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Houston Public Library, Houston Metropolitan Research Center

KHOU-TV Film Collection:

Part 1 of 14: Undated films, 1960-1962

Title:KHOU-TV Film Collection
Dates: 1960-1976
Abstract:Films from news division of KHOU-TV, Channel 11, CBS affiliate station in Houston, Texas. Part 1 of 14.
Identification:RG D 033
Size:80 cubic feet

Scope and Content Note

The material in this collection represents the accumulation of films used in the presentation of Channel 11 news shows for the period 1960-1975. A minor part of the collection consists of feature material as opposed to general news. In total, the collection contains over 13,000 individual items.

The subject matter focuses mainly on news events in the Channel 11 viewing area, roughly a 100-mile radius centered around Houston. To a lesser extent there is coverage of state and national news. The vast majority of the coverage was filmed within the city of Houston.

The news mix broadly includes crime, disasters, politics, government, and other community activities. Weather and sports are included to the extent that they are a part of a story which justified on-the-spot coverage by a film crew and reporter. The daily studio reporting of weather and sports is not included.

Individual news stories range in length from about 30 seconds to several minutes. Feature material on human-interest subjects is generally longer. Several specials of a documentary nature are over an hour in length.

Although the collection is extensive, the prospective user needs to understand that it is incomplete in several respects. There are gaps in the dates for which stories are available, which interrupt the comprehensiveness of daily coverage. Days, weeks, and even entire months are sometimes skipped. The early years of the 1960's are very sketchy, and the year 1973 is almost totally absent.

Another form of incompleteness exists in the lack of the remarks to a news item supplied by the anchor person in the traditional format of a television news show. Neither the sound track or the film visual contain on-camera anchor material. Also missing is the anchor voice-over that describes action while the viewer watches a segment of previously recorded film.

What remains is a series of film clips literally spliced together end-to-end without the benefit of the transitional commentary supplied by the anchor. This eliminates introductory summaries as well as entire news stories narrated live by the anchor during a broadcast.

The physical condition of the films range from excellent to very poor.

The film reels in the collection are each stored in individual boxes. Each box has a number; in most cases, the first 2 digits of the box number indicate the year the film it contains was created, and the second two digits indicate the sequence the box is in for that year. Thus, box 6703 is the third box containing material from 1967. Within each box, each reel is numbered. Individual film clips are spliced together on each reel. Whenever possible, the date the the clips aired is included; sometimes, only partial dates are given. In a few cases, no date is available. The titles that have been assigned to each film clip were created by people working at KHOU-TV, probably the camera operators or editors. In many cases, they are not very descriptive of what is actually on the film, and actually tell more about the biases of those working at the station.

In some places, the titles of the films, or portions of the titles, were illegible to the processors. This is noted in the finding aid by the presence of brackets []. In some places, the processors were not sure of what the words were, but attempted to interpret them; in these cases, the words they tried to decipher are in brackets. In other cases, a question mark appears within brackets following parts of a title, indicating that they were not sure of what the title actually was.

Arrangement Note

The films are arranged in general chronological order, though not necessarily at the item level. Materials within a specific year will, for the most part, be found with material from that same year. However, within individual years, the material will not be in completely chronological order. Thus, material dated September 1968 may be found after some material dated October 1968, and so forth. For the researcher, this means that one should always search the finding aid before and after a particular date, if they are looking for material related to a specific date, as other materials related to that date may be found at other locations. When using this finding aid, researchers should look through all of the material from a particular year if they are searching for items by date, as they may have been filed with any of the other items from that year.
The material has been placed into artificial series as an aid to researchers wishing to find the approximate locations of film. The series have no significance other than that.


Access Restrictions:


Use Restrictions:

Written permission from KHOU-TV is required for any copying and broadcasting of film.

