Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo

A Guide to the Money Collection, 1773-2004

Descriptive Summary

Title: Money Collection
Dates: 1773-2004
Content Abstract: Consisting of several types of negotiable instruments, the Money Collection includes examples of Texas, Confederate, United States, and foreign exchange media gathered from various sources. The bulk of the collection is made up of paper money and other negotiable documents.
Identification: DRT 7
Extent: 2.75 linear feet (2 boxes, 2 oversize folders)
Language: Materials are primarily in English. Some documents are in German and Spanish; a handful are in French, Russian, Japanese, and Arabic.
Repository: Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

Scope and Content Note

Consisting of different types of negotiable instruments, the Money Collection includes examples of Texas, Confederate, United States, and foreign exchange media gathered from various sources.

The bulk of the collection is made up of paper money and other financial documents organized by the government or another entity that issued the items. From the Republic of Texas are examples of government currency authorized at different times during that period as well audited drafts, scrip, bonds, and other notes issued to individuals in payment for service to Texas or in exchange for other debt instruments. Some of these items were issued to noted Texas figures, including Thomas F. McKinney, Reuben M. Potter, and Juan N. Seguín.

Texas state government instruments include treasury warrants from the Civil War era, issued to individuals for military and civil service, and bond coupons. Local government notes are represented by a small number of items from counties and cities dating from the Republic and Civil War eras.

Notes circulated in Texas by private entities also date from the Republic of Texas and the Civil War periods. Noteworthy is the currency of Kelsey H. Douglass of Nacogdoches, a merchant who circulated elaborately engraved notes in 1840.

The collection includes a large amount of Confederate States of America currency from several issue dates. There are also some examples of oversize bonds issued by the Confederate government.

Government-issued notes from states other than Texas are represented by a few items dating from the Civil War. Private notes, primarily from southern banks and businesses, were issued immediately before and during the Civil War.

Paper money from the English colonies in America includes items from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Currency from the Revolutionary War era is also in the collection and includes items from Pennsylvania, the United Colonies, and the United States. The remainder of the U.S. currency consists of fractional denominations from the 1860s and 1870s, used for the purchase of postage stamps or for payment of government dues in small amounts.

A miscellany of foreign notes includes currency from Mexico, German states, Canada, France, Russia and the Soviet Union, Japan, and several other nations. Two oversize German bonds are also included.

Finally, included are a few facsimiles or copies of paper money and representations of currency used for satirical or advertising purposes.

Only a few coins are part of the collection, most of them miscellaneous items from different countries and time periods. A Mexican coin dated 1835 is the most noteworthy item.

Commemorative coins, medals, and medallions are housed in the library’s Artifacts Collection.


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No restrictions. The collection is open for research.

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Please be advised that the library does not hold the copyright to most of the material in its archival collections. It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure those rights when needed. Permission to reproduce does not constitute permission to publish. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of copyright, literary property rights, and libel.

Index Terms

Personal Names
Douglass, Kelsey H. (Kelsey Harris), d. 1840.
Lubbock, Francis Richard, 1815-1905.
McKinney, Thomas Freeman, 1801-1873.
Potter, Reuben M. (Reuben Marmaduke), 1802-1890.
Seguín, Juan Nepomuceno, 1806-1890.
Bank notes--Texas.
Bank notes--United States.
Bonds--Confederate States of America.
Fractional currency.
Negotiable instruments--Texas.
Paper money--Confederate States of America.
Paper money--Texas.
Paper money--United States.

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[Identification of item], Money Collection, 1773-2004, DRT 7, Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library, San Antonio, Texas.

Acquisition Information

Materials were donated by various individuals and gathered by staff at the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library. The nucleus of the collection came as part of William E. Howard's donation to the Library. This is an artificial collection.

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Processed by Warren Stricker, 1999 November.

Finding aid edited and encoded by Caitlin Donnelly, 2011 March.


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Detailed Description of the Collection


