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Creator:Interstate Theatre Circuit
Title:Interstate Theatre Collection
Accession No.:MA77-1
Quantity:418 Boxes, 29 Map Tubes, 159 Oversized Volumes
Language: The records are in English.
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The history of the Interstate Theatre Circuit is inextricably linked with the personal career of Karl St. John Hoblitzelle, a pioneer in the theatre industry in the Southwest. Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1879, Hoblitzelle's first professional contact with the world of theatrical entertainment, which he had been raised to view as "the gateway of hell," came while he worked in the office of the Director of Works at the St. Louis World's Fair. A group of concessionaires at the Fair who admired his managerial abilities suggested that he start a circuit of vaudeville theatres in the South and Southwest. At the time this was the only section of the country which did not have such amusement facilities. In spring of 1905, Karl and his brother George Hoblitzelle founded the Interstate Amusement Company, a Missouri Corporation. Karl did not originally plan to guide the company personally, but unfavorable financial conditions of the company caused him to step into its management in summer 1905. Hoblitzelle was named president of the firm in 1906. The Interstate Amusement Company began operating theatres in Little Rock, Shreveport, and Birmingham as well as Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Waco. Their programs stuck strictly to family-oriented, high quality vaudeville acts; in 1920, motion pictures were added as a supplement to the bill.

Interstate Amusement pioneered in the use of air-conditioning in theatres in Texas, which formerly had to close because of heat during summer months. Karl Hoblitzelle was also the first operator in the Southwest to install sound equipment in his theatres.

Upon his marriage to Ester Thomas in 1920, Hoblitzelle made his permanent home in Dallas and throughout the rest of his life evinced his love for this city and state through his deep involvement in a wide variety of civic endeavors.

By 1929 Hoblitzelle had decided to retire, and was negotiating with Fox for takeover of his circuit at the time of the stock market crash. Fox was not financially stable enough to close the sale, so in May 1930 Hoblitzelle sold his theatre interests to RKO, retaining only ownership of certain theatre buildings purely as real estate. RKO leased these buildings for their own operations in the name of one of their subsidiaries, RKO Southern.

Just after this deal was struck, the theatre business all over the country went into a severe decline. The depressed state of the business in Texas was due in part to the overall economic depression and in part, in Hoblitzelle's opinion, to the competition between RKO and the Paramount-Publix chain of theatres. In 1932 Hoblitzelle went to New York to try to arrange a consolidation of the two groups of theatres in Texas, but these early efforts were unsuccessful. In early 1933 both RKO and Paramount went into bankruptcy. Hoblitzelle was concerned about what would happen to the theatre business he had built and the many workers he had formerly employed. He worked out an arrangement by which he took over the entire RKO operation in Texas. He reorganized a new Interstate Theatre Circuit which included the former Interstate Amusement Company-RKO Theatres and the Southern Enterprise Theatres (affiliated with Paramount). In the summer of 1933, W.E. Paschall, who operated a separate chain of Paramount theatres also, but under a separate chain of Paramount theatres in smaller towns in Texas (the Dent Circuit), was killed in an auto accident. Paramount asked Hoblitzelle to assume control of these theatres also, but under a separate corporation. Thus was established the Texas Consolidated Theatres, which operated in smaller towns while Interstate Theatres covered larger cities such as Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas, and San Antonio. By 1935 the receiverships of the parent companies were dismissed, and Hoblitzelle was president of both new corporations. Interstate's relationship with Paramount was that Hoblitzelle controlled 50% of the stock and Paramount the other 50%. However, Hoblitzelle controlled all Class A stock which carried with it management privileges; Paramount's Class B stock had no such privileges attached.

Interstate began to grow, acquiring other theatres, both fee and leasehold. They also entered into several 50/50 partnership deals, such as that with I. B. Adelman and Will Horowitz in Houston, L. Novy in Austin, and A. Martini in Galveston. Interstate was one of the chief circuits in the state. By the late 1930s there were several other major circuits in Texas besides Interstate and Texas Consolidated. The Jefferson Amusement Company was a chain of Texas theatres also affiliated with Paramount. Robb and Rowley were affiliated with 20th Century Fox, and the Griffith Amusement Company and J. C. Long were larger unaffiliated circuits.

Independent theatre operators complained that the larger circuits were using their ties to choke out any competition. The larger circuits had distinct territories and rarely encroached upon one another. Independents who had theatres in such territories claimed that it was difficult to contract for good pictures, and that the chains conspired to force the independent theatres to wait an undesirable length of time before allowing them to show particular films. This siphoned off most of the audience and reduced the profits of the independents, who claimed the chains were trying to force them out of business by unfair competition.

The federal government in 1938 instigated antitrust litigation against several major film companies; one of the first attacked was Paramount. After years in court, in February 1949 Paramount entered into a Consent Judgment with the Department of Justice whereby Paramount's domestic exhibition business was completely divorced from its production and distribution business. Paramount was given three years to dissolve all its joint interests with local theatres. It split into two new corporations, Paramount Pictures Inc. which produced and distributed films, and United Paramount Pictures which exhibited films. Hoblitzelle's stock was sold to United Paramount; Interstate remained affiliated with Paramount and reported to New York. In February 1953 the Federal Communications Commission allowed the merger of United Paramount Theatres with the American Broadcasting Company. Interstate was a subsidiary of the new corporation formed, American Broadcasting-Paramount Theatres (AB-PT). In July, 1965 this corporation changed its name to American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. By 1967 ABC's motion picture exhibition operations, of which Interstate was a part, were the largest of their kind in the United States.

Despite the connections with a national firm headquartered in New York, Hoblitzelle remained active and influential as president of Interstate until his death in 1967. Leadership in the company passed to other men who had been with Interstate since its early days: R. J. O'Donnell, Raymond Willie, John Q. Adams, and W. E. Mitchell. It was not uncommon for a company officer to have begun as a theatre usher and then to have moved through the ranks to the top. This remarkable longevity of top-level staff accounts for the intense personal loyalties which characterized the Interstate operations. The civic-mindedness of Karl Hoblitzelle was duplicated in the philanthropic activities of many of his staff. Karl Hoblitzelle's ideal was not simply to turn a profit, but to make his theatres an integral part of the community and to set high standards of civic involvement. On the cornerstone of the Majestic Theatre in Dallas, which was the flagship of the Interstate theatres, were inscribed these words of Hoblitzelle's: "Dedicated to art, music, and wholesome entertainment in grateful recognition of the support always given me by the people of Dallas."

The Majestic in Dallas closed in July, 1973. The economic problems of operating a theatre on such a grand scale (2,400 seats) combined with the trends in audience theatre attendance had altered the theatre business as Hoblitzelle and the Interstate Circuit had known it for so many years. It is evident from the product shown in many Interstate theatres in the mid-1970s that Hoblitzelle's original ideal of "wholesome family entertainment" had slipped greatly as public tastes changed. Interstate retained regional offices in the old Majestic until 1976, but major management had shifted to the East Coast. When the Majestic Theatre was turned over to the City of Dallas by the Hoblitzelle Foundation, many records of the Hoblitzelle era were considered unuseful residue and abandoned by ABC Interstate as it moved its offices. These records show how the history of the Interstate Theatre Circuit charted entertainment history in Texas from the days of traveling vaudeville acts and flickering movie shorts to the time of x-rated motion pictures.

Scope and Contents

The Interstate Theatre Collection consists of office files abandoned by the ABC Interstate Company when they vacated their offices at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas in 1977. The Majestic Theatre had housed the administrative offices of the Interstate Theatre Circuit from its date of reorganization in 1933 under the auspices of Karl Hoblitzelle. Over the course of time the Interstate Circuit came under the control of the national offices of the American Broadcast Company (see history), but regional offices remained at the Majestic. When the Majestic Theatre ceased operation in July 1973, Interstate continued to lease office space from the theatre's owner, the Hoblitzelle Foundation. The Foundation donated the building to the City of Dallas with the stipulation that it be restored and made available for productions; when the city took possession, it found abandoned records literally heaped in piles. Diana Clark of the City of Dallas and Lynn Harris of the Hoblitzelle Foundation were instrumental in salvaging the mterials and having their possession turned over to the Dallas Public Library. The Interstate Theatre Collection was formally received by the Library in March 1977.

The collection comprises correspondence, leases, photographs, maps, surveys, legal records, promotional literature, financial records, interoffice memos, theatre reports, corporate minute books, posters, film trailers, and contracts. The material dates back to the mid-1910s with leases and correspondence relating to theatre organizations that were the forerunners of the Interstate Theatre Circuit. The complex interrelationships between the Interstate Circuit and its national parent company, Paramount, on the one hand and with its local theatre partners, such as I.B. Adelman in Houston, on the other necessitated the keeping of longterm records. Moreover, the continuing legal difficulties experienced by both Interstate and Paramount during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s also dictated the keeping of documentary proof of contracts, leases, accounts, and correspondence. These legal problems centered around antitrust litigation instigated by the federal government and around antigambling and censorship laws on the state and local level. Roughly 10% of the collection is given over to legal files. The efforts of Interstate to avoid government interference in its operations are revealed in correspondence with its lobbyist in Austin (1930s-1940s) and its material on Operation Round Table conducted in Washington D.C. in 1947 and 1948. The loss of antitrust suits against film producer-distributors led to the organization of an extremely confidential effort among major theatre chains to dissuade the federal government from stepping in to further regulate the film industry. Because Karl Hoblitzelle took a personal interest in the project and John Q. Adams of Interstate was in charge of finances, the Interstate collection contains probably the most comprehensive records of these often secret negotiations held at a crucial point in film industry history.

