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Ramon Adams Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Adams, Ramon.
Title: Ramon Adams Collection
Dates: 1922-1976
Accession No.: MA82-6
Quantity: 11 cubic feet
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Texas/Dallas History & Archives, Dallas Public Library 1515 Young St Dallas, TX 75201

Biographical Note

Ramon Frederick Adams, noted western author and bibliographer, was born on October 3, 1889, in Moscow, Texas. The son of Cooke M. and Charlie (Colby) Adams, Ramon spent his early life in Houston, Texas; Peoria, Illinois; and Sherman, Texas. In Sherman, Adams attended public schools, and Captain LeTellier's private school for boys, and finally Austin College. During his school years, he also studied violin with Carl Venth at Kidd-Key College. Adams' love of the violin prompted him to choose music as a career. Indeed, in 1912, after completing college, Adams moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas, to head the violin department at the University of Arkansas. He held this position for four years, and met and married Allie while living in Arkansas.

In 1916 Adams returned to Texas to head up the violin department of Wichita Falls College of Music. A year later he established his own violin school, teaching students from sunrise to sunset. Because of the strain of his hectic teaching schedule, he eagerly accepted an offer to play violin at the Rialto Theater in Fort Worth. When the musician's union in the city went on strike in 1923, Adams moved to Dallas, where he played at the Palace Theater on Elm Street as well as with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. His music career ended suddenly in the late 1920s when he broke his arm and wrist while cranking a model T Ford. In 1969 Adams recalled his fondness for music: I loved the music Business. I hated to leave it, it got so that every time I went to a movie after that, it brought tears to my eyes because I had to get out of the Business. So I just quit going. Adams' wife had always been interested in the candy business, so in 1929 when he saw that a candy store in downtown Dallas was for sale, he bought it. For the next twenty-six years, he and his wife operated the Adams Candy Company, wholesaling such delicacies as Burnt Offering and Texas Pe-candy to retailers like Neiman-Marcus. In 1955, at the age of sixty-six, Adams sold the Business to devote full time to another of his loves -- writing and researching books about the West.

Adams first became interested in cowboys and the West while growing up in the Brunner Addition on the outskirts of Houston. The Adamses house was near a minor cattle trail, and the cowboys frequently stopped for lunch nearby. Young Adams spent many a noontime with the cattlemen, listening to them weave their tales and being fascinated by their salty and colorful language. The fascination he had of cowmen and their way of life (which was quickly disappearing) stayed with him throughout his lifetime. In fact, it was his fascination and respect for the cowboy that prompted him to crisscross the country in search of research material. Never a cowboy himself, he befriended countless of them and has become perhaps their most important chronicler.

By the time he retired from the candy business, Adams had already established a solid reputation as as author. Among the books to his credit by the mid-1950s were: Cowboy Lingo(1936), a book focusing on the language of the cowboy; Western Words(1944), a dictionary of words used by the Cowboy; Charles M. Russell: The Cowboy Artist (1948), the first book-length biography of Russell; Come An' Get It (1952), a monograph about the almost forgotten cowboy cook; and Six Guns and Saddle Leather (1954), an annotated bibliography of books about western outlaws and gunmen.

After retiring, Adams was even more prolific. Before his death on April 29, 1976, he had published many more books, including: The Best of the American Cowboy (1957), an anthology of passages from what he considered to be the best books about the cowboy; The Rampaging Herd (1959), his bibliography of the range cattle industry; A Fitting Death for Billy the Kid (1960), a critical account of the kid and the literature about him; The Old Time Cowhand (1961), a book focusing on the cowboy, his life and his work; Burs Under the Saddle (1964), a hard hitting look at the inaccuracies in some 400-plus books about the West; From the Pecos to the Powder (1965), a biography of cowboy Bob Kennon; The Legendary West (1965), an exhibit catalog for a Dallas Public Library display of the same title; The Cowman and His Philosophy (1967), a book of the cowman's philosophical sayings; The Cowboy and His Humor (1968), a volume discussing the jokes and pranks of the cowboy; The Cowman and His Code of Ethics (1969), a book about the unwritten ethical laws of the range; Western Words (1968), a revised and expanded edition of his 1944 publication;Six Guns and Saddle Leather, a revision of his earlier book by the same title; Cowman Says It Salty (1971), a book of the cowboy's earthy language; Horse Wrangler and His Remuda (1971), a look at the wrangler in cow work; and the Adams One-Fifty (1976), Adams' checklist of the 150 most important books on Western outlaws and lawmen.

Two important works were published after Adams' death: The Language of the Railroader (1977), a book of the railroaders' lingo, andMore Burs Under the Saddle (1979), a revised version of his 1964 Burs Under the Saddle. In addition to his monographs, Adams authored an impressive number of articles, chapters in other books, pamphlets, and introductions. The fact that Adam's literary production was so great and his books so highly regarded prompted on western author to comment that, "Except for O. Henry, Webb and Dobie, [Adams] is the most quoted author Texas ever had....He is known and quoted wherever the English language is spoken." Unlike most western authors, Adams and his works appeal to scholars and buffs alike. His legacy, as his friend and fello author Wayne Gard writes, was as one "who swept some of the cobwebs from the history of the American West and who set a fine example in telling the story of the frontier as it really happened."

Scope and Contents

The Ramon Adams Collection is divided into five parts. The first part consist of personal items, including materials pertaining to Adams' careers as a writer, a candy wholesaler, and a musician. An excellent overview of Adams and his work can be found in "Ramon F. Adams, Bibliographer, Lexicographer, and Historian," an unpublished manuscript which evidence indicates was written by John D. Gilchriese. Gilchriese's manuscript is located in Box 1, Folder 1.

Correspondence written to Adams from 1922 to 1976 comprises the second section. This correspondence has been arranged alphabetically by surname and there under chronologically by date written. Letters from friends, fans, western authors, and university and private presses make up the bulk of this material. Unfortunately, the collection includes virtually no letters written by Adams himself.

A section devoted to Adams' writings and reviews of his books follows. In addition to historical articles on a number of western topics and gallery proofs of several of his books, are four unpublished manuscripts. Thier titles are: The Cowboy Was a Riding Man, The Lingo of the Logger With Some Lumberman, Charlie Russell Was More Than an Artist, and The Language of Early Western Transportation With Some Talk of the Trappers and Traders.

The fourth section includes Adams' research notes and notebooks. The final section is composed of materials on or by John R. Bouldin -- material that Adams collected from Bouldin and his family. Bouldin was born on June 28, 1868, at Chapman Creek (Ottawa County), Kansas, the son of John and Letitia Bouldin. As a teenager young Bouldin came to Texas and worked for a number of ranches around Tascisa, Texas. He married Lillian East on August 3, 1898. Shortly after the turn of the century, Bouldin and his wifeleft Texas for Douglas, Arizona. In Douglas, Bouldin entered the liquor business with his brother-in-law, James East. When, in 1914, Arizona outlawed the sale of liqour, Bouldin hired on with the City of Douglas as superintendent of Streets. He held this position until his retirement in 1932. He died in Douglas on March, 12, 1945.

