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University of North Texas Music Library Special Collections logo link The UNT Music Library was founded in 1941 by Wilfred C. Bain and Anna Harriet Heyer and is located on the fourth floor of Willis Library. It is one of the largest academic music collections in the United States, serving the university's College of Music and providing extensive resources for musical scholars.
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Duke Ellington Collection 1944-1973
Glass Radio Transcription Discs 1941-1950
Piano Roll Collection 1903-1957
Regina Music Box Records

Baird, Edward, 1933-2000
Edward Baird Collection 1970-1985

Bonneau, Paul, 1962-2013
Paul Bonneau Collection 1989-2015

Boyce Ditto Public LibraryCrazy Water Company
Boyce Ditto Public Library Broadcast Transcription Recordings 1930-1938

Bragg, George
George Bragg Boy Choir Collection

Brusilow, Anshel
Anshel Brusilow Collection 1950-1970

Bucharoff, Simon, 1881-1955
Simon Bucharoff Collection 1887-1992

Chalon, Sonia, 1892-1979
Sonia Chalon Collection 1917-1977

Conley, Eugene, 1908-1981
Eugene Conley Recordings 1951-1978

Conover, Willis, 1920-1996
Willis Conover Collection 1930-1996

Cooper, Hedley
Hedley Cooper Collection 1932

Davis, Frank F
Frank F. Davis Collection 1900-1930

Denton Bach Society
Denton Bach Society Collection 2004-2015

Ferguson, Maynard
Maynard Ferguson Collection circa 1950-2006

Friedberg, Carl, 1872-1955
Carl Friedberg Collection 1887-1954

Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Don and Barbara Gillis Collection 1932-1977

Grofé, Ferde, 1892-1972
Ferde Grofé Collection 1883-1926

Hall, Gene (Morris Eugene), 1913-1993
Gene Hall Collection 1944-1993

Herndon, Booton, 1915-1995
Booton Herndon Collection 1964-1964

Hewitt, Helen, 1900-1977
Helen Hewitt Research Collection 1925-1978

Heyer, Anna Harriet, 1909–2002
Anna Harriet Heyer Collection 1930-2002

Hogan, Richard
Richard Hogan Collection 1973-2000

Holt, David Earl, 1928-2009
David Earl Holt Collection 1947-1996

International Symposium on the Sociology of Music Education
International Symposium on the Sociology of Music Education Collection 1997-2018

Jacoby, Don, 1920-1992
Don Jacoby Collection 1959-1999

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