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Creator:Sanger-Harris Department Store
Title:Sanger-Harris Collection
Accession No.:MA83-18
Quantity:200 Boxes
Language: The records are in English.
Repository:Texas/Dallas History & Archives, Dallas Public Library 1515 Young St  Dallas, TX 75201

Background and Historical Information

Sanger-Harris stores represented Dallas in the department store business for over 100 years. In 1988, the name was changed to Foley's and a century of tradition ended. Sanger-Harris began as two separate and competing firms: Sanger Brothers and A. Harris and Co. On February 6, 1961 a merger created Sanger-Harris Department Stores, Inc.

Sanger Brothers

Sanger Brothers was started by Lehman Sanger as a dry goods store in Weatherford, Texas in 1855 under the name Baum and Sanger. The business moved several times around the state. In 1858 Isaac Sanger joined his brother; Philip arrived in New York in 1857. After serving in the army during the Civil War the three brothers opened a store in Millican, Texas in 1865. The Sangers followed the expansion of the railroads, opening nine stores in other cities. The Dallas store was opened July 1872 and soon became the main store. The Dallas operation was managed by Philip with a fourth brother named Alex handling the wholesale department. The second major store was opened in 1872 in Waco by Lehman and the fifth brother, Sam. Isaac Sanger returned to New York City as the firm's buyer.

Alex and Philip Sanger became heavily involved in the social and political life of Dallas. They served on committees, boards, and commissions. The most active was Alex. Beginning in 1873 as a City Alderman, Alex served the City of Dallas throughout his life in many capacities: State Fair Exposition, Volunteer Fireman Engine Company #1, Director of City National Bank of Dallas, Director of the Board of Trade, and Director of the Dallas Club, to name a few.

Sanger Brothers became known as the largest wholesale-retail dry goods establishment in the Southwest in the 1880's and 1890's. The success of the store was due to the combination of efforts between the five brothers. Their styles and innovative ideas included free home delivery in 1879, two of the first moving stairways in Texas, telephones, and electric lights.

It became evident upon the deaths of the founding brothers that it was their combined efforts that made the store a "household name." Philip died on April 12, 1902 at the age 61 while visiting Pasadena, California. Lehman died ten years later on March 19, 1912 in Waco. Isaac died in New York on January 17, 1918 at age 81. Later that same year Sam died in Waco on December 18, 1918 at the age 75. Alex held the company together until his death at 78 on September 13, 1925 in Dallas. The surviving second generation could not continue the family tradition.

After the turn of the century, financial losses began to take their toll. Alex disbanded the wholesale department in 1923. After Alex's death, Clarence Linz, (Philip's son in law) became president. Philip's son Eli became vice president and general manager. Elihu, Alex's son, became vice president along with Sam's son, Charles. Due to continued financial problems, the stockholders decided to sell the store on August 2, 1926 to Stiffel, Nicholas and Co. The Sanger Family founded the Sanger Investment Co., Inc. to handle their real estate holdings. Total family control ended with the final sale September 13, 1926.

Financial difficulties continued to plague the store. On March 14, 1931 the stores in Fort Worth and Waco were closed. A reorganization took place in 1938. E.P. Simmons was named general manager and remained for 14 years until his death on February 18, 1951. During this time, the name and reputation of the store remained constant. On July 9, 1951 Sanger Brothers was sold to Federated Department Stores, Inc. The Sanger Brothers name remained until Federated purchased A. Harris and Co. stores.

A. Harris and Co.

Adolph Harris, founder of A. Harris and Co., was born in Prussia on March 7, 1842. In 1859 Adolph left Prussia for Galveston, Texas. From Galveston he settled first in Limestone County and then traveled to Houston. In 1862 he established a dry goods store in Houston names Harris &Fox. In 1878 the firm was reorganized without Fox. Adolph Harris and his brother Jacob (Jake) called the company Harris brothers, occasionally known as A. Harris & Brother. After Jacob died in 1886, Adolph formed a partnership with the family of his wife, Fannie Grumbach Harris. Adolph had moved to Dallas in 1885. From 1886-1892 the firm operated as Fellman, Grumbach & Harris. The name was changed in 1891 to A. Harris and Co.

