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Creator Fleming, C.C
Title: C.C. "Pat" Fleming Collection
Dates: 1937-1996
Identification: MSS 0413
Extent: 8.5 linear feet (7 storage boxes, 3 document boxes, 1 flat box)
Language Materials are in English.
Repository Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

Biographical Note

C.C. Pat Fleming, a prominent landscape architect, was born February 13, 1909 in Beaumont, Texas and was raised in Arizona. He attended architectural school at the University of Texas at Austin until an accident brought a halt to his studies. He was made assistant to the Director of Landscape Development for the University campus and at completion of that work he was assigned to Palmetto State Park and Garner State Park where he met various directors of the National Park Service and was then appointed Supervising Architect of the San Jacinto Battle Grounds. He was appointed to the City of Houston Planning Commission in 1936 and later was named Assistant Director of the first Houston Housing Authority. He met Albert Sheppard with whom he opened a professional landscape planning office in 1937 and among other accomplishments they won a national award for excellence in landscape planning for the Prudential Insurance Company of America's southwestern home office. They also were supervising and design architects for the Ima Hogg Estate that later became Bayou Bend. The office was closed due to World War II in 1942. He was a founding member of the Harris County Heritage Society and in 1943 he was made Director of the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Houston. He continued a private professional practice which in 1965 was incorporated as Fleming Planning Associates, Inc. and worked on many properties in Texas as well as lecturing in Texas and neighboring states. The Garden Club of America awarded him an International Award for excellence in landscape planning for the Cecil R. Haden gardens and another for the William McIver Streetman gardens, both in Houston. In 1970 he retired from professional practice.

In the late 1960's, in joint partnership with Dr. W.D. Seybold M.D., he planned to write a book on Early Gardens in Texas. Initial work was not successful and he didn't continue until the late 1970's by which time he had moved to Kerrville due to ill health. He organized a large group of researchers to obtain information on gardens and related architecture in most Texas counties. They provided research notes on books with relevant information as well as photocopies of pages, together with photographs and details from local people and museums.

Scope and Content Note

The material in this collection is divided into three series: Manuscripts, which contains material pertaining to Fleming's book on gardens; Photographs, which contains photos used in the book; and Architectural Drawings, containing drawings by Fleming.


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There are restrictions on use of photographs taken from books or library archives and may be some restrictions on his writings.

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Landscape architects--Texas
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Fleming, C.C. Pat

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C.C. "Pat" Fleming Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library

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The collection was processed by Mary D'Albertson and Frank Gregg and was completed in September 1997.

Detailed Description


Scope and Contents
This series covers the information he had acquired for his book as well as initial draft chapters. It starts with personal details and information on his ground work for the book, including expenses, correspondence with the researchers and draft chapters. It continues with all the information he had assembled under topics of a general nature in alphabetical order, followed by information on specific properties and gardens by counties, in alphabetical order. Photographs have been removed and replaced with photocopies; the originals being filed separately.
Box Folder
1 1 C.C. Pat Fleming (2/13/09 - 1/7/96) - personal information; obituary 2/8/96, bio. notes.
2 Fleming Planning Associates, Inc. - brochure
3 Types and Styles of Gardens by C.C. Fleming. Speech (?) carbon copy, May 1937
4 Garden Club of America Annual Meeting, Houston, TX, Feb. 28 - Mar. 3, 1939.
Photocopy extracts from bound program showing some of Fleming work as landscape architect. Donated by Mrs. Joseph W. Evans. Original passed to Texas and Local History Department Valuable Books Collection.
5 Correspondence to/from Naoma and Paul Hickie re. Stephenville Museum Project, First National Bank Building remodeling. Photographs, expenses. Proposed master development plan by Fleming Planning Associates for Museum.
(See Box 5 Folder 30)
6 Correspondence, notes, projected plan of book on Early Texas Gardens in joint partnership with Dr. W.D. Seybold, M.D.; requests for private donations. 1967-1970
7 Original Request for Information letter, notes, project plan, guidelines. 1960's
8 Winedale Workshops on Architectural Preservation and Restoration Sept. 14, 1968 and Sept. 15/16, 1972 with copy talk by C.C. Fleming on Period Landscaping.
9 Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO; Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York - correspondence, information. 1978
10 Correspondence with publishers - University of Texas Press (and with Dr. Seybold) 1967, 1980-1981
11 Correspondence with publishers: Baylor University Press; Eakin Publications; The Encino Press; Southern Methodist University Press; Trinity University Press. 1980
12 Guideline - Instructions for research work on Early Private and Public Gardens of Texas. Form letters. 1979-1980
13 Correspondence and source references for book. 1979-1980
14 Correspondence - Request letters to Chambers of Commerce. 1979-1980
15 Mailing lists for research work
16 Research - Contract Work - Notes and lists persons contacted
17 List of researchers and Zones
18 Grants: Information on how to obtain - printed. Notes. Correspondence to/from John G. Tower. 1980
19 Correspondence re. photography work for book. 1980
20 Correspondence with newspapers re classified advertisements. 1980
21 Correspondence - permissions granted for use of data. 1980-1981
22 Grants: Correspondence to various Foundations with replies. 1980-1982
23 Miscellaneous Correspondence on books - orders, repairs. Inventory of C.C. Fleming library. 1977-1980
24 Book Status, Quick Reference information: Status Reports; notes; plans in progress; Correspondence Ted A. Dow, Jr. 1980-1986
25 Research: Contract Work - Financial Records by person. 1980
26 Business Expenses - Research (1) 1980
27 Business Expenses - Research (2) 1980
28 Business Expenses - Research workers. 1980
29 Business Expenses - Research workers. 1981
30 Business Expenses, reimbursements, etc. 1981
31 Correspondence - past due accounts. 1985
32 Correspondence general and misc. - research on book 1967 - 1968, 1979 - 1980
33 Correspondence to/from Mr & Mrs J.S. Abercrombie, 1968; Mrs Lyndon B Johnson, 1980; Truett Latimer, 1968-1980; Ms Liz Carpenter, 1982
34 Correspondence to/from Perry Allen re research work in Bexar County, in particular Veramendi Palace, San Antonio 1980-1981
35 Correspondence to/from Linda Anderson (Mrs Courtney) re research work in the Houston Area, 1980. Notes, 1985
36 Correspondence to/from Sally Banttari 1986
37 Correspondence to/from M. Wayne Bell 1968-1981
38 Correspondence to/from Betty Casey re research work 1981
39 Correspondence to/from Sara Lucille Clark re research work (1) Sept 1979-May 1980
40 Correspondence to/from Sara Lucille Clark re research work (2) June 1980-1994
41 Correspondence to/from Mrs Merle Edwin (Virginia) Eisenhour re research work in Galveston 1980-1981
42 Correspondence to/from Robert "Tumbleweed Smith" Evans re interview on radio station KERV 1980
43 Correspondence to/from Jacqueline M. Fletcher re: research work in the Odessa Area - Andrews and Midland Counties, 1980.Photograph 1829 peach orchard. Research notes - agriculture
44 Correspondence to/from Katharine Foster Galloway re research work in East Texas 1980-1981
45 Correspondence to/from Lani Gaskill re research work in the Dallas area 1980-1981
46 Correspondence to/from Alice H. Goodwin re research work in the San Antonio Area 1980
47 Note on Ellen Hill re research work December 1980
48 Correspondence to/from Abigail Curlee Holbrook re research work in Travis County 1980
49 Correspondence to/from Timmy Huckins re research work 1980, 1981, 1986. Clipping 1987.Photograph Tranquility Island, Louise Hays Park
50 Correspondence to/from Nancy Pearl Kain 1980-1981
51 Correspondence to/from Janet Kaas with her thesis on Bayou Bend 1985
52 Correspondence to/from Gregory J Krauter re Comfort with leaflet on town 1986. Photographs, post card of town, Ingenhuett Store.