The Bouldin materials have been subdivided into three parts. The first section is devoted to personal papers, including histories of both Bouldin and East families, correspondence with family members, and photographs. Bouldin's articles, poems, and manuscripts about the West comprise the second section, while the third section includes scrapbooks of Bouldin and Jim East.

Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Ramon Adams John R. Bouldin
Family Names:
Adams Bouldin East
American West
American West
Author Historian
Ramon Adams Collection

Administrative Information

Provenance and Literary Rights

Dallas Public Library purchased the Ramon Adams Collection from Frontier America Corporation in 1982. The copyright to the unpublished manuscript materials in the collection have been retained by the Adams family.

Preferred Citation

MA82-6 Ramon Adams Collection Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

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Prepared by Gerald D. Saxon

Detailed Description of the Collection



Box Folder
1 1 "Ramon F. Adams, Bibliographer, Lexicographer, and Historian," 49pp Bibliographic essay discussing Adams' life and his many publications. Though an author is not given, evidence indicates that John Gilchriese, a close friend of Adams and a western author, may have written the essay. 1972
2 Partial Draft. "Ramon F. Adams, Bibliographer, Lexicographer, and Historian," pp32 Incomplete draft of the bibliographical essay cited above with revisions made by Adams. 1972
3 Selected Bibliography 9pp. List of books, edited works, chapters, and articles written by Adams. 1971
4 Rockefeller Grant and Letter. 2 items. Grant proposal and accompanying letter to the Rockefeller Foundation seeking funding for a "bibliography of books and pamphlets on the Cowboy and the range cattle industry." March 21, 1949
5 Fragments of a Speech about Cowboys. 15pp. Speech discussing how Adams acquired an interest in "the speech of the cow country."
6 Talks with Tex-Ann, 4 items. Promotional literature touting Allie Adams' Candies.
7 Musical Career, 4 items. Two pieces of music and letters by Ferdinand Dittler and Carl Venth, both of Sherman, Texas, attesting to Adams' skill on the violin. April 7, 1912



