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University of Texas, Tarlton Law Library logo The Archives and Special Collections department at the Tarlton Law Library houses records of enduring value created by The University of Texas School of Law, as well as the papers of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark and the Uniform Law Commission, collections of several Texas Supreme Court justices and federal judges, and many University of Texas School of Law alumni, faculty, and deans. These remarkable collections provide materials relevant to legal history and the history of legal education in Texas and the United States.
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Huie, William O. (William Orr), 1911-1999
Guide to the William O. Huie Papers, 1932-1996

Jamail, Joseph Dahr, 1925-2015
Guide to the Joseph D. Jamail Papers, 1984-1987

Justice, William Wayne, 1920-2009
Guide to the William Wayne Justice Papers, 1942-2009

Kappa Beta Pi Legal Sorority, Eta Chapter
Guide to the Kappa Beta Pi Legal Sorority Records, 1924-1969

Keeton, Werdner Page, 1909-1999
Guide to the W. Page Keeton Papers, 1938-1995

Law Wives Club of the University of Texas School of Law
Guide to the Law Wives Club Records, 1947-1976

Lezar, Harold Joseph, 1948-2004
Guide to the Papers of Harold J. "Tex" Lezar, 1961-1998

Lipscomb, James Livingstone, 1890-1945
Guide to the J. L. Lipscomb Letter, 1909

Maloney, Frank
Guide to the Frank Maloney Papers, 1960-1974

Mathews, Robert Elden, 1894-1983
Guide to the Robert E. Mathews Papers, 1917-1980

Mauzy, Oscar Holcombe, 1926-2000
Guide to Texas Supreme Court Papers of Oscar H. Mauzy, 1986-1992

McClendon, James Wooten, 1873-1972
Guide to the James W. McClendon Papers, 1910-1967

McCormick, Charles Tilford, 1899-1963
Guide to the Charles T. McCormick Papers, 1911-1964

McCormick, Harry, d. 1968
Guide to the Ex Parte Harry McCormick Records and Briefs, 1935

Morrison, Keith Everett, 1910-1996
Guide to the Keith E. Morrison Papers, 1950-1970

Morrow, Wright Chalfant, 1858-1942
Guide to the Wright C. Morrow Papers, 1922-1942

Peterson, Samuel
Guide to the Samuel Peterson Diaries, 1889-1909

Pickett, Edward Bradford, 1913-2005
Guide to the Bradford Pickett Papers of Adams v. Slattery, 1838-1996

Pickett, Edward Brown, 1877-1951
Guide to the E. B. Pickett, Jr. Law Firm Papers, 1902-1951
Guide to the E. B. Pickett, Jr. Law School Exams, 1898-1899

Pope, Jack, 1913-2017
Guide to the Texas Jurists Collection, 1936-1992

Potts, Jerome
Guide to the Jerome Potts Papers, 1940-1957 and undated

Robertson, Theodore Zanderson, 1921-2017
Guide to the Ted Z. Robertson Papers, 1953-2010

Rosenthal, Michael P., 1927-1989
Guide to the Michael P. Rosenthal Papers, 1965-1980

Ruud, Millard Harrington, 1917-1997
Guide to the Millard H. Ruud Papers, 1939-1996

Searcy family
Guide to the Searcy Family Papers, 1866-1965

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