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The McGovern Historical Center, the archive of the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library logoThe McGovern Historical Center, the archive of the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library, focuses on the development of the institutions and hospitals in the Texas Medical Center, the careers of Houston physicians, and biographical information on Texas physicians. It also includes papers from American rheumatologists, members of the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, and the life sciences departments at the Johnson Space Center.
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Arnett, Frank C.
Frank Arnett, MD papers; 1968-2010; MS 141

Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission
ABCC Photograph Collection; 1946-1979; IC 099

Baird, Valliant Clinton
Valliant Clinton Baird, MD papers; 1946-1978; MS 005

Barkley, Howard T.
Howard T. Barkley, MD papers; 1930-1980; MS 028

Belsky, Joseph Lewis
Joseph L. Belsky, MD, papers; 1947-1996; MS 112

Benyesh-Melnick, Matilda
Matilda Benyesh-Melnick, MD papers; 1956-1974; MS 019

Bertner, Ernst William
Ernst William Bertner, MD papers; 1907-1978; MS 002

Bickel, Laura C.
Laura C. Bickel, MD papers; 1938-1967MS 013

Brady, Connie
Connie Brady Student Nursing Papers; 1960-1964; MS 087

Burbank, Reginald
Reginald Burbank, MD papers; 1820-1973; MS 218

Burdon, Kenneth Livingston
Kenneth L. Burdon, MD papers; 1922-1969; MS 008

Cady, Lee D.
Lee D. Cady V.A. Photograph Collection 1946-1963; MS 217

Clark, Randolph Lee
R. Lee Clark, MD papers; 1929-1985; MS 070

Cole, Thomas R.
Thomas R. Cole, PhD papers; 1973-2019; MS 225

Creson, Daniel Lenard
Daniel L. Creson, MD, PhD papers 1944-1999; MS 108

Denham, Leta Elizabeth
Leta Denham, RN papers; 1918-1920; MS 181

Desmond, Murdina MacFarquhar
Murdina MacFarquhar Desmond, MD papers; 1948-1986; MS 054

Dippel, A. Louis
A. Louis Dippel, MD papers; 1933-1981; MS 046

Dmochowski, Leon
Leon Dmochowski, MD, PhD papers; 1947-1977; MS 020

Doctor's Club
Doctor's Club records; 1954-2005; IC 031

Duff, Ivan F.
Ivan F. Duff, MD papers; 1966-1993; MS 090

Ellett, William H.
William H. Ellett Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission papers; 1945-1992; MS 142

Elliott, Frederick C.
Frederick C. Elliott, DDS papers; 1930-1980; MS 071

Fred, Herbert L.
Herbert Fred, MD papers; 1890-2013; MS 159

Gregory, Raymond
Raymond Gregory, MD, PhD papers; 1985; MS 078

Halpert, Bela
Bela Halpert, MD papers; 1875-1965; MS 010

Hamilton, Howard B.
Howard B. Hamilton, MD papers; 1945-1997; MS 066

Harris County Academy of General Practice
Harris County Academy of General Practice records; 1948-1966; IC 052

Hartgraves, Ruth
Ruth Hartgraves, MD papers; 1901-1995; MS 032

Hench, Philip S.
Philip S. Hench, MD papers; 1896-1965; MS 076

Hermann Hospital
Hermann Hospital Archive records; 1869-1998; IC 086

Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library
Texas Medical Center-Women's History Project. 2013; MS 171

Institute of Religion
Institute of Religion records; 1954-2000; IC 016

Johnson, Herman Walter.
Herman Walter Johnson, MD Papers; 1905-1956; MS 001

Kahn, Eugen
Eugen Kahn, MD papers; 1887-1973; MS 074

Kastenbaum, Marvin A.
Marvin A. Kastenbaum, Ph.D. papers; 1950-1997; MS 093

Kit, Saul
Saul Kit, PhD papers; 1958-1974; MS 018

Knobil, Ernst
Ernst Knobil, PhD Papers; 1942-2000; MS 096

Levy, Moise Dreyfus
Moise D. Levy, MD papers; 1917-1957; MS 033

Matney, Thomas
Thomas Matney, PhD papers; 1929-2011; MS 146

Maurer, Joseph P.
Joseph P. Maurer Photograph Collection; 1954-1960; MS 219

McGovern Historical Center
HIV/AIDS Houston collection; 1951-1995; IC 072

McGovern Historical Center (artificial)
TMC Library Historical Photograph Collection; bulk 1940-1990; IC 098

Medical Arts Publishing Foundation
Medical Arts Publishing Foundation records; 1949-1987; IC 094

Medical World News
Medical World News Photograph Collection; 1935-1988; (bulk: 1957-1985); IC 077

Memorial Hospital System
Memorial Hospital System records; 1907-1997; IC 022
Memorial Hospital Photograph Collection; 1903-1976; IC 103

Menninger Foundation
Menninger Foundation [Clinic] records; 1854-2003; IC 078

Meynier, Maurice J., Jr. (1904-1997)
Maurice J. Meynier, Jr., MD papers; 1904-1989; MS 041

Miles, Thomas F.
Thomas F. Miles, MD papers; 1880-1908; MS 131

Moloney, William Curry
William C. Moloney, MD papers; 1952-1954; MS 073

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