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San Jacinto Lung Association records; 1911-1993; IC 034

Creator: San Jacinto Lung Association
Title San Jacinto Lung Association records
Abstract: The San Jacinto Lung Association records (IC 034) include correspondence, legal documents, budgets, tuberculosis statistics, committee reports and minutes, printed materials, scrapbooks, articles, christmas seals, and photographs that document the history, community services, staff and administration of the San Jacinto Lung Association. Most notably, the collection highlights the organization’s public health programs to prevent and control tuberculosis as well as its Christmas Seal fundraising campaigns. First established on November 11, 1911 as the Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League to address the public health crisis of tuberculosis, the organization evolved to encompass all respiratory diseases. The collection equals 13 cubic feet (12 document and oversize boxes).The materials are in fair condition.
Identification: IC 034
Quantity: 13 cubic feet (12 boxes)
Location: Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library, Houston, Texas.
Language: English
Repository: John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library

Historical Note

Led by Dr. Elva A. Wright, the San Jacinto Lung Association was first established on November 11, 1911 as the Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League. In the early 20th Century, Houston had a higher death rate of tuberculosis than the national average with two in 1000 persons dying from the disease in 1910. At the time, there was no organized movement to address the public health crisis in the city. The founding members were Dr. Wright, Mrs. J. G. Love (General Secretary of United Charities), Sybil Campbell (Headworker at Rusk Settlement House), Dr. T. B. Thorning, and Dr. M. B. Stokes. They modeled the organization on the National Anti-Tuberculosis Association and the Texas State Anti-Tuberculosis Association, which were establish a few years before in 1904 and 1908 respectively.

The Association was a non-profit, community-driven organization dedicated to engage the people of Houston to control, prevent, and educate the community about tuberculosis. Its primary focus and goals were to:

  • Educate public of cause and symptoms.
  • Promote healthy living.
  • Establish free clinic.
  • Employ visiting public health nurses.
  • Develop sanitariums and hospitals.
  • Advocate for laws to control tuberculosis.
  • Encourage city and county health departments to lead fight.

Through the years they operated daily clinics for treatment and diagnosis of tuberculosis as well as conducted mass-screenings using chest X-rays and skin tests. As the the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis became more effective, the Association started to address other respiratory diseases, and provided lung performance tests to screen for emphysema and asthma.

The Association’s first clinic space was a five room cottage at 55 Gable St. It was loaned to the organization by the Mayor of Houston, H. Baldwin Rice. It opened on January 21, 1912, but after 3 months the space was reallocated for a new school, forcing the members to use their private practices to treat tuberculosis patients. On December 13, 1913, the Association opened its first free clinic at 608 Bagby St. It was a modest bungalow built through the donations of area labor unions and merchants. The Association remained at this location, in some capacity, into the 1950s. The bungalow was expanded, moved, and reinforced against the eroding bayou banks in the 1930s. In 1938, the free clinic services were moved to the basement Jefferson Davis Hospital. September 15, 1957, the Association moved into its newly built headquarters at 2901 West Dallas Avenue. Aubrey Calvin led the $125,000 building project with funds donated through the Christmas Seal campaign.

In 1918 the first tuberculosis hospital and sanatorium opened in Houston. Located at what is now Shepherd Drive and Allen Parkway. The hospital was tax-supported and operated by the city with additional funds from Harris County. Facilities were expanded to treat more and more cases, especially children. Through the donation of Mrs. James L. Autry, the Autry School opened in 1925 and provided children with undisrupted education while they were treated at the hospital. In 1947 the City of Houston took over full operation of the clinic and public health nursing services allowing the Association to focus more on its education and prevention services. Through more effective drug treatments and the Association’s programs, like school screening in 1930s, chest X-rays in 1940s, and mobile X-ray units in 1950s, the tuberculosis death rate declined significantly in Houston.

