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Creator: Children's Medical Center
Title: Children's Medical Center Collection
Dates: 1913-1970
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Background and History

(Source: "A History of Children's Medical Center," by Michael V. Hazel, 1984)

Children's Medical Center (CMC) has been serving the pediatric needs of Dallas since 1948. The philosophy and spirit of the best possible care for children was established much earlier by institutions that could be considered the grandparents of CMC. These were:

Bradford Memorial Hospital for Babies, also Called the Baby Camp, established in 1913;

Richmond Freeman Memorial Clinic, also known as Presbyterian Clinic, established in 1921

Children's Hospital of Texas, chartered in 1928 as Texas Children's Hospital, opened in 1940 and also known as Children's Hospital.

A fourth hospital, Ivor O'Connor Morgan Hospital for Tuberculosis Children established in 1949, is also part of the founding of Children's Medical Center. Through the combined efforts of these facilities and the pediatricians in Dallas, infant and child care has grown from tents and basements to a national institution for the special care of children.

The history of CMC is tied directly to the histories of the above institutions. The paths of each cross in philosophy, staff, civic leadership and volunteers. All of these "charities" were organized by caring individuals who believed in the notion that a city is only as healthy as its children.


The Bradford Memorial Hospital for Babies was initially set up in 1913 by May Forster Smith, along with several other nurses, in four tents on the grounds of Parkland Hospital, and become known as the Baby Camp.(Ch. 1. p. 2) Originally the camp was open only during the spring/summer months. By 1917 the camp was open all year with May Smith as "nurse in charge." (Ch. 1, p. 7) As in all charity organizations money was always a problem. In 1923 the camp became a Community Chest recipient (United Way). (Ch. 1, p. 8) In 1929 Tom L. Bradford, Sr. donated money for the establishment of a "real hospital." Thereby the Bradford Memorial Hospital for Babies was established at the corner of Maple Avenue and Turtle Creek Boulevard, January 1, 1930, in honor of Tom L. Bradford's wife and daughter accepting patients from birth to 5 years of age. (Ch. 1, p. 9-11)


The Richmond Freeman Memorial Clinic was originally established as a children's charity clinic in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church, downtown Dallas, (Wood and Harwood Streets) in 1921. Its founders, Reverend William M. Anderson, Jr., pastor, and Dr. Jack Perkins, pediatrician, recognized a need for a free clinic for children. (Bradford Hospital was for babies only.) The original clinic was known as the Presbyterian Clinic and was supported by the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church.

As need increased the basement soon became too small. At the same time, Percy Richmond Freeman was looking for a memorial for his son. In 1922 Percy Richmond Freeman donated money for a new building under the conditions that the building be called Richmond Freeman Clinic, and it continue to be free of charge. (Ch. 2, p 4-6) In June 1923 other Presbyterian Congregations began to help support the clinic financially, spiritually, and with volunteers. The new building was completed in February 1924 and named the Richmond Freeman Clinic, but the Presbyterian Clinic remained the official name until 1932. (Ch 2, p. 16)

The daily administration of Freeman Clinic was in the hands of Dora Beggs Foster from 1928 until 1955. Her dedication brought a great deal of support to the clinic. It remained "self-supporting" by donations, which meant it was not part of the Community Chest. (Ch. 3, p. 11)

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF TEXAS (Texas Children's Hospital)

Bradford and Freeman had a working relationship. The area doctors volunteered their time at both places. Babies needing hospitalization went to Bradford. Older children, however, had to go the adult hospitals. A need was recognized for a children's hospital that could cater to the special needs of patients from ages 2 to 15 years. The institution to fill this gap would be the Children's Hospital of Texas and later Children's Medical Center.

On November 5, 1925 a campaign for funding a hospital for children began. Land was available behind the Freeman Clinic. (Ch. 3, p. 3) Fund raising efforts were successful and the Texas Children's Hospital was incorporated October 1, 1928. A year later the stock market crash stopped the hospital for ten years. (Ch. 3, p. 5)

In 1937 the idea was revived, spirited by George B. Little. The land behind Freeman was still available. A 55 bed hospital was opened, October 1940. (Ch. 3, p. 7-8) A contract agreement between Freeman Clinic and the Children's Hospital to work together yet remain separate was signed. (Ch. 3, p. 7) Medical Staff could serve both facilities and a passageway was built between the two buildings. Bradford closed its outpatient clinic and Freeman took over all those types of services. The cooperation between these three facilities began the foundation for Children's Medical Center.