Box Folder
1 8 "A" Miscellaneous, 10 items, Correspondents include Francis Ames, Ina Aulls, Yeatman Anderson III, Benton Arnovitz, Mrs. Joel Alter, Charles Ashjian, Gary Allen, and Claude Albritton 1948-1974
9 "B" Miscellaneous, 18 Items, Correspondents include S. Omar Barker, Hoffman Birney, Margaret Bryant, Harold Bugbee, Dan Bowman, Bob Beverly, Monte Barrett, Phil Brown, Bill Bell, Garnet Brooks, Glenn Biggs, Mrs. Homer Britzman, Paul Bennett, Red Boggs, and Russel Beatie. 1943-1976
10 Baker, Ellis K., 5 items, Baker was a publishers' representative in Fremont, California. The correspondence deals primarily with Baker's inquiring about Adams' health. 1969-1975
11 Black Letter Press, 4 items, Correspondence with Donald Teets of Black Letter Press, Grand Rapids, Michigan, concerning the press's plans to reprint W.S. James' Cow Boy Life in Texas. 1973
12 Blakely, William A., 3 items, One letter refers to Blakely's plan to pay for Adams' trip to California to research a book about Frank Tenny Johnson. 1969-1971
13 Breihan, Carl W., 13 items, Correspondence with Breihan, who was a western writer living in St. Louis, Missouri, and a Jesse James Buff. 1970-1975
14 "C" Miscellaneous, 13 items, Correspondents include J.R. Cummins, Dan Cushman, Gene Cunningham, Dabney Collins, Lennox Clifton, Raymond Carlson, Mrs. C.C. Cannon, Loring Campbell, Pat H. Candler, and Cove/Bakker Advertising, Inc. 1926-1966
15 "C" Miscellaneous, 12items, Correspondents include Harry Chrisman, J.A. Cary, Milton Callon, Mrs. Josiah Combs, Phil Cooke, Mrs. M.S. Cook, John M. Carroll, Jeanie Covalt, Everett Cooley, and Doris Cook. 1969-1975
16 Cameron, Angus, 4 items, Correspondence from Angus Camerson of Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., concerning Adams' The Cowman Says it Salty. Cameron explains the reason Knopf will not publish the manuscript. 1970
17 Campbell, W.S., 4 items, This correspondence deals primarily with Adams' attempt to compile a dictionary of western words. W.S. Campbell was a professor at the University of Oklahoma. 1943-1954
18 Caxton Printers, Ltd., 4 items. Correspondence that deals with Adams' account with Caxton Printers for the purchase of western books. 1975
19 Clark, Tessa, 9 items. Tessa Clark was senior editor for a British book on the American West entitled The Real Cowboy, a book for which Adams served as consultant and advisor. The writers of the volume were Christopher Maynard, Drayton Bird, Alastair Clark, and David Gelly. 1975-1976
20 Corburn, Mrs. Walt, 7 items. Mrs. Walt (Pat) Coburn was the wife of famous western author Walt Coburn. This correspondence deals with Mrs. Coburn's hopes to have Adams write a forward to Coburn's autobiography. Adams obviously agreed to do this. 1971, April-September
21 Coburn, Mrs. Walt, 6 items. Additional correspondence pertaining to the Coburn autobiography. 1971, October-December
22 Coburn, Mrs. Walt, 8 items. This correspondence also deals with the Coburn autobiography and Adams' and Mrs. Coburn's attempts to find a publisher. 1972, January-June
23 Coburn, Mrs. Walt, 8 Items. Mrs. Coburn informs Adams the Northland Press at Flagstaff, Arizona, has agreed to publish the Coburn autobiography, but without Adams' foreword. 1972-1974
24 Coburn, Walt, 5 items. Walt Coburn's correspondence with Ellis Baker and A.E. Perrt concerning the promotion and sale of his books. Mrs. Coburn probably sent these letters to Adams when he was preparing to write the foreword to the Coburn autobiography. 1967-1968
Box Folder
2 1 "D" Miscellaneous, 5 items. Correspondents include Robert Denhardt, Everett DeGolyer Jr, Dick Duffy, and Daniel Devlin. 1950-1971
2 Dahlgren, E.G. (Ty), 4 items. Correspondence from E.G. Dahgren, an Oklahoma oil and gas consultant and an author of a book about oilfield slang. 1970
3 Dary, David, 5 items. Correspondence from western author and University of Kansas journalism professor David Dary concerning his writings. In one letter (February 10, 19710 Dary proposes to do a bibliography of Adams' works with a "lengthy essay" on Adams. 1970-1971
4 Dobie, J. Frank, 2 items. Correspondence from noted Texas author J. Frank Dobie pertaining to a paper on cowboy lingo that Adams planned to deliver in Dallas in 1935, and Dobie's suggestions to Adams on writing a bibliography of outlaw literature. 1935, 1949
5 "E" Miscellaneous, 5 items. Correspondents include Evans and LeMay Advertising Agency, J.B. Edwards, Allen Erwin, Charles Eberstadt, and L.P. Eisenhart. 1950-1954
6 "E" Miscellaneous, 11 items. Correspondents include Allen Erwin, L. Edsoll, Everett Evans, W.H. Edwards, S. George Ellsworth, Robert Ehrler, Jim and Therese Earle, and George R. Eichler. 1960-1975
7 Eames, Marianne, 4 items. Marianne Eames was an avid fan of Adams' and a Billy the Kid buff. Her correspondence pertains to the Kid and to her desire to collect all of Adams' books. 1970-1973
8 Encino Press, 14 items. Correspondence from William D. Wittliff, publisher for the Encino Press, pertaining to Adams' royalties on several books published by Encino, including The Wrangler and His Remuda and the Cowman Code of Ethics. Other subjects include information about the press and Encino's rejection of Told at the Chuck Wagon. 1968-1974
9 "F" Miscellaneous, 3 items. Correspondents include Clay and Mary Fuller, Joe Fallin, and O.H. Felton. 1968-1976
10 Franklin, Florence B., 3 Items. Florence Franklin, a resident of Montana and the sister-in-law of Bob Kennon, correspond to convince Adams to help Kennon write an autobiography. Adams did indeed do this, resulting in the publication From the Pecos to the Powder: A Cowboy's Autobiography (Norman: University of Oklahoma, 1965). The Folder also includes five photographs of Kennon. 1952-1954
11 "G" Miscellaneous, 16 items. Correspondents include Mrs. L.D. Jenkins Garrett, Sam Gilluly, Kerry Greene, A.C. Greene, Robert A. Griffen, Green Mountain Press, Mrs. Nathan Graham, Walter N. Gillett, Joseph P. Grinnan, Lynn Gruwell, Lucy Gangster, and Dorothy Good. 1968-1975
12 Galleher, P.W., 12 items. Correspondence from P.W. Galleher of the Arthur H. Clark Company pertaining to Adams' purchase of books. 1970-1974
