Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo

Cora Carleton Glassford Papers, 1862-1958

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Cora Carleton Glassford
Title: Cora Carleton Glassford Papers
Dates: 1862-1958
Creator Abstract: Cora Arthur Carleton was born in 1886 to career Army officer Guy and his wife Cora Carleton. She spent her childhood traveling with her military family. She married Pelham Davis Glassford, also an Army officer and her military travels continued. Upon her divorce in the mid 1930s Cora returned to San Antonio, where she became involvedin a number of organizations, and devoted her time to wrting fiction, historical articles, and biograhpical works.
Content Abstract: This collection primarily consists of manuscripts, research material and some personal material reflecting Cora's lifelong interest in family and history.
Identification: Col 892
Extent: 7.6 linear feet (17 5 in. document boxes and 2 oversize boxes)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

Biographical Note

Born on the campus of Texas A&M College in 1886, Cora Arthur Carleton was the first child of career Army officer Guy Carleton and his wife Cora. Accompanying her family to most of the postings of her father’s military career, she spent her childhood in Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota, Kansas, Texas, the Philippines and China. Her military association would continue in adulthood, when she met and married another Army officer, Pelham Davis Glassford (1883-1959) while at Fort Riley, Kansas. Her travels also continued as she accompanied her husband to assignments at the U.S. Military Academy, Hawaii, Texas, Kansas and Washington, D.C. The couple had four children, including two sons who would continue the family’s military tradition. Upon Pelham Glassford’s retirement from the Army, he served as Chief of Police in Washington, his appointment coinciding with the Bonus Army disturbances of 1932. The Glassfords divorced in the mid 1930s, and Cora Carleton Glassford returned to San Antonio, Texas, where her parents had retired. She was active in a number of organizations, and devoted her time to writing fiction, historical articles, and biographical works, much of it based on personal experience. She was particularly active in the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, serving in a number of official capacities, including the editorship of the organization’s 50th anniversary history in 1942. When the DRT established a research library on the grounds of the Alamo in 1945, Mrs. Glassford was hired to head the facility, a job she held until her retirement in 1955. She continued her writing, publishing short pieces and feature articles in newspapers and periodicals, primarily anecdotes on life in the old army and works on Texas history. Cora Carleton Glassford died in San Antonio in June 1958.

Scope and Content Note

Consisting of manuscripts, research material, and some personal material, the Cora Carleton Glassford papers reflect a lifelong interest in history and family.

Organization of Collection

Documents and other items are arranged into eight series based on the primary subject or type of material. Within these series are subseries that generally consist of typescripts, manuscripts, ephemera, and correspondence and these subseries are arranged thereunder alphabetically or by date.
Series 1. Writings
Series 2. Collected source material
Series 3. General printed material
Series 4. Daughters of the Republic of Texas
Series 5. Texas Centennial
Series 6. Personal papers
Series 7. Photographs
Series 8. Artifacts


Access Restrictions

No restrictions. The collection is open for research.

Usage Restrictions

Please be advised that the library does not hold the copyright to most of the material in its archival collections. It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure those rights when needed. Permission to reproduce does not constitute permission to publish. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of copyright, literary property rights, and libel.

Index Terms

Personal Names
Glassford, Cora Carleton, 1887-1958.
Carleton, Guy, 1857-1946.
Glassford, Pelham D., 1883-1959
St. Denis, Louis Juchereau, chevalier de, 1676-1744--Fiction.
Dodson, Sarah Rudolph Bradley, 1812-1848--Fiction.
Daughters of the Republic of Texas--History.
United States. Army--Military life.
United States. Army--Officers--Biography.
Alamo (San Antonio, Tex.)
Texas--Centennial celebrations, etc.
San Antonio (Tex.)--History.
Manuscripts for publication.

Related Material

A Guide to the Cora Carleton Glassford Scrapbook, 1929-1958, Col 13595, Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library, San Antonio, Texas.

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[Identification of item], Cora Carleton Glassford Papers, 1862-1958, Col 892, Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library, San Antonio, Texas.

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Gift of Cora Carleton Glassford.

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Processed by Bernice Strong, 1982; revisions by Warren Stricker, 2004.

