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Citizens Environmental Coalition Collection:

An Inventory of Its Records at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Citizens Environmental Coalition
Title Citizens Environmental Coalition Collection
Dates: 1969-1986
Identification RG F 019
Extent 23 Boxes
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Historical Note

Founded in 1970 to coordinate the activities of environmental groups (over 40 in 1977) in public education and to sponsor "Public Inquiries" - open discussions for industry and concerned citizens of local environmental issues, the Citizens' Environmental Coalition (CEC) is still active and publishes a monthly newsletter.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of the papers of the Coalition from 1971 to 1981, and the CEC Education Fund Inc. (CECEF). It includes the following types of information: correspondence, newsletter (Newsleaf), minutes of meetings, financial information, grants, reports, special events, Task Forces, educational programs, hearings and inquiries stemming from its active involvement in the environmental concerns of the Upper Gulf Coast area, in particular the Toxic Waste Task Forces and the bayou and open space preservation.

The topics of the reports, hearings, inquiries and task forces include: land subsidence and waste water refuse, open beaches, mass transit, flood plain management, air quality, energy conservation, fluoridation, ship channel pollution, Matagorda Island conservation, air pollution/emission control and toxics task forces.


The collection is arranged as follows: Boxes 1 thru 4 are the business papers arranged chronologically; Box 5 contains CEC reports and information on various environmental concerns; Boxes 6 through 13 contain extensive reports of the Toxic Waste Task Forces and Boxes 14 & 15 contain odd numbers of a wide range of environmental periodicals in Texas (except for folder 7 thru 14 of Box 15 which are non-Texas publications).
Box 16 contains 75 photographs and slides of CEC activities and Houston views, especially of Buffalo Bayou.
The last 7 boxes contain reports and surveys relating to the concerns of the Task Forces.


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Index Terms

Airspace (Law)--Texas
Clean Air Act Amendments Symposium (1977: Houston, Tex.)
Continental shelf--Mexico, Gulf of--Maps, Topographic
Energy conservation--Texas--Houston
Environmental education--Texas--Houston--Societies, etc.
Environmental protection--Texas--Houston
Floodplain management--Texas--Harris County
Hazardous wastes--Texas
Hazardous wastes--Texas--Beaumont
Hazardous wastes--Texas--Galveston
Hazardous wastes--Texas--Houston
Local transit--Texas--Houston
Subsidences (Earth movements)--Texas--Houston
Texas. Open Beaches Law, 1959
United States. Toxic Substance Control Act
Armadillo Coalition of Texas
Bayou Preservation Association (Houston, Tex.)
Citizens Environmental Coalition (Houston, Tex.)
Houston City Planning Commission
Texas Air Control Board
Texas Coastal and Marine Council
Matagorda Island (Tex.)
Memorial Park (Houston, Tex.)--Poetry
Other Names
Emmott, Sarah

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Citizens Environmental Coalition Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Detailed Description