Dr. Elva A. Wright led the effort to establish an anti-tuberculosis association to prevent and treat tuberculosis in Houston. She said, “I’d rather be remembered for the disease I prevented than for the disease I cured.” Dr. Wright was born in Pennsylvania in 1868 and received her medical degree from Northwestern University in 1900. She practiced obstetrics, but her interest turned to tuberculosis and its effect on children during her post-graduate work in Europe and Chicago. She opened her office in Houston within the Temple Building on Main St., and through her practice, she saw how tuberculosis affected children and families throughout the city. She served as president of the Association until her death on July 18 , 1950. She also served as chief of the children’s clinic and Houston TB Hospital as well as chairman of general medical staff. Robert V. Moise took over as president in 1950 after Dr. Wright’s death.

Emmeline J. Renis joined the Association as a nurse in 1920. She shared the administrative work with Dr. Wright, eventually becoming the executive director. She was the executive director through the 1960s.

Dr. Katharine H. K. Hsu was born and educated in China. She came to the United States in 1948. She joined the Association in 1952 and remained an integral part of the organization through the 1970s. In the early 1960s, Dr. Hsu led one of the largest comparative studies that evaluated the multiple-puncture Heaf test against the more established Mantoux and patch tests. Testing more than 5,000 Houston school children, she confirmed that the Heaf test was reliable and offered improvements in mass-screening. She was an associate in the Department of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine as well as pediatrician-in-charge for the Tuberculosis Children’s Hospital and Clinic for Houston and Harris County.

Other individuals related to the Association are Dr. Howard T. Barkely (Board of Directors), Dr. Daniel E. Jenkins (Board of Directors), and Dr. W. J. Stork (Chief Radiologist).

From the beginning, the Association utilized Christmas Seal sales as its primary source of funding. First used in Denmark in 1904, Christmas Seals were purchased as extra postage for holiday packages, and the proceeds went to hospitals for children. In 1907 the National Anti-Tuberculosis Association began selling Christmas Seals in America as a fundraising campaign to fight tuberculosis. From $263.82 in 1911 to over $150,000 in 1956, the San Jacinto Lung Association funded all of its programs through the annual Christmas Seals campaign.

The following is a list of the different names of the San Jacinto Lung Association through the years:

  • 1911, Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League
  • 1950, Houston-Harris County Tuberculosis Association
  • 1967, San Jacinto Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases Association.
  • 1974, San Jacinto Lung Association
  • Currently, National Lung Association Houston

The following community institutions have been affiliated with the Association through its history: Houston Tuberculosis Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, Harris County Medical Society, Rusk Settlement House, Community Chest, United Charities, Jefferson Davis Hospital.


Pamphlet, “Unfinished Business: 50th Anniversary of the Houston-Harris County TB Association. MS 009 W. J. Stork, MD papers. McGovern Historical Center.

Organization Records. IC 034 San Jacinto Lung Association. McGovern Historical Center.

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Scope and Content Note

The San Jacinto Lung Association records include correspondence, legal documents, budgets, tuberculosis statistics, committee reports and minutes, printed materials, scrapbooks, articles, christmas seals, and photographs that document the history, community services, staff and administration of the San Jacinto Lung Association. Most notably, the collection highlights the organization’s public health programs to prevent and control tuberculosis as well as its Christmas Seal fundraising campaigns.

The materials are arranged in three series: Organization Records (1911-1993), Photographs (1895-1969), and Scrapbooks (1924-1974). The collection equals 13 cubic feet (12 document and oversize boxes).The materials are in fair condition. Some items were damaged or lost during the flood caused by Tropical Storm Allison in 2001.

