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Dixon, Royal, 1885-1962Snowden, Chester, 1900-1984
Guide to the Royal Dixon Papers

DJ Screw, 1971-2000
Guide to the DJ Screw Papers

Doggett, Joseph
Professor Joseph Doggett Papers An Inventory of Holdings at the University of Houston Libraries
Guide to the Professor Joseph Doggett "A College Forum" Papers '>

Dudley, Frank Elijah
Frank Elijah Dudley Scrapbooks, 1954-1956

Edgerton, William W.
William W. Edgerton Civil War Letters

Ehrlich, Harriet Joan
Guide to the Harriett Joan Ehrlich Papers

Elliott, Claude, 1896-1958
Guide to the Claude Elliott Texana Collection

Estess, Sybil P., 1942-
Guide to the Sybil Pittman Estess Collection

Ewing, Mary Ellen Williams, 1862-1919Ewing, GladysEwing, Josie VestaEwing, Presley Kittredge, 1860-
Guide to the The Ewing Family Papers

Faculty Organizations, 1951-2005
Faculty Organizations An Inventory of Holdings at the University of Houston Libraries

Farb, Carolyn
Carolyn Farb Papers, 1955-2002

Federation of Houston Professional Women
Federation of Houston Professional Women Records, 1981-2001
Guide to the Federation of Houston Professional Women Records

Floyd, Carlisle
Floyd Manuscript Scores

Foote, Mary P.
Guide to the Mary Foote Manuscripts

Fournier, Steve
Guide to the DJ Steve Fournier Papers

Frazier, Rex Dunbar
Guide to the Galveston 1915 Hurricane Photographs

Fuermann, George, 1918-
George Fuermann "Texas and Houston" Collection '>

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture
Guide to the Hines College of Architecture Records

Ginzbarg, Hana
Guide to the Hana Ginzbarg Papers

Glass, Floyd
Floyd Glass Navy Recruiting Literature Collection, 1941-1949

Gorilla Girls (Group of artists: Houston, Tex.)
Guide to the Houston Gorilla Girls

Greater Houston Women's Foundation
Greater Houston Women's Foundation Records, 1989-2000
Guide to the Greater Houston Women's Foundation Records

Griffiths, Bessie
Bessie Alva Griffiths Papers

H.A.W.K. (Rapper)
Guide to the HAWK Papers

Hale, Leon, 1921-
Leon Hale Papers

Harper Leiper Studios
Guide to the Harper Leiper Studios Houston Aerial Photographs

Hazelwitch Productions
Guide to the Hazelwitch Productions Inc. Records

Hazelwitch Productions, Inc.
Hazelwitch Productions, Inc. Records, 1981-1998

Hershey, Olive
Guide to the Olive Hershey Papers

Hightower, Nikki Van, 1939-
Guide to the Nikki Van Hightower Papers

Hispanic Women in Leadership
Hispanic Women in Leadership Records, 1987-2000
Guide to the Hispanic Women in Leadership Records

Hogg, Ima
Ima Hogg Symphony Programs Collection

Holley, Edward G.
Guide to the Edward Holley "Resources of Texas Libraries" Papers '>

Houston Abstract CompanyHouston Title Guaranty CompanySouthern Abstract and Title CompanyStewart Title Company
Guide to the Houston Heights Abstracts of Title

Houston Alumni Organization
Guide to the Houston Alumni Organization Records

Houston Area Fiber Artists
Guide to the Houston Area Fiber Artists Records

Houston Area Women's Center
Houston Area Women's Center Photographs, 1978-1995
Houston Area Women's Center Records, 1975-1990

Houston Area Women’s Center
Houston Area Women’s Center Videos, 1980-1999

Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters
Guide to the Houston Assembly of Delphian Chapters Records

Houston Comets (Basketball team)Shuart, Carey Chenoweth
Guide to the Houston Comets Memorabilia Collection

Houston Electric Auto AssociationBrooks, Dale, 1954-2014
Houston Electric Auto Association Records

Houston Heights Woman's Club
Houston Heights Woman's Club Records 1900-2004

Houston National Bank (Houston, Tex.)
Guide to the Houston National Bank Records

Houston Saengerbund
Houston Saengerbund Records, 1874-1985

Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963
Aldous Huxley Papers, 1916-1963

James & Associates (Houston, Tex.)Houston Map Company
Guide to the Houston Subdivision Plat Maps Collection

Jonas, Richard
Professor Richard Jonas Papers, 1990-1992

Jonas, Richard O.
Guide to the Professor Richard Jonas Collection

Jones, Mary Smith
Guide to the Mary (Mrs. Anson) Jones Letters

Jones, Willis Knapp, 1895-1982
Guide to the Willis Knapp Jones Latin American Theatre Programs

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