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San Antonio Municipal Archives logo The Municipal Archives Program is located at the San Antonio Municipal Records Facility. The Archival Program began in February 2007 in partnership with the San Antonio Public Library?s Texana/Genealogy Department and the San Antonio Public Library Foundation. The program aims to appropriately house, organize, and make available for research the historical records of San Antonio.
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A Guide to the Beautify San Antonio Association Records, 1951-2004
A Guide to the City Water Board Records, 1918-1995
A Guide to the San Fernando de Bexar Municipal Records, 1770-1832
City Council Audio Collection, 1957-2007
City County Government Committee Records, 1967-2000 (b. 1991-1999)
City of San Antonio, Arson Investigation Records, 1921 - 1982
City of San Antonio, New City Block plat map books collection, ca. 1920s-1990
City of San Antonio, Office of the City Clerk Mayor's Proclamations, 1939-1951
City of San Antonio, Property Appraisal Survey Records, 1955-1964
City of San Antonio, Public Works Department Records, 1916-1985
Public Information Office Records – Videotape Collection, 1976-2007
Public Information Office Records – Videotape Collection, 1976-2007
San Antonio Bicentennial Committee Records, 1971-1977 (b. 1974-1976)

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