A fourth unit in the CMC family tree, the Ivor O'Connor Morgan Hospital for Tuberculosis Children, developed from a one million dollar trust fund, set up by Mrs. Morgan. The money remained untouched for nearly ten years until a series of articles appeared in The Dallas Morning News concerning the trust. The conditions for the money were to establish a TB hospital for children and a stray cat-dog shelter. R.B. George and the board of the fledgling CMC negotiated for administration of the hospital. (Ch. 4, p. 11-12)

The TB hospital opened January 26, 1945 under the direction of Dr. John S. Chapman. The Site was temporary until a new building was completed adjacent to Children's Hospital in 1951. The institution was the first children's TB hospital in Texas. (Ch. 4, p. 13)


All medical care facilities for children worked together. The physicians and other medical personnel volunteered time at Bradford, Freeman, Children's Hospital, Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children, and Hope Cottage (orphanage). The pediatricians were the first to conceptualize a Children's Medical Center. The Boards of the separate entities, however, were reluctant to give up their own identities. As the buildings for Bradford and Freeman aged and the physicians grew tired of spreading themselves between separate clinics, the movement toward unity moved ahead. A board was established in 1947 with representation from the separate institutions. Originally Hope Cottage joined, but later dropped out. Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children, due to national restrictions, could not take part. New bylaws were created. This was once again a co-operation not incorporation between the members; each institution still retained its own board. (Ch. 4, p. 6-9)

A gradual process of combining staff administrators was the next step towards total unification. By 1954 the medical staff had one chief of staff for all three institutions. Chief Administrator James J. Farnsworth was hired controlling other operations. In 1955 the guiding force behind the Freeman Clinic, Mrs. Foster, became the public relations director for CMC. Earlier the superintendents of Bradford, Maude DeWar, and of Children's Hospital, Ola McCleskey, had also joined the CMC administration staff. (Ch. 4, p. 9-11)

The final step towards unity and the creation of Children's Medical Center was a building. A new building campaign drive began in 1961. The Women's Auxiliaries merged in 1962 and aided the fund raising efforts. The groundbreaking ceremonies were held December 6, 1964 and the grand opening of new facilities under one roof was July 30, 1967. (Ch. 4, p. 17-24) The individual corporations still exist due to the legal limits under which each was created; however, CMC still stands united and remains dedicated to the special needs of children. (Preface, p. 1)

Scope and Contents

Just as CMC is a unification of separate institutions, this collection reflects through photographs, correspondence and scrapbooks, each facility as well as the final formation of CMC. Large portions of the collection are news releases, newsletters and other public relations materials from 1965 - 1967. Construction of the building on Amelia Street is well represented by photographs and scrapbooks. Other photographs include patients, volunteers, staff and equipment. A small sampling of correspondence from each clinic, personnel records, budgets, financial records, and annual reports are also available. The 22 scrapbooks trace the involvement of CMC and its components in the growth of Dallas and the growth of pediatric medicine. The collection as a whole illustrates both the medical and non-medical communities who developed from tents and basements a nationally renowned center for special medical needs of children.

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Children's Medical Center Collection

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Box Folder
A 1 Register

Box Folder
A 2 "A History of Children's Medical Center," by Michael V. Hazel 1984


Early Years

Box Folder
1 1 History 1925-1944
2 History 1920-1956
3 History - Bradford Auxiliary and others 1961
4 History - Children's Medical Center
5 Mrs. Foster's History, pages 1-114
6 Mrs. Foster's History, pages 115-205
7 Mrs. Foster's History, "Potpourri" - pp. 1-27
8 Presbyterian Clinic - Reports 1922-1924
9 Presbyterian Clinic - Reports 1924-1925
10 Presbyterian/Freeman Memorial, Correspondence 1924-1940
11 Presbyterian/Freeman Memorial, Staff Meetings Attendance and Minutes 1924
12 Freeman Memorial Clinic, General Information 1920 - 1941
Box Folder
2 1 Presbyterian/Freeman Memorial Clinics Annual Reports 1930-31; 1937-38
2 Freeman Memorial Clinic - Women's Auxiliary 1959-1962
3 Freeman Memorial Clinic - Budget 1964-1965
4 Freeman Memorial Clinic - Photographs
5 Bradford Memorial Hospital - Financial Records 1929-1932
6 Texas Children's Hospital - Brochure concerning the proposal 1929
7 Bradford Memorial Hospital - Correspondence 1929-1937
8 Bradford Memorial Hospital - Financial Statements 1930-1933; 1936
9 Bradford Memorial Hospital - Publicity 1930
10 Bradford Memorial Hospital - Board of Directors 1936
11 Bradford Memorial Hospital - Stella Hutcheson Dabney Memorial Library and Furnishings for New Baby Hospital 1946-1954
12 Bradford Memorial Hospital - Statistical Reports 1930-1936