The collection also houses records of the Texas World's Fair Commission, which evolved into a film project called Cavalcade of Texas meant to tout the glories of the state; Karl Hoblitzelle was chairman of this endeavor. There are records of Interstate subsidiary companies such as the Dallas Dispatch-Journal, a local daily newspaper, and Mar Productions, an oil company. The interest of theatre chains in closed-circuit television opportunities and their fear of competition from television, especially cable television with its feature films, are revealed in files on telecommunications from the early 1950s.

The early period of Interstate from 1933 to 1953 is well represented. The challenges faced by the theatre circuit during this time, as disclosed by records in this collection, include: finding suitable tenants for commercial space connected with theatre buildings, especially during the depression years; contracting for Mexican made Spanish language films for theaters in the Valley which catered to the Mexican populace; developing a reliable popcorn supply and managing to get it shipped to theatres, a particular problem in wartime (Interstate even subsidized popcorn research by Texas A&M to solve this particular problem); creating exciting promotional gimmicks to entice customers into the theatres while staying one step ahead of the state lottery laws; dealing with the advent of the television, at first seen as a mortal competitor; adjusting to population movement to the suburbs and the building of theatres outside of the downtown area; building and promoting drive-ins in the late 1940s; coping with the declining amounts of film production available for exhibitors and the economic difficulties created for theatre management by the beginnings of unionism and the minimum wage law; and combating local censorship laws as films became more "adult."

It was in 1953 that Paramount, Interstate's parent company, merged with the American Broadcast Company. The national offices of ABC in New York oversaw the regional operations of the Interstate Circuit. In time records of the Hoblitzelle era were no longer as important to the national office, which accounts for why so many of them were left behind. However, more recent records had value to the ongoing operations of the circuit and were moved when Interstate vacated the Majestic. The majority of the collection materials from the later period (1960 to the mid-1970s) are duplicates of interoffice memos, advertising and promotional material, and periodic reports filed by local theatres with the regional and national offices on such subjects as features expenses, film rental and booking, admission receipts, ticket inventory, payroll and managers' funds.

The collection's subject headings are of mixed classification. The oldest records, from the 1910s through the 1940s, were generally arranged chronologically and by general headings such as correspondence with local theatres, correspondence with state legislature lobbyist, subsidiary records (i.e., Mar Productions) and legal suits. These materials arrived in a hodgepodge and often with no discernable provenance. Material from the later era, especially from 1960 through the mid-1970s, often pertained to a particular department of the company. An attempt was made to keep particular organizational sections intact as they appeared to have been divided in Interstate's working files. Thus were kept in separate series the office files of W.E. Mitchell and Raymond Willie, vice presidents and general managers of Texas Consolidated and Interstate Theatres respectively. Series of reports, such as Feature Expenses and Manager's Fund Reports, are also grouped together and arranged chonologically.

The Interstate Theatre Collection offers a magnificent resource on the entertainment industry in Texas. Often film industry histories are written from the top; that is, they focus on the movie production or the biographoes of celebrities. The Interstate Theatre Collection offers the opportunity to explore change in entertainment technology and public demand from the point of view of the middleman, the exhibitioner, who is the vital connection between the audience and the film maker. Here in the Interstate Theatre Collection is embodied the history of movie theatres from their vaudeville roots through neighborhood family entertainment to X rated movies and drive-ins.

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This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Karl Hoblitzelle
Interstate Theatre Circuit
Texas World's Fair Commission
American Broadcast Company
Dallas Dispatch Journal
Mar Productions
New Mexico Theatres, Inc
The Old Mill Theatre Company
Paschall Texas Theatres, Inc.
San Antonio Amusement Company
Southern Enterprises, Inc. of Texas
Texas Theatre Realty Company
United Amusement Company
Waco Theatres, Inc.
Family Names:
R.J. O'Donnell
Dallas (Tex.)
Movie Industry - Texas
Vaudeville - Texas
Interstate Theatre Collection