A. Harris and Co. was a well known, successful store. Unfortunately, Adolph died suddenly on February 14, 1912 of a heart attack while on a buying trip to New York City. He was survived by his wife, sons Arthur and Leon A., and daughters Marcell and Camille Harris Kramer. Camille's husband Arthur L. Kramer became president and Leon A. Harris vice president.

Arthur L. Kramer was born in December 17, 1880 in Kentucky. His family moved to Dallas when he was nine years old. Before assuming the presidency of A. Harris and Co., Kramer practiced law with the firm of Haxter and Kramer from 1902-1912. He remained at the head of A. Harris and Co. until his death in February 1950. Like Alex Sanger, Arthur Kramer and Leon Harris were involved in the social life of Dallas. They were active supporters of the Symphony, the Opera, and other Arts in Dallas. Their sons, Arthur L. Kramer Jr. and Leon A. Harris Jr., became the next generation of A. Harris and Co. management.

The Kramer and Harris families were more successful than the Sanger family in keeping family control of the company. The Harris and Kramer families continued to expand A. Harris and Company stores until February 1961 when the stock was taken over by Federated Department Stores. Federated, a holding company formed by the owners of Filene's ,Abraham & Strauss, and Bloomingdale's in 1929, began acquiring other stores. Basically headed by Fred Lazarus, Jr., Federated became one o the largest department store conglomerates. With the purchase of both Dallas stores, Federated merged them together creating Sanger-Harris.

Scope and Contents

The materials in this collection were compiled mainly by the public relations and advertising offices of Sanger-Harris. The major portion of the collection consists of the working materials for various promotions, sales, and special events. The A. Harris and Co. portion contains real estate holdings and other early financial records. Early photographs of exterior and interior views of the stores are also part of this collection. The materials reflect the consistency of promotional events as well as the changes in fashion merchandise over the years. The Sanger-Harris name was a tradition in Dallas for over 100 years. This collection is a good representation of the stores' activities.



The materials are arranged in three major series groups
Series I: A. Harris and Co. - this series is arranged basically by type of record and chronologically
Series II: Sanger Brothers - this series includes historical sketches, newspaper clippings of anniversaries, and historical photographs.
Series III: Sanger-Harris - the largest portion of the collection in the series.
Boxes 34-40 consist of items pertaining to Store openings. Arranged by Store.
Boxes 41-131 contain materials related to special events, promotions, and sales and are basically chronological
Boxes 132-167 contain materials with a theme such as Christmas, Bridal Shows, and Teen Boards.
Boxes 168-175 consist of items that were not dated.
Boxes 175-179 contain items relating to store business other than sales or promotions.
Boxes 180-187 contain oversized scrapbooks and ephemera items.
Boxes 188-200 consist of awards and plaques.
This collection is arranged topically. Due to size, this inventory has been divided into two separate units which can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted text.
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A. Harris and Co.
Sanger Brothers
Dallas (Tex.)
Department Stores - Dallas
Sanger-Harris Collection

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MA83-18 Sanger Harris Collection, Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

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Processed by Cindy Smolovik, Archivist, Margaret Foley and Dwight Cheatham.

