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Raymond D. Pruitt, MD papers; 1933-1993; MS 033

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Pruitt, Raymond D.
Title: Raymond D. Pruitt papers
Abstract: A major portion of the Raymond D. Pruitt papers consists of his writings (published and unpublished), including notes on some documents and correspondence about some published documents. Of particular interest are his original manuscripts, material on his years at Oxford University, material on the origin and first years of Mayo Medical School including correspondence regarding his resignation from Baylor Medical College, and material on medical education. The collection consists of 13 boxes and oversize materials equaling 6 cubic feet. Materials are in good condition.
Identification: MS 113
Quantity: 6 cubic feet (12 boxes, 1 oversized box, 1 oversized portrait)
Language: English.
Repository: Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library, John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center

Biographical Note

Dr. Raymond Donald Pruitt received the B.S. degree from Baker University, Baldwin City, Kansas, in 1933; the B.A. degree in physiology in 1936 from Oxford University where he was a Rhodes Scholar; the M.D. degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in 1939; the M.S. degree in medicine from the University of Minnesota in 1944; and the M.A. degree from Oxford University in 1963. An internationally renowned cardiologist, Dr. Pruitt was Director of the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Minnesota from 1968 to 1975; Professor and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine from 1959-1968; Vice President for Medical Affairs and Chief Executive Officer at Baylor from 1966 to 1968; Director, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, University of Minnesota from 1968-1975; Director for Education, Mayo Foundation, from 1968 to1977; and Founding Dean of the Mayo Medical School from 1971 to 1977. He retired in July 1992 as Professor of Medicine at the University of Tennessee, Memphis, College of Medicine, and Consultant in Cardiology at the Memphis Veterans Affairs Hospital.

During his career, Dr. Pruitt was president of the Association of University Cardiologists, secretary of the American Board for Cardiovascular Disease, president of the American Osler Society, and a member of the National Research Resources Advisory council, the National Advisory Heart Council, the President’s Committee on Heart Disease, Alpha Omega Alpha, and the editorial boards of American Heart Journal (1960-1968) and Circulation (1962-1967 and 1969-1973.) From 1969 to 1970, he was chairman, Section of Internal Medicine, of the American Medical Association, and from 1968 to 1973 he was a member of Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committees.

He earned an honorary D.Sc. degree from Baker University in 1956, the Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of Minnesota in 1964, the Distinguished Medical Alumnus Award from the University of Kansas in 1967, the Distinguished Service Award from that same university in 1971, an honorary doctor of humane letters degree from Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1980, and a trustee medallion from Baylor College of Medicine in 1988.

Dr. Pruitt was born February 6, 1912 in Wheaton, Minnesota and died January 14, 1993. He was preceded in death by his wife, Lillian, and was survived by his children, Virginia, Kristin, David, Charles, and grandchildren.

Adapted from Houston Medicine, June 1993, Volume 9, page 29.

Scope and Contents

The bulk of the Raymond D. Pruitt Papers consists of original manuscripts and/or copies of his professional and personal writings. A bibliography compiled from his curriculum vitae, documents in the papers and a PubMed search is provided. The major portion of his published and non-published documents cited in the bibliography are in this collection. Also included are photographs used in some of the printed articles and correspondence about some of his writings.

Personal material includes original correspondence and photographic negatives from his year at Oxford University. Copies of some of Dr. Pruitt's medical records are in the collection. A reflex hammer and stethoscope labeled with his name. Some personal remembrances of his youth, college and university life are included in letters and printed material.

Studio photographic portraits of various sizes are included in the collection. Diplomas, awards and commendations are also included. There are several folders which contain information about his tenure as an officer and as President of the American Osler Society.

There is information about the establishment of the Mayo Medical School and its beginning years. Included in the letters is correspondence about his decision to leave Baylor College of Medicine to undertake that endeavor. Copies of many publications which covered the origin of the School are included.


Series I-Personal History / Curriculum Vitae-Page 6
Series II-Correspondence
Series III-Writings (published and unpublished), Speeches, Presentations
Series IV-Mayo Medical School
Series V-Photographs
Series VI-Certificates, Realia, and Oversize


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Administrative Information

Custodial History

These papers were a gift from Dr. Pruitt’s family, with delivery arranged by David Pruitt, M.D., in September 2004. Additional material was received in August, 2009 from Virginia Pruitt, Ph.D.