13 Gard, Wayne, 2 items. Correspondence from author Wayne Gard pertaining to Gard's writings. 1969
14 Gilchriese, John D., 13 items. John Gilchriese was, at the time of this correspondence, field historian for the University of Arizona Library, in addition to a close friend of Adams'. Gilchriese's admiration for Adams is evident throughout, and he reveals that he would like to write a pamphlet about Adams and his work for the Steck-Vaughn series of Southwestern authors. 1968-1969
15 Gilchriese, John D., 21 items. Much of this correspondence deals with Gilchriese's problems in getting Adams pamphlet approved for publication by James Lee, the editor of the series for Steck-Vaughn. 1970
16 Gilchriese, John D., 33 items. More correspondence regarding the Adams pamphlet which, because of administrative changes at Steck-Vaughn and Gilchriese's inability to please editor Lee, was never published (see Box 1, Folder 1, for pamphlet manuscript). Gilchriese also discusses the death of his friend Walt Coburn and his own personal reasons for leaving the University of Arizona and opening an art gallery. 1971-1972
17 Gilchriese, John D., 13 items. Much of this correspondence deals with Gilchriese's attempts to sell the Cox Library. 1973-1975
18 Green, Duff, 9 items. Duff Green, a cowboy residing in Roaring Springs, Texas, corresponds with Adams about cowboy words, brands, and experiences. 1934-1937
19 Griffen, Robert A., 8 items. Robert Griffen was a cowboy and a western author. He discusses trying to get his manuscript on Central Arizona published. 1972-1974
20 Grillo, Fred, 9 items. Fred Grillo was a friend of Adams', and most of this correspondence deals with personal subjects. 1968-July 1970
21 Grillo, Fred, 10 items. Correspondence and greeting cards dealing with personal subjects. August 1970-1972
22 Grillo, Fred, 10 items. Additional correspondence and greeting cards. 1973-1976
Box Folder
3 1 "H" Miscellaneous, 11 items. Correspondents include Curley Hatcher, Evetts and Nita Haley, Mannel Hahn, J. Marvin Hunter, Warren R. Howell, Roy Henrick, Norris Hundley, Michael Harrison, and Harwood P. Hinton. 1927-1969
2 "H" Miscellaneous, 17 items. Correspondents include Roxanna Haskins, Helmut Horn, Michael Harrison, Hal Heazeltine, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., Mrs. R.A. House, E. Hoffman, Agnes B. Hawley, Bob Hesler, John Hall, Lenore Hughes, and O.E. Hill. 1970-1975
3 Hedgpeth, Don, 9 items. Don Hedgepeth was with the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, Oklahoma City, before becoming assistant director of the Whitney Gallery of Western Art in Cody, Wyoming. Much of the correspondence deals with his efforts to publish Persimmon Hill, the magazine of the Cowboy Hall of Fame. Also included are request for Admas to autograph his books. 1971-1973
4 "I" and "J" Miscellaneous, 4 items. Correspondents include [John Ishen?], Barry Johnson, and John H. Jenkins. 1960-1975
5 Ismert, Martin E., 3 items. Correspondence from Martin Ismert of Kansas City, Missouri, pertaining to Western Books. 1960-1961
6 "K" Miscellaneous, 11 items. Correspondents include Effie Kelly, John E. Kelly, Marguerite Wallace Kennedy, Bob Kennon, Bill Kelleher, Mary Koury, Mike Koury, Ernest Kay, and Kay Krochman. 1927-1975
7 Kelly, Bill, 6 items. Correspondence from author Bill Kelly pertaining to various topics and individuals in the history of the American West. 1975-1976
8 Krakel, Dean, 6 items. Dean Krakel was managing director of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, Oklahoma City. Most of the correspondence deals with Krakel's attempts to convince Adams to write another book on Charles M. Russell. 1969-1973
9 "L" Miscellaneous, 11 items. Correspondents include Paul Lundgren, Wanda Landrey, Tal Luther, Esther Long, Howard R. Lamar, Little, Brown, and Co., Paul A. Lundgren, and Evelyn Lawrence. 1968-1974
10 Lee, Fred L., 3 items. Fred Lee was a member of the Kansas City Posse at the Westerners organizations. 1970
11 Lipsey, John J., 6 items. John J. Lipsey was a book dealer out of Colorado Springs. His correspondence deals primarily with books he is trying to sell. 1948-1954
12 "M" Miscellaneous, 17 items. Correspondents include T.E. Mitchell, Joe T. McKinney, Franklin J. Meine, Charles M. Martin, G.L. Moore, Earle B. Mayfield, Jr., Robert Messner, Leon C. Metz, Ralph C. Martin, Fred Mazzulla, Bob McNellis, Marcia Moore, Edward F. McGuinness, and Jack R. Maguire. 1928-1974
13 McCubbin, Robert G., 20 items. Robert McCubbin was a western book collector who resided in El Paso, Texas. 1967-1970
14 McCubbin, Robert G., 11 items. Additional Correspondence pertaining to various western books. 1971-1974
15 Macmilliam Publishing Co., Inc., 4 items. Correspondence from Macmillan Publishing pertaining to business matters and Adams' approval for material to be excerpted in other books. 1974-1975
16 Mayfiels, John S., 12 items. John S. Mayfield was the curator of manuscripts and rare books at Syracuse University Library, as well as the owner of the Mayfield Library. Most of the correspondence relates to book collecting. 1964-1974
17 Miller, Nyle H., 5 items. Hyle H. Miller, a friend and western buff, corresponds about family happenings and western books. 1970-1974
18 Miller, Woody W., 7 items. Woody Miller, a friend of Adams', recounts stories he had heard about Charles M. Russell. 1967-1973
19 Mullin, Robert N., 9 items. Correspondence from a friend of Adams' requesting book inscriptions and information on a number of western topics. 1970-1975
20 "N" and "O" Miscellaneous, 4 items. Correspondents include Nelson C. Nye, Gladys M. Neafus, Ruth K. Oliver, Arthur L. Olivas, and Dennis O'Brien. 1953-1970
21 Nolan, O.W., 3 items. O.W. Nolan was a western author, who corresponded with Adams about a number of western books and authors. 1969-1973
22 Nortex Press, 2 items. Correspondence from Nortex Press (Ed and Charlene Eakin) concerning book orders and an Adams manuscript the press wanted to consider. 1973-1975
23 Oppenheimer, Evelyn, 3 items. Correspondence from Evelyn Oppenheimer, Adams' agent, concerning business matters. 1970-1972
24 Ottaway, Hal N., 7 items. Hal N. Ottaway was a fan and admirer of Adams. 1969-1973
