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Beilharz Family Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Beilharz Family
Title: Beilharz Family Collection
Dates: 1864-1990
Accession No.: MA99-2
Quantity: 1.1 cubic feet
Repository: Texas/Dallas History & Archives, Dallas Public Library 1515 Young St Dallas, TX 75201

Biographical Note

Theodore M. Beilharz was a stone contractor whose stone yards (Beilharz Stoneyards) was located on Hawkins Street and Pacific Avenue. Beilharz was in business in Dallas from 1887 through 1936. He built the Club house and did the stone work for most of the business buildings, such as the Scollands building, the Texas bank, Thomas Brothers' building, besides many residences, such as those of Simpson M. Dilley, etc. He also put in the stone work for the W.J. Temp brewery, and the Security, Mortgage and Trust building. He employed on average fifteen stone cutters, three setters and fifteen laborers.

Mr. Beilharz was born in Wurttemburg, Germany, in 1860, the second of the eleven children of Jacob and Margaret (Siegway) Beilharz, natives of Wurttemberg. His father was a teacher by profession. As he grew up, young Beilharz learned the trade of a stone cutter in his native city and became the foreman of a stone yard. He served in the German Army about two and a half years. He came to Dallas in 1883, and was employed as a journeyman stone dresser until 1887, when he embarked in the business on his own account. He was a member of Dallas Lodge, No. 70 Knights of Pythias, and of the Uniformed Rank, Division No. 18, and of the Knights of Honor.

In March, 1888, in Dallas, Theodore Beilharz married Miss Laura Frichot, a native of Dallas County and a daughter of C.D. and Susan (Boll) Frichot. Mr. and Mrs. Beilharz had one child, Theodore Jr. Laura (Frichot) Beilharz's father was a native of France, and her mother was from Switzerland, and they came to Dallas County about 1861. Her father was a brick manufacturer. Laura (Frichot) Beilharz's father, Monsieur Christophre Disiree Frichot, was born in Paris, France, on November 26, 1821. Christophe Frichot had a younger brother named Pierre Philip Frichot. After his education in Paris he took up the study of Astronomy. He became a jeweler's apprentice while living in Paris and made that his future profession.

At his brothers insistence Christophre Frichot joined him in the expedition to Texas. Leaving La Havre, France, he arrived at La Reunion in 1856. He settled in the French Colony for a short while and later moved to the town of Dallas where he endeavored to establish himself in his chosen profession as a jeweler. Finding little demand for this type of service he decided to join his brother and nephew in the brick making business. The Frichot brothers, together with the son, Achille, and also the son-in-law of Monsieur Pierre Frichot, Jean Priot, formed the first brick plant to be established in the growing town of Dallas. From the output of this business many of the first brick houses and buildings were built in this new territory.

Monsier Christophre Frichot later married Mlle. Suzanne Boll, a sister of Henri Boll also one of the colonist who had arrived at the colony from Switzerland. Three daughters were born to Monsier and Madame Frichot-Laura, Bertha, and Henrietta.

Monsieur Frichot at one time owned the Northeast corner of Ervay and Main upon which was latter built the old Middleton Building. He acquired numerous tracts of Dallas property during his residence in this city. He died in Dallas on June 2nd 1879. Although his stay in La Reunion was of short duration, being well educated, he was well liked by his countrymen. During his lifetime Christophre Frichot became one of the outstanding citizens of Dallas.

Scope and Contents

The Collection, in seven boxes of varying sizes, is composed mostly of photographs collected by Laura (Frichot) Beilharz. The majority of photographs are of family and friends and the Beilharz Stoneyard. The Collection also includes interesting artifacts and documents such as Stare Fair of Texas items, a dance card, autograph book, early stock certificates for Dallas Companies, and warranty deeds.

The Collection is organized in three series. The First series is photographs, which consists of images of family and friends and of the family business, Beilharz Stoneyard, and examples of the items they produced. Also included are photographs of the A. Busch & Co. building and warehouse. The second series is artifacts, which consist of an autograph book, dance card, State Fair of Texas items, photograph album (photos removed), and a Protestant Episcopal hymnal. The third series consist of documents from both the Frichot and Beilharz families. The document dates range form 1864-1990, and includes such items as amnesty oath/pardon for C.D. Frichot in 1866, monthly statements form Sanger Brothers Department Store in 1887, stock certificates for Fin and Feather Club 1894, thrift card from WWII, voter registration for 1872, and warranty deeds.

Researchers interested in Dallas history, particularly early families and businesses, will find the Beilharz Family Collection a valuable source of information. Especially interesting are the photographs of early Dallas citizens and La Reunion Colony members. The collections unusual mix of artifacts and documents provide a glimpse of the type of memorabilia collected by the Beilharz and Frichot families. The collection also contains interesting bits of historical information about Dallas.


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Beilharz Stoneyard
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Beilharz Family Collection

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MA99-2 Beilharz Family Collection Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

Acquisition Information

The Beilharz Family Collection was purchased by the Dallas Public Library. Carol Roark and Sharon Perry Martin received the materials from Theodore Jr. and Carol Beilharz at their home. Sharon Martin completed an initial inventory of all items in the collection. The collection was transferred to the Dallas Public Library on April 13, 1999. Processing and finding guide were completed by Allison Baker in January 2002.