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Dent Theatres
12Minutes, Board Meetings. 1926-1936
3Certificate of Incorporation and By-Laws, Minutes. 1926-1936
4Inventories of Papers of Dent Circuit. ca. 1930
5Correspondence of Pat S. Russell, Legal Counsel. 1926-1932
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7Minutes of Meetings, etc. Boards of Diverse Theatres of Circuit. 1929
8Agreement with Musselman, Inc. 1920s
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3Proceedings of the Third Biennial Convention of the Interstate Circuit, Inc. and Texas Consolidated Theatres, Inc. held at Galveston, Texas. May 26-29, 1941." Final Draft
Relationship Interstate/Texas Consolidated/Paramount
151Paramount Publix Corporation. Certificate of Incorporation. 1930
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Interstate. Correspondence re: Theatres in:
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Interstate. Correspondence re: Leases
221Correspondence with R.N. Smith (Mission, Texas) 1934-1942
2Correspondence and Leases, Navasota, Texas (Miller Deal) 1937-1939
3Harlingen (Lou Schneider) 1936-1940
4Valley Theatres. Correspondence. 1935-1938
5Valley Theatres. Leases
231Assignment of Leases, Theatres in Galveston 1935-1950
2Operating contracts (Electricity, Gas, Fire Alarm) Majestic Theatre (Houston) 1933
3Correspondence with E.A. Hester, Business Property Manager (Houston) (Holitzelle, Minimax, Westheimer and Waugh Drive) 1936-1942
4Correspondence with E.A. Hester (Houston) (W.P. Hobby Option) 1935
5Correspondence with E.A. Hester (Houston) 1935-1938
6Correspondence with E.A. Hester (Houston) 1938
7Correspondence with E.A. Hester (Houston) 1939
241Abstracts of Leases 1934-1935
2Abstracts of Leases 1936-1937
3Abstracts of Leases 1938-1940
4Rents Payable Records, Various Theatres in Circuit 1930-1935
5Rents Payable Records, Various Theatres in Circuit 1934-1935
6Rents Payable Records, Various Theatres in Circuit 1934-1935
New York Correspondence (National Offices)
251Correspondence with Clark T. Brown (N.Y. Legal Dept.) 1936-1943
2Correspondence with Norman Collyer (N.Y. Legal Dept.) 1939-1944
3Correspondence with Fred Mohrhardt (N.Y. Comptroller) 1934-1943
4Correspondence with Edith Schaffer (N.Y. Contract Dept.) 1951
5Correspondence with Edith Schaffer (N.Y. Contract Dept.) 1951-1954
6Correspondence with Van Alen Hollomon (N.Y.) 1938-1939
261Correspondence with J.J. Strickland (Austin Lobbiest) 1937
2Correspondence with J.J. Strickland 1938
3Correspondence with D.F. Strickland 1939
4Correspondence with D.F. Strickland 1939
5D.F. Strickland Expenses 1939
6Correspondence with D.F. Strickland (Pass Subject Only) 1939
7Correspondence with D.F. Strickland 1940
Texas World's Fair Commission / Cavalcade of Texas
271Correspondence re: Plans for a State of Texas Exhibit at N.Y. World's Fair. 1938-1939
2Correspondence re: Texas World's Fair Commission. Approval of Minutes of Meeting, 9 October 1939
3Letter to Contributors re: Authorization of "Cavalcade of Texas" (A-H) 1939
4Letter to Contributors re: Authorization of "Cavalcade of Texas" (H-W) 1939
5Correspondence with Paul Wakefield (Public Relations) 1938
6Correspondence with Paul Wakefield (Public Relations) January-May 1939
7Correspondence with Paul Wakefield (Public Relations) June-December 1939
8Correspondence with Paul Wakefield (Public Relations) 1940
281Expenses 1938-1942
2Contributions 1938-1939
3Rentals 1939-1941
4Bank Deposits, Cash Receipts and Disbursements Report 1943-1947
5Hoblitzelle Correspondence with Members 1943-1946
6Texas Centennial of Statehood Commission. Expenditures 1943-1948
7Texas Rural Development Commission 1946-1947
Dallas Dispatch-Journal
291Dallas Dispatch Journal. First Mortgage 3% Debenture Bonds 1938
2Dallas Dispatch Journal. Company Correspondence 1938
3Dallas Dispatch Journal. 1938-1939
4Dallas Dispatch Journal. 1938-1939
Mar Productions (Oil Wells)
301Minute Book 1937
2Photostats of Original Leases 1937-1941
3Mull No. 1 Well (Burton and Danforth Sub) Aransas 1940
4Nat'l Standard No. 1 Well (Burton and Danforth Sub) Aransas 1940
5Williams No. 1 Well (Burton and Danforth Sub) Aransas 1940-41
6Hoffman-O'Laughlin Agreement 1945-1946
7Contracts and Agreements 1937-1941
8Bank Records and Invoices 1951-1952
9Taxes - Federal and Local 1941-1947
311Lawsuit. Roy Perkins vs. Mar Production Co. 1944-1945
2R.J. O'Donnell Correspondence 1939-1943
3Atlantic Refining Company Correspondence 1939-1941
4Leases and Miscellaneous Instruments
5Natural Gas Corporation 1941-1942
6Railroad Commission of Texas, Oil and Gas Division 1942-1950
7Insurance 1948-1951
8Tax Forms 1947-1951
9Dissolution 1951-1952
10Van Alen Holloman File 1945-1952
11Company Annual Reports 1943-1951
12Stock Certificate Book
321Invoices 1946-1947
2Invoices 1946-1947
3Invoices 1947-1948
4Bank Records 1947-1948
5Invoices and Bank Records 1948-1949
331Correspondence 1943
2Correspondence 1944-1945
3Correspondence 1946-1950
4Invoices, Bank Records 1949-1950
5Invoices, Bank Records 1950-1951
National Regulation/Federal Government
War Production Board
341Skillman. Dallas
3Aggie. Arlington
5El Paso
6Fort Worth
7Berry and Marida. Fort Worth
8La Porte and Broadway. Houston
9South Main and Belair. Houston
10Canal Street. Houston
12Correspondence with Newmyer, Everson, Goldenson, Attorneys 1944
14Forms and Instructions
351Third War Bond Drive. September 1943
2Correspondence with Arthur Newmyer, Atty. (Washington D.C.) 1943-May 1944
3Correspondence with Arthur Newmyer, Atty. (Washington D.C.) June-Dec 1944
4Correspondence with Arthur Newmyer, Atty. (Washington D.C.) 1945-1946
5Correspondence with Arthur Newmyer, Atty. (Washington D.C.) 1947
6Correspondence with Arthur Newmyer, Atty. (Washington D.C.) 1947-1948
361Political Regulation. Film Business. Neely Block Booking Bill. 1939
2Political Regulation. Film Business. Neely Block Booking Bill. 1939
3Political Regulation. Film Business. Neely Block Booking Bill. 1939
4Political Regulation. Film Business. Neely Block Booking Bill. 1939
Operation Round Table
365Transcript of Operation Round Table Meetings, Washington D.C. (Discussion of Plan for Deregulation of Motion Picture Industry) September 17-18, 1947
6"Operation Round Table." Progress Report, M.Y. Elliot June 1947
371Correspondence of John Q. Adams 1947
2Correspondence of John Q. Adams 1948
3Paid Bills, Bank Statements 1947
4Memo. on "Litigation in the Motion Picture Industry"and Notes Memo. on "What Issues Should be Subject to Arbitration" and Questionnaire August 15, 1947
5Draft of Code of Fair Practices for the Motion Picture Industry September 10, 1947
6Draft of Code of Fair Practices... November 28, 1947
7Draft of Code of Fair Practices... February 26, 1948
8Draft of Code of Fair Practices... August 11, 1948
9Draft of Code of Fair Practices...with Notes of Karl Hoblitzelle
10Condensed Transcript of Meetings held in Washington D.C. 17-18 September 1947
Legal Suits
381Glass vs. Hoblitzelle 1934-1935
2Glass vs. Hoblitzelle. Depositions of J.R. Moroney, R.J. O'Donnell, C. Hilgers 1934
3Glass vs. Hoblitzelle. Summons, Decree, Petitions 1934-1935
4Glass vs. Hoblitzelle. Briefs of Appellees 1935
5Glass vs. Hoblitzelle. Statement of Facts 1935
6Affiliated Enterprises, Inc. vs. Karl Hoblitzelle 1935
7Baker Hotel Suit. Trust Deed and Chattel Mortgage 1935
8Baker Hotel Suit. Correspondence 1935-1936
9Baker Hotel Suit. Legal Briefs. (Karl Hoblitzelle, Director of Baker) 1936
391U.S. Government vs. Interstate. Correspondence 1937
2U.S. Government vs. Interstate. Correspondence 1936-1939
3U.S. Government vs. Interstate. Transcript. Sept. 20-21, 1937
4U.S. Government vs. Interstate. Transcript. Sept. 22-23, 1937
5U.S. Government vs. Interstate. Correspondence, Petitions, Decree
6U.S. Government vs. Interstate. Briefs. 1937-1938
401Glass vs. Interstate. Testimony Transcripts 1937
2Glass vs. Interstate. List of Witnesses
3Glass vs. Interstate. Trial File
4Glass vs. Interstate. Memorandums 1941
5Glass vs. Interstate. Depositions of R.Z. Glass, K. Hoblitzelle, J.R. Moroney, R.J. O'Donnell 1940
6Glass vs. Interstate. Miscellaneous Court Petitions, Correspondence 1940-1941
7Glass vs. Interstate. Contract Analyses 1940-1941
8Glass vs. Interstate. Extra Copies 1939-1940
9Extra Copies of Minutes (Glass, Horowitz) 1939-1947
411Scott vs. Interstate. Supporting Documents. 1940
2Scott vs. Interstate. Supporting Memos, Documents
3Scott vs. Interstate. Supporting Memos, Documents
4Survey of Possible Theatre Towns and Competition in Texas 1930s
5Scott vs. Interstate. Correspondence re. River Oaks, Houston 1936-1940
6Scott vs. Interstate. Request to Admit or Deny with Supporting Data 1940
7Scott vs. Interstate. Request to Admit or Deny with Supporting Data 1940
421Scott vs. Interstate. Memos re. Clearance and Zoning 1934
2Scott vs. Interstate. Memos re. Clearance and Zoning Schedule 1935-1937
3Scott vs. Interstate. Photographs. Sound Truck 1940
4Scott vs. Interstate. Pleadings and Statements
5Scott vs. Interstate. Indexes to Depositions of O'Donnell, Sachs 1940
6Scott vs. Interstate. Deposition of S.M. Sachs 1940
7Scott vs. Interstate. Deposition of R.J. O'Donnell. 1940