Box Folder
4 1 "P" Miscellaneous, 17 items. Correspondents include Charles Parsons, Peggy Pearse, William Peacock, Jr., Helen Perry, Clyde Price, R.H. Porter, William White Parish, R.H. Porter Jr., and Bill Petersen. 1949-1975
2 Phillips, Edward, 4 items. Edward Phillips was a chairman of the History Department at Austin College, Sherman, Texas, and a western history buff. 1969-1974
3 Potter, Jack, 3 items. Jack Potter was a cowman and author of Cattle Trails of the Old West (1935). In this correspondence he recounts his life and experiences on the range. n.d.
4 Potter, Jack, 8 items, 4 photographs. Additional correspondence pertaining to Potter's experiences as a cowman. Also includes photographs of Tom "Black Jack" Ketchum's hanging in Clayton, New Mexico, in 1900. n.d.
5 Potter, Jack, 14 items. Correspondence and reminiscences dealing with Potter's experiences. 1922-1927
6 Potter, Jack, 12 items. More Potter recollections, some relating to Billy the Kid. 1928-1930
7 Potter, Jack, 15 items. Additional Potter stories about the West. 1931-1934
8 Potter, Jack, 14 items. This correspondence discusses Potter's books and articles about the West. 1935-1950
9 "R" Miscellaneous, 7 items. Correspondents include Anne Durrum Robinson, Fred Rosenstock, Arthur Rolland, Ed Russell, and David Robeck. 1954-1975
10 Russell, Don, 8 items. Don Russell was active in the Chicago Corral of the Westerners organization, a close friend of Adams', and a noted author of the West. 1970-1972
11 "S" Miscellaneous, 10 items, 1 phonograph record. Correspondents include Robert Schad, Mary Stith, Max Stevens, Dick Spencer III, Ron Skaggs, Rex Stout, Mary Sanders, Rick Sikes, and Jerry Sinise. 1952-1969
12 "S" Miscellaneous, 11 items. Correspondents include Helena Huntington Smith, Mary Sanders, Bill Seymour, Joseph Snell, Richard Sheele, G.S. Scur, J.A. Small, Eleanor Swank, and Richard Stockton. 1970-1974
13 Secrest, Bill, 4 items. Bill Secrest of Fresno, California, writes Adams about various Western Books. 1970-1971
14 Simon and Schuster, 2 items. Correspondence from Michael Korda, editor-in-chief at Simon and Schuster, requesting to see Adams manuscript. 1970
15 Spring, Angus Wright, 3 items. Agnes Wright Spring was a western author and friend of Adams'. 1970
16 Steck-Vaugh Company, 15 items. Correspondence pertaining to Steck-Vaugh's Southwest Writers Series and Adams' manuscript for that series on Wayne Gard. 1969-1970
17 Swallow Press, 4 items. Correspondence with Durrett Wagner of the Swallow Press, Chicago, Illinois, pertaining to an Adams manuscript. 1970-1973
Box Folder
5 1 "T" Miscellaneous, 9 items. Correspondents include Tex Taylor, Gordon Teague, Byron Troyer, Decherd Turner, V.L. Twilligear, Dan Thrapp, and Kyuzo Tsugami. 1943-1973
2 Taylor, Carter, 3 items. Carter Taylor was a Texas rancher, western book collector, and a friend of Adams'. 1970-1973
3 Turner, Alford, 1 item (78pp.) Alford Turner was a California school teacher and an "active collector of Western Americana." This long letter discusses in detail various myths surrounding Wyatt Earp and other western figures. 1967
4 "U" Miscellaneous, 6 items. Most of this correspondence is from the head of the University of Arizona Library, Robert K. Johnson, and it deals with Adams' gifts to the library. 1969-1973
5 University of Arizona Press, 14 items. Correspondence from the University of Arizona Press concerning its publication of Adams' The Cowman Says It Salty. 1969-1971
6 University of Arizona Press, 22 items. Additional correspondence pertaining to The Cowman Says It Salty. Also includes letters discussing the Walt Coburn autobiography that was sent to the press for consideration. 1972-1976
7 University of Oklahoma Press, 18 items. Correspondence from the University of Oklahoma Press pertaining to several of Adams' nooks, including Six Guns and Saddle Leather, Burs Under the Saddle, and The Rampaging Herd. 1943-1969
8 University of Oklahoma Press, 28 items. Correspondence relating to a number of books by Adams published by the University of Oklahoma Press. 1970-1976
9 University of Texas Press, 3 items. Correspondence from the University of Texas Press concerning Adams' reviewing of Willie Newberry Lewis' Tapadero. 1968-1972
10 University of Utah Press, 3 items. Correspondence from the University of Utah Press notifying Adams that the press would like to be considered as a publisher for his future manuscripts. 1973-1974
11 Velich, Ralph, 2 items. Ralph Velich of Omaha, Nebraska, was an admirer of Adams. 1971
12 "W" Miscellaneous, 9 items. Correspondents include Cliff Walters, Manfred Wolfenstine, Margaret Waterman, Don Whilston, Jean Weston, Mrs. Bonnie Wingo, Darlene Wolf, and Ronnie Williams. 1946-1969
13 "W" Miscellaneous, 13 items. Correspondents include John White, John Wallace, Manfred Wolfenstine, William Wreden, Ray Walton, R.J. Wybrow, John O. West, Robert E. Webster, Jerry West, Ben Woodcock, Elliot West, Joe Wheeler, and Mrs. M. Wilkes. 1970-1976
14 Wagner, Pat, 5 items, 1 photograph. Correspondence fro Pat Wagner, editor of Western Publications, Inc., pertaining to Adams' article "I Danced with Belle Starr." Also included is a photograph of Cyclone Denton. 1970-1972
15 Watson, Thomas M., 7 items. Thomas Watson was a sheriff of the Kansas City Posse of the Westerners organization and a fan of Adams'. 1970-1974
16 Wentworth, Edward N., 3 items. Edward Wentworth was the director of Aromour's Livestock Bureau and a western history buff. 1946-1950
17 "Y" and "Z" Miscellaneous, 2 items. Correspondents include Karl Yost and Wilbur Zink. n.d.
18 No Surname, 2 items. Correspondence from two unnamed friends. 1962,1975
19 Photographs. Includes images of Ramon Adams, Martin E. Ismert and Adams at Jesse James' cabin, Frank James' grave, Adams and Brice J. Mansfield, Buck Fletcher, chuckwagon scenes, group shot (including Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Cunningham, Allen Stewart, W.C. McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Gray, Ramon Adams, Cecil Land, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pollard), Charles Russel's home and studio, and Robert Ollinger's grave. n.d., 1956