Processing Information

Processed by Allison Baker

Detailed Description of the Collection



Box Folder
1 1 Drivers Education Class - Crozier Tech - Mrs Beilharz and Mr. Walter Siebel (principal) c.1950
2 Drivers Education Class - Crozier Tech - Mrs Beilharz, Mr. Walter Siebel (principal) and instructor. c. 1950
3 Fred P. Wilson
4 Laura Frichot Beilharz
5 Laura Frichot Beilharz, Henretta Frichot Wilson, and Bertha (Aunt Betty?)
6 Photo negatives
7 Sports Teams - Colorado School of Mines
8 Sports Teams - Colorado School of Mines - Basketball
9 Sports Teams - Colorado School of Mines - Football
10 Stone Working Machinery
Box Folder
2 1 Girl sitting on wall
2 Stare Fair of Texas
3 Bridge
4 Unidentified young male
5 Unidentified young male
6 Women standing in front of sculpture
7 Unidentified young male sitting on a Borden Ice Cream sign
8 Unidentified baby
9 Young female in front of grocery store
10 Four young women
11 Little boy with wagon
12 Boy with snowball
13 Manmade pond
14 Female toddler on porch of home
15 Female toddler on porch of home
16 Soldiers marching
17 Unidentified boy
18 Unidentified boy
19 Unidentified boy
20 Man sitting in car
21 Girl on porch with bicycle
22 Duck on pond's edge
23 Lady on porch 1949
24 group shot of soldiers
25 Young girl crying December, 1962
26 Young girl December, 1962
27 Young girl on bed December, 1962
28 Carisian baby
29 Ernest Arnoldi - son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Arnoldi - 2nd Cousin
30 Lizzie Boll - First cousin to Laura Beilharz
31 Ruby Lee - granddaughter of Mrs. Coke
32 Mabel Wilson - daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Wilson
33 Theodore F. Beilharz
34 Unidentified baby
35 Unidentified baby
36 Edith Beilharz
37 Erma Beilharz
38 Fred Peterman - age seven weeks
39 Clara Houston
40 Fred Peterman
41 Fred Peterman
42 Unidentified baby
43 Florence Peak
44 Nellie Arnoldi
45 Theodore Beilharz
46 William Beilharz
47 George Peak
48 Howard Peterman
49 Nellie Arnoldi - five months
50 Unidentified baby
51 Bertha, Erma and William Beilharz
52 Ruby Lee and her two brothers
53 Olivia, Viola and Frances - daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Charles [Bohny?]
Box Folder
3 Beilharz Stoneyard scenes showing cranes and large blocks of stone; examples of work including urns, fountains, panels, columns, retaining wall and structures; stone cutters and laborers working and displaying stone items.
Box Folder
4 1 Front view of August A. Busch & Co., Dallas, Texas
2 Machinery at A. Busch & Co., Dallas, Texas
3 Perspective view of boiler and machine house, cold storage and warehouse at A. Busch & Co., Dallas Texas. Olive St. and Pacific Ave. Elevations. April 28, 1904
4 Office of A. Busch & Co., Dallas, Texas. Corner of Elm and Olive Sts. April 28, 1904
5 Stable and yard view of boiler, mechanic and cold storage house of A. Busch & Co., Dallas, Texas April 28, 1904
6 View of completed warehouse of A. Busch & Co., Dallas Texas
7 Workers at a construction site in Dallas, Texas. Across from Texas Coal Company and National Exchange Bank
8 Workers at a construction site in Dallas, Texas. Across from Texas Coal Company and National Exchange Bank
9 Workers at a construction site in Dallas, Texas. Across from Texas Coal Company and National Exchange Bank
10 Students at St. Matthew's School for Boys - group photograph
11 Athletic team of boys
12 Grave of Theodore Beilharz
13 Grave of Theodore Beilharz
14 Unidentified young man ca. 1916
15 Unidentified woman ca. 1916
16 Unidentified baby



Box Folder
5 Photographic album (photographs removed and placed in box two)
Box Folder
6 Protestant Episcopal hymnal presented to Laura Beilharz from "Auntie Boll" April 7, 1916
Box Folder
7 1 Autograph book for Laura Frichot 1885
2 Dance card with metal cover
3 Items from the State Fair of Texas - Stockholder's tickets; Pin from the Opening Day at the State Fair; Admission Tickets. 10/13-28/1906; 10/4/1947; 10/9-24/1965



Box Folder
7 4 Admission ticket to Ursuline Academy Commencement 6/27/1876
5 Amnesty oath/pardon for C.D. Frichot 1/29/1866
6 Brochure with advertisements and lyrics to gospel songs
7 Business card for Beulah's Liquors, Dallas, Texas
8 Cards - Christmas, New Years, Religious, Reunion, Wedding & Valentine
9 Cards in German - Baptismal Certificate, friendship, and other miscellaneous cards.
10 Letter to Suzanne (written in French) 1864
11 Monthly statements from Sanger Brothers Retail Department 5/31 & 6/30, 1887
12 Newspaper advertisement 6/27/1990
13 Newspaper Clippings 1924 & 1931
14 Poem with inscription by Laura Beilharz
15 Postcards - Amarillo, State Fair of Texas, and other miscellaneous cards
16 Program from the 29th Annual Second District Conference, Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers April, 1941
17 Stock certificate for one share of the Fin and Feather Club 3/8/1884
18 Stock certificate for ten shares of the Trinity River Navigation Co. 7/19/1895
19 Tax Receipts - City and State/County 1879 & 1880
20 Thrift card (U.S. Government0 issued to Carl Beilharz during WWI
21 Voter registration for C.D. Frichot 1/21/1872
22 Warranty deeds - Mussbaumer to Beilharz and Prather to Beilharz 1890 & 1905