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The Benson Latin American Collection logo link The Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection is a specialized research library focusing on materials from and about Latin America, and on materials relating to Spanish-speaking peoples in the United States.
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Cruz, Esperanza, 1909-1999
Esperanza Cruz Papers

Cuadra, Pablo Antonio, 1912-2002.
Pablo Antonio Cuadra Papers

Cuban Heritage Collection, University of Miami Libraries
Cuban Exile Materials from the University of Miami's Cuban Heritage Collection

Cárdenas, José A.
José A. Cárdenas Papers and Records of the Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA), 1960-1998

D'Harnoncourt, Rene, 1901-1968.
Rene D`Harnoncourt Photograph Collection

Dale, John T.
John T. Dale Nahuatl Vocabulary

Dana, Edward B.
Edward B. Dana Photograph and Lantern Slide Collection

Dawson Sr., Joseph M.
Joseph M. Dawson Sr. Photograph Collection

Degollado, Joaquín M., Degollado, Mariano.
Joaquín and Mariano Degollado: An Inventory of the Collection at the Benson Latin American Collection

Degollado, Santos, 1811-1861.
Santos Degollado: An Inventory of His Collection at the Benson Latin American Collection

De Uriarte, Mercedes Lynn
Mercedes Lynn De Uriarte Postcard Collection, 1940s-1960s

Development Assistance for Rehabilitation (Austin, Tex.)
Development Assistance for Rehabilitation Records, 1973-1983

Dickey, Dan William
Dan Dickey Music Collection, 1930-1982

Doyle, Gerald P.
Gerald P. Doyle Collection of "Calligraphy on the Spanish Borderlands," 1975-1997 '>

Dulles, John W. F.
John W. F. Dulles Papers Relating to Brazil, 1920-1979
John W. F. Dulles Papers Relating to Mexico, 1798-1961 (bulk 1950-1959)

Duncan, Barbara (Barbara Doyle)
Barbara Doyle Duncan Papers, 1954-2001

Dupaix, Guillermo.
Guillermo Dupaix: An Inventory of His Papers at the Benson Latin American Collection

Economy Furniture Company Strike
Economy Furniture Company Strike Collection

Eggleston, Dan, 1946-
Dan Eggleston Collection Preliminary Inventory

El Potosí Mining Company
El Potosí Mining Company Records

Empresa Minera "La Salvadora" (Bolivia) '>
Empresa Minera "La Salvadora" Photographs, 1913 '>

Engle, Karen
Karen Engle Papers, 2009-2010

Escobar, Eleuterio, 1894-1970
Eleuterio Escobar Papers

Escobar, Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel Escobar Papers

Evans, Antonio W.W.
Antonio W.W. Evans Photograph Album

Fallen Heroes - Faces With Names
Fallen Heroes - Faces With Names Records Preliminary Inventory

Feldpausch, Carla
Carla Feldpausch Collection

Fierro, Enrique, Vitale, Ida
Enrique Fierro and Ida Vitale Papers

Flores, Maria Luisa, 1955-
Maria Luisa (Lulu) Flores Papers

Flores, María G.
María G. Flores Papers

Forster, Merlin H.
Merlin H. Forster Collection on Vanguardism In Latin American Literature, 1920-1988

Fotonovelas at the Benson Latin American Collection
Collection of Fotonovelas

Fram, David, b. 1903
David Fram Papers, 1920s-1984

Freier, Paul H. (Paul Henry), 1915-1983
Paul Freier Photographs, 1941

Friedman, Harry T.
Harry T. Friedman Collection

Galindo family
Galindo Family Papers, c.1867-1950

Garcia, Gustavo C.
Gustavo C. (Gus) Garcia Papers, 1936-1977

Garcia De Lara, José
José Garcia De Lara Papers

García, Clotilde P.
Clotilde P. García Papers, 1949-1988

García, Genaro, 1867-1920
Genaro García Collection Part 1: Genaro García's Personal Papers, 1896-1925
Genaro García Collection Part 2: Archives and Manuscript Collections, 1500s-1920
Genaro García Collection Part 4: Imprints and Images
Genaro García Collection Part 3: Photographs
Genaro García Collection Part 5: Broadsides and Circulars
Genaro García Collection Part 6: Genaro García Card Catalog

García Icazbalceta, Joaquín, 1825-1894
Relaciones Geográficas of Mexico and Guatemala

García Icazbalceta, Joaquín, 1825-1894.
Joaquín García Icazbalceta Manuscript Collection

García y Arriaga, Carlos José María, 1786-1838.
Carlos García y Arriaga Papers

Garza, Carmen Lomas
Carmen Lomas Garza Papers and Artworks

Garza, Catarino, 1859-1895
Catarino Garza Manuscipt "La Lógica de los Hechos," c.1890 '>

Garza, Gonzalo
Gonzalo Garza Papers, 1944-

Garza, Lázaro de la
Guide to the Lázaro de la Garza Archive

Garza, Roberto G.
Roberto G. Garza LULAC Papers

Gaspar de Alba, Alicia, 1958-
Alicia Gaspar de Alba Papers Preliminary Inventory

General Claims Commission (Mexico and United States)
General Claims Commission (Mexico and United States): An Inventory of its Decisions Held by the Benson Latin American Collection

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