Arrangement of Collection

This collection is arranged into the following series.
Series I. Organization Records
Series II. Photographs
Series III. Scrapbooks


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Subject (Persons)
Beaulieu, Henriette de
Brown, Roderick, Dr.
Bussell, Emily
Calvin, Aubrey
Chu, Josephine Shou-Chen
Copeland, Bart
Eckardt, Doris
Hsu, Katharine H.K.,
Jenkins, Daniel Edwards,
Moise, Robert V.
Pecover, Lena
Renis, Emmeline J.
Shelton, James
Stubee, Henry A
Wright, Elva Anis
Subjects (Organizations)
City of Houston Health Department
Douglass Junior High School
Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League
Houston-Harris County TB Association
Houston Tuberculosis Association Clinic
Jefferson Davis Hospital
San Jacinto Lung Association
St. Peter Claver’s Colored Parochial School
Sunnyside School
Westside Negro Tuberculosis Clinic
Houston, TX
Christmas Seal
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary - History-Harris County, Texas
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary - Prevention and Control- Harris County, Texas
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary - Statistics - Harris County, Texas
Tuberculosis Societies - History - Harris County, Texas
Public Health
Public Health - Nursing
Respiratory diseases
Emphysema, Pulmonary
Subject (Genres)

Related Materials

MS 009 Walter J. Stork, MD papers; MS 028 Howard Barkley, MD papers; IC 098 TMC Library Historical Photograph Collection

Separated Material

Scrapbooks placed in oversize section.

Administrative Information

Custodial History

Materials were donated to the archive by the San Jacinto Lung Association in June 1979.

Preferred Citation

San Jacinto Lung Association records, IC 034; John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library.

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Acquisition Information

This record group was received in two batches about 6 months apart in 1979 from the San Jacinto Lung Association.

Processing Information

Papers that appeared related have been grouped into folders by the Special Collections Librarian. The gifts appeared to have no set order, except for the papers of Dr. Jenkins.

2016, photographs originally donated by San Jacinto Lung Association were transferred from IC 098 TMC Library Historical Photograph Collection and incorporated into the records as a photograph series. All photographs have been cataloged and are available in the library catalog.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Organization Records, 1911-1993

This series is comprised of correspondence, legal documents, budgets, tuberculosis statistics, committee reports and minutes, printed materials, newsletters, medical articles, and Christmas Seals that document the history, community services, and administrative functions of the San Jacinto Lung Association. Also included are items such as a pamphlet for a pinning ceremony at Prarie View A&M School of Nursing and the Texas A&M telephone directory.