Writings and Reviews

Box Folder
6 1 - 8 The Cowboy Was a Riding Man, 310pg. Unpublished manuscript pertaining to the cowboy's riding habits and his respect for horses. ca. 1972
9 - 16 The Lingo of the Logger With Some Language of the Lumberman, 385pg. Unpublished manuscript outlining words used and adapted by loggers and lumbermen. ca. 1972
Box Folder
7 1 - 5 Charlie Russell Was More Than an Artist, 169pg. Unpublished manuscript the focused of Russell's talents other that painting and sculpture. As Adams writes, "I hope, in this little book, to tell you of some of his other great talents, such as his poetry, as a teller of stories, as an historian, an humorist, a writer and philosopher and his other talents." (p.i.) ca. 1970
6 - 9 The Language of Ealry Western Transportation With Some Talk of the Trappers and Traders, 133pp. Unpublished manuscript that discusses the language of people involved in various modes of western transportation, including steamboats, stage coaches, pony express, freighters, packers, and trappers and traders. ca. 1970
10 The Cowboy at Work, 28pp. Fragments of an Adams manuscript pertaining to the work habits of cowboys, 28pp. ca.1940
11 The Language of the Railroader, 97pp. Galley proofs of Adams' The Language of a Railroader, published in 1977 by the University of Oklahoma Press. 1977
12 More Burs Under the Saddle: Book and Histories of the West, 182pp. Galley Proofs of Adams' More Burs Under the Saddle, published in 1979 by the University of Oklahoma Press. 1979
Box Folder
8a 1 Cowboy Lingo, 250pp. Gally Proofs of Adam's Cowboy Lingo, published in 1936 by Houghton Mifflin Company. 1936
2 Six-Guns and Saddle Leather, 419pp. Gally proofs, with Adams' corrections, of Six Guns and Saddle Leather, published in 1954 by the University of Oklahoma Press. 1954
3 Reviews of Cowboy Lingo, 1 vol. Book reviews and correspondence relating to Cowboy Lingo. 1934-1940
4 Reviews of From the Pecos to the Powder, 30 items. Book reviews of From the Pecos to the Powder. ca. 1965-1967
5 Miscellaneous Reviews, 11 items. Reviews of many of Adams' books, including Cowboy Lingo, Charlie Russell, Western Words, Come An' Get It, Six Guns and Saddle Leather, A Fitting Death for Billy the Kid, From the Pecos to the Powder, The Rampaging Herd, Burs Under the Saddle, Old-Time Cowhand, and Best of the American Cowboy. n.d.
Box Folder
8b The Cowman Says It Salty, 163pp. Page proofs of The Cowman Says It Salty, published by the University of Arizona Press.
Box Folder
9 1 Charlie Russell's Love for Horses, 11pp. Brief article by Adams discussing artist Russell's fondness for horses. n.d.
2 Cookie Meets His Waterloo, 9pp. Short story about a cook on a trail drive. ca. 1935
3 The Art of Charles M. Russell, 7pp. Article outlining Russell's legacy as an artist. ca. 1940
4 Adventures of a Saddle Tramp, 12pp. A letter from Dusty, a saddle tramp, to a friend named Bud discussing life on the range. n.d.
5 The Chuck-Line Rider, 11pp. The story of Llano Fisher, the foreman of a cattle outfit. n.d.
6 - 10 Gun Battles of the West, 5 items. A series of articles highlighting some of the key western gun battles. n.d.
11 Texas Had Her Own 'Dead-Eye Dick', 11pp. Story of East Texan Jim Dudley. n.d.
12 Cow-Towns, 17pp. Articles discussing some of the characteristics of western cattle towns. n.d.
13 John Corbett -- King of Trappers, 18pp. Story of West Texas trapper John Corbett. n.d.
14 The Heath Gang Passes, 12pp. Short article discussing the infamous John Heath gang of Arizona. n.d.
15 Brands of Cruelty, 14pp. In this article, Adams satirizes the attitude held in the East that cattle branding is a savage practice. n.d.
16 Cattle-Brands, 11pp. Article discussing branding practices. n.d.
17 The Craft of the Cattle-rustler, 12pp. A historical look at cattle rustling in the West. n.d.
18 Sagebrush Slim on Singin' to 'em, 12pp. Story of how cowboy songs were written and spread throughout the West. n.d.
19 Sundown Slim on Shakin a Hoof, 18 pp. Article discussing the cowboy's love of dancing. n.d.
20 Ham and Eggs Fall in Love, 19pp. Story of a love triangle involving two cowboy friends and a woman. n.d.
21 I Danced with Belle Starr, 17pp. Cyclone Denton recounts a brief encounter with Belle Starr. n.d.
22 The Youngest Trail Boss Blazes a New Trail, 13pp. Story of Jack Potter's earliest experiences as a trail boss in the Texas Panhandle. n.d.
23 Sundown Slim on Slikin' Up, 10pp. A story discussing the cowboy's cleaning habits. n.d.
24 Ingalls Recieves Its Baptism of Fire, 9pp. Article discussing Ingalls, Oklahoma, and the Doolin gang that terrorized the area. n.d.
25 Writing the Humorous Story, 22pp. Text of a speech presented by Adams focusing on writing comical stories. n.d.
26 Told at the Chuck Wagon, 10pp. Article focusing on stories told at the chuck wagon. n.d.
27 Mule Shoe Line, 6pp. A short article discussing a "kid wrangler." n.d.
28 Writing the Short Story, 25pp. Adams' advice concerning how to write a good short story. n.d.
29 Bill Doolin, 7pp. Adams' introduction to the book Bill Doolin, Outlaw O.T. (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1968). 1968
30 Introduction, Walter Chiles Cox Collection, 3pp. Adams' description of the western library collection of Walter Chiles Cox. ca. 1970
31 Ned Huddleston, 4pp. An introduction to a reprint of a biography about Ned Huddleston, a Negro outlaw who went by many aliases, including Isom Dart. n.d.


