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Houston Public Library, Houston Metropolitan Research Center

Santa Fe Railroad Collection:

Part 7, Operational files (continued) and other materials: Boxes 389-393, 398-408

Descriptive Summary

CreatorSanta Fe Railroad
Title:Santa Fe Railroad Collection
Dates: 1897-1968
Abstract:Records of the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad Company, 1897-1968. Part 7 of 7.
ID:RG D 004
Extent:221 linear feet: 85 record storage boxes, 323 document boxes
RepositoryHouston Metropolitan Research Center,Houston Public Library

Scope and Contents

The Santa Fe Railroad Collection consists of materials dealing with the administration and operation of the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad Company from 1897 to 1968. Much of the collection deals with the legal aspects of the Company's operation including relationships with other railroads, corporations, the states and the federal government. The collection also contains information pertaining to company mergers, litigation, and laws as well as information on subjects such as the depression, segregation, the New Deal and World War II as they involved railroad management.

The types of material include company correspondence (which constitutes the bulk of the collection), legal documents, legal briefs, company and governmental reports, government documents and some correspondence from private individuals. A few charts and blueprints are also included.


The collection's arrangement follows as closely as possible the original system of folder subject headings. Because the folders are arranged in neither alphabetical nor chronological order, the container list is an indispensable guide to locating material in the collection. The container list provides an accurate description of the subject as well as its precise location in the collection.


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Due to the size of the electronic file, the online version of this guide is divided into 7 parts:

Administrative Information

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Sante Fe Railroad Collection. Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library.

Processing Information

While editing the EAD version of the finding aid, it became very clear to the editor that different parts of the collection were processed by different people, some of whom used different rules for processing the material. While this was not a problem for most of the collection, the material in boxes 231-313 proved to contain some difficulties.

The two main series in the collection, the Legal Files and the Operational Files, consist of files that were numbered by Santa Fe Railroad staff. Throughout most of the collection, processors placed material from one file into one folder (unless a large amount of material required files to be split into multiple folders). Thus, for example, Legal File #2297 was placed into box 223, folder 5; Legal File #2298 was placed in box 223, folder 6; Legal File #2299 was placed into box 223, folder 7; and so forth.

This was not the case for material contained in boxes 231-313. Here, multiple files were often placed within a single folder. For example, material from six different files (Legal Files #2829, #2830, #2831, #2832, #2833, and #2834) were all placed into box 243, folder 2.

The editor decided that both for the sake of consistency and the well-being of the material (the possibility of refiling items with material pertaining to a different topic was deemed to be high), the files should be placed into separate folders. The folders were not given new numeric numbers, however. Instead, a combination of a numeric and alphabetic designation was assigned to each folder. Thus, the above mentioned folder 2 from box 243 was split into the following folders: File #2829 went to folder 2A, #2830 went to folder 2B, #2831 to 2C, #2832 to 2D, #2833 to 2E, and #2834 to 2F. Staff decided that such a numbering system would be make it less difficult for researchers to find material, in the event they searched for items that had been referenced differently in a published work.