1. Business Records

Box Folder
1 1 Citizen's Advisory Coalition Purpose and history
2 Citizen's Environmental Coalition (CEC) Platform 1971, 1972
3 CEC Platform and By-laws 1973
4 CEC Education Fund Inc. (CECEF) - Constitution, By-laws
5 Board Members
6 Board member biographies 1979
7 Invitation list
8 Invitation list (Originals) 1979
9 Fund raising - model letters, mailing list, rough notes
10 Corporate contributions 1969; 1971-1975; 1978-1980.
11 Correspondence with NSF re. grant proposals
12 General Assembly meetings June 1970, Jan. 1972, Apr. 1972, Jan. 1973, Sept. 1973, Oct. 1973
13 CECEF 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975
14 Fund raising 1971
15 Task Forces - Jan. 4, 1971
16 CEC Executive Committee minutes 1970-1971
17 Fund Raising 1972
18 Newsletter - rough draft 1972
19 Old Newsletters 1972-1973
20 CECEF Minutes of Trustee Meetings 1972-1973
21 Fund raising 1973
22 Tax Certificates - former employees 1973-1974, clipping
23 Fund raising 1974
24 CECEF Trustee Meetings 1974. Report to General Assembly.
25 Executive Committee meetings 1972-1974
26 CECEF statement, calendar, newsletter 1974
27 Water Quality Awareness Workshop. Purchase Order 1974
28 General Assembly 1974
29 Contributions and donors 1974, 1975
30 Financial Reports 1974-1975
31 CEC old Newsletters 1974-1975
32 Bank Accounts: American Trust Co.; American Banks & Trust Co.; 1974, 1975
33 Board and Trustees 1974-1975
Box Folder
2 1 Ledger books; bank reconciliations; 1975
2 Fund raising 1975
3 General Assembly May 26, 1975
4 Correspondence 1975
5 Miscellaneous 1975
6 Proposed Energy Statement 1975
7 Exxon Co. Grant Proposal correspondence 1975
8 Galveston Bay Conference 1975 - Final Report to Financial Statement (Sent to HEW)
8 Galveston Bay Conference 1975 - Correspondence July 15, 1975
10 Galveston Bay Conference 1975 - Expenditures
11 CEC Brochure - drafts and notes
12 CECEF Board Meeting minutes - Aug. 1975 and June 1976
13 CECEF Meeting July 17, 1971
14 CECEF Annual Meeting May 24, 1976
15 Fund raising 1976
16 CEC Board Meetings - minutes, Aug 1976
17 Received correspondence 1976
18 Houston Chronicle order 1976 (Memorial Park article)
19 "Ode to Memorial Park" - March 21, 1976
20 CEC Annual Meeting May 24, 1976
21 Paid bills 1976-1978
22 Correspondence 1976-1977
23 Received correspondence 1977
24 CEC Board and General Assembly meetings 1976-1977 (Delegate list)
25 History of CEC - March 1977
26 CEC Tax Return Form 990 1976 and working papers
27 CECEF Luncheons 1977
28 CECEF Environmental calendars
29 CEC Newsleaf Dec. 1976 and misc. 1977
30 Operating Budget 1976-1977
31 "Welcome to CEC" 1977
32 CEC "October Special" -
including Mayoral Candidate Forum
Box Folder
3 1 CECEF Lay-outs
2 CECEF Newsleaf1978
3 Annual Report 1978
4 Board Meeting Minutes 1978
5 Correspondence and contributions 1978
6 Records - expenses 1978
7 Correspondence 1978
8 Deposit slips 1978
9 Statements - First City Bank 1978
10 Financial Reports 1978
11 Tax Forms - First City National Bank 1978
12 Tax Forms - 1978
13 Tax Return - working papers 1978
14 Tax Returns - April 1978 - March 1979
15 Tax - IRS correspondence 1978
16 Houston Planning Commission. CEC nominees 1978
17 Fund Raising 1978, 1979
18 Correspondence 1979
19 CECEF Field trips 1979
20 Allied American Bank - statements and account. Closure of Hike & Bike Fund. 1979
21 Allied American CECEF Account, statements & closure 1978, 1979
22 Adventure Playground Fund 1977, Allied American Bank Statements 1977-1979, account closure
23 First City National Bank Statements 1978, 1979
24 Air Fund - First National City Bank 1979
25 Funding - BBB, United Fund 1979
26 Bank accounts - correspondence 1979
27 Paid Bills. April 1, 1978 - March 31, 1979
28 CEC Newsletters 1979
29 Speakers 1979
30 CEC Board meetings 1979
32 Fund raising proposals - 1979
33 Misc. receipts 1979
34 CECEF 1979
Box Folder
4 1 CEC Current Projects / Inspection/Maintenance state 1980
2 CEC Thank-you letter form 1980
3 Treasurer - notes and blank forms 1980
4 Membership lists other organizations 1978-1981
5 Contributions - financial year 1980
6 CEC Garage and Plant Sale 1980
7 Membership dues and reports - September 1980
8 Correspondence Jan.-June 1980
9 Correspondence July-Dec. 1980
10 CEC Renewal letter and information sheet Sept. 1980
11 CEC General 1980. Part 1
12 CEC General 1980. Part 2
13 CEC General 1981. Part 1
14 CEC General 1981. Part 2