Paper money

Box Folder
1 Republic of Texas, 1836-1845
Currency, 1837-1840
1 Printed note, “Star note,” Act of 1837 June 9
2 Engraved notes, 4 items, Act of 1837 June 9
3 Engraved notes, change notes, 2 items, Act of 1837 December 14
4 Engraved notes, “Redbacks,” 11 items, Act of 1839 January 19
5 Engraved notes, change notes, 3 items, Act of 1840 February 5
6 Audited drafts/treasury warrants, 15 items, 1836-1845
Geo. H. Bringhurst, 1844
E. R. Ewing, 1836
M. C. Hamilton, 1844
John C. Hays, 1844
S. L. Jones, 1845
John Kirby, 1837
M. P. Norton, 1845
William Phelps, 1837
R. A. Porter, 1836
R. M. Potter, 1845
Sam Ralph, 1844
John N. Seguin, 1837
James Shaw, 1842
Daniel J. Toler, 1843
Hiram D. Yates, 1836
7 Naval scrip, 3 items, 1841
Archd. McPhee, 1841
John Rurrie, 1841
Geo. Stacy, 1841
8 Consolidated fund notes, 3 items, 1837
Isaac McGary, 1837
Thomas F. McKinney, 1837
Charles D. Sayre, 1837
State of Texas, 1861-circa 1879
9 Treasury warrants, 57 items, 1861-1865
J. Abbott, 1862
A. P. Blocker, 1863
G. W. Breedlove, 1862
J. M. Breedlove, 1862
N. M. Burford, 1862
R. D. Carr, 1862
A. R. Crozier, 1862
I. Q. Dashiell, 1862
R. DeCordova, 1864
G. H. Doran, 1862
T. W. Dougherty, 1862
H. Dulahanty, 1862
I. P. Dumas, 1862
B. G. Duval, 1862
C. T. Freeman, 1865
W. M. Gilleland, 1862
J. R. and R. C. Goodman, 1862
Hamilton Co., 1864
W. B. Hamilton, 1862
H. A. Hamner, 1862
W. N. Hardeman, 1862
I. Harrell, 1862
R. K. Hartley, 1862
I. M. Hays, 1862
J. W. Hutchins, 1862
M. Kennedy, 1861
I. C. Kerbey, 1862
J. C. Kuchbury, 1862
W. A. Kuykendall, 1862
F. R. Lubbock, 3 items, 1862
N. B. McDonald, 1862
A. D. McGinnis, 1864
Medina County, 1863
J. A. Mitchell, 1862
E. H. Moore, 3 items, 1862
N. C. Raymond, 1865
H. Redmond, 1862
N. G. Shelley, 1862
C. Shemme, 1862
W. A. Smith, 1865
R. A. Sneed, 1862
J. M. Steiner, 1862
W. C. Twitty, 1862
J. Van Nostrand, 2 items, 1862 and 1864
R. S. Walker, 1863
[Unknown first name] West?, 1862
Williamson Co., 1864
H. Winkel, 1862
J. R. Worrall, 3 items, 1862
T. Wright, 1862
10 Bond coupons, 21 items, circa 1870-1879
11 Texas city and county notes, 18 items, 1838-1865
Austin, 2 items, circa 1840-1849
Austin County, 1862
Brazoria County, 1862
Burleson County, 1862
Grimes County, 1862
Harrison County, 1862
Houston, 2 items, 1865
Limestone County, 2 items, 1862
Nacogdoches County, 5 items, 1862
San Felipe de Austin, 1838
Walker County, 1862
12 Texas private notes, 15 items, 1840-circa 1869 and undated
Briscoe, Harris and Co., Harrisburg, undated
Kelsey H. Douglass, Nacogdoches, 10 items, 1840
Fannin House, Houston, circa 1860-1869
T. H. McMahan and Gilbert, Galveston, 2 items, 1862
Sour Lake Volcanic Springs Company, Houston, 1862
Confederate States of America currency, 1861-1864
13 13 items, 1861 September 2
14-16 118 items, 1862 June 2
17 33 items, 1862 December 2
18 Interest-bearing notes, 9 items, 1862
19 6 items, 1863 April 6
20-21 91 items, 1864 February 17
22 Non-Texas state and local currency, 21 items, 1861-1863
Alabama, 3 items, 1863
Georgia, 1863
Louisiana, 5 items, 1862-1863
Mississippi, 1862
North Carolina, 8 items, 1861-1863
Richmond, Virginia, 1862
Shreveport, Louisiana, 1862
Virginia, 1862
Box Folder
2 23 Non-Texas private currency, 20 items, 1852-1863 and undated
Adrian Insurance Company, Adrian, Michigan, undated
Alabama Insurance Co., Atlanta, Georgia, 1862
Augusta Insurance and Banking Company, Augusta, Georgia, 1852
Bank of Georgetown, Georgetown, South Carolina, 1856
Bank of Macomb County, Mt. Clemens, Michigan, 1858
Bank of Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee, 1861
Bank of the State of South Carolina, 1863
Crescent City Bank, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1862
Erie and Kalamazoo Rail Road Bank, Adrian, Michigan, 1853
Farmers’ and Exchange Bank of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, 3 items, 1853-1854
Florida Rail Road Company, 1861
Mechanics Bank, Augusta, Georgia, 1856
Mechanics’ Savings and Loan Association, Savannah, Georgia, 1861
Merchants and Planters Bank, Savannah, Georgia, 2 items, 1859
Mississippi and Alabama Railroad Company, Brandon, Mississippi, 1857
New Orleans and Texas Overland Mail Co./J. B. Price and Co., Franklin, Louisiana, 1862
Perrin Bank, Rochester, New York, 1860
24 Colonial American currency, 7 items, 1773-1776
Colony of New Jersey, 2 items, 1776
Pennsylvania, 5 items, 1773-1776
United States currency, 1776-1778 and 1862-1875
25 Revolutionary War period currency, 10 items, 1776-1778
26 Fractional and postage currency, 40 items, 1862-1875
27-30 Foreign currency, 164 items
30 Facsimiles, advertisements, parodies, etc., 20 items
Oversize items
Box Folder
Oversize 1 Republic of Texas, 1840-1841
Treasury bonds: Charles De Morse, 2 items, 1840-1841
Consolidated Fund stock: James Hodges, Sr. and Joseph W. Robertson, 1 item each, 1840
Confederate States of America bonds, 5 items
Non-Texas bonds: Arkansas, 1861
Non-Texas private currency: Bank of Augusta, Augusta, Georgia, uncut and unsigned sheet of four notes, undated
Oversize 2 Foreign bonds, 2 items, 4 sheets



Box Folder
2 32 United States coins, 3 items, 1868, 1921, and 1925
33 Mexican coins, 4 items, 1835, 1866, and 1968
34 Miscellaneous coins, various nations, 33 items
35 Tokens and novelties, 9 items
El Alamo Chico, wooden nickel
Brock’s Book Store, San Antonio, wooden nickel
Moglia Family Groceries, San Antonio, token
Venetian Tavern, San Antonio, token
VIA, San Antonio, tokens, 2 items
Windmill Country Store, San Antonio, wooden nickel
Religious message, wooden nickels, 2 items
36 Medals, 5 items, 1994-2004
Texas Numismatic Association, 36th convention, 1994
Texas Numismatic Association, 37th convention, 2 items, 1995
Texas Numismatic Association, 43rd Convention, 2001
Texas Numismatic Association, 46th Convention, 2004