Bradford Memorial Hospital and Children's Medical Center Personnel

Box Folder
3 1 Bradford - Budget and expenses, including insurance 1929-1933
2 Bradford - Budget and expenses, including insurance 1934-1938
3 Personnel - Salaries (Bradford) 1930 - 1937
4 Personnel (CMC) includes: Medical Staff; Student Nurses; Emergency Call List; Retirement Plan, Accreditation, Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Heinz Eichenwald 1958; 1965; 1967
5 Personnel (CMC) - Seminars
6 Cards & Brochures


Correspondence and Building Construction

Box Folder
4 1 Bradford - Baby Lissette Ordenburger, Correspondence Concerning Care 1935-1938
2 Correspondence 1931-1981
3 Correspondence - Invitations and Gifts Acknowledgments
4 Construction - Development Funds and Costs
5 Construction - Program 1965-1966
6 Construction - Stake-Out Ceremony; Groundbreaking November 1964; December 1964
7 Construction - Fact Sheets and Correspondence 1966-1967
8 Construction - Open House and Dedication 1967
9 Construction - Photographs
10 Construction - Photographs: Fund Drives, Campaign Volunteers - (Richmond Freeman) 1961
11 Construction - Photographs: Fund Drives, Campaign Volunteers - (Richmond Freeman) 1961
12 Construction Photographs: 1961 Campaign
13 Construction - Photographs - Building Sites, actual construction and completed building


CMC - Internal Affairs

Box Folder
5 1 Board of Directors - Orientation Folders 1961
2 Board of Directors Lists and Minutes Richmond Freeman Clinic and CMC 1964-1973
3 10 Year Anniversary - of Modern Facility, 1935 Amelia Street includes Patients' Art Work, Schedule of Events, Press Releases and Employee Recognition 1977
4 Gifts and Memorials 1964-1966
5 Awards 1938-1976
6 Awards - Picnic 1966
7 Volunteers
8 Volunteers - Junior League 1973
9 Goals and Objectives 1974
10 By-Laws - Freeman Clinic; CMC 1953; 1957, 1958, 1965-1968, 1974


Annual Reports and Statistics

Box Folder
6 1 Annual Reports 1958-1962
2 Annual Reports 1963, 1973, 1975, 1980-1982
3 Statistics 1941-1967, 1969-1970
4 Budget 1965-1966
5 Budget - (Richmond Freeman) 1964-1966
6 Audit Report - (CMC) 1966
7 Financial Statements 1964-1967
8 Financial Review 1971-1972, 1975, 1976


Public Relations

Box Folder
7 1 Press Releases 1965
2 Radio and TV 1966
3 Resource for Newsletters 1966
4 News Releases Building Campaign 1966
5 News Releases, General 1966
6 Press Releases, "Ready to Go" - Herald
7 Public Relations - General Information
8 CMC Development Brochure 1966
9 Meetings, Hilltop Carnival 1963-1964
10 Publicity Authorization Form 1967
11 Publicity Release Guide Booklet, United Fund 1961
12 Agendas and Notes 1965
13 Program Materials, Agendas, Notes 1966
14 Miscellaneous
15 Dallas Birth Defects Special Study Center and Policies - Handwritten Notes
Box Folder
8 1 Newsletters - American Hospital Association 1965-1967
2 Dallas Hospital Council PR File
3 CMC - Assorted Brochures
4 CMC - Assorted Brochures
5 Newsletters 1961-1962
6 Newsletters 1963-1964
7 Newsletters 1965
8 Newsletters 1966
9 Newsletters 1967-1969, 1971, 1975-1977
10 Public Relations' General Correspondence 1963-1966