Preferred Citation

Raymond D. Pruitt papers, Manuscript Collection No. 113, John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library

Processing Information

The collection was reviewed for duplicate materials and to develop the order. Duplicate reprints were discarded. Paperclips and most other binding material were removed. When necessary, materials were interleaved with archival bond or put into L-velopes. Some articles and reports on acidic paper were copied onto archival bond and then discarded. Legal documents folded and housed in letter-sized folders were unfolded and the letter-sized folders replaced with legal-sized folders. Oversize materials were relocated to the oversize sections. new locations are noted in the detailed description below.

Detailed Description/Box and Folder Listing

Series 1. Personal History/Curriculm Vitae, 1912-1993

Box 1 contains copies of curriculum vitae, several biographical sketches, a bibliography, medical records, handwritten and typed notes from medical school, correspondence and photographs from his time at Oxford University, his fraternity at Baker University, letters for high school reunions, family records, employment records at the VA-Univ. of Tenn., miscellaneous financial records, a drawing of his property in Rochester, a guest book from a reception in 1968, records of commemorations made to Mayo, and a handwritten list of his writings for a proposed compilation.
Box 2 contains certificates from various institutions.
Box 3 contains records from his tenure as officer and President of the American Osler Society, reprints and articles of interest primarily from the 1980's and sermons.
Box Folder
1 1 Curriculum Vitae and Personal History
1a. Comprehensive Bibliography
2 ECGs (RDP) 1980-1993
3 Hematology Summaries (RDP) 1990-1993
4 Medical School Notes 1930's
5 Oxford 1930's
6 Zeta Chi 1930-1990
7 High School 1930's
8 Rasmussen Genealogy 1980's
9 Brandes-Knott Family 1980's
10 Veterans Administration- University of Tennessee 1980's
11 Miscellaneous Financial Records 1990's
12 Rochester Lot 1950's
13 Guest Book 1968
14 Commemorations 1993
15 Proposed Compilation of "Editorials" 1990
Box Folder
2 1 University of Minnesota: Distinguished Alumnus 1964
2 Mayo Centennial Year 1964 / 50th Year Mayo Foundation Medallion 1964
3 University of Kansas: Distinguished Service 1971
3 University of Kansas: Distinguished Service 1971
3 University of Kansas: Distinguished Service 1971
4 University of Kansas: Distinguished Service 1971
5 University of Kansas: Distinguished Service 1971
6 Baker University: 6th Annual Awards Banquet 1977
7 University of Minnesota: Certificate of Merit 1977
8 University of Minnesota: Commendation 1976
9 Hamline University: Honorary Degree 1980
10 Baker University: Founder's Day Award 1989
11 8 certificates various organization 1960-1990
12 Baker University: Greetings from Oxford University 1967
13 Hamline University: Commencement Address 1980
14 Texas A&M University: Commencement Address 1983
Box Folder
3 1 American Osler Society 1973
2 American Osler Society (RDP President) 1977
3 American Osler Society 1978
4 American Osler Society 1980
5 American Osler Society 1981
6 American Osler Society 1982
7 Osler: Reprints and Articles 1970-1980
8 Articles: Professional/Academic 1980's
9 Articles: General Interest 1980's
10 Articles: Political 1980's
11 Sermons: various authors 1975-1985
12 Sermons/Bulletins: various authors 1986-1987
13 Articles: General Interest 1980's
14 Report on European trip, Pruitt, 5/13-28/1972. 1980's