2. Reports on environmental concerns

Box Folder
5 1 CECEF Newsletter
2 CEC Newsletter
3 Newsletter writing instructions/notes
4 CEC "Observer Corps" forms/instructions
5 CEC Report "Is Houston Worth It?" Nov. 15, 1971
6 CEC Report Mass Transit. Oct. 1972
7 CEC Report "A Fresh Look" at Mass Transit. March 1974
8 CEC Report The Houston Ship Channel. Nov. 12, 1974
9 CEC Report "Will Man Survive". May 1974
10 Recycle Day. April 20, 1974
11 Recycle Day. Financial Statements and Donations
12 Flood Plain Management Harris Co. - CEC Inquiry Feb. 18, 1975
13 Flood Plain Management Harris Co. - CEC Report
14 CEC Testimony at Texas Air Control Board Transportation Hearings May 28, 1975
15 CEC Report - Air Rights, Jan. 1974
16 Energy Conservation Ancillary Planning 1974 - by Rice Center for Community Research and Design
17 Fluoridation in Public Water Oct. 16, 1972
18 Post Water Workshop suggestions 1972
19 Inquiry on land subsidence and waste water re-use
20 Report on Open Beaches, by Burgess Griesenbeck and Sarah Emmott. October 1972
21 Inquiry by CEC on Matagorda Island. June 1975
22 Education information on Ecology
23 Education sources on Environment
24 Clean Air Conference participants
25 Houston Gardening and Ecology Calendar 1980
26 Bayou Preservation Association - Supplemental Report Nov. 5, 1978
27 Involvement Day, Jacques Cousteau Society
28 List of Cousteau films and books 1979
29 Wilderness/RARE II Wilson Hearing 1979
30 Gulf/Continental Shelf Topographical Maps - U.S. Dept. of the Interior Environmental Statement
31 The Support Center 1980, 1981 (Fund raising instructions, etc.)
32 The Support Center - Financial Management Workshop June 24, 1981