See also Box 6 Folder 42
53 Correspondence to/from Bob Leland and Sallie Tucker Anderson re Calvert (Robertson County) with leaflets on the town 1980; photographs Barton House, Gibson House, mail order house
54 Correspondence to/from Thelma Lindholm re research on Live Oak County 1980-1987
55 Correspondence to/from Grant Lyons re research on San Antonio 1980
56 Correspondence to/from Jack Maguire at Institute of Texas Cultures 1976-83
57 Correspondence to/from: Gus Matthews, 1980; Ellen Samuels, 1985; Hazel O'Donnell, 1980-1981; May Schmidt, 1986; Mrs John W. McCullough, 1986
58 Correspondence to/from Ann Shanks re research Laredo area, and Seguin, Floresville 1980-1985
59 Correspondence to/from Mrs Wallace T. (Margaret) Shanks re research Houston area 1980-1981
60 Correspondence to/from Katherine A. Singleton re research Dallas and North Texas 1980
61 Correspondence to/from Shirley Tate (Mrs James F.) re research Hardeman County 1980-1987
Box Folder
2 1 Correspondence to/from Lorna H. Terrell, 1980-83, 1987
2 Correspondence to/from Mary Urbrock 1986-87
3 Correspondence to/from Mrs H. Fisher (Janet) Wagner 1980
4 Correspondence to/from Susan Weaver re research Rusk County 1980
5 Correspondence to/from Lucy Sue Williams (Mrs Walter J.) re research McLennan County 1980-1981
6 Correspondence with Michael E. Wilson, Architectural Archivist, HMRC
7 Correspondence to/from Harold C. Woods - LBJ Historical Park 1979
8 Correspondence to/from Dan Young re research work on Northwest Central Texas 1980
9 Correspondence to/from potential out-of-state researchers 1979-1980
10 Correspondence to/from researchers for counties 1 - 99, Oct. 1979-July 1980
11 Correspondence to/from researchers for counties 100 - 199, Aug. 1979; Oct. 1979-Sept. 1980
12 Correspondence to/from researchers for counties 200 - 254, 1965, 1967, 1979-1980
13 Follow-up letters on counties, 1980-1981
14 Correspondence to/from Marble Collectors Society of America, 1979-80.Information, newsletters, logo patch
15 Form Letters - letters to friends re research work 1989
16 Correspondence with workers not available and/or not qualified 1980
17 Book Layout and Research Procedures. Copy C.C. Fleming memo April 27, 1967; Report of conference with Dr. & Mrs W.D. Seybold March 9, 1968.
18 Book Draft. Semi-final work December 30, 1985.
19 Book Draft 1988 with notes. Work in progress
20 Book Draft 1988. For submittal to critics
21 Notes, photocopy extracts for 1988 book draft
22 Bibliography.
Manuscript, research notes, photocopy extracts
23 Glossary.
Typed Manuscript, research notes
24 Definition of garden and landscape.
Notes, research notes, photocopy extracts
25 Chronology of Historical Events in Texas 1529-1936 (1)
Typed Manuscript with handwritten notes
26 Chronology of Historical Events in Texas 1529-1936 (2)
Typed Manuscript, copy article on 150 years in Texas
27 The Early Texas Yards and Gardens. Forward; checklist; list of special sections
28 Draft Chapter of Book: Historical Background.
29 Draft Chapter of Book: Geographic Areas of Texas - Zones 1 through 7.
Manuscript. Handwritten list of properties by zone.
30 Draft Chapter of Book: The Years 1519-1690: Early Exploration and Missionary Efforts.
31 Draft Chapter of Book: The Years 1690-1793: Mission Period and Spanish Domination.
32 Draft Chapter of Book: The Years 1793-1821: Spanish Decline.
33 Draft Chapter of Book: The Years 1821-1836: Mexican Era and Anglo-American Colonization.
34 Draft Chapter of Book: The Years 1836-1861: Pre-Civil War.
35 Draft Chapter of Book: The Years 1861-1874: Texas in the United States.
36 Draft Chapter of Book: The Years 1874-1899: Early Economic Development.
37 Draft Chapter of Book: The Years 1899-1936: Industrialization and Urbanization.
38 Miscellaneous draft pages -
39 Quotes for Book.
Photocopy extracts
40 Photocopy extracts of Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris by John Parkinson: The Ordering of the Garden of Pleasure; The Ordering of the Kitchen Garden; The Ordering of the Orchard
41 Nurseries, Greenhouses and Horticulturists:
notes, photocopy articles, lists
42 Commercial Nurseries and Greenhouses -
notes, photocopy articles
43 Nurseries,
hand-written notes
44 Gardening: Southern Florist, 1916, 1920.
Photocopies of articles, list of clippings
45 Gardening: Southern Florist, 1921
Photocopies of articles
46 Gardening: Southern Florist, 1922
Photocopies of articles
47 Holland's Magazine -
Photocopy extracts, reserch notes
48 Gardens - Layout and Planning.
Photocopy extracts, notes, typed excerpts
49 Manual of Gardening by L.H. Bailey.
Photocopy extracts.