Related Material

Due to the size of the electronic file, the online version of this guide is divided into 14 parts:

Administrative Information

Donated By:


Processed By:

Frank Gregg, Milton Johnson, 1989

Additional Note

The titles to the films were created by staff at KHOU-TV, most likely the camera operators or the editors working at the station. The titles were not intended to provide long-term access to the film; this is a reflection of the news business, in which the focus is on constantly finding new news stories, while old clips were stored and generally forgotten about. Thus, the titles may or may not accurately reflect what is actually on the film.

Occasionally, the titles given to film clips have a flippant or disrespectful tone. While staff at the station were very professional in how they persented the news to the public, their internal documents at times reflect a different, irreverent attitude on their part. Thus, for example, a story about Houston Mayor Fred Hofheinz was titled "Mayor Fred", while another film was given the title "D.O.A. Bullshit Film".

Another dimension of the collection is apparent through the use of offensive language in some of the titles; specifically, racial and ethnic slurs and derogatory terms for certain groups of people were occasionally used in the titles. While only a tiny fraction of the film titles in the collection actually have such language (8 titles out of approximately 14,000 in the collection have been found to contain derogatory language), this is reflection of the makeup of the staff of the news department at the time the films were made.

When viewed in isolation within the body of the finding aid, without any sort of explanatory note, patrons could find such language distracting. In light of this, HMRC staff changed the titles of this small handful of films to prevent any misunderstandings. So as not to lose this dimension to the collection, however, the original titles of the films are listed here:

Original TermNew TermBoxReel
"Cal-Nigger Nurses""Cal-Black Nurses"680313
"Food for Chinks""Food for Chinese"X106
"Homo Priest""Gay Priest"750417
"Negro Fag Robs Bank""Black Robs Bank"660213
"Retards""Mentally Handicapped"720510
"Retards Grad""Mentally Handicapped Grad"720707
"Retards Swim""Mentally Handicapped Swim"720830
"Spic Boycott""Hispanic Boycott"720415