3. Reports of Toxic Waste Task Forces

Box Folder
6 1 Bayou Preservation Association April 1978 - Preliminary Investigation, phase 1 - G. Lanier
2 Citizens Association for Sound Energy 1977
3 Armadillo Coalition of Texas
4 Brass Tacks - Toxic Wastes - Report by "Texas Environmental Coalition" and For The People
5 Toxic Substances. Act, commentary, primer 1979
6 Beaumont Toxic Waste Task Force 1979, 1980
7 Beaumont Toxic Waste Task Force 1980, 1981
8 Houston Toxic Waste Task Force 1980 (1)
9 Houston Toxic Waste Task Force 1980 (2)
10 Houston Toxic Waste Task Force 1980 (3)
11 CECEF Final Report - Toxic Substances Oct. 1, 1979, Oct. 31, 1980
12 Houston Toxic Waste Task Force - meeting notices, agendas, participants 1980
Box Folder
7 1 Houston Task Force - meeting notices, agendas, minutes, participants 1981 (1)
2 Houston Task Force - meeting notices, agendas, minutes, by-laws 1981 (2)
3 Houston Task Force - meeting notices, agendas, minutes, misc. 1981 (3)
Box Folder
8 1 CEC Toxic Steering Committee Meetings 1979, 1980
2 Houston Toxic Substances Task Force Public Forum 1980 / Toxic Substances Control Act Sect. 8(c)
3 H.T.S.T.F. Public Forum 1981
4 Clippings - Toxic Sites - H.G.A.C. Toxic Files 1979-1980
5 Toxics - Miscellaneous information 1979, 1980 Background materials (reports, surveys)
6 STABLEX - 1979, 1980, 1981 (1) Reports, etc..
7 STABLEX - 1981 (2)
8 STABLEX - 1981 (3)
Box Folder
9 1 Toxic Substances Conference Nov. 1979
2 CECEF Inspection/Monitoring Program, Reports, Organization, Finances. 1980
3 CECEF Inspection/Monitoring. Background papers, E.P.A. Grant applications rules
4 Inspection/Maintenance. Papers from Texas Air Control Board, E.P.A., CECEF
5 I/M. Activities. Background papers - E.P.A., American Lung Association. 1980
6 Toxic Substances - Background 1975, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980
6 Symposium on Clean Air Act Amendments April 10, 1977 Steering Committee, speakers. Information on running workshops
7 League of Women Voters. Toxic Papers (1)
8 League of Women Voters. Toxic Papers (2)
Box Folder
10 1 Toxic Grant - Original, 2nd year grant 1979-1982 (1)
2 Toxic Grant - Original, 2nd year grant 1979-1982 (2)
3 Toxic Site Identification 1981 (1)
4 Toxic Site Identification 1981 (2)
5 Toxic Correspondence 1980
6 Toxic Correspondence 1981
7 Toxic Correspondence 1981
Box Folder
11 1 Toxic Grant - financial notes
2 Toxic Substances Task Force File - 1980, 1981
3 Toxic Substances Task Force File - 1982, undated
4 Anne Alexander's Task Force Files 1981 (1)
5 Anne Alexander's Task Force Files 1981 (2)
6 Anne Alexander's Task Force Miscellaneous file
Box Folder
12 1 Toxic Conference Surveys - Nov. 17, 1979
2 Toxic Conference U.T. Reservations 1979
3 Texas Dept. of Water Resources - letter May 2, 1980
4 Local and Regional Management for Municipal Solid and Hazardous Wastes Dec. 4 - Dec. 5, 1980. Conference Data
5 Newsletters from other Task Forces, 1980, 1981
6 Toxic Task Force Steering Committee Aug. 21, 1980
7 Position Paper - Toxic Task Force, April 1981 (Legislative)
8 Resumé - History of Toxic Task Force August 1981
9 Mid-Term Report - 2nd Year 1981, 1982
10 Toxic Task Force - Final Report, 1979-1982
11 Toxic Task Force - 2nd Year. Final Report. 1980-1982
13 Liberty Waste Disposal Company. Permit correspondence 1980, 1982
Box Folder