50 Plain and Pleasant Talk about Fruit, Flowers and Farming by Henry Ward Beecher 1859;
photocopy extracts
51 The Southern Landscape in Texas by John Brinckerhiff Jackson. Booklet from Amon Carter Museum
Box Folder
3 1 Landscape Design. A.J. Dowling. 1840-1889.
Photocopy extracts. Research notes various books
2 Landscape Design. Photocopy extracts from American Gardens in the 18th Century by Ann Leighton, 1976.F.T. Ramsey & Son pamphlet: How to Make Your Home Grounds Beautiful
Research notes multiple authors, photocopy extracts from others.
3 Gardening in Texas -
copies articles, reference notes, plant lists, bed design, yards
4 Research notes, mostly on Winedale Collection, on gardening topics
5 Tropical Plants and Trees in Texas -
clippings, articles
6 Gardening in Texas - Spring 1980
photocopy extracts from books, research notes on other books, Texas Wildflowers Newsletter,
7 Techniques of Landscape Site Investigation by James de Grey David 1980 ; Gardens of One Hundred Years Ago by Maida Jaggers 1963; Copy Chas. W. Pressler letter to Germany 1847
Typed copies of talks?
8 Gardening - Women in Texas.
Clippings, research notes, copy articles
9 Architecture - photocopy extracts from The Architect by Wm H. Ranlett
10 Embellishments (1) - Buildings. Summer houses, pergolas, greenhouses, etc. -
photocopy extracts
11 Embellishments (2) - Ornamental furniture, wire furniture, balusters.
Photocopy extracts
12 Embellishments (3) - The Garden Concepts Collection catalog. Structures and ornaments
13 Hilton Hotel Section of the San Angelo Morning Times, May 31, 1929
14 The Anglo-American Texan - photocopy extract from The Texians and the Texans,
research notes
15 The Indians of Texas from Prehistoric to Modern Times by W.W. Newcomb Jr., Research notes on Roemer's Texas by Dr. Ferdinand Roemer; Clipping on Kickapoos, 1985
Photocopy extracts, research notes.
16 "Recollections of Farm Life", by Robert L. Hunt Sr. - "Personal Narrative of Explorations and Incidents in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora and Chihuahua, Vol. 1", by John Russell Bartlett
Photocopy extracts, reference notes.
17 Ethnic Texans: Spanish - Photocopy extracts from De Witt Colony of Texas; 1981 photographs, article on Tampacaus Cemetery, Hidalgo County; photographs, notes on Charter Oak, Live Oak County
18 Ethnic Texans: Spanish - Research notes, clippings, articles from Texas Highways, photocopy extracts from The Spanish Texans
19 Ethnic Texans: German - research notes, photocopy extracts from The German Texans
20 Ethnic Texans: German - German-Texan Heritage Society Newsletter: Spring 1984, Summer 1984, Fall 1984, Summer 1985, Fall 1985
21 Ethnic Texans: photocopy extracts from The Norwegian, Jewish, French, Polish, Greek, Italian Texan Pamphlet series
22 Texas State Historical Parks -
23 Early Settlement of Texas 1820-1880.
Photocopy extracts, maps
24 Texas Buildings - notes, photocopy extracts of book on Texas architecture
25 Barns, Buildings - photocopy extracts from Abernethy Built in Texas
26 Cemeteries, graves.
Photocopy extracts, research notes. Tampacaus Cemetery 1981-see Folder 17 above
27 Communications and utilities in early Texas: mail carriers, stage coaches, inns. 1985 Texas Stagecoach Inn calendar
Typed notes, clippings, research notes
28 Courthouses.
Photocopy extracts
29 Education in early Texas - Missions in Texas. Articles from Texas Highways1982, 1986, copies of articles, research notes, photocopy extract from book on San Antonio in 18th Century
30 Education in early Texas - Missions in Texas.
Clippings 1980-1981
31 Entertainment in Early Texas. Social, sports, theater, art, literature, games, crafts.
Photocopy extracts, Research notes, letter, notes. (For arts and crafts also see Live Oak County - Box 7 Folder 1)
32 Farming in early Texas.
Photocopied extracts of books, clippings
33 Farm and Hand Tools (1).
Photocopy extracts from several books
34 Farm and Hand Tools (2).
Photocopy extracts from several books
35 Farm and Hand Tools (3) including garden needs.
Research notes
36 Fences - various, and gates (1).
Research notes, articles
37 Fences - various, and gates (2).
Photocopy extracts, research notes
38 Fences - various, and gates (3)
Photocopy extracts, research notes
39 Old Forts in Texas -
notes, articles, booklets, draft manuscript
40 Old Forts in Texas - clippings 1980, 1985
41 Irrigation in early Texas - cisterns, wells, windmills and weather.
Research notes, copies of articles, photocopy extracts of books.
42 Pests.
Photocopy extracts, notes
43 Plantations (1)
Draft manuscript, clippings (see also Brazoria County) Research notes
44 Plantations (2)
Photocopy extracts
45 Railroads in early Texas.
Photocopied extracts of booklets
Box Folder
4 1 Texas Ranches -
research notes, photocopy extracts, articles, typed notes, leaflet from Ranching Heritage Center, Lubbock, TX
2 Texas Ranches - King Ranch and La Puerta de Agua Dulce:
research notes, articles, photographs. Article Texas MonthlyOctober 1980
3 Texas Ranches - Taluca Ranch, Hidalgo County:
typed notes, photographs
4 Transportation.
Photocopy clippings, maps, manuscript, article Texas Highways
5 Travel in Texas -
articles, clippings, research notes
6 Weather.
Photocopy extracts
7 Metropolitan Areas. List of major cities and counties. Land Office Map of Texas showing Counties and County Seats August 20, 1948
8 Seven Zones of Texas - divisions by county, lists
9 Alphabetical List of Texas Counties and County Seats; Texas Highway Travel Map; Rand McNally map; Map of Texas showing counties only; General Land Office Map 1971; Coastal Texas Map prior to 1845; Gousha Road Map
10 Zones I, II, III Box Contents Lists
11 Index to Map Coverages: Texas Index to Topographic and Other Map Coverage - U.S. Geographical Survey; Texas Catalog of Topographic and other Published Maps - Department of the Interior, USGS; Texas map catalogs
12 Anderson County (Palestine).
Photocopy page of booklet on 3 homes
13 Angelina County (Lufkin).
Research notes, photocopy extracts from A History of Angelina County. Kurt Home.
