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Baylor University Libraries logo link The Baylor Collections of Political Materials (BCPM), which is located in the W. R. Poage Legislative Library, is an active congressional center dedicated to the study of the legislative process. Holdings of the BCPM include congressional, state and local political notables. The strength of the BCPM is in its materials focusing on the political process. Our collections offer a wide-range of primary source records from correspondence, bill files, speeches, campaign memorabilia and much more. Together, our holdings document government in action through the exchange of elected officials and their constituents.
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Alan W. Steelman, 1942 -
Alan W. Steelman papers, Inclusive: 1960-2003, Bulk: 1973-1976

Barrow, Charles
Charles W. Barrow, Inclusive: 1939-2006, undated, Bulk: 1972-1984

Bullock, Robert "Bob" Douglas, Sr., 1929 - 1999
Bob Bullock Campaigns papers, Inclusive: 1970-1996, Bulk: 1973-1996
Bob Bullock Comptroller of Public Accounts papers, Inclusive: 1970-1991, Bulk: 1975-1990

Dowdy, John V., Sr., 1912-1995
John V. Dowdy, Sr. papers, Inclusive: 1926-1986, undated; Bulk: 1952-1972, undated

Dunnam, Jim, 1963 -
James R. "Jim" Dunnam papers, Inclusive: 1982-2011, Bulk: 1996-2010

Edwards, Chet
Thomas Chester "Chet" Edwards State Legislative papers, Inclusive: 1957-1991, Bulk: 1982-1990
Thomas Chester "Chet" Edwards U.S. House of Representatives papers, Inclusive: 1990-2010, Bulk: 1991-2010

Gossett, Ed Lee, 1902-1990
Ed Lee Gossett Papers, Inclusive: 1935-1953, Bulk: 1945-1951

Judge Bob L. Thomas
Bob L. Thomas papers, 1952-1996, undated

Kirkpatrick, Ray, 1922 - 1998
Ray Kirkpatrick papers, Inclusive: 1939-2000, undated; Bulk: 1945-1955

Leath, Marvin, 1931 - 2000
Marvin Leath papers, Inclusive: 1954-1994, undated; Bulk: 1979-1991

March, Caso, 1911 - 1985
Caso March papers, Inclusive: 1927-1985, undated Bulk: 1946-1950

Nichols, Edmund L
Edmund L. Nichols papers, Inclusive: circa 1913-2010, Bulk: 1941-2009

Pickett, Thomas Augustus
Thomas A. Pickett Papers, Inclusive: 1944-1952, undated, Bulk: 1944-1952

Pledger, Hal Warren
Warren Family Papers, Inclusive: 1944-2002, undated, Bulk: 1944-2002, undated

Poage, William Robert "Bob", 1899 - 1987
W. R. "Bob" Poage State Legislative papers, Inclusive: 1923-1971, Bulk: 1933-1936

Russell, Dick
Dick Russell papers, Inclusive: 1924-2011, undated, Bulk: 1964-2003, undated

Russo, Gus, 1950 -
Gus Russo papers, Inclusive: 1932-2006, Bulk: 1953-1998

Sumners, Hatton William
Hatton Sumners papers, Inclusive: 1883-1963, undated, Bulk: 1911-1963

Vance, William R., 1939 -
William R. "Bill" Vance papers, Inclusive: 1972-2009, undated, Bulk: 1990-2003, undated

West, Fowler C., 1940 -
Fowler C. West papers, Inclusive: 1964-2009, Bulk: 1965-1993

William Robert "W.R." Smith, Sr., 1863 - 1924
William Robert "W.R." Smith, Sr., Inclusive: 1890-1953, undated, Bulk: 1904-1909

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