13 1 Galveston Toxic Waste Task Force - plans, members activities 1980-1981
2 Galveston Toxic Waste Task Force - plans, members activities 1981
3 Galveston Toxic Waste Task Force - Newsletters 1981-1983
4 CEC. Background papers. Application for Federal Assistance. Water Quality Conference 1979
5 Toxic Conference - Plans, mailing list, attendees 1979
6 Houston - Toxics, Labor organization. 1979, 1980
7 Texas Air Control Board Minutes Aug. 23, 1985, Dec. 7, 1984 Research Objectives 1985. Letter 1984. Clear Blue Summer-Fall 1982
8 Clipping "Wildlife habitats threatened" Galveston Daily NewsApril 19, 1985
9 TSCA Bulletin 1983 on pesticides National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides Newsletter Dec. 1984/Jan. 1985
10 Misc. 1983, 1984
11 South Central Regional Leaders' Conference, May 30, 1984
12 Freeport Bay City Task Force, Jan. 9, 1980
13 ARMCO in Houston. Reports - Air & Water Pollution. 1976
14 Texas Environmental Coalition, Round Tables 1984, 1985

4. Periodicals - Odd Copies

Box Folder
14 1 Alert - Bicycle Information Committee; A.M.I.G.O. Newsletter; Armand Bayou Nature Center
2 Barrier Islands Newsletter; Bayou Banner; Bayou Bulletin; Bayou Preservation Association Newsletter
3 Billboards Limited; Center Report (TX Center for Rural Studies); Central Texas Lignite Watch; Comments - Gulf Coast Waste Disposal; Common Cause
4 Conservation Progress; Con # Serve Dallas; Dallas Bike Link; Environmental Digest; Environmental Update
5 Freeze Report; Galveston Bay Conservation & Preservation Newsletter; Houston Archaeological Society; Houston Audubon Soc. Bulletin
6 Houston Bicycle Club Newsletter; HGAC Spectrum; HGRTS Newsletter
7 Houston Peace News; Houston Solar Energy Society
8 Live Oak Fund Newsletter; Nature Notes - Outdoor Nature Club
9 Neartown News
10 Park People News; Precinct Report; Sierra Club Newsletter - Galveston
11 Spoonbill 1984 & 1985 (1 copy 1982, 1986)
12 Texas Coastal & Marine Council Clips/Briefs Vol. 8 1983 (some)
13 Texas Coastal & Marine Council Clips/Briefs Vol. 9 1983/1984
14 Texas Coastal & Marine Council Clips/Briefs Vol. 10 1984/1985
15 Texas Environmental Coalition Newsletter; Texas Health Letter; Texas Horizons; Texas Land Use Journal
Box Folder
15 1 Texas Parks & Wildlife News1983-1984
2 Texas Parks & Wildlife News1985
3 Texas Pesticide Watch
4 Texas Pollution Report1984, 1985
5 Texas Rivers Bulletin; Texas Water Resources; Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition 1984
6 Two Wheel Transit Authority; Voter; Texas Voter; What News; Wildflower
Box Folder
15 7 Atomic Industrial Forum - Nuclear info. 1983-1986; Audubon Leader
8 Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes - Action Bulletin; Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes - Everyone's Backyard
9 Conservation Foundation Newsletter 1984
10 Defense & Disarmament News; EDF Letter; Environment Population; ECO-alert; Global Perspective Quarterly
11 NRDC Newsline; National Science Foundation Bulletin
12 National Wildlife Federation's Conservation; Natural Hazards Observer 1984, 1985
13 Safe Energy Communication Council; Sierra Club National News Report
14 Sun Times; UCS Testimony; EPA News; U.S. Department of Interior Fish & Wildlife letter - Jan. 10, 1985, News releases on: Pesticides, Waterfowl, Prairie Chicken; HUD News