Box Folder
9 1 Baby Camp/Bradford
2 Baby Camp/Bradford
3 Baby Camp/Bradford
4 Baby Camp/Bradford
5 Richmond Freeman Portrait, Groundbreaking Ceremony Richmond Freeman Memorial Clinic for Children - G.B. Dealey 1938
6 Children's Medical Center - Old Building
7 Children's Medical Center - Amelia Building Exterior
8 Construction Campaign Publicity Photo
9 Construction Planning
10 Construction - Amelia Building April 1, 1967
11 Construction - Amelia Building April 1, 1967
12 Construction - Publicity
13 Construction - Publicity
14 Construction 1967
15 Departments, Equipment, Staff 1946-1950
16 Board Meeting
17 Annual Board Meeting 1963
18 Contact Sheets - Equipment
19 Contact Sheets - Public Relations
20 Contact Sheets - Construction
21 Contact Sheets - Patients
22 Contact Sheets - Hilltop Carnival
Box Folder
10 1 Nurses and Patients (Includes 1st clinic Patient, Tyleen Scott) 1920s, 1930s.
2 Patients 1937-1960
3 Patients
4 Patients
5 Exterior of CMC
6 Construction 1963-1965
7 Moving Day - CMC
8 Equipment
9 Entertainment and Parties
10 Entertainment and Parties
11 Entertainment and Parties
12 CMC 25th Anniversary Annual Meeting November 1973
13 Staff
14 Staff
15 Staff
16 Retirees of CMC 1962
17 Bowling League 1959-1960
18 Awards Picnic 1966
19 Employee Participation 1961
20 Staff
21 Staff
22 Annual Awards August 1962
23 National Hospital Week
24 Personalities - Miscellaneous
25 Portraits - Staff
26 Portraits - Staff
27 Boy Scout Group Christmas 1962
28 Decorating - Children's Wards
29 Volunteers and Aux.
30 Personalities - Miscellaneous
31 Personalities - Miscellaneous
32 Personalities - Miscellaneous
Box Folder
11 1 Patients 1937-1960
2 Patients 1937-1960
3 Patients
4 Patients
5 Patients
6 Patients
7 Volunteers
8 Volunteer Recognition 1963
9 Volunteers
10 Volunteer Program 1962
11 Children, Inc.
12 Staff
13 Personnel Service Awards 1964
14 Employee Participation 1961
15 Awards 1964
16 Staff, Awards Picnic 1966
17 Staff, Includes Awards
18 Staff, Includes Awards
19 Staff, Includes Awards
20 Post Graduate Resident Seminar 1967
21 Annual Residents' Banquet 1965
22 Residents 1964
23 Residents' Dinner 1963
24 Residents' and Interns' Dinner 1961
25 Residents' Dinner 1960
26 Portraits
27 Equipment
28 Equipment
29 Equipment
30 Entertainment
31 Christmas Party 1961
32 Entertainment - includes Sandra Dee and Arthur Godfrey
33 2nd Annual Awards Banquet 1963


Guest Book

Box Folder
12 1 Twenty-fifth Anniversary 1973
2 Yellow Balloon on Front 1984
3 Blue Balloon on Front 1984


Newspaper Publicity

Box Folder
13 1 Dallas Times Herald 1961
2 Dallas Morning News 1961

Box Folder
14 Construction Photographs Bound and Reel tape of Dedication Ceremony 1965-1966; August 1967


Framed Pieces

Box Folder
15 1 Poem - "The Universal Mother" by Grace Noll Crowell - Handwritten
2 Same poem decorated
3 Photograph - unidentified
4 Presbyterian Clinic
5 Interior CMC
Box Folder
16 Oversized - Mostly Photographs and Ledger Book - Bradford 1931-1938
Box Folder
17 Framed Interior Photographs, CMC



Box Folder
Richmond Freeman Memorial Clinic 1924-1925
Texas Children's Hospital 1939-1951
Supplement to Scrapbook - Freeman Memorial
Children's Hospital, (includes Bradford Richmond Freeman and Morgan T.B. Hospital) 1947-56
Children's Medical Center 1957-1962
Women's Auxiliary of Freeman Memorial Clinic at CMC 1958-1959
Women's Auxiliary of Freeman Memorial Clinic 1959-1960
CMC Children (Newsletter) 1961
Campaign Fund Drive (partial) 1961-1962
Notebook - List of gifts, donations, and memorials 1962-1963
CMC Clippings and Brochures 1966-1967
Auxiliary Board 1969-1976
Clippings of Patients (small white book) 1969-1971
CMC Clippings and Brochures 1968-1973
Preview Night 1971
Preview Night 1972
Preview Night 1973
Preview Night 1974
Partial Scrapbook 1971-1972
Large Scrapbook, Clippings 1975
CMC Brochures and Clippings 1976-1981
List of Contributors (green) "CMC of Dallas"

Box Folder
18 Films and Oral History Tapes

Box Folder
19 Groundbreaking Hammers 1964;1988