14 Aransas County (Rockport/Fulton). Fulton Mansion "Oakhurst".
Notes, articles, photocopy extracts, description, plans of house, research notes
15 Austin County (Bellville). Neinast House near Shelby.
Clipping. Research notes
16 Bandera County (Bandera). Note. 1980 Calendar "Bandera Bygones"
17 Bastrop County (Bastrop).
General. Article, letter
18 Baylor County (Seymour). Early Settlers.
Notes. Photocopy article.
19 Bee County (Beeville).
Research notes
20 Bell County (Belton). Article on Belton Homes Tour; Article on Salado homes; Leaflet on Sterling's Castle, Salado, home and plantation of Mrs. Sterling C. Robertson;
research notes
21 Bexar County (San Antonio) Alamo Plaza and Main Plaza.
Photocopied extracts, research notes
22 Bexar County (San Antonio). Historic Buildings and river. Booklet: Historic San Antonio 1700-1900 Article on Baron de Bastrop
Notes, articles, maps, research notes
23 Bexar County (San Antonio). E.B. McFarlin Home.
24 Bexar County (San Antonio). McNay Art Museum.
25 Bexar County (San Antonio). Menger Hotel. Article Texas HighwaysMay 1983
26 Bexar County (San Antonio). George Parker Sr. Home. Bound photographs of home and grounds by Fleming Planning Associates, Inc. 1937
27 Bexar County (San Antonio). Drawings of George Parker Memorial Garden Trinity University
28 Bexar County (San Antonio). San Antonio parks.
Research notes, photocopy extracts
29 Bexar County (San Antonio). San Pedro Park.
Typed manuscript. Photocopy Extracts
30 Bexar County (San Antonio). Settlement by Canary Islanders.
Photographs, clippings, notes, typed manuscript
31 Bexar County (San Antonio). Spanish Governors Palace. Leaflet.
Photocopy extracts, research notes, clipping
32 Bexar County (San Antonio). Heino Staffel Home ca. 1850
Plot map, research notes, notes, articles, correspondence, photographs
33 Bexar County (San Antonio). Steves Homestead.
Typed notes. Articles
34 Bexar County (San Antonio). John Twohig House.
Research notes, typed manuscript
35 Bexar County (San Antonio). Urrutia Garden.
Photographs, research notes
36 Bexar County (San Antonio). Ursuline Academy.
Research notes, photocopy photos
37 Bexar County (San Antonio). Veremendi Palace.
Research notes, copy articles, manuscript
38 Bexar County (San Antonio). Homes and gardens (1)
Clippings, photocopy extracts, notes, correspondence
39 Bexar County (San Antonio). Homes and gardens (2)
Clippings, photocopy extracts, notes, correspondence
40 Blanco County (Johnson City). Extract from The Life and Fortunes of a German Immigrant by Max Amadeus Paulus Krueger - At Twin Sisters
41 Bosque County (Meridian). Bosque City: Home of Mrs Christian Dahl.
Photocopy photos, research notes
42 Bosque County (Clifton - Cransfield Gap). Article on Norse Belt.
43 Brazoria County (Angleton). Emily and James F. Perry Plantation. Peach Point.
Research notes, photocopy extracts, typed notes, plot map
44 Brazoria County - Plantations.
Notes, draft manuscript. Photocopy extracts from books.
45 Brazoria County (Angleton). Varner-Hogg Plantation, West Columbia. Article Texas Highways, January 1982. The Hogg Family - article in Texas Parks & Wildlife, August 1974
Typed description
46 Brewster County (Alpine). Hot Spring - Big Bend. A Homesteader's Story by J.O. Langford with Fred Gibson. 1909.
Photocopy booklet
47 Burnet County (Marble Falls). Clippings - The Roper House; The Fuchs Family (1979) Photocopy picture Carl Goeth log house
48 Callahan County (Baird). Early settlers.
Notes, photocopy booklet cover.
49 Cameron County (Brownsville). Webb-Martines Home and Stillman Home.
Photographs, photocopy extracts, Research notes, notes, articles, correspondence
50 Camp County (Pittsburg). John Holman Home.
Photocopy photographs
51 Carson County (Panhandle).
Research notes, photocopy extracts extracts on history of the County; letter and sketch of Nell Lemons garden
52 Carson County (Panhandle). Sewell H. Kammerer. History, clippings, photograph. Plot maps/sketch of farm ca.1920
Notes, correspondence
53 Chambers County (Anahuac). Jackson Ranch - Double Bayou.
Research notes, photocopy extracts
54 Childress County (Childress). History of early homes. Plot plans.
Notes. Photocopies articles. Draft manuscript.
55 Clay County (Henrietta).
Research notes
56 Coleman County (Colman). General -
Research notes, photocopy extracts
57 Collin County (McKinney). County history.
Correspondence, Research notes, photocopy extracts
58 Colorado County (Columbus). Homes Tours information 1968, 1980. Town history.
59 Colorado County (Columbus). Clippings 1981
60 Colorado County (Columbus). Zimmerschelot-Leydendecker Home, ca. 1845 Frelsburg.
Photo-copy painting, research notes, plot maps
Box Folder
5 1 Comal County (New Braunfels).
Notes, correspondence, articles, photocopy articles on homes and Landa Park. Research notes
2 Comal County (New Braunfels). Locke Nursery -
article, notes
3 Comanche County (Newburg Community). Burton Family Farm Home.
Correspondence, notes, plats, photographs
4 Cooke County (Gainsville). Notes. Booklets: History of Cooke County, A Pictorial Essay1975; Texas: Cooke County, its People, Productions and Resources1888 (Reprint)
5 Coryelle County (Oglesby). C.C. & Sallie McGaughy history -
6 Cottle County (Paduca). Homes with fences.
Notes, photocopy booklet pages.