5. Photographs and slides

16 Photographs and slides

6. Reports, surveys, etc.

17 Hearings before a Sub-committee of the Committee of Government Operations, House of Representatives, 92 Congress Session (First) June 9-10, 1971
Stream Channelization, Part III
Stream Channelization, Part IV
Texas Reports on Biology and Medicine. Published at the University of Texas, Medical Branch, Galveston. Volume 37, 1978.
Environmental Cancer: A Report to the Public. Proceedings of a Conference on the relationship between environmental chemicals and cancer.
Clear Creek: An Endangered Species. Public Information Workshop sponsored by Clear Creek Basin Authority. Webster Intermediate School, Webster, Texas May 1975
The Water's Edge. The National Forum on the Future of the Floodplain with emphasis on open spaces and outdoor recreation. Issue papers
Proceedings of the National Science Board Regional Forum, Public Participation and Science Policy. Forum hosted by Dallas County Community College. April 12, 1977
The Mitchell Prize. 1982. Competition finalists. The roles of the Private Sector held in conjunction with The Woodlands Conference on Sustainable Societies. "The Future and the Private Sector". Nov. 7, 1982, Nov. 10, 1982. The Woodlands, Texas
18 Gulf Coast State Planning Region
1978 Unified Work Program for Transportation Planning, as amended December 9, 1977
Citizen Participation Program for Multimodal Transportation Planning. Phase I. Citizen Input. Summaries and analysis, December 1977
1976 Annual Report for Transportation
National Wildlife Federation. The Toxic Substances Dilemma. A plan for citizen action. (Received by CEC October 6, 1980).
Cypress Creek. A Basic Watershed Management Study by James Veltman & Associates and the Department of Landscape Architecture, Texas A&M University.
Memorial Park Ecological Survey by Don Kennard, Frank Hoe, James C. Knoll, John E. Williams. A consideration of the ecological impact of an oil and gas development program. 1975
Summary Report. Analysis of the Role of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway in Texas
Gulf Oil Company. Energy Policy Statement.
Goals and Objectives '70's. Houston/Galveston Area. By the Citizen's Planning Committee. Committee's goals for Texas. Sent to the Honorable Preston Smith, Governor of Texas, Austin, Texas, June 1, 1970.
The Second Annual Clear Creek Basin Water Quality Study 1972
Fact book on major Texas electrical utilities and the household sector: Socioeconomic and demographic profile, by Seymour Warkov, The Energy Institute, University of Houston. August 1977
Surface water development in Texas by two professors of the Texas Agricultural Experimental Station, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, May 1, 1977
Transportation Study. A survey of the riders on the bus-on-freeway project in Houston by Donald A. Davis, July 1977
Research Project Technical Completion Report. Sept. 1972-Feb. 1974. Development of criteria for evaluating urban rural settings for tourism-recreation use, June 1974
Texas Water Resources Institute. Texas A&M University. Natural Area Surveys:
No. 14. Enchanted Rock. Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs University of Texas at Austin 1979
No. 13. Rio Grande-Falcon Thorn Woodland. 1976.
With accompanying maps.
No. 12. Maps only: Bofecillos Mountains, 1976
No. 11. Colorado Canyon. 1976.
With accompanying maps.
No. 10. Fresno Canyon. 1976.
With accompanying maps
No. 9. The Solitario. 1976.
With accompanying maps.
Mount Livermore and Sawtooth Mountain. Supplement to Part III of V. Published 1973. Supplemented 1975
Blue Elbow Swamp. Part V of VIII. 1975
Canadian Breaks. Part VII of VIII. 1975
Devil's Sink Hole Area - Headwaters of the Nueces River. Pt. VIII of VIII. 1975
19 Petition for Review and Revision of Ambient Air Quality Standard for Photochemical Oxidents and Requirements for Control. Prepared by Air Pollution Control Program, City of Houston Health Department July 1977
Regional Directory 1980. Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission, Nederland, Texas
Regional Industrial Waste Management Study. December 1980. North Central Texas Council of Governments.
The State Of Texas Environmental Protection Agency
Agreement for Fiscal Year 1981. Appendices
Agreement for Fiscal Year 1981. Work Program Appendices
Agreement for Fiscal Year 1981. Responsiveness Summary
Agreement for Fiscal Year 1981. Executive Summary
Senate Natural Resources Committee. Interim Report to the 67th Legislature. A.R. Schwartz, Chairman. (Received CEC July 1981)
Texas Land Resources: Problems and Possibilities, by the House of Representatives Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. Report to the 64th Legislature 1974
(Marked: Rare. 2 copies)
Gulf Coast State Planning Region
Multimodal Transportation Planning. Directory of Committees.
June 1978
June 1979
Guide to Texas Environmental Regulatory Programs due 1988 by Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council
The Governor's Energy Advisory Council Technical Report No. 77002. Alternatives to the Energy Crisis. April 1977
Texas Department Of Water Resources