box folder
1 1 Evolution of the Anti-Tuberculosis League, 1911-1939
2 Evolution of the Anti-Tuberculosis League, 1940-1949
3 Evolution of the Anti-Tuberculosis League, 1950-Present
4 History of the Anti-Tuberculosis League, 1940-1972
5 City of Houston Tuberculosis Hospital-Jefferson Davis Hospital, 1917-1964
6 Transfer of Tuberculosis clinic to city of Houston Health Department, 1946-1948
7 Speaking of Health-Lung Association Newsletter, 1968-1973
8 Papers by Dr. Elva A. Wright, 1936-1950
9 Papers by Dr. Katherine H.K. Hsu, 1958-1972
10 Letters outlining Dr. Hsu's work, 1956-1971
box folder
2 1 Dr. Josephine Shou-Chen, Researcher in childhood Tuberculosis, 1958-1959
2 The story of Tuberculosis, 1930-1964
3 Tuberculosis Statistics, 1930-1940
4 Tuberculosis Statistics, 1941-1945
5 Tuberculosis Statistics, 1946-1955
6 Tuberculosis Statistics, 1956-1960
7 Tuberculosis Statistics, 1961-1965
8 The People Against Tuberculosis - The Story of the Christmas Seal by Leigh Mitchell Hodges, 1942
9 The Story of the Christmas Seal, 1934-1972
10 Christmas Seals, 1925-1934
11 Christmas Seals, 1935-1944
12 Christmas Seals, 1945-1954
13 Christmas Seals, 1955-1964
14 Christmas Seals, 1965-1983
15 Christmas Seals - Foreign Countries, 1944-1963, undated
16 Appeal letters and envelopes, 1962-1972
17 Christmas Seal Placements (shows stamps 1907-1966), 1961, 1966
18 Tuberculosis in Houston - Paper by Dr. Morris Kilgore, 1957
box folder
3 1 Tuberculosis in Houston and Harris County - by medical staff, TB Division Jefferson Davis Hospital, 1964
2 Article on Emphysema, 1965
3 Tuberculosis Articles, 1960-1963
4 Daniel Jenkins Papers - Research Grant, 1968
5 Daniel Jenkins Papers, Correspondence, 1972-1973
6 Daniel Jenkins Papers, Correspondence, 1970-1971
7 Daniel Jenkins Papers, Correspondence, 1965-1966
8 Daniel Jenkins Papers, Correspondence, 1957-1964
9 Prarie View A&M University College of Nursing, 1986-1993
10 Texas A&M telephone directory, 1993
11 American Lung Association - Chronicle, San Jacinto Area, 1985-1986
box folder
4 1 Extra Christmas Seals, 1935
2 Extra Christmas Seals, 1936
3 Extra Christmas Seals, 1937
4 Extra Christmas Seals, 1940
5 Extra Christmas Seals, 1943
6 Extra Christmas Seals, 1944, 1946
7 Extra Christmas Seals, 1949
8 Extra Christmas Seals, 1959
9 Extra Christmas Seals, 1960
10 Extra Christmas Seals, 1962
11 Extra Christmas Seals, 1964
12 Extra Christmas Seals, 1966
13 Extra Christmas Seals, 1967
14 Extra Christmas Seals, 1969
15 Extra Christmas Seals, 1970
16 Extra Christmas Seals, 1971
17 Extra Christmas Seals, 1972
18 Extra Christmas Seals, 1973
19 Extra Christmas Seals, 1974
20 Extra Christmas Seals, 1975
21 Extra Christmas Seals, 1976
22 Extra Christmas Seals, 1977
23 Extra Christmas Seals, 1978
24 Extra Christmas Seals, 1979
25 Extra Christmas Seals, 1983
OV 230 Newsletter, Life & Breath, 1988

