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Dr. Herbert and Virginia Gambrell collection

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Gambrell, Dr. Herbert
Title: Dr. Herbert and Virginia Gambrell collection
Dates: 1841, 1861-1908, 1925-1982, undated
Dates (Bulk): 1935-1955
Abstract: Herbert Gambrell served as the curator for the Dallas Historical Society from 1933-1976. His wife, Virginia, served as the director of the Hall of State at Fair Park from 1948-1976. The collection consists of records from Gambrells' research in Texas History, higher education, and other subjects. Formats include correspondence, drafts of book chapters, research notes, newspaper clippings, brochures, and photographs.
Identification: A.85.44
Quantity: 10 boxes, (4.0 linear ft.)
Language: English
Repository: Dallas Historical Society

Biographical Sketch

Herbert Gambrell received a B.A. from Southern Methodist University in 1921 and began where he began teaching history in 1923. He received a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 1946 and became the chairman of the History Department at SMU the following year. Gambrell also served as curator and Director for the Dallas Historical Society during this time. He retired from SMU in 1964, but he held his position at the DHS until 1976.

The Dallas Historical Society hired Virginia Leddy as its archivist in 1934. Leddy married Herbert Gambrell in 1940 and served as the director of the Hall of State at Fair Park from 1948 until 1976. During that time she also held positions with the American Association of State and Local History and with the Society of American Archivist. Together, the Gambrell's wrote A Pictorial History of Texas (1960).

Scope and Contents Note

The Dr. Herbert and Virginia Gambrell collection consists of records of the Gambrells' research in Texas history, higher education, and other subjects. Several research papers were written by the students of Dr. Gambrell's at Southern Methodist University. The papers all reference Texas history and Republic of Texas history. The majority of the research papers are written about people in Republic of Texas politics, people who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence, and/or people who fought for the Texas Republic. Dr. Gambrell's papers also include research work that he did into the subjects of diploma mills and bogus universities. Formats include correspondence, drafts of book chapters, research notes, research papers, pamphlets, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, brochures, diplomas-real and bogus, and photographs.


The collection is arranged into six series.
Series I: History research material, contains files on various figures from Texas history. The files contain drafts of essays, correspondence, research notes, and newspaper clippings.
Series II: Typescripts, consists of drafts of chapters from an unpublished book by Dr. Gambrell on the history of Texas from the first Anglo settlers.
Series III: Higher education, contains records of Dr. Gambrell's investigation of diploma mills. The records include correspondence, brochures, and newspaper clippings.
Series IV: Who's Who, contains correspondence, brochures, and newspaper clippings related to the publication of various directories in the style of Who's Who in America. The series includes material related to a Texian Who's Who, which was published by Dr. Gambrell and others who were later sued for copyright infringement.
Series V: Personal records, contains personal items not related to the Gambrells' research. Certificates, diplomas, and records of the Dallas "Thirteen Club" are included.
Series VI: Photographs, contains photographs of monuments and historic homes.


Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research use.

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Publication Rights:Permission to publish materials must be obtained from the staff of the Dallas Historical Society.

Copyright Statement:It is the responsibility of the user to obtain copyright authorization.