Detailed Description of the Collection


A. Harris and Co.

Title Abstracts
11Part of Block 82 1/2 in City of Dallas, dates 22 September 1890, with warrent deed, 2 loan notes dated 15 January 1894, 2 City of Dallas tax receipts 1892, 1893 1st Co. tax receipt 1893.
2Freemans Columbia Ave. addition to the City of Dallas 29 April 1905
3Deed Release dated 20 May 1908
4Part of Block 931 and 932 dated 22 July 1905 with deed release 17 January 1907.
5Part of Block 231 described as "65 feet northside of Emma Street in Block 231 City of Dallas, 19th January 1908." Abstract has 8 parts.
6Part of Block 824 City of Dallas 28 January 1919
7Part of Block 824 City of Dallas 28 January 1919
8Part of Block 76 City of Dallas 15 July 1919 - 8 parts to abstract
9Lots 1,2, and 3, Block 23/1267 Browder's Providence Addition City of Dallas 22 December 1922
21Lots 11, 12, 13, 14 in Block 126/32 in the City of Dallas 2A April 1922
2Lots 11, 12, 13, 14 in Block 126/32 in the City of Dallas 6 June 1925
3Lots 11, 12, 13, 14 in Block 126/32 in the City of Dallas 24 June, 1930
4Lots 11, 12, 13, 14 in Block 126/32 in the City of Dallas 4 December 1936
5"Two tracts of land in the Jules Hirsch subdivision in the John Brown Jones survey in Harris County, TX" 22 March 1918
Financial Reports
31Annual Summaries, January 1912-January 1915, Monthly Summaries, March 20, 1915-June 30, 1915, Annual Summaries, January 1916-January 1919, Semi Annual Summary, July 31, 1919, Annual Summary, January 1920-January 1921, Semi Annual Summary July 31, 1921, Annual Summaries January 1922-January 1924
2Statement of assets and liabilities January 1, 1912 w/rough draft December 1912 in back
3Quarterly Audit Report for March 30, 1921
4Quarterly Audit Report for June 30, 1912
5Quarterly Audit Report for October 1912 w/reports November 1, 1912 and Feb 22, 1913 of outstanding loans made to Mrs. A. Harris and loan August 15, 1913 to Mrs. Fannie Harris.
6Quarterly Audit Report for February 22, 1913
7Quarterly Audit Report for May 1, 1913
8Quarterly Audit Report for July 31, 1913
9Quarterly Audit Report for October 31, 1913
10Quarterly Audit Report for January 31, 1913
11Prospective Loan Report on financial condition of A. Harris and Co., Inc. April 9, 1914
124-Monthly Audit Report May 30, 1914
13Annual Audit Report January 31, 1916
14Annual Audit Report January 31, 1917
15Annual Audit Report January 31, 1918
16Annual Audit Report 31 January 1919
17Report of Special Examination of cash funds, and accounts receivable, 6 December 1920
18Annual Audit Report 31 January 1921
19Report of Special Examination of accounts receivable, and cash funds
20Report of Special Examination of accounts receivable, and cash funds 31 October 1921
21Annual Audit Report 31 January 1922
22Report of Special Examination of accounts receivable, and cash funds 1 May 1922
23Report of Special Examination of accounts receivable, and cash funds 31 October 1922
24Annual Audit Report 31 January 1923
25Report of Special Examination of accounts receivable, and cash funds 31 May 1923
26Report of Special Examination of accounts receivable, and cash funds 30 November 1923
27Annual Audit Report 31 January 1924
28Report of Special Examination of accounts receivable, and cash funds 31 May 1924
41Annual Audit Report 31 January. 20 w/ 1 page loose Condensed Balance Sheet
2Annual Audit Report 31 January. 30 w/2 pages loose Balance Sheet
3Annual Audit Report 31 January. 64 w/2 pages loose Balance Sheet
4Special Cash Investigation Report 5 May 31
5Annual Audit Report 31 January 32
6Annual Audit Report 31 January 33
7Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 24 w/rough notes regarding stock sale dated 1/31/37
8Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 35 w/suggestions regarding the operation of the credit and collection Department dated 28 March 35 also w/condensed Balance Sheet dated 8 March 35
9Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 36 w/condensed Balance Sheet dated 29 February 36 also w/Debit and Credit Summary dated 31 January 1936 for different properties and persons associated with A. Harris and Co. Also w/a decree statement dated 31 March 36 in the case Robert Stern va. A. Harris and Co. et al in favor of the company.
10Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 37
11Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 39 w/condensed Balance Sheet dated 5 March 38
12Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 39 w/condensed Balance Sheet dated 3 March 39
13Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 40 w/condensed Balance Sheet dated 2 March 40
14Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 41 w/condensed Balance Sheet dated 12 March 41
15Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 42
16Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 43
17Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 44 w/Certificate and Condensed Balance sheet dated 17 March 44
18Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 45
19Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 46
20Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 47
21Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 48
22Report of Special Audit of cash accounts dated 9 July 48
23Report on C.O.D. Accounts dated 17 June (July) 48
24Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 49 w/typed list showing total surplus
25Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 50 w/typed list showing total surplus
26Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 50
51Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 51
2Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 52
3Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 53
4Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 54
5Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 55 w/ALS dated 26 October 55 from R.M. Stehardt of E.H. Scull Company authorizing merger of merchandise sales accounts for accounting purposes.
6Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 56
7Annual Audit Report dated 31 January 57
8Annual Audit Business Analysis w/Report dated 31 January 28 w/Condensed Balance Sheet dated 8 March 28 also w/Statement of Assets and Liabilities dated 31 January 28.
9Business Analysis dated 31 January 29
10Business Analysis dated 31 January 30
11Appraisal of Equipment dated 3 January 24
12Appraisal of Equipment dated (carbon copy) 3 January 24
13Appeal to IRS assessment of additional taxes for year ending 31 January 1918 and 31 January 1919 w/No. 2356-5 contain copy of tax waiver
14Exhibits A-G for appeal to IRS assessment of additional taxes w/Mo. 2357-5
15Memorandum for Appeal to IRS assessment of additional taxes w/No. 2358-4
16Report on A. Harris and Company dated 31 January 1925 w/Carbon Copy of Balance Sheet dated 31 January 1925
17Supplemental Report on A. Harris and Company dated 31 January 25 w.No. 2504-4
18Report on A. Harris and Company dated January 26 w. No. 2619-8 w/Balance Sheet dated 31 January 26 also w/undated statement of extraordinary expenses incurred during 1925
19Report on A. Harris and Company dated 31 January 1927 w/Balance Sheet dated 31 January 27
Minutes of Stockholders and Directors Meetings
61Minutes, 15 January 1912 - 8 December 1912
2Minutes, 10 January 1913 - 4 December 1914
3Minutes, 10 January 1915 - 15 December 1922
4Minutes, 19 March 1923 - 29 April 1929
5Minutes, 31 January 1927 - 7 October 1943
6Minutes, 28 January 1937 - 7 October 1943
7Minutes, 10 January 1944 - 6 November 1945
8Minutes, 25 April 1946 - December 1949
9Minutes, 13 March 1950 - 31 October 1953
10Minutes, 19 March 1954 - 27 September 1954
11Minutes, 4 April, 1955 - 27 December 1956
12Minutes, 1 April 1957 - 22 November 1957
13Minutes, 20 January 1959 - 13 October 1959
14Minutes, 6 April 1959 - 3 November 1959
15Minutes, 28 January 1960 - 21 December 1960
Contracts and Agreements
71Adelta Company; Dallas, Texas
2Advertisers and buyers agreements: Brides House, Inc.; New York City Saml. Buckley and Co.; London/England. Advertising Almanac Services, Inc.; New York City. Martha Crigsby, Inc.; St. Louis, Mo. Estelle Hamburger; New York City.
3Advertisers and buyers agreements: Brides House, Inc.; New York City Saml. Buckley and Co.; London/England. Advertising Almanac Services, Inc.; New York City. Martha Crigsby, Inc.; St. Louis, Mo. Estelle Hamburger; New York City.
4Aetna Casualty and Surety Co. Hartford, Connecticut
5American Dealers Service, Inc.; New York City
6American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers; Dallas, Texas
7Harry and Sidney Arkin, Inc.; New York City, NY
8Frederick Atkins, Inc.; New York City, NY
9Beeston-Scott-Patterson; New York City, NY
10Big Four Freight Traffic Association; Chicago, IL
11The J.M. Biow Company; New York, NY
12Edmond D. Brogoittis; Tulsa, OK
13C.I.T. Corp; Dallas, TX
14Carrier Bock Company; Dallas, TX
15Dallas Power and Light Co.; Dallas, TX
16Dixie Heating and Ventilating Company; Houston, TX
17The Dora Miles Company; Bradford, CT
18Elder Manufacturing Co.; St. Louis MO. Electro Ball Co.; N.P. Esquire Socks; New York City, NY. Fellman Dry Goods Company; N.P.