Texas Water Development Board. Industrial Solid Waste Rules. Texas Administrative Codes. Sections 335.1 thru 335.45.
Interim Report. Waste Water Facility Needs, San Jacinto Basin (Year 2) Preliminary Review Copy. Draft prepared by San Jacinto River Authority (Received CEC Jan. 1982)
Water Planning Information. Southeast Texas and upper Gulf Coast Region with State summary data June 1983.
Hazardous Waste Management in Texas. Nov. 1981
Planned Summary Report for the San Jacinto Basin Water Quality Management Plan. June 1978
Solid Waste Management Plan for Texas 1980-1986. Volume II - Industrial Solid Waste. Draft. Nov. 1980
The State of Texas Water Quality Inventory. Fifth Edition. 1980.
Report 221 - Analytical Study of the Ogallala Aquifer In Yoakum Co., Texas. Projections of saturated thickness, volume of water in storage, pumpage rates, pumping lifts, and well yields. Sept. 1978
Report 220 - Artificial ground-water recharge as a water-management technique on the south High Plains of Texas and New Mexico. Aug. 1978
Report 219 - Weather modification activities in Texas 1974-1977. Aug. 1978
Report 218 - Occurrence and quality of ground water in Baylor County, Texas. July 1978
Report 215 - Occurrence, quality and availability of ground water in Jones County, Texas. April 1978
Report 212 - Analytical Study of the Ogallala Aquifer In Briscoe County, Texas. Projections of saturated thickness, volume of water in storage, pumpage rates, pumping lifts, and well yields. May 1977
Texas Water Plan. Quick Copy. Jan. 1982
Texas Coastal & Marine Council
Texas Coastal Legislation. Third Edition. Dec. 1977
Pictorial Atlas of Texas Coastal Hazards. Jan. 1970.
Texas Coastal Legislation. Oct. 1975
Public Hearing Transcripts. "Spoil and Mitigation". Galveston August 1976. Senator A.R. Schwartz, Chairman
Potential Wind Damage Reduction through use of Wind Resistant Building Standards. Preliminary Copy. By William G. Lesso. Dec. 1976
Report to the 65th Legislature. Marine Commerce. Jan. 1977.
Texas Coastal Legislation. Second Edition. Oct. 1975
Outline of Legislation concerning the prevention and clean up of oil and hazardous substances discharged into waters, prepared by Texas Law Institute of Coastal and Marine Council, Bates College of Law
Artificial Reefs for Texas. March 1974. Sea Grant program. Prepared by Industrial Economics Division, Texas A&M University. University of Houston
Hurricane Resistant Building Standards and Natural Hazards. Report to the 65th Legislature. Jan. 1977.
Model Minimum Hurricane Resistant Building Standards for the Texas Gulf Coast. Sept. 1976
Oil on the Texas Coast. Jan. 1975 A report on oil spills on the Texas coast
20 The Taking Issue. A study of the Constitutional limits of governmental authority to regulate the use of privately-owned land without paying compensation to the owners. Written for the Council on Environmental Quality by Fred Bosselman, David Callies, John Banta.
Supplemental Draft. Environmental Impact Statement. Houston Rail Rapid Transit Project. METRO. March 1983
Houston Rail Rapid Transit Project. Harris County, Texas. March 9, 1983
U.S. Department of Interior. Forest Service Gulf Coast States and Puerto Rico Supplement to USDA Forest Service Environmental Statement. Roadless Area Review and Evaluation (RARE II). June 1978
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Soil Conservation Service Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines for Developing Areas in Texas. Temple, Texas 1976
Department of the Interior. Fish & Wildlife Service Category VIII. Texas Gulf Coast. Wetlands Preservation Program. March 1977
Department of the Interior. Urban Soil Erosion and Sediment Control by the National Association of Counties Research Foundation. Federal Water Quality Administration, May 1970
EPA Draft Environmental Impact Statements:
Martin Lake, D Area, Lignite Surface Mine, Henderson, Rusk Counties, Texas. March 1983.
Malakoff Electric Generating Station and Trinity Mine, Henderson and Anderson Counties, Texas. Feb. 1983
Twin Oaks Steam Electic Station, Robertson County, Texas. Sept. 1982
Henry W. Pirkey Power Plant Unit-1. The South Hallsville Surface Lignite Mine project, Harrison County, Texas. March 1982
Limestone Electric Generating Station and Jewett Mine, in Freestone, Limestone and Leon Counties, Texas. April 1981. Draft
EPA Report: Environment Abstract Series. Bibliography on mined-land reclamation intra-agency energy/environment. R&D program Report April 1979
EPA Environmental Protection Technology Series February 1976. Evaluation of Eight Novel Fine Particle Collection Devices.
EPA: Hydrocarbon Emissions from Asphalt Plants, Seminar, Asphalt Industry Environmental Solutions, January 1978
Final Report. Gibbons Creek Lignite Project. Grimes County, Texas. April 1981
21 U.S. Army, Engineers, Corps of Engineers, Galveston:
Survey Report on Clear Creek, Texas. Flood Control. 1967
Flood Plain Information. Cedar Bayou, Houston. Metropolitan Area, Texas, June 1972
Flood Plain Information. Greens and Halls Bayous. Harris County, Texas, June 1972
Burnett and Crystal and Scott Bays and Vicinity, Baytown, Texas, Jan. 1975
