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Baylor University Libraries logo link While committed to a focus on the British-born poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the Armstrong Browning Library is a 19th-Century research center, housed in a museum-like setting, with significant holdings regarding literature and culture in Britain and America from 1800 to 1900. This special collection, occupying a three-story building on the Baylor campus, includes poetical and literary manuscripts (600), original letters (11,000), books and periodicals (33,000 volumes), musical scores (1,500), as well as objects d'art, fine art, and stained glass.
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Armstrong Browning Library, Charles J. Connick Associates, Charles J. Connick Studios, Armstrong, Andrew Joseph, 1873 - 1954, Connick, Charles J. (Charles Jay), 1875 - 1945
ABL Stained Glass Records - Charles J. Connick Associates, 1924-2014, undated

Armstrong Browning Library, Haskins Glass Studio, 1890 - 1958, Burgess, Cynthia A., Bardhan, Gail
ABL Stained Glass Records - Haskins Glass Studio, Inclusive: 1934-1950, 2011, undated

Armstrong Browning Library, Jacoby Art Glass Company
ABL Stained Glass Window Records - Jacoby Art Glass Company, Inclusive: 1922-1986, undated

Armstrong Browning Library, Willet Hauser Architectural Glass, Willet Stained Glass Studios, Burgess, Cynthia A
ABL Stained Glass Records - Willet Hauser Architectural Glass, Inclusive: 1832 -1854 (copies), 1998 - 2009, Bulk: 2000 - 2008

Armstrong Browning Library
Children's Summer Institute Records, Inclusive: 1986-1993, Bulk:1989-1993

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