Finding aid encoded by Leslie Stapleton, 2016 September.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Writings

Typescripts and manuscripts of Glassford’s writings in various forms make up the bulk of the papers. Organized into subseries according to the genre employed. These include short stories and brief anecdotal works, most based on her experiences as a child in a military family and as the wife of a career army officer. Folklore and Texas history are also incorporated into a number of stories. Some of these brief works were gathered into collections, perhaps intended for publication, and sometimes employing a loose narrative thread. Some of the fictionalized events may also be found as part of biographical works. Novels and novellas are generally historically based, and include works on Sarah Dodson, credited with designing the Texas flag, and on eighteenth-century French explorer Louis St. Denis. Two full-length biographies, of her father, Guy Carleton, and her husband, Pelham D. Glassford, exist as final drafts. Her historical writing includes a lengthy work on the early history of San Antonio, collections of short biographical sketches of prominent early Texans, and a number of articles on Texas history and general subjects. Screenplays and screen scenarios, some poetry, and one song are here, along with published works, primarily in the form of newspaper clippings.
Short stories and anecdotal works: manuscripts and typescripts
Box Folder
1 1 The Absent-minded Man
2 Accent on Meta
2 items, typescript
3 ..And they Bit
4 And they Bit
2 items, typescript
5 The Apache Shield
2 items, typescript
6 An Army Christmas Tree
2 items, typescript
7 Assisting Cupid
4 items, manuscript & typescript
8 At West Point
9 Aunt Lucinda
10 Bacon into Flour! An Old Army Game/A Satisfactory Explanation
2 items, typescript
11 The Bedding-roll, or The Saving Grace
2 items, typescript
12 Before Pearl Harbor
13 Beyond the Call
14 The Birthday Cake
2 items, typescript
16 Bride-groom Nerves
17 Cannibal and the Hard-Shell Possum
2 items, typescript
18 Chickens Into Battle
2 items, typescript
19 The Christmas Berries: A Legend of Old San Antonio
20 Class Mates
21 Classmates
22 The Class Ring
23 The Cook and the Captain's Lady
2 items, typescript
24 A Day in Old Manila/One of the Days of the Empire
2 items, typescript
25 Dicon of Devil River
3 items, typescript
26 Dogs -- and dogs!
27 Don Largo of Mexatpl
28 The Duel, courteous, or, The Fight that Failed
2 items, manuscript & typescript
29 Easily Explained
30 Efficacy of Prayer
2 items, typescript
31 Efficiency
4 items, manuscript & typescript
32 The Endurance Ride
3 items, typescript
33 Fiddlers' Green
2 items, typescript
34 Fifteen Letters
35 For ways that are Dark, and Tricks that ar Vain
36 Force of Suggestion/Troublous Times
2 items, manuscript & typescript
37 Fort Defiance and Indian Question
38 French -- In a Manner of Speaking
2 items, typescript
39 Gentility versus Duty
2 items, manuscript, typescript
40 George
3 items, typescript
41 A Hearty Appetite
2 items, manuscript & typescript
42 The Indian Bridle
3 items, manuscript & typescript
43 Indifference to Convention
44 Influence
2 items, typescript
45 Ink
2 items, typescript
46 Innocence
2 items, manuscript & typescript
47 Joss
48 Kahuna: A Story of Hawaii
2 items, additional pages, typescript
49 King for Day
50 The Lady and the Turtles
2 items, typescript
51 The Last Battle of the Civil War
3 items, manuscript & typescript
52 Laurels
53 The Leavenworth Ghost
54 A Legend of Our Lady
2 items, typescript
55 Letters Brought Love
56 The Likeness
2 items, typescript
57 The Love-Gift
2 items, typescript
Box Folder
2 58 Many Laughs
59 The Mascot Mule
3 items, manuscript & typescript
60 Mistook for a Cow
61 The Mole Hill that Stopped an Army
2 items, typescript
62 Mount versus Moustache
3 items, typescript
63 Music Hath Charms...
3 items, typescript
64 The Mysterious Valley
2 items, manuscript & typescript
65 A New title in Military Law
2 items, typescript
66 Ol' Blue
2 items, manuscript & typescript
67 Old Man Typhoon
68 An Old Time Army Bride
3 items, manuscript & typescript
69 On a Transport
70 On Samar
71 One Who Wrote, Too...A Vignette
72 The Ordeal