8Scott vs. Interstate. Deposition of Paul Scott 1940
9Scott vs. Interstate. Deposition of Paul Scott continued 1940
431Scott vs. Interstate. Correspondence 1936-1937
2Scott vs. Interstate. Analyses of Contracts with Distributors
3Scott vs. Interstate. Theatre Records, Clearance Schedules 1933-1939
4Scott vs. Interstate. Witnesses 1940
5Scott vs. Interstate. Correspondence 1937-1940
6N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. 1940
7N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. 1940
8N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Memoranda 1940
9N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Correspondence 1940-1941
10N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Luckett's Reports 1940
441N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Testimony
2N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Contract Analyses
3Dallas Theatres (White, Dal-Sec, Forest) Contract Availability 1934-1940
4N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Memorandums-Witnesses
5N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Purchase
6N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Records
7N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Depositions of Witnesses 1940
8N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Deposition of P.K. Johnston 1940
9N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Deposition of H.N. Jorgensen 1941
10N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Deposition of R.J. O'Donnell 1944
11N.H. Jorgensen vs. Interstate. Deposition of Karl Hoblitzelle and H.N. Jorgensen 1940
451L.L. Dunbar vs. Interstate 1939
2H.E. Fulgham vs. Interstate 1940
3Louis Richker vs. Interstate 1940
4Louis Richker vs. Interstate 1940
5Sam Kirscheimer vs. Interstate. Testimony 1937-1940
6Sam Kirscheimer vs. Interstate. Testimony and Correspondence 1941
7Sam Kirscheimer vs. Interstate. Complaint and Contract Analyses 1941
461William Horowitz. Will 1940
2Horowitz Theatre Company. 1935-1954
3Horowitz-Texan Theatres Company. Correspondence, Leases
4Leases. Houston Theatres
5O.B. Bridges vs. Horowitz-Texan Theatres 1941-1943
6Lawsuits against Horowitz-Texan Theatres 1943
7Hamblin Injunction Suit (Houston) 1942-1943
8Judge Hamblin (Horowitz Theatres) Correspondence 1944-1948
9Horowitz Correspondence 1936-1937
471Horowitz Correspondence 1938-1939
2Horowitz Correspondence 1939-1941
3Horowitz Correspondence 1941
4Horowitz Correspondence 1941-1944
5Horowitz Correspondence 1946-1948
481Horowitz. Duplicate Documents, Minutes, Correspondence
2Horowitz. Financial Working Papers ca. 1927-1932
3Horowitz. Financial Working Papers ca. 1928-1913
4Will Horowitz, Jr. Inc. Stock Certificates
5Horowitz Loan/Insurance Settlement
6Iris Theatre Company Stock Certificates
7Horowitz Legal Contracts
491U.S. vs. Paramount 1938-1945
2U.S. vs. Paramount. Legal Brief 1946-1947
3U.S. vs. Paramount. Printed Excerpts of Testimony
4U.S. vs. Paramount. Published Decision in U.S. vs. Crescent Amusement Company
5U.S. vs. Paramount. Interstate Theatre Descriptions.
6U.S. vs. Paramount. Interstate Theatre Descriptions.
7U.S. vs. Paramount. Motions, Memorandum, etc.
501U.S. vs. Paramount. 1944-1945
2Interstate. Description of Opposition Theatres on the Circuit 1946
3Interstate. Description of All Theatres on Circuit 1946
4Interstate. Description of All Theatres on Circuit 1946
5Interstate. Description of All Theatres on Circuit 1946
6Interstate. Description of All Theatres on Circuit 1946
7Interstate/Texas Consolidated Circuits. Correspondence re. Operating Agreements. 1934-1948
Contract Analysis, Anti-Trust Suits 1940
511Lawn Theatre
2Knox Theatre
3Dal-Sac Theatre
4Haskell Theatre
5Arcadia Theatre
6Forest Theatre
7White Theatre
8Melrose Theatre
9Maple Theatre
10Peak Theatre
11Columbia/Rita Theatre
12Varsity Theatre
13Fair Theatre
14Columbia Exchange
15Columbia Exchange, No. 1
16Columbia Exchange, No. 2
17Columbia Exchange, No. 4
21R.K.O. Originals
23R.K.O., No. 4
2420th Century Fox
2520th Century Fox
521United Artist. Originals
2United Artist.
3Universal. Originals Univeral
4Universal, No. 3
5Universal, No. 4
6Warner Brothers
7Warner Brothers Originals
10Anti-Trust General Correspondence 1939
11Correspondence with Claude F. Lee (Public Relations, Paramount, New York) 1940
12Correspondence with Roy L. Walker (includes Anti-Trust Suit) 1940
13Correspondence re: Consent Decree 1940
14Correspondence re: Federal Matters 1941
15Anti-Trust Lawsuits. Extra Copies of Pleadings
16U.S. vs. Paramount. Consent Decree 1940
531Wooten Investment Co. vs. Texas Consolidated 1937
2State of Texas vs. Sportatorium... 1937
3Andrew Jackson Houston vs. Interstate. Brief for Appellees 1939
4Andrew Jackson Houston vs. Interstate. Correspondence 1939-1940
5J.T. Hightower vs. Interstate 1941
6Jim Perkins vs. Interstate 1941
7Westway Theatres vs. 20th Cent. Fox (Maryland) Transcript
8Frank T. Braey vs. Warner Brothers, Interstate 1941-1946
9E.N. Collins vs. Interstate. Correspondence 1941-1947
10E.N. Collins vs. Interstate. Legal Briefs, blueprints 1941-1947
11Misc. Court Opinions and Decisions re: Motion Picture Industry ca. 1946
12Misc. Court Opinions and Decisions re: Motion Picture Industry ca. 1946
541McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of Sol Sachs and Ben Y. Cammack Feb 6, 1948
2McLendon vs. Loew's. Desposition of Leroy Bickel Feb 5, 1948
3McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of Fred Jack and T.E. Laird Feb 13 1948
4McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of J.A. Prichard Feb 13, 1948
5McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of Heywood Simmons and Marmaduke Clark Feb 16, 1948
6McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of J.R. Euler Feb 3, 1948
7McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of H.L. Beecroft and Phil Longdon Feb 3-4, 1948
8McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of R.J. O'Donnell Feb 3-4, 1948
9McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of R.J. O'Donnell Feb 10, 1948
10McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of J.B. Underwood, Doak Roberts and Don Woods Feb 11, 1948
11McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of J.J. Donohue Feb 17, 1948
12McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of Witnesses on behalf of the Plaintiffs Feb 17, 1948
551McLendon vs. Loew's. Arguments of Councel, Court's Oral Opinion March 6, 1948
2McLendon vs. Loew's. Transcript of Testimony March 1, 1948
3McLendon vs. Loew's. Transcript of Testimony March 2, 1948
4McLendon vs. Loew's. Transcript of Testimony March 3, 1948
5McLendon vs. Loew's. Transcript of Testimony March 4, 1948
6McLendon vs. Loew's. Transcript of Testimony March 5, 1948
7McLendon vs. Loew's. Transcript of Testimony March 6, 1948
561McLendon vs. Loew's. Accounting Dept. Records/Index of Files
2McLendon vs. Loew's. Accounting Dept./Admission Prices Dallas Theatres with Clearance Notes 1945-1947
3McLendon vs. Loew's. Accounting Dept./Admission Receipts, Profit and Loss Figures, Tax Table, etc.
4McLendon vs. Loew's. Accounting Dept./Barry Burke's Figures
5McLendon vs. Loew's. Accounting Dept./Estimates, Costs and Evaluations
6McLendon vs. Loew's. List of Playdates, Attraction Titles, and Film Rentals 1944-1947
7McLendon vs. Loew's. Tentative Questions and Answers Prepared for Attorneys
8McLendon vs. Loew's. Play-off Record, First Run Dallas
9McLendon vs. Loew's. Information of Historical Value Used in Suit
10McLendon vs. Loew's. Newspaper Ad. Space used by Lakewood, Village Theatres
11McLendon vs. Loew's. Advertising Tear Sheets, Casa Linda Theatre
12McLendon vs. Loew's. Advertising Tear Sheets, Captain Opening
13McLendon vs. Loew's. Advertising Tear Sheets, Esquire Opening
14McLendon vs. Loew's. Advertising Tear Sheets, Lakewood Opening
571McLendon vs. Loew's. Testimony, volume 2
2McLendon vs. Loew's. Correspondence Used as Exhibits 1948
3McLendon vs. Loew's. Correspondence Used as Exhibits
4McLendon vs. Loew's. Newspaper Articles
5McLendon vs. Loew's. Suit Index
6McLendon vs. Loew's. Correspondence, Drafts
7McLendon vs. Loew's. Accounting Dept./ Admission Price History 1943-1948
8McLendon vs. Loew's. Accounting Dept./ Gross Admissions 1944-1947
9McLendon vs. Loew's. Accounting Dept./Attendance Records 1944-1948
10McLendon vs. Loew's. Accounting Dept./Admission in Dallas Theatres by Quarters
11McLendon vs. Loew's. Accounting Dept./Comparison of Matinee Receipts Downtown/Suburban 1947
12McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of B.R. McLendon Feb 2, 1948
13McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of E.S. Oldsmith Feb 12, 1948
14McLendon vs. Loew's. Deposition of Mrs. Dorothy M. Manning and W.D. Manning Feb 18, 1948
15McLendon vs. Loew's. Bank Statements/Beverly Hills and Casa Linda Theatres
581McLendon vs. Loew's. Photostats of Film Distributors' Records of Film Rentals
2McLendon vs. Loew's. Gross and Rental, Downtown and Suburban on Two Paramount Pictures
3McLendon vs. Loew's. Feature Film Rentals
4McLendon vs. Loew's. C.L. Henry Survey on Traffic re: Theatres, Population Counts, Parking Facilities