7 Crockett County (Ozona). Houses in bicentennial project.
Notes, photocopy booklet pages
8 Crosby County (Crosbyton). Various houses.
Correspondence, typed manuscript, plats, photocopy extracts, notes. Manuscript by Pat Brown, "Dugouts, Dooryards, Dirt Tanks and Daffodils (Crosby County 1877-1936)"Sept. 1980
9 Culberson County (Van Horn). Fences, trees, swing, bed edging.
Notes etc.
10 Dallam County (Dalhart).
Research notes, photocopy extracts on county history
11 Dallas County (Dallas). General.
Research notes, photocopy extracts, clippings
12 Dallas County (Dallas). Photocopy extracts from The Dallas Historical Society Centennial Collection Landscaping the Park.
Correspondence, landscape plans, manuscript descriptions
13 Dallas County (Dallas). Campbell Family home, Richardson.
Plats, photographs, typed manuscript
14 Dallas County - Captain William H. Gaston home ca. 1873.
Correspondence, research notes, photocopy extracts, history, plot maps.
15 Dallas County (Dallas). Alexander Sanger home ca. 1910.
Correspondence, plot map, sketches, description
16 Dallas County (Dallas and suburbs). Early family history and homes.
Notes, photocopy article extracts, leaflets, articles
17 Dallas County (Dallas). Old City Park.
Notes. Photocopies articles. Leaflets.
18 Dawson County (Lamesa).
Research notes
19 Deaf Smith County (Hereford). E.B. Black House and Escarbada Ranch.
Notes. Correspondence, photographs, photocopies articles.
20 Delta County (Cooper). County history
21 Denton County (Denton).
Research notes, photocopy extracts on history and use of barbed wire
22 De Witt County (Cuero). Frobese, Reiffert, Wofford, Mugge homes.
Article, correspondence
23 Dickens County (Dickens).
Research notes
24 Donley County (Clarendon).
Research notes
25 Eastland County (Eastland). S.R. Ayer Homestead ca. 1883 (near Rising Star) - correspondence, history, plot map, sketch. H.J. Hodnett Farm 1890-1920
correspondence, sketch of plot, description
26 Ector County (Odessa). White-Pool House.
27 Ellis County (Waxahachie). Old Dunaway House.
Photocopy booklet extracts
28 El Paso County (El Paso). Magoffin Home. Article TX Highways1982,
research notes
29 El Paso County (El Paso). 1980
General. Photocopy extracts, research notes, notes, correspondence
30 Erath County (Stephenville). Stephenville Historical House Museum - Fleming Planning Associates proposed master plan - copy.
Correspondence, snapshots Frey Garden. Leaflet on town. (See also Box 1, Folder 5)
31 Erath County (Stephenville). Stephenville and Dublin. Various gardens. 1980 Calendar of county history
Photocopy extracts.
32 Falls County (Marlin).
Photocopy of picture of Great Hot Water Resort
33 Fannin County (Bonham), Research notes, article in Texas HomesJune 1984
34 Fayette County (Engle). I.J. Gallia Residence and family photographs
35 Fayette County (La Grange). Winedale, Monument Hill and several homesteads.
Photocopy extracts, Research notes, article, promotional leaflet, photographs
36 Fisher County (Roby).
Research notes
37 Foard County (Crowell). Ed Rettig Farm home ca. 1915.
Research notes, photocopy extracts
38 Fort Bend County (Richmond). George Ranch (Arroyo Seco).
Newspaper articles
39 Franklin County (Mount Vernon) John Payne Hill House.
Notes, copy picture
40 Frio County (Pearsall). Bennett-McBryde Home.
Typed description
41 Galveston County (Galveston). Ashton Villa - J.M. Brown Home ca. 1858. Notes, clippings, articles, plats, pictures. Edward T. Austin House ca. 1871. Photograph of blizzard of 1895
42 Galveston County (Galveston). Blum House ca. 1885
Photocopy photos, notes, plot map
43 Galveston County (Galveston). John Stoddart Brown Home (House of the Lions).
Notes, photocopy photo
44 Galveston County (Galveston). Darrough House.
Photocopy photos, description
45 Galveston County (Galveston). Mrs. I. Dyers Home - Oleander Garden.
Research notes, articles, clippings, photocopy extracts of books
46 Galveston County (Galveston). East End Homes.
Area street map, articles, notes, typed copies from books, photocopy photos
47 Galveston County (Galveston). Garten Verein "Kempner Park".
Photographs, articles, photocopy extracts, notes, plot map
48 Galveston County (Galveston). The Gresham House (Bishops' Palace) 1888.
Photographs, research notes
49 Galveston County (Galveston). John Henry Hutchings Home.
Description, photocopy pictures
50 Galveston County (Galveston). Kopperl Residence.
Notes, photocopy photos, photograph, plot maps
51 Galveston County (Galveston). League-Kempner House ca. 1910.
Plot maps, photocopy photos, notes
52 Galveston County (Galveston). Menard House.
Photograph, description
53 Galveston County (Galveston). Henry Rosenberg Home.
clipping, photocopies of pictures, plot map
54 Galveston County (Galveston). George Sealy Home ca. 1889
Photographs, articles photocopy extracts, notes, plot maps
55 Galveston County (Galveston). First residence of John Sealy ca. 1875
Plot maps, notes, photocopy photographs, photo
56 Galveston County (Galveston). Jacob Sonnenthiel Residence ca. 1890
Plot map, article.
57 Galveston County (Galveston). St. Ursuline Academy.
Clippings, plot map
58 Galveston County (Galveston). John S. Sydnor Home.
Photocopy extracts, typed notes, plot map
59 Galveston County (Galveston). J.C. Trube House.
description, photocopies of pictures
60 Galveston County (Galveston). Henry Truehart Residence ca. 1890.
Photographs, plot map, photocopy leaflet
61 Galveston County (Galveston). Williams-Tucker House.
Clippings, photocopies of pictures
62 Galveston County (Galveston). Willis-Moody House, 1894.
Historical notes. Copy article on Richard Fealey
63 Galveston County (Galveston).
Photocopies of pictures and postcards of various homes, views of Galveston
64 Horticulture, Galveston County.
Research notes, photocopy extracts, notes, correspondence
65 Galveston County (Galveston). Monuments.
Research notes, photocopy extracts.
66 Garza County (Post). Landscapes and gardens.
Typed manuscript, letter, photocopy extracts, research notes. Article on C.W. Post.