Research Material

Box Folder
9 32 - 45 Charles Russell, 9 folders. Adams' research notes focusing on famous western artist Charles M. Russell. ca. 1940 - ca.1973
Box Folder
10 1 - 12 Charles Russell, 12 folders. Additional research materials on Russell. ca. 1940- ca, 1973
Box Folder
11 1 - 3 Billy the Kid, 3 folders. Adams' research notes on Billy the Kid, most of which have been taken from secondary sources. 1935-1965
4 - 6 Pat Garrett, 3 folders. Research compiled by Adams on Pat Garrett. n.d.
7 Jim Miller and Bob Olinger, 2 items. Notes Pertaining to Jim Miller and Bob Olinger. n.d.
8 Samuel Beach Axtell, 22pp. Research material on Samuel Beach Axtell, one time governor of Ohio and governor of Utah Territory in the 1870s. n.d.
9 Henry Starr and Cyclone Denton, 3 items. Notes pertaining to western outlaws Henry Starr and Cyclone Denton. n.d.
10 Reb Buck, 2 items. Adams' research material on western outlaw Red Buck. n.d.
11 Ingalls, Oklahoma, 3pp. A brief history of this Oklahoma town. n.d.
12 Ranicky Bill, 2 items. Research materials on Oklahoma badman Ranicky Bill. n.d.
13 - 14 Belle Starr, 2 folders. Adams' research files on the notorius Belle Starr. n.d.
15 A.H. (Shanghai) Pierce, 2 items. Notes pertaining to the colorful Pierce. n.d.
16 - 17 Texas Rangers, 2 folders. Research material on the Texas Rangers. n.d.
18 - 24 Regulators and Moderators, 7 folders. Adams' research on the Regulators and Moderators, including manuscripts by Elph Daffett (folders 18 and 20) and Levi H. Ashcroft (folders 21-24). n.d.
Box Folder
12 1 Cullen Baker, 11pp. Thomas Orr article entitled "Life of the Notorious Desperado Cullen Baker." n.d.
2 - 7 Henry Brown, 6 folders. Notes pertaining to Henry Brown, a one time accomplice to Billy the Kid. n.d.
8 - 11 John Willis Autobiography, 4 folders (176pp). A manuscript autobiography by John Willis outlining his life as a teamster and muleskinner. 1926
12 The Big Un, 21pp. A short story written by western author Walt Coburn. n.d.
13 The Wild Horse Roundup, 24pp. Another Walt Coburn short story. n.d.
14 Reminiscences of G.E. Lemmon, 8pp. Recollections of G.E. Lemmon, a cowboy who spent many years on long trail drives. n.d.
15 Jack Potter Reminiscences, 14pp. Adams tells the story told to him by trail driver Jack Potter about two boys who wanted to be cowboys. n.d.
16 The Cowboy - The Rella dn the Real, 16pp. Manuscript by Ida McPherren discussing the characteristics of the Cowboy. n.d.
17 Guunfighting, 11pp. Guy Griffen's article "Gun-Play Versus Gun-Fighting," which appeared in Frontier Times (Vol. 16, No. 11). n.d.
18 Tough Hombres Had Their Uses, 11pp. Article by T.C. Ricoardson that appeared in Frontier Times (Vol. 21, No. 3) focusing on Jim McIntire. n.d.
19 De-Gunning the Gun-Man, 12pp. Guy Giffen's article that appeared in Frontier Times (Vol.15 No. 12).
20 Frank Jackson, 2 items. Notes on Frank Jackson, a loyal member of the Sam Bass gang. n.d.
21 Story of Early Clayton, 13pp. Manuscript by Albert W. Thompson discussing the trail and execution of Tom "Black Jack" Ketchum. n.d.
22 Drinking, 13pp. Notes pertaining to the Cowboy's love of drinking. n.d.
23 Milton B. Duffield, 5 pp. Brief biography of Duffield, early marshal of Arizona. n.d.
24 Juan N. Cortina, 5pp. Notes pertaining to Mexican bandit Juan N. Cortina. n.d.
25 Captain Nathan Mitchell, 8pp. Research material on Nathan Mitchell, a Texas Ranger. n.d.
26 Judge Robert M. Williamson (Three-Legged Willie), 6pp. Brief biographical account of Texan Robert M. Williamson, better known as "Three-Legged Willie." n.d.
27 Recollections of Davy Crockett, 2pp. N.C. Duncan, a contemporary of Crockett, recalls some of Crockett's Texas experiences. n.d.
28 Laungaga [sic.], 15pp. Research notes on the colorful language of the cowboy. n.d.
29 Bass Outlaw, 2 items. Articles pertaining to Texas Ranger Bass Outlaw. n.d.
Box Folder
13 1 Sam Bass, 16pp. Notes pertaining to Sam Bass. n.d.
2 Ridge's Life of Murieta, 10pp. Research material on Joaquin Murieta. n.d.
3 Tiburcio Vasquez, 32pp. Notes pertaining to California outlaw Tiburcio Vasquez. n.d.
4 Life of Texas Jackm 14pp. Information about the Blackstone, Oklahoma, train robbery taken from Nathaniel Reed's Life of Texas Jack. n.d.
5 Soapy Smith, Bandit of Skagway,13pp. Harriet S. Pullen's manuscript of Jefferson R. "Soapy" Smith, a Denver outlaw. n.d.
6 A Pioneer Tragedy at the Hanshy Store on Cherokee, 5pp. Frank Grey recalls a violent incident that occurred on February 1, 1873, in West Texas at Hernshy's Store on Cherokee Creek. n.d.
7 Wyatt Earp -- The Great Controversy, 6pp. Harold Andrus' and Fred Nolan's critique of Earp books. n.d.
8 Buckshot Roberts, Fighting Man, 7pp. Eugene Pawley's article about Buckshot Roberts which appeared in True West (Vol. 2, No. 1).
9 More on the McCartys, 9pp. Article that pertains to Henry McCarty, alias Billy the Kid. n.d.
10 Last Days of John Wesley Hardin, 9pp. Conversations between Jeff Milton, former police chief at El Paso, and J. Evetts Haley concerning Hardin. n.d.
11 Down My Way, 12pp. Poems by Tex Taylor. 1950
12 J.H. Tunstall, 3pp. Brief biography of Tunstall who settled down in Lincoln County, New Mexico. n.d.
13 The End-Gate of the Mess Wagon, 4pp. Manuscript written by G.M. Darley. n.d.
14 Pulp Writing, 9pp. Notes pertaining to the writing of western pulps. n.d.
15 Store at Doan's Crossing, 11pp. Willie Newbury Lewis' manuscript about the Doan's Store in the Texas Panhandle. n.d.
16 Story of the Birdcage Theater, 5pp. Mrs. C.L. Cummings' account of Tombstone, Arizona's, Birdcage Theater. n.d.
17 Sixty Years, 16pp. An article that focuses on the cattle business in Wyoming. n.d.
18 Life in a Line Camp, 8pp. Interview with Harry Williams about life on the Wyoming range. n.d.
19 Humorm 43pp. Jokes, humorous anecdotes, and funny stories collected by Adams. n.d.
20 Rodeo, 3 items. Research notes pertaining to rodeos. n.d.
21 The Store of My Life, 100pp. Sheldon T. Lindsey's autobiography. 1970
22 Prairie Dogs and Rattlesnakes, 2pp. Letter to the Dallas Morning News about Prairie dogs and rattlesnakes. 1928
23 John Selman, 3 items. Notes pertaining to John Selman, the individual who murdered John Wesley Hardin. n.d.
24 Rose of Cimarron, 5 items. Articles focusing on the Rose of Cimmarron, a women closely tied to the Bill Doolin gang. n.d.
25 - 27 Tascosa, Texas, 3 folders. History and anecdotes about Tascosa, Texas. n.d.
Box Folder
14 1 - 7 "Black Jack" Ketchum, 7 folders. Research material on Tom "Black Jack" Ketchum.
8 Rowdy West, 47pp. Anecdotes of the West. n.d.
9 Suggestions on Style, 7pp. Writing and editing instructions for authors. n.d.
10 - 11 Western Word Dictionary, 2 folders. Adams' research concerning western words and their meaning. n.d.
Box Folder
15 1 Will and John Slaughter, 64pp. The story of Will and John Slaughter, tow Texas brothers who were cattlemen in the nineteenth century. n.d.
2 Tales of the Cow Camp, 7pp. In this manuscript Dave Moody tells of his experiences as a Colorado cowboy in the nineteenth century. n.d.
3 Camp Cooking, 2 items. Adams' research material on camp cooking. n.d.
4 Prose and Poetry, The Old Time Cowboy, 16pp. An article that focuses on the cowboy in literature and poetry. n.d.
5 Cattle and Rustling, 5pp. Research material on cattle and rustlers. n.d.
6 Gambling, 4pp. A chapter from an unknown manuscript that discusses the cowboy's love of gambling. n.d.
7 Cowmen, 40pp. A history of the cattle business in Texas after the Civil War. Page one is missing. n.d.
8 Preachers, 7pp. Notes on Frontier preachers. n.d.
9 Oliver Lee, 25pp. The story of range wars, cattle rustling, and outlawry in southeastern New Mexico, and Lee's fight to bring order to this area. n.d.
10 Wells Fargo & Co.'s Express Agents, 1 item. A keepsake reprint of a Wells Fargo poster listing the company's agents throughtout the West in 1880. July 1, 1880
11 Cowboy Life Cartoons, 1 item. Ten cartoons drawn by Adams W. Calkins depicting cowboy spurs and neckerchiefs. n.d.
12 Sheriff Cicero Stewart, 4pp. Brief biography of Cicero Stewart, former sheriff of Eddy County from 1897 to 1915. n.d.
13 Phoenix, New Mexico, 7pp. A short history of Phoenix, New Mexico. n.d.
14 John Rollin Ridge, 4pp. Brief biography of western writer John Rollin Ridge. n.d.
15 John H. Tunstall, Merchant, 17pp. Manuscript by Frederick W. Nolan dealing with Tunstall, an Englishman who lost his life in the Lincoln County War. n.d.
16 The Reason Why, 13pp. Article by Frederick W. Nolan discussing land grabbing in New Mexico. n.d.
17 The Wild and Woolly West of the Popular Writer, 20pp. An article by Joseph W. Snell that discusses the West of popular literarature. n.d.
18 Jim Miller, 10pp. Article focusing on western badman Jim B. Miller. 1944
19 The Most Unforgettable Character I've Met, 4pp. An article by Mary S. Smith discussing her uncle, John Bouldin. n.d.
20 Ben Thompson, 7pp. Article discussing Ben Thompson's encounter with Captain James E. Lucy. n.d.
21 Prairie Fires, 14pp. Research material on prairie fires. n.d.
22 Roundups and Bog Riders, 2 items. Notes pertaining to bog riders and roundups. n.d.
23 Guns and gunmen, 21 pp. Article discussing cowboys and their guns. n.d.
24 Adventures of a Saddle Tramp, 4pp. Reminiscences from an anonymous individual concerning growing up in Texas in the latter half of the nineteenth century. n.d.
25 Chuck Line Riders, 7pp. Research notes on unemployed cowboys. n.d.
26 Winter, 7pp. Notes pertaining to winter on the range. n.d.
27 Singing Cowboy, 7pp. Article discussing music and cowboys. n.d.
28 Hoss Wranglers, 8pp. Story of the importance of the hoss wrangler -- the person in charge of the horses -- to the cattle drive. n.d.
29 The First Cowboy, 28pp. History of the cowboy from the 1830s-1930s. n.d.
30 Line Riding, 4pp. Notes on line riding. n.d.
31 Trail, 5pp. Notes discussing characteristics of the cattle trail. n.d.
32 Windmills, 3pp. Research notes pertaining to windmills. n.d.
33 Horses, 4pp. Incomplete article by Olaf Kongslie discussing wild horses roaming the West. n.d.
34 Railroad "Whistle Talk", 2pp. Glossary of railroad slang published by Western Railways Public Relations Office, Chicago, Illinois, n.d.
35 Lure of the Frontier, 2 items. Two articles from a series entitled Lure of the Frontier. The first discusses Captain Perry Alsberry and the second early day vigilantes. n.d.
36 When Texas Had a Whipping Post, 10pp. Article discussing the period -- 1840s -- when Texas law meted out whippings as a form of punishment for certain crimes. n.d.
37 Stranger Than Fiction, 6pp. Article focusing on John G. Donaldson who left Kentucky in the 1830s to come to Texas after having killed a man. n.d.
38 Salt War, 3 items. Research material on the Salt War that took place on the Texas-Mexico border. n.d.
Box Folder
16 1 - 7 Research Notebooks, 22 Vol. Notebooks used by Adams to compile research notes on the various topics he studied. n.d.
Box Folder
17 1 - 11 Brands and Marks Manual, 11 folders. Manfred R. Wolfenstine's manual of marks and brands completed in 1960. 1960