5McLendon vs. Loew's. Summary of Distributors Rentals on Knox
6McLendon vs. Loew's. Notes on Availability, Clearance, Admission
7McLendon vs. Loew's. Aerial Photos of Casa Linda Site 1948
8McLendon vs. Loew's. Notes on Casa Linda Theatre and B.R. McLendon
591Adelman vs. Paramount (joint suit with Tivoli Realty vs, Paramount. Deposition of I.B. Adelman Sept 13, 1948
2Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of I.B. Adelman Sept 14, 1948
3Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of I.B. Adelman Sept 15, 1948
4Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of I.B. Adelman Sept 16, 1948
5Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of I.B. Adelman Sept 17, 1948
6Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of I.B. Adelman Sept 18-23, 1948
601Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of I.B. Adelman Sept 21, 1948
2Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of I.B. Adelman Sept 22-23, 1948
3Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of I.B. Adelman May 23, 1949
4Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Harry Sachs Sept 23, 1948
5Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Harry Sachs Sept 24, 1948
6Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Harry Sachs Sept 25, 1948
7Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Heywood G. Simmons Oct 26, 1948
8Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Heywood G. Simmons Oct 27, 1948
9Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of W.S. Miller Oct 28, 1948
10Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of W.S. Miller Oct 29, 1948
611Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of James A. Prichard Nov 3, 1948
2Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Doak Roberts Nov 4-5, 1948
3Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of J.B. Underwood Nov 5-8, 1948
4Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Ben Y Cammack Nov 8, 1948
5Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Fred M. Jack Nov 9, 1948
6Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of T.E. Laird Nov 9, 1948
7Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of James J. Donahue Jan 11, 1949
8Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Scully, O'Keefe, McCarthy March 1-2, 1949
621Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Phil Longdon Oct 29, 1948
2Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Phil Longdon Oct 30 - Nov 1, 1948
3Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of E.S. Olsmith Nov 2, 1948
4Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Defendants on Behalf of the Plaintiffs March 4-7, 1949
5Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Boasberg, Zimmerman March 31, 1949
6Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Rodgers, Eisenberg April 4-5, 1949
7Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Kalmenson Apr 6, 1949
8Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Montague, Wormser Apr 11, 1949
9Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Adelman May 23, 1949
10Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of John S. Allen May 24-25, 1949
11Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of J.A. Prichard May 25, 1949
631Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of Leroy Bickel May 26, 1949
2Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of R.J. O'Donnell May 27-28, 1949
3Adelman vs Paramount. Deposition of R.J. O'Donnell May 30-31, 1949
4Adelman vs Paramount. Deposition of R.J. O'Donnell June 1-2, 1949
5Adelman vs Paramount. Deposition of A.W. Smith Jan 16, 1950
6Adelman vs Paramount. Deposition of DR. J. Edward Hodges June 17, 1949
7Adelman vs Paramount. Deposition of Karl Hoblitzelle May 9-11, 1950
8Adelman vs Paramount. Deposition of Karl Hoblitzelle May 12-13, 1950
641Adelman vs Paramount. General History.
2Adelman vs Paramount. General History Documents
3Adelman vs Paramount. General History. Legal Decisions
4Adelman vs Paramount. General History. Fort Worth
5Adelman vs Paramount. Clearance and List of 31 Day Houses in Houston, List of First-run Films 1955
6Adelman vs Paramount. General History. Houston Theatres
7Adelman vs Paramount. General History. Houston
8Adelman vs Paramount. Hoblitzelle-Horwitz Deal. Houston 1934-1935
9Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Houston 1934-1935
10Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Houston 1936-1937
11Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Houston 1938-1939
12Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Houston 1940-1941
13Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Houston 1942-1943
14Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Houston 1944-1945
15Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Fort Worth 1935-1936
16Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Fort Worth 1937-1938
17Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Fort Worth 1939-1945
651Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Close Out File. Jan. 1946
2Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Close Out File. Feb. 1946
3Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Close Out File. March 1946
4Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Close Out File. April 1946
5Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Close Out File. May 1946
6Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Close Out File. June-July 1946
7Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Close Out File. August-Sept. 1946
8Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Close Out File. Oct.-Nov. 1946
9Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Close Out File. Dec. 1946-Jan. 1947
10Adelman vs Paramount. Adelman Deal. Close Out File. Duplicates
11Adelman vs Paramount. Surveys. Houston 1950
12Adelman vs Paramount. Parking and Traffic Survey. Fort Worth
13Adelman vs Paramount. Census of Texas Population. 1950
661Adelman vs Paramount. I.B. Adelman, R.J. O'Donnell, Harry Sachs. Photographs ca. 1941
2Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Parkway Theatre, Fort Worth 1946
3Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Dallas Theatres 1952
4Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres
5Adelman vs Paramount. Aerial Photos, Delman Theatre, Houston 1950s
6Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres 1950s
7Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres. Alabama, Almeda 1946, 1955
8Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres. Broadway, Eastwood 1955
9Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres. Fulton, Garden Oaks 1947
10Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres. Kirby, Majestic ca. 1951
11Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres. Metropolitan, North Main ca. 1950
12Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres. River Oaks, Santa Rosa ca. 1947
13Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres. Shedherd Drive In, South Main Drive In 1951
14Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres. Tower, Village 1946, 1950
15Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres. Wayside, Yale 1946
16Adelman vs Paramount. Photos of Houston Theatres. Bluebonnet (Not operated by Interstate) 1946
17Adelman vs Paramount.Parking and Traffic Survey, Houston 1948
671Tivoli Realty Co. vs. Paramount. Answers to Direct Interrogatories Dec. 26, 1952
2Tivoli Realty Co. vs. Paramount. Transcript of Testimony Pt. 1 Jan. 13, 1953
3Tivoli Realty Co. vs. Paramount. Transcript of Testimony Pt. 2 Jan. 13, 1953
4Tivoli Realty Co. vs. Paramount. Deposition of John Moroney Jan. 6, 1955
5Adelman vs. Paramount. Answers of Sol Sachs to Written Interrogatories July 20, 1954
6Adelman vs. Paramount. Depositions of Wm. P. Hamblen Nov 10, 1954
7Adelman vs. Paramount. Depositions of Fred V. Cannata Nov 10, 1954
8Adelman vs. Paramount. Depositions of Fred V. Cannata Nov 11, 1954
9Adelman vs. Paramount. Miscellaneous Correspondence, Records ca. 1952-1953
681Adelman vs. Paramount. Plaintiffs' Story and Answering Evidence
2Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of James A. Prichard 1955
3Adelman vs. Paramount. Deposition of John Moroney 1955
4Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 7, 1955
5Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 8, 1955
6Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 9, 1955
7Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 13, 1955
8Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 14, 1955
691Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 15, 1955
2Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 16, 1955
3Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 17, 1955
4Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 20, 1955
5Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 21, 1955
6Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 22, 1955
7Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 24, 1955
8Adelman vs. Paramount. Daily Transcripts of Proceedings June 27, 1955
701Adelman vs. Paramount. Survey of North Dallas Theatres 1953
2Adelman vs. Paramount. Theatre Surveys, Dallas (Confidential)