Series II: Photographs, 1895-1969

This series consists of photographic materials that document the history, staff, facilities, events, community services and Christmas Seal campaigns of the San Jacinto Lung Association in Houston. The photographs document the history of public health and anti-tuberculosis programs of the 20th Century in the United States.
box folder
5 P-720 Building started for seal sale at 612 Bagby with Dr. Wright and Miss Renis
P-721 Miss Atkinson in Basement of Jefferson Davis Hospital circa 1940
P-722 Robert V. Moise
P-723 Dr. Greer
P-724 Emily Bussell, 1907
P-725 Dr. Deaton
P-726 Mrs. S. H. Spencer and Emmeline Renis breaking ground for a new addition to the Tuberculosis Clinic, 1927
P-727 Tuberculosis Clinic being raised and reinforced, 1936
P-728 Medical Social Workers
P-729 Board Members
P-730 Autry Memorial (negative)
P-732 Westside Negro Tuberculosis Clinic, 1939
P-733 TB nurse caring for a child
P-734 Caring for the TB patient, 1946
P-735 Dr. Elva Wright examines x-rays in the basement of Jefferson Davis Hospital, 1938
P-736 Dr. Elva Wright examining children
P-737 Dr. Elva Wright standing with four men
P-738 Dr. Wright celebrating thirty years of service, 1941
P-739 Dr. Wright presenting a plaque to Labor Leaders, 1949
P-740 Dr. Feder presenting Dr. Wright with a plaque honoring her services and achievements in the fight against tuberculosis, 1947
P-741 Dr. Wright in a fire truck (negative and print), 1940
P-742 Dr. Wright receiving donations
P-743 Dr. Wright receiving donations
P-744 Dr. Wright’s nephew and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Wright, 1957
P-745 Emmeline J. Renis
P-746 Emmeline Renis standing with two men
P-747 Emmeline Renis accepting a donation
P-748 Emmeline Renis with campaign envelopes
P-749 Emmeline Renis, Mrs. Charles Royds, and Mrs. William M. Boyd
P-750 Emmeline Renis being interviewed by a school press club
P-751 Emmeline Renis with Francis Brennan and Karen Basen
P-752 Robert V. Moise and Aubrey Calvin, officers of the San Jacinto Lung Association
P-753 Robert Moise with four other men, 1950
P-754 Mrs. Robert V. Moise and the other members of the planning committee planning the dedication of the new TB building on Dallas Street, 1957
P-755 Henriette de Beaulieu being presented a corsage by the Brownies
P-756 Henriette de Beaulieu, Dr. Wright, and R. A. Farnsworth, 1943
P-757 Lena Pecover teaching a group about tuberculosis
P-758 Lena Pecover and other public health nurses at the San Jacinto Lung Association
P-759 First educational director for the Tuberculosis Association, Lena Pecover, giving a lecture
P-760 Medical students from Baylor listening to Lena Pecover give a lecture on the Tuberculosis Association, 1955
P-761 May Pollock and W. F. Norman threading a movie projector
P-762 Bart Copeland
P-763 Bart Copeland with five members of the San Jacinto Lung Association
P-764 Dr. Bundy receiving a medal from Texas Tuberculosis Association
P-765 Mrs. Francis Brown taking an x-ray of a child in the tuberculosis clinic
P-766 Billy Sullivan in the mobile x-ray unit
P-767 James Shelton (with letter)
P-768 M. C. Oldham
P-769 Dr. Roderick Brown explaining a chest x-ray
P-770 Founder of the National Anti-Tuberculosis League, Dr. Trudeau, 1895
P-771 Neil Armstrong on the moon, 1969
P-772 Miss Renis, weekly Voice of Health broadcast over radio station KPRC with Bellaire representatives, 1939
P-773 San Jacinto Lung Association office workers
P-774 Anti-Tuberculosis League’s Bagby street clinic during the 1949 snow storm, 1949
P-775 Anti-Tuberculosis League’s Bagby street clinic
P-776 Pneumothorax Clinic in the basement of Jefferson Davis Hospital
P-777 Flooding in the basement of the Jefferson Davis Hospital building, 1935
P-778 Robert V. Moise, Aubrey Calvin and Henry A. Stubee studying building plans, 1956
P-779 Henry Stubee and Robert V. Moise holding a architectural rendering of the Houston Tuberculosis Association building, 1956
P-780 Ground breaking ceremonies for the new Tuberculosis clinic, 1957
P-781 Front of the Houston Tuberculosis Association building on West Dallas, 1958
P-782 Patients checking in at the Houston Tuberculosis Association Clinic
P-783 St. Peter Claver’s Colored Parochial School Tuberculosis testing clinic, 1935
P-784 Douglass Junior High School Tuberculosis testing clinic, 1936
P-785 Sunnyside school tuberculosis testing clinic
P-786 Tuberculosis testing for school children
P-787 School children being tested for tuberculosis
P-788 Child receiving a tuberculosis test
P-789 Child being screened for tuberculosis
P-790 Child given skin test
P-791 Nurses visiting people in their homes
P-792 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League first film projector, 1942
P-793 Mrs. F. R. Stroupe, the Women’s Division Chairman of the Christmas seal campaign, 1951
P-794 Nursing staff for the tuberculosis clinic, 1940
P-795 Houston Tuberculosis Association’s staff Christmas party
P-796 Houston Tuberculosis Association staff members, 1957