73 Out of the Deep
3 items, typescript
74 A Pecan-picking Picnic
2 items, manuscript & typescript
75 Philippine Days
76 A Picnic at the Target-Range
77 Pigs is Pigs
78 The Play - And it's Exciting End
2 items, typescript
79 Politics Primeval/Astute Politicians/Clever Navajos
3 items, manuscript & typescript
80 Pompousness and Puddle-Ducks
2 items, manuscript & typescript
81 Powers of the Commanding Officer
82 Queen of the May
83 The Romance of the Second (continued)
84 A Rude but Effective Talk
85 Rufus
2 items, manuscript & typescript
86 Rufus on Samar
87 Scotch Hospitality
2 items, manuscript & typescript
88 Shadows
2 items, typescript
89 Slabs and Red Tape
2 items, manuscript & typescript
90 A Smart Clerk's Slip
2 items, manuscript & typescript
91 Stable-Call
2 items, typescript
92 The Story of a Class-Ring
3 items, typescript
93 Subtle Revenge
4 items, manuscript & typescript
94 The Text
95 Three Steps Down
4 items, typescript
96 Three Steps Down (synopsis and fragments)
97 Turtles
98 Unfair!
3 items, manuscript, incomplete & typescript
99 Unstable Matrimony
2 items, manuscript & typescript
100 An Untold Love Story
101 West Point Ways
102 Who Laughs Last, or the Captious General who Liked Ice-Cream
2 items, typescript
103 With a Col. Company
104 With Colored Troops
4 items, manuscript & typescript
105 The Wounded Don't Cry
2 items, typescript
106 A Zuni Tale
Short stories and anecdotal works: published
Box Folder
2 107 Clippings
108 Notebook, newspaper clippings
Short stories and anecdotal works: collections
Box Folder
3 109 Chronicles of Cranford House
2 items, typescript
110 Jack of Old Fort Wingate
The Turquoise Amulet
The Stampede
Red Feathers
Fourth of July Races
Brother Coyote - Wisest of Animals
The Picnic at the Target-Range
Maiden-of -the-Sun
The Flood - according to Jake
The Apache Shield
Jack's Confession and Jake's Own Story
Holidays and the Birthday Cake
Christmas at Fort Wingate
The Christmas Night Masquerade
The Star-Trail
Goodbye Fort Wingate
Box Folder
3 111 Jack of Old Fort Wingate
Introduction chapter
The Stampede
The Fourth of July Races
Scarlet Feathers
The Picnic at the Target Range
Why the Coyote is the Wisest of All Animals
The Sun Maiden
The Flood
The Apache Shield
The Water-Giver
Two Real Artists Visit us
Jack's Confession
Holidays and the Birthday Cake
Box Folder
3 112 Jack of Old Fort Wingate (miscellaneous chapters)
manuscript & typescript
113 Jack of Old Fort Wingate (fragments)
114 Pablo of Meixcantown
Pablo and 'Nito
Carmen and Pablo
The Fair, Cotton and a Spider
Bluebonnets and a Burro
The Spanish Governors' Palace
Visit to the Zoo and Legend of the Little Bear Flowers
Tamales and Corn
Supper with Senorita-Teacher and Legends of the Birds
The Christmas Nacimiento
The Shepherds - Christmas Play
Day of the Innocents
Christmas Berries
Flowers of the Brave Children
La Casa de Santa Anna
Glossary of Spanish Words
Box Folder
3 115 Pablo of Meixcantown (incomlete version)
116 Pablo of Meixcantown (additional chapters)
117 Pablo of Meixcantown (assorted sections, fragments)
manuscript & typescript
OV 18 Pablo of Meixcantown
Box Folder
3 118 Sun-Children: Tales told by an Indian (incomplete sections and fragments)
119 Tales of the Old Army
176 pages, typescript (bound)
Cadet days
To Guy
West Point Ways
Gentility versus Duty
The New Year Celebration
The Old Tattoo
Indian Coutry
The Mysterious Valley
Many Laughs
A Zuni Trail
Politics Primeval
An Old Time Army Bride
Frontier Tales
Old Army Posts
General Orders No. 2
An Old Army Christmas Tree
The Romance of the Second
The Picnic
Theatricals and the Elopement
The Birthday Cake
Old Blue
Army Lares and Penates
Assisting Cupid
An Army Brat
Tales of the Tenth
Yellow Jack
French -- In a Manner of Speaking
A Cavalryman and his Horse
Rufus on Sumar
Chickens into Battle
Days of the Empire
One for the Days of the Empire
For Ways that are Dark
Who Laughed Last
Old Man Typhoon
Can D
Latter Days in the Old Army
The Story of a Class-ring
The Love-Gift
George of the U.S.A.T. "Thomas"
Music Hath Charms
Mount versus Moustache
The Indian Bridle
A Subtle Revenge
Pigs is Pigs
The Mascot Mule
The Likeness
A New Title in Military Law
The Last Battle of the Civil War
The Feline Curse of Leavenworth
