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Floyd Arnold Turner WWII Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Floyd Arnold Turner
Title: Floyd Arnold Turner WWII Collection
Dates: 1943- 1987; bulk 1943-1945
Accession No.: MA 13-3
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Texas/Dallas History & Archives, Dallas Public Library.   1515 Young St.,  Dallas, TX 75201

Biographical Note

Floyd Arnold Turner was born on April 21, 1921 in Temple, Texas to Claud and Alice Turner. His mother died in 1925 during childbirth leaving his father to raise Floyd and his two brothers, Gene and Kimmins. Floyd accompanied his father to work when he was young. It was there he acquired the nickname of Sparkie because he enjoyed playing with old spark plugs.

Floyd Turner joined the Army Air Corps on August 20, 1941 at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. Over the next couple of years he was stationed in St. Louis, MO, San Angelo, TX, Harlingen, Tx, Boise, ID, Scottsbluff, NE, and Topeka, KS for training. He left Topeka on December 11, 1943 with his training finally completed to go overseas. He arrived in England on January 5, 1944 after traveling through Florida, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Brazil, and Africa. Floyd had been trained as an aircraft mechanic and became a gunner in the Army Air Corps. He was a member of Crew #7 of the 93rd Bombardment Group, 328th Squadron, while in England. He completed 32 bombing missions and was awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal, two Distinguished Flying Cross medals, and the Army Air Corps Air Medal.

Floyd Turner met Loeine Adelia Scott while he was stationed in Scottsbluff, Nebraska at the local Busy Bee cafe where she worked. Loeine was the girl he dreamed of and wrote to while he was stationed overseas. They married after his tour of duty in England on September 25, 1944. They lived in Biloxi, MS where he was stationed as a Technical (Flight Engineer) Instructor at Keesler Field. He was discharged from the Army Air Corps as a Staff Sergeant at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX on September 2, 1945, the day that World War II officially ended with the signing of the surrender documents aboard the USS Missouri by Japan.

Loeine and Floyd Turner had one daughter and five sons. Floyd Turner died on November 15, 1999 in Garland, TX. Loeine Turner died on February 23, 2013.


  • Smith, Cynthia Sue Turner. An Airman's Tail; The WWII Diary of Staff Sergeant Floyd Arnold Turner . 2012.
  • In Memory of Loeine Turner, March 1, 1926 - February 23, 2013". Dignity Memorial. online obituary at legacy.com

Scope and Content

This collection would be of interest to anyone researching the World War II era, particularly the life of a Staff Sergeant and air crewman stationed in England. It would be of interest to anyone researching the 328th Squadron of the 93rd Bombardment Group or bombing missions from England to Germany and France. The letters to Loeine Scott would interest anyone researching romantic relationships during World War II.

The collection of eight boxes predominately covers the years of 1943-1945 while Floyd Turner was in the Army Air Corp during World War II. The bulk of the collection is in the correspondence series which contains the letters written by Floyd Turner to Loeine Scott, his fiancé and then wife. The collection includes many of the documents which detailed his military life, such as travel documents, instructor's book, and commendations. Some of the documents cover the time right after their marriage as they began to set up housekeeping at a military base in Biloxi, MS. Items range from the envelope in which Loeine received her first allotment to rental agreements for housing. Other items included are the lucky scarf Loeine give to him, items collected during his travels, photographs, his diaries, his bomber jacket, and the book written by his daughter, An Airman's Tail, The WWII Diary of Staff Sergeant Floyd Arnold Turner.



The collection is divided into five series: Artifacts, Correspondence, Documents and Mementos, Photographs and Postcards, and Printed Material.
Series 1. Artifacts. Series contains a plaque, medals, handkerchiefs, scarves, a boxed presentation flag, his bomber jacket, and his uniform dress jacket.
Series 2. Correspondence. Series contains the correspondence of Floyd Turner and Loeine Scott during World War II. Most of the letters were written by Floyd Arnold Turner to his fiancé, Loeine Scott, while he was in the Army Air Corps. It also includes some correspondence after the war with other members of Crew 7.
Series 3. Documents and Mementos. Series contains his military documents including leave papers, commendations, and flight record. It also contains the ephemeral collected during the war years.
Series 4. Photographs and Postcards. Series contains photographs of Crew 7 and Floyd Turner during the war. It also contains the postcards he and his wife collected while traveling in the military.
Series 5. Printed Material. Series contains pamphlets, programs, guides, and books including the Harlingen Army Air Field yearbook for 1943, the official AAF Guide, and "Going back to Civilian Life".

Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Floyd Arnold Turner
Loeine Adelia Scott
Omar Florin
John Ives
Wes Kinney
Andy Silvas
Tommy Marion Thompson
Cheddington, England
Hardwick Airfield, England
Biloxi, MS
Staff Sergeant

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

MA 13-3 Floyd Arnold Turner WWII Collection; Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

Alternative Form Available

Diary of Floyd Turner

Detailed Description of the Collection


Artifacts, 1944, n.d.

Box Folder
1 1 Original medals: Distinguished Flying Cross and lapel pin, Army Air Corps Air medal, Good Conduct medal, Gunners Wing (2), Troop Carrier Command Pin, and sweetheart jewelry, n.d.
Contained in a Norelco box
2 Original box no.1 for Distinguished Flying Cross, n.d.
3 Original box no.2 for Distinguished Flying Cross, n.d.
4 Army Air Corps Medal (boxed replacement medal), n.d.
5 Distinguished Flying Cross (boxed replacement medal), n.d.
Awarded on 10 July 1944
6 Army Good Conduct medal (replacement medal), n.d.
7 American Defense Service medal (replacement medal set), n.d.
8 European-African Middle Eastern Campaign medal (replacement medal set), n.d.
9 Air Medal Decoration Set (replacement set, including lapel button), n.d.
10 Brazil Nut, carved, 1943
Marked Belem, Brazil 1943
11 Certified list of bombing runs and dates signed by Squadron Commander and Air Corps Commanding Officer plaque, 1944
Box Folder
2 1 United States Flag in commemorative wood display case, n.d.
Displayed with the flag is a picture of Floyd A. Turner and one of his original Distinguished Flying Cross medals
Box Folder
3 1 Bomber jacket with 328th squadron patch, n.d.
2 Uniform Dress Jacket, n.d.
3 Lucky scarf, n.d.
Received from Loeine A. Scott for Floyd Turner's birthday
4 Scarf commemorating the Mississippi Gulf Coast, n.d.
5 Scarf with poem to my wife, n.d.
From Miami Beach, FLA and U.S. Air Force
6 Royal Air Force handkerchief, n.d.
7 Brown handkerchief, n.d.


Correspondence, 1943-1978

Box Folder
4 1 Ed Cobb, assessor and collector of taxes, Dallas County, TX, 1943
2 Omar Florin, crewmate of Floyd A. Turner, 1964-1978, n.d.
3 Wes M. Kinney, 1944
4 Ernie Pribison, 1945-1968, n.d.
5 Loeina Scott, 1944
Postcard to Floyd A. Turner from Loeina Scott
6 Loeine Scott, Vmail, 1944, n.d.
Vmail written to Loeina Scott from Sgt Floyd A. Turner, Sgt John Ives, Cpl Theadore Coffman, Pfc Andy P. Silvas, Pfc Harry. Merle, Sgt. Cecil Estes, and Cpl Harold C. Marshall
7 Andy Silvas, 1944-1945
8 Tommy Marion Thompson, 1944-1965, n.d.
9 Floyd Arnold Turner, November 1943
10 Floyd Arnold Turner, December 1943
11 Floyd Arnold Turner, January 1944
12 Floyd Arnold Turner, 1-15 February 1944
13 Floyd Arnold Turner, 16-29 February 1944
14 Floyd Arnold Turner, 1-15 March 1944
15 Floyd Arnold Turner, 16-31 March 1944
16 Floyd Arnold Turner, 1-19 April 1944
17 Floyd Arnold Turner, 21-28 April 1944
Box Folder
5 1 Floyd Arnold Turner, 1-15 May 1944
2 Floyd Arnold Turner, 16-31 May 1944
3 Floyd Arnold Turner, 1-15 June 1944
4 Floyd Arnold Turner, 16-24 June 1944
5 Floyd Arnold Turner, July 1944
6 Floyd Arnold Turner, 2-15 August 1944
7 Floyd Arnold Turner, 16-27 August 1944
8 Floyd Arnold Turner, October and November 1944
9 Floyd Arnold Turner, April - August 1945
10 Erwin "Wash" Wasicek, n.d.