67 Garza County (Post). 1957
Historical pamphlets, Official Souvenir Program Post Golden Jubilee
Box Folder
6 1 Gillespie County (Fredericksburg).
Old Homes - clippings
2 Gillespie County (Fredericksburg). Settlers and old homes.
Notes, Research notes, photocopy extracts
3 Gillespie County (Fredericksburg). LBJ Ranch, Nimitz Hotel, general information.
Leaflets, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs
4 Gillespie County (Fredericksburg). Sauer-Beckman Farmstead (LBJ National Park) Stonewall.
Correspondence, copy article, postcards
5 Gillespie County (near Fredericksburg). Julius Tatsch Homestead ca. 1898.
Photographs, typed notes, plot map
6 Goliad County (Goliad). William H. Boyd House ca. 1847
Research notes, photocopy photographs
7 Gonzales County (Gonzales). Atkinson Homestead ca. 1890
Photographs, description, correspondence, photocopy extracts
8 Gonzales County (Gonzales). Mary Boothe and Carey Judson Pilgrim Home ca. 1883
Notes, plot map, notes, sketch.
9 Gonzales County (Gonzales). Hoskins Homestead ca. 1883.
Description, notes, plot map
10 Grayson County (Sherman). Glen Eden (Coffee Bend House) near Denison.
Research notes, clippings, photocopy extracts
11 Grayson County (Sherman). Denison.
Photocopy extracts from historical publications, research notes
12 Grimes County (Navasota). Article Texas HighwaysApril 1980 on town.
13 Guadalupe County (Seguin). Old homes restored.
Article, research notes, notes
14 Hardeman County (Quanah). Early Settlers and homes.
Notes, photocopies of pictures, clippings, typed manuscript, photographs
15 Hardin County (Kountze). Hill Mansion.
Articles, research notes
16 Harris County (Houston). City Hall, River Oaks, Bayou Bend and other gardens, Azalea Trail, Courtandt Place.
Articles, photocopies of pictures, clippings, plot maps City Hall
17 Harrison County (Marshall).
Research notes on garden centers, nurseries
18 Harrison County (Marshall). Locust Grove - Wright family ca. 1908, Jonesville.
Notes, research notes, plot maps
19 Harrison County (Marshall). Maplecroft.
Research notes, clippings, plot maps
20 Harrison County (Marshall) A.C. Tiller Farm ca. 1900, Elysian Fields.
Typed notes, photographs and plot maps
21 Harrison County (Marshall). Wyalucing Plantation.
Research notes, correspondence.
22 Hartley County (Channing). XIT Ranch (6000 miles of Fencing).
Pictures, research notes, photocopy extracts of booklet
23 Haskell County (Haskell).
Research notes, photocopy extracts of booklet
24 Hemphill County (Canadian). Story of introduction of plant Cosmos
25 Henderson County (Athens).
Research notes on County history
26 Hidalgo County (Edinburg, McAllen, Weslaco, Mercedes). Sharyland and La Lomita Farms.
Historic Map of Hidalgo County, correspondence, Research Notes, articles, photocopy extracts, photographs. (Toluca Ranch Cemetery - see Box 3 Folder 26)
27 Hood County (Granbury). Trees and flowers of Crockett Home.
28 Hunt County (Greenville).
Research notes
29 Irion County (Mertzon).
Research notes
30 Jack County (Jacksboro). Fort Richardson. Copy Jack County HeraldJuly 25, 1968.
Research notes, photocopy extracts.
31 Jasper County (Jasper). Seale Home. Letter from William Seale 1981 with sketch of his garden layout as it was in 19th century
32 Jeff Davis County (Fort Davis).
Article, photocopy extracts, research notes
33 Jefferson County (Beaumont). French Trading Post. Beaumont homes.
Photograph, articles, typed descriptions, research notes, photocopy extracts, correspondence
34 Jim Hogg County (Hebronville). Old homes and buildings. Photocopy page from New Encyclopedia of Texas
35 Jim Hogg County (Hebronville).
Photographs, notes, correspondence
36 Johnson County (Cleburne).
Research notes
37 Jones County (Anson).
County map
38 Karnes County (Karnes City).
Photocopy extract on Kenedy's business and banking history (1 page)
39 Kaufman County (Kaufman). Research notes, photocopy extracts from The Lady with the Pen - letters of Elsie Waerenskjold in Texas
40 Kaufman & Van Zant Counties (Quanah & Odell) Kyle & Josie Fitz Homes.
Typed notes, photocopy photographs
41 Kendall County (Boerne). Article from Texas Hill Country ViewFebruary 1981
42 Kendall County (Boerne). Ingenhuett Property Complex. Comfort.
Plot maps, notes, descriptions, photographs. See also Box 1 Folder 52
43 Kerr County (Kerrville).
44 Kerr County (Kerrville). Mosty Brothers Nurseries.
Price lists. Research notes
45 Kerr County (Kerrville). Miscellaneous homes and buildings.
Correspondence, notes, research notes, leaflets, postcards, photographs, photocopy extracts.
46 Kerr County (Kerrville). Oak Hill. Mayor H. Remschel Residence ca. 1887, Ranch home of J M Thompson.
Photographs, notes, plot maps, research notes
47 Kerr County (Kerrville). St. Charles Hotel.
Photographs from books, postcards, photocopy extracts.
48 Kerr County (Kerrville). Schreiner Museum. Charles Armand Schreiner Home. Correspondence with Mrs "Dodo" Clyde Parker.
Descriptions, photographs, notes, clippings.
49 Kerr County (Kerrville).
Fleming Planning Consultants landscape plans - notes and plans for Schreiner Museum.
50 Kerr County (Kerrville). Schreiner Family.
Research notes, photocopy extracts, leaflets and booklet on Schreiner Museum
51 Kerr County (Kerrville). Family homes of 6 Schreiner family members.
Research notes, photocopy extracts, photographs, plot plans.