Sensitive Material Statement:Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations. Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications for which the Dallas Historical Society assumes no responsibility.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Gambrell, Herbert Pickens, 1898-1982.
Gambrell, Virginia.
Banche, Richard.
Barker, Eugene Campbell.
Baylor, R. E. B. (Robert Emmett Bledsoe), 1793-1873.
Bean, Peter Ellis, 1783-1846.
Billingsley, Jesse.
Bollaert, William.
Borden, Gail, 1801-1874.
Brigham, Asa, 1788-1844.
Bryan, John Neely, 1810-1877.
Burleson, Edward, 1798-1851.
Burleson, Emma Kyle.
Burnet, David G. (David Gouverneur), 1788-1870.
Butler, Anthony.
Caldwell, Matthew.
Childress, George Campbell, 1804-1841.
Crane, William C. (William Carey), 1891-1978.
Ehrenberg, Herman, 1816-1866.
Ellis, Richard.
Ferguson, James Edward, 1871-1944.
Fields, Richard.
Fisher, Samuel Rhodes.
Fontaine, Edward, 1814-1884.
Grimes, Jesse.
Guicciardini, Francesco, 1483-1540.
Henderson, James Pinckney, 1808-1858.
Henderson, Yoakum Robinson, 1810-1856.
Hogg, James Stephen, 1851-1906.
Houston, Sam, 1793-1863.
Keller, Jim.
Lamar, Mirabeau B. (Mirabeau Buonaparte), 1798-1859.
Long, Jane Herbert Wilkinson, 1798-1880.
Moore, Edwin Ward, 1811-1865.
Navarro, José Antonio, 1795-1871.
Parker, Quanah, 1845?-1911.
Sinks, Julia Lee Sinks, 1817-1904.
Mitchell, Nathan, 1822-1897.
Rusk, Thomas J. (Thomas Jefferson), 1803-1857.
Smith, Erastus "Deaf," 1787-1837.
Stephenson, Henry, 1772-1841.
Terrell, Alexander Watkins, 1827-1912.
Thrall, Homer Spellman, 1819-1894.
Throckmorton, Jas. W. (James Webb), 1825-1894.
Trask, Judith, 1806-1892,
Webb, James, 1792-1856,
Wharton, John A. (John Austin), 1806-1838.
Wharton, William Harris, 1802-1839.
Williamson, Robert McAlpin, 1804-1859.
Yates, Andrew Janeway, 1803-1856.
Subjects (Organizations)
Lee Monument Association.
Who's Who in America.
Texian Who's Who.
American Association of State and Local History.
Society of American Archivist.
A Pictorial History of Texas (1960)
Handbook of Texas.
McMullen-McGloin Grant.
Fair Park (Dallas, Tex.)
Southern Methodist University.
San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site (Tex.)
Document Types
Printed materials.
Historical Manuscripts Collection

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Collection of the Dallas Historical Society, Dr. Herbert P. and Virginia Gambrell collection.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Manes, 1984.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Christopher Strange, March 11, 2014.