3Adelman vs. Paramount. RCA Report on Theatre Sound Equipment 1948
4Adelman vs. Paramount. Survey of Henry and Associates, Consulting Industrial Engineers 1947
5Adelman vs. Paramount. Parking and Traffic Surveys, Dallas ca. 1951
6Adelman vs. Paramount. Photos of Theatres, Dallas ca. 1951
7Adelman vs. Paramount. Survey of North Dallas Theatres
8Adelman vs. Paramount. Evaluation of Casa Linda Theatre Displays 1948
9Adelman vs. Paramount. Theatre Surveys by Henry and Associates 1948
10Adelman vs. Paramount. Traffic Survey, Dallas 1952
11Adelman vs. Paramount. Parking Ticket Survey, Dallas 1950
711Adelman vs. Paramount. List of Legal Papers Copied by Adelman's Attorneys
2Adelman vs. Paramount. Booking Schedules 1955
3Adelman vs. Paramount. Correspondence 1955-1956
4Adelman vs. Paramount. Legal Expenses 1948-1955
5Adelman vs. Paramount. Legal Expenses 1955
6Adelman vs. Paramount. Legal Expenses 1956
7Adelman vs. Paramount. Legal Expenses 1957
8Adelman vs. Paramount. Order of Judge Cecil 1957
9Adelman vs. Paramount. Correspondence with Attorneys, Injunction Modification 1959-1960
10Adelman vs. Paramount. Correspondence. Petition for Certiorari 1960-1962
721William O'Donnell vs. L. Novy 1955
2Fry vs. Paramount. Correspondence 1958-1960
3Fry vs. Paramount. Booking Schedules 1940-1952
4Fry vs. Paramount. Deposition of Plantiff, S.G. Fry Aug. 4, 1959
731Fry vs. Paramount. Deposition of Robert A. Fry August 9, 1959
2Fry vs. Paramount. Deposition of Frank Rule, W.B. Williams, Russell Brentlinger, A.M. Whitcher Aug. 1959
3Fry vs. Paramount. Depositions of H.C. Vogelpohl, Robert J. O'Donnell Aug. 1959
4Fry vs. Paramount. Depositiond of Robert J. O'Donnell, Vean Gregg, Walter Armbruster, Louis J. Weber Aug. 1961
5Fry vs. Paramount.Deposition of Robert O'Donald, James Pritchard, Victor Fry, Vean J. Gregg Aug. 1961
741Magna Theatre Corporation vs. Interstate 1959-1960
2Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Correspondence 1962-1963
3Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Exhibits 1961
4Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Interrogations
751Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Ed Newman, Vol. 1 Sept. 10-11, 1962
2Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Ed Newman, Vol. 2 Sept. 19-20, 1962
3Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Ed Newman, Vol. 3 Oct. 15, 1962
4Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of George Newman Oct. 13, 1962
5Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of George Newman Feb 4, 1963
6Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Russell Brentlinger Feb. 12, 1963
7Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Douglas Desch Feb. 13, 1963
8Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Thomas W. Bridge Feb. 14, 1963
761Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Bob Dunn March 13, 1963
2Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of W.E. Mitchell March 14, 1963
3Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Walter Armbruster May 20, 1963
4Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of William B. Williams May 21, 1963
5Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Henry C. Vogelpohl May 22, 1963
6Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Jack Judd May 28, 1963
7Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of James A. Prichard May 29, 1963
8Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Louis Weber Sept. 26, 1963
9Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Deposition of Ed Newman Nov 21, 1963
771Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Brief of Defender
2Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. General Release 1964
3Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Expenses
4Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Information on Imperial Theatre, Waco
5Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Financial Data (Sliding Scale, etc.)
6Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Advertising Analysis, 25th Street Theatre 1/7/60-4/29/60; 1/3/61-7/31/62
7Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Advertising Analysis, Waco Theatre 1/5/61-7/31/62; 1/7/60-4/28/60
8Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Film Rental and Booking Register, Waco Theatre 1/5/61-7/31/62
9Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Film Rental and Booking Register, 25th St. Theatre 1/5/61-7/31/62
10Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Competitive Bidding Records, Waco Theatres 1960-1961
11Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Competitive Bidding Records, Waco Theatres 1962
78Newman vs. Lone Star Theatres. Competitive Bidding Records
1Allied Artist 1961-1962
2American International 1961-1962
3Buena Vista Distributing 1961-1962
4Columbia Pictures 1961-1962
5Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 1961-1962
6Paramount Film 1961-1962
720th Century Fox 1961-1962
8United Artist 1961-1962
9Universal Film 1961-1962
10Warner Brothers 1961-1962
791Ginsberg vs. Texas Consolidated. Legal Expenses 1957
2Lawsuit re: Parker Square Theatre, Wichita Falls 1958
3Lawsuit re: Parker Square Theatre, Wichita Falls 1959-1961
4"The FBI Story" Copyright Infringement 1959
5Furneaux vs. Interstate. Correspondence 1959-1961
6Lawsuit re: "God Created Woman" (censorship, Fort Worth) 1960
7Lawsuit re: "The Mating Urge" 1961
8Pure Carbonic Co. vs Modern Sales and Service. Release 1961
9Interstate vs. City of Dallas, Printed Legal Documents 1966-1968
10Interstate vs. City of Dallas, Printed Legal Documents 1966-1968
801Interstate vs. City of Dallas, Printed Legal Documents 1966-1968
2Movie Ordinance File 1966-1968
3Interstate vs. City of Dallas, Printed Legal Documents 1966
4Interstate vs. City of Dallas. Movie Ordinance, Federal Suit 1966-1968
5Zaranza vs. Interstate. Supporting Documents. Interrogatories and Answers. North Main Lease 1966-1970
6Zaranza vs. Interstate. John Q. Adams File. Notes and Figures 1969-1970
7Zaranza vs. Interstate. Correspondence with Attorney 1968-1970
8James Hosey vs. City of Jackson, Miss. (Censorship of "The Fox") 1969
9Irene McGrew vs. City of Jackson, Miss. ("The Fox") 1969
10City of Dallas vs. Universal Film Exchange (Censorship of "The Front Page") 1974
11Censorship. University of N.Y., State of Education Department, Division of Motion Pictures 1961
811Legal Correspondence re: Southern Enterprises, Taxes 1934-1936
2Revenue Agents Reports (RARs), All Companies, Central Texas Theatres Corp. 1935-1937
3Hoblitzelle Holding Corporation. Tax Protest 1937
4Hoblitzelle Personal Tax File. 1935-1937
5Hoblitzelle Personal Tax. 1938-1939
6Hoblitzelle Personal Tax Protest. 1935-1937
7Hoblitzelle Personal Tax Protest. 1938
8Divided Resolution for Internal Revenue 1940
9Chain Store Tax. State of Texas 1938-1942
821Tax Protest. Treasury Dept. Letters 1944
2Correspondence re: Federal Taxes. 1942-1949
3Correspondence re: Federal Taxes. 1950-1952
4Correspondence re: Federal Taxes. 1952
5Correspondence re: Federal Act of 1945 1945-1946
6Internal Revenue Department. Claims for Adjustments in Taxes 1939-1947
7Protest of Federal Income Tax Assessment, Interstate Circuit, 1948-1949; Adjustment of Income Tax, 1945, 1947, 1951
831Application for Tax Relief, 1941-1942; Tax Refund Claim 1943 Texas Consolidated Theatres
2Internat Revenue Department. Application for Tax Relief 1942-1945
3Internat Revenue Department. Application for Tax Relief 1943-1945
4Internat Revenue Department. Tax Relief Case 1949
5Internat Revenue Department. Tax Relief Claims 1950-1953
6Internat Revenue Department. Tax Returns 1937-1941; 1942-1943; 1944)
7Internat Revenue Department. Tax Returns 1945-1948
8Reconcilment of Withholding Taxes, Social Security Taxes 1946-1949
841Taxes. Federal. Protest re. Income and Excess Profits Tax. 1945-1947
2Taxes. Federal. Protest re. Income and Excess Profits Tax. 1945-1947
3Taxes. Federal. Working Papers. 1944
4Taxes. Federal. Working Papers. 1945
5Taxes. Federal. Working Papers. 1944-1945
6Taxes. Federal. Working Papers. 1946
7Taxes. Federal. Working Papers. 1947
8Taxes. Federal. Working Papers. 1948
9Taxes. Federal. Working Papers. 1949
10Taxes. Federal. Working Papers. 1950
11Taxes. Federal. Working Papers. 1951
12Taxes. Federal. Working Papers. 1952
851Tax File 1943
2Victory Tax 1943
3Tax Protest File. Interstate 1938-1945
4Federal Income Tax. Interstate. 1945-1947
5Federal Income Tax. Interstate. 1948-1949
6Tax Protest. Texas Consolidated Theatres, Inc. 1939-1945
7Tax Suit. Galveston, Albuquerque, Brownsville. 1946
8Settlement of Tax Suit. Galveston, Albuquerque, Brownsville 1946
9Tax Protest. Albuquerque Theatres 1937-1945
10Federal Income Tax. Albuquerque Theatres 1948-1951
861Tax Protest. Brownsville Amusement Company 1937-1945
2Internal Revenue Department. Tax/Brownsville Amusement Co. 1943-1944
3Federal Income Tax. Brownsville Amusement Co. 1945-1948
4Tax Protest. Galveston 1937-1945
5Tax Case. Glass Theatre Corporation 1941-1945
6Isis-Horwitz Theatre Company, Inc. Federal Income Tax (RARs) 1944
7Internal Revenue Department/ Horwitz-Texan Theatres Company 1938-1939, 1943-1944, 1945
