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Texas State University - The Wittliff Collections Logo Founded by Bill and Sally Wittliff at Texas State University in 1986, the Southwestern Writers Collection is charged with preserving, exhibiting, and providing access to the papers and artifacts of principal writers, filmmakers, and musicians of the Southwest...
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Gilb, Dagoberto, 1950-
A Guide to the Dagoberto Gilb Papers, 2000-2001

Gipson, Fred, 1908-1973
A Guide to the Fred Gipson Papers, 1948-1957

Goldbarth, Albert
A Guide to the Albert Goldbarth Papers, Undated

Graves, John
A Guide to the John Graves Papers, 1920-2006 (Bulk dates: 1946-2004)

Greene, A. C., 1923-
A Guide to the A.C. Greene Papers, 1967-1969, 1973

Gwynn, R. S
A Guide to the R. S. Gwynn Papers, 1976-1994

Hancock, Lee
A Guide to the Lee Hancock Collection, 1975-2004, Bulk: 1993-2000

Hanson, Susan Kay
A Guide to the Susan Hanson Collection, 1991-1992

Hardin, John Wesley, 1853-1895
A Guide to the John Wesley Hardin Collection, 1874-1931 (Bulk: 1874-1895)

Harrigan, Stephen, 1948-
A Guide to the Stephen Harrigan Papers, 1971-2000

Hauptman, William, 1942-
A Guide to the William Hauptman Papers, 1954-1993 (Bulk: 1975-1993)

Hearon, Shelby
A Guide to the Shelby Hearon Papers, 1983-1992

Hughes, Mary Gray and Puckerbrush Press
A Guide to the Puckerbrush Press Collection of Mary Gray Hughes, 1977-2002

Jones, Mary Sue
A Guide to the Mary Sue Jones Papers, 1931-1992 (Bulk: 1949-1992)

Jones, Preston
A Guide to the Preston Jones Papers, 1940-1988 (Bulk : 1963-1979)

King of the Hill
A Guide to the King of the Hill Archives, 1995-2007

King, Larry L
A Guide to the Larry L. King Papers, 1929-ongoing (Bulk: 1957-1993)

Kirkland, Elithe Hamilton
A Guide to the Elithe Hamilton Kirkland Papers, 1910-1992 (Bulk: 1940-1992)

Lansdale, Joe R., 1951-
A Guide to the Joe R. Lansdale Papers, 1985-1992

Lee, Jean
A Guide to the Jean Lee Papers, 1987-2003 (Bulk: 1996)

Lee, Russell
A Guide to the Russell Lee Papers, 1903-1992 (Bulk: 1936-1965)

Lewis, Grover
A Guide to the Grover Lewis Papers, 1955-2005

LittleDog, Pat, 1941-
A Guide to the Pat LittleDog Papers, 1954-1984

Lonesome Dove Television Miniseries
A Guide to the Lonesome Dove Television Miniseries Production Archives, 1985-1990

Lowry, Beverly
A Guide to the Beverly Lowry Papers, 1950-1998

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