The Ghost at Leavenworth
Novels and novellas
Box Folder
4 120-121 Sarah Dodson - Girl of the Lone Star Flag
2 items, typescript, 67 pages
Chapter I. Texas at Last
Chapter II. San Felipe de Austin
Chapter III. A Near Tragedy
Chapter IV. The Birthday Party and House-warming
Chapter V. The Hunt
Chapter VI. School
Chapter VII. Roly's Christening and the Play-Party
Chapter VIII. Disturbances in the Colony
Chapter IX. Action at Velasco. First Battle for Texas Independence
Chapter X. Texans Realize War Must Come
Chapter XI. The Wedding
Chapter XII. Harrisburg and the Revolution
Chapter XIII. The Lone Star Flag for Texas
This Sword in Trust
typescript, 281 pages
Box Folder
4 122 Synopsis
123 Chapter 1: The King's School at St. Palais
Chapter 2: Inn of the Royal Falcon
Chapter 3: The Cadet's Supper
Chapter 4: Journey into Spain
Chapter 5: The Long Arm of the Duke
Chapter 6: Aboard "La Paloma"
Chapter 7: "La Paloma" and her Master
Chapter 8: Mobile
Box Folder
4 124 Chapter 9: The Settlement
Chapter 10: Lady Delphine
Chapter 11: The Wilderness Company
Chapter 12: Meeting at the Palace
Chapter 13: The Expedition Leaves
Chapter 14: Village of the Little Tensas
Chapter 15: On the Trace to Fort Rosalie
Box Folder
4 125 Chapter 16: Belisle and Le Noier Confer
Chapter 17: The Natchez
Chapter 18: The Great River
Chapter 19: La Riviere Rouge
Chapter 20: Father Galvan
Chapter 21: Naming of Natchitoch
Chapter 22: Poison!
Chapter 23: The Company of Judges
Chapter 24: Karankawa Attack. Belisle and Le Noir Return
Chapter 25: San Juan Bautista
Box Folder
4 126 Chapter 26: Dinner on the Comandancia
Chapter 27: St. John's Day
Chapter 28: Belisle Interferes
Chapter 29: Don Diego
Chapter 30: Morning Star
Chapter 31: Night of the Ball
Chapter 32: The Governor's Message
Box Folder
4 127 Chapter 33: Into the Pa-cuache
Chapter 34: The Prisoners Leave for Mexico
Chapter 35: Belisle Insists
Chapter 36: The Journey and the Duel
Chapter 37: Chapultepec
Chapter 38: Revelation
Chapter 39: Night in the Patio of Roses
Chapter 40: The Throne-Room of the Palace
Box Folder
4 128-132 This Sword in Trust (incomplete copy)
Box Folder
5 133-135 White Roses for Richard: A Tale of Richard the III of England in the Days of his Youth
3 items, typescript
Plays and Screenplays
Box Folder
5 136 A Border Romance
2 items, typescript
137 Crossed Controls
138 An Everyday Hero
139 Methods
typescript, 14 pages
140-141 Regulations
2 items, typescript
142 The System
Box Folder
5 143 Manuscripts
144 Published
Box Folder
5 145 Men of Flying Corps
Biographical Works
Guy Carleton: A Life in the Old Army
typescript, 565 pages
Box Folder
5 146 Dedication
Chpater I: Austin, Texas. Birthplace and Boyhood Home
Chapter II: Growing up Years in Austin
Chapter III: West Point Letters
Chapter IV: Until Graduation
Box Folder
5 147 Chapter V: Graduation Leave and Reporting to the Regiment
Chapter VI: The Army Bride
Chapter VII: Fort Custer
Chapter IX: Fort Couer d'Alene - Idaho
Box Folder
5 148 Chapter X: Couer d'Alene -- 1884-1886
Chapter XI: Texas and the A&M College
Chapter XII: Fort Walla Walla and Lowell Barracks
Box Folder
5 149 Chapter XIII: Fort Wingate, New Mexico
Chapter XIV: St. Paul
Box Folder
5 150 Chapter XV: Fort Riley -- 1897
Chapter XVI: Camps Mobile and Tampa
Chapter XVII: Montaux Point -- Long Island, Huntsville, Alabama, and Texas
Chapter XIII: Cuba
Box Folder
5 151 Chapter XIX: Texas Again
Chapter XX: The Philippines -- 1901
Chapter XXI: Manila, and the Pay Corps
Box Folder
6 152 Chapter XXII: Hongkong and Canton
Chapter XXIII: Home Again
Chapter XXIV: The Philippines Again
Chapter XXV: Washington and the War College
Box Folder
6 153 Chapter XXVI: Return to the Line and the Border
Chapter XXVII: Galveston and the Port of Embarkation
Chapter XXVIII: Inspector General
Chapter XXIX: World War
Chapter XXX: Demobilization -- Distinguished Service Medal
Chapter XXXI: Retirement and San Antonio
Box Folder
6 154-161 Guy Carleton: A Life in the Old Army
typescript (incomplete), 428 pages
162 Guy Carleton: A Life in the Old Army
miscellaneous chapters, fragments, notes
163 One Life is Not Enough
typescript (bound), 252 pages
Chapter I. West Point Cadet Days
Chapter II. Fort Riley
Chapter III. West Point Again
