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Heinlein, Robert A
Inventory of the Robert A. Heinlein Collection: March 25, 1945- December 1972

Hopkins, Sewell Hepburn, 1906-
Inventory of the Sewell H. Hopkins Papers, Oyster Mortality Reports: 1913-1961 (bulk: 1941-1955)

House, Thomas William
Inventory of the Thomas William House Papers: 1864-1872

Kelly, Harold Osman, 1884-1955
Inventory of the H. O. Kelly Correspondence: 1948-1990 (bulk 1948-1958)

Kent, Jack T
Inventory of the Jack T. Kent Radio Scripts: 1945-1950

Kipling, Rudyard
Inventory of The Rudyard Kipling Collection:

Krueger, Walter
Inventory of the General Walter Krueger Papers: 1943-1945

Kyle, Edwin Jackson, 1876-
Inventory of the E. J. Kyle Papers: 1902-1957

Lansdale, Joe R., 1951-
Inventory of the Joe R. Lansdale Collection 1980-

Las Moras Ranch (Tex.)
Inventory of the Las Moras Ranch Papers: 1869-1913(bulk: 1900-1913)

Leiber, Fritz, 1910-
Inventory of the Fritz Leiber Collection: n.a

Linsley, Benjamin M
Inventory of the Benjamin M. Linsley Letters: 12 Dec. 1862-6 Aug. 1863

Long, E. B. (Everette Beach), 1919-1981
Inventory of the Everette B. Long Papers: 1949-1981

Malzberg, Barry N
Inventory of the Barry Malzberg Collection: n.a

Mariposa Hacienda (Mexico)
Inventory of the Mariposa Ranch Papers: 1890-1962

Martinez, Mercurio
Inventory of the Mercurio Martinez Papers: 1767-1963 (bulk: 1910-1963)

Mayo, Thomas F
Inventory of the Thomas F. Mayo Papers 1914-1915; 1945-1953

McCaffrey, Anne
Inventory of the Anne McCaffrey Collection: n.a

McQueen, Clyde
Inventory of the Clyde McQueen Papers: 1944-1999 (bulk: 1988-1993)

Mears, Mildred Watkins
Inventory of the Mildred Watkins Mears Papers: 1946-1963

Melville, James Scott
Inventory of James Scott Melville Diary: ca. 1833

Minchin, Humphrey Cotton
Inventory of The Legion Papers 1927-1935

Moskowitz, Sam
Inventory of the Sam Moskowitz Collection: 1940-1993

Munshower, Raymond, 1892-1964
Inventory of the Raymond Munshower Diary: 1918-1919

Norton, Andre
Inventory of the Andre Norton Collection: 1950s-2002

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