8Taxes. Federal. Horwitz-Texan Theatre Company 1945-1947
9Federal Income Taxes. Horwitz Companies (Houston) 1947-1948
10Interstate. Sub-companies Withholding Tax 1946-1949
11Texas Consolidated Withholding Taxes, Social Security Tax Reconcilement 1946-1949
12Internal Revenue/Claims for Recovery of Taxes Paid Union Orchestra Salaries 1943-1947
871Bowie Blvd. Drive In Theatre Co. 1946-1950
2Bowie Blvd. Drive In Theatre Co. Franchise Taxes 1941-1949
3Buckner Blvd. Drive In Theatre Company 1950
4Buckner Blvd. Drive In Theatre Franchise Taxes 1948-1950
5Cactus Drive In Theatre Corp. 1945-1950
6Cactus Drive In Theatre Corp.Franchise Taxes. 1946-1949
7Galveston Theatres, Inc. 1937-1950
8Galveston Theatres, Inc. 1937-1950
9Mansfield Drive In Corp. 1950
10Mansfield Drive In Corp. Franchise Taxes 1946-1949
11Sheperd Drive In Theatre Corp. 1946-1952
12Sheperd Drive In Theatre Franchise Taxes 1946-1949
13South Main Drive In Theatre Company 1940-1950
14South Main Drive In Theatre Company Franchise Taxes 1941-1949
15Texas San Antonio Corporation 1946-1947
16Texas San Antonio Corporation 1945-1949
881Interstate. Federal Excess Profits Tax 1951
2Interstate. Drive In Theatre Companies. Second Income Tax 1951
3Working Papers/ Bonus Tax, Drive Ins (Third Quarter) 1951
4Entire Circuit Estimated Profits Before Federal Income Taxes, Comparison 1950-1951. Profits Before and After Partners. August 1951
5Interstate/Texas Consolidated and Affiliated Companies. Profits Before Federal Taxes 1957-1965
6Mid-South Theatres, Inc. Taxes. January 1969
7Mid-South Theatres, Inc. Taxes. February 1969
8Mid-South Theatres, Inc. Taxes. April 1969
9Mid-South Theatres, Inc. Taxes. May 1969
10Mid-South Theatres, Inc. Taxes. June 1969
891Mid-South Theatres, Inc. Taxes. July 1969
2Mid-South Theatres, Inc. Taxes. August 1969
3Mid-South Theatres, Inc. Taxes. September 1969
4Mid-South Theatres, Inc. Taxes. State and City November 1969
5Occupation Taxes 1959-1960
6Interstate. Taxes. Percent Comp. Book 1970
7Interstate. Correspondence re. Service Charge on Passes 1949-1951
8Revised Combines Income Tax (Bill Curtis Files) 1972
9Sales Tax, State and City (Bill Curtis Files) 1972-1973
10Property Taxes 1976
901Revenue Agent Reports (RARs) Albuquerque Theatres 1937-1941
2Revenue Agent Reports (RARs) Albuquerque Theatres 1942-1947
3Albuguerque Exhibitors, Inc. Federal Income Tax 1950
4RARs. Galveston Theatres, Inc. 1945-1949
5Texas Consolidated Theatres. RARs. 1937-1941
6Texas Consolidated Theatres. RARs. 1942-1944
7Texas Consolidated Theatres. RARs. 1945-1947
Real Estate
911Abstract of Title to S. McHenry Survey, Van Zandt County Texas 1931
2Abstract of Deed, Main and Bellaire, Houston 1938
3Tower Apartment Project, Houston 1939
4Interstate. New Building. Douglas and Lovers Lane (Dallas) Correspondence, Blueprints 1944-1945
5Interstate. New Building. Douglas and Lovers Lane (Dallas) Copies of Legal Documents 1944-1945
6Real Estate Correspondence 1946
7Real Estate File, Ft. Worth and Albuquerque 1946
8Interurban Realty Company, Balance Sheets 1945-1946
921CPA Applications. Melrose/Esquire 1945-1947
2Renovations. Melrose/Esquire 1946
3Renovations. Melrose/Esquire Jan.-Feb. 1947
4Renovations. Melrose/Esquire March-June 1947
5Renovations. Melrose/Esquire July-November 1947
6Houston Deed Abstracts, Property sold 1947
7Correspondence re. King Center Drive In Theatre Properties (Houston) 1961
8Development of Houston Music Theatre, Sharpstown (Dome Theatre) ca. 1966
9Houston Music Theatre, Sharpstown (Dome Theatre) Photographs ca. 1971
10Urban Development. (San Antonio) 1962
11Plans for Proposed Drive In Theatre, Austin ca. 1967
12Correspondence from ABC, inc. re. Request for Capital Funds (RCFs) 1973
Interstate. J.Q. Adams Files Prospective Locations.
931Albuquerque 1967-1969
2Arlington ca. 1956
3Carrollton-Farmers Branch 1970-1971
4Dallas Growth Potential 1970
5Dallas LBJ Freeway 1969-1970
6N.E. Dallas - Richardson-Garland ca. 1969
7Galveston ca. 1971
8Drive-Ins, Houston 1956
9Wedgewood, Fort Worth ca. 1965
10Westbury Square, Houston. NASA Development, Houston ca. 1962-1965
11Tulsa, Oklahoma 1967
Interstate. J.Q. Adams Files Prospective Locations. Plat Plans
3El Paso
4Grand Prairie
5Harlington (Arcadia) 1970
6Harris County, Texas ca. 1964
Interstate. W.E. Mitchell Files. Prospective Locations
9411Alexandria, LA. 1972
12Amarillo (Sid Uberman) 1972
13Arlington 1970
14Austin 1971-1972
15Baton Rouge, LA. 1971
16Brownsville 1968-1970
17Brownwood 1969-1970
951Corpus Christi
2Corsicana 1969-1971
3Dallas 1969-1973
4Balch Springs (Dallas) 1971-1972
5Carrollton-Farmers Branch (Dallas) 1969-1971
6Preston Valley, LBJ (Dallas) 1969-1971
7Oak Cliff (Dallas) 1970-1971
8Denton 1967-1971
9Duncanville 1971
10El Paso 1967-1969
961El Paso 1970-1973
2Euless 1972
3Fort Worth 1969-1970
4Gulf States
5Galveston 1971
6Garland 1971
7Hereford 1960
8Houston 1970-1972
9Sharpstown (Houston) 1970-1972
10Town and County (Houston) 1969-1970
11Baptist College and Fondren (Houston) 1969-1970
971Jackson, Mississippi, 1972
2Killen, Texas 1972
3Lewisville, Tx
4Longview, Tx 1966-1971
5Los Angeles, CA 1967
6Lubbock, 1969-1970
7Marshall, TX 1961
8Nacogdoches TX 1969-1970
9Pharr, TX 1959-1972
10San Angelo, TX 1970
11San Antonio, TX 1972-1973
12Temple, TX
13Texarkana, TX 1973
14Tyler, TX 1969-1972
15Tyler, TX 1967-1968
16Valley, TX 1970
981Waco, TX 1962-1965, 1972
2Weslaco, TX 1965-1969
3Wichita Falls, TX 1965-1972
4Misc. Coleman, Stephenville, Big Spring, Beeville, Kingsville 1966-1969
5Proposed Sites for Theatres, Dallas ca. 1965?
6Circle Theatre, Dallas 1966-1970
7Prospective Site. El Paso 1971-1973
8Prospective Site. Morningside Mall, El Paso 1971-1973
9Prospective Site. Montwood Square, El Paso 1971-1973
10Prospective Site. Globe Plaza. San Antonio 1966
991Prospective Site. Irving, Texas 1970
2Prospective Site. Plano, Texas 1965-1970
3Prospective Site. Mesquite, Texas 1969
4Prospective Site. Central Expressway and Meadow Rd. Dallas 1970
5Prospective Site. Pleasant Grove, Dallas 1970
6Prospective Site. Oak Cliff, Dallas 1969-1970
7Prospective Site. Walnut Creek Shopping Center, Garland 1966
8 Hockaday Mall (LBJ and Midway, Dallas) 1968
9Country Club Corners, Dallas
10IDC Real Estate Brochure, El Paso 1971
1001Transcript of Clark, Willie, Mitchell, Jackson Discussion Aug. 14, 1970
2Prospective Site. Evansville, Indiana 1965
3Prospective Site. Alexandria, Louisiana 1968-1970
4Business Correspondence. Paramount Theatre, Alexandria, LA. 1972
5Miscellaneous Correspondence. Biloxi-Gulfport 1962-1971
6Edgewater Mall (Gulfport and Biloxi) Photographs
7Miscellaneous Correspondence. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1967-1970
8Plans. Baton Rouge
9Prospective Theatre Sites. Gulf States 1969
1011Houston, photos of Mangum Shopping Center 1963
2Houston, Texas. Correspondence. 1971
3Houston, Texas. Correspondence. 1972-1974
4Paul E. Wise Company (Real Estate Agents) Houston 1971-1972
5General Office Correspondence with Saenger Theatre (Hattiesburg, Miss) 1972
6General Office Correspondence with Plaza Theatre (Greenville, Miss.) 1972
7General Office Correspondence with Paramount Theatre (Gulfport, Miss.) 1972
8Blueprints for Shopping Center, Evansville, Ind. ca. 1963
9Blue Prints, Deville Theatre, Jackson, Miss. ca. 1962
10General Office Correspondence with Paramount Theatre (Hot Springs, Ark.) 1972
11Houston. Hawkins and Keith. 1970
1021Galveston, TX ca. 1972-1974
2Greenville, Miss. (Blueprints) ca. 1967-1970
3Greenville, Miss. (Blueprints) ca. 1967-1970
4Greenville, Miss. (Correspondence) 1966-1969
5Greenville, Miss. (Correspondence) 1970-1973
6Greenville, Miss. Promotional Literature ca. 1967-1970
7Hattiesburg, Miss.
8Jackson, Miss. Promotional Literature ca. 1962
9Jackson, Miss. Material Samples for Deville Theatre 1969
10Jackson, Miss. Correspondence 1966
1031Photos. Survey of North Dallas Theatres 1947
2Arlington Theatre. Photographs. 1965
3Opening of Wonder Theatre. (Location?)
4Opening of Westwood, Richardson, TX 1965
5Property Sold. Vaughn Property, Abilene 1954-1971
6Property Sold. Palace Theatre, El Paso 1948-1972
7Property Sold. Gem Theatre, Weslaco 1956-1971
8Ritz Theatre Building, Weslaco 1957-1967
1041California Maps
2Miscellaneous California 1968-1969
3Pomona, Riverside, San Bernardino, California 1966-1967
4Century City, California 1966-1970
5Westwood, Los Angeles, California 1966
6Proposed Theatre Site, Orange County, California. Photograph 1968
7Orange County, California 1968-1970
104a1Dallas. Westwood Mall. Correspondence 1970
2Dallas. Bill Wright/Henry Miller Co. Correspondence 1969
3Lubbock and Beaumont. Tom Royal. Correspondence 1970
4Houston. Cost of 4 and 6 Theatre Complex 1970
5Fort Worth. Sale of the Gateway Theatre, 1970
6Dallas. Forest Theatre Sale, 1960-1970
7Denton. ABC Cinema Theatre, 1970
8Harlingen. Arcadia Theatre. 1970
9Wichita Falls. Sikes Center, 1968-1970
10Tyler. New Theatre, 1969-1970
11New Mexico possible expansion, 1967
12Correspondence of Bernard Levy, ABC Inc. and John Adams, 1970
13ABC Inc. New Theatre Application File, 1967
14Arlington. Six Flags Mall, 1968
15Fee Properties Having Buildings Subject to Demolition, ca. 1965