Chapter IV. Fort Stotsenburg, 1913
Chapter V. Schofield Barracks, Hawaii-1913-1916
Chapter V. Schofield Barracks, Hawaii-1913-1916
Chapter VI. Home Again
Chapter VII. El Paso-Fort Bliss-The Border
Chapter VIII. In France, 1917-1919
Chapter IX. King for a Day
Chapter X. New York and the Agamemnon
Chapter XI. The Peace-Fort Leavenworth, 1919
Chapter XII. Circus Days
Chapter XIII. Scrapper
Chapter XIV. Threes
Chapter XVI. Suffer Foools Gladly?
Chapter XVII. Washington, continued
Chapter XVIII. Art Interests
Chapter XIX. Scrapper Again
Chapter XX. Superintendent of the District of Columbia Police
Box Folder
6 164 One Life is Not Enough
typescript (additional chapter)
Historical works
The Alamo
Box Folder
7 165 Inspiration
166 William Barret Travis: The Man of the Alamo
2 items
167 Administration of the Alamo
168 Legends of the Alamo
169 Once the Alamo was Offered for Sale
2 items
170 Stories of the Alamo Brought by Visitors
171 Where Rest the Gallant Dead of the Alamo?
172 Bells of the Alamo
173 Alamo Hero Series
printed sheets
Early History of Bexar and Some of the Men that Made It
typescript, 255 pages
Box Folder
7 174 Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III. The Important Aguayo Expedition, 1721-1722
Chapter IV. Martin de Almanzan, Governor of Texas, 1722
Chapter V. Spanish Settlers from Canary Islands for Texas
Box Folder
7 175 Chapter VI. Life in Villa San Fernando
Chapter VII. Governor Sandoval. Carlos Franquis de Lugo. The Famous Law-Suit
Chapter VIII. Gil y Barbo. Bucareli. Nacogdoches
Chapter IX. The Gachupin War, Las casas Rebellion, 1810-1811
Chapter X. Gutierrez de Lara. Jose de Toldeo. William Shaler, W. Augustus Magee. Revolt Against Centralist Government of Mexico, 1812-1813
Box Folder
7 176 Chapter XI. Republican Army of the North. Battles of Nacogdoches, Goliad, Salado, and San Antonio de Bexar
Chapter XII. Battle of Medina. The Last of the Republican Army of the North
Chapter XIII. Stephen Fuller Austin. Colonization of Texas
Chapter XIII. Vicissitueds of Austin's Colony
Chapter XIV. Austin. Statesman
Early History of Bexar and Some of the Men that Made It
version 2
Box Folder
7 177 Chapter I. Robert Cavelier La Salle and his Settlement in Texas. De Leon Expedition in Search for Fort St. Louis. Firts Mission in Texas, San Francisco de Tejas
Chapter II. Domingo Teran de los Rios. Further Spanish Efforts to Eliminate French Encroachment. Efforts to Christianize Indians with Missions
Chapter III. Again a Frenchman invades New Spain. Louis de St. Denis. The Domingo Ramon Entrada, 1714
Chapter IV. Martin de Alarcon. Established Presidio and Villa placed at Bexar. The Marquis de Aguayo. De Mezziere. Death of Domingo Ramon
Chapter V. The Important Aguayo Expedition, 1721-1722
Box Folder
7 178 Chapter VI. Martin de Almazan, Governor of Texas, 1722. Apache Troubles. Death of Domingo Ramon
Chapter VII. Spanish Settlers from Canary Islands for Texas
Chapter VIII. Life in Villa San Fernando
Chapter IX. Governor Sandoval. Carlos Franquis de Lugo and the Famous Law-Suit
Box Folder
7 179 Chapter X. Gil y Barbo. "Bucareli." Nacogdoches 1774-1779
Chapter XI. The gachupine War. Las Casas Rebellion, 1810-1811
Chapter XII. Revolt against Centralist Government. Gutierrez de Lara. William Shaler. Jose de Toledo. James Agustus Magee. 1812
Box Folder
7 180 Chapter X. Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara. The Republican Army of the North
Chapter . Campaign of the Republican Army of the North. Nacogdoches. Salcedo -- Spanish Post on the Trinity. La Bahia. San Antonio de Bexar
Chapter XIII. Battle of the Medina. The Last of the Republican Army of the North
Box Folder
7 181 Chapter XIII. Stephen Fuller Austin
Chapter XIV. Austin. Statesman
Box Folder
7 182 Appendix
Box Folder
8 183-184 Miscellaneous typescripts, manuscripts, notes
Sketches of Twelve Heroes of the Alamo
Box Folder
8 185 Micajah Autry
4 items, typescript
186 James Bulter Bonham
4 items, typescript
187 James Bowie
5 items, typescript
188 David Crockett
4 items, typescript
189 Jacob C. Darst
3 items, typescript
190 Mrs. Almaron Dickinson
4 items, typescript
191 Gregorio Esparza
4 items, typescript
192 Tapley Holland
3 items, typescript
193 Green B. Jameson