Description of Series

History research material, 1841-1981

Box Folder
1 1 Banche, Richard, 1936
Grandson of Benjamin Franklin and Deborah Read. Correspondence with Louise Franklin Bache.
2 Bancroft, Hubert Howe, 1940, undated
History of the Assembly Line by Gambrell about Bancroft. Twenty-two pages, two copies.
3 Baptists and Texas History, 1944
Article from "Baptist Standard" by J.D. Keys Sr.
4 Barker, Eugene Campbell, 1931, 1942-1946, undated
Author of The Annexation of Texas, The Father of Texas, Native Latin American Contribution to the Colonization and Independence of Texas.
5 Barker, Eugene Campbell, 1944
Pity the Poor President read by Dr. Campbell at the inauguration of Pres. Whyburn of Texas Technological College.
6 Baylor, Robert E. B., 1869, 1874, 1928-1939, 1964, undated
Correspondence with Baylor Pres. Pat Neff, biography of Baylor, newspaper clippings, magazine article.
7 Bean, Ellis P., 1935
Term paper, Colonel Ellis P. Bean, twenty-two pages.
8 Billingsley, Jesse, undated
Student paper by Rupert Sprott, Life of Jesse Billingsley.
9-10 Biographies, 1935, 1955, undated
Essays and notes on various figures of Texas History, a paper titled "The Academic Historian as Biographer," The University of Texas v. James E. Ferguson; List of nominees for the Texas State College for Women Hall of Fame. Some student papers and notes. Lecture notes on Stephen F. Austin, Anson Jones, James Stephen Hogg, and Mirabeau B. Lamar. Short bio on J. Pickney Henderson and Thomas Jefferson Rusk.
11 Bollaert, William, undated
Handwritten notes and an outline.
12 Borden, Gail, 1935
Student paper, twenty-two pages.
13 Brigham, Asa, 1936, 1949
Notes and correspondence.
14 Bryan, John Neely, undated
Short five-page biography.
15-17 Burleson, Edward and Emma Kyle, 1935-1936, undated
Paper written by Thelma Burleson, master's thesis, The Life and Career of Edward Burleson, 111 pages., transcribed interview with Emma Burleson.
18 Burnet, David G., 1936, undated
Student thesis.
19 Butler, Anthony, 1935
Student paper.
20 Cabeza de Vaca, undated
Student draft.
21 Caldwell, Mathew, undated
Student paper.
22 Chambers, Thomas J., 1937
Student paper.
23 Childress, George C., 1936
Student paper.
24 Crane, William Carey, undated
Term paper.
25 Crockett School, 1908
Newspaper article.
26 Cullen and Hirschfeld, 1954
27 Ehrenberg, Herman, undated
Notes, correspondence, term paper.
28 Ellis, Richard, 1929-1935, undated
Term paper, correspondence, notes.
29 Fannin, James W., 1936
Speech by William Butt to the Georgia Society of Fannin County Georgia.
30 Ferguson, James, undated
Student paper and handwritten notes.
Box Folder
2 31 Fields, Richard, 1935
Richard Fields, An Indian, term paper.
32 Fisher, Samuel R., undated
Notes from student and term paper, Life of Samuel Rhodes Fisher and Calendar of Fisher Papers.
33 Fontaine, Edward, 1935
The Reverend Edward Fontaine: Private Secretary to President Lamar and Founder of the First Protestant Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas. Term paper.
34 Forbes v. Labadie, undated
Term paper.
35 Funston, Frederick, 1961
Correspondence, newspaper clipping.
36 Grimes, Jesse, undated
Term paper.
37 Guicciardini, Francesco, undated
Term paper.
38-39 Handbook of Texas, 1943, 1948-1951, undated
Correspondence and drafts of Handbook of Texas articles including an Anson Jones article by Dr. Gambrell.
40 Henderson, James Pickney, undated
Term paper.
41 Heroes, 1970, undated
Drafts of essays on figures in Texas History.
42-49 Hogg, James S., 1923, 1928, 1934-1936, 1960, undated
Notes, correspondence, oral history, Statesman or Demagogue? By Dr. Gambrell.
50 Houston, Margaret L., undated
Poems written about family and the loss of the Independence of Texas.
51 Houston, Sam, 1928, 1957, undated
Handwritten documents by Sam Houston (not sure if original or copies); letter by John Walsh regarding the removal of public archives from Austin by order of President Houston.
52 Houston, Temple, undated
An Eloquent Plea in District Court by the Honorable Temple Houston.
53 Hurrah for Dallas!, 1945, undated
Correspondence from several people that Gambrell sent the article to; the article Hurrah for Dallas!.
54 Illustrations, 1841, 1872, 1882, 1953
Photocopies of printed materials.
55 Jones, Anson, 1969
One page article of Samuel Lucas v. Jones and Spear.
56 Jones, Mrs. John Rice, 1936-1939
57 Keller, Jim, 1935-1936
Correspondence with Gambrell and Keller and stories written by Keller.
58 Kimble, Herbert S., undated
Correspondence by Kimble's son.
Box Folder
3 59-64 Lamar, M.B., 1929, 1934-1939, 1941-1944, undated
Biography, East Texas Magazine article about Lamar, granddaughters, correspondence, transcribed pages from Lamar's journal, and memorial information. Drafts, correspondence with granddaughter, newspaper articles.
