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Baylor University Libraries logo link The Keston Center promotes and encourages the study of religion in communist, post-communist, and other totalitarian societies, including the former Soviet Union and its satellites. The Center's library and archives, located in the Michael Bourdeaux Research Center on the third floor of the Carroll Library, contains the world's most extensive artificially assembled collection documenting religious persecution and oppression in these societies. Materials include samizdat (underground, non-government sanctioned publications), trial transcripts, documents, photographs, posters, periodicals, and books.
  • KGB Documents
  • Soviet Anti-Religious Posters
  • Official Soviet Atheist Publications
  • Samizdat (periodicals, letters, translated literature, etc.)
  • Trial Transcript of Aida Skripnikova
  • Photographs of Churches and Believers
  • Archives of the Keston Institute in Oxford and Its Founders.

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Keston Institute, 1969 - present
Cambodia Subject Files, Inclusive: 1970-2003, Bulk: 1974-1991

Keston Institute, 1969 -
Afghanistan Subject Files, Inclusive: 1978-2002; undated, Bulk: 1980-1987
German Democratic Republic Subject Files, Inclusive: 1951-2007, undated, Bulk: 1977-1990
Mozambique Subject Files, Inclusive: 1973-1999, Bulk: 1976-1989
North Korea Subject Files, Inclusive: 1964-2004, Bulk: 1977-1998
Vietnam Subject Files, Inclusive: 1968 — 2002 , undated, Bulk: 1975 — 1990

Keston Institute, 1969 — present
Cuba Subject Files, Inclusive: 1962-2004, Bulk: 1975-1998

Keston Institute, 1969-present
Angola Subject Files, Inclusive: 1975-2004, Bulk: 1976-1993
Czechoslovakia Subject Files, Inclusive: 1946-2004, undated, Bulk: 1977-1989
Romania Subject Files, Inclusive: 1936-2008, undated, Bulk: 1974-1991

Xenia Dennen, 1944-present
Xenia Dennen papers, Inclusive: 1931-2016, undated, Bulk: 1986-1998

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