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Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary logo linkThe Austin Seminary Archives serves as the institutional repository for the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and also collects material documenting Presbyterianism in Texas and the Southwest.
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Street, T. Watson
T. Watson Street papers, 1952-1960

Stuart Female Seminary (Austin, Tex.)
Stuart Seminary collection, 1875-1890s, 1970-1976, 1989

Swearingen, Alfred Frederick
Alfred Frederick Swearingen papers, 1949-1984

Swoope, Grace E
Grace E. Swoope papers, 1920-1931

Synod of Louisiana Board of Trustees for Presbyterian Publications
Synod of Louisiana Board of Trustees for Presbyterian Publications records, 1902-1972

Synod of Texas of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. (PCUS)
Texas Presbyterian Educational Movement records, 1907-1908, 1922-1926

Taylor, Frank Mathes
Frank Mathes Taylor papers, 1942-1972

Tenney, Levi
Levi Tenney biographical sketches and letters, 1858-1860, 1907

Texas Council of Churches
Texas Migrant Ministry collection, 1952-1980 and undated

Texas United Campus Christian Life Committee
Texas United Campus Christian Life Committee records, 1970-1991

Texas-Mexican Presbytery (PCUS)
Texas-Mexican Presbytery (PCUS) records, 1861-1954

The Presbytery of Western Texas
La Hora Presbiteriana Audio Collection, circa 1953-1957

Tompkins, Jerry Robert
Jerry Robert Tompkins papers 1951-1993

Triggs, Barbara
A Pinch of Salt: The Refrigerator Door Ministry newsletter, 1993-1999

Weaver, Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin Weaver sermons, 1897-1928

Wharton, Lawrence Hay
Lawrence Hay Wharton papers, 1926-1958

White, Thomas Ward
Thomas Ward White papers, 1840-1895

Williams, Prescott Harrison, Jr
Prescott Harrison Williams, Jr. papers, 1949-2002

Women of the Church (PCUS)
Women of the Church (PCUS) collection, 1902-1972

Woods, William Irvine
William Irvine Woods papers, circa 1870, 1955-1988, 2007

Wooters, Mrs. J.S
Mrs. J. S. Wooters letter, 1926

Wright, Frank Hall
Frank Hall Wright sermons, 1916

Young, John
John Young letter, 1888

Zivley, John Henry
John Henry Zivley sermon and notes, 1880

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