19Filmotype Corp; Chicago, IL. General Electric Supply Corp; N.P. Ginsburg and Abdelson, Inc.; New York City, NY. Goldstone, Mr. Charles; Wynnewood, PA. Graybar Electric Company, Inc.; Dallas, TX
20Hallmark Cards Incorporated; Kansas City, MO. Arthur I. Harris; Dallas, TX
21A. Harris and Co., Cosmetic Dept., with the following companies to wit: Bourjois Sales Corp.; New York City, NY. Dorthy Gray; New York City, NY. Lambert Pharmacal Company; Delaware. P.M. Lattner Manufacturing Company; Cedar Rapids, IA. Lehn and Fink, Inc.; New York City, NY. Lentheric Inc.; N.P. Helena Rubenstein Inc.; New York City, NY.
22A. Harris and Co., Managers, 1958, and Buyers Bonus Agreement to wit.
Group 1Mr. Seymour Bernat, Divisional Merchandise Manager. Miss Mary Carpenter, Buyer. Mrs. Lillian Jacques, Buyer. Mr. Cecil Walden, Buyer. Miss Mildred Norman, Buyer. Mrs. Thelma Jagers, Buyer. Mrs. Ruby Robertson, Buyer. Mr. Manual Rudolph, Buyer. Miss Jane Bradburn, Buyer.
Group 2Mr. Harold Chamness, Divisional Merchandise Manager. Miss Violet Jeffery, Buyer. Mrs. Vera Clark, Buyer. Mrs. Edith Minnick, Buyer. Mrs. Bess Dodson, Buyer. Miss Exa Brown, Buyer. Mrs. Adeline Southern, Buyer. Mr. Ed Saxe, Buyer. Mrs. Althea Roberts, Buyer. Miss Selma Miller, Buyer. Mr. Paul Myers, Buyer.
Group 3Mr. Robert Crouch, Divisional Merchandise Manager and Buyer. Mr. Ross Darrow, Buyer. Miss Nellie Gulledge, Buyer. Mr. Robert Crough, Divisional Merchandise Manager. Mr. Harold Chamness, Divisional Merchandise Manager. Mr. Seymour Bernat, Divisional Merchandise Manager. Mr. Harold Gordon, Divisional Merchandise Manager.
Group 4Mr. Harold Gordon, Divisional Merchandise Manager. Miss Elizabeth Hicks, Buyer. Mr. Paul Rainwater, Buyer. Mr. Fred Shine, Buyer. Mr. H. Boyd Hendricks, Buyer. Mr. Ted Nye, Buyer. Mrs. Mignon Young, Buyer. Mr. Charles Lisherness, Buyer. Mr. Lee Woodham, Buyer.
723The Hoover Company; North Canton, OH. Professor George C. Hester; Georgetown, TX. Hallanderizing Corp. of America, Inc.; Chicago, IL. Humble Oil and Refining Company; Houston, TX. Humble Oil and Refining Company; Dallas, TX.
24Insurance Audit and Inspection Company; Indianapolis; IN. A. Kimbell Company; Brooklyn, NY. Labor Relations Associates of Chicago, Inc.; Chicago, IL. Leiter Manufacturing Company; Dallas, TX. The Literary Guild of America, Inc.; New York City, NY.
25Marrory Hat Company; n.p. Malt-O-Matic Corp of America; Dallas, TX. Manchester Silver Co.; Providence, RI. Merchants Red Book Campaign Inc.; Dallas, TX. Metro Associated Service, Inc.; New York City; NY. Meyer Both Company; Chicago, IL. Nash-Kelvinator Sales Corp.; Dallas, TX. National Cash Register Company; Dayton, OH. The National Research Bureau, Inc.; Chicago, IL.
81Ohrbach's (London) ltd.; London, England
2Otis Elevator Company; Dallas, Texas
3Pattern Contracts: Advance Pattern Co., Inc. Butterick Company, Inc.; New York, NY. McCall Corporation; New York, NY. Simplicity Pattern Co.; New York, NY. Vogue Pattern Servie, The Conde Nast Publication Inc.; Greenwich, CT
4Philco Corporation; Philadelphia, PA. Plex-Tex Corporation; San Antonio, TX. Postage Meter Company; Stanford, CT. Retail News Bureau; New York, NY. Retail Reporting Bureau; New York, NY. Sewell Motor Company; Dallas, TX. W.A. Sheaffer Pen Co.; Madison, IA.
5Singer Sewing Machine Company; New York, NY
6Southwestern Fur Service Inc.; Dallas, TX. Standard Fur Trading Corp; Chicago, IL. Texas Farm Bureau Federation; Dallas, TX. Rat Control Fund; Dallas, TX. Towle Manufacturing Company; Newburyport, MA
7Utility Rate and Engineering Company; Dallas, TX. Willmark Service System,Inc.; New York, NY. Youthcraft Creations, Inc.; Long Island City, NY. Zelenka Tauben Furs, Inc.; Dallas, TX. Mr. Louis Zipkin; Atlanta, GA
Articles of Incorporation, Charter Amendments for Capital Increase and Proxies
91Articles of Incorporation, 12 January 1912. Charter Amendment (s) 10 January 1913. 10 June 1916. 20 May 1920. 15 December 1922. 2 January 1929 26 March 1945. Proof of Final Payment of Capital Stock, 4 May 1922
2Proxies 24 April 1914
3Proxies 10 June 1916
4Proxies 20 May 1920
5Proxies 15 December 1922
6Proxies 27 January 1936
7Proxies 26 March 1945
Property Leases
101Lease agreements for 1409-13 Federal Street and 1404-6-8 Patterson Street, Dallas, TX 23 April 1943 - 4 December 1962
2Lease agreements for Lot 27 in Block 229 and for Lot 35 in Block 230, both in Dallas, TX 11 June 1949 - 31 January 1962
3Lease agreements for 1502 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 17 February 1941 - 1 February 1961
4Lease agreements for 1500-2 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 17 February 1941 - 1 February 1961