Detailed Description of the Collection


_X101L Welch Promises 11/18/1962
01Charity Hospital & V. V. Ramsey
01Oilers Date: "8/ /62"
01Pop Ivey
01Billie Sol Estes & Fraud in Grand Jury
02McClelland Court of Inquiry - McC Arrest Corrupt Case
02Dr. Albert Sabin Date: "11/ /62"
02Shorty Powers
02Gearhart Case Date: "11/ /62"
02Alazar #2
03[] Reso Press Sec.
03Councilman Elliott
03Erhart Date: "12/28"
03Balinese Room
04Robbery & Rodeo Date: "3/ /6"
04Austin Com Chief
04Ashley [] Old File Stuff
04Clark Date: "9/16"
04Selma Sheriff
04Escape Convicts Date: "9/16"
04Savings & Loan HiJac Date: "9/14"
04Bank Robbery Date: "9/16"
05Fun Fire Date "9/16"
05Dog Shop Date: "9/24"
05Dog Lay-In Date: "9/24
05C - Chair Editorial
05Editorial Auto Death - Barricade
05Editorial Date: "6/15"
05Cordobes Date: "12/17"
05[] & Cord
05Bookie Raid
06Clothes for Viet Nam Date: "11/9"
06Food for Chinese Date: "12/16"
06Break Date: "3/9"
06Elliot [] seting Date: "3/"
06Cubans Arrive in Hou. Date: "4/2"
07Elite Hotel Murder
07Ford Layin Date: "4/4"
07Policy Raid Date: "4/8"
07Jim Mayor - Omit on Ballot Date: "6/2"
07Almeda-Genoa Date: "5/3"
07Astronauts Lovell & Aldrin
07Astronauts Arrive Date: "7/21/"
07Bank Robbery Date: "2/16"
07Brenham Bands Date: "3/28"
07Bridge Collapse Date: "4/27"
08Bull Fight
08Burglar Killed Date: "12/25"
08Bush on Riots
08Circus Girl
08Cop Killing
08Cops Shoot Bystander Date: "12/27"
08Deloach Cop Killing
09Trip to Galveston Date: "8/4"
09Hughes & Others Trial Date: "6/20"
09Killers Wife - Etc.
09Krueger - Trial Scraps
09Gov Lurleen Bulletin Date: "7/3"
09Longhorns Date: "2/26"
09Chief Martin Date: "5/11"
10McClellan on Charter Comm Date: "5/5/6"
10Clem McClellan File
10News Cut-Racial Comments Date: "7/24" "6/02"
10Polo Players Arrive
10Dumpy Pickets
10Rose on Traffic
10School Teachers Date: "2/14"
10Sears, Singleton, Ben Connally
10Smith on Power Struggle Date: "5/30"
10Topless Goes to Court Date: "May 30, 19??"
10Shirley Temple
11Vance on LSD
11Vance & Smith on Vote Investigation
11Webb Wrap on AMV Demo
11Dr Fegan Wilson Ex U-T Pres on Rice-Texas
11Captive Witness
11Mrs Young
12City Council - La Raza Unidas
12Jud McElvain
12[]istration Tax Protext - American Hospital
12Used Christmas Tree Collection
12Cars on Freeway? Opening
12Police Arrest Burglar
12Armco Steel - Toxic Waste
12Brazos Dump Site - Garbage
12Willy Candy Company - Robbery
12John Oscar Young Confession 3/23/1964
13School Integration Date: "1965"
13Construction - International Airport- Nick Gerhart Date: "1969"
13Mexican at Spanish Hotel -?Brazil
13Boycott by Newspapers
13Archeology - Word from Outer Space
13Billie Sol Estes
13Happy New Years - Channel 11 Staff
13Fat Stock Show & Rodeo - 1st Year Astrodome
VDan Rather Videotape ca. 1961, probably Hurricane Carla
VLiving Against the Odds - KHOU-11 News
_X201Brenham Brenham schools
03Old Football Highlights
04Domed Stadium
05Austin Stock Film
06LBJ - Ranch, with Rusk
07Rivard - Heroin Cache
08Valley Thursday/Friday
09Valley - Ed Murphy (CBS) Segment
10Murder Suspect -- Harris County Court Houst & Jail - Tomball
11Then, Now & Tomorrow - 3, 4, 5 Club
12Hubbard Film
13Jerry Collins w/ Confirmed Killer
14Previn Talks to Symphony Campaign
15Justice Clark
16National Guard During Hurricane at Harlingen
16Mexican Boy in Valley Storm
16Surfer at Surfside
17Job Fair #1
17Job Fair #2
17Job Fair #3 `In the Schools'
18Uncle Daves Burgers Date: "11/20"
18New Fire Cadets Date: "11/20"
18Acres Home Pollution Date: "11/20"
18School Elections, Position 7, Osser/Cullen Date: "11/20"
19Sansouci, Mrs. Connally, Frank Irwin Date: "11/24"
20Dr. Kerr on Flood Bond Needs Date: "7/3"
20July 4 Wrap (Code 599) Date: "7/3"
20Apollo 10 Hadout Date: "7/3"
21Connally Quits Date: "10/10"
22Wilhelm School
23Nina Vance
25Sailboat Races off Galveston
26Interview Man to Woman Sex Change
27Interview w/ Policeman on TSU Students
28Hurricane Victims & New Orleans Naval Base Red Cross & Army
29NASA Picture from? Gemini Spacecraft
30Shooting TSU Interview Welch, short, Grand Jury
31Mexican Heart Patient Operation by DeBakey & Baylor
32IBM Office Main St. & Murder Trial of Holmes Realty 1300 Blo 1300 Blodger
33Hurricane Victims @ New Orleans Naval Base
34Admiral on Oceanography NASA Satelite
35Evacuation - Sabine Pass
36Interview Man, Woman & Small Boy - Spanish City by Beach
37Interview Kern, Policemen & Suspect
38Baseball Dome - Football Rice Stadium


