschke, Jewell
8Rather, Dan; Reagan, Billy; Reagan, Nancy; Reagan, Ronald (President)
9Raymond, Joan (Dr.) (1)
10Raymond, Joan (Dr.) (2) - clippings
11Reagor, Anita & Melinda; Reavley, Thomas M. (Judge); Reese, William; Reese, Gary
12Rehnquist, William H. (Supreme Court Justice); Reichert, Mrs. James A.; Reilly, Betty (Mrs. Rod); Reilly, Rod; Rich, Diane Stanton
13Richards, Ann W.; Richards, Dianne; Richards, Kathy; Richardson, Gene (Mrs. J. Milton)
14Richardson, J. Milton (Bishop); Richardson, Jim; Richardson, Preston; Rieniets, Michael C.; Riney, Phyllis (Rev.)
15Rizzo, Martha; Robb, Ed; Robbins, T.Q. (Major); Roberts, Bill (Rev.)
16Roberts, Cheryl; Roberts, Don (Rev.); Roberts, James Z.
17Roberts, Robald E.; Roberts, Ruth; Robinson, Jane; Robinson, Robbie (Rev.)
18Robinson, Marian (1964-90)
19Roderick, Mrs. Robert C. (1965-80)
20Roe, Norman; Roesch, Gordon; Rogers, Don; Rogers, Verna; Rooks, Frank E., Jr.; Rosales, Martha
21Ross, Ed and Janice; Roth, Leonard M.; Rothko Chapel; Rouse, Bertist (Rev.); Rowan, Joseph
22Rubin, Alvan (Judge); Rudloff, Don F.; Russell, Avis (Mrs. J.C.); Russell, Joanne; Russell, John (Bishop); Russell, Warren Clarke
People Generally - R
4123 1961-70
24 1971-75
25 1976-80
26 1981-85
27 1986-90
People Individually - S
4128Said, Munira; Salazar, Ruben; San Pedro, Enrique (Bishop); Sanders, Barefoot (Judge); Sanders, Kathleen Yvonne Ramos
29Sanders, Pauls; Sanders, Willie A.; Daunders, Raymond; Scales, Roland T. (Bill) (Dr.); Scecina, John & Erika
30Schactel, Hyman J. (Rabbi); Schiffman, William T.
31Schattman, Michael D. (1) (1973-89) Correspondence & clippings
32Schattman, Michael D. (2) (1973-89) Correspondence & clippings
33Schlitt, Robert; Schneider, Michael Haygood; Schorre, Hilton; Schultz, William H. (Judge)
34Schulman, J. Frank (Rev.) (1) - mostly sermons
35Schulman, J. Frank (Rev.) (2) - sermons (1978-88)
421Scott, George, Jr. (Bishop)
2Scott, Jim Alice (1971-84) Correspondence
3Scott, Leslie D. (Rev.); Scott, Rosemary; Scott, William H., Jr.
4Scroggins, Lawrence & Joy; Scroggins, L. Richard; Secord, Richard (General); Seeman, David; Seitsinger, Ralph E.
5Seixas, Sara Marie (1)
6Seixas, Sara Marie (2)
7Seelinger, Wesley (Rev.) (1975-86) Correspondence
8Selden, Percy; Sessions, William S.; Settlemyre, Lynne (Rev.); Shand, Sally
9Shannon, Karen Ann; Shapiro, Kerry; Shattuck, Robery & Elizabeth; Sharp, Frank (1)
10Sharp, Frank (2) - clippings
11Shaw Family: Joyce Anna, Edwin P., Ben B., and Rodney
12Sheehy, Gail; Shell, Caroline
13Shepherd, Anthony; Sherer, Robert & Ann; Shoemake, James L.; Shook, Wallace T. (Rev.)
14Shoultz, Jack W. (Rev.) (1964-90) Correspondence
15Shoultz, William Hudson; Shuemate, L. Roger (Rev.)
16Simien, Monica G.; Simmons, Bertha; Simmons, Sylvia; Singer, Margaret
17Singleton, John V. (Judge) (1966-90) Correspondence
18Skaff, Ruth Ann; Sleeth, Ronald E.; Smith, Cyril J.
19Smith, Douglas M.; Smith, Garland F.
20Smith, J. Edwin (1965-88) Correspondence
21Smith, Jerry Edwin (Judge); Smith, Lindsy, Jr. (Rev.); Smith, Magnus Leo (1)
22Smith, Magnus Leo (2) - clippings
23Smith, R. Ted; Sneed, Bob (Rev.); Solomon, Dan E. (Rev.); Sontag, Susan
24Soule, Carl; Spaw, Louis D., Jr.; Spencer, Waurence Dean; Spencer, Ted
25Springer, Kay L. (1969-76) Correspondence, Term Paper 1975
26Sprice, Susan (1975-81)
27Spurrier, Patsy; Stafford, A. (Rev.); Stahl, Carmine A. (Rev.)
28Stahl, Louise; Stallcup, Jim; Staples, Ann; Staples, Winfred
29Stapleton, Carolyn; Starck, Patricia Lee
30Steele, Chris C. (Rev.) (1989-90) Correspondence, HB No. 1901 and SB 959 on AIDS
31Stearns, Joan; Steele, William D. (Rev.); Steere, Daniel (Rev.)
32Steger, William M. (Judge); Stein, Albert; Stephenson, Woody; Steppingstone (Jim Campbell); Sterling, Ross N. (Judge); Stevens, John F.