5Supplemental lease agreements for 2345 Elm Street (Bell Paint Co.) and 1508-15 Elm Street (3rd floor) (Edison Bros., Inc.), Dallas, TX, Envelope only, agreements not enclosed.
Loan Records
111Papers relating to $200,000.00 term loan taken out from First National Bank in Dallas and Republic National Bank of Dallas in July, 1941, being principally assignments of life insurance benefits. Note on original folder states "Papers in matter of $200,000.00 term loan cleared September 1943."
2Papers relating to $400,000.00 term loan taken out from First National Bank in Dallas on 30 September 1943, being principally assignments of life insurance benefits.
3Papers relating to $1,200,000 loan taken out from John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, First National Bank in Dallas, and Republic National Bank of Dallas on 20 March 1952.
4Papers relating to loans made March 1952 with First National Bank in Dallas, Republic National Bank of Dallas, and John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. Also included are financial statements of income and expenses, balance sheets, analysis of surplus, ets, for 1952-1960
5Continuation of previous folder.
Personnel, Insurance, and Miscellaneous Records.
121Personnel reviews, 1959
2Personnel reviews, 1959
3Members of Twenty-five Year Club, n.d. Members of Fifteen Year Club, January 4, 1961
Item 1 Agreement between A. Harris and Company and Albert Kramer, dated 23 October 1939, to assume payment of life insurance policy with Aetna Life Insurance Company.
Item 2Life insurance policy on Leslie Burke Denning, III dated 5 June 1960.
Item 3Brochure entitled "Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance Plan and Group Life Insurance Plan" dated 15 December 1968
Item 4Check stubs with tally slip for payout of minimum amounts out of Employee Fund dated 1960
Item 1Letter from Dallas Museum of Fine Arts dated 27 December 1955 acknowledging receipt of donated posters by "Mr. Wiinblad."
Item 2Letter from Dallas Public Library dated 29 December 1955 acknowledging receipt of donated "Bjorn Wiinblad posters and the tribal and ceremonial mask."
Item 3Carbon copy of quitclams to itemized posters and mask donated to the Dallas Public Library dated 17 December 1955.
Item 4Carbon Copy of list of "Oils", "Watercolors", and "Drawings" by title with evaluations along side. Provenance of this list is uncertain.
Item 1Texas Centennial Patents letters from Thompson, Knight, Baker, and Harris dated 7 October 1935 stating that two certificates of patents are enclosed.
Item 2 Letter Patent #95592 dated 14 May 1935 on the "Design for a plate or similar article."
Item 3Letter Patent #95593 dated 14 May 1935 on the "Design for a Tumbler or similar article."
Item 4Letter Patent #95594 dated 14 May 1935 on the "Design for a Goblet or similar article."
Item 5Letter Patent # 97073 dated 1 October 1935 on the "Design for a round ash tray or similar item."
Item 6Letter Patent #97074 dated 1 October 1935 on the "Design for a covered cigarette receptacle or similar item."
Tax Papers
131Request for a ruling regarding vacation pay accrual
2Documents relating to "Deferred Income"
3Continuation of Folder 2
4Continuation of Folder 2
5Review of Federal Income Tax Year ending 1/31/58, 1/31/59
6Mixed federal and state tax papers
7Continuation of Folder 6
8Continuation of Folder 6
Property Tax Receipts
141 1916-21
2 1922-26
3 1926-28
4 1929-32
5 1933-35
6 1936-37
7 1938-39
8 1940-41
9Tax Receipts 1946-47
151Tax Receipts 1948
2Tax Receipts 1949
3Tax Receipts 1950-52
4Payroll Tax Returns 1959
5Payroll Tax Returns 1954-58
6Third Quarter 1959 - Tax Return
7A. Harris and Co. - Sale to First National Bank in Dallas, 1959
8A. Harris Oak Cliff Shopping Center Artlah Building, 1956
9Record Book
10A. Harris merger with Sanger Bros., 1961
Personal Papers
161Leon A. Harris, Jr.
2Kramer - Personal Property Tax, 1931-32
3Kramer - Personal Property Tax, 1933-35
4Kramer - Personal Tax Receipts, 1936-38
5Kramer - Personal Tax Receipts, 1939
6Kramer - Personal Income Tax, 1916-1925
7Kramer - Personal Income Tax, 1926-35
171Kramer - Personal Income Tax, 1937-47
2Kramer - Personal Income Tax, 1937-47
3Kramer - Personal Income Tax, 1948-54
4Kramer - Personal Income Tax, 1948-54
5Kramer - Personal Income Tax, 1964
181Last Will and Testament and other personal papers - Kramer
2Arthur Kramer - Oklahoma Property
3Retail Dealer's Tax Return
4Spruce Company
5Spruce Company
6Spruce Company
7Rebecca Oil Co., Tax Receipts
8Rebecca Oil Co.
9Rebecca Oil Co.
10Rebecca Oil Co.
19 and 19aMiscellaneous Papers
20 - 22Miscellaneous Papers