65 Latin America 1944
66 Lee, Robert E., in Texas, 1939, undated
Why the Lee monument in Texas.
67 Long, Jane, undated
Term paper, and a draft.
68 Madison, James, undated
Term paper.
69 McKinney, Thomas F., undated
Drafts, notes, printed materials.
70 McMullen and McGloin Grant, 1935
Term paper regarding grant from the Republic of Mexico.
71 Menard, M.B., 1930, undated
Articles, drafts and correspondences.
72 Milam, Benjamin R., undated
73 Money of the Republic of Texas, 1944
Article from The Numismatist.
74 Moore, Edwin W., 1935
Term paper.
75 Moore, Francis Jr., 1944
Article from The Southwestern Historical Quarterly. Volume XLVII, No. 4.
76 Morphis, J.M., 1932
Correspondences with references to Morphis.
77 Nacogdoches, 1935-1936, undated
Pamphlet of the "Commercial State Bank," Letter from the Works Progress Administration regarding the first Grand Jury to meet in Texas, and a tourist guide of Nacogdoches.
78 Navarro, Jose Antonio, undated
Term paper.
79 Negro in Texas, 1936, undated
"Progress of the Negro in Texas," and 1936 census of the percentage of illiterate Negros in Texas.
80 Panama notes undated
81 Padgitt Brothers, undated
Handwritten paper.
82 Parker, Quanah, 1935
Term paper, notes.
83 Pillsbury obituary undated
84 Rangers and the Comanche, 1935, undated
Term paper.
85 Reagan, John H., 1905
Printed materials.
86 Republic, Binkley notes 1929
Box Folder
4 87 Republic, End of, undated
Report of the events at the ceremony that ended the Republic of Texas.
88 Republic, Judicial System of, undated
Term paper.
89 Republic, Julia Lee Sinks reminiscences, undated
Term paper.
90 Republic, Nathan Mitchell reminiscences, undated
Term paper.
91 Riley, John N., undated
92 Rusk, Thomas J., undated
Essays, notes, term paper.
93 San Felipe de Austin, undated
Term paper.
94 San Jacinto, 1945, 1949, undated
Essay, printed materials.
95 Schools, colleges, and institutions, undated
Lists of schools both private and denominational.
96 Seguin, Erasmo, undated
97 Smith, Ashbel, undated
98 Smith, Erastus, undated
Handwritten essay by a student.
99 Smith, Henry, 1936, undated
Correspondence, "Affidavit of Heirship of Governor Henry Smith."
100 Starr, Dr. James Harper, 1936
Printed materials.
101 Stephenson, Henry, 1935
Term paper.
102 Sulphur industry, undated
103 Sweet singer, 1936, undated
Poetry and printed materials.
104 Terrell, A.W., undated
Term paper.
105 Texas Centennial Books, 1936
106 Texas Centennial Central Exposition, 1932, 1935
Plans for Biographical Dictionary of Texas, correspondence, meeting minutes.
107 Texas Centennial Central Exposition, 1936-1937, undated
Correspondence, meeting minutes, awards, memorandums, essay.
108 Texas Revolution, H. Davenport, 1932
109 Texas Revolution, T.B. Love, 1936
Love address to the Texas Writers Club.
110 Texas State Historical Association, 1937-1938, 1940-1942
Correspondence, tickets.
111 Texas State Historical Association, 1943-1945, undated
Treasurers report, correspondence, programs, and a TSHA booklet.
112 Texian v. Texan, undated
Printed materials.
113 Thrall, H.S., undated
114 Throckmorton, J.W., Elliott, undated
Term paper
115 Trask, Judith, undated
Copies of correspondence, essay, two exhibit information cards. Full name Frances Judith Somes Trask Thompson.
116 Tyler, George T., 1947
Short biography.
117 University of Texas, 1944-1945, undated
Future Development of the University of Texas, Medical Committee Report, Meeting Minutes of the General Faculty, pamphlets, printed materials.
118 Van Dyke, Henry, undated
Texas: A Democratic Ode by Van Dyke
119 Von Roeder, 1952
The Von Roeder's—Taken from the memoirs of Emilie von Roader.
Box Folder
5 120 Webb, James, 1935
Term paper.
121 Wharton, John A., undated
Term paper.
122 Wharton, William H., 1935
Term paper and notes.
123 Williamson, R.M., 1935
Term paper.
124 Woldert, Albert, M.D., 1936-1937, 1948, 1950.
Correspondence with Dr. Gambrell.
125 Woldert, Albert, M.D., 1941-1942
Moscoso material, correspondence, schedules, programs, newspaper articles, research on Moscoso.
126 Yates, Andrew J., 1935, undated
Term paper, correspondence, notes.
127 Yoakum, Henderson, undated
Biography, notes.
128 Yoakum, Henderson, 1934-1936, undated
Correspondence, articles, a letter from descendant Thomas Yoakum, bio, bibliography, 1934-1936, undated
129 Lundy, 1965-1966, undated
Correspondence, court records, printed materials, articles, essay, song,
130 Amusements in the Republic of Texas, 1937
Article from the Journal of Southern History.
131 Dallas County 135th Anniversary, 1981
Program from the Dallas County Admin. Bldg., and anniversary celebration.
132 The Romance of Texas Money, 1946
Pamphlet written by Dr. William E. Howard.
133 Texas Newspaper collection, 1947
The pamphlet was written by Dr. William E. Howard.

