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University of Texas Medical Branch logo The Truman G. Blocker History of Medicine Collections housed at the Moody Medical Library are the largest in the history of the health sciences in the southern United States. A significant resource for researchers, the collections provide a view of the development of health care from the Renaissance to the 20th century.
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Occupational Therapy
UTMB Department of Occupational Therapy

UTMB Faculty Women's Club

Porter, Eugene L. (1881-1960/1)
Eugene L. Porter, Ph.D. Papers

Records of Operations
UTMB Records of Operations


UTMB School of Allied Health Sciences
UTMB School of Medicine Minutes of the Faculty 1931-1997
UTMB School of Medicine Pathology Department

Chauncey Leake History of Medicine Society Records
Galveston County Medical Assistants Society

The Pharmaceutical Association of the University of Texas (PAUT)
Pharmaceutical Association of the University of Texas Meeting Minutes

Thompson, Edward
Edward I. Bradbridge Thompson, M.D. Papers

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
Campus Building Plans, UTMB, 1964
Current Ledger Medical Department University of Texas (1917-1941)
Early UTMB Document Collection
John Sealy Hospital Dedication Recordings, 1953
Perspectives of Buildings and Grounds, UTMB, 1952

University of Texas Medical Branch
Operation Rebound/Operation Recheck

Vanderpool, Harold
Dr. Harold Y. Vanderpool Papers

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