Sanger Brothers

231Monthly Statements, 1879
2Letters, 1886
3Newspaper, 1889
4Newspaper, 1892
5Newspaper, 1899
6Misc. Ads
7Sanger Family Tree
8From Millican to Dallas, 1864-1872
9Sanger's 1st shipment by Air, 1919
10Miscellaneous Correspondence
11Miscellaneous Papers, 1923
12Newsclips, 1902-1914-1937
13Newsclips, 1889-1902-1906
14Newsclips, 1910
15Early store clips
16Newsclips, 1916-1939
17Ads and miscellaneous, 1909-
241"From 1873 to Sky Scrapers"
2James Kirkland Correspondence
3Sanger-Harris History
4Sanger-Harris History
5Sanger-Harris History
6The Sanger Harris Story
7"The Sanger Harris Saga"
8"The Sanger Harris Saga"
9Sanger Harris History, 1975
10Sanger Harris Growth since 1970
11Former employees response to inquiry concerning the history of Sanger Brothers, 1945
12Former employees response to inquiry concerning the history of Sanger Brothers, 1945
2"Good Old Days" and Religion
3Federated Officers
4Articles by Callisthenes
5Sanger Brothers Diamond Jubilee 1925
6St. Louis Post Dispatch - Diamond Jubilee, 1925
790th Anniversary 1857-1948
8Promotional plans for Sanger-Harris 100 years in Dallas, 1872-1972
9101st Anniversary, 1958
10103rd Anniversary, 1960
11103rd Anniversary, 1960
12108th Anniversary, 1965
13109th Anniversary, 1966
14A. Harris Co. Booklets
261Historical miscellaneous items
2Old Time Sayings
3Manuscript "The Romance of a Business," by Isaac Clarke Crooks
4Texas History
5Texas History
6Letter President Anson Jones to wife, 1846 photocopy
7Historical Research - Wise County
8Historical Research - Calvert
9History of Wise County
10Miscellaneous newsclips, 1947-1979
11Miscellaneous newsclips, 1937-1963
12Miscellaneous items and newsclips
13Miscellaneous items and newsclips
27Oversized Historical Materials
28Oversized Historical Materials
29"Six Guns and Satins" - manuscript by Monte Barrett - unpublished history of Sanger-Brothers *use photocopy only* - 381.141 b274s 1949 *no photocopies can be made from this manuscript*
301Alexander Sanger
2Isaac Sanger
3Isaac Sanger
4Lehman Sanger
5Philip Sanger, c.1900
6Philip Sanger, c. 1900
7Philip Sanger, c. 1878-1900
8Sanger Brothers Basement Boys Clothing Department - 2nd Floor, c. 1900 Philip Sanger in photo.
9Samuel Sanger
10Composite Sanger Bros. Portraits
11Commerce St. Bridge and Oak Cliff 1872
12Main Street and Courthouse Square. L. Wagner Building
13L. and P. Sanger Store, Millican, Texas 1866
14Sanger Brothers Store, Waco, Texas c. 1890
15Sanger Brothers Store, Waco, Texas c. 1918
16Sanger Brothers Men's and Boys Clothing Store, Waco, Texas. c. 1920
17Sanger Brothers floor covering and drapery, Waco, Texas. c. 1920
18Sanger Brothers Silk and Wool dry goods, Waco, Texas c. 1920
19Sanger Brothers Store, Waco, Texas. Interior.
20Early Sanger Stores
21Early Sanger Stores c. 1872
22Sanger Brothers, Dallas. Lamar and Main
23Sanger Brothers stores includes Sanger-Harris
24Sanger Brothers stores includes Sanger-Harris