52 Kleberg County (Kingsville).
Correspondence, notes, photocopies of photographs, postcards. (For King Ranch see Box 4 Folder 2)
53 Lamar County (Paris). Robert H. and Virna Russell Homestead.
Photographs, research notes, diagrams, plot maps, correspondence
54 Lamar County (Paris). Sam Bell Maxey House.
Research notes, photocopy handwritten notes, article Texas Highways
55 Lamb County (Littlefield).
Research notes on County history, correspondence on Littlefield Gardens
56 Leon County (Centerville). Christopher Columbus home.
Research notes, photocopy extracts
57 Liberty County (Liberty). Franklin Hardin Home Seven Pines, notes, clipping; Abshier-Baillio and Ben Moor homes - clippings
58 Liberty County (Liberty). Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center.
Correspondence, notes, leaflet.
Box Folder
7 1 Live Oak County (George West). County history, family histories, property descriptions. Description of arts, crafts, artifacts of the County.
Photographs (snapshots), clippings, notes. (See also Box 3 Folder 17)
2 Lubbock County (Lubbock). Ranching Heritage Center. Article Texas Highways
3 Marion County (Jefferson) A.H. Rowell House ca. 1853, Henderson.
Photographs, Research notes, correspondence, plot maps
4 Marion County (Jefferson). Excelsior Hotel.
Research notes, leaflets. Research notes general; Mimosa Hall Plantation
5 Mason County (Mason). General research notes, photocopy extracts; photograph from book of Daniel Jordan ranch, Art, ca. 1920
6 Mason County (Mason). John D. Meusebach home, Loyal Valley, ca. 1875
Historical data, research notes, plot maps, building sketch, photocopy extracts, clipping
7 Matagorda County (Indianola). Early Texas port.
Photocopy extracts from books
8 Maverick County (Eagle Pass). David and Lupita Hume Homestead.
Notes, description, plot map.
9 McLennan County (China Spring) Ralph & Margaret Conger Homestead ca. 1905.
Photographs, typed history, notes, diagrams, plot maps
10 McLennan County (Waco). Baylor University.
Correspondence, notes, leaflets, photographs, photocopy photos
11 McLennan County (Waco). The Castle, The Abeel Home.
Research notes, photocopy extracts
12 McLennan County (12 miles from Waco on Hwy 6). Jeff & Meddie Allen Home ca. 1905.
Photographs, correspondences, notes, description, plot map
13 McLennan County (Waco). East Terrace. J.W. Mann Home. Article Texas Highways,
photograph, description, notes, typed history of John Wesley Mann
14 McLennan County (Waco).
Photocopy extracts, photocopy photographs Waco homes, Cotton Palace, Cameron Park
15 McLennan County (Waco). William Cameron House.
Photocopy extracts
16 McLennan County (5 miles SW of McGregor). Joseph and Hattie Embry Farm ca. 1878
Typed history, photographs, notes, correspondence, plot maps
17 McLennan County (Waco). J.H. Sturgis Homestead.
Photographs, correspondence, history, plot maps
18 Medina County (Hondo). Castroville Chamber of Commerce illustrated history and map. Booklet The Story of Castroville.
Research notes, articles, clippings, leaflet Landmark Inn
19 Menard County (Menard).
Research notes, photocopy extract on history of County.
20 Mills County. N.C. Egger Homestead ca. 1900
Notes, history, plot sketches and map
21 Mitchell County (Colorado City).
Research notes
22 Montgomery County (Montgomery). Arnold-Simonton House ca. 1845. Clipping, The CornerstoneFeb. 1985 issue.
23 Montgomery County (Montgomery). Griffith House ca. 1876.
Clipping, sketches
24 Montgomery County (Willis). General Lewis Home Elmwood.
Photocopy clipping.
25 Motley County (Matador).
Research notes
26 Nacogdoches County (Nacogdoches). William Henry Stewart Homestead ca. 1898.
Photograph, correspondence, history, clipping, plot sketch, Research notes
27 Nacogdoches County (Nacogdoches). Sparks and Blount Homes.
Correspondence with sketch, Research notes, photocopy extracts
28 Nacogdoches County (Nacogdoches).
Research notes general
29 Navarro County (Corsicana). Robert Hodges Home ca. 1860.
Correspondence, plot sketch, Research notes. Brochure Pioneer Village
30 Nueces County (Corpus Christi). 1906
Research notes, photographs Dr. A.J. Herny home, Mrs. Henrietta M. King home.
31 Ochiltree County (Puritan). Ranches and gardens of early settlers.
Research notes, photocopy extracts.
32 Oldham County (Vega).
Research notes on Old Tascosa
33 Orange County (Orange). Luncher Stark Garden. February 5, 1950
Brief clipping
34 Payola County (Carthage). Bud and Lee McNeese family history.
35 Parker County (Weatherford). Douglas Chandor's Texas Garden.
Leaflet, photocopy extracts, Research notes.
36 Potter County (Amarillo). 1985Texas Homes on Harrington House
37 Presidio County (Presidio). Presidio and Marfa.
Research notes, photocopy extracts
38 Red River County (Clarksville)
Correspondence. Typed manuscript history of town, James Clark Garden ca. 1833and Charles Demorse Garden ca.1840. Research notes
39 Roberts County (Miami). Settlers, gardens, fences.
Research notes, photocopy extracts.
40 Rusk County (Henderson). Howard Dickinson House ca. 1855.
Photographs, leaflet, correspondence, history, plot maps
41 Rusk County (Henderson). Judge W.W. Morris home and Poe-Jones-Richardson House.
Manuscript descriptions
42 Rusk County (Glenfawn Community near Henderson). Monte Verdi Plantantion.
Photograph, Research notes, photocopy extracts, plot maps, typed description
43 San Augustine County (San Augustine). Henderson and Canfield Homes.
Correspondence, research notes, photocopy extracts.
44 San Patricio County (Sinton).
Research notes, description of T.M. Coleman Chiltipin Ranch
45 Shackleford County (Albany). County Courthouse and J.A. Matthews Home ca. 1882.
Photocopy extract - 1 page
46 Shelby County (Center) Shelbyville. Hicks Ellington House ca. 1858.
Photocopy extract.
47 Sherman County (Stratford).
Research notes, photocopy extracts from history of Sherman County Trade Area.
48 Smith County (Tyler). John Dewberry Plantation and Tyler roses.
Photographs, correspondence, typed notes. Research notes on county history
49 Smith County (Tyler).
Roses - clippings 1979
50 Starr County (Rio Grande City). Old homes.
Letter, research notes, photocopy extracts.