Series 2. Correspondence, 1940-1993

Letters between Dr. Pruitt and the named correspondents are arranged alphabetically. An asterick(*) indicates correspondence that deals with Dr. Pruitt's decision to leave Baylor College of Medicine to assist in establishing the Mayo Medical School.
Box Folder
1 1 Allbritton, Joe L.*
2 Allen, Max. S.
3 Anderson, Elmer L.
4 Arnold, John E.
5 Asper, Sam
6 Bachrach Photographers
7 Baldwin, R. Richard
8 Balfour, Donald C.
9 Barnes, A.R.
10 Bean, Atherton
11 Bean, William B.
12 Belot, Monti L.
13 Blackmum, Harry
14 Block, William J.
15 Blount, Robert
16 Boschwitz, Rudy
17 Bowen, Ted*
18 Brown, Harold*
19 Burley, Bob
20 Burchell, Howard B.
21 Burns, Rick R.
22 Butler, Bill
23 Campbell, Jame
24 Carlson, Leslie
25 Clagett, O.T. (Jim)
26 Clark, J.E.
27 Comroe, Julius
28 Copoe, Lucile E.
29 Craib, William H.
30 Crispell, Kenneth R.
31 Cunningim, Merrimom
32 DeLeon, Helen P.
33 Diehl, Harold S.
34 Dodson, James M.
35 Dorsey, Dennis B.
36 Durenberger, Dave
37 Duvall, Elizabeth Stover
38 Eckman, James
39 Engle, Paul
40 Erdahl, Arlen
41 Frazier, Shervert
42 Frye, Robert L.
43 Fulton, Marshall
44 Galusha, Hugh
45 Gibson, W.C.
46 Gore, Albert
47 Gould, Lawrence M (Larry)
Box Folder
2 1 Haines, Samuel F.
2 Hamilton, Carl H.
3 Hardwick, J. William
4 Haycock, Winfield S.
5 Hettig, Robert A.
6 Hook, Edward W.
7 Howard, Jr., Paxton H.
8 Humphrey, Hubert
9 Hunt, James
10 Hurst, J. Willis
11 Jones, Shepard
12 Keys, Tom
13 Knisely, William
14 Lamb, Lawrence E.
15 Landwehr, Mary Ellen
16 Leake, Chauncey
17 Leonard, J.C.
18 Lepeschkin, Eugene
19 Lester, John
20 Lipscomb, Harry
21 MacCarty, Collin S.
22 McElroy, Wm. D.
23 McGoon, Dwight
24 McGovern, John P.
25 McKay, D. Vernon
26 Meek, Joseph C.
27 Meijler, Fritz
28 Menninger, Roy W./ Karl
29 Metcalfe, Robert
30 Mondale, Walter F.
31 Moos, Malcom
32 Morgan, Robert
33 Mulder, D.W.
34 Mumford, David
35 Murao, Satoru
36 Nation, Earl F.
37 Nelson, Archer
38 Olson, Stanley
39 Ory, Richard
40 Oettig, Rae Helgeson
41 Palin, Drew
42 Palmer, Walter L.
43 Patrick, Robert
44 Penny, Timothy
45 Peterson, John E.
46 Piel, Gerard
47 Pruitt, David/Kristen/Virginia
48 Pruitt, Eleanor
49 Pruitt, Robert
50 Pruitt, Virginia
51 Quie, Albert H.
52 Quintero, Jose
53 Randall, W. Clark
54 Rogers, Paul G.
55 Roland, Charles G.
56 Ross, Griff T.
57 Rynearson, E.H.
58 Sammons, James H.
59 Sasser, Jim
60 Sayler, Corinne
61 Schuster, G. Slade
62 Seybold, W.D.
63 Spaulding, William
64 Steer, Randy
65 Steckelberg, J.M.
66 Taylor, Fred
67 Texas Club of Cardiologists
68 Turner, John D.
69 Utz, David C.
70 Visscher, Maurice
71 Walter, Waltman
72 Waxman, David
73 Watt, Jr., Thomas B.
74 Welch, John S.
75 Willis, III, Park W.
76 Wilson, Frank N.
77 Withrow, Mark
78 Ziai, Mohsen
79 Unidentified

Series 3. Writings (published and unpublished), Speeches, Presentations, 1942-1992

The writings are arranged chronologically. They include original manuscripts, some printed documents as well as reprints (some included in bound volumes). A bibliography of his works is in Series 1, Box 1, Folder 1a.
Box Folder
1 1942-1961
Box Folder
2 1962-1973
Box Folder
3 1974-1986
Box Folder
4 1987-1992 and date unknown
Box Folder
5 Bound volumes of reprints 1942-1979
Box Folder
6 Bound volumes of reprints 1942-1979

Series 4. Mayo Medical School, 1965-1985

Journals, newsletters and other news articles regarding the establishment of the Mayo Medical School are filed in Box 1. Also in Box 1 is a tape recording of Dr. Pruitt giving a talk apparently to Mayo Medical School administrators. Box 2 contains information about the first four classes and several reports about the establishment of the school
Box Folder
1 1 Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research 1915-1940
2 Origin and Development of the Mayo Medical School (see Series 3, Box 2)
3 Celebrating 25 Years Mayo Medical School 1972-1997
4 Bulletin of the American College of Physicians September 1972 vol. 13, no. 9
5 Mayo Alumnus, The January 1972 January 1972, October 1972, July 4, 1976, July 1981, Winter 1985, Fall 1989
6 Mayo Magazine, vol. 4, no.2 Fall 1989
7 Mayo Medical School Born Nov. 12, 1971, Mayo Clin. Proc., Jan. 1972, vol. 47, 1972
8 Mayo Today September 16-17, 1976
9 Mayovox, vol. 23, no. 24 September 15, 1972
10 Modern Medicine, The Journal of Diagnosis and Treatment March 25, 1968
11 Dr. RD Pruitt Adm. Roundtable Talk (regarding Mayo Medical School, medical education, patient care post 1980
Box Folder
2 1 Comparative Data 1972-1975
2 Student Admission Information and Curriculum Information 1972
3 Staff and Faculty 1976
4 Principles of Administration 1972
5 Student Adviser Program Academic Year 1976-1977
6 Student Adviser Program Academic Year 1975-1976
7 Student Adviser Program Academic Year 1974-1975
8 Class of 1980
9 Class of 1979
10 Class of 1978
10 Commencement Class of 1978
11 Class of 1977
11 Second Convocation September 9, 1973
12 Commencement May 29, 1976
13 Class of 1976
14 Memorandum of Oral Report November 12, 1975
15 Report of the Survey of Mayo Medical School October 10-12, 1973
16 Report of the Survey September 13-14, 1971
17 Report of Mayo Foundation - University of Minnesota Commission of University Presidents on Mayo Medical School Issues February, 1969
18 Reports of Educational Program Survey Committees to Mayo Foundation
19 Effects of an Undergraduate Medical School on the Laboratory Sections
20 Alumni Society 1982
21 Proctospect 1977
22 Insight