01Spell Murder Trial Oct[?] 61
01Fire Detail
01Mrs Reddell Brown - Police Brutality[?]
01Wilson, Will
01Hurricane - Woman on In []
01Mayor - Tax Cut
01Schoolboard Mrs Dyer
01Mayor Cutrer
02Will Wilson
02Canadian Ambassador
02Lavin Trial
02Galveston Fire
02Cutrer-Bates-Welch 1961 Mayor Candidates
022nd Armored Manuvering @ Ft Hood
02Shuptrine & Clark
02Bob Baker
02Najeeb Haloby
02Fallout U of H Prof
02J. D. Muff on Commie Chemical Plant
03C A Pickford
03Hit and Run
03Davis Court[?] Moore
03Will Hill Killer
03Cops []
03Jim Turner
03Jackson Murder Trial
03Train Wreck Nov 5 1961
03Circus - Stone in Lions Den
03Cris Cole
03Louisa Williams Murder Case
04Baby Dies
04Winstone-Walker Murder Case
04Levan Murder Case
04Stickney Case Interview Father Koeler Oct 1961
04Paul Richards
04Boy Shot at by Father Night of Terror
04KTRK Studio Opens
04Albert Thomas
05Percy Foreman
05Chas Bacon American Legion Commander
05H Apland French Ambassador
05Sen Yarbrogh
05Welch, Louie
05Lewis Murder
05Brisco, Frank
05Cutler & Reeves
05Man Stuck
05Bob Kennedy - Dallas - 6/29/62
06Waggoner Carr
06Rep Francis Walters
06Freeze Galveston Bay
06Davis, Maggie
06Shepard - County Superintendent
06Connally, John
06Lee MacLemore on Bus & []
06Ed Murrow
07M Davis & B Ragan
07Melton, Foy
07Dillon Murder Trial
07Electra Crash Suit
07Sen Bob Baker
07Paul Floyd State Rep.
07Chidd Murder
07Cong. Bob Casey
08Williams in Jail
Moved To 08/13/65 6501 09
08KHOU Ch 11 Riverside Early 1960's
09UH Cougar Football Hi Lites Shannon - Stegall etc. 1951-60
620101Conoco Prexy 05/23/62
01Ranger & Stark - Hole PROBE Kilgore 06/19/62
01Roy Oates - City Controller 06/19/62
01A.C. Lester - Probate Ct 06/25/62
01Stan Olsen, Baylor Medical 06/29/62
01Peter Stark, VFW 06/29/62
01Light Plane Crash 06/30/62
02W.E. Goyen, Port Employee 06/ /62
02Holdover G. Jury 06/ /62
02Galveston City Council 06/ /62
02A. C. Lester, Acting Probate Judge 06/ /62
02Billy Sol Estes, Marshall, TX 06/ /62
03Excess - Mayor & CC re Hosp. 06/ /62
03Cattle & Mosquitoes 07/06/62
03[] Playschool [?] [] [] 07/10/62
03NASA, Paul Purser [] [] 07/11/62
Missing 5/13/91 Might Be in Reel 6201 - 18
03NASA, Paul Purser, Astronaut Grounding 07/12/62
Missing 5/13/91 Might Be in Reel 6201 - 18
03[] Wrap [] from Galveston 07/16/62
Missing 5/13/91 Might Be in Reel 6201 - 18
03Aurora 07/18/62
Missing 5/13/91 Might Be in Reel 6201 - 18
03Dr Albert Sabin 07/21/62
04Jahem[?] Chek[?] 07/30/62
04Baytown Oil Fire 07/31/62
04Governors[?] 07/ /62
04Montrose [] Mart, Burglar Shot 07/ /62
04Goyen, Port Authority 07/ /62
04Galveston Hotel 07/ /62
04B. Calvin[?] Jones 07/ /62
04John Tower (Galveston) 07/ /62
05Probate Judge McClelland 07/ /62
05Galveston Newspaper 08/05/62
05Norman Hill, Core 08/13/62
05Judge John Barrow[?] 08/14/62
03Port of Houston 08/15/62