4 items, typescript
194 Dr. Amos Pollard
4 items, typescript
195 John William Smith
4 items, typescript
196 William Barret Travis: Commander of the Alamo
3 items, typescript
197 Source material
Some Unsung Heroes of Texas
113 p., typescript
Box Folder
8 198 Foreword
Joseph Baker -- Newspaperman, Soldier, Judge
Asa Mitchell -- Citizen of Texas
Commodore John Grant Tod -- of the Texas Navy
John W. Smith - Scout of the Alamo
Padre Miguel Muldoon - Friend of Texas
Sarah Dodson - The "Betsy Ross" of Texas
Captain Grayson - Skipper of the "Yellowstone"
Box Folder
8 199 Major Isaac Watts Burton and his "Horse Marines of Texas"
William Carleton - Soldier of Goliad
Some Unsung Heroes of Texas
incomplete copy, alternate titles
Box Folder
8 200 Introduction
William Barret Travis
William Harris Wharton
Branch Tanner Archer
John Austin Wharton
Edwin Waller
Stormy Petrels of Eagle Island
2 items, typescript, 42 pages
Box Folder
8 201 Preface
William Barret Travis
William Harris Wharton
Branch Tanner Archer
John Austin Wharton
Edwin Waller
Box Folder
8 202 Stormy Petrels of Eagle Island
additional chapters
Texas Had its Funny Side, Too
Box Folder
8 203 Texas of the Law Once in Texas
typescript, 2 pages
Texas Law as Once it Was
typescript, 1 page
Texan Prayers
typescript, 2 pages
Militant Preacher
typescript, 2 pages
Such was the Law, in Texas
typescript, 1 page
William Barret Travis: Great Man of the Alamo
Box Folder
8 204 Chapter I
Chapter II. Anahuac and Texas
Chapter III. Travis and San Felipe
Chapter IV. Life in San Felipe, continued
Chapter V. War Clouds; Anahuac Again
Historical and general articles
Box Folder
9 205 Another Brave Texan
206 Antonio de Mendoza
207 Asa Mitchell -- One of the Old Three Hundred
2 items, typescript & notes
208 The Cake that Went by Itself
209 Christmas in Hawaii
210 The Christmas Saint
211 The Confederacy - and the Bonnie Blue Flag
212 The Deer Hunt Which Became "Austin"
213 The Doll Bazaar
214 Edith Carleton Simpson
215 The Famous Steamer-Stageline Wager, March 1859
216 The Famous Trial
217 First United States Minister to Dakar: Admiral William A. Glassford, Jr.
218 Flags of Texas - and the Men Behind Them
219 Folk-Lore
220 Friendly Apaches? A Tale of Big-Foot Wallace
2 items, typescript
221 George Wilkens Kendall -- Journalist, Adventurer and the Santa Fe Expedition
223 The Girl Who Made the First Texas Lone Star Flag
223 Guardians of the Trail
224 [Guy Carleton biography]
225 A Half Century of Good Deeds: Mrs. henry P. Drought
226 Historic and Picturesque Austin, by Dr. Samuel Gedeon: A book Review...
227 Interesting Relic to be placed in the Alamo
228 Isaac Burton and his Horse Marines
229 Jack Hays' Texans
230 Jeremiah Brown and his Favorite Battle
231 John Grant Tod: Commodore of the Texas Navy
4 items, typescript
232 Legend of the Christmas Tree
233 A Little Street
234 The Lone Star Flag and Sarah Bradley Dodson
2 items, typescript
235 Micajah Autry - Hero of the Alamo
3 items, typescript
236 The Most Unforgettable Character I've Ever Met: Miss Alice and the Argyle
2 items, typescript
237 New Pictures for Spring
4 items, typescript
238 O. Henry's Austin Days
2 items, typescript
239 The Origin of our Christmas Cards/The First Christmas Cards
2 items, typescript
240 Ration-Book Boomerang
241 Sale of the Texas Navy
242 San Antonio: Here Lived the King's Men - and here Died the Valiant
243 San Antonio to Mexico - by the Mission Way
244 Spanish Yesterdays on the King's Highway
245 Stage Coach Days
246 Texas Had its Funny Side, Too
247 Texas Horse-Marines
248 This Transcontinental Wager Affected Texas
249 Top-Secret Communication in Early Texas
3 items, typescript
250 The Trends of the American Magazine
251 Who Laughs...
252 Who Laughs Last
3 items, typescript
253 Who Loves the Front-Door Salesman?
254 William Barret Travis: Hero and Man
typescript with incomplete version
255 William Barret Travis: Hero and Man
256 William Stephen Grooch: The Man and his Books
257 The Window in my Home
258 The Woman Behind O. Henry
259 The Yellow Rose of Texas
260 Published articles: clippings
Box Folder
9 261 The Cenotaph
Assorted chapters, fragments, notes, unidentified writings
Box Folder
10 262-264 Notebooks
265-275 Typescripts, manuscripts, notes

