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Texas State University - The Wittliff Collections Logo Founded by Bill and Sally Wittliff at Texas State University in 1986, the Southwestern Writers Collection is charged with preserving, exhibiting, and providing access to the papers and artifacts of principal writers, filmmakers, and musicians of the Southwest...
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Arhos, Bill
A Guide to the Bill Arhos Collection of Austin City Limits, 1974-2002

Austin Film Festival
A Guide to the Austin Film Festival Conference Recordings, 1994-1996, 2003-2007

Austin, Nancie
A Guide to the Nancie Austin Papers, 1979-1983

Baker, Paul and Baker, Kitty
A Guide to the Paul and Kitty Baker Papers, 1911-1999 (bulk 1942-1976)

Barrett, Neal
A Guide to the Neal Barrett, Jr., Papers, 1941-(1992) ongoing, (Bulk 1973-1992)

Bass, Rick, 1958-
A Guide to the Rick Bass Papers, 1982-1994

Bird, Sarah
A Guide to the Sarah Bird Papers, 1985-1992

Bones, Jim
A Guide to the Jim Bones Papers, 1965-1988

Bonner, Cindy, 1953-
A Guide to the Cindy Bonner Papers, 1983-1999

Bowden, Charles, 1945-2014
A Guide to the Charles Bowden Papers, 1947 – 2007 [Bulk dates, 1970-2007]

Brammer, Billy Lee
A Guide to the Billy Lee Brammer Papers, 1946-1993

Brooks, Roger L. and Porter, Katherine Anne 1890-1980
A Guide to the Roger L. Brooks Katherine Anne Porter Papers, 1972-1977, bulk: 1976-1977

Broyles, William, Jr
A Guide to the William Broyles, Jr., Papers, 1962-2002

Calvert, Robert A
A Guide to the Robert Calvert Papers, 1970-1995

Carraro, Francine and Weller, Eric
A Guide to the Francine Carraro / Eric Weller “Retracing Russell Lee” Project Collection, 1991-1993

Cartwright, Gary, 1934-
A Guide to the Gary Cartwright Papers, 1981-1999

Council, Kay
A Guide to the Kay Council Papers, 1987-1989

Crawford, Bill and Patoski, Joe Nick
A Guide to the Bill Crawford and Joe Nick Patoski Stevie Ray Vaughan Biography Papers, 1964- 1995 (Bulk: 1990-1993)

Crook, Elizabeth
A Guide to the Elizabeth Crook Papers, 1984-2000

Crumley, James, 1939-
A Guide to the James Crumley Papers, 1965-1990

Dobie, J. Frank (1888-1964)
A Guide to the J. Frank Dobie Papers, 1898 -1988 (Bulk: 1914-1964)

Flores, Dan
A Guide to the Dan Flores Papers, 1989-1991

Flynn, Robert
A Guide to the Robert Flynn Papers, 1950-1971

Fowler, Wick
A Guide to the Wick Fowler Collection, 1944-1991 (Bulk dates: 1944-1945, 1965-1978)

Frazier, Ian
A Guide to the Ian Frazier Papers, 1960-1987 (Bulk: 1980-1987)

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