Detailed Description

Operational Papers: Boxes 398-406

3981Operational File #2332: Silsbee, cost statement of repairs to underground & steel fuel oil storage tanks, 1935.
2Operational File #2333: Tenaha, abandon south half of box car body bunkhouse, destroyed by fire.
3Operational File #2266: Galveston, replace fuel oil delivery tank.
4Operational File #2267: New gulf construct stock loading chute.
5Operational File #2268: Longview, install concrete curb and gutter fronting.
6Operational File #2269 (part 1): Kountze, construct 527' track, HB to end, for Williams Lumber Co.
7Operational File #2269 (part 2): Kountze, construct 527' track, HB to end, for Williams Lumber Co.
8Operational File #2334 (part 1): Manvel, construct 904' of new track and reline 154' of track including turnout to serve S&H Construction Co.
3991Operational File #2334 (part 2): Manvel, construct 904' of new track and reline 154' of track including turnout to serve S&H Construction Co.
2Operational File #3086: Garwood, construct 210 foot extensionists, track no. 2.
3Operational File #3087: Common, abandon Jackson power ballesters.
4Operational File #3089: Lakeside, abandon section yardfence.
5Operational File #3091: Dixie spur, abandon track no. 1.
6Operational File #3092: Mab, Louisiana; retire station facilities and tracks.
7Operational File #3422 (part 1): T&NO; track for Gulf Coast Fabricating Co.
8Operational File #3422 (part 2): T&NO; track for Gulf Coast Fabricating Co.
9Operational File #3424: Bay City - track for Kimbell-Longhorn Co.
10Operational File #3425: Jasper - track to serve the Mummert Company.
11Operational File #3426: Bridge 24B - Matagorda District retire.
12Operational File #3427 (part 1): Galveston - renew water line.
4001Operational File #3427 (part 2): Galveston - renew water line.
2Operational File #3427 (part 3): Galveston - renew water line.
3Operational File #3428: Navasota - retire stock pins, bldg. D-6.
4Operational File #3429: First, Houston, Somerville & Conroe district - GC & SF - apply tie plates.
5Operational File #3430: Track for Boehck Engineering Co., Inc.
6Operational File #3363: Call Junction - relay 444' of track no. 2, and 9702' of track no. 3, with 85 - in rail - less than $500.
7Operational File #3364: Wallis - relay tracks nos. 1 & 3, including turnouts.
8Operational File #3365: Silsbee - relay tracks.
9Operational File #3366 (part 1): Wallis to Orchard, relay 10 miles of main track.
10Operational File #3366 (part 2): Wallis to Orchard, relay 10 miles of main track.
11Operational File #3367: Sealy - relay tracks 1, 3, & 26.
4011Operational File #3368: Carthage - track for United Gas Pipeline Company
2Operational File #4110: Long-retire portion of track #14 and all of tracks no. 11, 15, 16 and 17
3Operational File #4112: Galveston - renew blue print machine
4Operational File #4113: Rail and flange lubricators near Horton, San Augustine District
5Operational File #4114: Renew bridge 86.9, San Augustine District
6Operational File #4116: Renew bridge 127.5, Longview District
7Operational File #4117: Renew bridge 59.9, Oakdale District
8Operational File #4118: Renew bridge 36.5, Oakdale District
9Operational File #4119: Renew bridge 15.8, Oakdale District
4021Operational File #4120: White's Ranch - stock scale.
2Operational File #4121: Galveston - install window air conditioning units in 59th St. yard offices.
3Operational File #4122: Bellville Yard - install air conditioning units in bldg. M-53, M-57 and M-69.
4Operational File #4123: Galveston - construct water & air lines, track #138.
5Operational File #4125: El Plesant - Bellville, double caution control.
6Operational File #4126: Wallis - retire battery house JK-20.
7Operational File #4127: Retire right of way fence along Mykawa Road - Houston district.
8Operational File #4128: Choice - retire track no. 1.
9Operational File #4129: Hitchcock - flashing light signals.
10Operational File #4130: Thompsons - flaching light signals.
11Operational File #4131: Rosenberg - flaching light signals.
12Operational File #4132: Repair bridge 14.6 - Somerville district.
4031Operational File #4133: Repair bridge 48.5, 1st district.
2Operational File #4134: Silsbee - 5th St. - extend plank crossings.
3Operational File #4135: Evadale - additional storage track.
4Operational File #4136: Wallis - Flashing light signals, 2nd Street.
5Operational File #4137: Renew bridge 25.9, Hall District.
6Operational File #4138: Evadale - flashing light signals.
7Operational File #4266: Bonus - retire section facilities.
8Operational File #4267: High Island - retire section facilities.
4041Operational File #4268: Honey Island - retire 935.4 feet of track,#1, 104 feet of track #3.
2Operational File #4269: Beckville - retire section facilities.
3Operational File #4270: Wood - retire section facilities.
4Operational File #4271: Thickett - retire track #1.
5Operational File #4274: Rebecca - retire track #1 and station facilities.
6Operational File #4278: Bencini - retire track #1.
7Operational File #4279: Thompsons - retire cotton platform.
8Operational File #4280: Gary - retire cotton platform D-9.
9Operational File #4281: Bellville yard - retire shop yard fence.
10Operational File #4282: Bay City - retire track #10 and 70 feet of track #5.
11Operational File #4284: Algoa- Alvin - retire fence.
12Operational File #4290 (part 1): Renew bridge 65.4.
4051Operational File #4290 (part 2): Renew bridge 65.4.
2Operational File #4291: Arcola - retire interchange track.
3Operational File #4294: Beaumont - parcel #6 sold to Westinghouse Electric Co.
4Operational File #4295 (part 1): Renew bridge 79.6.
5Operational File #4295 (part 2): Renew bridge 79.6.
6Operational File #4296: Renew bridge 53.01.
7Operational File #4298: Carthage - retire cotton platform D-11.
8Operational File #4299: Renew bridge 69.4.
9Operational File #4300: Renew bridge 61.4 - San Augustine District.
10Operational File #4301: Renew bridge 103.9.
11Operational File #4305: Houston - (T&NO Jct.), reacquire 4.85 acres of land.
12Operational File #4310 (part 1): Beaumont - extend track #38.
13Operational File #4310 (part 2): Beaumont - extend track #38.
4061Operational File #4310 (part 3): Beaumont - extend track #38.
2Operational File #4312: Silsbee - sectional plank crossing and flashing light signals.
3Operational File #4315: Bay City - open 8th Street; Beaumont - improve Long Ave. between Gulf and Mariposa Streets; Clay - pressure pump for well; Galveston - Butane gas in section facilities, 42nd Street.
4Operational File #4317: Merryville - retire bunkhouse.
5Operational File #4320 (part 1): Guy - track to serve Nash dome sulphur.
6Operational File #4320 (part 2): Guy - track to serve Nash dome sulphur.
7Operational File #4320 (part 3): Guy - track to serve Nash dome sulphur.
8Operational File #4321: Houston - purchase industrial property from Thompson Hayward Co.
9Operational File #4322: Alvin - high frequency carrier telephone repeater & associated equipment at depot building D-1.
10Operational File #4323: Houston - sale of land.
11Operational File #4324: Houston - sale of land.
12Operational File #4325: Houston - retirement of land.