Series 2: Collected Source Material

Consists of a miscellany of items collected in the course of her research on history, the military, and some specific topics. Items include photocopies and transcripts of documents, letters, and some printed material.
Box Folder
11 276 Bonus Expeditionary Force
277 Carleton family
278 Folklore
279 Frontier forts
280 Robert E. Lee
281 Matachine dances: Frederick C. Chabot correspondence, etc.
282 Old Spanish Trail
283 Poetry
284 San Antonio
285 Texas Revolution
286 Texas general
OV 19 Texas general
(oversize; annexation resolution, copy)
Box Folder
11 287 Wharton family [by Dr. William E. Howard?]
OV 19 Wharton family
(oversize; sketch of Eagle island, Wharton/Groce family plantation, by Sarah Groce Berlet)
Box Folder
11 288 Non-Texas

Series 3: General Printed Material

Includes printed ephemera and newspaper clippings, the latter being particularly extensive and sorted by subject. Many of the clippings date from the 1936 centennial of Texas independence, and are on historical topics.
Box Folder
11 289 Calendar
290 Catalog
OV 18 Engravings
Presidents of the United States: Steel Plate Portraits with Fac Simile Autographs
Box Folder
11 291 Greeting Cards
292 Handbills, Political
293 Invitations
294 Map
295 Pamphlets and brochures, Texas
296 Pamphlets and brochures, non-Texas
297 Pamphlets and brochures, non-Texas: Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, 1904
298 Periodicals
299 Programs
300 Miscellaneous
Box Folder
12, 13, & OV 19 301-317 Clippings
Box Folder
12 301 Alamo
OV 19 Alamo (oversize)
Box Folder
12 302 Aviation
OV 19 Aviation (oversize)
Bonus Expedition Forces (oversize)
Churches (oversize)
Box Folder
12 303 Daughters of the Republic of Texas
OV 19 Flags (oversize)
Douglas MacArthur (oversize)
Box Folder
12 304 Military
OV 19 Military (oversize)
Box Folder
12 305 Non-Texas
OV 19 Non-Texas (oversize)
Box Folder
12 306 People
OV 19 People (oversize)
Box Folder
12 307-309 John J. Pershing
310 San Antonio
OV 19 San Antonio (oversize)
San Antonio, Fred Mosebach articles (oversize)
San Antonio, Franklin D. Roosevelt visit (oversize)
Box Folder
13 311 Texas Centennial
OV 19 Texas Centennial (oversize)
Box Folder
13 312 Texas, general
OV 19 Texas, general (oversize)
Box Folder
13 313 Texas history
OV 19 Texas history (oversize)
Texas history, Bess Carroll articles (oversize)
Box Folder
13 314 Texas history, F. M. McCaleb articles
315-317 Jonathan Wainwright

Series 4: Daughters of the Republic of Texas

Reflecting Mrs. Glassford’s work for the organization, material found in the series includes correspondence and the manuscript of Fifty Years of Achievement, a history of the organization, along with a miscellany of other items.
Box Folder
14 318-323 Correspondence
318 1932, 1936
319 1940-1943
320 1944-1946
321 1947-1949
322 1953-1957
323 Undated
324-331 Writings
Fifty Years of Achievement: History of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, 1941
Box Folder
14 324 Dedication
Mrs. O.M. Farnsworth
Table of Contents
Chapter I: The Texas Veteran Association
The Founders
Mrs. Anson Jones
Mrs. Rebecca Fisher
Mrs. Clara Driscoll
Mrs. O.M. Farnsworth
Carrie Franklin Kemp
Mrs. Frederick Schenkenberg
Box Folder
14 325 Chapter II
Chapter III: Chapters and First Officers
The Old Capitol
The Old Stone Fort at Nacogdoches
The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Museum
The Origianl Declaration of Indpendence
The Cradle
Box Folder
14 326 Sidney Sherman Chapter
Monuments and Markers
William B. Travis Chapter
History of Ben Milam Chapter
Box Folder
14 327 Chapter VI: The Story of the Alamo
328 Real Daughters
History of the Frances Cooke Van Zandt Chapter
History of the Fort Houston Chapter
Box Folder
14 329 Poets Laureates
Moon-McGehee Chapter
History of the James Butler Bonham Chapter
Box Folder
14 330 The Children of the Republic of Texas
Centennial Activities
Changes in Executive and Structural Organization
Honorary Members
Box Folder
14 331 Margaret Lea Houston
Box Folder
14 332 Minutes
Box Folder
14 333 General
334 Alamo survey
335 Lists
Printed material
Box Folder
14 336 Invitations
337 Pamphlets
338 Programs
339 Miscellaneous material