John R. Bouldin Collection: Personal

Box Folder
18 1 Bouldin Family History, 5pp. Includes the family history of John Reed Bouldin as well as a brief biographical sketch. n.d.
2 Bouldin Correspondence, 19 items. Correspondents include Charles Whitman, Pauline Whitman, Julia H. Scott, O.B. Fleming, C.H. Withington, A.G. Boyce, Mrs. A.C. Smith, Letetia Meade Bouldin, and Mrs. J.T. Bouldin. 1894-1913
3 Bouldin Correspondence, 24 items. Correspondence include Carl H. Lund, James E. May, Frederick and Adele Bechdalt, S.G. Dowell, Benjamin Moeur,James E. East, Matilda East Mauagar, R.C. Stanford, Harriet Smither, Mike M. Bennett, W.H. Peck, LeRoy Hafen, Mel Armstrong, John R. Bouldin, J. Evetts Haley, Ramon G. Smith, Helen M. McFarland, and Mrs. J.R. Bouldin. 1926-1951
4 Speeches, 3pp. Two brief speeches by Bouldin. n.d., 1946
5 Marriage Records, 2 items. Marriage certificate of John R. Bouldin and Lillian East of Oldham County, Texas. Also includes the text of their marriage ceremony. July 30, 1898
6 Appointments and Memberships, 8 items. Bouldin's appointments to various offices and membership information for various of his organizations. 1895-1935
7 Draft Equalizer, 3 items. Patent and design information for Bouldin's invention called a draft equalizer. 1909-1910
8 James Henry East Family History, 2 items. Family history of Bouldin's brother in law, James Henry East. n.d.
9 East Correspondence, 9 items. Correspondents include John East, Maggie East, James H. East, Sam F. Dunn, Thomas East, and the B.P.O.E. 1911-1930
10 Legal Documents, 5 items. Deeds, bills of sale, and stock certificates made out to James H. East. 1906-1930
11 Photographs, ca. 50. Images include Lillie B. Mimms (sister of John Bouldin), Mr. and Mrs. John Bouldin, Robert Andrew East, John and Jim Bouldin, chuckwagon and suggans, LIT Ranch, house on Kaskaskia, Illinois, Old School at Tascosa, Texas, parents of John Bouldin, William Bouldin, father of James H. East, sister of East, East and his wife on horses, East and others in Douglas, Arizona, Old Atherton Bar owned by East and Bouldin in Douglas, East home in Douglas, Court House at Tascosa, Bouldin funeral, cowboys at chow-time, and Lee, Scott Cattle Company headquarters. ca. 1890-1945


John R. Bouldin Collection: Writings

Box Folder
18 12 A Beef Herd in a Blizzard, 5pp. n.d.
13 Black Babe (Story of a Mustang), 12pp. n.d.
14 The Buffalo Hunt, 84pp. n.d.
15 Comanche Trouble, 8pp. n.d.
16 The Creation of an Empire, 176pp. n.d.
17 The Federal Agent Cowboy, 8pp. n.d.
18 A Fire on the Old Cow Range, 44pp. n.d.
19 The First and Last Strike, 43pp. n.d.
20 Folklore and Memories of the Old West, 105pp. n.d.
Box Folder
19 1 Folklore of the Old West, 46pp. n.d.
2 Fort Huachuco, 17pp. n.d.
3 The Ghost on the Trail, 11pp n.d.
4 The Inseparables, 8pp. n.d.
5 Jim East, Trail Hand and Cowboy, 25pp. Article about Jim East by J. Evetts Haley that appeared in the Panhandle Plains Historical Review (1931). 1931
6 Last Big Buffalo Herd, 68pp. n.d.
7 Last Fight with the Comancherias, 154pp. (handwritten) n.d.
8 Last Fight with the Camancherias, 92pp. (typescript) n.d.
9 Last Western Cattle Trails, 39pp. (typescript) n.d.
10 Last Western Cattle Trails, 68pp. (handwritten) n.d.
11 Memories of the Old West, 220pp. n.d.
12 Mustang Hunter, 12pp. n.d.
13 My Third Trail Drive, 15pp. n.d.
14 Nelson's McBride's Son, 1pp. n.d.
Box Folder
20 1 - 3 The Old Time Western Cattle Range, 3 folders. n.d.
4 The Old Traildriver's Terror, 28pp. n.d.
5 Organizing the Old West, 5pp. n.d.
6 Poems and Prose, 1 vol. n.d.
7 - 9 Poems of a Texas Cowboy, 3 folders. n.d.
10 Prairie Fire, 2 items. n.d.
11 Second Trail Drive, 11pp. n.d.
Box Folder
21 1 Secret of the Old Buffalo Range, 21pp. n.d.
2 Stories of Setting the Old West, 85pp. n.d.
3 The Story of Black Babe, 83pp. n.d.
4 Tascosa, 2pp. n.d.
5 Three Great Adventures, 4pp. n.d.
6 A Tribute to Our Frontier Mothers, 64pp. n.d.
7 Untitled Reminiscences, 20pp. Page one is missing. n.d.
8 When the Black Sheep Came Home, 242pp. n.d.
9 - 10 Wild Horse Story, 2 folders. n.d.
11 Wolf Pack, 3pp. n.d.
12 The Year 1885, 15pp. n.d.


John R. Bouldin Collection: Scrapbooks

Box Folder
Bouldin Scrapbook, 1 vol. Clippings and memorabilia highlighting the life and career of Bouldin. n.d.
Jim East Scrapbooks, 2 vols. Includes clippings, photographs, documents, and memorabilia of Jim East. n.d.