Other Materials: Boxes 389-393

3891Transient Program - Federal Emergency Relief Administration, 1933-1934.
2Hoboes riding in bunkers of refrigerator cars, 1934.Loss of property account of trespassers, 1934.AAR Safety Section Poster - Trespassing by children, 1938.
3Trespassers - General file, 1934-1938.
4Ticket scalpers, 1933-1936.Attempted sale of Santa Fe tickets by two men traveling by auto - Sept. 24, 1934.
5Efforts to obtain funds from railroads under false pretenses - 1934.Fictitious money orders or travelers' checks - 1934.Fraudulent checks issued by R. O. Benson - 1936.Fraudulent checks issued by Bernard F. Glass - 1936.
6Service record of employees; Indebtedness of employees - 1925.Handling personal record matters - 1930.Examination of personal record files by Veterans Bureau - 1933.
7Southwestern Claim Conference: Report of Committee on Claim Prevention, 1931.
8Circular regarding stamp taxes, etc., 1932.Cost of U.S. postage, 1933-1938.Air mail information, n.d.Rewards for arrest and conviction of persons violating postal laws, 1934.Condensing distribution of operating revenues, operating expenses and other accounts with tabulating equipment in Audit Office, 1932-1935.
9Conduct and ethics of company employees and officers - a reminder, 1924.Irregularities with train and pullman porters, 1931."Disapating [sic] house" run by night janitor - Galveston, 1932.
10Reduction in force - Special service Department - 1931-1938.
11Special Service Department - Expense accounts - 1931-1934.Bond - Special officer - City of Galveston - 1931-1935.
3901Checking freight - Pilfering problem - Mallory Docks, Galveston, Texas, 1934-1935.
2Theft of grain doors - Pearlstone Elevator Company - Dallas, Texas, 1932-1935.Coal Theft - AAR Circular, 1935.
3Files lost when automobile stolen - June 24, 1930.Robbery of freight from cars - Santa Fe Building - Dallas, Texas, 1930.Pilferage of tractor parts from open equipment - Missouri, 1931.Organized gang of baggage thieves - 1931.Pilferage of merchandise through screens of ice bunkers in refrigerator cars, 1932.WW & IB placing [anti-theft] placards in yards - 1932.
4Sealing refrigerator car hatches, 1933.Burglary of bunk car - Alvin, Texas, May 21, 1933.Conducting robbery and theft investigations - Sweetwater, Texas, 1934.Theft from depot platform - Dallas-Fort Worth area, 1934.Burglary of Santa Fe Yard Office - San Angelo, Texas, 1935.Protection of refrigerator cars, 1936.
5Activities of car thieves vicinity of Houston; 1931-1934.Loss of seals - Kansas City - 1935.
6Requisition blanks - new form, 1932.General fire inspector's report - Galveston, 1929.Begging in various yards by J. N. McAfee, former engineer, 1933-1934.National Mediation Board - order no. 1 - 1934.Protection of Company funds - circular, 1935.
7Burglary of ticket office - Hutchinson, Kansas, 1933.Car inspector hijacked - Sweetwater Yards, 1933.Brakeman hijacked west of Friona, Texas, 1933.Loss and damage prevention and the police department - AAR, 1936.
8Discontinuance of death benefit plan, 1934.Political activities of employees, 1934.Employees attending law-suits, 1935.Furnishing advice of retirements and appointments to Public Relations Department, 1936.List of local watch inspectors, 1936.
9Railroad Business Mail Clearing House of Chicago, 1931-1934.Insurance tax by National Railways of Mexico, 1933.Solicitation of traffic, 1934.
10Special officer accompanying whiskey shipments destined Gulf Lines, 1931-1934.Rules and regulations governing the handling of spiritous and intoxicating liquors and/or alcohol, 1934.
11Meeting of Railway & Express Special Agents' Association - Dallas- Fort Worth Area, 1932.Railroad Officers Association - Dallas- Fort Worth Area, 1934-1935.Preparation of Forms 1636, 1936-1937.