Series 5. Photographs, 1942-1980

This box contains photographs of various subjects. There are several portraits of Dr. Pruitt taken for professional purposes. Included in the box are slides used for lectures.
Box Folder
1 1 Portraits 1942-1980
2 Doctor of Science - Baker University 1950's
3 RDP with Others 1970-1980
4 Miscellaneous - Unidentified
5 Mayo
6 Medical ECG's and line drawings
7 Medical Hearts
8 Pitfalls in Interpretation of E.K.G.
9 Posterior and Anterior Fascicular Block + RBBB
10 Taub Lecture 1965; Ben Taub 1966.
11 Houston Academy of Medicine 1967.
12 Houston Academy of Medicine 1967; 4 leaders of Baylor College of Medicine, Houston – Pruitt, Olson, DeBakey, Butler.
13 Announcement opening Mayo Medical School, Nov. 17, 1971 [with Lyndon B. Johnson].
14 Photos from event Jan. 1972 Mayo Alumnus issue.
15 Mayo Medical School [Sept. 1972?]; Mayo Named Professors dinner 2/15/1978; Dr. Code’s retirement dinner 2/15/1975.
16 ECG Findings in Cardiac Amyloidosis; Mayo Medical School Convocation 1973.
17 Presentation, Certificate of Merit at Mayo 6/3/1975; Pruitt with Dr. Roland, Admission letter to Mayo Medical School 1971-72.
18 Pruitt with Robert Anderson, Mayo alumnus 1974-1975.
19 Ted Cooper, Assistant Secretary for Health, visit 1975.
20 Empress of Iran – dinner 1975; Report on visit to Iran, Pruitt 11/18/1975 [actual visit 7/10-17/1975].
21 Medical Students farewell reception Jan. 1977; Dr. Pruitt.
22 Howard B. Burchell.
Box Folder
GAF GAF-0097 Official Color Portrait (19" x 24")

Series 6. Certificates, Realia, and Oversize, 1933 - 1980

This series contains certificates, realia and oversize materials, such as diplomas and certificates, photographs, drawings of the original Mayo Medical School building, teaching material, and medical instruments.
Box Folder
1 1 Association of Fellows Recognition Award 1972
2 University of Kansas Distinguished Service Award 1971
3 Reflex hammer
4 Stethoscope
5 "Oslerian Latchkey" 1976
6 Photogrpahs. Committees, circa 1940-1960
7 Photographs. Heart Council, 1966-1973 and undated
8 Photographs. Mayo Cinic, circa 1950
9 Certificate. American College of Chest Physicians, 1957
10 Certificates. American Heart Association, American College of Physicians, and Texas State Board of Medical Examiners, 1959-1963
Box Folder
OV 303 1 Bachelor of Science diploma - Baker University June, 1933
2 Master of Science in Medicine diploma - University of Minnesota December, 1944
3 Internal Medicine Cardiovascular Disease certification October, 1946
4 Portrait
5 Dr. Pruitt and Dr. Michael DeBakey
6 Dr. Pruitt and unidentified
7 "Non Mults Sed Bona" Mayo Medical School drawing by Mark Withrow, M.D. 1976
8 "Mayo Medical School, Rochester" drawing by Val Webb 1974
9 Dr. Pruitt at table with others, drawing by J. Delsey
10 American Heart Association citation and letter 1967, 1973
11 American Osler Society material
12 Instructional Material - glass slides 1967, 1973
13 Certificates, 1937-1938
14 Photographs, 1939-1975