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Crutcher Family Papers

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Crutcher Family
Title: Crutcher Family Papers
Dates: 1876-1931; 1953-1957
Accession No.: MA67-1
Quantity: 12 Boxes
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Texas/Dallas History & Archives, Dallas Public Library 1515 Young St Dallas, TX 75201

Biographical Note

The Crutcher Family came to Dallas, Texas from Kentucky. In 1876 Granville Crutcher and his wife Rebecca Dawson Crutcher, left Frankfort, Kentucky to join their son George. The family members, a total of seven children, included:

1. William A.

2. Rev. John H.

3. George W.

4. Lucile

5. Frank M.

6. James D.

7. Charles F.

The Crutchers soon became involved in the growth of their new city through business, social, and political activities.

In 1888, Charles, Frank, and George formed Crutcher Brothers, a real estate and surety bonds company. Charles was a member of the Dallas Club. Frank and Charles were very involved in the early Texas State Fairs as well. J.D. Crutcher, a lawyer, was also partnered with his brother George in 1888 in the G.W. and J.D. Crutcher, Land Agency and Law Office. Subsequent letterheads reveal J.D. did not join Crutcher Brothers and remained in private law practice.

George W. Crutcher is probably the best-known family member. George was first to leave Kentucky for Texas. In 1875 he came to Dallas as a teacher and businessman. He served as mayor of old East Dallas for three terms, including the year East Dallas became part of Dallas, (midnight December 31, 1889). He continued serving the city as an Alderman. Later, George relocated first to El Paso and then in 1918 to Eastland, Texas. In 1919 with two of his seven children, Richard and Tom, George formed a general insurance company in Eastland, where he died in 1922.

The Crutchers were a large family. The sons were dedicated to business interests such as real estate, insurance, law, and banking. Their names appear on committees and business rosters such as Bankers and merchants National Bank. Its families, like this one, that have built the City of Dallas.

Scope and Contents

The collection contains personal, financial, and miscellaneous papers, as well as many photographs, formerly belonging to the Crutcher family. A varied assortment of old programs, magazines, booklets, scrapbook pages, sheet music, and letters are contained in twelve boxes.

The personal letters are absorbing both in content and style: often charming and affectionate, sometimes quite frank, and filled with the little items of life in those days. The business papers refer in detail to land dealings, particularly in Old East Dallas. The photographs are identified, where possible, and are lovely vintage prints.

This collection is rich in terms of tracing the history of this family, its relationships and businesses, and a general description of life during the late 19th and 20th centuries. The materials, in general, are in good condition; however, some are very fragile and caution must be used when handling these and all Archives materials

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Family Names:
Dallas (Tex.)
Crutcher Family Papers

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

MA67-1 Crutcher Family Papers Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

Processing Information

Processed by Hugh Carney. Edited by Cindy C. Smolovik, Archivist

Detailed Description of the Collection


Letters and other Personal Papers 1877-1894

Box Folder
1 1 Letters and Other Personal Papers undated
2 Letters and Other Personal Papers undated
3 Letters and Other Personal Papers 1877-1885
4 Letters and Other Personal Papers 1886-1887
5 Letters and Other Personal Papers 1890
6 Legal Documents, Deeds, Tax Receipts 1888-1890
7 Letters and Other Personal Papers 1891-1894


Personal and Financial Papers 1895-1922

Box Folder
2 1 1895
2 1896
3 1897-1900
4 1901-1904
5 1905-1915
6 1916-1921
7 1922


Personal and Financial Papers; Notes, Deeds, Telegrams, Invitations, Poems by Jean Dawson Crutcher 1923-1931

Box Folder
3 1 Personal and Financial Papers 1923
2 Personal and Financial Papers 1924-1925
3 Personal and Financial Papers 1926-1931
4 Notes, Deeds, Financial Papers 1891-1894
5 Assorted Telegrams 1896-1929
6 Invitations: Wedding, etc.
7 Calling Cards: Business and Personal
8 "Exodus" and Other Poems by Jean Dawson Crutcher
9 Other Poems, Mostly (all?) by Jean Dawson Crutcher


Newspapers, (1916-1928; 1953) "Town North Magazine,"1951 - 1956, Newsletters and Booklets

Box Folder
4 1 Newspapers (1916 and 1927)
2 Newspapers (1918)
3 Newspapers (1927 and 1928)
4 Newspapers (1953)
5 "Town North" Magazine (Assorted 1951 - 1956) and Assorted Booklets
6 Dallas Athletic Club News (Assorted 1953 - 1954)


Programs, Magazines

Box Folder
5 1 Assorted Programs and Magazines
2 Oak Cliff (now Adamson) High School Magazines Assorted, 1919 - 1930
3 Assorted High School Magazines 1919, 1927, 1930, and 1931
4 Miscellaneous Scrapbook Pages
5 "Wives, Princesses and Concubines" by Julian Sherrod, 1931


Fairs, Miscellaneous Items

Box Folder
6 1 1920 Soil Survey, Dallas County
2 Miscellaneous School Catalogues, etc.
3 1936 Texas Centennial - Assorted Items
4 Southwestern Expo and Fat Stock Show Programs Assorted 1928 - 1938
5 State Fair of Texas Programs 1929, 1930, 1932
6 Assorted Dallas Theatre Programs 1927 - 1956


Football Programs

Box Folder
7 1 Texas - O.U. Game Program (6 copies) 1930
2 Football: Assorted Programs, History, SMU "Yell Book" 1928-1929
3 Football: Assorted Programs


East Dallas, A. Harris & Co., Miscellaneous Items

Box Folder
8 1 "East Dallas Materials"
2 A. Harris & Co., 1896 Materials
3 Miscellaneous
4 Miscellaneous
5 Miscellaneous, Including 2 Land Grants Under Republic of Texas (1841)


Flat Box, Sheet Music

Box Folder
9 Flat Box: Assorted Sheet Music


East Dallas Minute Books and Pocket Memo Book

Box Folder
10 Flat Box: FRAGILE: 3 "Minute Books", East Dallas: Letter Copies 1887, 1888, and 1892 - 1893 &1897. Many are illegible or nearly so. Also Pocket Memo Book, 1887-1888.



Box Folder
11 Photos and Negatives - Identified when possible
Box Folder
12 Photos - Identified when possible