12Books in aid of detection, 1930.Activities of alleged Communist and IWW organizers, 1931.Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of U.S. Immigration Service officers and employees - Galveston, 1932.
3911Miscellaneous Legal Papers and Correspondence, 1910-1932.
2Miscellaneous Legal Papers and Correspondence, 1933-1963.
3Miscellaneous Legal Papers and Correspondence, 1964-1965,undated.
4ICC - Application of Fort Worth & Rio Grande Ry Co. and the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Ry Co., 1939.
5ICC - Application of Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Ry Co., 1942.
6ICC - Proposed Application of the Harris County Houston Ship Channel Navigation District and the Member Lines of PTRA, 1961.
7ICC Hearing: Sante Fe Trail Stages, 1940.
8Easements of Galveston East End Property, 1955-1957.
9McLeod, Mills, Shirley, & Alexander: Financial Statement, March 1962.
10Payroll: Law Department, May 1968.
3921Galveston, Houston, and Henderson Rr. Co. of 1882 vs. Edward King, Union Trust Co. of N. Y. and Farmers Loan and Trust Co., Trustees, 1907-1910.
2Jackson & Harmon vs. Galveston, Harrisburg, & San Antonio Ry Co., 1910.
3Waterman Lumber and Supply Co. vs. the Texas & Gulf Ry Co. et al., 1910.
4Ammons vs. Fort Worth and Denver City Ry Co., 1948.
5Galveston County and Santa Fe Ry Co. vs. H. D. Hall, Tarrant County, Texas, 1949-1953.
6Libel vs. SS "Zosianne" and Galveston Wharves, 1963.
7Austin & Northwestern Rr. Co. and Houston & Texas Central Rr. Co. vs. John O. Cluck.
8House Bill #27, Establishing general statutory provisions for business corportations, 1953.
9House Bill #20, Imposing a new limited sale, excise and use tax, 1961.
10Regulations for Weighing Livestock and Grain, 1910.
11Railroads in Kansas: Regulations, Rates, and Statistics, 1937-1948.
3931Cane Belt Railway: Reconstruction of Board of Directors, 1903.
2Correspondence regarding the Closing of a Street in Galveston, 1910.Assessment of Galveston and New Orleans as Ports, 1914.Miscellaneous Maps.
3Listings of Facilities Unified, 1919.
4Amendments to Operating and Stock Trust Agreements, 1937.
5Application of J & L Transport Co. to Ship Perishable Commodities, 1948.
6Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Ry Co.: Pecos Division Timetable 90, 1959.
7Miscellaneous Foremen's Records and Pocket Time Books, 1959-1960.
8Switching Operations at the Calcasieu Paper Co., Elizabeth, La., 1960.
9Texas Railroad Lawyers Meeting: Recent Decisions Affecting Railroads, October 1960.
10Texas Railroad Association: Miscellaneous Materials, 1960-1962.
11Negotiations concerning Track Connections in Juarez, Mexico, 1963.
12General Business Correspondence, 1960-1965Galveston County and Santa Fe Hospital Rules and Benefits, 1964

Addendum: Payrolls: Boxes 407-408

4071Payrolls: First half April 1968
2Payrolls: May 1968
3Payrolls: Last half May 1968 - June 1968
4Payrolls: June 1968
5Payrolls: July 1968
6Payrolls: Last half July 1968 - August 1968
7Payrolls: August 1968
8Payrolls: First half August 1968 - October 15, 1968
9Payrolls: October 1968
10Payrolls: October 1968 - November 1968
11Payrolls: First half November 1968 - First half December 1968
12Payrolls: December 1968
13Payrolls: December 16, 1968 - May 1969
4081Payrolls: January 1958 - May 1967
2Payrolls: Last half May 1967 - Last half June 1967
3Payrolls: First half July 1967 - August 1967
4Payrolls: August 1967
5Payrolls: September 1967 - November 12, 1967
6Payrolls: Last half November 1967
7Payrolls: Last half November 1967 - December 1967
8Payrolls: First half December 1967 - January 1968
9Payrolls: January 26, 1968 - first half February 1968
10Payrolls: February 1968
11Payrolls: March 1968

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