P-797 Meeting of the members of the San Jacinto Lung Association, 1950
P-798 San Jacinto Lung Association’s Woman’s Club
P-799 San Jacinto Lung Association celebration
P-800 San Jacinto Lung Association dinner, 1950
P-801 San Jacinto Lung Association dinner
P-802 San Jacinto Lung Association’s annual dinner, 1936
P-803 Kick-off dinner for the 1944 Christmas seal sale, 1944
P-804 Lung pathology displays
P-805 San Jacinto Lung Association taking a pulmonary function survey at Rice University, 1963
P-806 San Jacinto Lung Association health evaluation machinery
P-807 San Jacinto Lung Association giving pulmonary function tests
P-808 Tuberculosis clinic giving chest x-rays
P-809 San Jacinto Lung Association’s chest x-ray promotion
P-810 Sign the Southwest Lions club made to promote the coming of the mobile health unit
P-811 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s first mobile unit
P-812 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s mobile health unit
P-813 San Jacinto Lung Association’s mobile health units in operation
P-814 San Jacinto Lung Association’s new mobile unit, 1959
P-815 San Jacinto Lung Association’s mobile health units, 1960
P-816 Equipment used in the mobile health units, 1960
P-817 Public health x-ray unit in Akron, Ohio, 1944
P-818 Emmeline J. Renis receiving a check from the Baytown Jaycees, 1939
P-819 Christmas seal volunteers
P-820 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1939 Christmas seal campaign, 1939
P-821 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1940 Christmas seal campaign, 1940
P-822 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1941 Christmas seal campaign, 1941
P-823 Dr. Elva Wright and Doris Eckardt, 1942
P-824 Boy scouts and girl scouts selling Christmas seals, 1945
P-825 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1947 Christmas seal campaign, 1947
P-826 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1948 Christmas seal campaign, 1948
P-827 Colonel John N. Reynolds purchasing Christmas seals from Staff Sergeant Mary Onanian, 1949
P-828 1950 Christmas seal, 1959
P-829 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1951 Christmas seal campaign, 1951
P-830 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1954 Christmas seal campaign, 1954
P-831 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1955 Christmas seal campaign, 1955
P-832 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s counter display for the 1958 Christmas seal campaign, 1958
P-833 Red Schoendienst holding a Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s Christmas seal campaign poster, 1959
P-834 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1960 Christmas seal campaign, 1960
P-835 Emmeline J. Renis promoting the Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1961 Christmas seal campaign, 1961
P-836 Houston-Harris County Tuberculosis Association’s 1962 Christmas seal campaign, 1962
P-837 Houston-Harris County Tuberculosis Association’s 1963 Christmas seal campaign, 1963
P-838 Houston-Harris County Tuberculosis Association’s 1964 Christmas seal chairman Raymond Schindler with a young boy, 1964
P-839 Emile Sherman and S.M. Fox with Christmas seal corsage, 1966
P-840 Robert Morse the National Honorary Chairman for the 1967 Christmas seal campaign and Blue Birds and Campfire Girls stuffing envelopes, 1967
P-841 Martha Casares with Guy Lombardo, 1968
P-843 Christmas seal cyclists, circa 1960s
P-844 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1941 Christmas seal sale committee, 1941
P-845 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1945 Christmas seal sale committee, 1945
P-846 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1940 Christmas seal sale leaders, 1940
P-847 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1946 Christmas seal sale chairman and the co-leaders, 1946
P-848 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League’s 1942 Christmas seal sale chairman George D. Wilson and E. Renis, 1942
P-849 Seal sale workers dinner with Mrs. F.R. Stroupe, women’s chairman and her committee
P-850 Air pollution in Houston
P-867 Emmeline Renis standing with a group of people at groundbreaking of new building, 1956
P-868 Dr. Carlos Finlay monument and the Hospital Militar Dr. Carlos Finlay, Republica de Cuba
P-920 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League: Free Clinic for consumptives, 1915
P-921 Houston Anti-Tuberculosis League: Free Clinic, 1915
box folder
OV 230 P-3349 Miss Emmeline Renis and Astronaut Scott Carpenter, 1962

Series III: Scrapbooks, 1937-1974

This series contains scrapbooks that document the community services, events, and Christmas Seal campaigns of the San Jacinto Lung Association.
OV 227 Scrapbook, 1962-1964
Scrapbook, 1960-1961
OV 228 Scrapbook, 1954-1956
Scrapbook, 1957-1959
OV 229 Scrapbook, 1937-1951
Scrapbook, 1952-1953
OV 230 Scrapbook, 1947
OV 231 Scrapbooks, 1971-1972
OV 232 Scrapbooks, 1970-1973
OV 233 Scrapbooks, 1972-1974