51 Swisher County (Tulia). Homes, crops, gardens.
Research notes, photocopy extracts
52 Tarrant County (Fort Worth). Fort Worth Botanical Garden.
Article Texas Highways1983
53 Tarrant County (Fort Worth).
Research notes, photocopy extracts on general buildings. Clipping on Pioneer Village 1969
54 Taylor County (Abilene).
Clipping on ruins of Fort Phantom Hill 1979
55 Terrell County (Sanderson). Houses and family histories.
Research notes, photocopy extracts.
56 Terry County (Brownfield). Early settlers and their homes.
Research notes, photocopy extracts.
57 Throckmorton County (Throckmorton). Stone Ranch.
Research notes, photocopy sketch.
58 Tom Green County (San Angelo).
Photocopy panoramic view of town
59 Travis County (Austin). Governors Mansion, Shaw Home, Pease Home.
Notes, correspondence, copy articles, research notes, copy photographs
60 Travis County (Austin). French Legation and Garden.
Research notes, articles
61 Travis County (Austin).
Correspondence, clippings, articles. Tourist leaflets. Booklet "19th Century Austin"1970
62 Travis County (Austin).
Photographs, photocopy extracts
63 Travis County (Austin).
Research notes, photocopy extracts
64 Travis County (Austin).
Research notes
65 Trinity County (Trinity). Sidney Gibson Connel property ca. 1872
Correspondence, history, plot sketch
66 Tyler County (Woodville). Allan Shivers Museum and Heritage Garden Village leaflets, Pickett House menu
67 Upton County (Rankin & McCamey).
Clippings - typed copies 1927-1933.
68 Uvalde County (Uvalde). Research notes on book The Life and Diary of Reading W. Black, a History of Early Uvalde
69 Val Verde County - Texas Highways article 1982 on Pecos Country including Langtry; correspondence J.R. Skiles, Supervisor Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center 1982
70 Victoria County (Victoria).
General buildings, Research notes, photocopy extracts, photograph Lloyd Stevens home, pencil sketch of Welder property
71 Victoria County (Victoria). J.B. Wood Garden.
Photocopy photographs
72 Walker County (Huntsville). Sam Houston Home and Fisher Hill Collection.
Research notes, photocopy extracts, plot sketch
73 Walker County (Huntsville). Sam Houston Home -
74 Waller County (Hockley). Abshier House, ca. 1915
Correspondence, plot sketch, plot map, notes
75 Waller County (Hempstead). Col. L.W. Groce - Liendo Plantation.
Plot maps, notes. Research notes, photocopy extracts.
76 Waller County (Hempstead). Research Notes on Lucadia Pease Letters from Mr. Groce Plantation, Wood Lawn. 1850's-1880's
77 Waller County - A History of Waller County homes.
Research notes, photocopy extracts.
78 Webb Co (Laredo). Ortiz House ca. 1826.
Photographs, description, plot maps.
79 Webb Co (Laredo). Vidaurri House ca. 1874
Photographs, plot maps, description, notes, clippings
80 Webb Co (Laredo). General. Article Texas HomesMay 1981. Research notes, photocopy picture Ft. McIntosh and of Laredo booklet. Photographs and description of Casa Zaragoza 1970
81 Wharton County (Egypt). Northington Ranch.
Photographs, notes, plot map, leaflet on Egypt Plantation
82 Wheeler County (Wheeler).
Research notes on county history, people
83 Wichita County (Wichita Falls). Frank Kell Mansion ca. 1909 Article Texas HighwaysFebruary 1983
84 Wilson County (Floresville). La Casa Blanca - Don Juan Seguin's Home ca. 1834.
Research notes, photocopy extracts, correspondence, map
85 Zapata County (Zapata).
Photographs of Rancho San Ygnacio
Box Folder
8 1 Fences, Gates and Bridges: A Practical Manual. Edited by George A. Martin. New York 1887.
Photocopy extracts
2 Landscape Design.
Photocopy extracts, research notes, books 1853-1925


9 Photos 1-170
10 Photos 171-343
11 Photos 344-453

Architectural Items

1 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wallace, master development plan:
2 sheets.
2 J. D. Berry residence / Stephenville Historical Museum:
1 sheet.
3 St. Peter's Episcopal Church:
2 sheets.
4 Emy Louise Biedenharn, El Song Room:
12 sheets.
5 Mr. & Mrs. Sol West residence:
2 sheets.
6 Bible Research Center:
1 sheet.
7 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Howard residence:
1 sheet.
8 Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Rubey residence:
4 sheets.
9 C. C. Fleming residence:
2 sheets.
10 Bayou Club planting plan:
4 sheets.
11 Southwestern Savings Association:
4 sheets.
12 St. Stephen's Episcopal School:
10 sheets.
13 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Coates residence:
9 sheets.
14 Dr. & Mrs. Russell Scott, Jr., residence:
10 drawings.
15 Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Fleming residence:
13 sheets.
16 George Murray residence:
7 sheets.
17 Wilson residence:
7 sheets.
18 Bob Smith Fountain:
22 sheets.
19 San Antonio Country Club:
21 sheets.
20 Allan House VI:
19 sheets.
21 Mr. & Mrs. Don Gardener residence:
4 sheets.
22 Murray residence:
8 sheets.
23 Leslie Elkins:
5 sheets.
24 Ms. Marion Britton residence:
5 sheets.
25 University of Texas Women's dormitory:
3 sheets.
26 Dr. & Mrs. Fred Patrick Massey residence:
4 sheets.
27 Dr. & Mrs. Jules Bohnn residence:
5 sheets.
28 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Powell residence:
3 sheets.
29 Mr. & Mrs. Lawton E. Deats country home:
4 sheets.
30 Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. Hirshberg residence:
1 sheet.
31 Lexington Woods:
1 sheet.
32 C. C. Fleming:
2 sheets.
33 Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Segura residence:
2 sheets.
34 Vaughn:
4 sheets.
35 Ann Witt residence:
3 sheets.
36 Mr. & Mrs. Donaldson Chapoton residence:
2 sheets.
37 Mrs. E. H. Andrews residence:
4 sheets.
38 University of Texas Home Economics Tea Room:
2 sheets.
39 Mr. & Mrs. George Parker residence:
2 sheets.
40 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Fleming residence:
1 sheet.
41 Ray L. Dudley:
1 sheet.
42 Mr. & Mrs. Turner Catledge residence:
2 sheets.
43 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Brown residence:
1 sheet.