Typescripts, 1952-1967, undated

Box Folder
5 134 Rough drafts, undated
Essay on Mexico City, draft regarding Texas Counties, essay about San Felipe.
135 Rough drafts, undated
Essay's about Mexican Politics, and the Mexican Federal Constitution.
136 Americanization Begins, undated
Draft of a book by Gambrell.
137 Friction Begins, undated
Story about friction between Mexico and Spain, and North American's.
138 Friction Begins, undated
A rough draft of Friction Begins.
139-140 B: Austin in Mexico, undated
141 SFA in Mexico, undated
Thinking as a Great Nation, a story of Robert Owen.
142-143 C: Meantime in Texas, undated
Draft, notes, essay.
Box Folder
6 144-145 D: Mexican Politics, 1967, undated
Correspondence and essay.
146 E: Friction Begins, undated
Essay, draft and notes.
147-148 F: Law of April 6, 1830, undated
Draft, notes and essay.
149-150 G: Texas Without Austin, undated
Essay and rough draft.
151-152 H: Semi-Reluctant Rebels, undated
Essay, draft and notes.
153-154 I: Meantime at San Felipe, undated
Essay, draft and notes.
155 J: Matamoros, undated
156-157 K: Santa Anna Moves, undated
Essay, draft and notes.
158-159 L: Saint Hyacinth, undated
Essay, draft and notes.
160-161 M: After San Jacinto, undated
Essay, draft and notes.
162-163 N: Thinking as a Great Nation, undated
Essay, draft and notes.
164 O: The Absorbing Question, undated
Essay, draft, and notes.
165 P: Tensions, undated
Essay, draft, and notes.
166 Robert Owen in Texas, undated
Essay, draft and notes.
Box Folder
7 167-168 P: Tensions, undated
Essay, draft and notes.
169 Q: Montezuma, undated
Essay, draft and notes.
170-172 Illustrations, Texas, 1952-1953, 1965, undated
Notes, correspondence, drawings of the Alamo by Frederic Ray, Jr., "Early Texas Seals," pamphlets, This is Spain booklet, drafts.

Higher Education, 1904, 1923-1975, undated

Box Folder
7 173-175 Honorary degrees, 1927, 1935-1940, 1942-1946, 1949-1951, 1960, 1966, 1969, undated
Articles and notes regarding people who were offered honorary degrees.
176-177 Unsorted, 1928-1959, 1962, 1970, 1972-1974, undated
Pamphlets, articles relating to degree mills. Information from organizations that offer mail order degrees.
178 Religious Leaders of America, 1935-1943, undated
Correspondence, notes, articles.
179 Crider, 1926, 1940, 1942
Diploma for Crider (fake diploma), School and Society Volumes 51 and 52,
180 Liberal Church Inc., Denver, 1939, 1944
181 Learned societies, 1943, 1946-1947, 1950, undated
Printed materials, pamphlets, newspaper clippings,
182 Los Angeles College of Physiotherapy, 1942, undated
Correspondence and printed materials from the school.
183 Morris Metaphysics, 1944, undated
Correspondence and printed materials from the school.
184 Midland University, Chicago, 1943
185 National College of Audiometry, 1950
School materials.
Box Folder
8 186 Mystic Brotherhood University, 1932, undated
Printed material and correspondence from the school.
187 Lincoln-Jefferson University, 1943-1944
Printed material and correspondence from the school.
188 Milton University, 1943, 1951-1952
189 McKinley-Roosevelt University, 1934, 1943-1944, undated
Printed material, correspondence.
190 Unsorted, 1932, 1942-1943, 1945-1946, 1951-1953, undated
Correspondence, printed materials, articles regarding fake diplomas.
191 Middlesex School of Medicine, 1943
Correspondence and printed materials.
192 Mount Vernon University, 1940, 1942, 1947, 1952
Correspondence, printed materials, and a Federal complaint filed before the Federal Trade Commission.
193 National Association of Colleges and Universities, 1942
194 James, Earl Anglin, 1944, 1947, undated
195 Unity Spiritual Science Church, undated
Printed material.
196 Neotarian college of Philosophy, 1950, undated
Printed material.
197 Webster University, Atlanta, 1926-1927, 1929-1933, 1942, undated
Correspondence, printed material, pamphlets, articles.
198 College of Divine Metaphysics, 1932-1934, 1937-1938, undated
Correspondence, printed material Pamphlets.
199 Golden State University, 1941-1952, undated
Correspondence, articles on the arrest of the apparent V.P. of the school.
200 College of Universal Truth, 1937-1942, undated
Correspondence, application, course catalog, pamphlets, printed material.
201 Esoteric Fraternity, 1942-1943, undated
Book catalog, printed material.
202 Jefferson College, undated
Publication by the college.
203 Tibolt Institute, 1942
Correspondence, enrollment application.
204 Theosophical University, 1942-1943
Course schedule, postcard, printed material, correspondence.
205 The United States University of America, 1973, undated
Course catalog, printed material.
206 Colorado State Christian College, 1973
Application for an honorary degree, correspondence.
207 American Heraldry Society undated
American Heraldry Society
208 Non-Roman Catholics, 1943-1946, undated
Correspondence and newspaper clippings.
209 National Chromoelectronic Institute, 1932, 1935, undated
Prospectus, correspondence, brochure, printed material.
210 Blackstone College, 1943, 1948
Complaint made to the US Federal Trade Commission.
211 Central University, 1943-1952, undated
Correspondence with the school and the Better Business Bureau.
212 Research University, 1924-1932, undated
Application, correspondence, class schedule, school publication.
213 St. James University, 1950
214 Princeton University, Indiana, 1927, 1942
Complaint made to the USFTC to cease and desist, correspondence.
215 Sanctilean University, 1950
Printed material.
216 Pikes Peak Bible Seminary, 1941-1943
Commencement flyer, course catalog, correspondence.
217 Aquarian School of Astrology, 1934
Correspondence, printed material.
218 American Extension School of Law, 1941-1944
219 Universal Psychic Science Seminary, 1950
Printed material.
220 Abbey of Immanuel, 1943
Application, articles, printed material.
221-222 Lucem College, 1943-1951, undated
Correspondence, pamphlet, school description, three research bulletins.
Box Folder
9 223 Universidad Libre Mexicana, 1951
Course listing, correspondence
224 American University, Chicago, 1932-1933, undated
Correspondence, printed material, pamphlets, application.
225 University Foundation and American Theological Seminary, 1941-1943
Printed material, pamphlet, application.
226-227 Bogus colleges, 1904, 1923-1947, 1949-1975, undated
Correspondence with the Federal Trade Commission, printed material, pamphlets, articles, bogus diplomas.
228 Aquinas University of Scholastic Philosophy, 1950
Sample diploma, printed material.
229 Barwell-Walker, F.J., 1942-1943, 1952
Correspondence, pamphlet.
230 Sulgrave, University of, 1943
Correspondence, "Corporations, not for pecuniary profit,"
231 Temple-Bar College, 1940-1947, undated
Correspondence, tuition schedule, printed material.
232 Taylor School of Bio-Psychology, 1933-1942, undated
Correspondence, application, pamphlets, a complaint made to the Federal Trade Commission.
233 School of the Brotherhood, 1932, 1943, undated
Correspondence, printed material, pamphlets.
234 World University, 1947, undated
Articles, correspondence, printed material.
235 Western University, 1950, 1952
Correspondence, printed material.
236 American College, Chicago, 1932-1938, undated
Correspondence, pamphlet, a complaint made to the Federal Trade Commission, application.
237 "Higher Education Checklists," 1946-1966, undated
Pamphlet, correspondence, brochure.
238 Diploma Mills, F.T.C., 1943-1960,
Complaint made to the Federal Trade Commission, articles.
239-240 "Sham Universities Checklists," 1928-1929, 1943-1974, undated
Correspondence, list of universities, notes, printed material, pamphlets, list of degree conferring institutions.
241-244 Notecards, undated
Contact information for various diploma mills.
Box Folder
10 245-246 Certificates, 1935, 1944, undated
Diploma samples.