05Port of Houston, H.T. Tellepsen 08/15/62
05RR Commission, Austin Meeting 08/16/62
05Bond Thieves, Fed BI Arrest 08/16/62
06Gemini Boilerplate, Local Built (Offer/ Hauser) 08/ /62
06Psychotic, Father, Killer 08/ /62
06JFK, NASA 09/12/62
06Holdover G. Jury, Will Wilson 09/14/62
06Hospital[?] Meeting 09/18/62
06Signal Fire 09/21/62
06Heyriss [] [?] 09/21/62
07Texas Legislative Comm. on Oil 09/24/62
07Mission Motel Murder 09/ /62
07Cutrer [] H2O Meter Readers 10/15/62
07Loongn[?] 10/17/62
07Najlib Halaby 10/20/62
07Triple Fatality 10/21/62
07CD HQS for County 10/26/62
07Narco Raid, Large Haul 10/30/62
07Atomic Shipyard, Galveston 10/30/62
08Haloween - Skull[?] 10/31/62
08Port Security - Stone Wrap 10/ /62
08Floods, Fires, Etc. 10/ /62
08CC & Elliott - Apparent Surplus 10/ /62
08NASA 10/ /62
Missing 5/21/91
08Karankawa Diggings 10/ /62
08Female Narco 10/ /62
08New Astronauts 10/ /62
Missing 5/21/91
08Cutback on Water 10/ /62
09Do Nothing Machine, NASA Special 10/ /62
09[] 10/ /62
09Dutch Ship (JAJ) Picketed/Scrapped 11/02/62
09Texas Governor Candidates 11/06/62
09Cutrer on Zoning Defeat 11/07/62
Missing 5/21/67
09New Astronauts in Training 11/07/62
09New Astronauts 11/07/62
10Governor Connally 11/08/62
10Glenn & Carpenter in [] 11/08/62
10Nat Check Embezzlement Prober 11/29/62
10Water Suit Files 11/29/62
10Stadium Bonds Bid Opening 11/29/62
10Elliott on Stadium Bonds 11/30/62
10(Burks/Barnes[?]) City Attny - Water Suit 11/30/62
10ILA Negotiations 11/ /62
10New Radar Catallisor [?] Launch [?] 11/ /62
11Domed Stadium 11/29/62
Missing 5/21/91
11Dr Albert Sabin 11/ /62
11Walter Cronkite - SOF by NLG 11/ /62
11Mexican Ships/Shoes[?] - From Bahamas/Panama[?] 12/03/62
11Domed Stadium Bid Acceptance 12/03/62
11R. Stone - Coliseum Wrap 12/04/62
12Jerry S. O'Brien 12/05/62
12Firebug Investigation[?] 12/07/62
12Okla Governor - SOF by Stone 12/08/62
12Texas Welfare Dept. - Bldg Problem[?] 12/12/62
12Mayor[?] [] [] Mercier 12/25/62
12First Cuban [] Castro Prison 12/26/62
12Dr Sabin Type II [] 12/ /62
13Caroline Lima, Death Row [] 12/ /62
13Will Wilson 12/ /62
13Water Rate Hearing (Decision) 12/ /62
13Legislators [] [] [] 12/ /62
13Demo 1962 Convention - El Paso / /62
13Queen Elizabeth / /62
13Baytown Oil Fire [] [] / /62
13Pop Ivy and Oilers / /62
13(Do Nothing) NASA / /62
Missing 6/11/91
14McClelland Court of Inquiry - Key Testimony / /62
14Color Film - New Astronauts / /62
15Optical El Chamizal / /62
16Gus Grissom Returns / /62
16El Paso Mayor / /62
16McClelland (SOF) & Judge Hunt-Smith / /62
17Commissioners Court 1962
18[] ?
18Apollo Space Cap
18Paul Purser NASA
18Paul Purser
18Model of Capsul in Gyroscope
18[] ?
18NASA MSC News ???on??? @ Cullen Audi.
18Workmen on Equipment

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