Series 5: Texas Centennial

Correspondence, printed material, and publicity associated with the official state celebration. It appears that a part, or most, of this material was originally acquired by another San Antonio resident, Simona Wofford, who was active in the planning of Centennial activities, and that Mrs. Glassford may have acquired it as part of her acquaintanceship with Mrs. Wofford or through her work at the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library.
Box Folder
15 340 Correspondence: Simona Wofford correspondence
341 Handbills
342 Invitations
343 Pamphlets and brochures
344 Pamphlets, historical leaflets series
345 Periodicals: Texas Centennial Review
346 Programs
347 Publicity
348 Printed material, assorted

Series 6: Personal Papers

Correspondence among various family members is gathered here, including some Civil War letters of Fred Carleton, the older brother of Guy Carleton, and some letters from Guy Carleton to his wife. Most of the letters, though, are to and from Mrs. Glassford from her children, particularly Guy C. Glassford, dating from his service in the Pacific during and after World War II. General correspondence includes letters written in response to Mrs. Glassford’s research inquiries and in connection with her writing. Some of her father’s military records are also found here, as is a scrapbook containing letters and other items associated with her writing.
Box Folder
16 349 Fred Carleton correspondence, 1862-1863
350 Guy Carleton and Cora Arthur Carleton, 1883-1931
351 Pelham D. Glassford, Jr., 1942-1953
352-354 Guy C. Glassford, 1945-1946
355 Cora Arthur Carleton, 1945-1946
356 Bettie Glassford Parke, 1945-1948
357 Marjorie Glassford, 1945-1948
358 Dorothy Glassford Graham, 1946-1949
Box Folder
16 360 Elizabeth Y. Montgomery family letters, 1869-1882
Box Folder
16 361 1936-1943
362 1944
363 1945-1951
364 1952
365 1953-1958
Military records
Box Folder
16 366 Guy Carleton, 1881-1924
367 Financial records
OV 18 Scrapbook

Series 7: Photographs

Primarily gathered to illustrate her writings, most of the photographs are prints copied from her own sources or obtained from individuals and institutions. A large number document Guy Carleton and his military career; also included are snapshots of the Philippines and Okinawa taken by her son, and several views of Texas historic sites.
Box Folder
17 368 Art: National Gallery of Art reproductions, 13 items
369 Austin, 4 items
General Land Office
370 Bonus Expeditionary Forces, 9 items
371 Guy Carleton and family, 26 items
Cora Arthur Carleton
Ernest Carleton
Guy Carleton
Cora Carleton Glassford
Dorothy Glassford
Elizabeth Glassford
Guy C. Glassford
Pelham D. Glassford, Jr.
Edith Carleton Simpson
372 Guy Carleton and family: negatives, 17 items
373 Guy Carleton, group photographs, 13 items
374 China, 3 items
375 Fort Defiance, Goliad: negative, 1 item
376 Military, 15 items
Fort Assinniboine, Montana
Fort Custer, Montana
Fort Lowell, Arizona
Fort Maginnis, Montana
Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio
Fort Wingate, New Mexico
377 Military: artwork, 4 items
378 New Mexico, 3 items
379 O. Henry, 4 items
380 Okinawa: Guy C. Glassford photographs, 24 items
381 People, 10 items
Isaac Watts Burton (historical marker)
Sarah Bradley Dodson (gravestone)
Ethel Drought
Thomas W. Grayson
Asa Mitchell
Miguel Muldoon (historical marker
John Grant Tod
Edwin Waller
John A. Wharton
William H. Wharton
382 People: U.S. Military Academy, 2 items
Jonas Emory
Henry C. Hodges
383 Philippines, 3 items
384 Philippines: Guy C. Glassford photographs, 27 items
385 San Antonio, 15 items
Spanish Governor's Palace
La Villita

Series 8: Artifacts

A Texas flag and a handful of U.S. Army military insignia.
OV 18 Military insignia, 6 items
OV 19 Texas flag