Vince and Little Vince Bayous, Texas. Oct. 1977 Final Environmental Impact Statement
Multi-purpose Deep Water Port and Crude Distribution System at Galveston, Texas. (To construct) Final Environmental Impact Statement. Volume I
Multi-purpose Deep Water Port and Crude Distribution System at Galveston, Texas. (To construct) Final Environmental Impact Statement. Volume II. Sept. 1979
Buffalo Bayou and Tributaries, Texas. Flood damage prevention. Interim Report on Sims Bayou. Main report and Environmental Impact Statement. 1982
Buffalo Bayou and Tributaries, Texas. Flood damage prevention. Interim Report on Sims Bayou. Main report and Environmental Impact Statement. Appendices
U.S. Dept. of the Army, Office of the Chief Engineer, Washington, D.C.
Perspective on Flood Plain Regulations for Flood Plain Management, June 1976.
U.S. Dept. of the Army, Fort Worth, Texas
Sterling C. Robertson Dam and Limestone Lake on the Navasota River, Texas. Leon, Limestone and Robertson Counties. Final Environmental Statement
Forest Grove Dam and Reservoir on Caney Creek Tributary to the Trinity River, Texas. Henderson County. Final Environmental Impact Statement
Trinity River Project, Texas. Project Memorandum No. 1V. General Design Memorandum. Main report. Executive Summary. Environmental Statement, Volume I of V. Rec'd Oct. 1981
Trinity River Project, Texas. Project Memorandum No. 1V. General Design Memorandum. Main report. Executive Summary. Environmental Statement, Volume II of V. Appendix IV. Plan Formulation.
22 Texas Air Control Board
Control of Vinyl Chloride Emissions in Texas. March 14, 1977
Final Report on the Sulfur Dioxide air quality for Brazoria County. Oct. 1979
Final Report on the Sulfur Dioxide air quality for Nueces County. Nov. 1979
Final Report. Harris County Ozone Characterization Study. Sept. 1981. Prepared by Arthur Young.
Texas Natural Resources Council
Texas Coastal Natural Resources Issues. Preliminary Report. Feb. 1978
Texas Coastal Natural Resources Issues. Report. June 1978
Texas Coastal Management Program
1972 A Comprehensive Report to the 63rd Texas Legislature by Inter-Agency Council on Natural Resources and the Environment.
1973 A Conceptual Report. The Management of Bay and Estuarine Systems in the Texas Coast Zone. Phase II. Preliminary Environmental Assessment of the effect of Man's Activities on Coastal Environmental Units.
1975 Second Year. By General Land Office of TX.
1975 The Coastal Economy: An Economic Report. Gen. Land Office of TX.
1976 Hearing Draft. Executive Summary. Gen. Land Office of TX.
1976 Hearing Draft. Gen. Land Office of TX.
1976 Appendices.
1976 Public Hearing. Houston. Transcripts. Current Permitting Processes in State and Federal Natural Resource Agencies - Volume II
1976 Report to the Governor, 65th Legislature
1976 Report to the Governor, 65th Legislature - Appendices
1977 A Study to access the feasibility of inland canals as an alternative to bay and river margin port and industrial development.
1977 Inland Canals. An alternative for Industry.
1977 Inland Canals as an Alternative for Industry. Executive Summary
1978 Preliminary Hearing Draft.
1978 Implementation of the Activity Assessment Routine. Revised Sept. 8
1978 Revised Hearing Draft. Appendices.
Study of the placement of materials dredged from Texas Ports and waterway Executive Summary. Dec. 1976. Prepared for the General Land Office of Texas, Austin.
Study of the placement of materials dredged from Texas Ports and waterway Executive Summary. Dec. 1976. Prepared for the General Land Office of Texas, Austin. Volume I
Study of the placement of materials dredged from Texas Ports and waterway Executive Summary. Dec. 1976. Prepared for the General Land Office of Texas, Austin. Volume II
Industrial Facility Siting Study. Briefing Paper. Jan. 1978.
23 Houston Galveston Area Council
Projections 1990 to 2020. The Region: A Summary Projection. Land Use and Population
1976 Subsidence and related effects on Waste Water Collection and Treatment Facilities
1976 Goals and Objectives. August
1976 Goals and Objectives. September
1976 Goals and Objectives. October
1976 Goals and Objectives. November
1977 Goals and Objectives. July
1977 Goals and Objectives. December
1978 Goals and Objectives. February
1977 Current waste water management. May. Revised Nov.
1977 Non Point Source Sampling Design Report. July
1977 Broad Management Options. July. Revised Nov.
1977 Assessment of Non Point Sources. July
1977 Controlled Strategies. Costs and Impacts. Point Sources. July
1977 Non-structural control strategies for Non Point Sources of water pollution (Supplemental Report) Sept.
1977 Summary Report. Area wide waste treatment management plan for the Greater Houston Area. Dec.
1977 Water Quality Models. May
1978 Area side waste treatment management plan for the Greater Houston area. Summary. March
1978 Proposed treatment works management agency. Supplemental Report Aug.
1978 Implementation Requirements. April. Revised August
1978 Public Participation Summary. April
The Urban Drainage Flood Control District. Sub-Plain Regulation. Aug. 197???