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Archive of 60 World War II Collections of German Soldiers’ Correspondences and Diaries: 1923-1945
Archive of German WWI Documents: Apfelbaum, Charles Collection: 1883-1960
Inventory of American Field Service Ambulance Driver Diary: 19 May-9 June 1915
Inventory of the Guadalupe Baptist Association\Guadalupe College\Reverend William Taylor Papers: ca.1891-ca.1947
Inventory of the Johnson County War Collection: 1884-1893 (bulk 1892)
Inventory of the Mexican Revolution "Quincy Letters": May-June 1914
Inventory of the Revolutionary Publications and Writings: 1921-1976
Inventory of the Scrapbooks of the Spanish-American War and Boxer Rebellion: ca. April 1898-July 1900
Inventory of the Slavery/Emancipation Documents: 1827-1858
Political and Radical Ephemera Collection: ca. 1900s-1970s

Adams, John A., 1951-
Inventory of the John A. Adams, Jr. NAFTA Collection 1987-1997

American Association of Housing Educators
Inventory of the American Association of Housing Educators Records: 1965-1989

American Association of University Women. Texas Division. Bryan-College Station Branch
Inventory of the American Association of University Women, Bryan-College Station Branch Records: 1947-1988

Anderson, Alvord Van Patten
Inventory of the General Alvord Van Patten Anderson Papers: 1886-1976

Anderson, John Q
Inventory of the John Q. Anderson Papers: 1953-1966

Anderson, John W
Inventory of the John W. Anderson Diary: 1861-1866(bulk: 1867)

Anderson, Poul
Inventory of the Poul Anderson Collection: ca.1951-1954, 1980-1983

Anderson, Tom, 1910-
Inventory of the Tom Anderson Papers: 1953-1972

Anthony, John R
Inventory of the John R. Anthony Papers: 1912-1977

Anthony, Piers
Inventory of the Piers Anthony Collection: undated

Armstrong, George Armstrong, Nell
Inventory of the George Armstrong and Nell Steel Armstrong Papers: 1863-1920 (bulk: 1913-1920)

Asbury, Samuel E. (Samuel Erson), 1872-1962
Inventory of the Samuel Erson Asbury Papers: 1872-1960

Asimov, Isaac
Inventory of the Isaac Asimov Collection: 1957-1992

Asselineau, Roger
Inventory of the Roger Asselineau Walt Whitman Collection: 1855-2001

Benford, Gregory, 1941-
Inventory of the Gregory Benford Collection:

Binder, Otto
Inventory of the Science Fiction Archive of Otto Binder: 1927-1971

Bliler, John Henry
Inventory of the John Henry Bliler Diary: 1862-1865

Bosworth, Don
Inventory of the Don Bosworth Correspondence: June-July, 1919

Bunch, David R
Inventory of the David Bunch Collection: ca. 1973

Burgess, Anthony, 1917-1993
Inventory of the Anthony Burgess Collection (John Anthony Burgess Wilson): ca. 1979

Burns, William Wallace
Inventory of the Brigadier General William Wallace Burns Papers: 1848-1910; (bulk: 1861-1889)

Butler, Eugene
Inventory of the Eugene Butler Papers: 1924-1987

Cepheid Variable Science Fiction/Fantasy Committee
Inventory of the Cepheid Variable-AggieCon Collection: 1969-

Cherryh, C. J
Inventory of the C.J. Cherryh Collection: ca. 1989

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