16Houston. Construction "General Specifications for a Theatre Building on Almeda Road, Houston, TX." 1940
17Richardson. Construction. Specifications for Westwood Theatre. 1964
18Austin. Construction. Specifications for a New Theatre at So. Congress Ave. and Live Oak St. ca. 1940
Real Estate - Leases
104b1Index Cards. List of Leases of Subsidiary Companies, Arcadia Amusement Company - West Texas Amusement Co.
2Index Cards. List of Leases in Cities, Abilene - Galveston
Index Cards. - Data for Minutes at Corporate Meetings
104c1Interstate Circuit, Inc. 1935-1957
2Texas Consolidated Theatres. 1935-1957
3Miscellaneous Subsidiary Corporations 1935-1957
1051K.S. Mallory - Office Correspondence re. Leases 1934-1939
Texas Consolidates Theatres, Inc. Lease Analyses
1052Abilene, Albuquerque August 1936
3Amarillo, Breckenridge, Brownsville Aug 1936
4Brownwood, Corsicana, Denison Aug. 1936
5Denton, Donna, Eastlamd Aug. 1936
6El Paso Aug. 1936
7Duplicates ca. 1930s
8Lease Abstracts/Copies sent to City Managers ca. 1938-1940
9Abstracts for Leases ca. 1940
10Abstracts for Leases ca. 1940
1061"Dead Horse" File. Proposed Leases, Not Signed. A and P, Walgreen (Houston) 1941
2Analyses of Leases (Houston, La Porte, San Antonio) 1948
3Lease Analyses. Houston 1951
4Lease Analyses. San Antonio ?
5Correspondence re. Tenant Lease (Robin Teagarden Accounting Dept.) March 1958-August 1961
6Van A. Holloman Files. Insurance: Public Liability/Tenant Leases 1969
7List of Sub Tenants 1970
Leases on Commercial Property and Correspondence
1071Paramount, Abilene 1956-1967
2Queen, Abilene 1949-1966
3Drive In Site and Esquire Theatre, Amarillo 1947-1964
4Arkansas Lane, Arlington 1957
5Varsity Theatre, Austin 1956-1957
6East Walker, National Theatre, Breckenridge 1959-1965
7Breckenridge 1959, 1963
8East Walker, National Theatre, Breckenridge 1959-1966
9Majestic Theatre, Brownsville ca. 1952-1967
1081Majestic Theatre, Brownsville 1952-1967
2Queen Theatre, Brownsville 1945-1961
3Lyric Theatre, Brownwood 1958-1970
4Grand Theatre, Corsicana 1950-1961
5Dallas ca. 1959
6Denison Drive In 1950-1963
7Palace Theatre, El Paso ca. 1949-1963
8Pershing, El Paso 1955-1960
9Plaza Theatre, El Paso, 1968
10Fort Worth ca. 1948-1957
11Post Office Street, Galveston 1956-1957
1091Arcadia Theatre, Harlingen 1955-1968
2Rialto Theatre, Harlingen 1955-1962
3General. Houston 1947-1955
4Alabama Theatre, Houston 1950-1955
5Eastwood Theatre, Houston 1949-1952
6Garden Oaks Theatre, Houston 1945-1950
7Majestic Theatre Bldg., Houston 1947-1954
8Metropolitan, North Main, River Oaks, Houston ca. 1951
9Rusk Avenue, Houston 1945-1950
10Santa Rosa, Scott St., Shepard Drive In, South Main Drive In, Houston 1946-1955
11Tower, Houston 1947-1956
12Village Theatre, Houston 1948
13Houston and First Stree, Paris 1946-1964
1101Tyler Theatre, Tyler 1945-1959
2Erwin St., Liberty Theatre, Tyler Theatre, Tyler 1946-1965
3General. San Antonio 1947-1957
4Aztec Theatre, San Antonio 1946-1955
5Broadway, San Antonio 1939-1954
6Majestic, San Antonio 1935-1955
7Nevada St., State Theatre,San Antonio 1934-1950
8Plaza and Pic Theatres, Vernon 1948-1968
11119th and Austin, 25th St., and Waco Theatre, Waco 1948-1968
2Scott Street, Wichita Falls 1952-1965
310th and Indiana, Wichita Falls 1962-1965
4Wichita Theatre Bldg., Wichita Falls 1965-1969
5Photographs. Aztec Theatre Interior, San Antonio 1955
6Photographs. Tyler Theatre, Tyler 1956
7Photographs. Commercial Property, McAllen 1960
8Mission Theatre, Mission, Texas. Photographs ca. 1938
1121Abilene, Amarillo, Arlington, Austin ca. 1968
2Brownsville, Brownwood, Corsicana ca. 1968
3Dallas ca. 1968
4Denison, Denton, Eastland, El Paso ca. 1968
5Galveston ca. 1968
6Houston Theatre Locations ca. 1958
7Houston ca. 1968
8Hurst, Mercedes, Paris, Pharr ca. 1968
9San Antonio, Temple, Tyler ca. 1968
10Valley, Vernon, Waco, Wichita Falls ca. 1968
Partnerships/Joint Ventures
1131Partnership Contracts ca. 1938-1939
2Partners' Report. Working Papers 1940-1943
3Albuquerque Pool Account 1936-1948
4Albuquerque Pool Account 1936-1948
5Albuquerque Pool Account 1936-1948
6Albuquerque. Bachechi Brothers. Statistical Reports 1944-1951
7Albuquerque. Julie Joan Griffith Trust. Statistical Reports 1946-1951
8Albuquerque. Joseph Barnett. Statistical Reports 1946-1951
9Austin. L. Novy. Statistical Reports 1946-1952
1141Brownwood. L.D. Brown. Correspondence and Statistical Reports 1946-1948
2Brownsville. John Fanning Estate. Statistical Reports 1943-1948
3Dallas. Paul Scott. Statistical Reports 1948
4Dallas. Lowell Russell. Correspondence. 1946-1951
5Dallas. Telenews Theatre. Correspondence and Statistical Reports 1946-1950
6Fort Worth. Varsity Theatre Accounts 1938-1944
7Fort Worth. Sam Archibald. Varsity Theatre. Correspondence and Statistical Reports 1946-1952
8Galveston. Martini Estate. H.E. Kleinecke. Statistical Reports 1946-1951
9Harlingten. Lew Bray, Arcadia Theatre. Correspondence. 1946-1950
10Fort Worth-Houston Pool. I.B. Adelman. Statistical Reports 1946
11Fort Worth-Houston Pool. Statistical Reports 1939-1944
12Houston. R.Z. Glass. Statistical Reports 1946-1948
13Paris. Statistical Reports 1937
14Paris. C.J. Musselman. Correspondence and Statistical Reports 1947-1948
15Ranger. B.E. Garner. Correspondence and Statistical Reports 1944-1948
1151San Antonio. Laurel and Woodlawn. Statistical Reports 1945-1951
2San Antonio. Southern Theatre Company. Statistical Reports 1946-1948
3San Marcos. F.W. Zimmerman. Statistical Reports 1946-1957
4Valley Pool. Accounts and Statistical Reports 1934-1945
5Valley Pool. G.L. Wood. Statistical Reports 1944-1950
6Valley Pool. San Benito. E.F. Brady. Statistical Reports 1946-1948
7Waco. Abe Levy. Statistical Reports 1946-1949
8Wichita Falls. A.A. and R.C. McIlhenan. Statistical Reports 1946-1948
Stock Ledgers
115a1Albuquerque Theatres, Inc. 1932-1936
2Brownsville Amusement Company, 1928
3Brownsville Amusement Company, 1946
4Buckner Boulevard Driv In Corporation, 1948
5Central Texas Theatres Corporation, Class A Stock, 1924
6Central Texas Theatres Corporation, Class B Stock,
7Dallas Realty and Building Company, 1924
8Dent Theatres, Inc. of Texas. Class A Stock, 1926-1927
9Dent Theatres, Inc. of Texas. Class B Stock, 1926-1933
10Houston Broadway Corporation, 1955
11Louis L. Dent, Inc. 1923-1933
115b1New Mexico Theatres, Inc. 1926-1934
2The Old Mill Theatre Company, 1914-1936
3Paschall Texas Theatres, Inc. 1932-1933
4San Antonio Amusement Company, 1919-1936
5Southern Enterprises, Inc. of Texas, 1919-1934
6Texas Theatre Realty Company, 1933
7United Amusement Company, 1919-1936
8Waco Theatres, Inc. Class A Stock, 1928-1933
9Waco Theatres, Inc. Class B Stock,
Oversized stock ledgers. See oversized volumes 27A and 27B, Interstate Amusement Company
1Preferred Stock, 1919-1949
2Common Stock, 1919-1929
Stock Holders, Index Cards,
115cPersonal Name Index. Cancelled Shares, 1954-9155
1161Federal Communications Commission. (FCC) Application for TV Station Construction Permit 1944
2FCC. Correspondence re. TV Station Application 1947-1948
3FCC. Theatre Television Hearing 1952
Pay Television
5Anti-Pay TV Articles
6Clippings re. TV vs. Movies 1942-1960
7Griffith Lambdin Brief, Galveston
8Inquires 1957
9R.B. Johnson Report. Questionnaire on cable TV Use, Dallas area 1957
10Mayors 1957
11Memo re. Cost of Transmission Systems 1952
12Political 1957
1171Phonoscope vs. Interstate 1965
2Phonoscope vs. Interstate 1965
3Phonoscope vs. Interstate 1965-1966
4Phonoscope vs. Interstate 1966
5Phonoscope vs. Interstate 1966-1970
6Sanborn Map Company 1957
7Telemeter Promos
8Telemovie Advertisements 1957
9Telephone Company 1957-1958
10Utilities 1957
11Wired Systems 1957
1181Interstate Pay Television 1957
2Interstate Pay Television 1958
3Interstate Pay Television 1959
4Interstate Pay Television 1960-1961
5Interstate Pay Television 1962-1963
6Interstate Pay Television 1964
7Interstate Pay Television 1965-1969
8Interstate Pay Television. Abilene 1957-1964
9Interstate Pay Television. Amarillo 1957-1964
10Interstate Pay Television. Arlington
1191Interstate Pay Television. Austin 1957
2Interstate Pay Television. Brownsville 1957
3Interstate Pay Television. Brownwood 1957
4Interstate Pay Television. Corsicana 1957
5Interstate Pay Television. Dallas, Highland Park, University Park 1957
6Interstate Pay Television. Denison 1957
7Interstate Pay Television. Denton 1957
8Interstate Pay Television. Eastland 1957
9Interstate Pay Television. El Paso 1957-1962
10Interstate Pay Television. Fort Worth and Arlington 1957-1960
11Station CATV (Fort Worth) 1966
12Interstate Pay Television. Galveston 1957-1964
13Interstate Pay Television. Harlingen 1957
14Interstate Pay Television. Houston and Pasadena 1957-1966
15Interstate Pay Television. Lubbock 1957
16Interstate Pay Television. McAllen 1957
17Interstate Pay Television. Paris 1957
18Interstate Pay Television. San Antonio 1957
19Interstate Pay Television. Temple 1957-1964
20Interstate Pay Television. Tyler 1957-1964
21Interstate Pay Television. Vernon 1957
22Interstate Pay Television. Waco 1957-1963
23Interstate Pay Television. Wichita Falls 1957-1964


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