Who's Who, 1936-1954, undated

Box Folder
10 247-248 A.N. Marquis Company, 1938-1952, 1954, undated
Correspondence, printed material, magazine articles.
249 Texian Who's Who, 1936-1941, undated
Correspondence, a letter from Gov. Allred, deposit slips, newspaper articles, photocopy of the charter of The Texian Co., a certificate for The Texian Co., subpoena regarding A.N. Marquis Co.
250 Who's Who in Texas, 1937-1945, undated
Correspondence, pamphlets, printed material, list of Who' Who publications, questionnaire.
251 Who's Who miscellaneous, 1936-1948, undated
A questionnaire, "America's Young Men," printed material, pamphlets, brochures, "Congressional Record."

Personal records, 1925-1929, 1935-1951, 1962, 1966, 1982, undated

Box Folder
10 252-253 Certificates and diplomas, 1925-1939, 1966, 1982
Dr. Gambrell's personal awards.
254 Greeting cards, 1935, 1962, undated
Personal cards.
255 Letterheads, undated
256 Thirteen Club, 1935-1951
Club correspondence.
257 University of Chicago, 1928-1929
"The University Record," 154th Convocation
258 Wildfire, 1943

Photographs, undated

Box Folder
10 259 Burleson, undated
Photographs of Emma Burleson, home.
260 Yoakum, undated
Photographs of home interior.
261 Identified, undated
262 Unidentified, undated