Documents and Mementos, 1943-1998

Box Folder
6 1 Authorization for Absence, 9 May 1945
2 Biloxi, Mississippi visitors' guide, n.d.
Map shows where the Turners lived
3 Busy Bee Cafe, 1946, n.d.
4 Change of status, 1944
5 Currency bills (4), n.d.
1. $1.00 signed by crew #7 2. $1.00 signed by Sparkie, Woodie, and Thompson 3. $1.00 signed by Sparkie, Woodie, and Thompson 4. $1.00 signed by Sparkie Turner, Dallas, TX and J.R. Wood, Macon, Georgia, and Bucky P.
6 Currency bills, (5), n.d.
7 Currency bills, (4), n.d.
8 Diary of Floyd A. Turner, 1943
9 Diary of Floyd A. Turner, 1943-1944
10 Diary of Floyd A. Turner, 1944-1949
11 Envelopes - mementos, 1944-1946
12 Expenses, 1944-1945, n.d.
13 Flight record, 1943
14 Instructor's project grade sheets, 1945
15 Medals list, n.d.
16 Newspaper articles, 1944-`945, n.d.
17 Newspaper, Chicago Sunday Tribune, 13, May 1945
18 Newspaper, The Daily Sketch, London, England, 17 March 1944
19 Newspaper, Dallas Morning News, 25 May 1998
20 Newspaper, Star- Herald, Scottsbuff, NE, 1990
21 Newspaper, The Stars and Stripes, 14 April 1944
22 Newspaper, The Stars and Stripes, 20 April 1944
23 Newspaper, The Stars and Stripes, 21 April 1944
24 Patch - Air Training Command, n.d.
25 Patch - Airman First Class, n.d.
26 Patch - Gunner's Wings (2), n.d.
27 Patch - Name badge, leather, n.d.
28 Patch - Overseas insignia, 1943-1944
29 Patch - Staff Sergeant (2), n.d.
30 Patch - USA Air Force, n.d.
31 Photograph receipt, 1945
32 Quartermaster cards (3), 1943-1945
33 Receipt for education form, 1946
34 Recommendation to be an instructor, 1944
35 Rental contracts, Biloxi, MS, 1945
36 Scrapbook page - American Defense Ribbon Award, Promotion to Staff Sergeant, 1944
37 Scrapbook page - Assignments and issued items, 1943-1944
38 Scrapbook page - Oak Leaf Cluster award, 1944
39 Scrapbook page - Prisoner of war picture, 1944, n.d.
40 Scrapbook page - Receipt for firearms, travel orders, 1944, n.d.
41 Scrapbook page - Release from operational flying, 5 June 1944
42 Scrapbook page - School notes, 1944
43 Scrapbook page - Travel orders, 1944
44 Scrapbook page - Travel orders and allottments, 1944
45 Scrapbook page - Travel receipt and drawing, 1944, n.d.
46 Shipping receipts, 1945
Box Folder
7 1 Soldiers individual pay record, 1942-1943
2 Terminal leave, 1947
3 Theatre cards, Biloxi, MS, n.d.
4 Ticket to "Vox Pop", 1945
5 Tobacco, 1945, n.d.
6 Travel orders and documents, 1944-1945, n.d.
7 War ration books, 1945, n.d.
8 War savings bonds and stamps card, n.d.


Photographs and postcards, 1939 - 1945, n.d.

Box Folder
7 9 Photographs - military, ca. 1939-1944, n.d.
10 Postcards - England (22), ca. 1944, n.d.
11 Postcards - London underfire (10), ca 1944, n.d.
12 Postcards - United States (15), ca 1943-1945, n.d.
Box Folder
8 1 Floyd A. Turner's army airforce service photograph album,


Printed material, 1943 - 1987, n.d.

Box Folder
7 13 AAF redistribution station no. 2 guide, Miami Beach, FL, n.d.
14 Air Force Day program, Keesler Field, Biloxi, MS, 1945
15 All-Time Song Favorites, n.d.
16 Army Air Forces Aircraft Propellers (manual), n.d.
17 B-24 Liberator in action, 1987
18 Every Saturday the U.S. Army brings you football broadcasts pamplet, n.d.
19 Going back to civilian life, 1945
20 Harlingen Army Air Field yearbook, 1943
21 History of 93rd Bomb Group, 1998
22 Keesler Field song book, 1944
23 Official AAF guide, n.d.
24 Soldiers' guide - Biloxi, Mississippi, n.d.
25 Victory squadron, n.d.
26 Welcome Armed Forces to National Park services pamplet, n.d.
Box Folder
8 2 An airman's tail: The WWII diary of Staff Sergeant Floyd Arnold Turner, 2012