431Stock, Betty J.; Stool, Ann Elizabeth; Strange, Marilyn; Strickland, Don; Strickland, Joseph M.; Stroube, Henry Reynaud, III
2Suchocki, Marjorie H. (Dean)
3Stuttle, Scotty; Summers, Roger; Susman, Mark; Swearingen, A. Fred
4Susman, Morton L.
5Swafford, Ava; Swilley, Sister Catherine; Swinney, Jo Ann
People Generally - S
436 1961-70
7 1971-75
8 1976
9 1977-78
10 1979-80
11 1981-82
12 1983-85
13 1986-87
14 1988-90
People Individually - T
4315Talbert, Scott; Talley, James; Tapscott, Robert J.; Tarleton, Vincent B.; Taylor, Mrs. Glen; Taylor, Jay & Louise (Chicken Ranch Token)
16TeSelle, Sallie M. (Rev.); Temple, Latené (1)
17Temple, Latené (2) - clippings in Free Press
18Terrall, William D.; Thomas, Albert; Thomas, Paul; Thompson, Helen; Thornberry, Homer (Judge); Thornhill, Ann; Tilden, Jonnie Mae; Tillman, Harrell Gordeon (Judge)
19Tinsely, Eleanor
20Totty, Francelia E. (Judge); Tower, John (Senator); Tucker, Karen; Tucker, Robert H.; Turkson, Albertine B.
21Trotter, F. Thomas (1)
22Trotter, F. Thomas (2) - Newspaper columns
23Turner, William ("Bill") L. (Rev.) (1) - 1986-90 (Nashville Banner)
24Turner, William ("Bill") L. (Rev.) (2) - Sermons
25Tynes, Bonnie P.; Tyree, Mrs. James I. (Atlee Ann); Tyson, Roy K.
People Generally - T
4326 1962-75
27 1976-85
28 1986-90
People Individually - U
4329Underwood, Walter (Bishop) Correspondence 1978-87
People Generally - U
4330 1961-90
People Individually - V
441Van Hightower, Nikki (1) Correspondence, biography1976-90
2Van Hightower, Nikki (2) Clippings
3Van Hightower, Nikki (3) Clippings
4Vance, Carol S.; Vaught, Howard; Vela, Filemon B.; Vickery, Regina Shields; Vrieze, Judy
5Vestal, Truett H.
People Generally - V
446 1961-90
People Individually - W
447Wade, Glenna Sue (Mrs.); Wallis, Robert B.; Walton, F. Tom
8Wade, Jow Eugene (1971-79) Correspondence
9Walker, Carl, Jr. (Judge)
10Walsh, William F. (1963)
11Ward, A. Dudley (Dr.); Wardell, Susan Rest
12Warden, Dan L.; Warner, Ann L.; Warner, A.; Warner, Don; Warren, Swain M.; Washington, Craig (U.S. Rep.)
13Waters, Bob E. (Rev.); Watson, David Lowes; Watson, Elizabeth M.; Watson, Nancy L.; Wavpotich, Susan
14Weaver, Carla; Weber, Leona
15Weems, Lovett Hayes, Jr. (1976-81) Correspondence
16Weems - clippings
17Weidman, Judy; Weingarten, Michael
18Weitzel, La Nell; Welch, Louie
19Wells, J.D. "Sonny"; Werlein, Ewing, Jr.; Wertz, D. Frederick (Bishop); Welch, Louie
20Wesley, John; West, Clarence; West, Jenna; Wheatfall, Charles; Wheless, R.F., Jr. (Judge); White, Alan
21White, Dale
22White, Mark (Gov.); Whitehead, Malissa
23Whitmire, Kathryn J. (Mayor) 1981-90
24Whitney, Fred C. (1962-87)
25Wilkey, Malcolm R. (Judge); Wilkie, Rickard "Dick" B. (Rev.); Williams, Charles W. (Rev.)
26Williams, Florence H.; Williams, Imogene; Williams, Stephen G.; Williams, Trudy
27Williamson, David; Williamson, Ed; Wilson, Mrs. A.R. (Evie Joe); Wilson, Alice P.
28Wilson, Charles (U.S. Rep.); Wilson, Joe (Rev.); Wilson, William "Bill"; Wine, James
29Winfield, Brother; Winfrey, J.C.; Wisdom, Minor (Judge); Wolfe, Betty; Womack, John; Woodman, Linda
30Woodward, Halbert O. (Judge); Woolf, Gerald & Sharon (Krebbs); Woolsley, Bob; Wright, Charles Alan (Prof.); Wright, Jim (U.S. Rep.)
31Wright, Robin (1975-90) Correspondence
32Wright, Wynn & Carol; Wurzburg, Joceyln
33Wyatt, Oscar
People Generally - W
451 1961-65
2 1966-70
3 1971-73
4 1974-75
5 1976-77
6 1978-80
7 1981-85
8 1986-90
People Individually - X, Y, Z
459Yarborough, Ralph (1) 1959-90
10Yarborough, Ralph (2) 1959-90
11Yarborough, Ralph (3) 1959-90
12Yarborough, Ralph (4) 1959-90
13Yarborough, Ralph (5) 1959-90
14Yarborough, Ralph (6) 1959-90
15Yarborough, Ralph (7) 1959-90
16Yarborough, Ralph (8) 1959-90
17Yarborough, Ralph (9) 1959-90
18Yarborough, Ralph (10) 1959-90
19Yang, Shu Ying; Zindler, Marvin; Zirpoli, Judge; Zottelle, Pedro (Bishop)
People Generally - X, Y, Z
4520 1960-89
21Newspaper ad 1976

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