25Sanger Brothers stores includes Sanger-Harris
26Sanger Brothers employees c. 1900
27Ladies Dreyfus c. 1890
28Sanger Brothers. Main and Lamar. c. 1920
29Sanger Brothers. Main and Lamar. c. 1920
30Sanger Brothers, Dallas. - Ladies accessories, c. 1918
31Sanger Brothers, Dallas, Elm Street. c. 1890
32Sanger Brothers, Wholesale Department, Dallas, Employees. August 12, 1888
33Sanger Brothers. Dry Goods Store, Dallas. Elm at Lamar c. 1890
34Sanger Brothers, Dallas Elm at Lamar. c. 1895
35Wholesale staples department, Dallas. c. 1895
36Wholesale goods department, Dallas. c. 1895
37Wholesale clothing, Dallas. c. 1895
38Wholesale Department, Dallas. c. 1895
39Women's Clothing c. 1900
40Employees who had worked 25 years or more. c. 1902
41Artist rendering Sanger Brothers Elm and Lamar. c. 1915
42Blouses and sports coats department c. 1918
311Sanger Brothers store Elm and Lamar. Golden Jubilee. 1922
2Sanger Brothers - Dallas Beauty Salon. c. 1925
3Sanger Brothers Employees, 1925
4Sanger Brothers Dallas Furniture Department c, 1925
5Sanger Brothers Dallas Training Department c. 1925
6Sanger's Garage. Elm at Austin c. 1930
7Black and White prints (10)
9Hosiery and Home Furnishings c. 1934
10Display Windows c. 1950
12A. Harris display windows c. 1901
13A. Harris display windows c. 1901
14A. Harris display windows c. 1903
15A. Harris display windows c. 1903
16A. Harris display windows c. 1903
17A. Harris display windows c. 1903
18A. Harris display windows c. 1903
19A. Harris display windows c. 1910
20Sanger Brothers Store. Fort Worth, Main and Houston. c. 1923
21Sanger-Harris c. 1964
22Elm and Lamar, Dallas 1964
23Sanger-Harris. Town East c. 1970
24Sanger-Harris. Town East c. 1970
25College Board Members
26Dallas Deciding Years
27Abercrombie and Kent
28Mr. Peppermint
29Display Photos 1960s-1970s
30"Expressions" 1972
31"Grease" 1978 Movie Promotion
32"Grease" 1978 Movie Promotion
321Gala Benefit for the Performing Arts - Opening Fort Worth Hulen Mall, 1977
2Gala Benefit for the Performing Arts - Opening Fort Worth Hulen Mall, 1977
3Glen Eden: Coffee Cabin Preston Bend
4Calhoun House - Roger Williams
5Miscellaneous snapshots and events photographs
6Miscellaneous snapshots and events photographs
7Miscellaneous snapshots and events photographs
8Miscellaneous snapshots and events photographs
9Miscellaneous snapshots and events photographs
10Miscellaneous snapshots and events photographs
11Miscellaneous snapshots and events photographs
12"Stats" produced for Sangers, Pioneer Texas Merchants
13Home of General Sam Houston
14Texas Universities
331Employees - Sanger Brothers Wholesale c. 1890
2Early Stores - Large Prints
3Unidentified portraits, possibly employees
4Employees - group photos c. 1915 and c.1930
5Alex Sanger
6Alex Sanger c. 1923
7Samuel Sanger. Band in Front. c. 1918.
8Wholesale shipment. c. 1915
9Isaac Sanger
10Copy Ad showing Sanger Brothers. 1857-1942


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